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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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temperatures will continue to become very low. below freezing in a lot of places. then we've got the peak wind gusts. the single digits. we're going to get these single digit readings from here on out. so we'll continue to seat mercury go lower. temperatures fall, and then the winds continue to pick up. so the feels-like will remain in the single digits and go below zero. it'll go as low as 20 below in and around the we could see down to 30 below our readings showing up for these areas here in the brighter pink to the north and west. the winds settle down and we see improvements in the
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combined with the winds that are starting to shake the cameras all over the city. more details are coming up. michelle? our top story this morning, that arctic blast and what you need to do to stay safe and warm as temperatures continue to plunge. >> mainer de blasio's news conference on the conditions is expected to get under way. we'll bring that to you live. meantime, marcus solis is going to join us live from the office of emergency management in downtown brooklyn with the hey, marcus. >> reporter: we're expecting updated numbers. we know at least 2,000 people are calling 311 with complaints of no heat as the arctic air settles in overnight. the concern is for the homeless. outreach teens were out trying to bring people in off the street.
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we know more than 200 went into the city's hospitals to deal with the areas that have been taken. the construction cranes are secured. we are expecting gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour. obviously trying to avoid a repeat of last week's crane collapse. the fdny has been out inspecting its fire hydrants making sure they are not frozen. then the other big concern, the city's public housing complex. the housing authority has over 2,000 boilers and a 300-plus housing complexes. and they've tested all of those to make sure they are working properly. again, the big key is to try and avoid being out in this cold weather. >> it hasn't been that bad of a winter so hopefully it's just this weekend. >> you will see a lot less people walking even in the daytime and even in the nighttime. they will probably be at home trying to warm up.
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no heat in your building, call 311. we'll be bringing it to you as we get the update from the mayor. we're continuing to follow breaking news in new jersey right now. firefighters are on the scene as flames tear through an apartment building in patterson. the fire broke out on main street. fire out of control. the red cross responded to the scene to help folks who were forced out of the homes and into the cold. certainly not the bright weather for that kind of story. also breaking, police are investigating a deadly shooting inside of an upper manhattan bar. police say two men were shot inside harlem knights bar. the violence broke out just after 3:00 this morning. a 22-year-old man was shot twice in the back. he died at the hospital. a 24-year-old man who was shot in the leg is now recovering.
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a man is facing charges accused of running over a teenager after an alleged robbery in brooklyn. phillip pierre was taken into custody. surveillance video shows pierre meeting with zachary sam after sam arranged to buy a $200 pair of sneakers from pierre. instead, police say sam pulled a gun and stole those sneakers. that's when the video shows pierre make a u turn and drive straight into the teen. pierre's cousin says he was trying to keep the teen there until police arrived. showing. if someone pointed a gun at your head, you would tray to get the cops to catch him what would you do? would you just let him go? >> the teenager's arm was severed when he was run over. despite the serious injury, he ran from the scene onto a city bus. the driver told him he needed medical help, but instead, the
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collapsed. he is in the hospital now recovering from surgery and will be charged. rail service at penn station is back on track after an ugly evening commute. emergency track repairs caused service delays on a long island railroad, new jersey transit lines and also amtrak at the height of rush hour. penn station was packed. a brutal assault caught on camera aboard a city bus in brooklyn. the dramatic video shows a man pummeling a 62-year-old driver in east flatbush. all of this happened last month but the cops recently released the video. the attacker then seen standing outside of the door of the bus taunting the driver to come out and fight. police, of course, now hoping someone recognizes that man on the right of your screen and comes forward to authorities
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pull up the covers and maybe use them as a napkin. time for breakfast in bed. later this morning, we'll be whipping up healthy, simple treats and delicious ones for valentine's day. i think we have to try them, too. be sure to stay tuned for that later in the 9:00 hour. >> we love to eat. it all comes together on valentine's day. >> of course it does. also, political news. six republican presidential candidates are hoping to be the recipients of southern hospitality as they take the debate stage in south carolina. a critical debate and we'll have a preview coming up. amy? cold side. right now in the boroughs, teens. fast. this is the warmest it will be all day and matching the winds hour. we have single digit windchill readings happening right now. it gets even colder as the afternoon goes on. we'll have the most dangerous time periods coming up next.
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we'll go to the news conference. the mayor starting a news conference about the cold right now. >> o.e.m. commissioner, fire commissioner dan nigro. we have in housing preservation development, fist deputy commissioner don shackknife. the chair of the housing authority, shola. and our commissioner steve banks, health commissioner dr. mary bassett, aging commissioner donna perotto and deputy commissioner for enforcement timothy hogan. as you can see, all city agencies are on alert and working together to address this challenge. we're headed into the coldest part of the forecast now. the city is facing some of the coldest temperatures and windchills we've seen in the last 20 years. i want to emphasize to all new
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situation is and how much people should change their habits over the next 24 to 48 hours this must be taken seriously. it's some of the coldest temperatures and windchills we've seen in the last 20 years. right now, temperatures are at 1 but when you add in windchills, it feels like negative 2. we are expecting sustained winds of 25 to 30 miles per hour today with gusts as high as 50 miles per hour. so on top of the extreme cold, we have wind that really will affect everyone who's outside, not only in terms of making it colder, but also making it hard to get around. that's another good reason why
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the maximum extent possible. the warmer temperatures have now passed. everything we'll see in the next 24 hours will just get colder and colder. so again, right now, it feels like will get worse as temperatures will with windchill values, we expect a infective degree reading. 25 below zero. i want everyone to know it's so important to take this seriously to stay indoors to the maximum extent possible. if for any reason you have to go out, go out for as little time as possible. bundle up, lots of players. do not have skin exposed. these are very tough conditions, especially for people who are more vulnerable. they are dangerous conditions
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people who have diseases and conditions that could already compromise their health like cardio vascular situations and lung conditions. we want people to be very, very careful. we also want to emphasize anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not recognize just how dangerous these conditions are. people really need to look out for their friends and make sure people do not stay outside in these conditions. wear extra clothing and do all of the common sense things to protect yourself. the national weather service has moved up its windchill advisory to 1:00 today. that will continue through noon tomorrow. as we know, we have to be prepared for that to continue. just because now it's advised longer. certainly, we know starting at
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noon sunday at minimum, this windchill advisory is in effect. >> temperatures on sunday will remain in the low to mid-teens, and we are not forecast to get above the freezing mark before mid-afternoon or late afternoon on monday. an additional factor, we are expecting to get snow. we watch the weather service reports, and they change freakily because the weather changes. at this moment, we're expecting only 1 to 2 inches of accumulation on monday. we do not expect more than that. at some point, that will change into a wintry mix and freezing rain and then regular rain through the course of the day monday. that, again, could change. we'll keep you updated. we do expect some minor coastal flooding tuesday morning, but it should be less than what we experienced last week. so we're going to keep you updated on that as well.
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should be monitoring the weather forecast regularly to look for these changes and look for adjustments that you have to make. now, our cold blue plan remains in effect. we've been conducting intensive outreach all over the city, encouraging everyone on the streets to come into shelter. last night, our homeless outreach called in 62 people from the cold. in addition, 207 individuals walked in to our health and hospitals facilities to escape the cold. so combined, almost 270 people came in. i want to remind all new yorkers to please look out for your neighbors, check in on your neighbors, particularly or seen your citizens and folks with health problems and disabilities. also stay in touch with your friends, family and make sure everyone knows about the precautions they should take and another reminder, bring
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this is not a situation where pets should be outside for prolonged periods of time. if you do not have heat or hot water, call 311 immediately. very important point. we have really been trying to get this point across intensely. if you do not have heat or hot water, call 311 immediately so we can act on that. i want to give you an update on our housing authority, which has at this point all of our developments have heat. the housing authority has prepared, weatherized and prepared all 2,000 boilers in our developments and 24-hour response teams in place. also, want you to know in terms of our department of housing preservation, we have ated 50 staff for duty this weekend. now 150 are on duty to respond to heat and hot water complaints. overnight, we received 388 complaints, although, a number
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people calling from the same building, but hpd is ready and has beefed up its operation be able to respond to nip and all complaints -- to any and all complaints. that's the basic update. i want to remind people we have another challenge that comes in the cold weather, which is that people have a lack of heat in their homes trying to improvise. they open up the stove and use other types of informal sources to heat their home. that could be very dangerous. the better solution is to call us so we can get your heat restored or go someplace with friends and family where the heat is working but do not improvise. that could lead to other dangers like fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. we want to remind new yorkers, most fires occur in the winter months for this very reason. so please do not improvise when it comes to heat for your home.
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detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working. one other point. because of these extreme winds that we're having, yesterday we ordered all of the cranes to be secured and out of operation. that was accomplished late yesterday. so nobody of our construction cranes will be operational today given these winds. pay couple of words in spanish before we take your questions.
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spanish ] >> if you'd like to continue watching the press conference, go to and we do want to see how you are coping with this arctic blast this weekend. post your photos on social media using the hashtag #show >> exactly. and the mayor had a few good pointers saying obviously if you can stay indoors, stay there. check on the elderly, check on neighbors. get the pets inside, and if you are having problems with hot water or heat, call 311. most importantly, windchills in
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welcome back, everybody. a man is in custody this
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chase that led police through four counties in north texas. the 26-year-old driver took off after refusing to pull over for officers last night. investigators say at times the driver was going as fast as 100 miles per hour with his headlights off. eventually, officers stopped the car using the spike strips. that caused the driver ultimately to crash. well -- >> scary. >> crashes aside, i'd rather be in texas right now than up here. >> we've been checking around the country to see what temperatures are elsewhere. it will be 25 below. >> yeah in the northeast, we've got this arctic air coming in. it's the double whammy. it's not just the temperatures dropping off, which could be near record tonight, but also the wind speed. we have a sustained speed of 25 miles per hour and a windchill
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>> after hearing about the winds, i'm glad to hear from the mayor that the cranes have been taken down. >> and avoid being outdoors if at all possible. through the afternoon, we have the threat of severe conditions. the temperatures don't recover through midday tomorrow. from here on out, harsh cold conditions across the entire area. so that's where the warning is coming in. it will be dramatically cold and strong winds. beautiful skies to look at as you peek out the window. it just doesn't stay that way. unfortunately, we've got temperatures that are below freezing and falling fast. 21 on the thermometer matched with winds. it we've got a feels-like temperature of 8 degrees. west winds currently at 18 and
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wind gusts, central park, teeterboro, white plains with a 40 mile-per-hour wind. right now, temperatures are in the teens and 20s. now that the winds are starting to pick up, we're seeing the windchills drop off into the single digits. soon, they will be below zero windchills. those numbers are with us all night tonight into tomorrow morning. so feeling like 20 or 30 below. what this actually means is it's the danger to exposed skin. so if you have to go out, that's why the layering up having as little as possible of your skin showing is the best advice. the cold air takes warmth away from your body so quickly that the blood vessels constrict. that makes it dangerous for your skin. if you can avoid everything this afternoon and into tomorrow morning it's great. this is the biggest chill that we've had so far this winter. we're staring down the potential of a 100-year record. coming out of the northwest,
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quick, brief snow squalls. they don't last long this morning. we're expecting all of that to sort of wrap up as we see the coldest air get in at this hour. right through tonight, 20 to 25 below zero windchills. that's for the areas just above the dark purple. then building the small area here, 25 to 30 degree windchills. those will be where the winds are the strongest up to 40 miles per hour. you watch the futurecast windchill. by noon today, we're getting below zero readings. by tonight, we're going down 10, even 15 below zero with the windchills all the way through tomorrow morning. this will be an intense time period, though money 11:00 into the pre-dawn hours. hopefully there won't be a lot of people outdoors but early tomorrow morning, trying to get out and about. we're not out of the threat until midnight on sunday. tracking the storm that's coming in on monday, bringing us the potential for for snow showers early monday and
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and wintry mix with the soaking rain expected right into tuesday. down to 2 degrees tonight in the city and even colder in the outlying areas. 17 tomorrow with subzero windchills. the accuweather seven-day forecast, got to find a way to stay warm with your valentine tomorrow, that's for sure. this will tie our coldest valentine's ever it looks like. 34 on monday sounds like a nice recovery, but 350 on tuesday. temperatures are 50 degrees warmer within a short amount of time. then the rain coming in that has a lot of moisture in it. so the rain will be heavy at times as well, too. >> let your faucets drip.
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welcome back, everybody. it's 9:25. >> let's talk sports with rob powers. >> good morning, everybody. let's start with basketball. the nba all-star weekend is underway in toronto. the game is tomorrow.
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today, so that leaves last night. the rising stars challenge young american players against international nba players, including the knicks porzingis. bogdanowicz played well as well. porzingis showed he can run the floor and the crowd ate it up. team usa wins 157-154. a lot of familiar names for finalists for induction into the basketball hall of fame. sheryl swoopes up for induction, so is shaquille o'neal. won four titles and top ten career scoring. allen iverson is on the list as well we will know who's in, in april. induction is in september. the nicks' carmelo anthony at the all-star game voted with
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commission and will come back home and rally the troops. >> we've got to put everything off to the side. forget about what happened with the coaching change. kind of believing what's going on. buy into it and get the footage. well, he will never learn, mejia is the first player to be banned from baseball under the new drug rules. three positive tests within a year. it's been suspended several games then yesterday a permanent suspension. he can apply for reinstatement in a year. after seven appearances, he was suspended again. two of the positive tests came while he was already under suspension. meanwhile, first official workout for mets pitchers and catchers a week from yesterday.
9:27 am
st. lucie already. hoping the mets will stay on track for another one. >> that's my main goal, to make every start and log as many innings as i can. >> reporter: the yankees have avoided salary arbitration with new closer chatman with a one- million. meanwhile, masihiro tanaka had and he feels fine. he doesn't know when he'll make that regular season start. let's wrap things up with hockey. the rangers have been playing well. in this one, they fell behind early. they do battle back. eric stefan makes it 2-2. less than five minutes to go, kevin hayes up 4-3. scoring a hat trick, the third goal goes off the rangers' kevin kline. it's the kings' tanner pierson. that's it the rangers lose it 5-4 in o. t. that's their first
9:28 am
whatever happens this weekend, laura's got you covered. i'm rob powers. i'll see you back here on monday. it is reassuring on a day like today to hear rob talk about things like spring trainingp. >> pitchers and catchers. that's all we have. that's our space heater for now. we have lots coming up including the day's top
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"eyewitness news." the sun is out and it's not a lot of sunshine on this february 13th. an arctic blast is bringing in the coldest temperatures we have seen in a century. we're tracking the temperature and letting you no he how low it will go.
9:30 am
conference 20 years since we've had weather this cold. good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. your home. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. saturday morning. we're in for a very dangerous deep freeze today. >> it's only going to get worse. let's check in now with amy in the middle of it outside of ayou are studios. you see the winds and what's going on. >> reporter: this is just the beginning. temperatures are relatively mild compared to what we're forecasting. winds are gusting and it's uncomfortable. we're looking at very harsh conditions which will take our temperatures down to the single digits and increase the wind speeds as much as 30 to 40 miles per hour some some cases.
9:31 am
indoors without feeling the sing in your face. conditions are so severe you can get frostbite within 15 minutes of having your flesh exposed. it's not just the temperatures and a lot of wind. it is just harsh and hazardous. looking outside, it doesn't look so bad, especially with i mean, quite spectacular. our cameras are bouncing with the wind gusts picking up all the way to 35 to 40 miles per hour. feels like 8 degrees right now. latest wind reading out of jfk, 41 miles per hour. that makes for a windchill in the single digits. the windchills will not improve. instead, they will be getting worse throughout the day, feeling like 11 below right now in monticello.
9:32 am
when we get this strong wind and low temperatures later this afternoon, you can see the winds, the streamers are coming right across the radar there. snow squalls could develop north and west of the city. it's hard to escape feeling the windchill. if you are out for even a few minutes it will take your breath away. up to 25 below zero for the northwestern counties and extending into sullivan, oster and dutchess. this is what the warnings are all about. these numbers combine. you can't say it enough, just taking it easy until tomorrow morning. i'll talk about more in the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures can go down to 2 degrees and recover to 50 degrees by tuesday.
9:33 am
coming our way. >> i know, meantime, poor marcus is standing outside freezing as well. a code blue is in effect in new york city and expected to last through tomorrow. >> the focus for many is staying out of the cold. >> marcus? >> reporter: michelle, it's not so bad but when the wind kicks in, that's when you feel the difference. it's been getting windier and windier throughout this morning. we did hear from the mayor. the numbers are not changing so much from what we had previously. the worst is still yet to come. overnight, outreach crews tried to bring in homeless people off the streets. 67 people taking to shelters
9:34 am
of the cold to hospitals. there will be no construction work involving cranes this weekend. they have been secured to make sure we don't have a repeat of last week's accident. as for public housing developments, the heat is on and working in owl 300-plus developments. they setted all 3,000 boilers and we know the worst is yet to come. the mayor says if the heat goes out, don't use your stove to heat up your apartment. you should be calling 311. >> people have a lack of heat in their homes try to improvise. they open up the stove and use informal sources to heat their home. that could be very dangerous.
9:35 am
us so we can get your heat restored. >> reporter: 311 is the number to call. if there is a problem with the heat, 50 extra staffers are making sure they can handle the influx of calls. we're live in downtown, marcus news." >> thank you so much, marcus. for more on conditions in your neighborhood and tips on coping site, we want to see how you are coping with the arctic blast. post your photos using the hashtag #show the cold. in other news, hoping to avoid the anthem of the cruiseship expecting to set sail on an eight-day voyage to the bahamas. it will be first trip since propeller failed. the pro teller has been
9:36 am
says everything is on track for an on-time departure. two men are facing charges after they got drunk and tore apart a bodega in the melrose section last month. video is only available now. police say the two were locked inside by the store's owner after they were caught stealing. that's when they trashed the place. firefighters have finally controlled that fire in new jersey that burned out of control for nearly 20 hours, destroying half a million square feet. the fire generated so much smoke, schools in the area could not even open their doors yesterday. coming up next on
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morning, let's warm things up. valentine's day concerned with the most important meal of the day. we'll show you simple recipes you can whip up for your sweetheart. >> and our sweetheart, meteorologist amy freeze living up to her name with the latest
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i just got a tweet from someone who i don't think has been listening carefully. she's like, what's all of the hubbub about? this is normal for february. that's the whole point. this is not normal, right? >> no. these are extreme conditions. as i was talking, temperatures fall into single digits a couple times a winter, but it's the wind temperature combination that makes for the danger.
9:39 am
that's on your skin and pulls it away from your body. so your blood vessels start to constrict. physiologically, your flesh could freeze if you are outdoors for a prolonged period of time. living in cities and suburban areas, people have a lot of shelters, so this doesn't happen frequently. the early stages of this which is called frost nip or hypothermia, which you don't know it's happening to you if you are outside for a long period of time and you continue to endure it. the conditions may overtake you before you even realize what's going on. >> ah. >> so take it easy and be smart. you'll be just fine. it's worthy of a caution because you don't want to get caught off guard somewhere, where you are stranded in these conditions for even 15, 20 minutes. that can be way more than uncomfortable. that could be dangerous
9:40 am
you could be taking medications that make you more susceptible. team temperatures are falling and rising with wind speeds. windchill factors are in the single digits and low to mid- teens. the combined thermometer reading plus the wind speeds. the feels-like temperature is just your bare skin out there in the open can cause problems. the coldest we had last winter was we were in the extremes all month of february most of the winter. we went down to 2 degrees february 20th. the coldest ever 15 below in 1934 during the month of february that that happened. so this cold air mass is not unusual. the strength of the winds
9:41 am
makes for the serious situation. so late tonight, really early evening to late tonight, we're expecting these threatening windchills. 10 to 20 below zero in and and the boroughs in long island. farther north and west, 25 below zero windchills and down to 30 below windchills for the northern counties. that's real extreme cold. watch the windchills here on the futurecast right through the afternoon. we start to go below zero with the windchill readings. then by early tomorrow morning, feeling like 15 to 20 below zero. by mid-morning, we start to see numbers come up because the windchills come up as the it 'em chores improve and winds settle down.
9:42 am
way across the ohio/tennessee river valley. the warm air coming in right behind it will quickly change over and create quite a mess as far as wintry precipitation. pay attention here. the numbers are going down 2 degrees tonight. tomorrow 17. then a quick recovery with the temperatures going to 34 on monday to 50 degrees on tuesday. what a swing that'll be. don't like the weather? stick around, it will change. weather is a lot more sensible through the middle to late part of next week. still above average for this time of year. valentine's day will be a cold one. >> i think the idea of having to stay indoors and being valentine's day, i think that all fits together nicely.
9:43 am
fine with that. we can all show our love on this valentine's day with breakfast in bed. we'll check out simple, healthy recipes. >> let's look at the community calendar featuring a timeless hit by a man named vanilla ice, real name robert van winkle. in honor of today's weekend weather this is, say it with me now. say it, michelle, let it play. say it. >> i'm not saying anything. >> ice, ice, baby. roll it. >> [music] >> reporter: on long island, the mind boggling i love reading magic show combines circus skills and comedy wild also creating boats. visit the edge center open
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welcome back, everybody. you've got a few more hours to all squared away. why not kick off your day with some breakfast in bed? >> weir whipping up a little goodness with shannon. love you. and they are healthy. >> they are healthy because valentine's day is all about indulging but still keeping it healthy in moderation. >> here we go. >> three ingredient pancakes.
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the extra sugar. this brown sugar blend bakes and cooks with sugar but with 75% less calories. >> delicious. >> next are dates that are certified heart healthy. we'll stuff them with almond butter and peanut butter. all i've done is taken that date and removed the pit inside. so we get the whole fruit. these dates are perfect for valentine's day because they taste like candy already. you can indulge without feeling good. >> this is so good. >> this is a lot healthier than the box of chocolates. these are great. >> isn't that delicious? >> all of these recipes are on
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you'll find great tips to stay healthy and hopefully warm this valentine's day. >> warm is critical right now. mm-mmm this is so good. >> i'm now reminded that peanut butter -- >> i was trying to stall but i couldn't. >> you need me to wrap up? >> yeah. >> maybe for the crumbs, talk about the tray in bread. >> >> happy valentine's day to you as well. >> we love to see how you are day. send us your videos and photos
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. new york is getting hit with dangerously low temperatures, and it's only going to get colder.
9:52 am
marcus solis has an update. good morning, marcus. not? this is the snow squall that amy was talking about. it's only going to get worse. overnight, outreach teams were trying to bring in the homeless from the cold. 62 people taken into shelters and another 207 walked in to city public hospitals to come in from the cold. mayor also repeating the fact that there will be no construction work involving cranes this weekend with the high wind gusts expected over 50 miles per hour. all cranes have been secured. we're obviously trying to avoid a repeat of what happened last week. another area of concern for the city is public housing developments over 300 of them,
9:53 am
right now, all of them are holding up. all residents in the public housing complexes do have heat. for whose two who don't have heat, don't improvise and run the stove or anything like that. your best bet if you are in need of heat is to call 311. of course the best advice is if you can stay indoors to avoid the cold that is your best bet. marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you so much. 53 people were forced out of their homes and into the cold when fire tore through an apartment building in patterson. firefighters battled against the frigid temperatures as they worked to get that fire under control. the red cross is helping out people who displaced. that does include a number of families there. amy, back inside. you looked deeply uncomfortable out there. it's rough. >> it's nasty. you don't want to be out in anything like that. it stings the face.
9:54 am
to find any comfort whatsoever being outside. low temperatures continue sink, dropping out like a rock, rock bottom tonight going to the single digit plus you've got the winds. winds are increasing. we're expecting feels-like temperatures again going down to 20, 25 below zero. so it's going to be an uncomfortable 12, 24 hours around here before we see the temperatures start to improve and the winds to settle down. it's not that it's windsor and it's cold, it's the combination of both low numbers going down to 2 degrees tonight and strong winds gusting up to 35, even 40 miles per hour. by tomorrow afternoon, relief temperatures going up into the upper teens. we're back above freezing on monday just as the snow/wintry mix comes in our direction. so that storm will have to definitely track. looks like we could get a quick dose of snow. then the temperatures really get warm fast and a soaking
9:55 am
>> what a roller coaster that's going to be. from 2 degrees to 50 in the forecast. >> three daysp. >> come on, tuesday. >> right? >> 100%. >> hang in there. >> warm thoughts. >> thank you, amy. i'm glad you are back inside. that's going to do it for us. >> thanks so much for being with us. stay safe, stay warm, please. >> we'd love to see you back as a small business owner, here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows. whether it's new space, more employees, or better equipment, things have a way of moving fast.
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announcer: jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus countdown." [penguins vocalizing] today, we meet animals that mate for life. sue, look how the penguins come to greet us. from penguins at the tip of south america to red river hogs in west africa. lee: they're always communicating. jack: it's the same one that squealed on us. in the high desert, flamingo couples nest in a big way. nico: this the egg of a flamingo. jack: no, it's not. julie: that's amazing. and wait till you see the golden lion tamarins. oh, wow, look at him.
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