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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  WABC  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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one is at least 2 years old and the other ones are also very young. two of the girls were taken to staten island north and the other one, the youngest now is at richmond university medical center. at this time it's not clear what may have precip at a timed this incident. we do know that there was a homeless count a few nights ago. there's a possibility that this woman and her three children may have come here as a result of that. that is per one of the community board members on scene. but right now the nypd, there are helicopters circling around and they have k-9s as they search the nearby area for this man, this person of interest, the ex-boyfriend or the child's father. again, not clear. right now that's pretty much all we know at this point because the focus right now is finding the suspect and caring for those three girls who are in critical condition. we'll have more on this update coming up tonight on eyewitness news first at 4:00. reporting live in westerleigh section of staten island, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news >> thank you, darla.
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and fresh off his victory in new hampshire, democrat bernie sanders here in new york city. >> yeah. sanders walked away with a double-digit win over hillary clinton in the granite state and sanders kicked off his day here at a breakfast with the reverend al sharpton. >> eyewitness news reporter rob rob. >>reporter: good afternoon, dave. just hours after that overwhelming win in new hampshire, bernie sanders came here today to sylvia's in harlem, an iconic black restaurant in the middle of an iconic black neighborhood. the message here could not have been clearer, sanders putting hillary clinton on notice that he does intend to fight hard for the black vote in this election. senator sanders arrived in harlem shortly before 10:00 this morning for a quick breakfast with the reverend al sharpton at the legend ai soul food restaurant sylvia's. the restaurant only lasted about 30 minutes, but it's the mere gesture of sanders meeting with sharpton that sends a strong political message. sanders is doing well with
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but faces a steep challenge in winning over minorities where hillary clinton still has a strong advantage. this is especially critical heading into the next primary in south carolina which has far more minority voters than iowa or new hampshire and where clinton currently has a strong lead. in fact, sanders' home state of vermont has a population that is 95% white, so making end roads into minority voters is seen as critical to sanders having a real shot at the democratic nomination. today sharpton did not offer an endorsement, but said sanders' visit here speaks volumes and that the two discussed several hot-button issues. >> i asked him very bluntly about flint, i've asked him very bluntly about affirmitive action. i've asked him very bluntly about the issues of police brutality and police misconduct, things that i want to hear. >>reporter: now, sanders is in town for several more hours. he'll be making the rounds today on some late night talk shows, but also just in the
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"the view" and talked about one of his signature issues, raising taxes on the wealthy. >> i believe that when we have 47 million people living in poverty, when you've got the highest rate of childhood poverty in america of almost any major country on earth, when you have major corporations making billions of dollars in a given year, paying zero in federal income taxes, you know what? yeah, i do think the wealthiest people in this country and the largest corporations should be asked to pay their fair share of taxes. >>reporter: now, again, reverend sharpton did not make an endorsement in the race today. he said he's going to meet with hillary clinton next week and after that meeting will decide his pick in the race. we'll have more on this story coming up in later editions of eyewitness news. for now, reporting live in harlem, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, rob. well, on the republican side new hampshire winner donald trump headed to south
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hotbed of tea party groups and evangelical voters. trump earned 35% of the vote in new hampshire followed by john kasich and ted cruz. at trump's victory rally, he his supporters. >> we are going to make america great again, but we're going to do it the old-fashioned way. we're going to beat china, japan, we're going to beat mexico in trade. we're going to beat all of these countries that are taking so much of our money away from us. >> south carolina holds its republican primary on saturday, february 20th. it is looking more likely that governor christie won't make it to south carolina. he canceled a scheduled event in the palmetto state today on the heels of his disappointing hampshire. >> we'll move down the road from here based upon the results tonight and what's best in this order for my family, for my state and for my country. i want to thank you all. brblght cheers and applause ]
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appear that governor christie will qualify for the next republican debate. and stay with eyewitness news and abc news for coverage of the presidential race as we head into the south carolina and nevada primaries. you can follow developments from the campaigns at and be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook. and now to an accuweather alert. after a couple days of snow flurries, an arctic blast is on the way, the bitter cold weather begins to dig in tomorrow. meteorologist bill evans in the weather center with a look at his accuweather forecast. bill. >> you are actually exactly right, dave, as we look at what's happening at noontime, though, it is a pretty afternoon. we've got temperatures that have been warming up into the 30s now and the temperature at this hour 37. our normal average afternoon high this time of the year is about 41. and we're going to get very close to that. it's 35 around staten island, it's 36 in riverdale, 36 around whitestone, queens and you see to the north about 39 in poughkeepsie where there's a lot of sun out right now. west wind will tend to dry
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about 10, 12, 9 miles per hour. and we still have this flood advisory for long island sound and the western part of the sound, and then down the jersey shore here until 3:00. that's coming off the high tide here and the astronomical high tide has been around for a couple of days. still there's some flurries here on the north shore of long island and out toward fire island. a couple of flurries up here to the north. we'll be finding ourselves looking at temperatures getting to about 40, 39, 40 this afternoon. and that's going to be it for a while. temperature starts falling tonight, down into the 20s, the flow goes northwest. we'll be seeing that cold air just pouring in here out of canada, and it'll be pouring in here right out of the arctic through canada. so you see by 8:00 a.m. friday morning, our temperatures start out in the teens. but let's just pile on, shall we? let's add the wind to it and this is how it's going to feel by the time we get to tomorrow evening, 1 in monticello, 15 in the park and it only gets colder. your wind chills on friday morning 2 below to the north and west, to single digits and
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saturday and sunday will get to 10 and 20 degrees fwhreers for the real feel. we'll talk about that next in your accuweather forecast. david, shirleen, back to you. >> thank you, bill. and don't be surprised by the weather conditions. you got bill evans' forecast, but you can also go to the accutrack alert app. you get the latest accuweather forecast, see live radar, and it is free to download for iphone or android users. a murder investigation under way in brooklyn where a man was found with several slash wounds. the victim was found early this brownsville. police say the man was walking his dog along the avenue. he had slash wounds on his wrists and arm and had a severe gash in his neck. the german shepherd stayed with his owner until police arrived. the victim who has not been identified was taken to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. a jury deliberations resume this morning in the trial of nypd officer peter liang. liang is the rookie officer who says he accidentally fired a shot in the stairwell of the
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that shot killed 28-year-old akye girly. prosecutors claim liang was reckless and did little to help the dying victim. the officers is charged with manslaughter. the jury started deliberating late yesterday. a not guilty plea for a teenager seen on camera punching an elderly man in paterson. 18-year-old christian gonzalez was arraigned today after surrendering yesterday. video of him allegedly punching a man went viral. gonzalez was 17 at the time, so juvenile. 25th. police on long island opened fire on a car during a traffic stop after the driver fled and hit a police cruiser. it happened early this morning at a gas station on route 112 in medford. an officer fired three shots at the car as it fled. one person in the car was wounded by broken glass. no one was shot. police tracked the car to a middle island home and arrested one person. no officers were hurt. we're following a lot of news on this busy wednesday,
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by a hit-and-run driver in queens. what police know so far about this teen tragedy and the clues they are pursuing. plus the cruise ship that sailed into a storm is making its way back to new jersey for the first time we hear from the captain. and do you remember the woman who got slapped with a fine for caring for two baby squirrels in her home? well, now she's fighting back and we'll tell you what the i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! come in, come in! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable. 300 megs. crazy-fast. and we were right across the street the whole time. the whole time. make your home as connected as
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the breaking news we told you about at the top of the show, police have just released this image of the suspect in that horrific and deadly stabbing on staten island, a mom killed, the three kids stabbed. take a good look at the pictures.
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michael sykes and they want to question him in connection with the stabbing inside that ramada inn. again, a mother was killed and the three children critically injured. police releasing this picture just moments ago of the suspect michael sykes who they are looking to speak to right now. big changes under way at 1 police plaza. the nypd is restructuring its command staff personnel. the changes affect the organized crime control bureau, the detective bureau and the patrol services bureau. the restructuring will consolidate investigative resources under the chief detectives -- the chief of detectives. there will also be the new creation of a citywide operations chief. police have identified the man suspected in a sexual assault that happened on the upper east side. take a good look. officers are looking for 32- year-old gregory anderson. police say he grabbed the woman from behind, threw her to the ground an sexually assaulted her on saturday night near east 94th street and second avenue. anderson also stole $40 from that woman.
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trouble for martin shkreli making the news. the former pharmaceutical ceo spark outrage for spiking the price of a life-saving cancer drug, now being sued over a rare rap album. he paid $2,000 for a wootang clan album. only one copy of the album was produced and sole, however, the artist claims it was a ripoff of his work. that artist is now suing and he wants shkreli to pay up. new at noon, the federal government agrees with google. computers will control cars of the future and can be considered their driver. the redefinition of driver is an important break for google and a big step toward getting self-driving cars to the public. but the company still has a long journey ahead before the cars without steering wheels or pedals arrive in great numbers. >> the future is almost here. is ash wednesday, the start of the christian season of lent, leading up to easter. we have a live look inside st. patrick's cathedral in m. here
12:14 pm
for 40 days christians around the world observe lent with fasting and reflection. today worshipers received the distinctive blessing on the forehead with ashes, the cross. humility and sacrifice. a scare in mid air. a passenger's bizarre behavior forcing a flight to make an unscheduled landing. and history was heard by millions who listened to the serial podcast. the question now will anadd syed get a new trial? and taking a look outside, getting ready for the big chill, that's what we're all doing. meteor i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver.
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i broke out all the ski stuff i need. i got hats, i got coats, layers, it's ready to go. >> have your appendix removed heat. >> that's too much of a commitment. [ laughter ] >> you might. you might think about it by the time we get to saturday. >> all right. >> i want you to know that i do like to take requests. i take requests. >> do you? i know that. >> and i do take requests. sometimes the request is why don't you just go jump off a bridge. but the request is for our wind chill graphic wt penguins on it. remember that one? >> the icy one with the scarf? >> yes. >> you got that? >> someone just called me and left me a voice mail, please show the penguins on the ice.
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>> please do. >> here's what's happening as the barge goes down the east river here at noontime, 37 degrees, dry humidity, west wind at 8. so the weather is becoming more fair as we go into this afternoon. we are looking at a high yesterday of 36, normal is 41, and then we're going to be all over that normal high as we go into the rest of the afternoon. below freezing for the next five days. i just want to pause and kind of take that in for a minute. frigid air is going to grip the area as we get into this weekend. 100-year-old record could be broken saturday evening if the temperature gets down to 2 degrees overnight saturday. all right. it's37 in hanover, 39 around teaneck. getting close to 40 already in numbers warmer than normal there, so especially there for this time of the year should be about 41 in the city for the poughkeepsie. so it's reallyup. 13 mile per hour winds here out of the west will give us some
12:19 pm
wind that is going to dry things out just a little bit. but coastal sections, just be reminded we're going on the downside of the high tide now and there might be a little minor flooding with that. there's still some flurries out on the eastern end of long island, suffolk county, and there's a few snow flurries back here to the west. but there's going to be this break in between before the real frigid air which is locked up here just starts to release right across. so we'll have some sunny breaks for the afternoon. there might be some flurries that go by parts of the area tonight as the cold air starts to filter in. it'll squeeze out the moisture that goes by, a little impulse. but look at this northwest flow here. that lets you know it's coming right out of the arctic. saturday a few snow showers, 22, we're looking at 19 on sunday. flurries,ed cloudy, breaks of sun now. it's going to be cloudy tonight, brisk and cold with a snow shower, 24, about 14 in the suburbs. tomorrow sunshine, blustery, colder, a flurry, 30 really is going to feel like 15 as we get into tomorrow, and more of the same on friday. real feels will be in the
12:20 pm
saturday we really get the arctic assault starting to pour in, and that's when we're going to be looking at wind chills of 10 and 20 below zero. as we go into that, we actually see ourselves looking at, you know, a record overnight low. that could break a 100-year-old record. and then on sunday we're going to be seeing that wind kind of pouring out of the north here, going to be really cold as we're going to be looking at temperatures 20 and 30 degrees below normal here as we go into the rest of the weekend. now, look at next week. we got some snow possible on monday afternoon, and then we're going to be looking at maybe some rain on tuesday. so, you know, we'll see what happens with that, but we do warm up next week. >> 2 degrees? >> yeah. >> i hate the words record overnight low, just something about it i really don't like. >> just sets you off. >> need an electric blanket. >> it was 10 and 20 below zero, oh, my dwosh. >> we may have -- oh, my gosh. that ain't right. you think about it. >> i will think about it. >> i guess it's about time.
12:21 pm
share, a reunion 70 years in the making between two world war ii sweethearts is putting a lot of smiles on people just before valentine's day. >> 93-year-old norwood thomas flew from virginia to sydney, australia to reconnect with joyce morris. she is now 88. morris was a 17-year-old british girl and tom was a 21- year-old paratrooper when they first met in london shortly before d-day. after the war the two wrote letters to each other and thomas even proposed, somehow morris misunderstood and thought he'd found someone else. so she stopped writing to him. they both married other people, and now the two long lost loved ones have reconnected via skype and they plan to spend valentine's day together. >> oh, that hug says everything, just beautiful. >> it's never too late, never. love that. and we got a caught on camera coming up, a woman save just seconds before her car burst into flames.
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a hero officer, an unruly passenger and a big mistake that almost cost someone their life, some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we'll begin with the officer who ran into a burning car to rescue a woman. the police officer's dash cam caught it all as it happened in missouri. the car was wrecked by another
12:25 pm
and quickly caught on fire. the officer rushed to pull the driver out and with the help of another person safely removed that woman from the car. the hit-and-run driver was eventually caught and arrested. an alaska airlines flight from boston to san diego had to be diverted to denver after a passenger started yelling "we are all going to die." the crew says the passenger also made threats, causing the pilot to land the plane quickly out of abundance of caution. fellow passengers say the man appeared to be drunk and delusional. finally, a demolition that went terribly wrong. two excavators were tearing down a five-story parking garage in houston. look at that. when the wall fell forward. the debris barely missing a man operating a machine. coworkers rushed to make sure was. that's one of those, whoa, close calls reports >> yeah. these. >> that's texas. you all right, jimmy? i poured the dynamite in the wrong place. >> uh-huh.
12:26 pm
>> glad no one was hurt. thank you, david. coming up next, there is some new information in the breaking news we have been following, a very grim update in that mother and children that were stabbed on staten island. we'll have that live update for you. also ahead, the search is on for a driver that drove off after hitting and killing a 16- year-old girl, plus the woman facing a fine and jail time for taking care of squirrels. why a judge changed course and decided to dismiss the case. and a man traped in a newspaper stand for days. how did no one notice?
12:27 pm
and we continue to follow that breaking news on staten island. a deadly stabbing inside a hotel. we now know that one of the three children stabbed has died from the wounds. the child's mother also killed. two other siblings are in critical condition. we want to get another update from eyewitness news reporter darla miles. she is live at the scene there. darla. >>reporter: well, shirleen, we have now learned, as you mentioned, that this 2-year-old has died as a result of the stabbing that happened here on staten island about two hours ago, and since our last update police have issued a photograph of the person of interest in this case. it's 23-year-old michael sykes. this is his picture. he is the father of the youngest child.
12:28 pm
stabbed this morning, ages 2, 1 and 5 mols. again, that 2-year-old has been pronounced dead, sadly, since i checked in with you last, just a very tragic story, very difficult to talk about. but it is important that the nypd find this suspect in this case. what we have learned is that he allegedly called his mother this morning and said that he did in fact stab the mother of his child and her three children and that he was going to commit suicide. it was the suspect's mother who then called 911, told police what had happened and she came here to the ramada inn on north gannon street in the westerleigh section of staten island and found four victims in the hotel room injured and bleeding. right now we have been told that the suspect has been in communication with his family, that he is suicidal. there is an intense manhunt for michael sykes going on right now, again, lots of helicopters and dogs in the surrounding areas. right now the nypd is paying
12:29 pm
and tunnels -- or, rather, to the two bridge here on staten island to see if they can catch up with him. again, the 2-year-old has been pronounced dead. the mother we have now learned was a 26-year-old woman from brooklyn. the suspect, michael sykes also from brooklyn. he is at large right now, and, again, there is an intense manhunt for him. if you want to take another close look at his photograph, you can find that on our website at that's it for us, reporting in the westerleigh section of staten island, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news >> thank you. we have details follow ago deadly hit-and-run in queens. >> a 16-year-old was hit and killed in rosedale. police are now looking for a van that fled the location. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is live in rosedale with that story. kem. >>reporter: yes. and that van the key piece that's missing in this investigation, that van hit the victim right here, a 16-year- old young lady who didn't survive. the impact was simply too severe. now, at this hour police are
12:30 pm
they are trying to get in touch with her family. they do believe she lived nearby. now, authorities say it was just after midnight that the victim was heading across sunrise highway, walking in the crosswalk. a dark colored van was traveling east on sunrise highway. it was at about 12:17 a.m. the vehicle hit the victim and kept going. now, this is an extremely busy intersection right next to the railroad. >> i was coming off the lirr from work, and i came this -- that intersection there they always run the lights late at night. they have police presence that catch some cars, but these people just speed, and last night because of that little bit of snow that we had, that wet ground, maybe she was trying to run across, but she just didn't make it. >>reporter: and, again, at this hour, it's not clear who
12:31 pm
at this hour police are looking for a dark colored van with front end damage. for now we're live in rosedale section of queens, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kemberly. new details about a new jersey woman fined for taking care of squirrels. this morning the judge dismissed the case. maria vaccarella of howl took in an injured squirrel, but was surprised when it gave birth. she tried to give the babies registered wildlife rehabilitators, or wildlife officials of the state, but they couldn't take them in because they didn't have any room, so vaccarella became the foster mom. somewhere along the way she received a ticket in the mail and was fined for doing this. but today in court the judge dismissed the case, saying vaccarella was charged under the wrong statute. >> it's a little emotional, but i'm really happy. >>reporter: why is it so emotional for you, honey? >> because this meant a lot to me because i feel like i did
12:32 pm
a life, two lives, and we should teach people to have compassion and kindness. >> well, as you can see from that video there, members of the community showed up to support her. while the judge says she was charged unthe wrong statute, she cannot be tried again. a small courtroom victory of sorts for bill clinton, for bill cosby, that is. a los angeles judge has dismissed model janice dickinson's defamation claim filed against cosby's former lawyer. she sued after he denied her allegations that the comedian had drugged and raped her in 1982. it's only a partial victory because cosby is still subject to dickinson's lawsuit. cosby is asking a massachusetts court to delay a lawsuit there by seven women while he fights criminal rape charges in pennsylvania. rapper dmx expected to be released from the hospital today after police found him unresponsive at a yonkers parking lot. now, meanwhile we are hearing exclusively from his ex-wife about the ordeal.
12:33 pm
at the ramada inn say the rapper had collapsed after heading outside. emergency crews did chest compressions, gave him oxygen and the drug narcan after witnesses claim that dmx was having a drug overdose, but the singer's ex-wife dismisses that idea. >> she just told me he was happy to be alive and everything was going good, he was feeling good. he said it was an asthma attack. i know a lot of people told me they said it was drug related, but i don't think so. you know, he has a long history of asthma, and he said he was -- he had a bad cold for about a week, and he said that, you know, i guess not -- you know, getting it treated resulted in chest pains and then he said next thing he knows he was on the floor and in a hospital. >> well, he does have a history of problems with asthma, but he's also been arrested and served time in the past for drug charges. we want to turn now to meteorologist bill evans. he's talking about that bill chill and the after-school accuweather forecast. >> and this afternoon going to be one of the nicer afternoons of about the next five.
12:34 pm
upper 30s at 1:00, maybe even touching 40, west wind here, sun and clouds as we go on into tonight, temperature drops off into the upper 30s and then into the mid-30s tonight. so that's going to be a nice evening, a nice night. and after school is rather nice, breaks of sun, temperature around 39 degrees, and could be a splury -- that's pretty good, a sprinkle and a flurry. could be a splury, david, shirleen, after school. a sprinkle, a flurry, a splury. >> you're a wordmiefter. >> he's always coining new terms. mples it's a case captivating millions, meanwhile, a man fighting for a new trial after the series podcast series opened new doors in a murder case. now we're hearing exclusively from a star witness who could change everything. and a man rescued from a newspaper stand, how he got stuck in there for days and how we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward.
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the star witness in the so- testifying. what the witness asia mcklain says could lead to a new trial for a convicted killer anad syed. he was scwict for the 1999 murder of his -- convicted for the 1999 murder of his ex- girlfriend. the popular podcast serial claims the prosecutor faild to contact mcklain as a key alibi witness. mcklain in her testimony maintains that she was with syed at the time prosecutors contend he killed the girlfriend. >> i asked him about his breakup with habe.
12:38 pm
that he just wanted her to be happy. he didn't seem to be disturbed or angry with her. >> now, mcklain admits she does not have all the answers in this case, but prosecutors say justice was served 16 years ago. a former priest in arizona has been arrested in the decades-old murder of a beauty queen in texas. 83-year-old john fite is expected to enter a plea today on charges he killed irene garza in 1960. garza was 25 years old when her body was found in a canal in texas. the last time she was seen alive she was going to confession at a church where fite was a visiting priest. fite was arrested yesterday at his home in scottsdale, arizona and is awaiting extradition. an elderly man got trapped inside his newspaper stand for four days until someone heard his cries for help. the 84-year-old vendor was selling newspapers in los angeles last week when he
12:39 pm
the outdoor stand. he didn't have any food or water and soon realized he could not break out on his own. the man started calling for help and hoped someone would hear him as temperatures began to rise. someone nearby did hear his voice and called police. >> he was completely weak. he was dehydrated, he was having just a hard enough time breathing. >> what a nightmare. the vendor is thankfulfully recovering at the hospital. actor ken wantanabe reveals he's despiting stomach cancer. he underwent endoscopic surgery and is now recovering in japan. the actor set to appear in a broadway production of "the king and i" next month. he says he'll have to delay his return to the states there. the 66-year-old beat leukemia in 1989. well, falling oil prices could mean drivers in parts of the country could see 99 cent gasoline.
12:40 pm
than 12 years are showing up in some states across the midwest. however, 99 cent gas prices will still be isolated due to the highly regional nature of refining costs, oil inventories and shipping. in our area the average price of gas in connecticut is $1.94. in new york it's at $2 and new jersey has the lowest at $1.64. i've actually seen it lower in some cases. >> really? >> so shop around. it is ridiculously low everywhere you look in the end. >> good stuff. news, another disney production headed to broadway. plus the rough vacation on that royal caribbean cruise ship.
12:41 pm
well, that now-infamous royal caribbean cruise ship that encountered hurricane force winds will arrive in new jersey tonight, this as we hear from the captain for the first time. he says the storm, despite what meteorologists were saying caught the whole crew off guard.
12:42 pm
>>reporter: after battling destructive 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds, the captain of the anthem of the seas is speaking out, defending his actions to set sail into a storm, saying he didn't realize the magnitude of it. >> the whole thing was not bigger than this, and it was up here and it just exploded. >>reporter: in a video broadcast internally to all 4,500 passenger state rooms on monday, captain clause anderson who ordered everyone abother the ship to stay in their rooms for roughly eight hours during sunday's storm says he's never experienced anything like that. >> honestly have not seen a low pressure that was not forecasted, anything near what we actually experienced. >>reporter: sunni maritime expert joseph alstrom says his actions to set out to sea were appropriate. >> you can never tell once you get out to see things that happen, and you just have to let the wind come on it and survive it and ride it out. >>reporter: this morning as
12:43 pm
its way back to port, many on board still shaken by their harrowing experience. >> i thought that the boat was going to tip over. you could hear the sheer ferocity of the >>reporter: the ship originally headed to the bahamas is now slowly making its way up the east coast. royal caribbean tells abc news weather isn't great, so he slowed down his speed to smooth it out. >> we're on the eighth floor or the eighth deck, and the waves felt like they were almost crashing into our room. >>reporter: charlotte lipman's father, asher treated her to the cruise for her 10th birthday, not at all the caribbean vacation they'd had in mind, but one she'll be telling her friends about for a long time. >> i guess i'm going to say, oh, cool. there was a giant swell and we basically survived t. >>reporter: royal caribbean has said that the ship remains seaworth -- remained seaworthy the entire time, in fact, it was built to withstand even rougher seas.
12:44 pm
around 9:00 tonight. linzie davis, abc news, bayonne, new jersey. >> most of the meteorologists i know saw that storm coming, didn't they, bill? >> well, you know, it was sitting there for a few days, so it was already there. so when you drive the ship south into it, i'm just sayin'. >> just sayin'. >> the weather service we let you know four days ahead of it. >> thankfully nobody got hurt. >> nobody got hurt. all ship captains, i invite you to get the eyewitness news accuweather app. you get that on the old phone, you'll know when there's terrible weather coming. it will alert you. here's what's going on, we look across the park here at noontime, cloudy skies, breaks of sun. a nice afternoon, and you might need that after the weekend when the temperatures go plummeting down to some dangerous 100-year record- setting temperatures this weekend. 37 is our temperature now, the humidity is dry, the winds are west at 9 and the pressure has been falling. well, 36 was yesterday, and our normal high now is 41 and 28 the low.
12:45 pm
going to feel pretty good. we get close to some normal numbers here in wintertime, sayreville 38, 38 up towards white plains, down to the bronx and the park. this west wind keeps kind of moving across here. and so even though, you know, we're at 37 degrees, we got a little wind, we do have a little wind chill out here, so, david, shirleen, take a look, it was a request from an audience member of yours to see the penguin. >> where's the scarf? >> and the wind chills. well, we don't have a budget for the scarf right now, but -- >> poor thing looks cold >> how can be a penguin be cold? >> it looks it. >> we'll give him a scarf. we're take ago look out toward the eastern end of long island where there's some flurries. back here to our west one low cutting up here, the other low is back here in atlantic and in between we get a few sunny breaks. but eventually this really frigid air out of the arctic comes down with some flurries that will squeeze out a snow shower on saturday. 19 the high on sunday. remember, the normal high is 41. so we got a few flurries this
12:46 pm
too, around 40. a snow shower tonight, 24, colder air starts filtering in tonight. tomorrow's high only 30. but with the wind tomorrow at about 25 miles an hour out of the northwest to 30, it's going to feel like 10, 15, 20 degrees tomorrow. then you see on friday the high is 30, the low 20, but there will still be a lot of wind. so there'll be that wind chill and you'll get used to seeing our penguin friend. we'll get a scarf on him. but the arctic blast really comes in on saturday where the low could get down to 2 and the wind chill, the real feel at 20 below as we go into saturday, and even into sunday. it's bright, but it's frigid on sunday, the high is 19, as this cold air just keeps the temperatures 20 and 30 degrees colder for this time of the year. now, monday we got a mixture of sun and clouds. there's another little system around, probably misses us, but temperatures start warming up next week, we're back into the 40s. and so we'll get by this cold blast, and then we'll be warming up. but we've got five days of it, and saturday night we could set
12:47 pm
>> there you are again breaking records in the wrong way. >> it's 2 degrees. >> and thank you for the penguin, very cute >> we take requests. you request a graphic, we show it. >> he aims to please, people >> i was an old deejay, i allow requests. take graphic requests now. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. thanks, bill. and speaking of cold, you'll be hearing a lot of music from disney's "frozen" over the coming years. disney theatrical announced "frozen" is coming to broadway in 2018. broadway star idena manziel lent her voice to the feature, but it's not known who will take on the role of elsa on stage. while the curtain lifts on "frozen" in 2018, previews will begin next summer. disney is the parent company wabc-tv. >> i'm voting for bill evans' the snowman. >> i want olaf, it's perfect. >> typecast. >> you know what i'm sayin'? it's just too easy. we'll be right back, but here's what's coming up next
12:48 pm
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diana williams here in the newsroom and here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news. two teenagers jump into action when their school bus driver had a medical emergency. how they kept dozens of students on board safe. and the new way you can leave your dog securely outside a store while you go inside to run errands. we'll show you how the dog parker works. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. that looks interesting, doesn't it? >> yeah. i've been seeing them online. i can't wait to hear more about it. thank you, di. it's time for the feed and we're going to begin with a health challenge for actress lena dunham. the star and creator of hbo's "girls" has been forced to take off some new time for the promotion of her show because
12:52 pm
it's a painful condition inside the uterus. she shared her story online and received so much support an love, including people sharing their battles with the disease. >> i know a lot of people who do battle it. i'm sure she's an inspiration for all of them. a young boy is also inspiring people thanks to a powerful facebook post. check it out. that priceless smile on 13-year- old jacob munoza's face, that sign he's holding in his hands. >> oh, yeah, love it. >> read it. the culmination of quite a journey. the once-energetic middle schooler forced to spend much of the last year in hospitals after being diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. it would be a lot for any kids to handle. with the support of his family, he fought, that's when things made a shift and they got the test results last week that jacob had no cancer cells in his body. his message to everyone, never give up and just keep on fighting. >> way to go. that's awesome. i love this next story because i have twin girls and i can't
12:53 pm
double vision for a baby in new york. >> do you want dada? >> little reid can't decide which twin is his dad. these are the twin brothers. the baby struggles to pick which one is his dad out of this family video posted on youtube.
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