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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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9:00 or 10:00 a.m. look for a slushy 3 inches. 3 to 6 inches east of new york city and slushy roads especially on long island. this is going to come in a hurry and given the weather right now we don't want it to sneak up on you. we'll continue our adjustments throughout the show. >> you can get updates on the snow before you head out the door tomorrow. wake up with eyewitness news this morning. we'll go on the air bright and early tomorrow morning starting at 4 a.m. shocking video tonight of an suv in brooklyn speeding the wrong way, crashing in to a woman walking her dog. the woman is now in the hospital in stable condition and tonight police admit they were following the driver. cefaan kim is in east new york. >> that speeding suv crashed right in to that woman standing on this corner with her dog. it slammed her in to that pole, a pole that's now shattered. tossed her right in to the fence. somehow that woman was not killed by this
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>> reporter: take a look at this surveillance video taken from a building security camera. you can see a woman walking her dog on the left side of the screen. the speeding suv crashes right in to her but somehow she survived. this is video taken from a nearby deli from the opposite angle, at the top left corner of the screen you can see a green gmc envoy speeding the wrong way down a one-way street and slamming a black toyota avalon on ridgewood avenue. witnesses say the noise from the collision could be heard from a block away. >> i heard a crash. i jumped up and called my mom. >> reporter: this is cell phone video showing the gmc flipped on its side moments after the collision. it happened around 10 a.m. police say they were responding to a 911 call of a grand larceny in progress of a tire shop nearby. just before the crash cops say they attempted to pull over the 20-year-old driver of the serve but say he refused to stop. the impact caused a toyota to smash
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the driver of the suv and the 59-year-old driver of the toyota were both rushed to the hospital with minor neck and back injuries. the 52-year-old woman is in serious but stable condition with leg injuries. police say the woman's family took the dog to an animal hospital. the condition of the dog is unknown. residents say she was a pleasant neighbor who just moved in to this neighborhood six months ago, oftentimes seen with her small white shih tzu. >> every day she would walk her dog in the mornings. >> charges are pending against the suspect. meanwhile residents say they did not see police lights or hear sirens during the chase. community leaders say that's because police told them this was not a police chase. rather, cops were following those suspects. but you can see police lights in the video as officers arrived on scene. cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. a construction worker killed today. the fdny says the worker was dead when firefighters arrived at the scene just after noon.
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happened on 107th street in east harlem. city officials say the man was replacing roof gutters when he fell six stories on to a concrete walkway. the building's department is investigating. everything is back to normal on the 59th street bridge after a two-car collision caused a cab to flip over. this happened on the queens side about 11:30 this morning. newscopter7 was overhead as first responders worked on reup righting that cab. one person was seriously hurt and in the hospital in serious condition. the long awaited horse carriage deal has hit a big snag. the union is bailing out at the last minute meaning no vote for the city council and no deal for the mayor who wanted this. >> you remember two years ago when the mayor was campaigning for office, he campaigned on a promise to get rid of the horses on day one of his administration. we're more than two years in to his administration and the horses, they are still here. a bill
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industry and change it was going to be voted on at the city council tomorrow but then this morning everything changed and the agreement collapsed. >> reporter: the deal was struck in december to reduce the horse fleet from 220 to about 90 and move everything inside central park. city council was set to vote on the idea tomorrow at city hall but carriage drivers assembled this morning to speak out and all of the sudden their union that once okayed the agreement said our members are not confident that it provides a viable future for their industry. we cannot support the horse carriage bill. >> obviously disappointed that the vote won't happen tomorrow but we're going to find a way forward. >> reporter: the mayor was stunned by the turn about but drivers were overjoyed. for now they won big. >> this bill would have been bad for horses. they would have been working harder. it would have just decimated. >> they used to say you can't fight city hall and they're wrong. >> reporter: and petty cab
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the bill would have banned them from working below 86th street in the park but not now. >> i'm actually very happy for it. it's a small win for the little guys. >> reporter: central park advocates also hailed today's development. even the mayor's allies are now saying come on, give up already. >> i respect the mayor. he's a very smart man but i think it is time to move on. >> reporter: perhaps the mayor feels truly obligate today animal rights. they want the horses gone and they gave the campaign millions. today the mayor's message, this might isn't over. >> a lot of people believer it does not make sense to have horse carriages on the streets of midtown manhattan. we'll find a way forward. >> and the mayor and loyalty -- and a lot of other people feel having the horses in midtown and having to travel over to every night and in to the morning in their stables, that it's dangerous. this agreement
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up on 86th street here in the park would have solved all that. we don't know now exactly what's going to happen. the mayor would have preferred to talk about his state of the city address this evening up in the bronx, instead having to deal with all of these changes. reporting live in central park, david novarro, e -- dave evans. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you mentioned the third state of the union address. the mayor is expected to focus on a number of initiatives and among them citywide wi-fi with up to 10,000 kiosks around the city, mobile pay for parking. it's technology that would allow you to use your cell phone to pay the meter. and a streetcar system that would run along the waterfront connecting queens and brooklyn. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we'll learn more about the 16-mile streetcar system, what it's going to cost to build, and the cost to riders who want to use it. the democrats off tonight in a debate in new hampshire ahead of tuesday's primary. on
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from a president who's being used against a candidate. marci gonzalez is live in manchester, new hampshire. >> that candidate, donald trump, who's hosting five events here today. it's his busiest crunch time. >> reporter: with donald trump ahead by 20 points in the latest new hampshire poll, ted cruz is with a new line of fire. >> jimmy carter endorsed donald trump. i'm not making that up. >> reporter: talk ing about this video of the former president that cruz is now using in a campaign ad. >> i think i'd choose trump. reason is trump has proven already that he's completely malletable. >> reporter: trump brushing it off. >> he's got good taste. >> reporter: and now with just
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and other candidates are keeping jam packed schedules. but dr. ben carson is still taking time off. his teamg at least 30 campaign staff positions are being cut today in what they call a reorganization to help carson more efficiently make it to the finish line. on the democratic side, both campaigns in full force. bernie sanders and hillary clinton both spending today prepping for tonight's debate. >> clinton behind in the polls now admitting she's behind in fundraising, bringing in $5 million fewer dollars than sanders last month. marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got breaking developments tonight in a story you saw only on eyewitness news. a newark police officer suspended over a stop that involved a 14-year-old boy. that boy's shoulder ended up broken. tonight we're told the officer actually waited 24 hours
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eyewitness news reporter darla miles is live in newark with more on the story. >> we've learned from the newark police department that not only their officers were involved but one sheriff's deputy from the essex county sheriff's office was also involved in this stop. and i just spoke with the 34-year-old mother of jamad who said she's pleased with the swift action. this is a picture of that two-year veteran who's now suspended. detective ruiz has been with the department since march 2014. he was assigned to the gang enforcement unit and police investigators here say he failed to document the stop involving 14-year-old watkins for 24 hours until after it happened. this is the surveillance video that was uncovered exclusively by eyewitness news. it shows the 14-year-old teenager who's actually 5'11" walking home on tuesday evening when he is surrounded by three unmarked cars. he runs he says because
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he says he was detained, placed in to handcuffs and at that point his shoulder was dislocated. again, the entire gang enforcement unit, there's still other members of the unit still under investigation but we know one suspension has come from this investigation. the unit is being resigned as a matter of this investigation and there may be more officers who end up facing disciplinary action in relation to this stop. turns out hillary clinton may not be the only secretary of state who used a personal e-mail account for official business. the state department's inspector general says condoleezza rice and colin powell received classified information on their personal accounts. representative elijah cummings says this new development shows the republican investigations are a political attempt to discredit clinton. outrage pouring in on facebook and anger boiling over
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bad boy of pharmaceuticals refusing to testify. martin shkreli smirked during his appearance, his behavior irritated elijah cummings who asked shkreli if he was listening. >> is it pronounced shkreli? >> yes, sir. >> so there you can answer some questions. that one didn't incriminate you. >> his attorney said his client didn't intend to be disrespectful but then later referred to lawmakers as imbeciles. a positive job numbers report. there was some fluctuation between small gains and losses most of the day. investors are waiting for january's job report which is due out tomorrow. the dow rose 79 points closing at 16,416. the nasdaq added 5 points and the s&p 500 gained two points. coming up next, an
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traffic controllers busted for taking selfies and watching sexually explicit videos on their phones while on the job. >> also ahead, a new parking plan that will have thousands of commuters scrambling for spots. >> plus two dogs who stuck together overcoming the odds in
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on a 2016 honda cr-v today. trihonda dealers. not just smart. street smart. we're back and we have exclusive details tonight about air traffic controllers distracted on the job. workers watching sexually explicit videos and taking selfies all while directing planes in the air. our investigative reporter
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really shocking details. >> using open records law, we were able to get faa disciplinary documents that show air traffic controllers around the nation suspended from their jobs for texting and watching videos instead of watching planes. >> with some people it was routine. >> reporter: this person behind the shadows is a recently retired air traffic controller. she noticed more and more of her fellow controllers often distracted by their cell phones even though faa rules require all cell phones to be turned off when on duty. >> i would see people talking on the phone while they were working traffic. >> in new york air space? >> yes. >> reporter: faa documents we've retained reveal in the last years controllers nationwide have been disciplined for cell phone use. while the names of the airports involved have been blacked out, we learned in one case an air traffic controller is caught on
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explicit material while on duty then showing the images to coworkers. he receives a seven-day suspension. in a case from last year a supervisor received a letter of reprimand for taking selfies while responsible for all traffic on the ground and in the air. >> i did see it many times. >> reporter: all -- although she didn't want her identity revealed, this retired new york controller did want to draw attention to what she feels is a growing danger. >> did you ever see any disciplinary action taken? >> no. they'd say knock it off, put the phone away. >> reporter: out of the 26 disciplinary cases not one controller was fired. consider this controller who while on duty habitually used his cell phone for texting while guiding planes. 21 text messages in all. despite 1cluding that the texting could have had catastrophic consequences, the faa reduced his firing to a 60-day suspension.
5:17 pm
of that requires more intense repetitive continuous concentration than being an air traffic controller. >> reporter: retired commercial airline pilot says the faa has got to immediately change the current rule which allows controllers to have their cell phones as long as they're turned off. >> if there's a single controller that's caught with a cell phone on his person, on duty in the facility, look for another job. >> reporter: in 2009 investigators found an air traffic controller distracted while on the phone contributed to a collision over the hudson river between a helicopter and a small plane that killed nine. in 2012, 20 supervisors and air traffic controllers at westchester county airport were disciplined for texting in the tower. >> you're responsible for what happens. how could you do anything that would be an obvious distraction? >> the faa declined our request for an interview, but in a statement said controllers who
5:18 pm
requiring that cell phones be off while at work will face disciplinary action. >> powerful stuff. so we've got some snow headed our way. >> i wanted to make sure it's on everybody's radar, no pun intended. it's so mild out. >> but it's not going to be rain. >> we've got wet snow, especially after midnight, the morning commute looks really messy. you can see that little sliver of pink on the horizon. clouds are still thin. still feels nice as we go through the evening hours. we were around 50 degrees. wind pretty light. gusty out of the north tomorrow and we're running 19 degrees above average today. the beginning of february, way above normal. here are the areas we'll be focusing on for some of the heavy wet snowfall. l.i.e. northern state. still very heavy snowfall. connecticut too, even back to new york city
5:19 pm
the heavy snowfall. very close shave west of new york city. already 37 in monticello and colder air starting to filter in. so you had the north wind working, knocking numbers down through the evening as the rain redevelops and then it's after midnight especially in that 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. timeframe when we have the change over to heavy wet snow. snow, wind, big wet flakes coming in during the morning hours. then a major improvement by midday as the sun comes back. the initial rounds of rain are starting to get in here. steadier rain going in to eastern suffolk county and you have rain over ocean county right now. the actual low is still coming out of northern florida and with a jet digging down south and this big high offshore it's being channeled up the coast and the reason why we've seen a change today is there's definitely a trend where this low is a little closer to the coast so we get in to the heavier precipitation. the way it involves is rain is developing this evening. then
5:20 pm
the rain is going over to wet snow. from northwest to southeast. the heaviest from 4:00 in the morning over to 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. these numbers still above freezing. initially it's not sticking but i think it does come down hard enough from the city east and south that we start to see the snow stick a little bit and make slush on area roadways. then the heaviest snow leaving after 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. we're melting in to the early evening hours. looking for a slushy few inches in new york city. part of the city, i can see how brooklyn and queens are in the 3 to 6 inch amounts. coastal connecticut, coastal new jersey. 1 to 3 inches in the nearby suburbs. well north and west as we see the coating to an inch. here's the accuweather forecast. rain going to wet snow. increasing wind, 34. 43 tomorrow the wet snow ends. breezy with clouds breaking for sunshine. then tomorrow night the numbers will drop to freezing or below. watch out for icy roads with your late
5:21 pm
here's where we're working on. will there be hotspots where some places will get 8 inches of snow. storm on monday. will that still be offshore? maybe a tuesday. lots in the playing over the weekend. 30 countries now hit with zika virus infections. coming up, we take a look at where you can travel safely right now if you want to get a winter break. larger than the titanic and it sailed at record speeds. new efforts tonight to overhaul the ship to sail again and it may even make a stop in new york. >> there are just a couple
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new york's department of health has expanded free testing for the zika virus, extending it to any pregnant woman who has traveled to a country that has the virus. you can find information on how to get tested on abc 7 ny. if you're planning on getting away to one of the countries on the list, where can we're exploring all the options for you. here's eyewitness reporter shirleen allicot. >> reporter: the world health organization is not calling for
5:25 pm
virus being linked to serious birth defects, pregnant women are being advised to avoid affected areas. >> the airlines have stepped up. if you're pregnant they will allow you in some cases a full refund or some airlines are saying you can defer travel to other destinations with no change fees. you can look at places like the southeast part of the u.s. go to florida. florida is gorgeous this time of year. get out, enjoy it. >> reporter: he says bermuda is another great option. it's close by, has great weather and there are deals. >> it's an hour and a half flight from new york. it's easy to get to. i would be heading to bermuda and it's offseason so the prices are half of what they'll be in four months. >> reporter: the explosive outbreak of zika virus has caused fear in travelers who aren't pregnant but doctors say you shouldn't worry. >> you would be okay and you're not putting yourself in any additional risk. i'd just take
5:26 pm
>> reporter: if you were to get the virus, symptoms are mild and include fever, rash, joint pain or conjunkt -- conjunktivitis and last about a week. >> effectively they are going to be more aggressive with pricing should this play out and people stay away. >> reporter: he says sign up for travel alerts and you'll get updated the minute prices start to drop. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. the best team in the nba may be on their way to a second straight championship but today they got to celebrate their first. the golden state warriors defeated the cavs in last year's nba finals and are off to a historic start this season. they got high praise from the president who called the warriors one of the best teams we've ever seen. a violent attack in rocklin county. >> coming up on eyes news, accusations of abuse, a stabbing, and an interstate hunt
5:27 pm
>> great news for people who live in the town of hemp sed and take the lirr but bad news for a lot of other people. what are we talk about, coming up on eyewitness news. >> bringing jazz to a whole new audience. students in new york city are getting to hear the songs of duke ellington for the meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. call now to get more. more speed. like, 300 meg. more tv shows and movies on demand. more places to make more unlimited calls. call now. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100 meg ultra fast internet, hd channels included, and unlimited calling to international destinations. we find more good things every day! more ways to watch more shows. on more wifi connected devices in our house. time warner cable made switching easy with a
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in rocklin county a family struggling after an extremely violent attack. >> 32-year-old walter carpio-galicia is accused of repeatedly stabbing a teenaged relative. the attack happened in spring valley but the arrest took place hundreds of miles away near augusta, georgia. >> eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is in valhalla with
5:30 pm
>> the victim's mother and brother keeping vigil here at the hospital. the teenager stand eight times. she underwent surgery but is expected to recover. >> reporter: detectives were back at the scene this afternoon as their investigation continues in to a crime that's left a teenaged girl hospitalized and a suspect under arrest 800 miles away. walter emilio carpio-galicia is accused of stabbing a 15-year-old relative yesterday. >> she was friendly. she was nice. she'd say hi once in a while. i'd see her in the bus. but other than that, i think anybody would have guessed something was going on. >> reporter: the 32-year-old suspect was initially arrested one week ago, charged with forcible touching after the victim claimed she had been abused. carpio-galicia was arraigned and released on bail. but a neighbor who doesn't want to be identified said she saw the suspect in a car waiting until the teen arrived home from school. turns out
5:31 pm
the victim's mother's car from her job, drove to the house where the victim was stabbed eight times in the torso. >> she was transported to westchester medical center to be treated for her injuries. her injuries required surgery to repair the damage. >> reporter: no comment from the victim's mother and brother as they headed to the hospital. as for the suspect, he was arrested this morning near augusta, georgia after getting in to a minor accident in the stolen car. >> when he was not located locally, the investigation expanded out and nationwide alarm was broadcast for that vehicle and the suspect. >> at this hour that suspect remains detained in georgia awaiting extradition. he's to be charged with attempted murder and violating an order protection from the initial arrest. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. there's a new plan on track that would mean increased parking for local residents at five long island railroad stations.
5:32 pm
baldwin, merrick, wantagh, and sea ford. they would offer residents only parking for a fee. kristin thorne with how it works and the reaction. >> for years town of hempstead residents have been complaining to officials that everyone who lives outside the town ends up taking their spots like the one here in wantagh. soon they may only need a new parking sticker to solve that problem. >> reporter: this parking sticker is a beacon of hope for town of hempstead residents, for nonresidents it could mean some new headaches. >> i will strongly encourage the strict enforcement by the nassau county police department and the town of hempstead public safety to ensure town of hempstead parking compliance. >> reporter: the hempstead board will take up a proposal tuesday that would expand the amount of
5:33 pm
five lirr stations from approximately 2400 spots to more than 6400. >> you think parking at a parking lot doesn't dictate your lifestyle, it does. because you learn very early on that if you're not there at a certain time, forget about getting a parking spot. >> if approved that parking regulations would go in to effect april 1st at the lirr stations, the regulations would be in effect from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. monday through friday. >> we think this will make a major, major difference in the lives of local town residents. >> there's it's terrible. i work off hours, i'm not even 9:00 to 5:00 and there's nowhere. if you're not here by 6:30, they're gone. >> only about 1200 spots will remain for nonresidents which means many people who drive from suffolk county in to the town of hempstead to save money on their
5:34 pm
somewhere else. >> the communities where they live is where they should be parking. >> if people do park in these lots without a valid parking sticker they could face a $135 fine. for people who live in the town of hempstead, that parking sticker is $10 a year for information on how you can get one, go to our website, abc7ny. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. new information tonight about a crash on sunrise highway that left a police officer injured. carlos maracho pled not guilty to drunk driving charges. police say he admitted to drinking eight or nine beers before hitting a car. the officer's injuries were not life-threatening. chilling new details tonight in the senseless murder of a teenager in virginia. bail was denied for 19-year-old natalie keepers.
5:35 pm
as an accessory in the stabbing death of 13-year-old nicole lovell. prosecutors say the two arranged a rendezvous waunl -- with the girl. video from the scene shows this small bus on its side and the crushed front of the suv covered in a tarp. the suv driver died at the scene. the student suffered minor injuries. an adult bus passenger also suffered very serious injuries. new at 5:00, from goats to guns, nypd officers back in the news again. sergeant mary hamburg and her team chasing down the suspected gun runner yesterday. they seized six guns, ammunition, and marijuana. this is the same team that captured a runaway goat that got away from a slaughterhouse. they wound up buying that goat
5:36 pm
petting zoo in suffolk county. starting today, 1.1 million new york school students are receiving a copy of microsoft office. it can be used at no cost. it's thanks to a new partnership between microsoft and the city's public schools. recent ly it's been dead in the water. how a historic ocean liner could proudly set sail once again. >> also mystery millionaire. somewhere in america there's a mega winner but time is quickly running out to collect a massive jackpot. >> meet faithful and braveheart, two dynamic dogs in new jersey and find out why these blizzard buddies live up to their names. >> it's not another blizzard tonight but we do have heavy wet snow. visibility will not be this good in about eight hours or so. we're at 50 degrees right now but cold air rushing in tonight. winter weather advisory for much of the area as
5:37 pm
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new at 5:00, a famed oceanliner could sale the seven seas again. crystal cruises announced it will spend $700 million to overhaul the ss united states. that will follow a nine-month feasibility study to make sure they can do it. the ship has been sitting in philadelphia for 20 years without any care. it once carried celebrities and dignitaries but now it is rusting and falling apart. >> not only is it a privilege for us to embark on this monumental project but we would be remiss if we would pass up an opportunity to restore such an important symbol of luxury travel. >> the vision of the ship is to sail around the world once the restoration is complete with new york being one of its major
5:40 pm
the ship belongs to a conservation group that crystal cruises. the mayor of mount vernon is encouraging residents to share photos of potholes in facebook page. he says mount vernon is taking advantage of all this warm weather to fix them. deadline is fast approaching for the mystery ticket holder to come forward to claim a $63 million lottery nobody claims that prize by 8:00 our time, the money will go to the state schools. lottery players think one thing that could help break the case is showing video of the person who bought the ticket in los angeles back in august. >> every time when it comes up to the last minute like this, they do it in a show the person that claimed that bought that ticket at that moment and they never showed it this time. why? i think there's something funny behind that. >> huh. i didn't know about this. but you do now.
5:41 pm
suing claiming his winning ticket was reject ed for being too damaged but lottery officials say they have no record of anyone filing a claim. coming up on eyewitness news, the call of the wild. >> a giant cat gets captured on camera. why there is very little chance you'll see this big guy in person. >> and this -- >> for many of these kids, it's their first taste of broadway. i'm kemberly richardson in queens where the show is going on. >> and here's a look at tonight's lineup on abc 7. the final installment of madoff is at 8:00 followed by brian ross' special. on eyewitness news at 11:00, hear from a victim of bernie savings but now getting help from him from prison. >> two days until the big republican debate here on abc. trump versus cruz already tonight. breaking news on the zika outbreak. a health emergency declared in parts of
5:42 pm
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now a dancing and singing celebration of history and music as we mark black history month. >> a nonprofit organization is bringing the classic duke ellington music sophisticated ladies to 25 public schools throughout new york city. kemberly richardson has the story. >> reporter: from the very first note they are mesmerized. >> it was really awesome. >> reporter: for here at ps, this is their introduction to live theater, duke ellington
5:46 pm
production put on by inside broadway utilizes professional performers and musicians. founder and executive director michael presser hopes his nonprofit brings an entirely new generation of theater goers. >> i think the long range involvement and the long range results from these types of extensive. it's sort of like taking a pebble and dropping it in to a pond and you begin to that's what happens here. performance. part of the program possible because of grants ties directly in to the curriculum. in class these kids learn about the harlem renaissance and duke ellington. these kids also go to an after school program. >> it's really exciting. they're doing it correctly, everything, and i compare it with us and it's like they're much better. >> reporter: this is just the beginning. this production will be seen by roughly 10,000 kids in public schools in the five boroughs over the next two months.
5:47 pm
we have 26 different languages spoken at home for our students and here with the arts it levels the playing field for all those students who haven't caught up yet academically or with their language skills. >> reporter: music to everyone's ears. in jackson heights, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that's great. >> kids were so in to it. are you ready? >> need some soothing jazz tomorrow morning, something light, because it's going to be a rough go tomorrow morning. outside we go tonight, not too many signs of that. we have dry conditions, good visibility, empire state building looking to one world trade. we'll see big wet snowflakes after 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning. 50 degrees right now. cloudy skies. winds will get gusty tomorrow morning. initial planner for new york city is dry. i think you should have your umbrella for some
5:48 pm
going to start getting steadier toward our eyewitness news at 11:00 show. it's different if you're in homedale, new jersey. rain in to the wee hours of the morning before the change over to snow probably after 3:00 in the morning. as we change over by 4:00 to 6:00 everywhere across the area, the heart of the snowfall will be during the morning commute. let's say it's from 4 a.m. to 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. after that we'll start to clear. then during the afternoon hours partly sunny, melting, and the evening commute is not bad at all. you already have rain over the coastline. sprinkles in to new york city. a few showers near roslyn. nothing going on to the north and west. there's the heavy snow. this is why it's a bit of a difficult forecast and why it's changed over the last 24 hours. you see if you track this to the north how we're right on the edge of this precipitation shield but now it just looks like some of the heavy precipitation is going to get back in to the try state area. watch how this all plays out. you've got rain this
5:49 pm
jersey, the jersey shore and long island. to the north and west, mostly cloudy. colder air is working in. at the same time the rain is over spreading the area after midnight. here comes the changeover. rain to wet snow and heaviest from 4:00 in the morning, let's say 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. the city right on the edge of that, you go a few miles west, not much going on at 8:00 in the morning but temperatures are going toward freezing. then this quickly moved out by late morning and dramatic improvement by lunchtime in to the afternoon hours. i think we're going to get heavy enough snowfall that we have 3 to 6 inches over parts of long island, connecticut, maybe the jersey shore. and i have that 3 to 6 inch band. we're right on the border here. a little shift to the west and all of the sudden you have your big totals in new york city. somewhere in this 3 to 6 there will be a lollipop of 8-inch snowfall. here's your 7-day
5:50 pm
at night it goes down to 32 so if you look at the saturday morning temperatures, watch out for your travel late friday night in to saturday morning as we see icy conditions. great weather for super bowl sunday. that's going to be our last mild day for a while. there's a big storm i think is going to stay offshore. i think there's a chance of accumulating snow that returns on tuesday. really it's the next 10 days that winter is making a big comeback and looks like later in the month we may get warmer again. going to be dicy next few days. eyewitness news will begin at 4 a.m. the team will be here. bill evans will track the storm. we'll do a live facebook session after 9:00 tonight. >> some people should watch that. they'll get the very, very latest. >> i'll be watching. today for the first time we're seeing video of the only jaguar known to live in the united states. a series of
5:51 pm
the santa rita mountains outside of tucson, arizona. people in arizona have named him el jefe, spanish for boss. biologists believe jaguars once lived throughout what is now the american southwest. >> he must be lonely. that kind of makes me sad. he's the only one. you've seen this little guy before. and boy oh, boy, isn't be be getting a lot bigger? enjoying a little bit of solid food. he eats sweet potatoes and bamboo leaves. he'll continue to nurse his mother for another year. call them the blizzard buddies. >> the furry friends that survived the snow, the cold, and even gunshots but now they need a home. >> i'm liz cho. coming up at 6:00, a woman tells the frightening story of how she was stabbed with something sharp while waiting for a train at a subway station. that suspect is still on the loose.
5:52 pm
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in new jersey friendship shows to be strong. >> they beat the odds against surviving last month's blizzard storm by sticking by one another. now this dynamic duo is trying to clear one more hurdle. >> finding a loving home. toni yates has their story. >> reporter: i'm a sucker for a good animal rescue story, and these guys being cared for at liberty humane society are adorable. >> we believe the boys are brothers. they look alike. they certainly act it and they're bonded. >> reporter: they're calling them faithful and braveheart. over the course of several days people reported seeing the dogs running free at liberty state park. they say you could tell they were together and didn't want to be captured. that posed problems for the animal control
5:56 pm
>> they had been eluding them for over a day in the park. unfortunately the dogs felt threatened by some of the actions and lunged at one of the park officers. one of the officers shot braveheart. >> reporter: the dogs ran again one more day. animal control set a trap. >> it was actually the morning of the blizzard they were able to get both dogs in the trap together. >> reporter: you see his neck, the bullet thank goodness missed braveheart's vital organs. >> when braveheart went to the veterinarian, that left him at the shelter and he cried the entire time his brother was gone. >> reporter: they were already trained and ready for good owners. >> definitely someone who's going to be active, taking them out. stimulate them mentally and physically. >> reporter: their story made the headlines but many more
5:57 pm
to february 14th, liberty humane is waving adoption fees on all their adult animals. what a way to have a new love by valentine's. in jersey city, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> looking a little smitten there. an ambitious new plan to build an expensive streetcar system along the east river. i felt this sharp pain in my right shoulder. >> she was waiting for a train in times square when just like that she was stabbed with something sharp. the suspect is still on the loose and tonight
5:58 pm
us, wondering did she get infected? >> and some of the most shocking video we've seen. when a woman was hit by a wrong way driver, she went flying. >> good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho . >> and i'm bill ritter. weather topping our news tonight. we're expecting another rare event for this winter, snow. >> some areas could get a half foot of snow and new york city tonight has just suspended alternate side of the street parking tomorrow. >> meteorologist lee goldberg tracking the storm. he's on the upper west side. >> old man winter trying to catch us sleeping, 60 degrees in all types of rain here and within eight, nine hours it's going to be snowing. look at the george washington bridge, dry commute. tomorrow morning looks like a mess. even though we're 50, we're going to fall down in to the 40s by morning. numbers are mild. that's the colder air that's going to work in to the storm. now winter weather advisories up for much of the area. not for the far northwest suburbs.
5:59 pm
amounts there.


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