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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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[ cheers and applause ] the snow. right after us. until 1:00. it gets heavy around 2:00, 3:00, watch the pink line and the blue lines in the south. that is ice and then rain. it creeps right up to the south by 5:00. so we will see 5:00, and then county. changing to rain. and tonight, we start to see here. and then everybody is in the rain tonight. we are going to talk about some very heavy rain and flooding afternoon. in your accu-weather forecast. i will be back in just a moment. back to you, shirley and david. >> bill, thank you. remember, you can stay on top of the winter weather conditions on our acu track alert app and it is tree to download for android or iphone. a power outage, plunging part of grand central terminal into the dark. a commuter tweeted out this photo of the blackout on the lower level. fortunately, trains are not impacted.
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tim fleischer is live with details. tim, what is going on there? >> reporter: david, i have been inside for the last hour or so. we are able to tell that you this power outage fortunately has occurred on this holiday, thus it is impacting fewer passengers and fewer trains here at tbrand central. the lights went out on the lower level at grand central about mid morning. it is also affecting several corridors on the main level as well. one of them leading to and from lexington avenue. stores there are closed as a result of it. and again, people are being ushered around those troubled areas. mta officials believe it is related to a water main break. perhaps water reaching electric components down on the lower level. for now, trains are coming and going from the upper level, and passengers appear to be dealing with the inconveniences. >> it is scary. because i walked in, and all i saw was blackness. over there in the corners, i was like wow. >> something is not right. >> yeah. >> but i didn't know what it was that wasn't right.
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i couldn't tell. it was kind of weird. i don't know. i don't really go here often. so i'm not used to how it >> reporter: usually, all of the lights are on and people are coming and going. but again a power outage on the lower level has shut down part of that lower level. trains coming in, on the upper level, passengers appeared not to be inconvenienced by this. we will continue to stay on top of it. so far at this noon hour, no word when that power will be restored. reporting live in midtown, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you for the update. former new york governor eliot spitzer could be at the center of a new scandal. he is accused of choking a woman inside the plaza hotel. political reporter dave evans is live in midtown with the details for us. >> reporter: these kinds of cases, it is awfully difficult for police to move forward, when the alleged victim is not but it supposedly happened here on saturday night, at about hotel.
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of assaulting a 25-year-old woman. it allegedly happened saturday night at the plaza hotel. where rooms cost at least $1,000 a night. our camera got this shot of a police detective going into the hotel. and a crime scene van nearby. police responded after a 911 call made by the woman. police went to spitzer's room and asked, is there a problem? sources say spitzer responded, everything is fine. there is no problem. police left, but returned later, and that's when they supposedly saw blood and broken glass. travis was taken to the hospital and that's when she claims spitzer attacked her earlier at the hotel. >> i'm disappointed -- i've disappointed and failed to living up to the standard i expected of myself. >> spitzer resigned in 2008 when accused of soliciting prostitutes. he tried the political comeback when he ran for city controller but lost to scott stringer. >> first i'm asking forgiveness for what led to my resignation but i hope they will look for the record that i had as attorney general, as governor,
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>> in the latest development, the woman who may have had a relationship with spitzer for up to two years has supposedly not been helpful in the police investigation. one source says she may have even returned to russia. a spokesman for spitzer put out a statement last night, there is no truth to this allegation. and again, this alleged victim, she went to the hospital, supposedly because she tried to cut herself. the former governor supposedly accompanied her to the hospital. and that's where she then made the allegation that earlier in the evening, that spitzer supposedly tried to choke her during this argument. there is some confusion about how long these two have known each other. sources are saying that they may have dated for the last couple of years. that is somewhat confusing because as a lot of us who have followed politics for the past couple of years know the former governor used to live liz smith, the former spokesperson, mayor deblasio. fall. so there is some confusion about the time line of who is dating whom for the last couple of years.
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this afternoon and have more for you later. for now, reporting live outside the plaza, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dave. firefighters battle heavy flames that tore through a vacant apartment building this morning in the bronx. the fire broke out in the basement of the building. on olmstead avenue in union port at around 5:45. the flames quickly spread to building. crews to contain it. no one was hurt. moving flames that burned through several homes in green port, brooklyn. the flames broke out around 10:00 last night, in this case in a home on diamond street and quickly spread to two nearby houses. four people were hurt but not seriously. more than 140 firefighters braved the brutal cold to douse the flames there. >> the cold is always a challenge. but it really didn't cause any problems fighting the fire. it wasn't an impediment or anything like that. it is just uncomfortable. >> i was so cold. i thought i would get sick. and eventually i came in here.
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>> when it was done, the fire destroyed one building. and authorities declared two others structurally unsound. the red cross placed several people in housing, while most of the families affected by the fire are staying with neighbors. the suspect in the murder of a woman and her two children is due back in court, on staten island tomorrow. michael six was arrested on saturday, after a four-day man hunt. he is being held without bail after pleading not guilty. sykes is charged in the stapping death of his girlfriend rebecca cutler and two of her children including his own 4-month-old daughter. a third child is in critical but stable condition. the younkers police department is mourning the death of one of their own. investigators say off-duty detective frank fernandez was killed after crashing his suv into a fire truck. it happened early yesterday morning near palmer and sunny brook roads. the 45-year-old had been with the younkers police department for 15 years. the crash is now under investigation.
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death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. flags at the u.s. capitol are honor. two days after scalia's death, the fight over his successor is the hot topic from washington to the campaign trail. abc's lana zac is live in washington with all of the lana? david. you're absolutely right. drawn. and we understand that a team from the white house has been working around the clock since saturday, looking at a list of potential nominees. justice antonin scalia was arguably the brightest conservative legal mind in america and the implication on a rench dumb on the supreme court. >> less than an hour after -- referendum on the supreme court. >> less than an hour after his
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dg something they may choose to do after the election, according to senator lindsey graham, on gma. >> when an election is over, the president wins, they have a a ser right now is this gton, lana zack, channel 77 eyewitness news. >> thank you, lana. and the supreme court justice has a local tie to our area. he was born in trenton and grew
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you can learn more about his *n hablan who pulled the trigger.
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pope francis celebrating mexico's indigenous people, as he reaches the midway mark of his five-day visit to the country. and right now, we have live pictures of the pope leading a large outdoor mass in chiappa state in the southern part of the country. the service including readings, prayers and songs in three
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the vatican just approving the languages used in the service. doctors without borders says an attack on one of its hospitals in syria has killed as many as 15 people. the medical charity says the hospital was destroyed by four missiles. five patients, a caretaker and a hospital guard were killed. eight members of the hospital staff are missing and feared dead. the syrian observatory for human rights claims the attack was carried out by russian warplanes. in israel, former prime minister ehud olmert began sentence today. the 70-year-old was convicted of bribery before he became prime minister. he entered prison hours after releasing a video message in which he denied the charges. he appealed to israelis to remember his efforts to bring peace to the region. hawaii has now declared a state of emergency over mosquito-born diseases, including the zika virus.
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dengue feature outbreak. with more than 250 confirmed cases on the big island. in light of that, health officials are concerned about the zika virus. so far no cases have been transmitted in hawaii. the gloves are clearly off between the republican presidential candidates as the south carolina primary fast approaches and jeb bush is bringing in a political heavy weight. for the first time former president george w. bush and laura bush will join jeb at a rally in charleston. >> and marco rubio looking to fire up the crowd in a town hall meeting in rock hill. he shared his vision for how he would redefine the job of commander in chief. meantime ted cruz held a rally less than an hour ago in aiken. guest. and he was the target of most of donald trump's in colteds in saturday's debate.
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trump is in greenville. and the democrats turn to nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaigning in the state today. clinten is focused on winning the women vote. >> and clinton and sanders yesterday spoke at victory missionary baptist church with a predominantly african- american members and today hillary clinton had a breakfast with union members. police carried out a massive drug bust finding drugs stashed ai would in in conspicuous ice, a liquid drug known as ice hidden in art supplies and silicon bra inserts, part of a shipment traced to a hong con storage facility. million. people over the haul. it is one of the biggest drug busts in australia's history. well, from the super bowl,
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peyton manning named in the sexual assault case, involving his college days. >> we have more details about the allegations. >> and a fearless woman turns the tables on a would-be purse snatcher. >> let's take a live look outside, and more winter weather today. but bill is telling us a silver lining. meteorologist bill evans up next we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden.
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it is time to get a check of the accu-weather forecast. and a moment ago, you said that bill had a silver lining and for a moment i had a glimmer of hope. so what is going on, bill evans, outside our studios? >> in every dark cloud, eventually, we say in the weather department, eventually comes that silver lining. the silver lining on the west side, the salt and sand truck just went by. so there are a lot of folks out here, with the snow falling now, and snowing very lightly, but starting to pick up even more, as we head into the afternoon. here is a look outside, low visibilities because of that. the company now is 23 degrees. and the humidity is picking up, too. it is in the moderate zone. the winds are northeast and pressure is falling. the temperature, the minus one, i put an asterisk behind it. the morning low yesterday for valentine's day. and snow this afternoon and this evening. looking at probably a period of ice in there, too. that will make for a slippery travel day, during the commute,
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going to and coming from the holiday here. we will be looking at that as well as possibly some flooding from rain tomorrow. temperatures around 12 in monticello to 23 in the park. the winds are light. not that bad. they are out of the east and the northeast. and so they are kind of coming right in. 15, 17 degrees. 1 toward monticello. we will be looking at the snow and the winter weather advisory, building upon, that as we go into the afternoon hours, into tonight. so here comes the snow on the radar. most of it is heavy here. down to philly, delaware bay, moving northward. a big old batch of rain to the southwest. and that comes in tomorrow. so we get this first wave of snow coming in, and you can see the temperature, it just keeps rising, as we go. and 32 by 5:00 and 34 on long island. and here comes the rain as we get to 7:00, and by 7:00, 8:00, that rain is across the cities, right across long island, just to the south. connecticut. and then it keeps going northward. so everybody is kind of in that
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and probably going to be a good amount of mixing with some ice in the north and west. and tomorrow afternoon, starting at 1:00 to 2:00, west of the city, very heavy rain. and that will be pushing right through tomorrow evening. look at the temperatures, in the low to mid-50s. so eastward, and probably none in eastern long island, because of the rain. but 1-3 in the north and west. look at the rainfall tomorrow afternoon, an inch or more of rain in spots. slippery for this early afternoon. 32. tonight after sunset, 7:00, 8:00, the snow mixes with ice and changes to rain. temperatures rise overnight. in the 40s. degrees. very heavy rain for the afternoon. flooding. silver lining. sun and clouds on wednesday. 45. and 41 thursday. 42 friday. and it gets golden for the weekend.
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so there you go. the silver lining, a gold star. what more could you want? >> you have delivered, bill. you have delivered. >> never looked forward to tuesday this much. thank you. >> we will have more coming up. and we will keep an eye on it for you through the afternoon. >> thanks, bill. a surprising revelation, kanye west says he owes millions and wait until you see who he is asking for help. >> and really incredible video. we will show you where you can
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a bus burst into flames, a woman turns the tables on a suspected thief, and tens of thousands of sharks all in one place. some of the stories that were caught on camera. and caught our attention. let's start with the scary moments at a ski resort in washington state, as a bus used by high school students suddenly erupts into flames. this video shows the flames fully engulfing a bus, at mount baker on saturday. it broke out moments after students from bellingham high school stepped off of it. fortunately, no one was hurt. in fact, the students still went skiing and the mountain even gave them a free lunch and gear to use. also caught on camera. a woman turning the tables on a man who tried to snatch her purse. the woman tackled the guy.
12:26 pm
food -- rob her at a fast food restaurant in las vegas. the purse snatcher fled before police arrived. they are still looking for him. and take a look at this. are you ready for this? these small dots you see in the are black-tip sharks. that's a lot of them. a biologist got this video of migrating sharks just off palm beach county. the professor from florida, atlanta university, counted tens of thousands of them. and it is typical for this time of the year. the sharks tend to stay in the area until the middle of march. can't blame them. it is coldar where -- everywhere else. >> they look so innocent from that view. a bodega owner shot and killed. more information on what happened and reaction from the customers. >> and new details about the
12:27 pm
12:28 pm
our top stories this afternoon, snow starting to fall across the tri-state area. it is causing problems at the airport. there are 2 1/2 hour delays at laguardia. and nearly four hour delays at newark. there are also flights canceled. at both airports. meteorologist bill evans will have another update on the accu- weather forecast in just a few minutes. >> a power outage left travelers in the dark, in the lower level of grand central terminal. it is not affecting train
12:29 pm
the trains have been moved to the upper level. the mta believes the outage is related to a water main break. former new york governor eliot spitzer could be facing a new scandal. he is accused of choking a woman inside the plaza hotel. the spitzer spokesperson denies the allegations. hello again, i'm david navarro. >> we begin this half hour with details of a bodega owner killed in new jersey. police found the 64-year-old man at the ellison mini market in paterson. he was rushed to the hospital and sadly did not survive. we are learning more about the victim. new jersey reporter tony yates in paterson, with reaction from loyal customers. tony? research yes, indeed, 64-year- old jose tavares, according to a long-time customer, lived in this neighborhood, worked in this neighborhood, along with his son for several years. they say his wife and other family members lived in the dominican republic, and he worked really hard and long for them. but he also looked forward to
12:30 pm
there, once and for all. however, his plans and his life taken away from his friday night by the person who decided to go into the ellison mini market, which tavares apparently owned for at least 10 years. that person went in and fatally shot this husband, this father, he died as you said, at st. -- st. joseph hospital. the candles and notes are outside the store, with a person who was a friendly and kind heart behind the counter. >> when you don't have enough, he will give you groceries and don't worry about it, pay me another day. everybody felt that he was so caring and loving, that he was like a family. >> it doesn't matter if you're buying a quarter banana or something, he treated you the same. he was a loving kind man. and i love him. >> the passaic county prosecutor's office is leading this investigation. so far, no one has been
12:31 pm
for now, we're live in paterson, tony yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, tony. learning more about two victims of a deadly highway pileup in pennsylvania who are from our area. 50-year-old kenneth lesco of beth page was a con edison forman, and an online fundraiser for his family, has raised more than $14,000. 54-year-old francisco pair of bridge water was killed as well as a man from tennessee. the pileup saturday morning on i-78 happened as a snow squall hit the area causing whiteout conditions. more than 70 people were injured. a british pilots union is calling for action, after the latest laser strike of a passenger jet near london. the virgin atlantic plane had just begun its flight to jfk when a laser was pointed into the cockpit. a short time later, the crew asked to turn around, because the co-pilot felt sick. >> we have a medical issue with one of the pilots. we are going to return.
12:32 pm
atlantic called it a precautionary measure. paramedics checked out the co- pilot, who did not go to the hospital. police in london are looking for the source. but so far, no arrests. investigators are trying to identify the victims of a double murder in new jersey. it happened in branchburg, in somerset county. prosecutors charged 20-year-old ezra simon daniels with two counts of first-degree murder. they say he called 911 from a parked car, early saturday morning. police found him covered with blood, but unhurt. and officers then went to his home and found the bodies of a man and a woman, both suffering blunt force trauma to their heads. the state of connecticut, providing a push to update the liquor laws. governor dan milloy is proposing a bill that will eliminate so-called minimum bottle pricing. current state law generally prohibits retailers from selling certain alcoholic beverages below a minimum price. the trade group says it could lead to the losing of more than
12:33 pm
and the cold bitter new yorkers has brought some new yorkers -- cold bitter temperatures has brot some new yorkers to tears. >> oh, my god. >> cynthia johnson, and other senior residents of the leaveitt houses in flushing haven't had any heat since their boiler went out on saturday. they have been bundling up to stay warm. because calls to the housing authority went unanswered. >> why she we have to go through this? -- why should we have to go through this? >> how long has this been going on? >> for a long time. >> and two workers showed up to fix the boiler but residents say as fast as it gets fixed, the boiler breaks again. and nearly 1,000 of the boilers citywide are in need of replacement. snow, sleet and freezing temperatures blanketed states across the southeast. and making driving nearly impossible in some areas. the sloppy mess covered
12:34 pm
kentucky, and north carolina. and you can imagine, this led to multiple accidents. but the hardest-hit area, washington, d.c., nearly 2500 trucks are out to try and clear streets in the nation's capital. the good news, schools and most businesses are closed for president's day, and that means a lot of people will be at home, away from some of that trouble out there. >> as for the weather here, in our area, snow is starting to fall. and they are already big delays at the area airports. >> what you are looking at here is the garden state parkway in south jersey. and you can see snow accumulating on the sides of the road right there. this is in bass river township. meteorologist bill evans is tracking it. he is back now with an update on the accu-weather forecast. >> as you can see as we look at the camera here, looking south, times square. there are low visibilities picking up. and then coming from the south. from staten island. the afternoon. so the next seven hours, sees the temperature rising. and an easterly wind. so you can see by the time we
12:35 pm
33 degrees, for the commute, we are going to be looking at the snow going into tonight. before it starts to mix, and change over to 7:00, 8:00 tonight. we will talk more about that, and some very heavy rain for tomorrow afternoon. in your accu-weather forecast. back to you guys. shirley and david? >> bill, thank you. a newly-released report shows widespread plastic pollution in the waterways surrounding new york the group nynj, bay keeper, collected samples from several waterways including the east river and passaic river and raretin bay and there are 6500 plastic particles in the estuary at any given time, takeout containers to tiny beads that end up in the food supply. >> pretty gross to see. >> very scary. nearly 200 students sickened at a college. the link between the stomach illnesses as health officials
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
it appears that the noro virus, sickened hundreds of students at a college in pennsylvania. around 200 students reported symptoms of a stomach illness. school officials canceled classes thursday and friday. authorities closed the school's dining hall after students felt sick tuesday night but it reopened after an inspection. >> police in san francisco are trying to figure out who
12:38 pm
golden gate bridge, with blow darts. the darts hit two people walking across the bridge on fright. they were both hit -- friday. they were both hit in their legs. they were not seriously hurt and they were treated by paramedics at the scene. the darts were tested to make chemicals. came from. and investigation ers are now trying to find -- investigators are now trying to find any surveillance video of the attacks. the fbi says a pair of brothers may have trained an aspiring model caught on tape stealing $4 million worth of jewels from at least six stores. according to court documents fbi investigators say larry and michael gilmore reviewed the layout of the targeted stores and then officials say they recruited abbey kemp and taught her how to manipulate a handgun and secure store employees with gip ties. federal agents say the gilmores acted as the lookouts in this case. a disney cruise was briefly interrupted when the ship stopped to pick up a dozen suspected migrants near cuba. the coast guard says the disney wonder was going from miami to
12:39 pm
people were spotted on the water in a dangerous vessel saturday night. all 12 of them were brought on to the disney wonder. they were later turned over to the grand cayman authorities. unclear whether the suspected migrants were headed to the united states. the bidding war for flights from the united states to cuba is about to begin. starting tomorrow, u.s. carriers will have 15 days to submit applications to the federal government for airline roots to the communist nation. december's agreement to restore air travel could lead to more than 100 daily round trips. there have been no commercial flights between the u.s. and cuba in more than 50 years. meanwhile, a new report says flying on commercial jets is the safest it has been in the past five years. the international air transport association says there was one major accident for every 3.1 million flights in 2015. and that is a 30% improvement compared to the rates over the
12:40 pm
but the tally does not include deadly crashes that were considered deliberate. like last year's german wings crash, blamed on pilot suicide. coming up, on eyewitness news, less than a week after peyton manning's super bowl win, old allegations of sexual assault at his alma mater are resurfacing in a new lawsuit. >> plus, kanye west album
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because the time to think about today. go long. we are back with new scrutiny for peyton manning. a new lawsuit is giving old allegations against him new life. fresh off his super bowl win, manning is named in a sexual harassment lawsuit, against his alma mater. the university of tennessee. and abc's lindsey davis is here with the details. >> on the field, and off. >> i'm peyton manning. >> and super bowl champion good guy image. >> manning is back.
12:43 pm
college days are challenging that image. >> touchdown! >> as allegations resurface from a 20-year-old incident. on tuesday, six women filed a new lawsuit alleging the university of tennessee violated title ix by acting with deliberate indifference in the incidents of sexual assault, especially with respect to major sports athlete, among the major athletes mentioned, peyton manning. one of the incidents described in the suit involves highly- regarded trainer jamie knollright who reported manning to a sexual assault crisis center while at the university of tennessee for placing his bare bottom and genitalia on her while he examined her foot. >> even if it is 20 years old, even if he was in college, i think it resonates in large part because of the image that he has created for himself. >> according to court records, manning denied assaulting her. but she included the allegations in a sexual
12:44 pm
school, eventually settling with them and agreeing to leave her job. back in 2001, it surfaced again in manning's point of view, a father, his son and a football legacy. manning called it a crude but harmless locker room exchange and nalright catching him mooning a fellow athlete. the book account suggests she was eager to sue the school and described her as having a vulgar mouth. she is seen here in this youtube video, filed a defamation lawsuit against harper collins and others. according to a motion obtained by the new york daily news, she claims the characterizations in the book led her to lose her job at florida southern college. >> that was lindsey davis reporting. abc news reached out to peyton manning and the university of tennessee, for comment on both the original settlement, with her, and the new title ix lawsuit but did not hear back. celebrations.
12:45 pm
stop some heart warming get- togethers at the empire state building. nine couples say i do on valentine's day, from the empire state building's observatory floor way up there on the 86th floor. some of them tied the knot. vows. the couples won a contest for the most touching love stories. >> very sweet. >> others, i am not naming names, but they spent the day more at massage parlorring couple. >> i want to know, did sandy have a good valentine's day? >> well, the floor in the bathroom is heated. >> okay. >> so i go into the bathroom and where are you sandy, she is on her back in the bath room. that's where she spent the whole day. >> that explains that. >> okay. >> i had heating issues in my place. and the whole apartment and everything was 50 degrees. and just really, you know, put a lot of strain in the heating system. so yes. >> i can tell you --
12:46 pm
>> i was like you, hot tub and spa and massage. >> yeah, david. >> yes, and me, a bag of chips and the couch. >> and looking outside, it is a little bit less, with the visibility right now, as you can see. the snow is overspreading and it is coming up from the south to the north and we will be seeing more of this through the afternoon. and we are going to have a temperature now of 23 degrees. the temperature however will continue to rise, as the snow keeps coming, as the winds are kind of out of the northeast, at 8 miles an hour, but the snow is coming up and warm air surging up behind it as it keeps coming up from the south. so yesterday's high was 15. and so every flake of snow is going to stick. it is going to be slippery. and driving for the afternoon. and that are commuting, but you know, in the evening now, you have folks coming back from being away for president's weekend. and school is out today. a lot of folks traveling around. so school is out this week for a lot of folks, too. looking at 24 north port to massapequa. and 30 around bellmar. and we will be looking at what
12:47 pm
that will just kind of remain below freezing for a time. and the winner weather advisory is really for snow. coming up. so some of these snow showers, starting to get heavy around the five buroughs around long island, and heaviest, monmouth, and ocean county and all the way to atlantic county and a good amount of snow. pretty good snowfall rates and this big batch of rain comes to us tomorrow afternoon. and the first wave of rain is right here coming up with this snow from the south. so you will see on our future cast, the snow gets heavier. 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and lee goldberg will be here. 4:00. it is just pretty good moderate snow coming down, and slippery up the roads. and that will continue until about 7:00 tonight. so can't rule out a coating to an inch or two around. particularly north and west, toward the two-inch mark. and colder there, longer hanging on, as the warmer temperatures come up. so the temperatures rise overnight. and then everything changes to rain. heavy rain tomorrow afternoon. at 55 degrees. your accu-weather seven-day forecast, it is going to be really warm as we get through
12:48 pm
and we had minus one, for the temperature, on valentine's day morning. and we are looking at 53, saturday, and 50 on sunday. >> that is some turn-around. >> yes. >> thank you. ride. >> a turn-around. >> yikes. >> thanks a lot. >> some of you checked out the star wars movie the force awakens for the second and third time. and the producers have already started work on the next film in the series. walt disney released this video today, as it announced eight. the clip shows the filming of shots that pick up where the force awaken, left off. with mark hamill, as luke sky walker. i feel like we just gave the movie away. >> i am so surprised. stop looking. shy have given you a spoiler announcement. -- i should have given you a spoiler announcement. by the way, another announcement, benica dell toro and laura dern will be joining the cast. walt disney also owns wabc tv. two good actors.
12:49 pm
$135 million in the u.s. over the weekend. this is a new record for an r- rated film. surpassing the matrix reloaded which grossed nearly $92 million on its opening weekend. in 2003. >> can't wait to see it. >> and we'll be right back, but first, a look at what is coming up next on "the chew." >> today, we are making a mystery meal. and trying to figure out who ransacked our pantry. mario is put to the test. in a mystery ingredient challenge.
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don't want to be stuck in that situation. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. at 5:00, and at 6:00. don't fall in the ice, right? >> absolutely not. >> that's right. >> thank you, diana. it is time now for the feed. oh, kanye. everyone is talking about kanye west. >> oh, kanye. >> it is over his twitter activity over the weekend. just hours before his saturday night live performance, the rapper took to twitter claiming he is $53 million in debt. he said -- >> really? i want to say it like this. really? >> asking people to pray him, pray he overcomes this, this is my true heart, we are not sure if he is serious though. we do know he hits mark zuckerberg next asking the the facebook founder to invest $1 billion in his ideas after realizing he is the best living artist of all time. >> check out the money store. >> basically. what do you have for us? >> the newest member of the nypd.
12:54 pm
a garbage can. cookie monster joined the force with a big welcome from the police commissioner william bratton. he tweeted out this picture, showing cookie monster in the nypd uniform. >> i love it. >> and this is good stuff. >> he is assigned to patrol sesame street. >> we will wrap this up. because there is nothing like the girl on the first trip to disneyland. the excitement is so contagious. it turns out dogs feel the same way. check out ace. service dog in training. he can barely contain himself.
12:55 pm
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>> announcer: a crime has been committed at "the chew." the pantry ransacked. vital ingredients stolen. the kitchen covered in clues. everyone is a suspect. was it dastardly daphne oz? corrupt clinton kelly? mischievous mario batali? criminal carla hall? or menacing michael symon? the fabulous fran drescher is on the scene, can you figure out "chew" dunnit? the mystery unfolds right now on "the chew"."
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