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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  WABC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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broken early on sunday morning with the overnight low. it's probably going to be at 2 degrees, maybe even zero. at this hour, 10, 12 degrees colder. 17 in the bronx, 13jfk. it is cold. it feels like zero in monticello. as we were saying, it's only going to get colder this weekend. the windchills, as we go into tonight, will be in the single digits. there's snow on the ground there. this northwest wind will keep cranking through the afternoon on friday. notice when you get to saturday, here's the overnight windchills. watch as the cold air pours in here saturday. the 11:00 a.m. real feel will be zero in the park and 17 below to our north and west. so as we go into saturday, more of this really cold arctic air pours in. windchills will be at 10 and 20
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we'll talk about when it will warm up again. david, shirleen, back to you. >> bill, thank you. as the temperature drops, remember you can get the accuweather forecast at your fingertips. download our free accutrap alert app. -- accutrack alert app. the manslaughter trial of a new york city police officer accused of fatally sooting an unarmed man resumed today. yesterday, jurors asked to handle the gun used by the officer. he claims wees startled by a noise and fired one shot in a dark stair well in a brooklyn york. killed. years in prison. now to the search for the man police say killed his girlfriend and two of her children on staten island. another young girl survived. exclusive video shows 23-year- old michael sykes before the stabbing spree.
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the hospital in the west brighton section. darla? >> reporter: well, that 2-year- old is still recovering here at richmond university medical center. she is in critical but stable condition as the family is mourning the loss of almost two generations and nypd is still searching for michael sykes. >> they are taking it real bad, especially my wife and her sisters, rebecca's sisters. they're taking it real hard. >> reporter: what makes it even harder is that no one knows where michael sykes is. this is exclusive video of the 23-year-old wednesday morning around 7:positive at a dell there -- 3:30 at a drill on victory -- 7:30 at a deli on victory boulevard. a 2-year-old named miracle is the only one to survive. >> everyone at the hospital has been doing their all to try to save that child. we thank them for their efforts.
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month-old baby girl maya died. his girlfriend, 26-year-old rebecca cutler also died and so did her 1-year-old daughter. >> they were happy. >> reporter: family members have been at richland university medical center with miracle. they say cutler struggled with a learning disability but was with sykes all of the time and everything seemed okay. >> she wanted to do for herself, and some things she couldn't do for herself. me and my wife were trying to help her do things. that's what me and her were for to help her get herself straight bed out. >> reporter: police say after michael sykes slaughtered the family of four, he called his mother to say what he had done and threatened suicide.
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in brooklyn. if you know of his whereabouts, please call crimestoppers at 1- 800-577-tips. darla miles, channel 7 "eyewitness news." now back to the breaking news we told about you at the top of the show. charges filed in connection with last year's gag explosion that killed two people and leveled three buildings in the east village. >> jim joins us from lower jim? >> reporter: you know it is so rare when these kinds of serious charges are put against a building owner and construction workers. it speaks to the gravity of what they've been charged with here, basically charged with doing something that could have easily been prevented. in fact, doing something criminal is the indictment against these five, including the building owner and five construction workers.
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video from last year as a reminder of how incredibly devastating that explosion was, it nearly brought down an entire city block. three buildings destroyed. two people were killed. at least a dozen people injured. now we have finally the indictment, the criminal indictments. we knew just really hours afterward from that explosion last march that this could be a criminal investigation and indeed, it was. here's what the district attorney had to say just moments ago about these indictments. >> they have to resist temptation to take these shortcuts. when you are responsible for the construction renovation and the powering of buildings, you are responsible for handling dangerous instruments. when you tinker around with the gas system, the electrical hookups as happened here, you have in effect weaponnized the building. >> reporter: here are the names of the people indicted today.
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manslaughter, the top charge here. that includes the building owner maria henrenko, her son and the plumber as well as the general contractor that was renovating the building as well as andrew trombettis. what's interesting is that andrew is the master plumber site. he is charged only with falsifying documents because he essentially, the allegation is, that he rented out his master plumber license to plumber anastacio who did all of the work, the work, according to the district attorney's office, an illegal gas setup which caused the explosion on march 26th. they are now facing charges of manslaughter as well as criminally negligent homicide. they will all be arraigned in court. we'll have more on that. for now, live in manhattan, jim hoffer, channel 7 "eyewitness
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>> we invite to you stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage in the charges of the east village explosion case. we have set up a slide show of images from the scene at following breaking news out of long island, jurors finding a man not guilty for causing a chain of events that led to the death of a nassau county police officer. prosecutors charged 28-year-old james ryan with aggravated vehicular homicide. detectives claiming ryan was driving wildly, recklessly, and drunk when he was struck by a car on the long island expressway in 2012. when officer olive iri responded, he was fate -- officer oliveiri responded, he was struck and killed by another car. cruisers collided while responding to a chase near livingston. they were responding to a
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burn and ended in livingston. they are finally back on solid ground. the anthem of the seas arrived back in port at bayonne. "eyewitness news" reporter mallory hoff talked to passengers about their ordeal. >> reporter: as pensions disembarked anthem of the seas, steps on landmarked the end of a rocky ocean voyage. >> we're glad to be home and to be alive. >> reporter: the world's third largest cruise ship traveled into a storm with 125 mile-per- hour winds. it captured chaos on board. more than 6,000 people anxiously waited out the weather. >> we were slanted on like a 25-degree angle. so it was very stressful for four hours on the slant. we didn't know if we were going down or not. >> reporter: tim and diana had hopes for a relaxing get way. >> the captain was almost in tears.
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>> reporter: royal caribbean says it has now storm avoidance policies. for these passengers, moments are now etched in memory of a vacation that wasn't. what memory will you take away from this week? >> being scared to death. frightened i wouldn't see my grandchildren again. >> reporter: mary was with her grandson. for them it was a bonding experience. >> i'm doing fine. it was wonderful. it was rocky, built could you imagine -- but could you imagine what people were like when christopher columbus came over? those were smaller ships. >> we just thought it was an adventure, didn't we? >> yep. >> reporter: one of the ships set sail and a grandmother who helped him learn to be the calm in the storm. how did it feel on there? was fine. >> reporter: passengers will be reimbursed for the week. they'll also get 50% off of a future royal caribbean voyage. some people on board told us,
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others said they would consider it. in bayonne, mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." a major step in the federal investigation of eric garner's death nearly two years ago. prosecutors had the gun presenting evidence to a federal grand garner died after being placed in an apparent choke hold by police in staten island in the summer of 2014. the grand jury is in place as a result of the civil rights investigation opened by the justice department at the end of 2014. the last four protesters occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon say they plan to give themselves up to authorities today. members of the fbi surrounded the compound in a tense standoff last night. the protesters seized the refuge in early january and opposed federal land use policies. the group's leader has been behind bars, and authorities arrested his father last night. the fbi picked up cliven bundy at the airport in portland on his way to the compound. the u.s. olympic committee
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the zika virus by hiring two infectious disease specialists to advise athletes. u.s. soccer star hope solo says she may skip the games in brazil because of the outbreak. meantime, the university of wisconsin madison is conducting a study of the virus on monkeys. they hope the blood samples will show how the virus spreads and lives in a new host. a major gang bust in new jersey to tell you about. meanwhile, in a separate case is the drug kingpin el chapo coming? >> and new developments in the tamir rice case. the 12-year-old shot and as a small business owner, here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows.
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there's plenty on the line when the presidential candidates get back in the ring in wisconsin. this is the first debate since bernie sanders' victory inp in money. sources say clinton's advisors are calling from big donor to backers in congress trying to ease concerns. now both camps will battle for minority voters and upcoming contests in south carolina and nevada. republican candidates are in full force in south carolina where the next primaries will take place. a south carolina win could clear his path to the republican nomination. and while ted cruz, winner of the iowa caucus, couldn't repeat that performance in new hampshire, he says he won't be deterred by trump's victory. there are now six republican candidates fighting for votes in south carolina. after chris christie and carly fiorina dropped out of the race, that is. the el chapo saga could
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making a stop in brooklyn. he would be tried to brooklyn federal court if mexico agrees to extradite him. he has been indicted in a number of u.s. cities including new york. city of cleveland has withdrawn a $500 bill for what was called tamir rice's last dying expense. rice was the 12-year-old boy fatally shot by officers in 2014 after his toy gun was mistaken for a real gun. city officials say a bill was automatically generated. medicaid paid for some of ems and ambulance services for rice after he was shot. now the city has absorbed the rest. a police department under fire. the federal government takes action against the city of ferguson. >> plus, teammates end up in a shoving match on the bench. what sparked this nba altercation? and taking a live look outside,
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what about the weekend, though?
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so we're seeing people walking by the studio, and they look miserable. >> yeah. and they are looking at me. [ laughter ] >> don't take it personally. >> no.
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>> in the commissary, they are like, you are scaring people. >> fortunately, the cold is coming on the weekend where we don't have to commute. it is coming on a weekend and it will be that dangerously cold air. so these folks on the upper west side are all bundled up here, and me, i was walking across these streets, and i was hating to wait at the red light. i was like, come on, man. this is not right. it is cold out there, but when you look at some live pictures that we have, we had a nice looking day outside with a mixture of sun and clouds. right now, you can see as we look out toward the west. as we looked toward the jackie onassis park, we have breaks of sun and temperatures are cold. they are 12 degrees colder than they should be for this hour of the day, 26 degrees.
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it's arc tim high pressure in the beginning stages. yesterday's high is 39. below freezing, right on into tuesday of next week. it is the coldest, and we're looking at temperatures that could drop to 2 degrees overnight saturday into sunday. that would tie the 100-year-old record. we haven't had a zero degree temperature since january 19 of 1994. so we had to go way back to get this kind of real cold. it's 25 on long island. 27 down the shore here. 16 around monticello. the wind has been mean and crafty. it's 24 down around belmar. these are the so far. it's 37 mile-per-hour winds tapping out there at jfk as the highest number so far. everybody's in that 30-mile range where you see that the windchills are in the teens. here at noontime, zero poughkeepsie.
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you right there that that's just this big arctic ridge of high pressure coming right down out of canada over us and will give us really cold air. the windchills, i show you as we go into friday and saturday. friday night at midnight, we're in the teens. wow. this is not even the coldest. i mean, it really gets cold into the rest of the weekend. so windy and colder with a few flurries. it will feel like 5 to 15 for the rest of this afternoon. tomorrow we have that reinforcing shot coming in. that will put the hurt into saturday and valentine's day on this four-day holiday weekend. saturday, we'll be looking at these temperatures that are around 20 degrees, but they are dropping all day. so you'll see that it's going to be, like, 10 and 20 degrees below zero for real feel. and then on valentine's day,
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find a valentine, you know? snuggle up. >> that'll warm your heart. >> i'll be snuggling up with sandy, my doggie. >> absolutely, best snuggler. a dangerous stunt. a man scales a power pole causing chaos in one neighborhood. we'll show you what happens next. >> we have a channel 7 programming note for fans of abc's thursday night lineup.
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a man climbs a power pole. teammates scuffle on the bench and seeing inside of the matte matrix. we begin with the man on that electrical pole that caused a power outage for thousands of people. you can see the man standing on top of the high voltage pole on holy wood. the man -- hollywood. the man was shocked and fell to the ground. thankfully, he survived but is in critical condition. this is certainly something you don't want to see. teammates hear case and archie -- marquis and archie got into
12:24 pm
they shoved each other before the scuffle was broken up. they returned to the game, but the suns lost to the golden state warriors. if you are going to jump inside of the matrix, why not bring a set of skis. skier nicholas showed us what it would be like to ski inside of the matrix by creating a fascinating video of himself in 360 degree slow motion. he did it by tying his iphone on a string and twirling it around on his head. much more news ahead in our next hour. reaction coming in after a man charged in the death of a long island police officer was found
12:25 pm
we continue to follow breaking news. five people charged in the east village explosion that killed two people and injured 22 others. the grand jury indicted construction workers and the manhattan district attorney claims the defendant set up an illegal gas delivery system. we're expected to go in front of a judge this afternoon in this case. police are still trying to find a man accused of killing his girlfriend and two of her children on staten island. exclusive video shows michael sykes before the stabbing at the ramada in the westerleigh section. two children died and the third
12:26 pm
in the hospital in critical condition. get ready for a bitter blast. temperatures are dropping and this weekend could fall to around zero degrees. bill evans will have another update in a few minutes. we begin this half hour with a developing story with a change of events that killed a nassau county police officer found not guilty of the highest count. >> however, he was found guilty on other charges and faces jail time. kristin thorn is live as reaction starts to fill in. kristin? >> reporter: dave and shirleen, yes. james ryan found not guilty of the top charges of aggravated vehicular homicide but found guilty on many other charges, including manslaughter and aggravated criminally negligent homicide. he faces up to 15 years in prison. the attorney for james ryan says, yes, of course they are pleased that he was found not
12:27 pm
really, they were hoping he would get dismissed on many of his other charges. 10 in total he was found guilty of. he was found guilty first of all of driving drunk on the l.i.e. causing a multi-vehicle accident that nassau county police officer joseph oliveiri was responding to. the officer acrossed the l.i.e. to get to some of the cars when he was hit by a different car. that driver is not being held responsible in the death. ryan's attorney says they will be appealing the jury's decision. >> we were obviously very hopeful all along that this would go our way. the appellate issue is still a significant one. i believe the poll lat courts will look at this and change what happened here. >> we are disappointed about the top charge. there's no question that this is an appropriate verdict and the jury did the right thing.
12:28 pm
behind his father and two children. live in mineola, i'm kristin thorn, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. new at noon, a music teacher in connecticut was put on paid leave after being charged with assaulting a special education student. police say lydia strudel, a teacher called the 13-year-old girl names and yelled at her. then she allege lid pulled the girl's wrist and forced her into a chair. the girl had bruises and scratches on her shoulder. we're learning more about a brooklyn man accused of beating and raping a 56-year- old woman in her apartment building. raymond jenkins was arrested. he shouted he was innocent to his sister and pregnant wife after he was led out of the bronx special victims until last night. the alleged assault took place in the twin parks houses in university heights last friday night. the city of ferguson
12:29 pm
afternoon, and it's coming from the federal government who's suing the city after the investigation found a pattern of excessive force and racial discrimination in the police department there. abc'ss would did i cha nanny live in washington d.c. with the latest on this story. >> reporter: good afternoon, david. ferguson city council wants to renegotiate with the justice department but the attorney general says time is up. >> reporter: a new battle in ferguson, missouri. the justice department is suing the city for violating the residents' civil rights. >> they were expansive and deliberate, stopping people without reasonable suspicion and using unreasonable force. these violations were not only egregious, they were routine driven at least in part by racial bias. >> reporter: the la you the come as of a surprise move by the city council voting to push back against the settlement the
12:30 pm
department after months of negotiations. >> i think the things we asked for are reasonable. >> reporter: city leaders want to amend the agreement which they say the sze can't afford to implement but attorney general lynch isn't buying that argument. >> the department of justice and ferguson's own negotiators came to an agreement that was both fair and cost effective. >> reporter: lynch says city leaders heave her no other choice, forcing litigation to protect the rights of residents, who she says are treated unfairly by police and a profit-driven court system. justice. they should not be forced to wait any longer. >> reporter: this case goes to trial unless they can settle it first. in washington, bazi kanani, david? >> thank you. a traffic accident left a manhattan woman dead after she was struck and killed during a
12:31 pm
police say a flatbed truck ran into 63-year-old maria last night in washington heights. she was and broadway just before 9:00. she died a short time later at the hospital. no charges against the driver of the flatbed. new readings are revealing alarming detail about the leak at the indian point nuclear power plant. measurements show the level of radioactive contaminated water leaking into ground water has increased by 80% since the initial reports last week. entergy, which operates the plant insists there is no harm to public safety. critics are questioning that claim because investigators have yet to pinpoint how the leak happened. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans. forecast. >> yes, well said. as we look to the afternoon, we've got clouds and sun, but
12:32 pm
40 degrees and 2:00, 3:00, it should be about 41. after school, kiddos, it will be blustery and cold. it will be 29 but feel like the teens around the five boroughs and single digits in the suburbs. get ready for really cold weather. fortunately there is a four-day holiday involving president's all of that. up. david, shirleen, back to you guys. the city of newark taking on uber. the mayor wants lawmakers to step in after what he calls issues with uber at the airport and penn station.
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because the time to think about today. go long. president eric adams held a rally to show solidarity in brooklyn. the rally comes just hours after police started investigating a possible hate crime in crown heights. surveillance video shows the man they are looking for. the victim was stabbed in the back yesterday morning as he stood in full hasidic garb in front of a building in crown heights. the victim suffered a collapsed lung, but he is expected to survive. an attack on a rush hour train leading fleece ask for the public's help. investigators say the man kicked and spat on a woman monday morning on a northbound number one train as he got off
12:36 pm
i hope the public can help find him. playing with a gun while on a hover board proved to be a deadly mistake. a 13-year-old boy in orlando was killed by a gunshot to the head in a relative's home. an 18-year-old said he was playing with the gun on a hover board when he fell and the gun went off. the homeowner faces charges. a university of missouri confrontation with student journalists. melissa click was caught on camera demanding some muss toll kick a student videographer off november. she claims she wasn't calling for violence. click says she acted because she didn't see a police presence on campus that day >> i certainly wish i hadn't done anything that was worthy of being in a viral video. so again, i'm sorry for my behavior in the video. i wish i could take it back.
12:37 pm
job after the incident. she was also charged with misdemeanor assault. prosecutors say the charges will be dropped if click completes community service. lamar odom is reportedly heading back to new york city. reports say the queens native was seen last night boarding a private plane from california to new york with chloe kardashian. odom plans to attend kanye west's fashion show this afternoon in madison square garden. this would be his first public appearance since being placed on life support in october. he was released from a los angeles hospital last month. demonstrators both for and against beyonce plan to face off next week. those against the entertainer are upset with her new song "formation" that she performed during the super bowl. many say it is antipolice. the protest is planned for next
12:38 pm
beyonce supporters are calling for a counterprotest. new work versus uber. the city reportedly threatening to tow drivers at the airport and train station. now the mayor is calling on lawmakers for help.
12:39 pm
. new at noon, as newark wrestles with the influx of uber cars into its city, the mayor is calling for tougher regulations after problems with airport and penn station overcrowding. the city is staying they are violating the city's taxicab ordinance. officials say the ordinance requires licensing of commercial vehicles to pick up passengers at the train station and airport. as a result, the mayor says lawmakers need to introduce regulations to combat the problem. a first of its kind report
12:40 pm
are making the roads safer. a study by mothers against drunk driving found car locking systems stopped 3 million people from driving drunk since 19 . valentine's day is a true labor of love for one family in virginia. the loving family goes all out in the days leading up to february 14th. anyone passing by their home is treated to a display of so much love, the front yard filled with 4 foot high hearts and even a kissing booth. stephanie loving, that's her name, is the mastermind behind all of this. so she had no choice in this. her name is loving. she works up ideas all year and gets to workweeks in advance on the project. >> the second day after christmas, i start decorating for valentine's. it's the day i look forward to the most. i absolutely love it. every year, i try to put something new out there for people to enjoy.
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she says her love for valentine's day started when she was just a little kid. she would receive cards and classmates to loving. we are hoping to make it a lovely valentine's day to you. so use twitter and use the hashtag #abc 7ny. >> david's middle name is loving. >> she had no choice. you can't be mean and evil with a last name of loving. we're going to be cold this weekend. >> yes, i mean it is the weekend where you know me. >> yes, we do. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to be on the couch with the potato chips. here we go.
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camera downtown from our camera you can see a few little clouds. i wouldn't be surprised if a few flurries breaking out. this extremely arctic air is squeezing out the moisture. arctic air is very dense. a mountain of air is spreading over us. 25 is the temperature at northport and massa peek with a and 23 out toward hauppauge. the real feels are in the teens to 9 around islip. 3 below toward monticello.
12:43 pm
single digits and below zero. tomorrow's windchills are in the teens. has the real feel all day. then saturday around noontime just keeps dropping here. look at this, 18 below the windchill toward monticello. windy and colder will be cold tonight. we'll have snow showers. some snow squalls that actually pop up on saturday. so it is going to be quite cold as we go into friday. you can see the front diving in and through the area. it will be coming right to us. we'll be seeing saturday as the cold air. that will be the coldest coming in on saturday. we have the windchills up to the north and west even at 20 and 30 below. then on valentine's day, we'll see the cold air settling in here. when the windchills are that cold, it will be very little in the way that the sun's going to warm anything up. so we'll be looking at
12:44 pm
in the 30s on monday. snow on tuesday. there you see it, 44 degrees. forward to. >> at least it warms back up. >> thank you, bill. two-thirds of u.s. adults are classified as overweight or obese. now a new study from johns hopkins university reveals those popular weight loss actually help. researchers believe many of the programs may not be adhering to medical standards of weight loss set by the american heart association. the american college of cardiology and the obesity society as well. >> my take on this is a number of possible explanations. number one, a center may choose deliberately to pursue their own approach, which is fine, as long as you are transparent about that and you want to follow your own recipe. what would be more concerning is if they were unaware there
12:45 pm
should be ideally be followed. >> researchers looked at nearly 200 programs. they found that as few as 1 in 10 programs adhered to recommended guidelines based on their web site content. a crucial change may pave the way for the blind to hit the roads. the first person chosen to test ride google's driverless car. he says it is a liberating experience. he was disappointed to learn that california's autonomous cars still need a licensed driver behind the wheel. federal regulators say the driver does not have to be human. he hopes california will change its definition of the driver as well. i think we just had a sneak peek of the future right there. >> absolutely. it's not like the jetsons of yesterdayer year.
12:46 pm
dishes that are truly chew inspired. carla's cooking with a mom who
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hi, everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. coming up later, bitter cold temperatures are moving in money we'll take a look at what you can do around your home right now to keep the cold air out. >> and a chocolate shortage? say it isn't so. it means prices are up this valentine's day. you are getting. we're going to tell you about one ingredient that you don't want in your chocolate. we're also going to tell you about how to store your chocolate. of course storing chocolate's never been a problem for me. that whitman's sampler is gone in a flash. >> i mean, they had a whole chocolate shortage. >> what a coincidence, just when we're going to buy this. >> it's extortion!
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we begin with a 13-year-old who created a powerful video on youtube about something we all have been talking about, and that's cyberbullying. lou wanted to show how virtual bullying still has a physical impact. in the video, you see him getting bullied on various social media platforms. he says he really was that kid and knows exactly how it impacts self-esteem. that is why i came up with the stop, block, and tell method, which he explains at the end of the video. he says he really wanted to speak out using a medium he is passionate about, which is film-making. >> the internet also has sweet vied videos. we have a heart warming prom posal. a student in lansing, michigan knew special would happen when they quoted the student jokingly telling her disabled friend she would ask him to the prom when pigs fly.
12:49 pm
decorated to look like pigs flying and fellow students spelling out prom as the crowd goes crazy. he says yes. gives her a rose. prom set for may 13th. mission accomplished. >> bravo. i love it! >> first time i've seen pigs fly. that works. >> excellent. that's going to do it for this edition of "eyewitness news."
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