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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the injured officers were forced to lincoln hospital where a large number of officers gathered outside waiting on word of their conditions. and eyewitness said at this time it looked very bad. >> the officer was badly hurt.
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ambulances went straight to lincoln hospital. >> both officers have been alert and communicating so we are praying for the best here, and our hearts and prayers are with their families. so far we understand no one has been charged. police also recovered a semi automatic firearm and shotgun from the apartment where monique chavez took his own life. >> thank you. we continue to cover the story and bring you new developments on the air and also online. you can follow the coverage on her website. >> 4:08 it woman was hit by a car lot
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surveillance cameras caught the woman walking her dog and then of car smashed into another car and then into her. she was tossed into the air, both her legs were broken but both she and her dog will survive. >> crews will be hitting the roads as the snow starts to move in. we will check in with meteorologist bill evans. >> the snow and the rain is changing over as we speak. here's how it looks here on with 66 and columbus avenue. wet sidewalks puddled up pretty good. the changeover will take place right now. we can't even make out the hudson river here over to the westside, the other side of the george washington bridge from the vantage point of the washington bridge. the temperature has been dropping, it is 34 degrees.
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the white shades and gray shades, we have 287, 684, it you can see long island and brooklyn and queens, nassau county, all that is starting to changeover. lots of moisture and this will last through eight time through the morning commutes. all of this is getting underway. this is developing between 6:00 a.m. and nine and 10:00 a.m., and then it starts to wind down into flurries at 11:00. the sun will come out later this afternoon and then temperatures getting into the low 40s tonight. we already have some accidents on the southern state parkway. >> one of the accidents has been cleared away. the accident by exit 17 is cleared away but here we have this accident being cleared away. we will head over to our maps.
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cleared, but this one by 18 and 17, that accident has been cleared away. new jersey transit and metro- north is doing just fine. so if you're wondering if your bus will be affected by that activity in the book bronx, the bx 32 is doing well as of result. track work at the calvert avenue, that has been completed. the alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. if you are going to the airport, contact your carrier today. it's never a bad idea even when it is sunny, but contact them just in case. the street cleaning rules are suspended but metered rules are in effect. >> still ahead on eyewitness news, newark police department is taking action after a
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details on what's in store for at least one detective.
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4:14a.m., welcome back. we have a live look at the roadways right now. you can see the roads are starting to get a little bit slick. we are right there at that freeze or not freeze mark, 34 degrees, so definitely be careful. the temperatures are dropping and rain is making it slushy throughout the state. mallory hop is tracking the weather for us. >> you are looking at kind of a slushy mix and this just happened at the last half-hour or so. prior to that you were looking at a pretty steady rainfall which is what we experienced on our drive here this morning.
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we are taking a closer look at the roadways were you to have potential for problems. if you look under the slight, you can kind of see what we are working with this morning. that slushy, snowy mix. if you look at the roadway, you can see where there could get to potentially be issues here. you can already make out just how thick the roads are. in the hours ahead, the problems could only get worse. the county has been in the process of ripping these roadways and as we know, the storm now coming on a friday morning, unlike the last storm which actually happened during the weekend where people were out of work and out of school. the issue this morning is you will have many folks waking up to the worst of it. so if you are driving this morning, you want to leave early, go slowly and use caution. bottom line, drivers this season have gotten out of
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very careful this morning. >> wise words. thank you. >> bill evans joining us now with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> we are trying to see our way across the park here. then as we see down towards fifth avenue right there and on towards wellman rink, lights are not on this morning. but we continue to see low visibility is. you can see the snow that is falling this morning, you can't make out one world trade, and the lights are on. temperature is 34 degrees, and we have northeast wind. one thing you notice when you go outside this morning is the wind is cranking out there. when gusts at 23 miles per hour. yesterdays high is 59 and that
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and things like that. had we had temperatures that were very cold, our normal high is 40, yesterday it was 59, so we are looking at a pretty sunset coming up at 5:15 a.m. poughkeepsie is showing 39, and 40. it does snow at that temperature but it is a heavy, wet snow with northerly wind event is coming down here at six, or 12 or 14 miles per hour. so, we have some wind chills of 29 in the cordy, and 20 in monticello. it's cold and very damp, heavy, what snow. a winter weather advisory means
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wet snow, and amax, and the warning means more than that. this is the long island expressway, and winter storm warning until 3:00 this afternoon, all the way to twin forks out there and out toward the hamptons. the rain to snow is right on time, and eastern and long island, still in the rain here in cell phone county. you will get to the snow and it will last longer. so you see the snow is falling all across route 80, and all the way down the line. so this is, as the holder keeps filtering in this morning, that will be changing over to snow everywhere. so far, we are calling this rainfall, it's the liquid equivalent so far.
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and two tenths around toms river. here is our future casts, and guidance. the temperatures are still dropping. 33 in the park by 6:00, this is when it will be the heaviest, the snow come from dutchess county all the way southward. heavy snow 9:00, 10:00, then it starts taper off. so the hudson river lying to the city south and east will be the rule here until noon today. and it starts to taper off toward the east and long island. after school, the skies clear out. tomorrow, we start the day on saturday with temperatures in the 20's and 30's. snowfall accumulations, a coaching to 1 inch here in the west, one to three in the general area of the hudson river valley, and then you'd get just to the east of the city, just east of hudson river
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here to six in coastal connecticut and out across long island. it could be some spots on the north shore where the elevation is higher that you will probably see some of those snow totals. sunshine is nice tomorrow. here is your accuweather seven- day forecast. you get another shot of they snowstorm on tuesday. for now, we have to get on that morning commute. >> bad weather usually means bad traffic will follow. >> and at this point, those earlier accidents on the southern state parkway have been cleared away but, if mass transit is your plan, i commend you. i know there were some issues last night, but at this point they are on the posted schedule. metro-north is fine and new jersey transit, no problems.
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very systems are on a regular schedule, pass trains are doing okay, a services are running on or close to schedule. these accidents have been cleared away. we can take a look at the webcam and show you how things are moving on the southern state parkway. you see accidents off on the shoulders, street sweeping was suspended and metered rules are in effect. >> a north police to effective has been suspended following a news story about a teenager who claims he was attacked by police. the detective was suspended hours after our exclusive story aired. he says undercover officers broke his shoulder tuesday after mistaking him for a gang member. he also says that detective who has waited 24 hours to report the incident. other members of the unit are being reassigned and
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>> a woman who lost her life savings and a bernie made off ponzi scheme keeps contact. >> i speak with him when i need information about something, and he has in fact been quite helpful. he views me as they representative of the's and he has been very helpful. >> she says she has never met him in person. the two only speak by phone but she says because of her information she's been able to pursue certain claims. >> johnny manziel will not be spending the off-season in court. the latest decision that texas police made overnight. >> and we are keeping a watch on the roads and the weather. things are starting to get icy i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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>> good morning, 4:25 a.m. i'm meteorologist bill evans. takes for joining us. wet snow and rain, and some ice pellets mixed in there. we are seeing that the wind is out of the north there, and not only issues of snow which is being changed over from rain to snow, and we are also seeing a lot of wind out here. from nassau county, there has been the change over to snow, and about another 30 minutes, everyone in the eastern long island will be changing over. it inches of snow out of the system, and you go out of the garden state parkway to toms river, very heavy, wet snow
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are dropping as we speak. and heather has all kinds of issues already to start the day. >> and let's head over to the maps. it's the southern state eastbound side right near exit 13 where the accident is being cleared away. and, the transits are all running close to schedule. and we have the very systems running on the close, and subway service is also running on or close to schedule. keep in mind, the metered rules are in effect. you want to contact your carrier if you are heading to the airport, it in touch with them, catching a flight, or if you are picking somebody up. never a bad idea. >> heather, thank you.
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in brooklyn but that they left behind something pretty important, their shoes. now police are using the shoes as a clue to try to find a suspect. once inside, they took the time to lock the woman in the bathroom but then she was able to fight them off. they ran off without taking anything and left their shoes behind. it was not clear why they took their shoes off. >> 4:27 a.m., martin shkreli made a few new enemies during his hearing at capitol hill. >> do you think you've done anything wrong on the advice of counsel? >> i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> he took the fifth, reportedly smirked, smiled and that outraged committee members. he is out on bail and facing charges of federal securities fraud. new this morning, the
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closed against quarterback johnny manziel. to texas police department's have elected not to charge him after he was accused by his ex- girlfriend. it's the second time since october that he has been focus of the domestic violence case. cleveland has announced that he will be released next month. for 27:00 a.m., and still ahead, we are watching the roads and whether on this accuweather alert day. here is a look at the roads where the rain is falling. roads are getting slick. we will have live reports on westchester and long island. and also new details on the gunman who shot to nypd officers in the bronx here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. hello!
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