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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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evans is in the newsroom with more on this new controversy. dave? >> reporter: no surprise that ted cruz and donald trump clashed. they are neck and neck in the polls in iowa. cruz last night said trump is from new york which is liberal, pro-abortion and pro gay marriage. he said the focus is on money and the media. today new yorkers are crying foul. the two were fighting all night and then texas senator ted cruz hit donald trump not on his policies or what he said, cruz hit trump on where he is fro. >> i can frame it another way, not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan, i'm just saying. >> reporter: cruz kept at it making new york sound like an odd and unusual place. >> many, many wonderful, wonderful working men and women in the state of new york but
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values in new york city are socially liberal. >> reporter: trump hit back invoking the memory of 9/11. >> everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> reporter: trump went on how new york recovered from 9/11 and em passioned talk of the grit and determination of our city in that darkest hour that even ted cruz ended up applauding trump. >> new york is a great great people, loving people, wonderful people. when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanly than new york. >> reporter: what cruz said about new york was code for trying to make trump sound liberal, different from everybody else in the country. and our governor on cnn this morning was ticked. >> he is practicing the politics of division.
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he is trying to divide this country. it doesn't work and it's not who we are. >> reporter: the mayor ripped into ted cruz. >> on behalf of all new yorkers, i am disgusted at the insult that ted cruz through at this city and its people. the bottom line is he does not understand in the least new york values. i find myself for once in agreement with donald trump. >> reporter: the mayor today went on, it's ironic that ted cruz is happy to come to new york city to raise lots of money then last night insults the city. he said cruz owes new york and first responders an apology. >> thank you, dave. breaking news on wall street. another major sell off on wall street as the dow plunged triple digits. stocks fell after the opening bell. investors are watery after the price of food oil dropped again.
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a look at the big board. the dow is down 416 points. it's going down further as we speak. it has taken the dow down below the 16,000 mark. this is a big move with the dow going down this low. we will follow this all day for you and have more on the newscast later. a large turnout this morning to remember one of the columbia university students killed in a bus crash on a mission trip. hundreds of people attended the funeral of 21-year-old daniella move son on the upper east side. so many friends and community members showed up, the synagogue where it was held was filled to capacity. everyone else stood on the sidewalk and street listening to the service on loud speakers. >> an extraordinary show of support, a great community. everybody loved her. >> from the time she was little she worked to improve the lives of others, always thinking about taking care of other people. >> move son was one of --
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volunteers she and two others were killed when the bus crashed heading to the airport to come home. police are investigating a woman's claim she was raped at the port authority by a man she met online, jeffrey kent on e harmony. the woman says her attacker came from out of town to meet her monday. we are following a developing story. a frantic search is underway for any survivors following a collision between two marine helicopters. officials say two transport choppers, each carrying six people crashed near a hawaiian island before midnight. the coast guard says it has located a debris field. a boat, a navy helicopter and honolulu fire department helicopter are searching for victims but darkness and high efforts. the mystery lingers.
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there are three winning tickets. it will be hard for any of the ticketholders to avoid the fame largest powerball jackpot ever. marci gonzales is here with what we know about these very >> reporter: hi, shirleen. lottery officials say no one claimed their prize yet but one family from tennessee said they are doing that later today while the mystery in california now has a twist. today powerball perplex exit at the. a nurse at this california nursing home thinking she was one of the three jackpot winners. >> somebody won the lotto. >> reporter: now reportedly learning it was a frank instigated, her family says, by the nurse's own son. her daughter telling the l.a. times this is a big misunderstanding. the owner of the nursing home bought 18,000 tickets for his
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the one they thought hit big. he believes the nurse may be the real winner but that she doesn't want to come forward. >> if this was a prank down by her son, the claim is somewhat >> reporter: >> reporter: a family claiming to hold the winning ticket in tennessee appeared on "the today show" saying they are figuring out how spend the fortune. >> sallie mae is paid off. >> other than that, we haven't had time to really, you know -- while. >> reporter: in melbourne, beach, speculation that the third jackpot winner may be holed up in this home a mile from the publix supermarket where that person reportedly works and may have bought the life-changing ticket. guess. >> reporter: yeah, i guess they
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we should know soon enough. they have a year to claim their prices and they cannot remain anonymous. diana? >> no. the new giants head coach ben mcadoo talking to reports. what can the team and the fans expect? eyewitness news sports anchor rob powers is live outside of metlife stadium with what he had to say. rob? >> reporter: well, first day on the job and what a job it is. he said it's about evolution and not revolution. the giants say he is their new head coach. ben mack a do goes from calling the plays as offensive coordinator to calling the shot. it's his first head coaching job at any level. he is ready to take on this big job. >> this job is not for the faint of heart. i'm the right man for the job. i am hardened, battle tested and groomed for this
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>> he has been a coordinator for two years. my instincts this is the right guy. >> reporter: here is the professional resume, ben mcadoo the head football coach. day number one and the work starts now. that's what we will get into later on today. until then, live at the meadowlands with the giants new coach, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. four of the five suspects in the gang rape of a young woman in a brooklyn park have been released from jail. the district attorney's office said it wouldn't meet the indictment against the suspects. prosecutors say they will spend the next 180 days building a case including dna evidence. the 5th suspect is being held for failing to attend an alternative incarceration program in a separate case. all suspects will be back in court july 29th. rain and possibly snow showers this weekend.
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bill? >> we are looking at very mild weather to get you into what weather. mild. we should be about 35 degrees. we are looking at 39. monticello 37. 36 around the park. 38 jamaica queens and newark. rain coming in tonight. bitter cold sunday. i will tell you about it in the weekend forecast. >> bill, thank you. also ahead, what is keeping people awake at night in one town in new jersey. why police are on this mysterious case. >> how did a woman come down with ebola as the outbreak in west africa is declared over. >> hear from little leah still
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tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< a new case of ebola has been announced in west africa. tests done on a woman who died earlier this month came back positive for ebola. health officials are tracing her contacts to find out how she became infected. this comes a day after the world health organization declared the ebola outbreak in west africa over. who says the new case emerged during a 90-day period of heightened surveillance. several hundred people gathered near the starbucks cafe in jakarta, indonesia. it was targeted in yesterday's deadly attack. indonesian authorities say they took an unspecified number of men into custody.
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killed by police or their own suicide vests. goldman sachs is paying a huge price for shady mortgages that contributed to the economic collapse eight years ago. the price tag is a whooping $5 billion. more than $2 billion will go to civil penalties. another 2 billion is for customer relief in the form of debt forgiveness and refinancing. michigan's governor is asking for a presidential disaster declaration for flint because of the city's contaminated water. earlier this week governor rick schneider activated the national guard to distribute clean water at sites across flint. he is requesting assistance of fema. he would like the agency to help coordinate a recovery plan to provide resources to the city. the daughter of an nfl player whose battle against cancer captured the hearts of so many of us spoke out on "good morning america" for the
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she was told she is cancer free. take a look. that is leah still. she was 4 years old when she was diagnosed. her dad, devon still documented her fight on social media and on wednesday he posted a picture on instagram with the caption i can really say my daughter beat cancer. >> how are you so strong? >> i don't know. i think it's because of my dad in me. >> don't give up. a lot of dark spots. not a lot of positive things you hear from the doctors. if you keep the right mind frame you can do anything. >> i want to hug her. she is to cute. when she grows up she wants to be a penn state cheerleader because that's where her dad went to college. >> so happy for that family. so happy for them.
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beware. we will show you the unique way one teen is calling out poor behavior behind the wheel. >> chipotle closing every store in the country for one day. we will tell you when that is and why it will happen on that specific day. >> taking a live look outside.
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time flies. 7 years ago the so-called miracle on the hudson happened. the emergency landing on the hudson after hitting a flock of birds and losing engine power. no one was seriously hurt. from laguardia. i look back and i think there was no ice on the hudson that day. there could have been given the time of year and the weather was warmer. even though all those passengers were out there, it was warm enough day that nobody suffered anything bad from the water. >> i think that day you remember where you were -- >> oh, yeah. i was reporting it. >> i was watching it. i was walking around the apartment like what? then to hear the audio from, you know, captain sullenberger. >> we had robin roberts from
12:16 pm
called in. she was helping us because we don't know if they were alive initially. happy ending to that. >> the guy in the tower says are you coming back to laguardia. he goes we are going in the hudson. >> wow. >> amazing. >> i will show you the east river. nothing is going to land there except boats. we got the ferries working back and forth across at noontime. that is the seastreak. we got the new york water taxi and a little while ago the beautiful circle line. we will look at the ferries going back and forth. it's almost flat. basically flat because of the boat traffic. we have a light wind out of the northeast coming in. northeast at 3, 46 degrees with the warmer air makes for hazy cloud cover. the normal high is 38. we will be 10, 12 above that today and we will look at a good looking sunset.
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sunset like yesterday, maybe a few more clouds. up close to 5:00, daylight hours are getting longer by two minutes. even poughkeepsie is 45. this hour of the day it should it's very warm. that is on the heels of all of this. you see the upper level winds south. surface. eventually the wind will pick up tonight. that is because there is a rain system to the south and west. a low pressure system cuts up through the great lakes. eastern side of that which is the pattern you get. by this afternoon, 47, 48, 49. the jersey shore hits maybe 50 before the rain comes in. that will be around midnight. about 8:00, 9:00 southern jersey, midnight in the city and then later, midnight, 1:00 a.m. the overnight hours we will get the rain. be careful if you are around monticello, pike county
12:18 pm
up above 84 where it could mix in with ice. slippery roads. starting early tomorrow morning or if you are driving overnight. then you see by 8:00 much of the rain ends over the area, eastern long island. by noontime, the sun is going to break out tomorrow. notice the temperatures at 7:00 a.m. on sunday back into the 20s and 30s. a real cold shot sunday into sunday night and into monday. so, your accuweather forecast, sunshine, 80 behind clouds. temperature 51. tonight cloudy, mild, periods of rain. patchy clouds, 42. morning rain tomorrow with the afternoon sunshine, 50 degrees. the morning rain will be coming in and at times that morning rain could be a bit on the heavy side as we will see the temperatures as we go sunday are going to be -- the rain on saturday, 1/2 inch to a quarter inch. sunday, we will look at temperatures that are quite cold as we watch the two lows
12:19 pm
it will pull down cold air. we will look at that heading into monday with flurries possible. get ready for a real cold shot coming up sunday into the weekend and into next week. we warm back up to normal temperatures at the end of next week. >> wow. >> have a great weekend. >> really warm then really cold. >> it is friday. >> crank it up. >> thank you, bill. still ahead on eyewitness news, a store worker fights back against a masked robber even over the people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get insurance through new york state of health. we help them to find the best insurance plan that suits their needs.
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caught on camera, a texas store clerk was able to turn the tables on a man trying to rob his store at gunpoint. surveillance cameras caught the suspect pushing the clerk behind the counter, threatening him with a gun. the clerk says he cleaned out the register when he found an suspect's weapon. the two struggled and the would be crook left without a dime. police are looking for him. and in texas, a young driver's unique way of calling out bad drivers. mark mckennan spent the last ten months recording his time behind the wheel.
12:23 pm
called bad drivers of plan no, texas. he is only 19 and he admits that he is not perfect either. he captured his own car rear ending another car. all new at noon, walmart is closing hundreds of stores. the discount retailer will shut 269 locations worldwide, more than half in the u.s. most will be smaller walmart express locations. and still ahead, horse trading at city hall. coming up on eyewitness news, there is a possible deal in the works that could save horse drawn carriages from getting the heave hoe. highway trios on the way to a
12:24 pm
our top stories, breaking news, the dow plunged triple digits again falling below the 16,000 mark. this is after the price of barrel. here is a live look at the big board at the stock which change. points. backlash for republican presidential candidate ted cruz one day after he clashed with york values.
12:25 pm
including mayor de blasio who says he was disgusted by the insult. governor cuomo called the comment antiamerican. the new head coach of the giants says this year is all about evolution. ben mcadoo told reporters that he is battle tested and that his top priority is to add a 5th lombardi trophy to the team's collection. we can all hope. >> good afternoon, i'm shirleen allicot. david novarro. mysterious loud noises keeping some residents awake at night. fair lawn police got numerous reports the last few days. >> no one pinpointed the cause of the disturbances. new jersey reporter anthony johnson is in fair lawn with more. anthony? >> reporter: well, certainly this story is getting a lot of traction on social media. authorities here in fair lawn are working night and day over the past week to get to the bottom of what they are calling
12:26 pm
now, the loud noises are banging taking place during the evening hours unneared of some residents living in close proximity to the passaic river. it started sunday and have been week. but what is it? some report the noise sounds like huge garbage dumpsters banging or loud fireworks. an electrical substation on the paterson side of the passaic river has apparently been ruled the sound. on social media, the alien conspiracy theory is gaining momentum. the mayor is taking it seriously because of security concerns and says police are beefing up patrols in the area where police have been hearing the mystery noise. >> people heard this noise several blocks away, 15 to 20 blocks away people have heard it. we are vigilant. we have been in contact with paterson and the authorities
12:27 pm
we hope anyone that hears the noise, if they can contact us at the fair lawn police department to narrow it down to a time and find out where it's coming from. >> reporter: the mayor says he has his pulse on the entire community but he is really working hard to figure out what is causing that mystery sound. that's the latest live from fair lawn, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a 62-year-old woman has died after crashing her car into a fire hydrant on staten island. newscopter 7 was over the scene on amboy road in oakwood shortly after 6:00 this morning. quite a scene there. police say florence buchhold lost control of her car and ran head on into a fire hydrant. the impact caused the car to flip over on its roof. three new york city police officers became heros hundreds of miles from home.
12:28 pm
pennsylvania. the rescue happening yesterday morning on interstate 80 near the ohio border. the officers saved an elderly woman in a wheelchair trapped inside an overturned ambulette. one cut her free while the others administered first aid. the fate of new york city's carriage horses and the livelihoods of their owners and drives could be decided soon. the city is close to moving ahead with plans to substantially reduce the number of horses and give them a permanent home in central park. mayor de blasio wanted to do away with the carriages altogether until public opposition put an end to the idea. the new plan does not have everyone's support. >> it's illegal to give away public park land then they want the public to pay for the facility. >> the carriage drivers say they are trying to reach a fair deal and any agreement would have to be approved by the city council. mayor de blasio is
12:29 pm
to the city's elected officials in exchange for a ban on outside jobs. the recommendation made by an independent panel would raise city council member's pay to $138,000 a year. the raise would mean banning outside jobs that could be a conflict of interest for council members. the mayor's salary would go up but mr. de blasio said he would not except a raise this term. the city council will vote on the plan. we mentioned the republican debate in the first half hour. it was a long one and filled with a lot of punches and the last debate before the all- important iowa caucuses. bazi kanani joins us live from washington with a look at the fireworks from last night. >> reporter: good afternoon, diana. the two front runners were once allies but not any more. they came in to the debate prepared for battle. donald trump back on the trail today claiming victory in the g.o.p.
12:30 pm
>> so, last night we had the debate. did everybody see the debate? >> reporter: trump hammered the canadian born ted cruz claiming cruz might not legally be able to serve as president. >> there is a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. >> back in september, my friend donald said that he had his lawyers look at this from every witch way and there was no issue. the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> reporter: cruz blocking trumps ploy on that point. when he criticized trump's new york values, trump fired back. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanly than new york.
12:31 pm
called it a defining moment. >> trump clearly came out on top. the response to the new york values attack to cruz was so effective that cruz was applauding him. >> reporter: as the front runners battled, other candidates were forced to cut in for a share of the time. >> i hate to interrupt this episode of court tv. >> reporter: and trump seemed to take special please sure in attacking jeb bush. he is back at it today slamming bush and senator lindsey graham who has just endorsed bush. in washington, bazi kanani, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. atm charges are becoming so astronomical that they are getting the attention of democratic presidential candidates. japan p morgan chase, bank of america and wells fargo made more than $6 million in atm and overdraft fees last year. hillary clinton and bernie sanders blasting the fees. let's turn to meteorologist
12:32 pm
>> we have a hazy look here. the temperatures are quite mild. as we go over the next seven hours, we will see the temperature getting to 47, 48 upper 40s. 48 would be ten warmer than the average high and we will look at the temperature this evening dropping into mid-40s. rain tonight. so, we are not looking at bitter cold any time soon. after school, since the rain doesn't come in late tonight, great to be outside. the sun. clouds will be -- sun will be fading behind the clouds this afternoon. style near 50 this afternoon. we will talk about the rain for tomorrow and the cold on sunday coming up in the weekend forecast. ladies, back to you. >> thank you, bill. she has killer looks and now she is facing painful questions about her past. coming up on eyewitness news, a beauty queen forced to give up her crown. a soccer star
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hyatt hotels is coming clean about the scope of the data breach last month. the hotel chain said the breach exposed debit and credit card numbers and other information of customers at 250 hotels and the world.
12:35 pm
stolen from restaurants front desks and parking facilities. it's unclear how many customers are affected. chipotle is trying to move past recent food poisoning cases. the stores will open several hours later than normal on one day next month so all employees can take part in a special staff meeting. the company wants to discuss changes it is making to tighten safety food measures. the chain's sales dropped after an e. coli outbreak and norovirus. chicago police released a video showing a white officer killing a black carjacking suspect. a federal judge cleared the way for the video's release yesterday after the city dropped the legal objections. the officer shot cedric chapman. he said he was firing because chapman was turning toward him with a dark object in his hand. it was later proved to be an iphone.
12:36 pm
her title after it came out she was convicted of drunk driving. stormy kev fleer resigned -- keffler resigned. she pled guilty to drunk driving a month before october's pageant but didn't tell pageant officials who learned about it last week when they got an anonymous tip. >> i am a changed person. i will willing to go out and prove -- i am willing to go out and prove it. it's hard when a dream you have comes crashing down. i am still hopeful that i have the opportunity to change the world. >> if she hadn't resigned, she likely would have lost the title anyway because contestants promise they have not or will not engage in any illegal activity. an actor known for his role in power ranges is facing murder charges. 36-year-old ricardo medina is being held on bail after being
12:37 pm
california. he is accused of stabbing his roommate to death with a sword. they were arguing over medina's girlfriend. he was arrested immediately following the stabbing but was released without being charged. police say they busted a thief who targeted the home of actor neil patrick harris. the suspect is accused of stealing an outdoor bench worth $500 from the front of harris' fifth avenue brownstone. someone found the suspect trying to sell it. darien humphries was charged with possession of stolen property. it was reported that his butler recognized the bench. harris tweeted saying i love that my inexpensive bench purchase is worth stealing and that i have a butler. i feel like batman, #bench gate. >> we all need a butler.
12:38 pm
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we continue to follow breaking news. the dow is taking a huge tumble, down below the 16,000 mark. you see it now, 472 points in the red. we will keep an eye on this and see what it's looking like at 4:00. many of us teach our kids to say please and thank you. now some teachers are saying please actually has no place in the classroom. >> it's part of a new teacher method called no nonsense nurturing. it's sparking quite the debate. abc's linsey davis has the story. the movie kindergarten cop shows us how easily a classroom
12:42 pm
but the druid hills academy in charlotte, north carolina, is taking measures to prevent unruly behavior by implementing a unique technique, no nonsense teaching. >> creating the culture and conditions in which students thrive. >> reporter: proponents say it bolsters collaboration and support. we saw it firsthand in this sixth grade math class. >> before i would tell students to come in to the classroom and do your warm up. now i say when i say go, i want you to walk into the classroom, grab your warm up off the bookshelf, your voices on zero, you sit down in your seat and complete your warm up and you have five minutes to do that. >> reporter: the word pleased is used sparingly. >> what we are asking kids to do not an option but expectation. >> one way say would you come to work today, please.
12:43 pm
used by 250 schools across the country and aims to create an environment structured and consistent for students. what does this teacher hear? >> they typically say we love her but she doesn't play. >> reporter: reaction from parents is mixed. >> i don't agree with it point blank period. >> maybe need to see how it works first. >> reporter: the teachers say the proof is in the positive results. it reduces suspension and the amount of time that students spend outside of the classroom due to misbehavior because they have the opportunity to comply to your direction because you are specific, concrete. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. watch this, no nonsense nurturing. bill, give us the forecast now. >> no problem. >> i'm scared. >> i was raised that way. i don't have a -- >> it doesn't feel right though. >> no. >> please give us >> bill, would you please come to work tomorrow. >> and you come in.
12:44 pm
come to work every day and enjoy it. here is what is happening. we are enjoying a nice afternoon. temperatures are in the upper 40s. it feels great. we have to get outside. bev hazy sun. we have a warm air over cooler air and the warm air comes out on top. we look at the ghostbusters building to the jackie onassis reservoir to flushing bay. normal. today 38, 10 warmer than normal. rain saturday morning then sunshine tomorrow afternoon. it gets mild again tomorrow. temperature near 50. sunday. i don't think monday the temperature gets to the freezing mark. 48 from massapequa to north port to 50 out to hauppauge. the 48 white plains. letter high clouds across right now being sheared off, the showers down here to the south and this low.
12:45 pm
and one in the great lakes and the warm air surges up and we get the clouds in the afternoon. upper 40s. tonight we get rain coming in. that starts at midnight. it lasts until 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning. a little longer to the north and eastern end of long island then we are seeing sunshine in the afternoon and the temperature approaches 50 then the temperatures come crashing down, in the upper 20s to 30 sunday. with that cold air coming in connection week, with an el nino track we have a shot of snow possibilities next week. lee goldberg will have more on that "first @4:00." tomorrow the rain is gone in the morning. the sun comes out. 50. then the cold blast we are talking about coming in for sunday. so, sunshine fades, periods of rain tonight. out late, you need your rain gear. letter tomorrow morning rain
12:46 pm
letter ask seven-day forecast, back to brisk and blustery. monday a cold day with flurries. maybe not above the freezing mark monday. back up to normal temperatures by thursday. >> i will say thank you because that was beautiful. >> please and thank you are the magic words. >> all right, bill, thank you. he may have tens of millions of friends and followers online but mark zuckerberg is having problems in the real world with his neighbors. people living in his california neighborhood are complaining about his security detail. they say that guards are taking up prime parking spots. a petition has been circulated asking neighbors to file complaints with the city when a security car parks illegally. >> maybe his butler could deal with it. >> yeah.
12:47 pm
we will be right back. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards
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welcome back. it's time for the feed. this is a tear jerker. an 8-year-old boy from rhode island battling a rare form of cancer gets his last wish answered. after they found out the cancer spread and they could no longer treat it, they asked him, what do you want. he said it was to be famous, in china, the land of the great wall. after his mom posted it to facebook the message spread. people in china were so moved by his story posted photos be strong. a lot of people have love for dorian. the governor of rhode island showing support. video of 1201-year-old
12:51 pm
grandfather doing a great deed. he was shoveling his neighbor's snow. he didn't see the video until last week. but apparently 138,000 people have checked it out. and they think it's great that he is doing it. we think he is great, too. he would like to get a dollar for every time the video is watched which means a lot of money. >> yeah. >> i want to see his birth certificate. 101 years old? he looks great.
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