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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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including some still worried now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. a commandling presence on the supreme court, born in new jersey, raised in queen,
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scalia, but first a weather alert. dangerously low temperatures continue tonight spool day tomorrowment i'm joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman. right now the temperature feels like below 0. the coldest valentine's day in 100 years. >> jeff smith is live with a first look at the forecast live from the upper side. >> reporter: yes, the worst of the cold is here. just a biting wind. the good news is i haven't seen a ton of people out here, so a lot of people heeding the warning to stay inside. we're staring down the barrel of a record low. if we get down to 2 by early tomorrow morning in central park that will be the coldest valentine's day in 100 years, and we're forecasting a low of 2. wind chill warnings in effect north of the city until noon tomorrow. wind chill advisories in effect for the rest of the area, including new york city where
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8 at la guardia, already tying a record for today. it's already town to 2 below 0 in monticello. combine that with the winds, and that's driving wind chills down to dangerously cold levels, well below 0. feels like 9 below in central park. feels like 20 below in monticello. the lows, forecasting a low of 2 in the morning, down to minus 4 in white plains, and these are temperature, not the wind chill. into the day tomorrow a lot of sunshine, sunshine will do nothing to warm us up though. only 17 for a high in central park, only up to 9 well north and west of the city. the lowest wind chills between 10 and 20 below 0 in and around new york city, 20 to 30 below north of west of the interstate, wear a lot of
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cold air sets up for accumulating snow eventually in the forecast. more object that later in the half hour. back to you. all right, we'll see you then. and remember you can keep track of this bitter cold weather in your area any time with the free weather alert app, and we want to see how you are coping with in arctic blast, so post photos on social media. he was a legal giant and a powerful conservative force. tonight the us remembers the life and legacy of supreme court justice scalia. he was the longest serving justice, raised in queen, and he died -- queens, and he died today at the age of 79. flags fly hat half staff -- at half staff, and president obama called for all flags to fly at half staff in his honor.
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from around the world. here's the details from washington dc. >> reporter: good evening. justice scalia has been remembered for his sharp mind and wit, and with his passing there's now a tremendous hole in the supreme court. he was known as conservative anchor of the supreme court, and his sudden death was marked by republicans and democrats alike. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyer, and students, and shaped the legal land shape. >> reporter: but there's already a political battle brewing. the senate majority leader threatening republicans won't confirm an obama nominee, and the presidential saying he'll fulfill his constitutional responsibility. >> there's plenty of time for me to do so, and the senate to give them a fair hearing.
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was the longest serving justice on the current supreme court, nominated by president reagan in 1986. >> it's the culmination of a dream of course, and i'm greatly honored that the president would have such confidence in me. >> reporter: he was confirmed unanimously by the senate, and became the first italian- american member of court. justice scalia reportedly died in his sleep of natural causes, leaving behind a wife and nine children. he was 79 years old. and though he was ever steadfast in his conservative beliefs, he haded no problem reaching across the political aisle, counting ruth bader ginsberg as one of his closest friends. >> he grew up in queens, and
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manhattan, graduating at the top of his class, the school even tweeted a photo of him as a student tremendoused in his rotc uniform. he was invited back there a couple of years ago and spoke at on rotc awards ceremony. >> very much he's a person of faith, and was a person of faith, and that was important to him and that faith was shaped by the faculty here, shaped by his time here, his education after this rooted in the life of the church. >> justice scalia was inducted into xavier high school's hall of fame in 1991. as both liberals and conservatives in washington mourn scalia, they're divided on whether president obama should pick his replace. tonight the president said he will nominate a replacement. we asked local lawmakers whether they think president obama will be able to get a
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year in office. >> there's no question one should delay this. the president is elected to a four-year term. the presidents have shown that many, many justices were chosen in the fourth year. >> you think it's going to be difficult for the president to get a nominee through unless it's someone who is much more central than the judges he's picked so far. >> both senator schumer and congressman king say scalia was an honored and respected figure. the republican candidates for president took the stage for a debate tonight in south carolina just hours after news broke of scalia's death. the first question they faced, should president obama be allowed to pick scalia's replacement. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going
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for a generation by allowing appointee. >> it's called delay, delay, >> reporter: much of the rest of the debate involved donald trump sparring with the other candidates, especially jeb bush in a series of often bizarre exchanges. >> it's really weak to call john mccain a loser -- >> i never called him that. >> that's outrageous. he's an american hero -- >> i've laid out my plan -- >> two days ago he said he'd take his pants off and moon everybody. nobody reports that. >> he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood -- >> you are the single biggest liar. probably worse than jeb bush. today. the suspect in a deadly stabbing of three people on staten island is under arrest
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detectives have been tracking his possible whereabouts since wednesday's attack. daughters died. a two-year-old remains in critical condition. all were stabbed. tonight the mayor thanked the nypd for their work and said quote, i hope the family members and her small children can find some amount of closure in knowing he's been apprehended. and two people are fighting for their lives after a fire broke out in the kings towers complex in harlen. a woman and -- harlem. a woman and child suffered smoke inhalation, and are in critical condition. tonight we learned that fire was sparked by a candle. a deadly shooting inside a new jersey store. coming up on eyewitness news, the store owner killed inside his own business, and the search is underway for the
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the pope's historic trip to mexico, day one kicking off with cheering crowds, a special welcome ceremony and a tough love message to the country's leaders. and turf battle.
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police in new jersey are are investigating the fatal shooting other of a bodega owner in pattern son. they responded to a call of
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night at the ellison mini mart, and found the owner, a 64-year- old with a gunshot wound. he was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. regular customers say they're stunned to learn of his murder. >> i've known him for about 15 years, and he's a very nice guy. very nice. a good man. >> so far police have no suspects and have not indicated shooting. the cruise ship battered and damaged in a mainly dry storm is back -- major storm is back at sea tonight. the anthem of the seas left on the next voyage this afternoon after undergoing repairs. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross has the story. >> reporter: the anthem of seas embarked on a new voyage saturday, a little less than a week after being battered in a
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while crews spent the last several days repairing damage aboard the vessel, the coast guard inspected it. >> i think they'll get it right this time. i'm not too worried. >> reporter: many of the ships new passengers feel confident this next journey will be different. >> i think it's going to be the most secure ship after last week. >> i don't think they would send us out if there was trouble. i'm hoping things will be fine, and if there was any sort of reservation they would not send us out. >> reporter: but others weren't so sure about stretching their sea legs so soon. with this man and his family deciding to postpone their trip. >> i don't feel comfortable getting on this ship right now. i really don't, and i don't want to put my family through it. i called royal caribbean, i said i don't even want my money back. just push it to a later date. >> reporter: the cruise is set to sail to orlando and then the
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section sunday, a time to make a whole new set of priceless memories. >> just relaxing, actually enjoying ourself, and renewing our wedding vows. >> the kids are looking forward to going to disney. >> reporter: and the ship set sail two hours late, we're not sure for the reason of that delay. a.j. news. a harrowing robbery, coming up, thieves kidnap and stab the victim. why this video could be the key to tracking down the crooks. also jennifer lawrence's generous gift. how she's showing her big heart right before valentine's day. and this bitter blast may be cold enough to freeze heart
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>> >. breaking news, we told you about this earlier in the show, just minutes ago police arrested the suspect accused of stabbing a woman and two of her daughters. a two-year-old girl survived. he is now charged with three counts of murder, attempted murder, and robbery. we're going to turn our attention now back to the bitter cold temperatures.
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expect it to be 2 tremendous or colder? >> yeah, two -- degrees or colder? >> yeah, 2 or colder. the coldest valentine's day in 100 years. might as well get the record if we're going to be this cold. head outside right now, and the camera that's looking over from queens to mid-town is just buffeted all night with the win. right now the temperature 6, the wind from the northwest at 10 busting up to 24 -- gusting up to 24. the high is misleading, temperatures have been falling since midnight last night when that was recorded. in the teens much of the day. the normals around 41 this time of year. the record for today is minus 1, but the record for tomorrow is 2. the record cold tonight into tomorrow morning. dangerous outdoors, any type of exposed flesh can freeze within minutes in this time of weather with wind chills down to
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20, and then a period of accumulating snow monday and tuesday. 2 below right now at monticello and we still have many more hours of night time yet, so the temperatures will fall slowly throughout the night. the people wind chill down to minus 9 in feeling more like 21 below 0 in monticello, and the wind chills get colder before they start warming up in the day tomorrow. wake up wind chills around minus 19 in central park. minus 33. this is unbelievable. areas well north and west of the city in the cat skills. these are actual temperatures, 2 by sunday morning in new york city. down to minus 10 in monticello and in the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, but the
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wake up to clouds monday morning. still cold. 15. then a storm coming in from the south and west, and cold enough initially to start as snow, but then rain monday night, and more prolonged snow north and west. here's the forecast tonight. partly cloudy, frigid breeze out there. predicting that record low of 2. bitterly cold, despite plenty of sun. the high only 17 tomorrow. very cold tomorrow night, increasing clouds, down to 12. snow developing monday. right now thinking probably about a coating to an inch of snow fall in and around central park. one to three inches probably north and west of new york city. milder tuesday with rain. 50 degrees, over to rain pretty quickly monday night along the coastal areas, and then start coloring things out by wednesday. mostly cloudy, 44. sunshine returning thursday.
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ride, and valentine's day, not many warm hearts out there. >> this dip is going to be heading back up. >> that's right. chocolate fixes everything. laura behnke has more. >> all right, some years, let's be honest, many years the slam dunk competition has been anything but exciting at the nba's all-star weekend, but this year is not one of the years. the names may not have been that big, but the donings were -- donees were huge. we'll take here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to
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the law of gravity apparently does not apply to everyone. laura behnke here to show us how. >> this was actually fun tonight. it really was. tomorrow night the east meets the west in the great white north. the nba all star game in toronto, but the action heated up tonight with the dunk competition. the only two guys you need to see, gordon, up first a couple major assists. both of them spectacular. he and levine went back and forth. the judges making the point guard the winner for the second year in a row.
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it was all finesse with the three-point competition. it came down to a pair of warriors. curry, the reining champion and thompson. this year it was thompson topping curry by four, and taking the coveted trophy. and anthony will be there tonight night for the game, but the question is will he still play for the knicks after the trade deadline. new york could be part of a three-team trade sending him to cleveland and love to boston, but the talks are preliminary. today anthony down played the rumors saying he's not going anywhere. >> i think it's a accumulation of just always hearing melo trade, and eventually you get tired of hearing it. >> and we get tired of reporting it. when we return the sports most
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weather pat en, that would be -- pat everybody. that would be -- pattern. that would be hockey.
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to go in the regular season, the islander are pick together a good time to string together a win streak, tonight the streak was at three, and with a win over the hurricanes tonight they make it a season best four in a row. all carolina at that start go. but it was 4-1, the hurricanes added a couple more, and two goals in the second of 6-3. the islanders win streak comes to an end. and first period new jersey in philadelphia, power play, it was 1-0 devils, stayed that way until the third. now it's the fliers with the man advantage. tied at 1 to overtime, and 2-1 the devils with the overtime win, and spiking of fliers -- speaking of fliers, tomorrow they're at the garden with a game that could get ugly.
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concussion last week against philadelphia. it was unknown if he'd play in the match, but expect this one to get tense. things already aren't good for the st. john's men, winless in the big east, but tonight it got even tougher on the road to face the top team in the land, villanova. at the half a one-point game, but nova getting it going in the second half. st. john's takes their 16th straights loss. also uconn trying to avoid back to back losses. huskies in country in tulsa, leading at the half, the lead back to 5. 75-73, huskies hang on for the win. this afternoon rutgers
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the take away, bringing it back for the finish with the dunk. we go to the second, off buck eyes. thompson with the honors. 79-69. rutgers is now 0 and 12 in the big ten. the road to the rio olympics is open, at least for this guy, who qualified for his fourth olympic team. at 40 years old he's the oldest us olympic distance runner ever. back to the nba all star festivity, and tonight a fake three point competition break out between kevin hart and actual player green, and green was supposed to crush him, instead hart can actually play, tying green 12-12. makes it a little awkward. he's also not, look at the height different, and they tied! the trophy is taller than kevin.
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even though they tied. >> politics! >> he had something to say about it too. no doubt [ laughter ] >> talking smack. all right, thank you. the pope's historic trick to mexico. his tough message to the country's religious leaders. a runway ruckus, an accused
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here's a look at the stop stories tonight. the -- top stories tonight. the suspect arrested in a stabbing now charged with three counts of murder. this is the first look at him since his arrest. police transferred michael sikes from the precinct just about a half hour ago. he's accused of killing his girlfriend rebecca and her 19 month old daughter, as well as her 5 month old daughter. a two-year-old girl survived the attack. tonight the country mourns the death of supreme court justice scalia, he died today in texas at the age of 79. former president bill clinton reacted to the news, and said despite his ideological disagreements with scalia he had deep respect for him. >> i always kind of liked him
11:33 pm
believe something he didn't, never pretended to believe what he wasn't. of course, what everybody is talk agent right now is this -- about right now is this blast of arctic cold. >> the coldest valentine's day in a hundred years, meteorologist jeff smith here now with a check on the forecast. jeff? >> and really there's no excuse at this point, just stay in if you can overnight tonight. i'm bundled up here and the wind just came along and cut through the layers i have on, and i'm cold down to the bone, so it's just frigid out here. temperature of 6 degrees, well below 0 feels like temperature here in the city. a wind chill advisory for new york city and must have of new jersey through noontime tomorrow. down to 3 at white plain, down below 0 at monticello. these are actual air temperature, not the wind
11:34 pm
wind into account gusting up to 30 and 40 miles per hour in some case, wind chills are well below 0. the record tonight is 2, and we should tie that. during the day tomorrow despite the sunshine only up to about 1, and the wind chill -- 17, and the wind chills 10 to 20 below 0. frostbite hyperthermia can develop quickly. stay in if you can, and if you can't bundle up. more on the forecast in a few minutes. balk to you guys. thank you. the conditions outside so bad, dangerous, officials are urging people as you heard jeff say to stay indoors. sidewalks much less crowded tonight, be the still some people are braving the cold and all of this chip whipping wind. -- this whipping windment here's the story from union square.
11:35 pm
people to stay indoor, so either they're taking his advice or realizing it's not a fight they want tophic. for those that were out and about, it was not pleasant. >> it feels like something sharp is cutting your skin, like when the wind hits. >> reporter: with the temperature dropping to single digits and wind making it feel like to 24 below 0, this is about survival of the fittest, and when mother nature flexes her muscle like this, no one is quite fit enough or built to survive the condition, at least not without a lot of layers. >> i have my scarf, well, rights until the front, and this right over it, so pretty much only my hands are killing me now, but everything else is good. >> reporter: then there's this newspaper stand owner out here for 13 hours before threing in the towel, needing two pairs and gloves and a space heater to make it work. officials say all uniformed
11:36 pm
looking for people in distress, but even the officers on patrol in need of a warm up, they're humanest too. >> frostbite is the freezing of your skin, and just being outside for ten minutes could bring a risk of frostbite. >> >. these are tough conditions, especially for those vulnerable. >> reporter: and they ordered all cranes localer asked -- lowered and secured and keeping a close eye on boilers, weather aided to make sure residents don't lose heat. heavy snow squalls may be to blame for a deadly pile up on a pennsylvania highway. more than 50 vehicles smashed into each other along i-78 in central pennsylvania, at least three people were killed. 46 others were sent to the hospital. first responders rushed 70 people to an emergency shelter to keep them out of the cold.
11:37 pm
>> it just sounded like two bombs went off. we thought it was thunder clouds, and my wife ran up over the hill and saw the accident. >> >. the highway is still shut down in both directions. authorities expect it to stay closed well past midnight. pope francis celebrated his basilica of guadalupe. tens of thousands welcomed the pontiff by filling the scare outside the bah sill -- square outside the basilica. it capped a whirlwind first day for the pope in mexico. >> reporter: tonight the center piece of the pope's visit to mexico city, celebrating mass at a spot key to catholic identity. this shrine so important to pope francis because it's here
11:38 pm
evangelization of the western hemisphere began. the people willing to wait for hours to catch a look at him. >> >. not many times like this one. >> reporter: people are coming from miles around throughout mexico and even beyond. all of them for the chance to be here at this moment when pope francis is in their city and celebrate mass here. >> my husband and i decided to bring our son. he's only 6 months, just for the weekend, just to see the pope. >> for christmas we seed we're not buying -- said we're not buying each other anything, we're going to see the pope, and i'm like you know what let's do it. let's go. >> reporter: steps away from the busy crowds, this man works his taco stand. >> tacos, burritos. >> reporter: hoping the pope brings a monetary blessing. >> these are good days when lots of people come. >> reporter: and they have for
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earlier today the pope had strong words talking to fellow bishop, usualing them to fight -- urging them to fight the drug trade saying their hands drenched in blood. he also called upon catholics to reach out to immigrants. he may use similar words on wednesday when he's going through the most political charged portion of the trip when he visits the us border. police in brooklyn have released surveillance video in a search for two suspects that kidnapped, robbed and beat a man at gun point. officers responded to a call of shots fire tuesday night in the flatlands section. an eyewitness saw two masked men kidnap the victim, force him into a van, then pistol whip and stab him. after the victim was robbed he was dumped on a street corner a
11:40 pm
he was later treated at a hospital and release. today the terrorist group al-shabab claimed aren't for blowing a -- responsibility for blowing a hole in a passenger man. they say a man detonated the bomb while the plane was climbing and he was of the aircraft. if the plane was at cruising altitude the explosive could have brought it down. the plane made a safe emergency landing. police on staten island are trying to identify two people that shoplifted from a victorias secret in the staten island mall not once, but twice. they were caught on camera in the act both times. police say on new years day a male suspect stole 80 pairs of underwear while a woman acted as a look out. two weeks later, the pair made off with 120 pairs of underwear from the same store. police say the total value of
11:41 pm
coming up on eyewitness news. >> fears on the athletic field. real concerns about the safety of artificial turf. and a live look outside on this bone chilling saturday night. meteorologist jeff smith
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
a new concern for millionsover parents and their children who play sports on art if i believe turf. >> -- artificial turf. >> >. it's called crumb rubber and possibly contains carcinogenic material.
11:44 pm
for athletes across the country. could the fields they play on with a hazard of their health? espn addressing the growing concern last november. >> >. all these kids playing because they love it, i want them to be safe. i want to know the truth, tell me is it good or bad for us? >> reporter: three federal agencies are looking into whether crumb rubber could contain dangerous chemical, worried about the effect of the turf made from ground up used tires. during the game the little black pellets are unavoidable. it's used at more than 10,000 athletic facilities nationwide from school playgrounds to public park, including stadiums where the women's world cup was played. >> >. and there are serious health kens of what's in the
11:45 pm
the little rubber pellets, what's in them? i don't know. it's irresponsible. >> reporter: some schools making a last minute decision to switch to a different type of turf. >> because nobody is sure what or how serious it is. >> reporter: the ipa, cdc and consumer product safety commission investigating, explaining some of the best and brightest scientists are working to identify what's in recycled tire crumb and if it's harmful. a superstar with a big heart.
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breaking news in new jersey, firefighters battling a fire in a four-story building right now that started around 10:00 o'clock this evening on the third floor. there are apartments on that floor, also a business on the first floor. right now the good news is there are no injuries reported and no word yet on a cause. and more breaking news, this time in lower manhattan. firefighters there say they had a tough time extinguishing flames due to frozen hydrants tonight. flames raced through the eight- story building on elizabeth street. firefighters located another hydrant and put out the fire. thankfully no injuries. they are definitely
11:49 pm
out there tonight, you've got the freezing temperatures, crazy win. >> yeah, the -- wind. >> yeah, the wind and dry air mass, that could actually promote the spread of fires, it's bad for the firefighters out there, and we have record cold by early tomorrow morning, probably tying a record set a hundred years ago in 1916 for coldest valentine's day on record. we head outside right now, the temperature at midtown, 6, the wind chill 9 below 0. we're going down to 2 by 6:00 o'clock in the morning. that wind continuing in there, 15 to 25, gusting even higher. that was a record said 100 years ago. 3 now middle town. 2 at monticello, wind chills well below 0. 23 below at monticello. about 19 degrees below 0 in the
11:50 pm
morning. a lot of negative numbers north and west, and throughout the day, even with a lot of sunshine it's not going to do much to warm the temperatures up. only 17 by 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. clouds increase monday, they lower, they thicken, and with the next storm system coming in, the atmosphere is going to try and warm things up later in the afternoon, but not quite quick enough to keep this from snow fall in the city, and especially north and west, and temperatures around 32, 5:00 p.m. monday, and then monday night, finally the warmth wins out, and changing over to rain in a click fashion along the i-95 corridor. but before that a coating to inch of snow monday afternoon in and around new york city. more like one to three inches arctic fronts north and west -- areas overnight, just a frigid wind.
11:51 pm
bitterly cold despite the sun tomorrow. increasing clouds tomorrow night, very cold. down to 12. know developing monday afternoon -- snow developing monday afternoon. changing to rain monday night lasting into tuesday. could be localized flooding with heavier downpours. 50 for a high tuesday, and then back to normal wednesday and thursday. amy freeze back with more in the morning. such an appropriate name for this. she's charmed fans on screen and taken hollywood by storm with movies like joy and the hunger games. >> but jennifer lawrence hasn't forgotten her kentucky root, and now she's made a big donation to help a hospital and children with special treatment. >> reporter: a $2 million donation from jennifer lawrence. >> i'm excited to announce we're establishing the jennifer lawrence foundation cardiac unit here at the hospital. >> reporter: for the past three
11:52 pm
is earned a special place in the oscar-winning actresses heart. >> it touches the parents when jenn goes in and signs posters and gives them the posters, and makes me really proud, and i know it really touches her too. >> reporter: and after meeting the young family, the need for this new facility couldn't be more clear. >> if it wasn't for this childrens hospital, the staff, physicians, our son would not be here today. >> reporter: their son jonathan was born with half a heart and needed his first heart surgery at just six days old. >> our journey, unfortunately unlikely isn't over. he'll likely need a heart transplant at some point, and to have a state of the art facility here with the doctors we already have, it helps parents like us sleep at night. >> reporter: and tonight the lawrences met the youngs, and provided personal perspective.
11:53 pm
able to just do a little bit to help another child and another family. >> reporter: from a hometown sweetheart to these brave hearts on this valentine's day, this is love in the air. >> she's a superstar with a big heart, obviously. and you don't find that a lot. >> that was a terrific gesture. >> yeah. >> really great. >> good for her. >> that's the news for now,
11:54 pm
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