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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, democratic rivalry. hillary clinton, bernie sanders on stage throwing jabs at each other overnight as donald trump makes a late night appearance. wicked weather. bitter cold, well below zero in some areas right now plus people in parts of the northeast getting their first taste of snow. medicine recall. a children's cough syrup pulled from store shelves. the manufacturing mistake that could lead to an overdose. national champions. alabama/clemson, the classic game in the desert coming down to the final minutes. well, good tours morning. we begin with breaking news out of turkey. a huge explosion rocking istanbul. >> turkish media reporting that several have been injured in
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it took 34r5is in the city's historic sultana met area. the mosque popular with tourists. >> the first images near the scene showing ambulances on the scene. the explosion could be felt across the entire city. no word yet on the cause of the explosion. again, an explosion is turkey. we'll stay on top of this. >> we'll bring you the latest as we get it. the other major storyover night we're following. what's being called the first major event of the political year. >> it happened in des moines last night. the brown and black presidential forum focused on questions essential to america's blacks and latinos and did run the gamut from criminal justice to the economy. overnight head-to-head in iowa -- >> bernie sanders. >> martin o'malley. >> hillary clinton. >> all three democratic candidates taking part in the
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station fusion. answering rapid-fire questions. >> is it off brand for a democratic socialist to live in a mansion like the white house. >> i would consider it more like public housing. >> the candidates laying out their plan for guns and immigration plus bernie sanders and hillary clinton taking aim at each other. >> have you known this lady is you. >> it could be that the inevitable candidate for the democratic nomination may not be so inevitable today. >> i have laid out specifically my tax plans and my friend, senator sanders has said he will lay out his before the iowa caucus and i and others will be anxious to see them. >> taking shots at donald trump. >> who would have thought donald trump would be leading in national polls? i mean, for those of you who ever thought about running for
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i mean shall -- >> trump on the attack as well. >> i haven't even started on her yet although last week i did a little bit. i guess. we haven't even started. >> trump will again be center stage in the republican date in south carolina. rand paul and carly fiorina have been dropped from the prime time lineup because their poor showing in the polls. they were invited to participate in earlier under card debate. paul declined. president obama will deliver his final state of the union tonight. take a look. a live image of the capitol where the president is due to go to address a joint session of congress. but in this youtube video mr. obama explained he will gee part from tradition and won't talk so much about last year's progress and instead he'll focus on the big picture and optimistic vision for the country. we should remind you coverage of tonight's state of the union address gets started on abc at 9:00 eastern time. vice president joe biden has
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chapter in his life sharing a touching story he never told about the generosity of president obama and in an interview with cnn he recounted the prospect of their eldest son being forced to resign as delaware's attorney general over his failing health and shared his worries with mr. obama about caring for beau's family without his son's salary but never said that -- he never expected his boss -- what his boss' response would be. >> joe and i will sell the house and be in good shape. he said don't sell the house. promise me you won't sell the house. he'll be mad. he said i'll give you the money. >> beau biden did serve out his second term as delaware's attorney general but months after he died from brain cancer. so we're getting our first look at the dramatic firefight that took down one of the world's most notorious drug lords. "operation black want" afc it
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recapture of joaquin "el chapo" guzman. he is back in their most secure prison, the same one from which he escaped awaiting extradition to the u.s. leading authorities right to his doorstep was apparently his meeting. this one, with sean penn. the actor interviewed him for "rolling stone" magazine three months ago. mexican authorities were tracking penn during that visit and penn is now defending his interview with the drug lord telling the ap he has nothing to immediate. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen is expected to be released. tonya couch posted bond after a judge reduced it from 1 million to $75,000 on monday. couch was fitted with a gps monitoring device and was ordered to stay at the home of her 29-year-old son. she faces a felony charge for helping her 18-year-old son ethan flee to mexico. now to another high-profile court case. bill cosby filed a motion to
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against him in pennsylvania dismissed. his attorneys claim the prosecutor violated a ten-year-old agreement not to bring charges against cosby if he testified in a civil case. he's due to appear in court again early next month. well, a clipper system is bringing a bitter blast of arctic air to the great lakes and northeast. the latest weather radar shows it stretches from northern michigan into the tennessee valley. it's not expected to drop substantial snow on the region but it is bringing the coldest air so far this season. but the snow from that system is bringing some causing traffic areas -- traffic headaches in west seneca, new york, and areas of south buffalo could see up to 40 inches of snow. elsewhere the big concern is the cold. abc's rob marciano has the latest. >> reporter: check out these numbers in the morning, minus 8 in chicago, the windchill, mine news 27 in minneapolis. the cold front coming through
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detroit and lake-effect snow machine through the new york city area. maybe a dusting away from city, the cold, 11 for a windchill in new york. minus 9 in chicago. >> rob delivering that chilly forecast from a sunny climate in glendale, arizona, where the big game was. alabama named national college football champion this morning after beating clemson 45-40 and came down to a trick play. >> it was a good game. after tying with a field goal, the crimson tide used an onside kick to regain possession of the ball at midfield and one more for the special teams a 95-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. >> their fourth national title and fifth for nick saban full details coming up from espn. >> i guess he could ask for a raise. still ahead important health news for women. a federal panel finalizing mammogram guidelines. plus, breaking overnight, a
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flames, a deadly explosion at a home. new details just coming in. strange sight for people driving down a busy l.a.
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landed on the freeway, guys. i'm freaking out. >> i would be too. a small plane made an emergency landing on a busy freeway in southern california yesterday. cars swerved and stopped as it made use of the impromptu landing strip during afternoon rush hour. the plane was quickly pushed onto the median strip allowing traffic to resume and there were no injuries. there are new details in
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store robberies across the southeast. in the first court appearance of the main suspect we learned that abigail lee kemp is saying she had help from louis jones iii and told the fbi she was on the phone with jones during the robberies telling him when to join her at the stores. agents say that's what led them to kemp, cell phone records. a children's cough medicinemaker is pulling bottles from shelves because of a potential overdose. it involves two makers. dose cup has incorrect markings, they say. it is sold under nine store brands including dollar general, cvs, rite aid and kroger. more details lined up at it won't cost as much to heat your home or run your car. crude oil prices now at their lowest in 12 years. a combination of worldwide oversupply and less demand from china.
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producers, they may go bust. electric luxury carmaker tesla is offering a new perk. many of its cars have the ability to park themselves. no driver needed. this one going in, you see here and out of the garage, a feature called summon and enables cars to wake themselves up and drive to greet their owners. do we really need that? >> if you can afford $160,000 car -- >> why not. when we come back, dash cam drama. a police officer responding to a call didn't see this coming right at him. encased in ice lake to lake erie, the image that went everywhere yesterday. hear from the car's driver. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment.
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a woman in st. joseph, missouri, was freaking out when this happened. her car took a nose-dive in that sinkhole that was caused by a water main break. the owner upset just paid it off four months ago. okay, so for your morning road conditions hopefully no road hazards like that. mostly clear with wet roads again for the pacific northwest and lake-effect snow causing slippery conditions across the great lakes, northeast and ohio valley. if you're flying airport
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francisco, detroit and boston. well, a tragedy unfolding in northeast ohio. >> fire officials near cleveland say four family members were killed when their house exploded. the bodies of a mother and her two daughters, 8 and 12, were found on the first floor near the front of the home. the father was found near the back of the house. neighbors say the powerful blast shook their homes and ran into the burning building hoping to be able to save the family but it was just too late. a new study finds predictions about a baby's birth weight to be larger are usually wrong. four out of five mothers who were worned they might have large babies weighing more than 8 to 13 -- 8 pounds 13 ounces gave birth to average size babies. the woman who were told they would expect large babies had twice as many interventions including c-sections. a task force is finalizing new breast cancer screening
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between 50 and 74 get mammograms every other year and the task force says that women between 40 and 49 should make the decision based on how they view the benefits and harms. as always you've got to consult your doctor. in detroit this interesting scene here as a police cruiser responds to a domestic violence call. the cop karamed by another vehicle with a half dressed man hanging on to the hood. this was apparent lyly a fight between two brothers and the driver tried to cause the police officer for the fender bender. both were arrested. 71 stories above the streets of house two window washers were stranded after a motor malfunction left their scaffolding hanging from the side of a building. the precarious angle left clinging nearly a thousand feet up for 45 minutes until firefighters were able to remove a window pane and safely pull them inside. >> good for then.
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sleet and snow turned a car into an ice sculpture near buffalo. take a look at this. brian yellen parked his car along the edge of lake erie on sunday as an arctic blast hit, winds up to 47 miles an hour bluj huge waves on to the shore. it was encased in some five inches of ice when he showed up. >> i can't think anything. it's just covered in ice. covered in water. >> did you say, oh u. shgs, oh, my goodness. >> i'm cool. it's not bothering me. >> not that dramatic. brian's father wasn't too happy he left the car where it did. not clear yet whether the ice caused any damage. the rally cry for roll tide is being held from arizona to alabama as another national championship is headed back to tuscaloosa.
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the national championship. full details from our friends at he pen. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter" from the college football playoff national championship game in glendale, arizona. stan verrett along with neil everett. we saw a classic. >> you'll only get the cliff notes and that's unfortunate. this was quite a game. check it out. what we got to show you. alabama going for its fourth championship in the last seven years. they just tied it at 24 and nick saban goes onside kick. clemson, look, he even smiled. clemson folks are going, wait, man, we don't onside kicks. two plays later it's coker to the big tight end who had two touchdowns and just what a game and clemson made a run and got within the number but the only number that counts is 45 and 4 in 7 years and nick saban all smiles. warriors and golden state,
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warriors inbounding, steph curry working the give and go to draymond green and it's gone. curry with 31, 16 30-point game in the nba. fourth quarter, catch and shoot three. that's what he does, 111-10 and warriors improve to 36-2, the best start in nba history rolls on. >> you take a couple days off from work and go, hey, no, they only got two and dropping in, is alabama just winning another? yeah, alabama just won another title. that's what we give you. >> back to you? we'll take it. up next in "the pulse," surprise engage many. who is getting hitched to rupert murdoch. >> he really is super tom. tom brady says he never takes a sip.used to be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat
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hey, there, time to check "the pulse" and stunning matrimonial news. >> billionaire businessman rupert murdoch and 59-year-old ex-supermodel jerry hall engaged. the pair announcing their happy news in one of murdoch's many newspapers. >> the fourth walk down the aisle for the 84-year-old media mogul and very first marriage for the texas born hall. though, of course, she's lived with mick jagger for many years. it's a staple for many of us awake at this hour but tom brady apparently has never had any. he's never had coffee ever, not even a taste. >> that's because he's perfect but apparently it's part of his unique and very strict diet, no dairy, no white sugar, white flour. mushrooms or eggplant and no caffeine. they did press him on it, he
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probably burgers or ice cream or gisele. >> by the way he admitted this on a radio show that airs before 7:00 a.m. >> that's interesting. so, you can make art out of anything just ask brian owens. he makes portraits out of salt. including the one you're going to see right now of actor morgan free freeman. he directs the salt around and creates areas of light and dark. >> he says he takes lots of pictures as he works and compares them side by side with the original and chose morgan freeman because he's one of his favorite actors but also because freeman has so many recognizable feature, the freckles, the frizzy hair, this is truly a work of art, come on. >> it's beautiful. amazing how he does that. >> more news after this. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy?
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in an explosion in istanbul, turkey, in a popular tourist district. there is no word yet on the cause of that explosion. president obama delivers his final state of the union address to a joint session of congress tonight. mr. obama says it will be a non nontraditional speech focusing on the future of the country. nfl owners begin two days of meetings to decide which if any teams will relocate to los angeles. reports say owners favor a plan which would have the chargers and the rams share a staid calm in inglewood. today's weather that clipper system stretches from the great lakes into the northeast and down into the ohio valley. rain for the pacific northwest and clear and cold most everywhere else. well, finally the nation's powerball fever hasn't broken. tomorrow night's jackpot $1.4 billion and actually rising. >> it's continuing to rise but don't get greedy yet. remember, there are million dollar prizes, as well. abc's lauren lyster has more.
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>> reporter: the powerball grand prize climbing to $1.4 billion monday. after no one matched all six numbers to score saturday's $949 million prize. there were some million dollar winners, though, someone in maz. >> hopefully it's one of our regulars. >> reporter: in suffolk, virginia, too. >> maybe me. i come here all the time. >> reporter: others still thinking about how they'd spend the big winnings. >> pay off bills. live very comfortably for the rest of my life. >> toss the money around. you can't spend it all. >> reporter: it turns out winning a stash of megalottery cash can be squandered with stunning speed. 70% of people who hit it big lose big within just a few years. the odds of winning are still 1 in 292 million, yes, you're still more likely to get attacked by a shark or struck by lightning but here's a virginia man whose car was struck by lightning and who's playing powerball with a message of hope.
4:28 am
hit by lightning. they do get by sharks. all that sort of thing so it is possible to be that one in 200 million person who wins. >> reporter: don't be fooled by billboards or signs saying it's 999 million. those signs simply weren't made to display a prize that big. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. reena, kendis. >> thank you so much. i have a personal announcement to make. i did get the powerball number 25. >> so you earned nothing. >> no, i got $4. i'll roll that into the next one. >> on all of our viewers. that's what's making news in america.
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