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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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other businesses an apartments. >> the flames were fueled by wicked winds. grab your scarf and heavy jacket. it will feel like the single digits out there today. >> and have you caught powerball fever. the historic $1.5 billion jackpot is up for grabs tonight and it's growing. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm rob nelson filling in for ken rosato. it's wednesday, january 13th. mother nature making a mess of some neighborhoods on long island. a tree came crashing down on brook road in port jefferson in suffolk county. drowned trees snapped power lines across the island. more than 740 customers are without power. of the day? you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and evans. >> expect the wind to keep cranking 30 to 45 miles per 23 right now. feels like the single digits
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24 brooklyn and queens, long island. 21 down the shore. look at the windchills. feels like 10 long island, 6 down the jersey shore and 1 monticello. wind advisory until 1:00 this afternoon when the winds slowly die down. until then 45 miles per hour wind gusts and real feels in the single digits to the teens. weather and traffic every seven minutes. we have subway service on or close to schedule if that's the way you normally go. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north doing fine. cross bronx expressway west at the alexander hamilton bridge, that is an accident. it's not affecting the inbound side of the george washington bridge yet but if a rubbernecking delays picks up, there will be delays. lincoln five, holland a minor wait. on the b.q.e. northbound side at atlantic, debris in the roadway.
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use caution heading through that spot. street cleaning rules are in effect today. rob and lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. close to a dozen people are out of their homes after a fire burned through a row of businesses an apartments early this morning. >> high winds fueled those flames which erupted after 1:30 this morning at a restaurant on florence avenue. eyewitness news reporter dray clark has an update from the scene. good morning, dray. >> good morning. certainly the wind worked against firefighters as they tried to get a handle on fire. the fire is now under control. you can see what is left of the buildings that burned. not much left at all. they are either severely damaged or destroyed here. firefighters you now in the process of putting out hot pots to make -- hot spots to make sure there are no more flare- ups.
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basement of a corner bar and restaurant then quickly spread from building to building eventually reaching four alarms. five apartments and five businesses suffered significant damage. as a result, ten people are homeless this morning. the fire chief says this was a very difficult fire to get under control. >> on arrival heavy fire conditions on the first floor of a combination bar and restaurant, extending to the second floor and the roof area. with the four alarms, we have two members injured. one transported to the hospital for back injury, the other frost bite. >> reporter: back live with another look at the building on the first floor you have businesses and second floor apartments. five apartments destroyed and the businesses, it's really hard to tell how much damage they suffered.
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weather conditions that firefighters were up against. we mentioned the wind. visibility -- the windham peering visibility in a big way. then the icy conditions on the street. one firefighter suffering a severe back injury after he had a slip and fall on the ice. another suffered serious frostbite as well. firefighters had their hands full in trying to get a handle on the fire and trying to maneuver around the icy streets. there were equipment problems, cold weather affecting the machinery they were using in trying to get the fire under control this morning. firefighters will be here throughout the day inspecting the building and keeping a close watch on those hot spots. at for a cause of the fire, that is under investigation. live in irvington, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. breaking news from overseas.
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in connection to suicide bombing in istanbul. the blast killed 10 foreigners in the historic district. most were german. a woman was taken into custody. she says she has links to isis. breaking out of tehran, ten american sailors taken into custody by iran yesterday have been released. this is video showing the sailors that were detained after their boats apparently malfunctioned and strayed into iranian waters. the sailors are back with the 5th fleet. they were allowed to sail the boats out of iranian waters a short time ago. south car ryan officials say the defense system opened fire on a north korean drone that closed the border. the drone returned north without being hit. in washington republicans and democrats in the house have approved legislation aimed at
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latest nuclear test. it is meant to deny them the hard currency they need to maintain the nuclear program. hours before the president's state of the union speech, governor chris christie was touting his accomplishments in the garden state. >> well, here we are. six years later, the state of new jersey it is strong and growing stronger every day on our watch new jersey has pulled back from the economic brink. >> christie delivered his sixth state of the state address in trenton. he has been criticized for spending too much time on the stump and not enough time back home doing his job. more politics, it's new york governor andrew cuomo's turn to do the same. he is expected to address shelters, affordable housing and support services for the homeless. this is a big topic.
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gave the shirt off his back to a homeless man will be the governor's guest for the big speech. we will stream it live at abc7ny at 12:30. someone may live out a billion dollar fantasy tonight. this morning the powerball jackpot is at a hard to fathom $1.5 billion. the lump sum value is equally unreal $930 million. both are expected to increase before tonight's drawing. the odds of winning one in 292 million. now, here is a live look at rego park inside a 7-eleven where ticket sales began a short time ago. the odds of winning, one in 292 million. channel 7 is the only tv station where you can watch the live powerball drawing tonight before "eyewitness news at
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drawing live on our free abc7ny app. >> wouldn't it be nice. >> a warm thought on a cold day. >> back over to bill with the forecast. >> those odds do not seem to be slowing anybody down from purchasing a ticket. looking from our camera in astoria, you can see the steam off big alice, the power plant. the wind is out of the west today. cold wind. it could be colder if there was snow on the ground. we don't have that problem. we have 23 is the temperature. beautiful sunrise in an hour. back to the west a few clouds with the winds cranking across at 25 to 30 miles per hour with gusts to 30. 26 by 10:00. noontime temperature 27. 31 this afternoon.
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morning. 10 to 15 after school. >> okay. >> let's go to our mass transit times. new jersey transit is on or close to schedule. long island railroad, port washington branch at the little neck station, a broken gate. not causing major delays. metro north, new haven line that has a delay as well. this is because they have less tracks at that station. the alexander hamilton bridge an accident being cleared away. a couple of lanes are closed down through that spot. then the rfk triboro bridge, bronx manhattan bound a disabled vehicle. then you have this. the third avenue bridge ramp to the harlem river drive southbound, unauthorized tractor trailer. tractor trailer is not allowed on the harlem river drive. we have street cleaning rules in effect today. rob and lori, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," a heart-
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identity. what lead a father to shoot and kill his own son. >> plus, the huge effort to get clean water to thousands of people in the middle of a crisis that has lasted for weeks. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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president obama heads to nebraska today and louisiana tomorrow on the post state of the union tour. the president pressed americans to elect another democrat to carry on his legacy of health care reform, action on climate change and the nuclear deal with iran. >> as we speak, iran has rolled back the nuclear program, shipped out the iranian stockpile and the world has avoided another war. >> the g.o.p. g.o.p. response, south carolina governor nikki haley says that the president is trying to put a good face on a deteriorating situation. she angered some in her own party by being critical of donald trump's plan to ban muslims from entering the country. the prop perley vetted immigrants that accept america's beliefs number accepted. we put highlights of the
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reaction on our web site, abc7ny. a deadly case of mistaken identity. a father shot and killed his own teenage son because he thought he was an intruder. the 14-year-old boy left for school in cincinnati, ohio. then returned home a few minutes later through the backdoor. the father crept downstairs thinking it was an intruder. when the door to the basement opened, the father was startled, fired his gun and shot his son in the neck. the boy died at the hospital. the prosecutor's office will decide whether there should be any charges filed against the father. now a developing story in the midwest. national guard is heading to the city of flint to help with the massive drinking water crisis. troops are expected to arrive with bottled water, filters and other up applies. the water became contaminated
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supply source last year to cut costs. michigan's governor is asking for help from fema to create a recovery plan. >> time for a check on the accuweather forecast. >> let's step outside in the chilly morning with bill. >> it is cold out here. it is so cold i had to chip "the new york post" out of the hands of the guy at the kiosk this morning. it's that cold out here. dress warmly. cover your eyeballs. the wind is behind us swirling around lincoln center. a west wind. taking a look outside, cold, windy but just for a day. the wind will die down later 28 degrees. 25 bridgeport. you will see that these winds are just blowing here at 17, 22 miles per hour.
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that's why there is a wind advisory in effect. this is what it feels like. 9 around queens. 17 poughkeepsie. one around monticello and looking at this wind advisory to 1:00. that's because the winds are at 35 to 40 miles per hour. we will look at a lot of sunshine today. that will do little to warm up the arctic air mass. windchills this afternoon in the teens from five around monticello to 19 this afternoon. then tomorrow morning, windchills in the teens. it will feel better tomorrow gone. after school at the bus stop this morning and this evening, you don't want to run to the bus but quick steps heading to the bus. careful after school. dress in layers. you can get profit bite in 30 minutes. windchill 5 to 1515 later on this afternoon.
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13 the low in the suburbs. 23 the five boroughs. not as cold, 38, normal for this time of the year. accuweather seven-day forecast, sunshine and clouds friday. we will look at temperatures warming up. it will feel better. next week we will look at cold weather as we get into monday and thursday next week. temperatures will be below normal. dress warmly. you will feel good today but limit your outdoor time today because of the exposure. frostbite in 30 minutes. the kiosk is opening. everybody is okay. >> no one is hurt. behind me you will see the b.q.e. you see that delay. that will take you up into the area of the brooklyn battery tunnel. let's go over to our maps.
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it's on the b.q.e. it's near the brooklyn battery tunnel. we have all lanes closed down. problem on the cross bronx west at the alexander hamilton bridge with that accident. new jersey transit doing fine. long island railroad at the little neck station a broken gate. metro north, new haven line dealing with delays. alternate sides are in effect. rob and lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. it appears that the hot gadget of 2016 will be a selfie drone. >> all right. abc's kendis gibson and reena ninan report. >> the selfie drone. >> said to follow users around filming them. it has 60,000 preorders.
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nasdaq and s&p 500 are higher. futures point to a higher open. >> good news overseas. nikkei and hong kong hang seng index closed both -- both closed higher this morning. well, starbucks secret menu now includes three special valentine's day drinks. an arizona barista created the special offerings and posted them on reddit. you can order them at any starbucks but only if if you there is an incentive. topping day is set for the newest disney resort. it's shanghai disney and it welcomes children of all ages starting june 15th. shanghai disney costs 5 1/2 billion dollars. entertainment complex. this will be disney's first destination resort in mainland china. it features the classic disney
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experiences created from people in china. disney is the parent company of wabc. >> with that, you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and back over to bill. >> check out the windchills. they are in the single digits. 8 newark, elizabeth. 8 around jamaica and j.f.k. cold day today. windchills zero in monticello. today a cold day. taking the ferry from staten island, a bumpy ride. the ferries are big, large, captains she great. you have to get in, hunker down and stay warm. getting on and off will be cold with the blasts of wind. even across long island sound winds are west at 31. dress warmly. it's for a day. it will start to warm up tomorrow. heather is looking at the commute.
6:24 am
n and q train fire department activity at lexington and 59th street. cross bronx westbound at the alexander hamilton bridge we have an accident being cleared away. going on to the b.q.e. north at hamilton avenue, the tarp in the middle of the roadway has been cleared away. new jersey transit is fine. long island railroad at the little neck station, a broken gate. new haven line equipment problems. street cleaning rules are in effect today. lori, over to you. >> thanks, heather. a little girl that captured the heart of americans battling cancer may be free of the disease. >> leah still, the daughter of former cincinnati bengals star devon star was diagnosed at the age of 4. her father posted a message on instagram and twitter saying that leah is finished with all of her treatments. >> awesome to hear that. congrats to the family. we are following breaking
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the wind and very cold temps outside created treacherous conditions to fight the fire. we are live with an update on the conditions of two firefighters injured in the
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breaking overnight in new jersey, fire mixed with ice early this morning as firefighters battled big delays in the bitter cold. we are live at the scene where several people are out of their homes this morning. >> you will need to bundle up this morning before you head outside. brace yourself for wicked windchills making it feel like single digits across the tri- state.
6:29 am
buy lure powerball ticket with more than a billion dollars on the line. you got to be in it to win it. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm rob nelson filling in for ken rosato. thanks for being with us early on this wednesday, january 13th. the wind is rough out there making its presence felt in the tri-state area overnight. sparks were flying in selden, suffolk county before a power line came down due to the wind. downed trees knocked down electricity and more than 740 customers are without power. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> here we go. clear skies, a lot of wind. the temperatures are cold temperatures 23 right now. windchills temperature is 12. cold morning here.
6:30 am
9 in queens and brooklyn about 8. 22 -- the functioning there. i think they are frozen in brooklyn. j.f.k. reporting an 8. staten island 12. north and west zero to 9. it's cold out there. wind advisory until 1:00. wind gusts 40, 45 for a time then die down this evening but the damage is done. it will feel like 5 to 15 degrees all day long. weather then heather every seven minutes. george washington bridge is doing fine across the span. getting here is the problem. let's go to the maps. george washington bridge inbound at the tolls going to the upper level we have an overturned vehicle. so, that's the tolls to the upper level. now, getting inbound into the tolls at this point 15. i guarantee you, especially off 95 northbound, express lanes,
6:31 am
of this accident involving the overturned vehicle. lincoln 20. holland a five minute delay. cross bronx west to the george washington bridge at the alexander hamilton bridge an accident. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. long island railroad and metro north delays. lori, over to you. >> thank you. we have breaking news in new jersey. firefighters are battling high winds and the bitter cold on the scene of this raging fire in irvington before they could get the upper hand. those flames ripped through a row of homes and businesses. dray clark sent out a tweet this morning, video from the scene. he is joining us with an update. dray? >> reporter: good morning, lori. this was a tough fight for firefighters. you had the wind, which was working against firefighters feeding the fire and then helping the flames spread from building to building. firefighters were able to get a handle
6:32 am
you can see one of the damaged buildings completely destroyed here. firefighters are keeping a close eye on the area to make sure there are no more hot spots. the fire broke out after 1:30 on florence avenue in irvington. the fire started in the basement of a bar and restaurant and quickly spread from building to building eventually reaching four alarms. five apartments and five businesses suffered significant damage or destroyed. this morning ten people are homeless. two irvington firefighters were injured. one suffering severe back injury after slipping and falling on the ice. the other suffering with frostbite. here is more from the fire chief. >> we have a roof collapse, partial collapse of a roof. all crews are in the process of overaugust and continuing to
6:33 am
it spread to numerous apartments on the second floor. upwards of ten people displaced and they are to be relocated through the red cross. >> reporter: back with another look at the damage on the first floor, businesses on the second floor, the apartments there. let's talk about the weather conditions. in addition to the wind you have the extreme cold. that created slippery and icy conditions on the street. one of those firefighters suffering a slip and fall. they did bring in salt trucks to provide better traction for firefighters. some of the equipment that the firefighters were using malfunctioned because the weather had an adverse effect on the machinely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. fire department will be here throughout the day inspecting the building and make sure that it doesn't flare-up again. live in irvington, dray clark,
6:34 am
>> dray, thank you. u.s. central command confirms that those ten american sailors taken into custody by iran yesterday have been released. in the last half hour, we received this new video slowing the sailors that were detained after their boats apparently malfunctioned and then strayed into iranian waters. the sailors are back with the 5th fleet. they were allowed to sail the boats out a short time ago. a 5th and final suspect is a waiting arraignment in last thursday's gang rape of a young woman in brooklyn. bail for the other suspects range from 10 to $50,000. they were ordered to return to court on friday. so far police have not recovered the gun allegedly used to threaten the victim's father before the rape. defendants have not been identified by the victim or her father. two of the boys arraigned are not being charged with any specific violent acts.
6:35 am
attorney's office and new york city police department. i hope they are looking at the evidence and making a great investigation before they ruin several people's lives. >> one defense attorney says that the prosecution was rushed into charging the boys by community calls for quick action. one of new york city's most wanted suspected is behind bars this morning. >> i didn't kill nobody. they will believe what they lead us to believe. i'm innocent. >> the 23-year-old ruben vizarro declared his innocence as he was lead away by police. video shows him allegedly shooting and killing a man in the bronx and a killing on new year's eve in manhattan. the big day has arrived, what could be the big day, the
6:36 am
jackpot drawing a few hours from now. it's so big all the zeros can't fit on the billboards around town. mallory hoff is live in rego park. people started big tickets at 5:45 this morning. >> reporter: in this world of uncertainty, perhaps one thing is for sure. if you don't play, you will not win this jackpot. with that thought in mind, i have cold 45rd cash in my hand, rob. some once belonged to you. this is part of an eyewitness news pool, one of many taking place at our workplace. we are in it to win it. that's our legal document. here you go. we are ready to play. you feel good about this, i can tell.
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told at this shop about $10,000 worth of tickets. the high rollers spending $300 apiece. some playing $2. as we know, that's all it takes to win big. you feel good about this. are those our tickets? how lucky. >> good luck for you. >> thank you so much. take a look at this. even if you are the luckiest person alive and do win, your luck may run out keeping your new-found wealth a secret. >> buy your own island with that. >> in connecticut, new york and new jersey you have no choice in the matter. your name will be made public. >> just remember luck has nothing to do with it. >> reporter: your chances of winning are awful but somebody
6:38 am
richard won more than $1 million in cash. i live in orlando flare, the lightning capital of the world. i won seven lottery prizes. >> reporter: these are our lucky numbers. one of our producers was in line waiting for a ticket when she spotted none other than gayle king buying a powerball ticket then is he said if gayle king won this, she still wouldn't be as rich as her best friend oprah. we have seen folks in and out throughout the morning. today might be the last day on the job. a lot of folks saying if they win it, they won't be coming in tomorrow. live in rego park, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i think everybody is in this one. thank you, mallory. what a difference a few days can make. workers at a new jersey
6:39 am
saturday's winning powerball numbers. there was one problem. the numbers on their ticket matched last wednesday's drawing. >> being the relift that my wife is said double check the numbers. please, double check it. >> the workers celebrated about 20 minutes. i know charlie well. did i say that. the bartender. this is at christine any's restaurant in englewood cliffs. some were put on the spot. fortunately they were able to get their jobs back. >> channel 7 is the only tv station wrack watch the live powerball drawing tonight. catch it before "eyewitness news at 11:00" and we will stream the drawing live at our free abc7ny app and what are your strategies for winning? we would love to know what you think. share your tips with us on facebook and twitter pages.
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i just won then oh, -- >> if you could see it when they were saying the numbers, 2, 14 and they are hovered around. >> now back in the kitchen. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> i don't know if you watched reno 911. there is an episode where the sheriff's deputies quit. they hit the lottery. the wrong numbers were published and the deputies had to go back to work. take a look at our sunrise. pretty sunrise. it's cold. this is east rutherford looking to the east. cold day today. windchills, real feels will be around 10 to 15 much of the day today. windchills are cold. weather then heather every seven minutes. big mess at the george washington bridge. look at the bottom of the screen, overturned vehicle.
6:41 am
up the 95 express lanes. 95 northbound express lanes approaching the tolls to the upper level. 20 at the lincoln. five at the holland. subways are okay. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori and rob, over to you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," a search right now for a predator who terrorized two young girls at a popular burger spot on the upper west side. >> uproar over a call to bring video gaming machines to a racetrack on long no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter.
6:42 am
the search is on for the man that assaulted two young girls at a popular burger spot in manhattan. the nypd said this man grabbed a 12-year-old girl by the wrist inside the shake shack monday. after she managed to get away, police say he walked up to a 13- year-old girl outside and hugged and kissed her on the cheek. she pulled away. the man then ran away. if you have any information on this, you are asked to call police. plans to bring casino gambling to the belmont park racetrack were greeted by protests last night.
6:43 am
betting corp. wants to install 1,000 video lottery machines at belmont. it would help close a gap in the county budget. some long island county residents say a casino would lead to a host of new problems including a surge in traffic and more crime. they say horse racing is very, very different from video gambling machines. >> this is not a place for gambling. this is a neighborhood. we respect belmont as a place for horse racing. no casinos. >> 92 days they had horsing at belmont. that is different than 20 hours a day, 365 days a year of blt gambling, the most addictive form of gambling out there. >> floral park's mayor plans to sue to try to stop the project. "good morning america" is up next. amy robach is live in time's square. good morning, amy. >> good morning, lori. great to be with you. next on gma, president obama's
6:44 am
he is hopeful and combative focusing on his accomplishments and the future. george is live in washington with the details. he is live with hillary clinton, one on one with her. the democratic hopeful will talk state of the union, bernie dan sanders and why she is the candidate that can beat the republicans. then we are talking what you are talking about. lotto fever. the powerball 1 1/2 billion dollars. in case you hit the jackpot, we are here for you. we will tell what you you should do. shark tank joins us with tips about the smartest way to handle all that money. we can dream, lori. >> that's right. what would you do? you don't go running through the streets saying you run. not off the bat. a have a good show. >> you too. time for a check on the weather. >> let's check in with bill.
6:45 am
william howard evans the third esquire, the legal document you are using for the group putting together the lottery, that won't hold up unless you include me as your attorney in that matter for this document. >> i will take your cash when you come back inside. >> thank you very much. that's exactly where i was going. we start out with wind that i can hear and feel that is cold this morning. beautiful sunrise, 23 degrees. yesterday's high 44. normal high is 38. we got a wind out here this morning that is just cranking out here, 15 to 30 to sometimes gusting to 40 miles per hour. the temperatures are in the 20s to the teens. the real story is the arctic air coming in now. a brand-new high-pressure ridge. winds are out of the west gusting 24 to 30. it will today. the windchills are in the single digits to around 12 in the park to around 2 to j.f.k. 17 poughkeepsie.
6:46 am
it will be about zero to 50 for the whole day. 1:00 24 afternoon is when the winds will -- this afternoon is when the winds will die town. this is just like last week. friday we will slowly warm up. after school, 31. the windchills are in the teens. dress warmly. be careful in the cold. don't run to the bus but kind of make some quick steps. walk briskly. 31 this afternoon feels like 5 to 15. tomorrow we are at 38 digest. we will look at a gradual warm up. not as harsh. tomorrow 47. saturday we got rain in the morning. i am wearing a blue oxford shirt from lands end because lands end will give money to
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you buy the oxford shirt today, men's oxford shirt, they make a huge donation of $25,000 today for cancer pro state research -- prostate research. >> you wear it well. great thing they are doing. >> mine is electric so it keeps me warm. >> you have a plug nearby the cart. >> thank you, bill. we are going to talk about mass transit. mass transit chart. we have issues and dray clark has been in irrelevant slipping ton, new jersey, all morning long. we have buses being detoured around that area, 37 and 107. long i happened railroad, little neck station delays. port washington a broken gate. metro north new haven has equipment line problems five to ten minute delays. approaching the upper level of the george washington bridge we have an overtuned vehicle and heavy delays. street cleaning rules are in effect today.
6:48 am
>> thank you, heather. we continue to follow breaking news this morning, a live look at the scene of a
6:49 am
breaking news.
6:50 am
water main break outside of philadelphia. look at that geyser spewing water in the air and the bitter cold. it is almost freezing it on the spot. >> that will be a mess. snapping the perfect selfie may have been the down fall for a man on the run. a man wanted by police in ohio sent authorities there a selfie saying he didn't like the mugshot which they had made public. police released the picture of 45-year-old donald pew and a week later shockingly he was arrested in florida. he was wanted in ohio for failure to appear at a court hearing in connection with a drunk driving charge. >> now he is arrested. breaking news overnight in new jersey. strong winds fuel a fire that gutted a row of homes and businesses. we will have another live
6:51 am
high winds give a push to a four-alarm fire in new jersey. more. >> good morning, guys. a four-alarm fire that took firefighters more than two hours to get under control. of florence avenue. initially in a corner bar and restaurant in the basement of
6:52 am
it then quickly spread to adjacent buildings. five apartments and five businesses suffering significant damage or were destroyed. ten people are homeless and two firefighters suffered injuries. one a slip and fall on the ice. frostbite. the cause of the fire is under investigation. live in irvington, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. tonight is the night. at least it could be. someone breaks the powerball drought and becomes a billionaire. jock pot at $1.5 billion. lump sum $930 million. channel 7 is the only station where you can watch the live powerball drawing tonight. you can see it before "eyewitness news at 11:00." we will stream the drawing live on our free abc7ny app. >> fingers crossed. so, fingers crossed that
6:53 am
overturned vehicle and they have. george washington bridge. 95 north express lanes approaching the upper level of the george washington bridge. overturned vehicle cleared away. 30 minutes there. 20 at the holland. 37, 107 detoshed because of the fire where dray is. some delays port washington branch, new haven line. keep that in mind. dress warmly. that's an understatement. it's cold. 22 degrees. we are looking at windchills from 9 to 10, to 11, 12. this will last all the live long day. we have sunshine, 31. looking at cold weather today. we start to warm up tomorrow as we get into thursday and friday. be careful out there. >> thank you, bill. >> that's the news for now. thanks for watching, everybody. i'm rob nelson filling in for ken.
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