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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> yes, meteorologist bill evans is in the weather center. bill, what are we in for? >> no doubt, wind has played a part in that. we have had 30, 35-mile-an-hour wind gusts. we've got rain and wind now for the next three or four hours, going to come down pretty hard and the winds are going to play pretty fast, too. wind gusts, temperature of 53 degrees now. and we're looking at 47, toward hackettestown. 52, hanover. these numbers are way warm. we should be in the upper 30s to around 40. so we're running 15, nearly 20 degrees warmer than normal in a lot of spots. but you see the wind is coming right out of the southeast. these are sustained winds at 20 miles per hour. white plains, 23, 24 around flushing. but the gusts have been even higher so far. look where the gusts have been higher. 46-mile-per-hour wind gusts at tetv terborough.
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wind gusts. more of that over the next several hours. that's why there's a coastal flood advisory for south county. sussex county, with the southeast wind piling in here at high tide. jersey. through southern monmouth. southern ocean county. heavy rain here in new jersey here that would keep riding to the north. future cast, temperatures are in the mid-50s. you'll see by 4:00, a good portion of this rain is through the area so for the next three, four hours, the rain is going to come down hard. and the winds are going to gust very high over us as we go into the evening commute and into tonight. expected rainfall somewhere around half inch, three quarters and an inch of rain. create flooding. wind speeds will be sustained here, 25 to 35 miles per hour. as i mentioned, with the gusts at 40.
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into the next few hours. there's 50 to maybe 60-mile-per- hour wind gusts at the coast. we'll talk about what will happen in the weekend. as this plows on through. we'll talk more about this rain coming up, it's working its way into the area. dave and shirleen, back to you. >> and remember, you can get the latest accuweather forecast with our free accutrack weather app. in connecticut, a father shot and killed by police, after he reportedly attacked his wife and three children. now, this happened at a home on mount laurel road in fairfield. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis posted on twitter. he joins us now live with the details and this latest story. marcus. >> and dave, as part of connecticut law, any police- involved shooting, now investigated by state police who are here. neighbors say they heard as many as six shots fired by that officer.
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attacked his entire family. >> reporter: police responded to 22 mountain laurel road, just after 6:00 a.m. it was the 13-year-old girl who lives in the house who called 911. but before the officer ever made it inside, investigators say there was a confrontation. >> this individual just would not comply with the officers. kept advancing toward the officer. at some point, the officer did fire his weapon. that part of it is under investigation. >> reporter: the suspect later died of his injuries. inside the house, police found evidence of a violent scene. the suspect's wife and 12-year- old son were in a bedroom with blunt force injuries and stab wounds. the girl who called 911 and her 15-year-old brother, who might have wrestled a weapon away from her father were also hurt. police say there is no history of domestic trouble in the home. and friends of the family are in complete disbelief. >> we were just with them a couple of nights ago. and they were happy as could be. doesn't make any sense whatsoever. there's no signs that they were nothing but happy.
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wife, in critical condition, at bridgeport hospital. the youngest, a child, the 12- year-old boy, air-lifted to yale new haven hospital. again, investigators still on scene here, trying to piece it all together. and we're live in fairfield, marcus solis, channel 7, eyewitness news. new at noon, a livery cab driver is recovering after being slashed in the face. police say the slashing was over a fair dispute in washington heights early this morning. the driver was cut from ear to chin. the suspect, leowen row, was caught a short time later and is facing assault and weapons charges. con-edcrews and firefighters are on the scene of a gas leak at an apartment building on west 118th street in harlum. at least 20 residents have been evacuated. crews are digging up the street, trying to find the source of the leak so it can be shut off. there are no reported injuries. now to vote 2016, democratic presidential
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in manhattan this afternoon. she's meeting with reverend al sharpton and civil rights leaders about breaking down barriers. >> reporter: hillary clinton is here for three reasons in the city today. first of all, she's at that forum upstairs, meeting with civil rights leaders. then she'll be at a during the noon hour at midtown. and at 3:00 this afternoon, a major address in harlum about civil rights. but underscoring all of this, of course, the primary and the importance of the black vote, especially in the south. clinton met this morning with nine civil rights leaders, including the president of the naacp and al sharpton, founder of the national action network. this was the candidate's forum, open to any and all candidates. but clinton was the first to respond. last week, her primary opponent, bernie sanders visited with sharpton in harlem. his support is overwhelmingly white.
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to the south and also into more urban areas. in 2008, 56% of the primary vote in south carolina was black. clinton is significantly ahead in the polls in south carolina. and she hopes that that state will be a firewall of sorts to stop the sanders' surge. i'm not a single issue candidate. we don't live in a single-issue country. and we have work to do. and that work can only be done in partnership with one another. to advance the cause of civil and human rights. >> reporter: again, that forum is still going on upstairs on the 8th floor here at the national urban league. you might see that there are some cameras set up over me to my right shoulder. that is to hear from reverend sharpton. and compare that to how his meeting went last week with bernie sanders. we will keep you posted. for now, dave evans, channel 7, eyewitness news. a fierce political fight on the republican side. but the jabs seem to be turning more personal. this morning, the candidates
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ahead of the primary. this morning, ted cruz focusing on the issues, such as the military, during an event. but he and donald trump are making headlines for their blistering attacks against each other. >> i think he's a very unstable guy. and i must tell you one thing about ted cruz. i have never, ever met a person that lies more. >> donald trump and marco rubio, both have the very same pattern. whenever anyone points out their record, they simply start screaming, "liar, liar, liar." >> speaking of marco rubio, he is participating in a town hall- style event around south carolina. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for continuing coverage of the race for president. you can also follow the campaign at our website. we want to follow up on breaking news in midtown. two people were injured when a glass table fell through a living room.
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address that we have is 5307th avenue -- 530, seventh avenue. this is largely unexplained what exactly happened with this accident. but a glass table came out of a window now, from the 22nd floor here at 5:30, 7th avenue. now, we are between the street's 38th and 39th. and the glass table came down, shattering and somehow hurting. we do not know how terribly hurt these two women were. but they were taken to bellevue hospital. down here on the street. again, 38th and 39th and 7th avenue. that happened about an hour ago. their condition again, went to bellevue hospital. a glass table from the 22nd floor, again, completely unexplained at this hour. we'll try to find out more and get back to you. we're at 38th street and 7th. michelle charles, with channel
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u.n. secretary general, boutros boutros ghali ghali died. he passed away after being admitted for a broken pelvis. he helped negotiate his country's landmark peace deal with injury. he then served as secretary general from 1992 to 1996. ghali was 93 years old. a charter bus slides on black ice in new jersey. find out how drivers say the driver prevented a tragedy. and the rock band who was fire. speaks about their return to the city of lights. plus, the day after music's biggest night. did taylor swift have a message
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new jersey governor, chris christie is preparing to give his first speech since the campaign. the governor will deliver his second to last budget address this afternoon. he may speak about the contentious issue of funding state pension worker plans. the legislation is controlled by democrats. kristie's -- christie's term runs through 2017. and eliot spitzer is vehementdly denying that he -- vehemently denying that he assaulted a woman at the hotel. he said that the two had an amicable talk and then she lost. when she returned, she was highly emotional and threatening to hurt herself. investigators say the woman
12:13 pm
a woman accused of killing her young son in new jersey, more than two decades ago. jury selection in michelle azinski's case is set to begin tomorrow. she is charged with killing her 5-year-old son, timothy wilsy. she said he disappeared on a conveyor belt in 1991. his body was found nearly a year later. the judge is expected to rule on pretrial issues. the heart of the drug- trafficking part of the country in mexico. here's a live look at the pontiff speaking in morealia. the pope is to us canning on a brighter future -- is focusing on aebrater future for mexico. in the meantime, pope francis's sex abuse views, he says all have an obligation to report cases of suspected sexual abuse. four months after deadly
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>> it's been such an outpouring of support for us and love for us. it's overwhelming. i just don't want to let anyone down. i don't know why god picked us to be -- but i'm grateful. >> he said he sees images from the storm while the band was on stage and killed 89 people. he said he thought talking about the tragedy would help, but admits it hasn't. eagles and death metal are slated to will perform tonight in paris. an icy rescue, coming up. two heroes put their lives on the line to save a man who fell into a frigid lake. and a gas price war will show you the lake where a gallon costs just one cent. and taking a live look outside. get ready for a drenching, rainy day.
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slushy road continues may be to blame for several overnight. a driver lost control of his suv, near west street and harrison around midnight. and crashed into a wall employed in mount kissco, the weight of the snow brought the lines down. about 300 customers were left without power.
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and the commute yesterday at home was challenging at times. i got on the palisades parkway and i was like, ack. >> i know some people pulled over, parked the car anded, i'm getting on the train. >> yes. >> that's kind of all it takes sometimes is just an inch, inch and a quarter, inch and a snafl -- inch snafl of -- inch and a half of snow. >> i fell this morning. wiped out. >> no... >> yeah. what i did was the classic, one bag on one shoulder, one bag on the other shoulder, and a coffee in the hand. >> new yorker. >> but hey, who could hurt this face? you need all your gear. we're going to be looking at very heavy rain, gusty winds as we go into the afternoon. you see the folks on the west side, oh, the huddle, the masses and the rain. it's going to come down hard and the wind is going to blow. you need all your gear. rain coats, umbrellas, boots,
12:19 pm
you're going to need that. for the next three hours or so, until we get to about 4:00, 5:00. temperature is 52 degrees. the humidity is high. winds are higher. i mean, it's gusting up to 35 miles per hour. look at the pressure, just has dropped hike a rock because of this low-pressure system, moving up through western new york state. yesterday, we were at about 18 degrees to start the day. now we're at 52, 53, 55. very warm numbers. 57 down here in trenton. these numbers are way warm. but it's the southeast wind, been coming up. but the wind gusts have been really high. i mean, we have been seeing, now, teterborough has up to 53- mile-per-hour wind gusts. 43 in la guardia. so the wind is really cranking through areas and places where you can see it just coming right off the atlantic and right off long island sound. here comes the rain we were talking about. nassau, suffolk county, not quite into that. but there's more to come from the south.
12:20 pm
share of the rain will be western jersey. and up toward monticello. through sullivan and orange county. but you see, here's a big old batch of rain coming right on time for our forecast, we projected that to be, you know, 1:00. and it's right on time. here we go, 1:00, heaviest rain starts coming in from the south and west. works its way over the area by 3:00. and it's east of the city. as lee goldberg is coming on at 4:00, first at 4:00, he'll be bringing you the rain totals. but the problem here after, when it comes down a short amount of time, there is a runoff. so problem will be 4 clock, 5:00. and out by 7:00. that's when we'll see the flooding problems, when you get the runoff here. in a short amount of time. and temperatures are really mild. we're in the mid-50s. and even overnight, we'll be looking at very mild numbers. heavy rain, gusty winds. flooding possible. 55 degrees. tonight, it's just cloudy and breezy. down to 35. tomorrow is a great day. clouds around 45 degrees. your accuweather seven-day
12:21 pm
nice stretch of weather into the weekend. it will cool down a little on thursday and friday. the low leaving into canada, pulls out that cooler air. we warm right back up for the weekend. weekend looks great. 53 saturday. and 50 on sunday. but it's dangerous out there right now. really over the next few hours. you got a lot of really gusty winds. so, you know, all the preparations need to be in place at this point for that. >> all right. thank you, bill. >> all right. check in -- this out. have you ever forgotten to push in your chair at the office? have you guys. >> all the time. >> nissan may have the solution. self-parking chairs. all you have to do is clap and the chair will head back to a desk or table. the company created it through new self-parking technology. >> be careful what you do, clapping around here. a midair scare for passengers.
12:22 pm
emergency. be -- smoke, suddenly pouring into a cockpit minutes after takeoff. hear what the pilot did to get
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
cameras are rolling as two divers dumped into an icy lake and rescue a man who had fallen in. officials say a man was riding a snowmobile at a lake in illinois, when the ice suddenly cracked beneath him. a person passing by heard him screaming for help and called the fire department. two divers put on thermal suits and went in after him. they held him above water until a boat reached them. the man is being treated for hypothermia. he is expected to recover. this romp in the cold is sure to melt your heart. the polar bear cub was born in november at the toronto zoo. she chose valentine's day to explore outside for the very first time. very cute. >> factors at 11:00 on that one. one of the largest diamonds uncovered recently unearthed in africa. shirleen, say hello to your best friend. all 404 carats.
12:25 pm
experts say it is virtually flawless. its value, estimated at about $20 million. it the 27th largest diamond on record. and another unusual find. a newly discovered plant species. this is a photo of a prehistoric flower that is now extinct. but perfectly preserved in amber. it was found in a cave in the dominican republic. scientists believe it is poisonous. they believe its ancestry is with plants like potatoes. black ice, a factor in the
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we continue to follow breaking news. and we are learning now, the police are saying that wind gusts caused a glass table on the roof of a building to get blown off onto the street below. the table fell 22 stories and hit two women on the ground. they were taken to the hospital. however, are expected to be okay. and speaking of that wind, first snow, then ice. now we're dealing with rain and wind. that is moving into our area meteorologist bill evans will have another update on accuweather forecast in just a few moments. and hello again. i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro.
12:29 pm
roads this morning. and it may have caused a bus crash if not for the driver. the bus slid over black ice and crashed into another vehicle. at least eight people were hurt. now, we're hearing from the passengers. >> the crash happened this morning in summit. eyewitness news reporter drake clark has the story. >> we slammed into a wall. and people got hurt. but thank god, we were safe. >> reporter: passengers stepped off the damaged coach bus, all saying the same thing. it could have been worse. but they credit their driver, who never lost her cool, even as the bus seemed to be out of control. >> a little bit of training, bit of instinct, a little bit of i did what i had to do. >> reporter: the bus left lehigh valley early this morning, headed to new york city. but on eastbound 78, summit, new jersey, the bus hit a patch of ice, crashed into a car and then a guardrail. this video shows the aftermath. two people on board the bus and
12:30 pm
only suffered minor injuries. >> just a nose bleed and a couple of people shaken up. >> reporter: new jersey state police say there were at least three other accidents, along the same stretch of icy highway. >> if i had my skates, i'd play hockey on it. >> john michellea crashed his pickup truck, trying to avoid another wreck. >> and i did two 360s in the middle of an accident and ended up against guardrail. >> reporter: back on the bus, passengers sat paicially -- patiently, while also pondering how fortunate they are, that the bus stayed upright and mostly intact. >> another bus was brought in to help the passengers reach their final destination. and passengers say, considering all that happened this morning, they are just grateful they can walk from one bus to another. in union, new jersey, dray clark, channel 7, eyewitness news. and in other traffic mess today in pennsylvania, this one involving 11 vehicles. the pileup mostly involves semi trucks on i-81 near scranton.
12:31 pm
but not seriously. just this weekend, another pileup in pennsylvania killed three people. two of them from our area it happened when snow squalls created whiteout conditions. the cause of this morning's pileup, still under investigation. in the tri-state area, the snow and ice are melting, but as we mentioned, it's now the rain and the wind that is the story. >> in fact, a severe thunderstorm warning has been posted in parts of new jersey. let's get another update on the forecast with meteorologist bill evans. >> i'll show you exactly where that is. we've got rain and we've got this scene everywhere now. temperatures are 53 degrees. the wind is a big problem now at 10 to 23-mile-per-hour sustained winds. the gusts have been as high as 53 in teterborrow, -- teterboro. this wind maybe -- has been a big issue. down toward hunter county, mercer county, down toward trenton and philly. and the reason, very heavy rain is falling there.
12:32 pm
issue of lightning and thunder there. there was some rumbles of thunder in there. but you go down here toward the turnpike, philly, very heavy rain and flooding here moving through sussex. we have been seeing some rainfall, about a tenth to 3/10ths. and some of these spots where you see red in this line. that's a half inch of rain per hour here that is coming northward here in western new jersey. we're going to be seeing more of that over the next three hours. heavy rain, flooding, very windy. moving across the entire area over the next few hours. so you just probably want to stay indoors over the next few hours, not venture out until after 4:00, or 5:00. we'll keep you advised of any more warnings picking up. particularly western new jersey. all of those counties, you want to be aware that that rain is coming to you now as we speak. and i'll have more on that coming up.
12:33 pm
police are investigating an assault on a tourist at the statue of liberty ferry terminal. police say the man was with his family, when they were approached by a woman selling tickets yesterday afternoon. when they declined the tickets, investigators say another man punched the victim, knocking him unconscious. the two suspects took off. the victim suffered a broken skull and is in the hospital in stable condition. right now, mayor bill de blasio is in brooklyn, discussing a new light rail system. that is one of the ones set. it would travel 16 miles on the east river. the $2.-- -- $2.5 billion is part of this. thinking of putting tablets in the hands of its station agents. it would have workers tablets
12:34 pm
hanging directly. it would help give passengers travel and other information. the pilot program would take stations. the islamic state group is said to be suffering from a shortage of cash. people exiled from the isis stronghold in syria, say the group has cut salaries and is asking residents to pay their utility bills in black market american dollars. the militants are also now releasing detainees for a cut- rate price of $500 per person. coalition air strikes have cost isis millions of dollars since last fall. the group is also affected by the dramatic drop in global oil prices, which is a key source of income. >> the supreme court justice antonin scallia. his court will chair the and the entrance in front of it today, all draped in black. meanwhile, the debate over
12:35 pm
appoint scalia's predecessor, heat up. harry reid says that a gop refusal to appoint a nominee would be like aiming a missile at our systems of checks and balances. the dog show and the best in show will be announced tonight. several groups, including hounds and what they like to refer to as toy dogs for showcase at madison square garden. lucy took home the top spot for the hound group. anna bel for the nonsport group. and panda quickly pranced away into the favorite among the toy dogs. this is the 140th westminster dog show. what is your favorite type of dog at the big show? head to the abc 7ny facebook page to join the conversation. passenger jet forced to land after takeoff.
12:36 pm
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a live look outside now. this is route 1 in lawrence township in mercer copty. you can see the rain falling.
12:39 pm
now. severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for hunterton and mercer counties, in new jersey. and taking a live look at the radar, the entire area as you can see, is going to be seeing some heavy rain. meteorologist bill evans will time it all out for us. his exclusive accuweather forecast is coming right up. >> well, a wwe star, abruptly calling it quits, he said because of concussions. daniel brine is retiring. he said that a series of concussions led to seizures. brian said that he and his pro wrestler wife have kept it a secret from others am but he decide that his safety was most important. when you get slammed, you really get islamabad. i'm helping him slam me. >> but you're getting injured? >> yes. >> i was helping him with one of his seizures, after a concussion. and it scared me so bad, i just lost it. >> brian's wife, bella, pro athlete as well, also said she plans to retire soon. the two say say plan on having children.
12:40 pm
passengers taking an alaska airlines flight. smoke poured into the cockpit, forcing the pilots to put on oxygen masks. abc's david kerley has details. >> reporter: emergency crews scurried around the jetliner, which was in the air for only minutes. >> we're declaring emergency. >> maybe about 5 to 10 minutes into the flight. i felt the engines kind of slow down a little bit. >> they had just left washington's reagan airport for seattle. the pilot of the 737 wanting to get back on the ground quickly, sounding like they had their masks on. >> emergency. >> they're asking to land at dulles airport, less than 30 miles away. >> alaska 1. emergency aircraft. and we're going to need the truck please. >> the truck should be coming out. >> emergency crews checked the jet, which then taxied to the gate. one passenger tells us, she
12:41 pm
wearing an oxygen mask. all six were taken to the hospital. but none of the passengers who were rebooked to seattle. david kerley, abc news, washington. in war, there is collateral damage. that includes price wars. in toledo, ohio, this weekend, drivers retreated -- were treated to gas as low as 1 cent per gallon. the battle started by accident. a computer glitch caused prices at one station to fall to 19 cents per gallon. you thought that was a deal. and a station across the street responded, on purpose. and the fight office, much to the delight of drivers. >> i just filled my whole gas tank from dead empty for 26 cents. i told her to put 10 on it. i only gave her $5 and had to go back for change. >> the rock bottom prices lasted about three hours, from 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. they were back up to $1.50 a gallon the rest of the day.
12:42 pm
horses back in the 1800s? those were the good times. it was a star-studded night at the grammys. coming up, a look at the big winners. why there was major oil problems during her performance the.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
continue to follow some of the weather coming through our area. this is a live look at the radar. severe thunderstorm warning issued for hunterton and mercer counties in new jersey. meteorologist bill evans is tracking it. we'll have another update in just a few minutes. celebrities and musicians, taking the stage for the 58th annual grammy awards. >> many felt that music's biggest night did not disappoint, adding that taylor swift took a swipe at kanye west. night. >> reporter: dave, so much enthusiasm for the grammy awards last night. ine the white house getting
12:46 pm
and official tweet gave a shoutout to kendrick lamar and all the artists at the grammys, working to build a better future. >> his performance was ripped from the headlines. and kendrick lamar earned a total of five grammys, including one for best rap album. but he later lost to taylor swift, when she became the first female artist in grammy history to win album of the year twice. >> i want to say to all the young women out there. there are going to be people out there along the way, who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments, or your fame... >> swift chose to respond from the stage to insults from kanye west. adele chose social media as a way to explain technical problems that marred her performance, tweeting, the
12:47 pm
that's what the guitar sound was. it made it sound out of tune. expletive happens. [ music ] >> reporter: the head of the recording academy said adele killed it. perhaps, an unfortunate choice of words. but while the night had its outweighed the misery. [ music ] this is ground control to major tom >> tributes to the late david bowie by lady gaga, to glen fry by sur-- glen fry by surviving members of the eagles. ditto, the salute to lionel richie. >> reporter: bruno mars helped mark ronson bin record of the year. best song belonged to ed sherhan. >> no sign of rihanna last night. and now we know why.
12:48 pm
but a doctor who examined her afterwards, ordered her not to sing or talk for 48 hours, or she risks doing damage to her vocal cords: interesting. remember when adele's mike went dead? the head of the academy said they were trying to switch over a backup sound problem, because of the first problem. >> she was still amazing. i sat and watched her performance it was amazing still. >> conspiracy. [ laughter ] >> i have suspicions of who was behind this. but i don't want to say anything. >> because lionel only wants there to be one. >> he was so gracious last night. he was great. >> he really was. i loved that performance. that tribute to him was great. >> what do you have for us? >> we have this thunderstorm warning in effect for mercer county. really, it's the rain. i've been looking for lightning strikes
12:49 pm
that still could be. heavy downpours of rain. here's what we're looking at. heavy rain and wind will be with us for the next three hours. temperatures are quite warm. 52. 88% humidity. quite high. wind gusts to 35 miles an hour so far. and normal high would be 42 this time of year. so we're way above that. 10 degrees above it. and north port and massapequa. and 54, toms river. and it's 57, even in poughkeepsie. the wind gusts have been higher than these sustained winds, but the sustain winds are 25 miles an hour and dangerous. teterboro reporting 53. it's dangerous. you need to be inside. and of course, we have this thunderstorm reporting in mercer county. and cumberland county and around philly. that's from a big old batch of heavy rain that you see right here. with these shades of red at allentown that are pushing toward western new jersey.
12:50 pm
and sussex county. down the garden state parkway. down the jersey turnpike to philly. here's that heavy rain here around i-80 and new jersey. this is flooding roadways. this will continue to do so over the next three hours. rainfall amounts so far are still on the low side. this has just been getting under way around noontime. here's that line we were talking about here from mercer county, to hunterton that is headed toward sussex and warren county. notice how that goes through really quick. but then that sets up here, orange and sullivan county, through fairfield county to long island by 3:00. and on out. so at any point from now until 4:00, 5:00, we have dangerous amounts of rain falling in a short period of time. and we have these gusty winds. really, if you can stay indoors until that time, you'll be in great shape. we are looking at gusty winds. heavy rain from now until then. flooding is possible on roadways. and tonight, it all calms down.
12:51 pm
clouds, tomorrow, a high of 45. what a couple of days of weather, hush? -- huh? it was minus 1 on sunday morning. it's 55 this afternoon. i mean, i'm no math wiz. but that's a 56-degree temperature swing. [ laughter ] >> see how he did that? >> yeah. did flight off the -- right off the top of my head. and a nice weekend coming up. >> we'll have details in the afternoon. >> thank you, bill. we'll be right back. but first, here's a look at what is coming up next on the truth. >> today, we're getting funky and having a delicious disco brunch. you've heard of disco fries. well, michael is making disco
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with a warning of what to look for, so your refund isn't given to someone else or given to someone else. >> we will show you how to get the thrill, a bit closer to the ground. is it really skydiving, though, if you're not up in the sky? those stories and more, beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. >> it's my kind of skydiving. >> you're in the sky. >> it's where the name comes from. you're up in the sky. >> the answer is blowing in the wind. >> there you go. love those things. can't wait to see it. it is time now for the feed. world boxing champ, manny pacquiao, asking for forgiveness, after an insulting statement about gay people. the 37-year-old who is running for a seat in the philippines said on tv, quote, if we approve on male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animals. pacquiao tried to clarify his
12:56 pm
then he posted on twitter, saying i'm sorry for those who have been hurt. >> the movie the martian. listen. if you saw the movie, the martian, you know matt damon's character ores a lot of his --
12:57 pm
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>> announcer: put your dancing shoes on and get ready to boogie down, because we're having a delicious disco brunch. michael's shaking his groove thing and whipping up a cheesy dish that'll keep the party going strong. plus, clinton's got an easy, delicious cocktail that'll leave you shouting, "dy-no-mite." and the culprit responsible for ransacking our pantry is finally revealed. it's time for our delicious disco brunch. can ya dig it? right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] where's carla hall? >> there she is. >> come on, carla.
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