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tv   TIDA  SFGTV  April 17, 2021 2:00am-4:41am PDT

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>> the members of the public who wish to comment the phone number is 415-655-0001. the access code is (187)177-7433. pound and pound again. when your item is called dial star 3 to be added to the queue to speak. you may address the board once per item for up to two minutes. item 1 call to order. director tsen. >> here. >> director dunlop. >> here. >> richardon. >> here. >> kwon. shifrin. >> here. >> prochnik.
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>> good afternoon. >> supervisor haney. we have a quorum. >> we will go to the next item of business. before we do that, i would like to open this meeting with the tribute to ann halstead who passed away on march 13th. for those who knew here and cared about her, she was a former tida board member before my time. she served many years on the commission. when she passed away she was vice chair and also a member of the mp c, regional perhaps it
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board. she lived a life to make better the neighborhood, city, region. involved with 20 organization this is her lifetime all unpaid, all in the service of creating a better san francisco and region. ann and i sat on boards of many nonprofit organizations, chinatown development corporation, we shared similar passions. great cities, vibrant waterfront, open space and parks. working with her on these mutual passions i found her to be always wise in her council, knowledgeable about organizational challenges, astute about the political lay of the land and above all she gracious and elegant.
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we lost a friend and great citizen committed to public life. our deepest condolences to her husband and her family. she will be greatly missed. >> thank you. i would like to make a statement as well. >> go ahead. >> i thank you, commissioner for acknowledging ann halstead. i had an opportunity to serve on bcdc, conservation development and throughout my decades of planning and development of san francisco when i was working on the bayview plan and also helping the port of san francisco. this woman was awesome. she was there and san francisco,
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the bay area, the state of california and for the entire country that we have lost a pioneer. i just wanted to convey my condolences to her family and her colleagues. it was shocking when the news came out, but the legacy will last. how she would like to be remembered. she just wanted to be someone that stood up and helped everyone. reckon in the hearts of everyone. thank you for the acknowledgment. >> thank you. on some board news, i am sorry to report that our director
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shifrin is moving to oakland and will not be able to serve on the city commission. we will lose her. i want to say how much i appreciated her contributions to the board, expertise to affordable housing and focus on equity issues were always important to our work at tida. you will be with us but this will be your last meeting. police say a few words. >> thank you so much. it is with a heavy heart i am leaving this board. i am impressed and honored and humbled to work with you and learn from all of you. everybody including bob has taught me a lot and feeling that i could bring my voice to this as someone who is from the bay,
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a woman of color, someone who has seen the meetings from afar and feeling like i could actually it is at the table and be part of that and part of shaping my community is wonderful. i look forward to all of the work that you do on the board. there are some meat i didn't thinks and exciting things coming up. a new energy grid more sustainable for the island, increased public transportation coming to the island, housing affordability piece as well as market rate housing to enjoy the parks. i think of myself as regional person, too, we all live, work, play around the bay area. i very much see myself part of the work, just more as a citizen and user of the great stuff that is going on. thank you so much for giving me
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the opportunity. >> thank you, ruby, for your service. we will go to the next item. >> item 2. general public comment to allow members of the public to address the board on matters within the jurisdiction of the authority board and not appear on the again beda. in addition to general public comment, public comment will be held on each item on the agenda. you may address the board once per agenda item for up to two minutes. >> do we have anybody who would like to address the board on general public comment? >> there are no callers in the queue. >> next item, please. >> 3. report by treasure islands director. >> thank you, members of the
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board. i want to begin by inviting noah to give an update on treasure island activity. >> good afternoon, directors, my report is in the packet. i want be to highlight a few item in the report. i want to start out talking about covid testing and vaccines. we have been posting a site since march 27th for covid vaccines at our community building. we have been partnering with tida and dph and the fire department and residents in the communities for coordination. that site is scheduled to run through may 8th.
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then it will move to a location that is closer to the actual housing. we have been excited to do that. first week the averaging was 240. then weeks following they have averaged about 90 or so vaccines. we are very excited about that. the other thing i would like to talk about is that our resource line continues to operate. we are excited to report we received a $2,500 award from lyft for gift cards. we will offer gift cards to the residents who want to get vaccinated off island. it will be to and from trip so they can get up to two gift
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cards and for any covid related medical appointments. we are excited. our community engagement coordinator used resources to get this great resource for our families. i would like to talk now about our tax rate. we opened february 18th. we are going to go through apri. we are holding super-saturday appointments and on thursdays. we are proud to date we have done over 270 tax returns. that is the largest amount we have done so far. we are happy about that, particularly during covid it is nice to help folks. next i would like to talk about the construction training program. happy to report we graduated 12 candidates on march 26. of the 12, search were women.
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we are increasing the goal to get more women in the trades. to date 75% of the graduates are abouted or in the process of interviewing. couple more things i would like to mention. look for the newsletter, the connector to come out in april. i will forward to kate. we are excited to have the second edition. next week a four week emergency preparedness workshop. working with julia. thank you for planning the workshop. we are working on being able to give participants an incentive gift to assist with starting an emergency prep kit for their household. last but not least, i would like to talk about some events as we are in the orange tier and the weather is warmer we look
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forward to more events. we supported the residents supporting community with the movie night which was successful. over 80 plus residents cage out. then -- came out. we are working with the parent council to plan a graduation event in may along with supervisor haney's office. we are excited about that. the last thing is that we are updating our community board. they are scheduled to be completed the end of next week. we are excited to see those. there is one up in operation that we have been putting in information. we have three more. we are excited to have those up by the second week of may. we will send those out with locations as well. i think that is all i have for
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now. >> it is great to hear from you about the activities on the island. >> picking up with the covid vaccination on the island. in the four dates held so far, vaccinations first shots have been given to 370 residents which is about 20% of the island population. the vaccinations will resume on april 24th as the priority will be given to residents receiving the second shot who were initially vaccinated march 27th. in other population on the island, the learning academy has
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arranged for their students and staff to be vaccinated. they came into the city to do that. job core will hold a vaccine event for their students and staff tomorrow. testing continues every tuesday at shipshape from 9:00 to 2:00. for tida staff, peter summerville is deployed to the city emergency operation center. our secretary kate austin will begin the disaster deployment through the end of june. she will continue to provide support to the board and committee meetings as she reports the city's response. this past month, we had a total of three power outages on treasure island. the first outage occurred on
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march 10th, the day of the last tida board meeting. that originated with the transformer serving a single building on may son court. replacing the transformer required power interruption to half of the residential neighborhood. last tuesday on april 6th around 5:00 p.m. we had a power outage affected all of treasure and yerba buena island from a short circuit when two birds were on top of a transformer on avenue m. repairs were made and service was restored around 8:00 p.m. this past sunday around 8:00 a.m. we had a second island wide outage the result of a palm
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tree font falling on to the lines. that was removed and service restored around 10:00 a.m. the improvements from last summer including the installation of closures could have limited this outage to a portion -- the last two to a portion of the island. the coordination of the response timing between the fuses, reclosures and main circuit breaker at port of oakland failed to limit the area of outage. the san francisco public utility staff continued to review the coordination of settings and will continue to make adjustments to improve system calibration and reliability. the island switchyard will be energized the last week of this
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month. this is a major milestone in modernmizing the infrastructure and improving reliability of the system. meanwhile, tida and p.u.c. will implement additional reliability improvements including replacement of several transformers serving the residential neighborhood that are on order to be installed this summer. we are also reviewing information on portable power supplies that was forwarded by island resident and citizen advisory board member sanders. i will show an image. last week the ferry landing was barged over from alameda where
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it is fabricated and installed on the island so that you now see the current status of the landing and gangway construction. significant milestone for the development activities. in other construction news the backfill at the back half of the causeway is now complete. utility build out continues in the treasure island phase one area and the developer has begun pouring several sections of the load way base on avenue c and other roadways in the first area. the stage two utility isolation work continues on california and avenue d. on the leasing front, nbc
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universal began filming last week in hanger 3 of a series. the original nash bridges series was filmed on the islands. the filming continues through june 7 on the island and throughout san francisco. just an update on the environmental litigation. as previously mentioned the plaintiffs filed a motion requesting a third amended complaint be accepted by the court on february 15th. a hearing on that motion of whether to admit the third complaint is scheduled for june 24th. as i previously mentioned, the proposed third amended complaint no longer lists what treasure island the jon stewart company or developer as defendants.
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that concludes my report. >> thank you, paul. we will take comments from the board and then we will open it to public comment. before i do that, i notice that our newest board member has joined us and i would like to welcome our newest member sworn in on monday. here she is at the meeting today. she is a resident of treasure island. she came well recommended as a community member. big welcome to you. would you like to say a word about yourself? >> thank you. it is really an honor to be here and great opportunity. i look forward to the commitment. i have been on the island for 14 years. i was born and raised in san francisco. i have much experience with
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community organizing and community outreach. i work in several hospitals throughout the city. i hope that what i have to bring will be helpful. i look forward to being a bridge of communication for the board and the residents as we move forward in the redevelopment that is very transparent and communication is key especially in the middle of the ocean. i look forward to the challenge. i look forward to working with everyone. again, thank you for having me. >> thank you. we welcome you and we look forward to being able to meet in person one day when all of us are able to have public meetings again. >> yes, yes. >> i would like to open it up to the board for any comments or
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questions on bob's report. >> let me just take this opportunity to welcome leseandra to the board. i recognize your face. you have attended a lot of meetings. we look forward to working together. my first comment to treasure island it is very comforting. i want to talk precisely on the graduation. what i heard is that out of the current class we have 12 women. everybody that knows me on this commission is that one of the greatest things to us we need to develop the island, we reach out
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to at risk adult and treasure island residents that are trained for the resources out there. and they are getting employed. this is significant, and i would like to help to make sure this is on the city's radar. we talk among ourselves and some people listen. that is great. at some point all of the things we are doing we need to help to make sure those things are broadcasted publicly. number two. three power outages within the last two weeks are too overwhelming. they occur in the mornings and at night. i know we have a comprehensive program for infrastructure on the island built out.
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most of this will be resolved. concerning the outages caused by birds and falling trees. we need mitigation measures. we are at the place surrounded by nature. are you able to answer those questions today? thirdly, i would like to suggest that issues with the p.u.c. or working with a lot of these issues that we need to meet with the agencies first, get an understanding, see how we are going to proceed, and then we can bring them into the public once all of the behind the
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scenes items and agreements and how the city will proceed is the way i will recommend working with the staff to dedicate the commissioner. all discussions have to take place. we only have one monthly meeting and subcommittees. these issues are germane to the building of the island and infrastructure and the plan the city has so at least we can go back to the residents with the right information and the expectations and any alternative measures we are embarking. that is the way i would like to recommend we pursue. thank you. >> thank you. just to let you know, i cannot see all of you in the same screen. please raise your hand.
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if you would ask kate to let you know. go ahead, julia. >> it is great to see everybody again. thank you for the update. shout out to ruby and to welcome lashandra. i want to thank you for the report and i enjoyed the conversation on emergency preparedness. with all of the different aspects of the emergency and climate change real i am excited that treasure island the taking this up. i look forward to more partnerships. i want to echo linda's celebration about women and the construction training. i can't wait until it is 100% in the classes. another aspect of equity that is important. keep the outreach and let people know this is available for diverse group of people.
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there is an open application. that is exciting. bob, thank you for going into detail about the three power outages. when i joined there was previous power outages. i am happy to see it is decreasing but there is still a problem on the island. i am thrilled the community advisory board has met and given recommendations and i look forward to more updates on recommendations and if there is more we can work on. i want to echo and shout out to barklay sanders who has done research on batteries, back up services. as you noted, small animals will continue to get involved in the transition of the utility grid. squirrels are one of the biggest problems across the country. i appreciate you looking into the liability aspects and i think it is important for tida
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to work on the resiliency measures. i look forward to seeing if we can do more. thanks for bringing that up. >> go ahead, mark. >> thank you so much. the invisible member so far. first, i would like to thank ruby. it was such a pleasure to work with you and to give you a tour. i also wanted to rashandra, i am happy to see you. i am a resident. there are two of us now which i didn't think would happen. i am thrilled. we can work together. >> definitely, definitely. >> i just couple questions.
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the outage was a pain. it was difficult but i appreciate the work that the staff is going through to make it better, to ameliorate the problem. i am not quite sure if it is a great idea to go to the expense of what barklay sanders recommends, but i do appreciate his work on that. thank you, barklay. i imagine you will have further discussions on that issue. that is about it. thank you. good to be back. >> anybody else on the board? hearing none.
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>> thank you for asking those points, mark. on the battery. we know there is contant construction and changes for the next 10 years. this is a very smart investment in addition to the new investments that the transformers and for the substation. this is a great tool that can be used now and later. i do see it as being a helpful investment. i wanted to add my two cents there. >> public comment now. any people who wish to comment? >> there are no callers in the queue. >> okay. we will go to the next item. >> item 4. communications from and received by tida. >> are there any comments by the board on this item?
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>> commissioner dunlop, myself and director received this e-mail concerning equity. it is in regards to lbgtq. [indiscernable] we are foremost equity, equity, equity. in as much as the director could convey that is what we are if you look at the composition of this commission, all of us are really minorities and people that should carry the flag, you know, equity.
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i was copied on that and for public disclosure maybe the director can talk about that. a business owner and one of the tenants on the island and well respected in san francisco. he has done a lot of advocacy and outreach for decades now. bob, if you can respond to that. >> thank you, director. bob pender gas has an office on the island. he has worked with the transportation authority and other agencies in the past on
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minority contract or outreach so he had sent us an e-mail regarding work that he has been doing also with lgbtq businesses. we will continue to follow up with him to discuss those opportunities in our future outreach efforts. >> are there any other comments from the public? >> there are no callers on the queue. >> next item, please. >> item 5. ongoing accident by board of directors. >> any items that you would like to bring up?
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>> julia, go ahead. >> i wanted to reiterate maybe next month's update from the director if there is another cab meeting we could get a quick overview or updates or recommendations that they request that we can have that liaison component added, please. >> yes. >> linda, did you have a comment? >> i just want to make a suggestion. for the commissioners that it is always great to have a conversation with the commissioner president and staff. a lot of times questions
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regarding issues you can find a lot of information on how. i just want to make that. [indiscernable] >> linda, we are not hearing you correctly, you are fading in and out. i don't know if it is your microphone. we can hear you now. >> my suggestion to the commissioners everyone, all of us here. if there are items you would like to have on the agenda, the president will work to put things on the agenda. questions, issues on matters to get understanding what is going on. you are going to learn more if you call the director and ask questions. i just want to bring it out there is the resources there so
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that we can, you know, get information. it is very helpful. thank you. >> thank you, linda. i do welcome any questions that directors may have on the agenda. we do meet regularly to talk about the agenda. if there are issues of concern bring them to me. i have given that invitation to lashawn. we will be talking about all that is going on at treasure island. she has the perspective as resident. there is a lot more about the overall plans and financing. i look forward to that meeting. >> thank you. >> any other directors? hearing none, next item, please. >> item 6.
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consent agenda. a apmoving the minutes of the march 10, 2021 meeting. >> that is easy consent agenda item. >> so moved. >> second. >> before we vote, any public comment on the consent agenda? >> no public comment. >> we have a motion, second. what is the pleasure of the board and i think you have to do a roll call. >> director tsen. >> aye. >> dunlop. >> aye. >> richardson. >> aye. >> shifrin. >> aye. >> prochnik. >> aye. >> shifrin. >> aye. >> six eyes.
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>> treasure island museum presentation of planned virtual exhibit. >> welcome to the treasure island museum. we look forward to your presentation. who will be presenting? >> i wanted to ask kate before we start. i am in a place with very slow internet. we are hoping to present the slides that are coming up. if we can make that happen it would make the presentation more smooth. >> i missed the first part of that. >> i am in a place presenting after rebecca, i have very slow internet. we hoped that ginger would be able to present the slides while i speak.
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>> i am presenting. can you see the slides? >> yes. >> rebecca you can see everything? >> yes. >> you have your notes so we are good to go. >> go ahead. >> hello. good afternoon, tida board and staff and everyone listening. i am rebecca smear, board member of treasure island museum. most of you are aware the museum is working on a digital online exhibit that focuses on sea level rise and treasure island. i grave a brief description at the january sustainability meeting and bob beck mentioned this in his report. thank you for your time today to allow us to give you a better
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idea what this exciting website will be. special thanks to liz for her amazing contributions in locating and supplying critical documents and information and many thanks to bob for his ongoing support and encouragement. sea level rise poses threats to bay area communities. it is a key element of the treasure island adaptive redesign and echoes the history as a bold experiment in civic effort, one whose story needs telling. the online exhibit x mores the island evolution and path to sustainable development. by way of the museum's mission, i want to make the points that our mission statement is the following. preserve the islands specific themed heritage, inform residents and visitors of the
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island's relevance to today's issues and tomorrow's concerns, invest in the future through educational programs and community partnerships, to inspire a new generation with the bay area spirit of ingenuity. treasure island museum received a grant from the san francisco historic preservation fund and this will launch this summer. treasure island has a stellar team from the school of design in new york city led by lisa campbell for a look at the exhibit. we are fortunate to be working lisa. her experience includes 20 years as professor at parsons supervising the development of interface and user experience and education products. she will tell you about her fantastic talents team.
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as she will explained there are four areas in the exhibit. preservation, community, threology, geotechnical improvements and add adaptive designs as well as parks, wetlands and open spaces. in conjunction with the launch of the exhibit there will be live presentations part of the ongoing treasure island museum presents. this is a lecture series. we have a lecture every month. it including explaining the engineering techniques used to stabilize the land and mitigate the forces of sea level rise, aaron welsh, the lead consultant will lecture on the ways it will
2:43 am
be healthy for the bay and island residents. through this public exhibition and programs the public including residents, students studying urban development and curious individuals will be able to learn how the island development was successfully mitigate sea level rise. now she will give you a look at the in progress exhibit. >> thank you. i am louisa campbell. i am on the advisory board of the treasure island museum.
2:44 am
my team is really amazing because we are a tiny team. they are very talented. brook smith is the lead developer and designer. our designer illustrator and we have a consulting scientist. just a quick shout out to them. this is our working title for the exhibit. the exhibit is a micro site which will be linked from the treasure island museum site. here it is urban planning for the deep. how the design for the new treasure island reckons with sea level rise. i am going to give you a preview
2:45 am
into the look and feel of the site that we are currently developing. basically for the content areas that rebecca just went over which i will go over again further down in the deck, basically, we are using images and scrolling text. i meant to say see the wavey lines they are to evoke gentle ocean waves. i think you will like them when you see them animated. all of the image of this screen
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and the next are layouts. these images will not necessarily be adjacent to each other in the final product. as all of the images in the portals, captions and scrolling text are how we will explore our pockets. they consider historical preservation, adaptive design and theology and community. we chose these topics on the basics of relevance to the museum, history of the island, development project and sea level rise. the top photo is a rendering of the new development from the 2011 treasure island design for development documents. the text will emphasize did new development including 290 acres of publicly acceptable land
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including walking, hiking and biking paths. bottom is an image from an article this year in march in wired magazine that shows land subsiding in the bay area. that means gradual settling or sinking. without the geotechnical development treasure island will sing at 33 inches per year and tame sea level is -- time sea level is rising. the white areas on the model are alameda, oakland and san francisco are sinking at a slower rate .07 per year.
2:48 am
the next slide you will see a couple more images. these are also as most of the body text information and form in our site will be accompanied by captions and scrolling text. the top left picture was photographed by treasure island museum board president michael. it is of the man made perimeter using boulders from the original perimeter. the navy barracks converted to housing which will be replaced by inclusive housing on the south and eastern edges of the island. this is a photo from 2007.
2:49 am
all housing on the new ti will be built on re-engineered land on the southeastern corner of the island where almost all of the new buildings will be constructed. the bottom picture on the right is from the san francisco planning department. it shows upper range probabilities of flueding from sl -- flooding on the san francisco mainlands in 2100. this is a very rough layout of the page from our introduction to the site. it features the interactive tool, the slider at the bottom of the screen. this slide shows the. [indiscernable] there will be a pop up page and
2:50 am
pages surrounding the tool. it is the science that supports the activity of the slyder. as you move the slider forward you will see how the development is protecting the new buildings from the big storm and how the island would be flooded if it was not being redeveloped. the idea is to show that the management and design strategies are going to actually preserve habitation by humans and animals on the island because the old treasure island is at very high risk of flooding.
2:51 am
they have run the simulations based on numbers in the report prepared by nichols in 2016 on sea level rise this strategy. we are hoping the firm will supply us with updated numbers for mitigation for sea level rise in 2050 and 2100 which we have been asking them for. this is a short video. it is a rough prototype of the opening to the entire micro site that locates the treasure and the island within the context of the bay area. when you go to the site this is
2:52 am
the first thing you see. the next slide this is our main interface to access the different content portals. our palette we are using was inspired by the seven watches with the creation for the look for the golden gate international exposition which we found in the collection at the museum. the navy chapel there, the
2:53 am
bigger buildings behind the text there and the people with paintbrushes and the folks with the baby carriage are clickable. the navy chapel is the entrance to the historical preservation portal. it is the ad adaptive design that includes storm water management. the power and mid-rise building by the title supplied there are the entrance to the geology section. the painters and murals to visitors to content on community. these are easter eggs that likely include a hover feature which is a mouse over. when you click on top of them a
2:54 am
title will pop-up. there will be a small key to the map also which is identified purple as buildings and green as parks and open spaces. here it shows that title text i was just talking about. the children in the play ground will be somewhere in the site but not an entrance to a portal. this is a little bit more of a drill down into adaptive design. here we are going to talk about wetlands, sparks, stormwater management and this doesn't
2:55 am
reflect the current placement of the wetlands. this map will be revised to show the new wetlands which are two rather than one big one. next slide, please. we are going to consider the following topics shown on the next page. adaptive setbacks of 30 feet. elevated pads for new construction. replacing legacy surfaces with natural materials watery cycling and wetland restoration. each portal when you get into them. adaptive design then you will
2:56 am
click through to the topics within that portal. here are some examples of that. you see these six buildings, three on treasure island and three on the island. ybi housing this building and the lighthouse. each of the labeled buildings are clickable and lead to sub portals about that particular building in this case.
2:57 am
that is just a quick preview to how the site is going to feel to the users. we are happy to answer your questions. it is going to be shown at the finished micro site will be shown on june 9th. you are all invited to see it. >> thank you. does that conclude your presentation? >> it does. >> thank you. i am going to open it to the directors and ask for public comment. i would like to start by saying that we all come from different
2:58 am
organizations treasure island museum. the more positive information we can get out to the public the better it is and actually i would like to embrace as much as many groups who can tell the story of treasure island. i am grad your group is doing that. i want to caution a bit that we need to make sure that whatever information is on your website is in fact accurate. the plan for treasure island do change, they are not static. i think it is very important if you are actually providing information to the public that that information be accurate and up-to-date. secondly, i want to make sure
2:59 am
because of the images and the information from tida documents that you give that credit to tida and to the documents the reference point which you are using. images or any information that be credited. the third thing to work closely with the website when you put it up but it can get outdated quickly. the management of the ongoing management of the website that is necessary. the other thing is that we are collaborating with a lot of groups on the sustainability part with the exploratorium also
3:00 am
doing lectures on treasure island and add dapted techniques. that is why i am saying that we embrace that collaboration with all groups in san francisco and in the region on this very important issue. thank you for that. please keep in touch with us so that we are aware of what you are doing and that we can support it. i am going to open it up to other board members. >> again, i want to echo what commissioner tsen just mentioned. tida development is one of its kind in the country and the
3:01 am
world. this project has taken decades. the best experts in the world and it is still a work in progress. with regards to climate change. every level of the development basically has taken that into concentration. we welcome collaboration. i want to echo the caution there. on one hand we have tida. this project is in progress and dynamic. the land use -- can you hear me? i am getting echoes. the plan, infrastructure plan. we have collaboration with many city agencies, the san francisco commission of environment is helping with all of the natural
3:02 am
habitat, we also have a nonprofit collaborators. it is going to be extremely important that we do not have collaborators website concerning the treasure island development because there is one where everything we are doing here. all of the information we have has gone through with the private developer, city agencies, with the state consultants and also private developers. this is the first time that i am glad that on a lot of the things today new technology and new tools we can work on. yes, to really look at the
3:03 am
extent of the information to make sure that information iscompattable with the development and just also that we can have one in development again because of the city and county of san francisco interest and the development. that is what i am going to suggest here. i think that we would love to -- can you hear me? i am getting an echo. >> that is what i am going to tell you again is we welcome all of this collaborations with uc berkeley and with the commission. we have a lot of general partners. that is whatever they are doing or they are to become pattible
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with your plan. we want to make sure the information that is being conveyed to the public is not only accurate but in line with the kind of decisions we are making. again, we welcome rebecca your collaboration to work together on how this is going to proceed. thank you. we do support the treasure island museum. you have spoken about it several times and heard the commissions on these tida board are very receptive and working in collaboration. that is all i have. >> thank you. any other board members to ask questions or comment? >> i love the idea, i love the work so far. i would definitely love to see
3:05 am
the youth of the island involved in more of the collaboration. we have several groups out here that have been involved in projects throughout the years through different educational groups and ymca, boys and girls club. we did a watershed project, one of the most comprehensive ecological systems in the world. our young scientists see a place for them to collaborate on this. i would like to see that happen. >> thank you. >> i want to echo and that is a great point. my daughter is watching videos on the school district on collaborations throughout the city. it would be fantastic to have
3:06 am
more factual data on sea level rising maybe q&a with students and kids on the island being part of this and providing solutions or adding more to it. i love that and i think that we can build upon that. i would like to know is this going to be posted on youtube? is there community input and comments that could go with the updates as we move forward? >> yes, virginia. >> we are working right now with a finite project that is funded by the san francisco historic preservation fund. as we are able to raise additional funding, we would love to add different components. we did reach out to lla and one treasure island to see how we
3:07 am
might engage youth. it was a little difficult because of covid to bring those communities in, but the museum is always very open to collaborating. we do a lot of work with one treasure island already to try to bring community into this process. i think the museum is open to that and has made significant effort to include other groups as well as the exploratorium and academy of science. >> one suggestion to reach out to if you haven't already. spur. they are based in san francisco. they have done a ton of work in sea level rise and are trying to do more. they might be an good partner with youth outreach or generally on copperration on this.
3:08 am
>> mike, who is the president of the treasure island board of directors, welcome, mike. did you want to say any words? >> i want to add that you are talking about youtube. we will have a live site. part of what this is we have one of the challenges with this is that there is so much scientific information. the idea that you spoke to this and there are references at the end to explore further. in addition we didn't mention but there are some of the social implications as well how sea level rise affects low income communities a little bit more. we don't want to get too deep into that. this is an aspect that needs
3:09 am
raised. spur is a great suggestion. one of our advisory members is still on the board of spur that is great so thank you for that. >> thank you very much rebecca and mark and virginia for that presentation. we look forward to seeing it when it is finished. i hope you will let us see it before it is publicly viewed so we can have our comments given to you. we are going to open up to public comment. do we have any public comment? >> no public comment. >> thank you very much for that presentation. >> next item, please. 8. approve of yerba banena island
3:10 am
park and trail names. >> the last item at tomorrow's sustainability committee we will have presentation the geotechnical consultant and nichols on sea level rise and geotechnical programs. members of the public that may have questions on those programs could see those presentations tomorrow. for the signage item. they are getting ready to advertise for the construction of new parks on the island. as part of that we are seeking approval of proposed names on ybi.
3:11 am
more installed from cmg will give a presentation. >> go ahead. >> good afternoon, members of the board. i am with the architecture. there are some new members of the board i am not familiar with. we have been the lead landscape architect on treasure islands for 20 years working in design. i have not been working on the project for that entire 20
3:12 am
years. i was here in october to present a recap of the signage program and to introduce the park names. it is actually very rare that landscape architects weigh in on the names of projects they design. it is my privilege to work with the development group and members of the staff to develop these proposed park names and present to them today and ask for your approval. before we get started i want to acknowledge the last time i was here i did provide review of the master plan and the signage. with the master plan developed and approved by the board in 2015. we are ready to develop more detailed way finding signage for the island. we need the final content like the park names approved. we are here talking about park
3:13 am
names today. when i was here in october we did receive a few comments from the board. i want you to know we have not forgotten. we plan to return to a future meeting soon to address your comments and questions about the bicycle signage and for the visually impaired and interpreter signage. in october of -- before us are the park names with the staff but we presented those initial proposals in october of 2020 to the board. those names were also brought before the citizens advisory board in december of 2020. we revisited earlier this month to hear final comments on the names. today we ask your approval.
3:14 am
when we get approval on the names we will start the process every visiting later this year the proposed treasure island park names. in the presentations to the board we did receive a few comments i want to address before the males. first comment was about the senior officers quarters, then recognizing the diverse history of the island and chicago trial and finding an alternate name for torepedo point trail. >> the senior officers district is form ally recognized historic district we are not proposing to change the name for that. senior officers quarters historic district is a mouth full to say and print on signs. we propose it is shortened to
3:15 am
the quarters. there the other information at the site to teach visitors about the full history of that site. the trial followed a naval accident in 1944 that killed over 300 people, majority african-american. survivors refused to work under similarly dangerous circumstances the navy tried them for mutany. that occurred on yerba buena island. the outrage led to the de segregation of the navy that is a significant event that we want acknowledge. the hoodie sign studio designing the park at the top of the island is working with the
3:16 am
treasure island museum to develop interpretive sign to explain the history of the chicago trial to the public in the park. they are working on that and we will return to the board with more information when that is developed. the last comment about the torepedo point trail was named afthe torepedo building that is on the eastern point of ybi. it was naming the trail after a weapon. we propose replacing that with the trail. before i dive into the individual names i want to recap the goals we had set for ourselves as we embarked on this parks and open space process. first goal to establish park identities that are specific in
3:17 am
the context. we went to find references unique to the island. identify donors to keep in mind there will be other features with opportunities nor names in the future. we also wanted to find names exciting or memorable as possible. we do want to avoid duplicating existing park names. we did a survey of nearby bay area parks to be sure we were not repeating. we wanted to avoid over referencing the past. the previous process had gone through focused on both names and architects from the golden gate exhibition. we want to speak to the present and future of the island. names we are asking for approval
3:18 am
today are the names on this slides. we will be returning to the treasure island names at a future date. throughout the development process we are using place holder names, not official names that have been used in the documents. those are names like the water area. those have been place holder names. now we are trying to formally name these sites. this represents the proposed names for the parks and open space which i will go through in detail in a later slide. in addition to the open space we have a series of trails that we are naming as well. ybi is natural.
3:19 am
treasure island the man made. ybi is in the background here. it is largely going to remain undeveloped and governed by the habitat management that we are restoring and preserving native ecology on the island. it has hilly topography. it gives great panoramic views of the island. ecological features we hope to highlight in the names. there is the natural beauty of the island we want to highlight and educate the holders. the first name we are proposing is buckeye grove. this is stormwater treatment garden. series of basins with bicycle and pedestrian paths winding through and it is all into the
3:20 am
hillsides of the ybi. it is carefully designed around the existing buckeye trees. we are going to plant more buckeye trees on the site. these are the most visible feature as you drive on the causeway. you can see them on the hillsides. we wanted to name this space after these beautiful california native trees. second is over on the eastern side of the island. brillo bridge park. this is great for bird watching. this space which the garden is in the site in the photo. the bay bridge you can see the dominant feature. we want to acknowledge that. as part of the stormwater
3:21 am
treatment garden we will plant the willows for the birds that come here. we want to acknowledge the habitat and bridge. at the top of the islands is hilltop park. we propose two names. east is signal point and west is trinity point. signal point you can see a coast guard signal on the site. it is the highest point. that tower will remain. the site is flanged on one side by signal road. it is named after the prominent features. we see this as one of the high points a signal for visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings and panama rammic view. >> on the western side infinity point.
3:22 am
you can see there is a landmark sculpture that is part of the arts master plan. that is the point of infinity. we decided on infinity point as a working of the name of the culture. we are acknowledging the sculpture and the 360-degree view that you get when you are at the site. down below that is the rock stone park. one of the main features are the boulders in the rendering. as they were doing the infrastructure construction they unearthed a lot of boulders and got excited and the contractor put aside as many as they could. we incorporated those into the park. we felt like because the rocks will be memorable when you are there we thought this would be a fun kay to acknowledge that.
3:23 am
the senior officers' quarters historic district we propose the quarters. it has the minute house. the full name will stay on the official historic registry but the quarters will be the nickname to bring people to the area. then along the shore of the island clipper cove beach that was named after the clipper cove. there are airplanes that were flown during the early days of treasure island. it is unique. we propose that name for the beach. we don't see a reason to change that name. for the park that sits above the bluffs from the beach we propose
3:24 am
that clipper cove park. this overlooks the entire cove. you can see the hanger buildings in the background. for the beach and this park clipper cove park. for the trails. two different naming systems. we propose both names for the loop which you see on the map. the segments are different portions of the trail so you can be directed to a specific part of the trail. these are different experiences. i will return to the loops in a moment. for the segments to go through these. the segment in orange we propose sunset trail and point. this is the southern and western allege edge of the island. it is where you get the gorgeous view of the tolden gate --
3:25 am
golden gate bridge. in yellow we propose the live oak trail on the northern side of the island which supports live oak habitat. there is existing habitat and proposed restoration of the habitat. the storehouse trail leads out to the torpedo storehouse that i mentioned at the beginning of the presentation. this is reference to jack fuller who was known as old jack. he brought goats to the island and it was known as goats island. below that is signal ladder that connects signal road. the ladder comes from the steep trail. then for the three loops. for the longest loop we propose
3:26 am
daybreak. this is two miles that goes farthest east of any trail. it is great for early morning hikes and trail runs. next is the stairs loop. this we think will call to people who want a more challenging trail. it is to the most elevation in the shortest distance. it connects historic trails. you can see navy trail on the right. this will be cleaned up and the trails project. this loop connects to a series of stairs to be built true development project. this loop gives you the experience reflective of other staircases in san francisco like on telegraph hill. last trail and name is infinity loop. this is at the top of the
3:27 am
island. shortest of the three loops. it encircles infinity point with views of the bay. the trail forms the figure 8 which allows people to make the hike around. that is it. i am happy to take any comments or hear your thoughts or questions. thank you for your time. >> thank you for the presentation. as we have seen in recent events, names are very important and it can be controversial. until you have a name in place it doesn't come to be. it is just really breath taking to see this is the public realm. these are the parks, streets, trails open to people in the
3:28 am
neighborhood and this is the reason why we are doing treasure island for the affordable housing, very much about the public realm, the parks, different trailings and what a wonderful, wonderful place it is going to be. i am going to open this up to the board for any comments or questions they have. then i will open up to the public. raise your hands if you need to speak. linda. >> thank you again. great to see you here at this meeting. i think the last time you were before the infrastructure transportation committee and i specifically and on behalf of
3:29 am
the treasure island museum had requested for the presence of the port chicago. i am glad your presentation you are making referencer to that. i know that the idea before us is to approve these. just want you to guide me through you mentioned you are working with the museum, treasure island museum. what is the chicago trail? what is that going to look like before i give you my vote to go ahead with the action item, could you elaborate on that? what we are going to look at when that is finalized? >> the design studio designing the park at the top of the islands is working with the museum on an interpretive sign developing content and design that will be, i believe at the
3:30 am
overlook. somewhere in that park that will teach visitors about the history of that trial. it will be that will be included in infinity point. >> what will be great, you are asking for that particular piece that is of interest to me and with the rest of the commission to grant without knowing that, it should be the other way around next time for such an item i think i would like to see what is going to look like so that at least by the time we take the vote we know for sure this is going to take place. i need to caution you on that. i would love to see where it is going to go. i know there is reference. hey, based on these negotiations
3:31 am
and collaboration this is what it is going to look like and we can say okay to the public. >> that there come back to the board. >> you are be talking about the bicycle and the visually impaired signage, something that is very important to this commission in terms of inclusion to make sure that the disabled and seniors and those
3:32 am
specifically visually impaired also can have access to the wonderful parks and open space at treasure island. nice to see you. >> yes, julian. >> thank you. i am so glad you brought up such an important point. glad there is a landmark and so much information about the trial. it is important. about accessibility. are these ada approved trails? >> from will be a range of trails. there is a separate standard for trails. american access board standard, not the same as ada but they have standards to make trails more accessible for users.
3:33 am
there will be a range of trails at different user level. >> i want to echo board member president tsen's remarks how wonderful and interactive with nature and how important to really bring out the existing native plants and entire habitat. i am thrilled to see that and i am glad for the meetings to get the input. thank you. appreciate it. i am excited to see all of this. >> any other comments? >> i have a couple questions. i think the name the quarters carries some historic weight. that needs to bereconsiderred. the chicago trail will be information along the trail.
3:34 am
is it possible is this something i should probably talk to the museum about? is it interactive like the website that they are proposing or just for residents for the people or participants to reads? will it be interactive? was there any discussion about naming the park for the former natives that used to use ybi as fisher grounds. will be incorporate that history into that, also? >> that didn't come up in our considerations of the names. if that is a recommends of the board we can revisit that. we want to find some partners to find appropriate name if we want to incorporate the native names
3:35 am
of the island that is not something we have expertise on. if that is the direction we want to go we can reach out to explore that further. >> that is something the youth council researched several years ago. that is something i would like to touch on and revisit definitely. >> okay. >> any other comments or questions? >> yes. >> mike, go ahead. >> i just want to strongly agree with lashandra. the fact that native-americans, indigenous have sort of been ignored. that would we a great thing to look at, i believe.
3:36 am
>> i agree. >> any other comments? then i will open it up for public comment. any public comment? >> there is one public comment. >> commissioners, i am francisco. i represent the maloney. you much know on this location human remains were found. deliberations on respect and honor those remains were found and taken and buried elsewhere, shame on you all.
3:37 am
look at this location it is housing for the privileged as opposed to high density housing for the poor. all of the names you have, they don't mean anything. chronologically. with a historian, archeologist, hill terry historian from the navy or the army or department of defense that you have called upon to have the right type of deliberation. it is the blind leading the lined. it is the stupid leading the stupider. it is the dumb and the dumber.
3:38 am
get together and go back to the drawing board. do not stake privileged people, oholone and citizens of san francisco in the deliberations. do not act like fools. i am not touching on contamination and pollution. thank you very much. >> okay. this is an action item which is before the board but i have heard some comments that have come up which we need to vote further consideration on. i would like to ask lauren and bob how would you like to take the suggestions we have been discussing? one is about whether the naming
3:39 am
that could be acknowledged with first nations on the island and comments on the port chicago signage and what that would look like. i understand the port chicago signage is coming back to the board. it will be presented before we vote on it. bob and lauren, how would you like to incorporate the comments from the board? >> on the subject of the ohlone and potential naming, we have been having some conversations with peter bastow with department of environment and discussing potentially having
3:40 am
some partnerships around native plant gardens and so forth. we could make some of those contacts to discuss both the native plant things that we had been discussing as well as place names. i do know that in bringing this forward it was because the developer is preparing to construct some of the parks and would be ordering some of the signage in conjunction with that. i don't know if lauren has thoughts on the timing of those things relative to today's
3:41 am
potential vote. >> the first parks and i think the group can correct me. the first parks on construction are at the top of the island. signal point here and also the rock park as well as the stormwater gardens are the ones most implement in planning and the others will be constructed after that. >> my suggestion and i am open to the boards' comments. i will take a motion to approve the naming conventions which have been outlined but we could request cmg come back to us with
3:42 am
further consideration where we can name giving some recognition to the first inhabitants and coming back with the port chicago signage information as well. what is the board's pleasure? >> absolutely, i will support that. i would also make available for the director for the itc absolutely approve those conventions in consideration with the suggestions with regards to port chicago and also to the. [indiscernable] i would make a motion in support of that. >> okay. any questions or comments?
3:43 am
>> clarifying. approve the names as is and come back to give an update on the signage then we can consider changing the existing names to additional names we want to represent tribes and native-americans? >> my thinking is that, first of all, they have to research so they are accurate in naming. that will take a little time. there are many other places where there could be a name attached. that is what i heard from lauren and correct me if i'm wrong. certainly native habitats which are being native gardens that
3:44 am
are being considered in design. or you could come back to us with a change as well. i would like your input, lauren since you are the landscape architect, as to your timing and whether that works for you. >> i think that does work for us. we will need a little time to work with patterners, to develop the names and come back to you. i will have to speak with the other people involved in the process to figure out if we want to change one of the names here or find another site to acknowledge the first inhabitants of the ybi. we have to get back for the most appropriate site for that.
3:45 am
>> i think that the action we will take today will be to get you started. i know there is some concern as to having the construction done and the signage done in good time. do we have a second to linda's motion? do we have a second? >> second. >> there is a motion and second. before we take any action. lashandra do you have a comment to make? >> i do have a comment. i would suggest that the senior officers quarters that that name be changed to the senior
3:46 am
officers quarters but not just the quarters. >> any of the board members want to comment on that? >> really good suggestion changing the quarters or maybe just the officer quarters. i agree that just the quarters does have certain possible reference to bad part of our past. >> officer quarters rather than just quarters?
3:47 am
>> that would be my suggestion. >> yes. >> i think that is a good suggestion that we would like to offer to you, lauren, and your team for the naming. does that present problems for you? >> no, i don't think that it does. that is a great suggestion. >> incorporate that into the motion. we have a motion and we have a second. >> i will take a roll call vote. >> director tsen. >> aye. >> dunlop. >> aye. >> richardson. >> aye. >> shift ron. >> yes. >> prochnik. >> yes. >> austin. >> yes. >> six ayes. >> the ayes have it. thank you for the presentation,
3:48 am
lauren, and we look forward to all of the parks and trails and streets being finished. thank you. >> item 9. congestion management tolling update. >> rachel from the mobility management agency will give an update on their efforts. >> welcome, rachel, go ahead. >> before rachel starts. i did want to share some background. kate, if you could ask me the presentation control. thank you. i just thought it would be helpful to share background on the necessity for congestion management and history of that as well as the role of tima,
3:49 am
treasure island mobility management agency in setting the tolls. going all the way back to 1996 base reuse plan and throughout the documents that have followed in the last 20 years, 25 years, there has been a continual discussion of the need for calling and the treasure island mobility management agency which is the san francisco county transportation authority sitting in another role is charged with implementing the transit and transportation demand programs described in the treasure island transportation implementation plan. the staff including rachel have been formulating policies for adoption by the tima commission
3:50 am
before 2021 including rates, hours of operation and affordability programs. these responsibilities were delegated to tima by the board of supervisors and not subject to tida board of approval. we bring them to keep the board and members of the public who follow the meetings informed on the progress of the programs. another thing to clarify it provides revenue to support enhanced services to the island, the toll also does serve critical congestion management function so that even if alternate forms of funding the transit were available, we would
3:51 am
still need to implement congestion management policies. the congest june management toll is a defined element of the project in the e.i.r. that is critical to achieving the program's 50% transit mode share objective. it is disincentive to drive and incentive for public transportation. because the number of cars will be metered with metering lights. if there were not a toll to further discourage people from driving, the number of vehicles queuing to access the bridge would be on a gridlock on the island roadways.
3:52 am
where we are at today with the work that the tima is doing they are trying to make the appropriate policy recommendations to the tima commission on how best to implement a toll program. the decisions made by the tima now are not whether to have a toll. those decisions were made in 2011 and earlier. a couple of quotes. this goes back to the 1996 base reuse platform. it was noted the planned limit auto usage on treasure islands must be developed prior to grants entitlement including transportation demand measures such as pricing and tolls from access to the island. with that i will hand it off to
3:53 am
rachel to do her update. [ inaudible ]
3:54 am
>> thank you, bob, for the introduction. the board is the board of supervisors wearing in this role wearing transportation authority hats mobility hats. it is the implementation of the 2011 implementation plan in the ways that bob mentioned. the tima board has acted on several things related to the transportation implementation since 2011. there are a number of things we are working on and bringing to the board over the next year. this is a presentation on those things that we are working on now but the background bob
3:55 am
covered. maybe i will show this is the new transit that tida calls for and tima is responsible on island shuttle and bus transit will be funded by the toll revenues and fare revenues and transit pass purchases. the bus to the terminal which exists and the new muni service will increase over time as the development goes out per the 2011 plan funded by the city general fund. the same way other muni increases to new development throughout the city.
3:56 am
the tima board approved policies in 2016 calling for all travelers regardless of residential status to be eligible for the toll. not only residents but other drivers driving during the congested period would be subject to the tomorrow. most recently in 2019 the board adopted an exemption to the toll for existing residents. those are two key actions that happened. looking ahead we are planning to be on the transportation program together when the website infrastructure is complete. that including the new ferry service, new on island shuttle
3:57 am
service, east bay busservice and the tolls to bring in revenue to fund that and to service congestion management function. over time we have development units built out. it calls for more transit service to be added across all modes. it increases the ferry service in the east bay bus service and muni service over time as the demand for travel increases. what we are working on now is advancing the toll exemption for current residents and two other aspects of afford built the board asked to come back to them with. one is support for existing businesses on the island. the second is future low income households who don't live on the island yet but will move on the
3:58 am
island in the future. the current resident exemptions. the board adopted that policy in 2019. now the question is how to make sure less than half that exception when the rest of the program goes into effect in 2023. there is a toll for new residents and other travelers. the folks eligible are folks who had a current lease at the time the policy was adopted. we would maintain those households eligibility if they move to a new unit on the island after that time from when the board took the action. they asked us to revisit the policy at midyear -- excuse me mid development milestone of 4,000 units to determine whether it should be changed or adjusted
3:59 am
in any way. we have two different ways that we could provide this exception when the rest of the program goes into effect. one way is through a toll tag or fast track that these households would have to allow unlimited on and off free of charge. one toll tag per existing residential. we would partner with tida to verify the leases and the contact person and work with the folks who registered to distribute the toll pad and there would be some exchange of information or registration needed on the part of the household.
4:00 am
second option would be license plates instead of toll tags. tima would exempt up to two license plates per households and those license plates would have unlimited on and off the island travel. there would be similar registration and information required to make this happen including providing some of your license plate and proof of parking and registration. it is more information that would need to be disclosed under this approach. it is another way we could do this. right now we are seeking feedback from residents if they
4:01 am
had a preference. we ask that folks e-mailed the survey to every household and we provided self-addressed stamped envelopes to return or go online and take it. we are now tallying the responses and plan to report back to the tima board and to the public what we heard from responses at the june meeting. we are happy to come back or share the information with you through bob or through another way. the second piece is affordability support for current businesses. the businesses that we are talking about are nonprofits on the island and the food services
4:02 am
on the island. we propose that whatever the board adopts here that we come back and evaluate it and potentially change and revisit at the 2500 unit mark just because our understanding is that the nonresidential land uses will change more quickly than the population of current residents. there may be a need to change or evolve the program sooner. we are offering two options here that we want to receive feedback on. first is flexible for the employer or business to use this financial support in the way that they most need to to offset their greater cost. they would need a cash payment
4:03 am
such as quarterly payment to tima to the business or employer to use to offset their employees' expenses or to offset other business expenses like deliveries so there would not be any toll tags involved. it would be a cash stipend and we would want to scale that from some basis so we recommend scaling that amount based on the number of employees and that the amount be a direct relationship between the amount of the toll, the peak period toll times two trips each day for the commute trip on and off times five
4:04 am
commute trips each week as the stipend amount. we would need a partnership with tida to verify the eligible businesses or employers we would need to partner. there would be obligation to show proof of the number of employees and then to the distribution of the cash whether to the employees or to their other expenses. second option would be something that looks more similar to what residents current residents would have which is a toll tag to have a balance to cover commute costs. i think we would again ling the number of toll tags to the number of employees. that being intent to support
4:05 am
commute cost for low income employees and the amount would be the same that we have proposed times two trips each daytimes five days each week. this case the businesses would have more to do to make this work. we would provide toll tags based on the number of low income employees and the businesses would need to distribute those or employers or business would need to distribute those and then sort every cover them and redistribute them when they have changes in their personnel.
4:06 am
>> how that feedback would change the proposals. we want to do some specific events with businesses.
4:07 am
those are still to be scheduled. we are looking to do those in may. the timeframe for adoption of any of these affordability programs will be looking to after the board recess so that we leave enough time to do the outreach with businesses which we haven't done yet and be able to bring back to you if you like or through the tima board for update on the feedback we have heard and how to incorporate it into the proposal. thank you for hearing this update and for any feedback you have and i would be happy to
4:08 am
answer any questions. >> thank you, rachel. i am going to open it up to the board for comments that they have. then i have some comments. >> rachel, thank you for your presentation. i was president at the meeting on april 3rd. i want to reiterate the concerns. first would be that the survey wasn't -- it didn't give people room to elaborate why they felt the way they felt and didn't give room for a third option. i heard a lot of feedback from the community around that. it seems like we were boxed in to one decision. i would like to see in the future going forward i would like to see the outreach designed more around what the
4:09 am
community feedback because right now it is a lot of tension, we are still in covid. a lot of these decisions were made pre-covid and a lot of decisions are based on covid. it makes people anxious. i think that needs to be addressed so they are feeling like -- so we feel like our comments are being heard and that they are being listened to. the second thing that came up was how it affects the services. this is what the residents and businesses when it comes to deliveries, grocery deliveries and daycare services to the island, ihsf services to the elderly, paratransit and meals
4:10 am
on wheels, how are these figured in? that is a legitimate concern for people on the island. i think it would be nice to address those. they want to feel respected and want answers. that is up in the outreach especially. it needs to be comprehensive and transparent. i just wanted to put that out there. >> thank you. rachel, did you want to answer those questions, particularly, with the different services coming on the island how that can be done?
4:11 am
>> well, those are definitely i heard those concerns for sure loud and clear at the meeting on the third. the challenge was figuring out a way to address them is to be able to know what those are in a way that we could offer some kind of extension when there is a toll in lace for the new residents and new uses. to be able to distinguish what services are going to serve a current resident versus a new resident for instance. we don't yet at this point have technology solution that can be easy to do to address that because the things that get detected are a toll tag or
4:12 am
license plates plate. that is something that knowing who those uses are is a challenge. >> when will you present this to the board of supervisors? >> our next update is an informational only, but it is reporting on what we heard, feedback we heard and what we can do in that feedback to respond. that is planned for june. that meeting is not calendared. there is no date for the meeting. we expect a june meeting, no may meeting. for those signed up for the notifications from the website i can put the website back again.
4:13 am
you will receive the notices. >> there is time to address the tima board on these issues for this action, right? >> yes. >> that is good to know. okay. any other comments or questions? >> i just what you just said in case you don't have an idea how to address service people who are giving service to our
4:14 am
residents, is that correct? can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you, mark. the question, rachel. >> that is important. thank you. >> the question, rachel, if you have the services how can you make policy? >> is this a question for me? you are right i don't have a proposal or options right now today. i do want to acknowledge we have heard feedback and what our board is expecting from us in june is to share the feedback we have heard and share proposals for addressing it. it is part of the work to do
4:15 am
between now and then. >> okay. ruby. >> a couple quick questions. so you said you are going in june with one meeting in april that is great. are there other engagements with the community on the island that you are going to do? you mentioned the survey. when you get the results, but i am skeptical how many folks are going to mail or go online to do that. curious if there are other touch points between now and june for feedback. >> a couple things. we use social media. next door, facebook to get the word out about the options. public eyes questions as much as possible. we went to the cab last week.
4:16 am
that is what we have done. >> i think one thing that would be helpful and i mentioned this before. we know the numbers of the folk on the island, you should know how much engagement you are getting. of that you are getting 10, 20 people talking. maybe that is not enough engagement. what is that community engagement plan? i am sure the board of supervisors wants to know that in terms of the planned outreach, how many folk on the island you talked to and what not. having a good handle on that. it sounds like there are some that for tech reasons they can't be addressed acknowledging what those are and seeing the limitations are would be really helpful. >> thank you.
4:17 am
>> can you put up the slide with the timeline? i would suggest working with treasure islands and instagram and community board. you can never over communicate on ruby's point we need more outreach. this is a hot topic. it is really important. the overall timeline for decision making. this year is the time plan. is that the goal? >> that is the goal. some amount of lead time working
4:18 am
towards the mid-2023 launch date. that is the date we are working back from.
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