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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EST

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it in the weeks . this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. now eyewitness use this morning. developing at 4:30, raging fire rips through several homes in brooklyn, eyewitness news is on the scene as firefighters work to get those flames under control. disgraced cover, they want to know if he assaulted a woman inside a hotel. and this president's day tracking the storm that could dump some snow and heavy rain
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thank you for joining us it is monday, february 15th president's day, you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. yesterday we hit a record of 1 below zero, haven't done that in over a 100 years, temperature 14 degrees. and 14, 12 around belmar, we are looking at a winter weather advisory at least until midnight tonight. that's for snow that will be coming later today. that snow is back to our west and south and will start creeping up after lunchtime today. we'll have temperatures around 33, notice how it rises above freezing this afternoon we'll have the snow showers starting after lunchtime changing over the rain tonight. when the temperatures continue to rise. we'll talk about very heavy flooding rains for awhile that
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here she is, ladies and gentlemen, the birthday girl herself. happy birthday. good morning to you. if you are planning on commuting by subway you want to hear about this. we have a lot of mass transit changes. subways runs on a saturday schedule. long island railroad holiday schedule ferries you have schedule changes this is in princeton, route 206 is closed at mountain avenue in the process of being cleared. alternate side parking rules are suspended but the meter rules are in effect. thank you. 4:32. developing story in brooklyn in the last half hour, also learned new details of a ranging fire that burned through several homes.
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greenpoint. >> reporter: i just spoke with one of the deputy chiefs for the fdny. buildings are structurally unsound because of this fire, we have fire personnel on the scene there diamond street here in greenpoint the issue is they can't get into these buildings to do the work they need to do. to wait for the department of buildings to get here. four people suffered minor injuries, it broke out around 10:30 ondiamond street in greenpoint. started at the top floor. the fire spread to two neighboring apartment buildings people were quickly evacuated because there was fear that the fire would spread.
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and flames were coming out where the windows would have been and it turned into a bunch of smoke i thought it was done, that's why i went back for the cat. by the time it came out they popped off the roof and the fire spread backup. >> here you are taking a live look back in green point this.^ is a salt truck they have one or two of these because of the water on the road they have to make sure to salt all of this primarily for obviously people who live around here for investigators who are going to need to come here. most people who lived in these three parking lot buildings are staying with friends but the red cross is helping several people who now obviously do not have a place at least for the next couple of days. we are live in greenpoint.
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in temporary housing, the flames broke out sunday morning strong winds caused the fire to spread to the building next door. three were injured but expected to be okay. no one else was hurt. red cross is helping displaced family. investigating elliot spitzer after allegations. no charges have been filed but they are only allegations, they began right here at the upscale high priced plaza hotel that it is alleged that former new york governor had a fight with the woman. eyewitness news was outside the hotel as crime scene
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sources tell eyewitness news spitzer and 25-year-old woman that he has been dating for the last two years got in a fight after she tried breaking up with him. she claimed he choked her as he was leaving she cut her arm. she was treated at the hospital for a very minor cut. sources say the woman identified spitzer as her attacker but chosen not to press charges and understand the woman may city on saturday night. a spokesperson released a brief statement quote there is no truth to this allegation. he has maintained a low profile since resigning in 2008 after a prostitution scandal left him disgraced. this alleged incident remains under investigation.
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thank you. investigators are trying to identify the victims of a double murder in new jersey. prosecutors charged 20-year-old ezra, police found him covered with blood but hurt. they found the bodies of a man and a woman both suffered blunt force trauma to the head. and the supreme court justice reportedly arrived in virginia as preparations continue for his funeral they determined he died of natural causes. details of the funeral have not been released. a battle is looming who
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insisting the next president should decide. >> we should not allow a lame duck president to capture the supreme court. >> the president may choose a candidate, they are scheduled to address issues like abortion and unions, would mean lower court rulings would stand. >> it is 4:38. we take a look at four times square, cloudy skies visibility, temperatures is 14 degrees we've got cloudy skies and the wind chills is around 6 so we have a cold morning to start dress warmly. cloudy skies across the area, i just put the radar up to show
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go into tonight. the morning commute. fine, snow showers start afternoon notice the temperature rises too, into the low 30s around freezing and this evening we see changes over to rain 60:07:00 tonight. we talk about that and rain for tomorrow. it is weather every 7 minutes. you can see right behind me. no major problems to report this is leaving brooklyn into staten island, here is the l.i.e. as you move through queens you can see the l.i.e. is doing just fine. that's our biggest issue, there are changes subways on a saturday schedule. you have new jersey transit trains on a weekend major holiday the buses have schedule changes long island railroad is on a holiday schedule.
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schedule. the meter rules are in affect. ken and lori over to you. it is 4:39 a tragic loss for the yonkers police department. imagine living without any heat in your home that's what resident haves to deal with this over this weekend. a man's truck breaks down
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department is mourning the death of one of their own. this happened early sunday morning near palmer and sunny brooke roads. he had been with the yonkers police department for 15 years. andrew cuomo is kicking off the fair housing. >> landlords cannot discriminate. brokers cannot discriminate. if people believe they have been a victim of discrimination they should come forward. >> the governor says the program will ensure the most vulnerable of new yorkers get a fair chance of housing cuomo says the move comes on the heals of them having 120 housing discrimination complaints. let's check in with bill evans in your accuweather forecast. we're looking at cloudy skies, quiet before we get
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going to be coming in that's going to be coming in later on this evening and tonight we'll be looking at what will be a nice quiet commute on this president's day. and the kids are going to begin skating we have a day where it wouldn't be a bad day to go over for some skating, 14 degrees, winds north, the pressure, 30, 55. strong arctic pressure, the over night low, 1 below, that was a record, record of 2, 100 years ago. might see a few breaks of sun and brightening of the skies. so snow in afternoon and early this evening, periods of ice early tonight, causing slick
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tomorrow afternoon and evening. and 100 years ago, first time below zero since january 19th of 1994. big records set yesterday. and from the city west and north. i get asked this every now and then, the five buroughs west, north. connecticuit, north. long island, east you're in this advisory as well. we're looking at what's going to be cloudy skies snow showers to our south the heavier bands of snow get here later today as this whole system here to the south starts to creep up northward from south to north so will warm air with this system as well. in our future cast, the snow underway around 1 to 2:00 notice it gets going once again it changes overto rain tonight. most of the area will be into the rain by 9:00 tonight as this surge is up and over.
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morning with a few showers but look at the afternoon. very heavy rain will be coming in in the afternoon and the evening. we'll be looking at showers of snow, periods of snow until 9:00 changing over the rain, windy, rainy day tomorrow. there might be rain that's heavy at times and ponding of water. wednesday, 45 by the time we get to the weekend, looking at a 53 degrees. we're looking at temperatures above normal as we get to the weekend. no harsh cold expected. >> excellent. we like that. even the birthday girl likes that. >> 53 degrees.
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transit changes. new jersey transit changes, long island railroad, metro north is operating on a saturday schedule. you have staten island rail way on a sunday schedule the ferries have schedule changes, and subways also running on a saturday schedule we also have alternate side of the parking rules, the meter rules are in affect so you have to read the meters. imagine trying to survive in this cold with no heat in your home. some senior citizens have been forced to live like that for days. this morning we are hearing how they managed to stay warm and survive these frigid temperatures. eyewitness news helped them get action we are in flushing with their story . why treat us like that ? >> reporter: weakened by cancer
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cynthia johnson is at her whit's end. she called eyewitness news to show how they've been living boiling water and bundling up, the housing authority never came to fix it. >> i called so many times, that's why i have to call you because i couldn't take it anymore. >> this building part of the houses in flushing is for senior citizens some of the most vulnerable reduced to this. >> i put this other my head. molly lloyd says the boil ler constantly on the fix. >> they'll fix it for the week. >> i've been all day bundled up. 950 boilers roughly half of their buildings are in need of replacement and promised rapid response team to react to no
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>> call 911. they tell me to call 311. >> they got nowhere until they called eyewitness news, shortly we called the housing authority two workers arrived. >> we are seniors and we pay our rent why should we have to go through this. not long after we placed a call to the housing authority this van showed up a couple workers went to the basement and started to try to fix the boiler. blaming lack of federal and state funding but have not explained why it took so look to respond to respond to these people's cry for help. firefighters in massachusetts say the cold made it difficult to battle a deadly fire there. they worked to beat back the flames to reach a person trapped on the third floor. they were simply too late, that
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one firefighter also got hurt after slipping and falling on ice. investigators looking into a suspicious device found on a rental car. when workers at avis were checking on a car that was returned as a bomb squad was called in, flights were not affected, they secured the device and handed it over to federal investigators. a triple murder suspect in reichers island charged with killing his girlfriend and two of her children the attorney entered a not guilty employee in plea, saying he stabbed her including his daughters and own child, and her one-year-old
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>> he has no regard for the lives of others. >> the defendant denies the allegations. he is being held without bail. a 2-year-old is the only survivor of last week's attack she is in critical but stable condition. 4:51. pope francis will celebrate mass at a soccer stadium. celebrated with hundreds of thousands of people in mexico city. spoke out against the drug trade urging those to make a land of opportunity. and visited a children's hospital to visit the patients. and seminary students are working to bring aide. and snow becomes a savior for a man in the mountains.
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little food he had and melted snow to survive for a week in his broken down pick up truck in northwest nevada. he was about to give up hope when two members of a near by sheriff's department out checking for stranded cars found him. he is now recovering in the hospital. it is 4:52. coming up how much plastics in the water ways surrounding new york city does it end up in your food? a new report is dishing all the dirt. we're continuing to follow a fire in brooklyn that burned through homes injuring several
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. 4:55. a report shows widespread plastic pollution in the roadways. the group collected samples including the east river and the bay last year. the study estimates there are at least 165 million plasticparticles, they range
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food supply. and eye on eyewitness news, here we go snow is to our south coming up from the south to north, we'll be seeing this band of snow working its way towards long island. this headed right towards eastern pennsylvania coming right across towards new york city. this area of rain here is where we have a lot of warm air that's going to surge right over tonight that's where we'll be bringing us the rain to the area and see that coming up as we go into about 7:00, 8:00 tonight. the temperatures will be quite warm they are not now, they are cold. single digits to 15 degrees. dress warmly get ready for snow after lunchtime weather and heather every 7 minutes. we have this closure both directions of mountain avenue because of an accident that they are out this working on you have the garden state park way on local lanes, this is an accident off on the shoulder
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you have a weekend major holiday schedule, the buses also have changes long island railroad a holiday schedule. the saturday schedule. street cleaning rules are suspended but you have to feed the meters. thank you for the first time since he suspended his presidential campaign energy governor chris christy will outline a new budget tomorrow. addressing the issue of funding state worker pension plans, christie's term in office runs through 2017. firefighters working a huge fire 7 hours after the flames were reported. the cautions in place in a neighborhood. israel's former prime minister has become the first israeli prime minister to go to
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. this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast, now, eyewitness news this morning. firefighters are watching for hot spots after a fire burn through several home of brooklyn, we have more from the fire chief. and remembering the supreme court justice as a mission to fill his vacancy. and layer up before you head outside we have frigid temperatures before the snow arrives this afternoon.
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it is monday, february 15th president's day you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. snow for the evening commute. the temperature 14 degrees right now, it is cold, cloudy, we have light north wind at 5. feel like 6 degrees. 0 in millford. 6 in white plains, 12 belmar and tom's river. a cold morning. there is snow on the way there is a winter weather advisory posted as the snow to our west and south will be creeping up later on today, temperatures will rise and that 34 later on is going to feel good. we have a slippery evening commute we'll talk about that next heavy flooding rains for tomorrow too. weather then heather every 7
5:01 am
girl have today. we have mass transit changes on a major holiday schedule also the buses will be affected as well new jersey transit buses you want to check your schedule. metro north on a saturday schedule. long island rail way is on a sunday schedule. ferries are running but check the schedule path trains on a saturday schedule. subways on a saturday schedule. in princeton route 206 in mountain avenue because of an accident been there for quite some time. garden state park way, local lanes north near exit 24. the accident itself is on the side of the roadway not causing major problems you have major delays george washington bridge. you can see the george washington bridge coming into the city leaving the city doing just fine. we have street cleaning rules suspended but the meter rules
5:02 am
thank you, it is 5:02. firefighters are on the scene of a fast moving fire that brooklyn. >> started on the top floor of diamond street. people started posting video on social media. kristin thorne is live. now structurally unsound. we are hearing i'm going to show you a little bit what's going on here, really not a lot of movement left at the scene the department of buildings has to come in here and give firefighters permission to go the investigative work they nee to do. you may be seeing ice on the trees there. the cold really did not affect them at all that they are used to working in these conditions, just was uncomfortable.
5:03 am
street. spread to two neighboring homes. four people suffered minor injuries. the cold this deputy chief told me really did not have an affect on the firefighters. they are used to working in these type of conditions. >> the cold is always a challenge but didn't cause any problems fighting the fire, uncomfortable. i was so cold, eventually i they'd take us in. you are taking a live look street. speaking of the cold because they had to use so muff water to put out these fast moving street here. you'll have to be moving around engines and stuff like that, they have to make sure this is okay for investigators to be in this area today. as for people displaced by this fire, most people we're told
5:04 am
people the red cross is helping. we are live in green point. channel 7 eyewitness news. we're following developments involving the nassau county executive and explicit messages allegedly sent from his number there was a complaint filed who says that he is the victim of social media impersonation. also he and a female public relations specialist are victims what he called appearing to be between him and this woman. in a statement he said quote i am outraged at this attempt and take action against this individual who has has sought -- saying the conversation never happened.
5:05 am
investigation so far failed to turn up any record. this is video over night he began serving a 19 month sentence for bribery and obstruction of justice after releasing a message to the people. appealed to israelis to bring peace to the region. funeral plans have yet to be aflounced scalia. his vacancy is sure to be a big topic of discussion on the campaign trail while here in washington, we wait.
5:06 am
virginia after his final vacation a quail hunting trip was cut short, he died in his sleep. >> he went to sleep and just didn't wake up. the political fall out less than peaceful. within an hour of confirming his death. mitch mcdonald declared this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president. president obama made it clear he is ready to prove. >> i plan to fulfill my responsibilities. >> both parties have reason to fight to who gets the nomination because how it should shift the balance on the supreme court which without scalla is split four, four. affirmative action, abortion. >> it is outrageous that
5:07 am
on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. backing up mcconnell. called delay, delay, delay. ted cruz vowing to filibuster if necessary. >> we should not allow a lame duck president to capture the supreme court in the late months of his presidency. who names being mentioned jane kelly, both circuit court judges confirmed unanimously megan hughes. and he was the son of immigrants grew up in elmherst queens. 5:08 you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. let's take a look outside,
5:08 am
very quiet morning. nothing real hi gets going as far as that snow we've been talking about until after lunchtime. it is cold. very cold you can see degrees right there, it is going to be a cold morning and will be of course a break from the cold over the weekend where we had a low. we'll be looking at 14, 15 to start the day. cloudy skies over us, the snowbank to our south and west over d.c. where they might get 3, 4, 5 inches of snow. all this is going to surge up from the south. that's why it is going to change over to rain as we go into tonight. 18, 20, snow showers, starting to south to north really about noontime to one 00:00, 2:00, 3:00 that snow gets going temperature in the low 30s. tonight the changes over to rain after 6:00, 7:00. we'll talk about heavy rain for
5:09 am
accuweather seven day forecast, heather seems to be looking at roadways that seem to be not so nice. looks like everybody is sleeping. we had an accident here on the white stone bridge heading into the bronx, everything was just fine traffic is moving across the white stone bridge without major issues let's talk about major changes, long island railroad on a holiday schedule. metro north. the staten island rail way, and ferries the path trains are on a saturday schedule subways also running on a saturday schedule for today. we have this accident in princeton. mountain avenue all lanes closed down in both direction that accident has been there for quite some time and the garden state park way, there is an accident off to the shoulder. our street cleaning rules are suspended but the metered rules
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. welcome back, dozens of firefighters in brooklyn not only had to tackle a huge fire but temperatures as well flames breaking down on the browns stone. pulled residents to safety through front windows nobody got seriously hurt. a laser strike forced a jet
5:12 am
london to new york. just a few minutes into its flight when a laser was pointed into the cockpit. a short time later the crew asked to turn around because the co-pilot felt unwell. >> one of the pilots, we're going to return. in a statement, the co- pilot's condition not released and police in london are investigating. our meteorologist has our exclusive accuweather forecast. we are looking from the east river here, nice calm, glass quiet, roosevelt island towards the fdr. cloudy skies 15 degrees, humidity of 41% the winds are north at 5. and look how strong the barometer is, arctic
5:13 am
yesterday's high, 15 and over night low on valentines morning, 1 below. put an asterisks by that broke a record 2 degrees back in 1916. we have a cold start, 10, 12 long branch, and central new jersey, and 1 above. winds continue to be light at winds. the winds will come out of the east ahead of a front in the storm system. wind chills, 8 below brooklyn the meters are malfunctioning there, wind chills are in the single digits and it is going to be a cold morning winter weather advisory in affect until midnight for snow that will come in this afternoon after lunchtime snow we're talking about down here to the south, that will ride up in through the area, light to
5:14 am
a whole lot before rain gets here that is back in kentucky and tennessee that will surge up and over. you see in our future cast, newburg to monticello, 1 below to 7 below. 28 around the park, 25, 31 long island as we get to 4:00, a good portion, president's day but people traveling back from president's day, a little slippery, by the time we get to 7:00 it will change over to ice, for a short period of time that starts at 7:00. by 9:00, 10:00 everybody is into this rain pushes north up to albany. look what happens tomorrow afternoon. by 3, 4:00.
5:15 am
thunder, downpours of rain. mid-50s cooling off into the 40s. and there is going to be a coating to an inch to the city north of the city 1 to 3, that slipperies up the roads before the rain start. snow starts at 1:00, snow and ice mixing to rain. 55 tomorrow. heavy rain windy and mild. afternoon flooding is possible. that washes away all the snow and all the dirty snow and then we'll have rain that will just kind of wash things and clean things out we have ourselves sunshine and milder temperatures as we go into the weekend. 53 on saturday, 50 on sunday. can i repeat my selfish question? does this mean i don't have to rush home today and pull out the snow thrower and shovel
5:16 am
bill says, no. be your lazy self. i laughed out loud where the guy is talking about his phone service, how fast it is the doorbell rings it is a kid at the door well with a lawn mower with snow all over the ground? i'm here to mow the lawn! the guy goes, it's snowing, curtis. just throws him out. snow will be washed away. no one on the roads that's for sure. i think everybody is kind of chilling i know everybody is watching us, i have people tweeting, happy birthday and everything else. so it doesn't look like a lot of people are on the roads. subway running on a saturday schedule. metro north is on schedule statin i railroad,
5:17 am
suspended meter rules are in affect. still ahead at 5:18 new details that volkswagen emotions cheating scandal, wait until you hear how long executives knew about it but choose not to make a move. records broken, $135
5:18 am
5:19 am
. police officers and others known to enjoy a donut or two. a new member may prefer a different sweet treat, cookie monster joined the force with william bratton. he tweeted out this photo showing cookie monster, he'll be patrolling on sesame street. you are never more than 7 minutes away. we have bill evans. cold temperatures, not as cold as yesterday morning when the temperature was 1 below, cloudy skies but also have cold temperatures and snow on the way for later today. this area works northward. the numbers are cold, 50 in the park, you have a little wind here with the wind chills are 3
5:20 am
2, it is a cold morning here, 0 the real feel and newark and elizabeth. the temperatures will start rising 27 by noontime, by the time we get to the afternoon we start to see snow building in here after lunchtime so be ready for that for the evening commute and heavy rain will be coming in tonight a big batch of heavy rain tomorrow. we'll talk about that next weather then heather every 7 minutes. i asked what are you talking about and i forget. what is it? >> what did i want to talk about? how about the subways. subways running on a saturday schedule. if you need to catch a subway, it will have changes, new jersey transit changes weekend schedule. metro north on a saturday schedule. changes for ferries saturday schedule for path trains and
5:21 am
suspended but metered rules are in affect. 5:23. we're live in the plaza hotel where police are looking to sort out assault allegations against elliot spitzer. you can look at temperatures with the free acutrack weather alert app. we want to see how you are coping with this arctic blast,
5:22 am
[car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
5:23 am
. asian stocks are surging. spiked more than 7%, rose more than 3%, markets closed wall street for the president's day holiday. three major industries rose 2% friday. some financial insiders say they are worried about another rescission. and making a box office come alive. we have this morning's business headlines. good morning topping america's money fears of another decision. a survey of financial insiders finds half think there is a good chance of another decision this year.
5:24 am
spending report may help put those fears to rest. top managers think they could be in trouble a year before they admitted to making data. reports say they were told the u.s. was looking into whether vehicle software was giving false reports. and dead pool as a foul mouth super hero brought $130 million. >> a kung fu panda, and how to be single was third. that's america's money. have a great day. coming up in our next half hour, we are live at the scene of a fast moving fire in brooklyn that injured four people and left several others displaced. it is another bitter cold morning ahead of snow and rain. bill evans timing it i thought activia wasn't for me. until i realized how much our digestive systems handle during winter.
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. developing right now in brooklyn four people injured and several displaced after a quick moving fire tore through three homes working to prevent more injuries. it is a day they were going to see a big transition. cold to snow to rain? our meteorologist bill evans will time it all out for us just ahead. thanks for starting your morning with us it is monday february 15th. never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. certainly cold. starting off cold this morning, temperature around 15 degrees, and we're going to be looking what's going to be a cold morning but no snow, snow is going to be on the way that's going to be getting here as we
5:27 am
so we have light north wind going east, and la guardia, bridge port, 14 down the shore. we'll be looking at snow and snow bringing winter weather advisory, not a lot of snow, just enough to slippery up the commute this afternoon. here is the snow off to our south and west gets here 1, 2:00, 3, 4:00 up to the north, lasting for several hours until it goes to ice and rain this evening then heavy flooding rain is possible tomorrow afternoon we'll talk about that next. weather then heather every 7minutes it is her birthday. i'm not telling you how old i am. westbound, we have an accident here it is an over turned vehicle at least two lanes are blocked off. here is a look at the fdr in the 90s you can see traffic is
5:28 am
problems minor delays, at our hudson river crossings. garden state park way, near exit 124, accident off to the shoulder you have this problem in princeton, lots of changes with mass transit but this just means you are going to have to check your schedule where subways are on a saturday schedule. the meter ruled are in affect. ken over to you. investigators are looking into allegations elliot spitzer plaza hotel. we are live in midtown. >> reporter: good morning, ken. we should note no charges have been filed, only allegations that begin right here at the very upscale high price plaza hotel in the heart of midtown. it is alleged former new york governor elliot spitzer got into a fight with a woman that left her injured.
5:29 am
hotel on sunday night as crime scene investigators were going inside the alleged fight happened inside the hotel. sources tell eyewitness news spitzer and a 25-year-old woman he has been dating for two years got into a fight after she tried to break up the relationship. sources say they claimed spitzer choked her and cut her arm. she is being treated at the hospital for a very minor injury. that woman identified spitzer as her attacker but so far chosen not to press charges and we understand she has not been cooperative at all in the investigation. also learned she may have left the city on saturday night. meanwhile spitzer spokesperson released a brief statement there is no truth to this allegation. elliot spitzer has maintained a
5:30 am
part since resigning from the governor's office in 2008 in the midst of that prostitution scandal. after this most recent incident that remains under investigation. all right thank you. developing this morning four people are hurt in a fast moving fire that damaged or destroyed several homes in brooklyn. we have at the scene in greenpoint. we want to tell everyone that the four people that suffered minor injuries will be just fine as for the investigation we can show you investigators are still on scene but because two of the buildings that were affected by the fire are structurally unsoundinvestigators cannot get into those buildings just yet. four people suffered minor injuries in this fire. the fire broke out around 10:30
5:31 am
diamond street and greenpoint in a top floor not known what caused the fire. quickly spread to two neighboring buildings. people were evacuated very quickly from the near by buildings because there was some fear that the fire would spread. >> the top floor fire and flames were coming out where the windows would have been, they sprayed and turned into a bunch of smoke, i thought for sure it was almost done, but i was worried about the smoke that's why i went back for the cat. by the time i came out they were walking in like the fire spread backup. >> you are taking a live look at a salt truck off the street from this fire obviously the reason for that is because of all the water that firefighters had to use to put out this fast moving fire there is ice on the roadway here. as
5:32 am
some are being helped by the red cross. thank you. at 5:36 the police department is mourning the death of one of their own. off duty detective was killed after crashing his suv into a fire truck near palmer and sunny brooke roads. he had been with the yonkers pd, now the crash under investigation. and sitting in reichers island charged with killing his girlfriend sykes intoed a not guilty employee, prosecutors say last year sykes stabbed rebecca cutler and his own child, melia and 1-year-old sister died.
5:33 am
lives of others. >> the defendant denies the allegations as set forth by the district attorney. sykes is due back in cortol. being held without bail. an order of protection is granted for miracle cutler, she is in critical but stable condition. the body of supreme court justice scalia. his remains were removed from a texas funeral home yesterday after it had been determined he died of natural causes officials say there were no signs of foul play, no autopsy was ordered. coming up at 6 a.m. we'll have a live report on the political battle brewing to fill the vacancy on the supreme court. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. we take a look outside from our camera at four time's square. we have a good visibility.
5:34 am
coming our way the snow gets here after lunchtime today, the temperature going to be starting out at 15 degrees, wind chill is 6. dress warmly it is cold outside, going to be a cold morning but the snow showers to our south and west, get here around lunchtime into the afternoon. goes to rain we're looking at 18 by 8:00, 20 by 10. 28 that's when the snow starts the warm air surges and starts in the upper atmosphere and the change over to rain, temperatures around 34 degrees. we could have a coating up to an inch today we'll talk more about that. might north and west big time rain coming for tomorrow. what are you going to do on your birthday today? i'm going to have lunch with my husband and kids, my husband doesn't have to work, it will be nice. >> that's a great day.
5:35 am
probably around 12? 12:30? >> maybe 1:30. >> bell park way, check out that delay in front of jfk airport. delay going westbound just loops around this whole area if you are going to catch a flight pick somebody up this is something you definitely want to think about subways on a saturday schedule. we have a weekend major holiday schedullong island railroad. alternate side suspended metered rules are in affect. still ahead on eyewitness news, state of energy in place in hawaii as the state monitors two mosquito born illnesses including the zika vieious.
5:36 am
serious crash, the (mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music. (security guard) she has a gift. (receptionist) i'll bust out some sample beats for you. (mailman) why don't you try a new york lottery scratch-off game instead? it's fun. (receptionist) i'm incredible at this. (avo) take a break from the expected.
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. it is 5:41. hawaii declared a state of emergency, the state is dealing with a fever outbreak on the big island with more than 250 con confirmed cases hawaii does not have any recorded cases of zika, but officials are concerned mosquitoes that carry that also carry zika. the state of emergency could prevent 5:42. pope francis will head to southern mexico to celebrate mass at a soccer stadium. yesterday he celebrated with hundreds of thousands of people, spoke out against a drug trade and later visited a children's hospital where he
5:39 am
the staff for his work. and will be attended with students to bring in workers. and the love of rare comic books is about to payoff in a big way. amazing fantasy a number 15 goes up for auction thursday. it is a marvel comic that introduced to "spider-man," walter spent $1,200 when he bought it as part of a collection in 1979. experts think it could bring in $400,000. also plans to use the money to buy his late father's vegetable farm. >> see the price on the magazine? 12-cents. it is 5:43. bill evans with the accuweather forecast. here across the chrysler
5:40 am
and flushing bay we have a nice visibility here, the chrysler building brought to you by dodge chrysler. we're looking at temperatures 15 degrees, wind chill is six, cloudy skies cold morning, dry humidity the pressure is falling too lets us know the that the arctic high pressure that brought us the cold, record of 1 below is leaving and the pressure is falling. we may see brightening of skies when we get to sunset it will be snowing. snow this afternoon early this evening a period of ice can accompany that slick roads slick travel and sidewalks localized flooding. just a recap yesterday the morning low, old record was 2, below that. first time we've had a temperature below zero since 1994 back on january 19th. been awhile since it's been
5:41 am
6 is the temperature around white planes, 4 below around monticello. everybody now the national weather service allowed the jersey shore to join in. well not exactly the jersey shore almost the jersey shore probably more rain than there will be snow here on the eastern long island. are to be ready for slippery roads. snow is to our south, chesapeake bay, delaware and into the afternoon you see it in our future cast, 1, 2:00, over spreads by 5:00, 6:00. south shore and the jersey shore gets to rain ice and rain that pink line is for a time maybe 30 minutes maybe an hour some ice mixed in there you see tonight by the time we get to 10:00 much of the area is over to rain and over night then
5:42 am
big 'ol batch of rain that comes in with very heavy rain that could create some flooding issues as we go into the afternoon and tomorrow. so we have a cold start, snow starts around 1:00, coating to an inch. 1 to 3 inches north and west changes over to ice and rain as the temperatures rises heavy rain particularly tomorrow afternoon and evening flooding is possible, 55 degrees, here is year accuweather seven day forecast, after the rain washes away all the snow, we're going to be looking at nice weather going into the weekend. 53 on saturday, 50 on sunday. take it. picked the wrong weekend to be out of town. >> going to be >> i'd picked the wrong way to have a birthday. >> you can never pick the wrong day. you know what it is your day.
5:43 am
difficult to have a birthday is february. you are may, july, september, february. come on all of my birthday parties got canceled. you know i know some lovely wonderful people born in february. like parents, good friends. >> if i was growing up in florida or california that would be awesome. this is the bell park way right near jfk airport. let's talk about where that is, it is belt over turned vehicle, two lanes closed off. new jersey transit trains, metro north the saturday schedule our street cleaning rules are suspended but meter rules are in affect. the war from flights to the united states to cuba is
5:44 am
they'll have 15 days to submit applications. december's agreement to restore air travel could lead to more than 100 daily round trips also no commercials between the u.s. and cuba more than 50 years. 5:48 still ahead the heat goes out, how eyewitness news stepped in to help. if you have felt lonely over the valentines weekend,
5:45 am
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welcome back, in queens the bitter cold temperatures have been enough to bring temperatures to tears. >> why treat us like that? >> she is a cancer patient, they have not had any heat since their boiler went out saturday, calls to the housing authority went unanswered. why should we have to go through this? >> this has been going on for a long time. >> shortly after eyewitness news arrived two workers did show up to fix the boiler, residents said as fast as it gets fixed it breaks down, nearly a thousand of the boilers, are in need of replacement. our free acutrack weather app, under abc 7, use it to
5:47 am
feeling left out in the valentines day weekend? if you are looking for cuddle time an app could help you out. cuddle fix pairs cuddling profession it could be done in a couch or a bed, there are ground rules people stay fully clothed and no kissing. >> i come in here to solve issues of loneliness, i guess some depression. >> they feel lighter, they feel cared for, nurtured, loved. some experts say the value of cuddles is very similar to
5:48 am
how do you become a cuddling professional? you have to go to cuddle school. the water in brooklyn has put it out but frozen several trees, we have a live update. and an accuweather alert day with a whole batch of
5:49 am
cold and rain, bill evans, tell in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
5:50 am
. 5. 55. it is an accuweather alert day thank you for joining us on this president's day today it snowy afternoon. poised to come from our south, pushing northward here we'll be seeing the snow showers develop
5:51 am
most likely when we'll see the snow showers pushing up. temperatures to 34, snow showers starting this afternoon going into the evening making roadways and sidewalks slipperier. . subways on a saturday schedule. the belt is running slowly because of an accident. this accident is actually westbound at leopard's boulevard. that explains that very heavy delay. our subways are on that saturday schedule. changes with mass transit with new jersey transit long island railroad and metro north. and street cleaning rules are suspended. new york is going to the dogs for the annual westminster kennel club dog show, they'll
5:52 am
garden this year marks the 140th dog show, this starts with australians shepherd, winning the agility challenge. best in show will be announced tomorrow night. just ahead ranging flames tearing through a row of homes in brooklyn. another dangerous laser incident heading into new york.
5:53 am
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. this is new york's number one news. and bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast, now eyewitness news this
5:55 am
good morning it is 6:00 four people are hurt when flames destroyed several homes in brooklyn, dozens of firefighters battle the flames through the night. building inspectors now working to figure out if the homes will have to be torn down. firefighters also battling below freezing temperatures, good news is the mercury is rising but snow is on the way. and a conservative voice lost on the supreme court, the battle of washington over who will replace antonin scalia. and president's day, you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic bill evans and the accuweather forecast. here is a look from our roof camera, we might see sunshine brightening of the skies lights are on, the temperature, 16 degrees, the temperature rising now and that's not as harsh as it was
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