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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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for drivers, there was low visibility along the triborough bridge. >> and there were thousands of power outages across the area, the majority in northern jersey and the rock aways in queens. power problems are also affecting the lirr. service temporarily suspended between hicksville and huntington. >> lee goldberg is tracking the storm, outside our studios with the latest. >> reporter: since 8:00 on sunday morning, when we were 1 below, in the last 54 hours, we have climbed about 54 degrees, and by february standards we boiled over this afternoon with a turbulent stretch of thunderstorms and gusty winds that are finally starting to calm down, the rain ending across manhattan. we got an inch of rain in a very short period of time and that's why we're seeing some of the flooding. flood advisories will continue into your early evening travel, so beware of that. still some standing water. you can see light showers that
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there's heavy rain just leaving pine plains in duchess county and parts of lichfield county, some heavy rain, and also heavy rain leaving the twin forks right now. these storms were screaming through the area at 50 miles per hour. you can see a clearing line getting into western new jersey, and the skies are starting to look brighter over new york harbor. we're at 53 degrees right now. future cast is showing the heavy rain leaving connecticut and long island over the next half hour. still some light showers to deal with, and then the clearing is starting to comp come in. -- come in. wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. damaging wind gusts, even 60 miles per hour gusts in the philly area. we have had storm reports. thankfully the winds are coming down, but still gusting over 40 in parking lots of connecticut and long island. trees down in the hudson valley, and in queens. in new windsor, that was in advance of the heavy line coming through this afternoon. what you need to know going forward, the rain is exiting the area over the next couple
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watch out for standing water. don't drive through high water. because we're going to get chilly in the suburbs, patches of black ice will return. we'll have more on these storms and the tranquil 7-day forecast just a few minutes away. >> tranquil would be nice. we'll see you in a few minutes. there are more than 25,000 power outages in northern new jersey. the majority of the outages are in bergen and union county. shirlene allicot is in garfield, and she continues our coverage. >> reporter: and liz, this is one of the areas that was hardest hit. the people in the community are breathing a sigh of relief. let's take a look behind me at the power lines you see. these were repaired thanks to the quick work of pse and g. if you look, a few hours earlier, it's a totally different story, around noon as the heavy winds and rain move through the area, high voltage wires snapped, sending the sparking lines flying. it ending up hitting a 31-year-
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street at the time. witnesses say a nurse happened to be passing when it happened. she immediately checked on him. i'm told he had a cut and a burn and was sent to the hospital while still conscious but no official word on his condition at this time. employees at loyal 9 a marketing business located at the corner here was completely in the dark as a result. they say the victim actually worked there, and they are grateful the situation wasn't more serious. i screamed. i was the first screamer. i definitely thought that something bad happened, so i'm very happy we're all very safe. >> reporter: and loyal nine has their power back, as you can see from that light that is on right there. thankfully, but several others, as you buys mentioned, rem in the dark. thousands of people in new jersey do not have power. we're going to keep you updated on the situation from here. in garfield, shirlene allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new york city officials blaming
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a glass patio table blew off a 22nd floor balcony sending it crashing onto the street below. this happened shortly before eleven this morning on 7th 7th avenue and 39th street. two women walking below were taken to bell view hospital with nonlife threatening injuries as the table came crashing down near them. an eyewitness says one of the woman was cut up by it all. >> blood on her face. and wait, it looks a lot more than it was actually. i saw a lot of glass on the floor. >> inspectors have issued a violation to the owner for failure to secure the building during the high winds. download the accu track weather alert app to stay on top of conditions. find it at the app or google play store by searching channel 7 eyewitness news -- abc7ny. a mother and her three children are in the hospital recovering this afternoon after they were stabbed in a violent early morning attack by their children's father.
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inside their home in fairfield. when police arrived, they shot and killed the suspect. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is at the scene in fairfield with the details. marcus. >> investigators from the state police here collecting evidence, trying to piece this together to figure out what led to this incident, this violent domestic incident that turned into a fatal police involved shooting. >> the 9/11 call came from inside the house itself. the caller, a teenage girl in a family under attack by her father. this morning, fairfield police shot and killed a 51-year-old man who allegedly bludgeoned and stabbed his wife and three kids, ages 12, 13, and 15. >> when our officers went inside, we discovered a woman, the mother of the children that was severely injured. the children were injured. different levels of injury. blunt like force and some of them appeared to have stab like wounds, although we're not sure. >>
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injuries. state police spent the day reconstructing the crime scene. the incident unfolded around 6:00 this morning at 22 mountain laurel road. neighbors described hearing yelling. police say it appears the oldest teen may have tried to wrestle the weapon away from the father at some point. when police arrived, the house. investigators say the officer, a 20 year veteran of the department opened fire after the suspect charged at him, ignoring orders to stop. >> we did a history check on the home. there is no history on the home, there is no history on the individuals. it's pretty bizarre for us that this would take place. >> so many questions, investigators in the process of interviewing the wife and the children who are at various hospitals. coming up a little bit later on. we'll hear from friends of family, still trying to make sense of all of this. live in fairfield, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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a gas leak in harlem forcing at least twenty people out of their apartment. residents detected a possible leak in a building on west 118 118th street. con ed crews, firefighters evacuated and investigated the building. they are looking for the source of the gas leak so it can be fixed. a new video this afternoon shows the frightening aftermath after a part of a buildings facade came crashing down on the sidewalk in manhattan. eyewitnesses say two pieces fell from the roof of a building on west 96th street on the upper west side. fortunately no one was injured, and no word on what exactly caused that to come down. and to presidential politics and democrat candidate former secretary of state hillary clinton is in new york city today. she's about to step up to the podium in manhattan right now. she and al sharpton met earlier today behind closed doors. bernie sanders met with sharpton last week you may recall after his victory in new hampshire. both candidates are looking for sharpton's endorsement.
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kneltwork today was tight lipped -- net work today was tight lipped. >> i'm not a single issue candidate. we have work to do, and that work can only be done in partnership with one another to advance the cause of civil and human rights. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders campaigned in south carolina today. he was introduced at a rally by eric garner's daughter erica. garner died after he was placed in an apparent choke hold by the nypd. on the republican side, the candidates are crisscrossing across south carolina, four day before the gop primary there. four minutes ago, or just a few minutes ago, senator ted cruz held a rally in the state's capitol. cruz laid out his plans to boost the military but did not give a price tag. earlier he took aim at front runner donald trump suggesting trump would not be the kind of president children would look up to. meanwhile, trump who had harsh
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offered up more criticism of his fellow republicans while campaigns in south carolina. this morning trump said he was considering suing cruz. he's accused the texas senator of misleading voters. meanwhile, senator marco rubio said he would release his own tax returns. he says he will hand them over any day now. it's common for candidates to release their returns: 50 delegates will be up for grabs in south carolina. when republican voters head to the polls on saturday. pope francis urging mexican clergy not to allow themselves to believe they are helpless against the drug lords and violence they bring. the pope telling the clergy they should resist doing nothing and living comfortable lives and instead step up against injustice. the pontiff greeted by this welcome message right here. this was created a thousand people all gathered in his image. he spotted it as he flew to his mass. this is located in central
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heart of the drug trade in mexico. a horrifying turn of events for a tourist. an attempt to sell tickets to the statue of liberty turned to a beating that left him with a fractured skull. and tonight, the rock band that was playing when terrorists struck a concert hall, return to a paris stage. hear from the band's front man as he speaks emotionally about the event. another live look at the
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the american rock
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death metal performed in paris. the front man talked about coping with the tragedy. >> there's been such an outpouring of support for us, and love for us. it's overwhelming. i just don't want to let anyone down. i don't know why god picked us to be the band, but i'm grateful for it. >> extremely emotional. the concert was filled with fans who survived the massacre in the siege at the bataclan concert hall. and the band paid tribute to the people who were killed. boutros boutros-ghali, reportedly passioned away at a cairo hospital after being admitted for a broken pelvis. the veteran egyptian diplomat helped negotiate the peace deal with his and served as the un's 6th secretary general from 1992
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he frequently clashed with the clinton administration and the u.s. blocked his renewal to the post. he was 93 years old. meanwhile we have learned details about the wait for supreme court justice scalia. a public viewing will be held friday at the supreme court building in dc. official plans for the funeral have not been released yet. the high court remembered scalia with a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. the courtroom chair, the bench in front of it, and the entrance in the courtroom all draped today in black. governor christie is making his first public appearance since dropping out of the race for president. he began his annual budget speech by thanking the people of new jersey for allowing him the privilege to run for president. >> while the result was not what i had hoped for, and maybe some of you, too, the experience has made me a better governor. it's made me a better american. and it's made me a better person.
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$34.8 billion budget of no new taxes. 8 passengers now recovering from minor injuries after a bus crash on i-78 in new jersey this morning. the passengers say it could have been so much worse if not for the bus driver's quick thinking. it was headed to new york city when it slid over black ice and crashed into another vehicle and guardrail on i-78 and summit. passengers say the bus driver never lost her cool when the bus started to skid out of control. imagine that was one of many accidents that were happening on the road just as a result of the weather we were dealing with. >> i would say the last 24 hours on the roads because of the weather have been really treacherous. >> and how about, you know, you get in the car, maybe you see the car thermometer, it it says 45, okay, i don't have to worry about icing. but that's how cold it was over the weekend. the roads remained icy in the wake of the chill. so all weekend and early week we have been saying our mile marker is tuesday evening. just get to that point, and then the weather won't interrupt your lives as much, and we're just about there as
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it's a little breezy right now, but the rain for the most part has ended in the five boroughs. the cameras still bouncing a little bit. it still will be breezy, and recovery from standing water, and winds and damage in the area will take us into the evening hour. a south wind at 6 to 18 will start shifting and the high today in the low to mid-50s. 56 in kingston, and poughkeepsie. heavy rain just rolled through. low to mid-50s in the hudson family. 45 in monticello. cooler areas in the west. 50s on the island. belmar not report, and 50 in wrightstown right now. look at where the streamlines are meeting, around the hamptons, that's some strong gusts still coming on the east end, and some minor coastal flooding as well. those winds will continue to subside in the evening hours. just a lot of clouds and a few breaks west of the city at 7:00. partly cloudy skies overnight, about 39. and then at 7:00 in the morning, looking at 35 degrees,
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wind 5 to 10 and clouds giving way to sunshine with a west, northwest wind at 6 to 12. so there's the arc of rain leaving parts of duchess county and the east end. the heavy rain is now gone in the albany area, still heavy downpours over the twin forks from montauk to east hampton. this dynamic area of low pressure which flew up from atlanta is screaming northeastward, the next weather maker is a cool front from the great lakes that could spark a snow shower north and west. otherwise several quiet days to enjoy. if you look at future cast, scene. partial clearing during the overnight. a little bit of cloudiness during the day. mixing with sunshine and the stray snow shower later in the day. your accuweather forecast looks like this, rain exiting early. remember, there's still some street flooding that will persist in the early evening. partial clearing and diminishing wind. 35 in new york city. outside of the urban areas, we
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watch out for patches of black ice tomorrow morning again. clouds and sunshine tomorrow. the breeze will kick up at times. there could be a snow shower later in the day, north and west. a high of 45 should feel nice, a couple degrees above average. tomorrow night it turns brisk and colder. partly cloudy to clear skies, and might be the isolated snow shower in the early evening hours. coming up at 4:30. we get another shot at chill coming in on thursday. we'll let you know if it comes with snow showers. that should be the coldest day of the week. we're going to bounce back and have a nice weekend, about 50 degrees warmer than last weekend. even though the rain has ended watch for the standing water, guys. >> thanks lee. we're going to check wall street. stocks are closing higher this afternoon after good news on earnings from several retail and industrial companies. when it all wrapped up, the dow closed 222 points at 16196.
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church desecrated. vandals target a religious statue and the entire incident was caught on camera. it's not the first time it has happened at this church. many turn to fish as a healthy alternative. a new study is linking it to health problems. we'll tell you who researchers say is at risk. a live look right now, lower manhattan, the worst of the storms that we just heard lee say are over.
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we have good news for commuters, the long island railroad now says that all service has been restored between hicksville and huntington. service had been temporarily suspended because of car problems. like i said, it has all been restored. billde blasio is talking about the benefits of a light rail system traveling 16 miles along the east river. the mayor says the light rail is an essential part of building a five borough economy. brooklyn saying the rail would give access to tens of thousands of residents. >> every time we improve mass transit, every time we people more options, it not only makes their lives better, it gives them more access to jobs, makes their commute shortest and gives people a reason to get out of their cars and create less congestion on the streets. >> the 2.5 billion dollars system would be completed in 2024.
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would provide access to $25 billion in economic activity. with oscar sunday less than two weeks away, early favorites are emerging among the nominees, one deal is still wide open, the contest for best supporting actress. sandy kenyon here with more. >> to call this one, dave, oscar's top prize for best picture is up for grabs. the toughest race to call is the one for best performance by an actress in a supporting role. alicia vakanzer and kate winslet have won two trophies before the big one. >> when you're a father that's what's supposed to be the best part of you. >> kate winslet nails a key role as perhaps the only person who has the ear of steve jobs, and the only person who can get the genius behind apple to be halfway decent. >> she really made him tow the line, and helped him in a way
4:23 pm
himself that he could be. >> as carol, cate blanchett has the showy part as a socialite seducing her husband, and there's so much oscar buzz, that's it's hard to believe merit passed on the film at first. >> i didn't feel like i had anything left to give to a part. >> i'm your wife, i know everything. >> the performance by alicia vacanneder is her first to be recognized with a nomination, and working opposite eddie redmain in the danish girl. her career is just beginning but another nominee for best supporting actor feared her career was over. >> i really sort of made peace with the fact that i had had a good run and worked with a lot of great people and was
4:24 pm
all it takes is a call from quentin tarantino and everything changes. >> she earned her first oscar nods as one of the hateful aids in one of his latest films. the fifth nominee in this category, rachel mcadams won high praise from the reporter she plays telling me she captured her personality in a way that was uncanny. in fact, she said, rachel was doing man mannerisms the journalist wasn't aware she had. see the oscars, sunday, february 28th on channel 7 night before, watch road to gold, the preview. >> i cannot wait. and when we do the office pool, i want you to know i'm picking the actress from the danish girl. i think she did a fantastic job. >> i think it's neck and neck. i think it's kate. >> all right. >> can't wait.
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>> still to come on eyewitness news first at four, an act of vandalism at a church in brooklyn. it's not the first time this church has been targeted. later a tourist from arkansas attacked in manhattan, why the mayor is now getting involved. and a live look outside. we continue to track the storm system that is moving through our area. it has stopped raining in
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now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. we start with this accuweather alert. wild weather in our area. a live picture of central park. first snow, now wind and rain. there are thousands of power outages across the area. the majority are in northern new jersey and the rock aways and queens. >> meteorologist lee goldberg is in the weather center tracking it all. lee. >> hopefully you received our alerts on social media and travel problems. now things are getting quiet. we had severe thunderstorms in february. we have flood advisories that continue across much of new jersey, parts of the hudson
4:29 pm
rainfall that came within about two hours. still some heavy rain on the east end of long island. showers in the hudson valley. sprinkles over new jersey into new york city. might need the light showers. 53, still rather breezy. rain exiting the area over the next couple of hours. street flooding will persist for the evening commute, and we have to watch for refreezing in the suburbs later today. i'll have a storm update in a few minutes. back to you for now. >> lee, thank you, and a reminder get the accuweather forecast. search abc7ny in the app or google play stores. a church vandalized, caught on camera, a statue of an angel destroyed outside a church in brooklyn. >> this latest incident isn't the first time vandals have struck the same church. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer has been in williamsburg this afternoon posting video throughout the day. he joins us with the latest on the investigation. tim?
4:30 pm
also show you, this is where the statue was placed before it was destroyed. what we want you to see is video of the suspect. the church is hoping someone will recognize him. he was walking the street at 4:00 a.m. is anyone's guess. the man you see here, though, was about to commit an unholy act. he walks up to a set of statues here out in front of our lady of consolation on metropolitan avenue. he pulls one angel to the ground, smashing it and then calmly walks away. >> maybe some kind of joke. maybe some kind of frustration. i have no idea. >> reporter: father, the pastor at the church has unfortunately seen this type of vandalism before. some of the statues donated by a parishioner have been previously replaced. in 2010, one angel was damaged. two others in 2013 and the
4:31 pm
>> after the first incident, and after the second incident, we put more lights. >> reporter: after the first vandalism, police suggested installing cameras. look at the latest video, the vandal turns toward the camera and you see his face. >> maybe someone would recognize this person. >> reporter: do you think it might be the same person? >> i don't think so. probably not. >> reporter: this catholic church made up of largely polish parishioners and descendants are proud of their heritage in this neighborhood of williamsburg, a father that father las worries is changing. >> making some trouble. >> reporter: so far, there have been no arrests. you can also check out that video again on our web site at reporting live in williamsburg. we're following a developing story and problems
4:32 pm
we told you about a delta flight from punta cana diverted to manchester because of the weather. there were no customs offices so passengers had to spend the night. the passengers took off this afternoon to come back to jfk, but today's rainstorm forced yet another diversion. those passengers are now in boston and talking about the nightmare. >> poor passengers. a progress report on reforming the nypd's stop and frisk program revealing that many officers do not understand what is expected of them. the federal monitor overseeing the changes says the department new policy. however, during focus groups, officers said they feel concerned they will be sued or disciplined for making new york governor and ewe cuomo is backing a plan to shut down rikers island and replace it with a modern jail.
4:33 pm
dated and dangerous for guards and inmates. city council speaker melissa recently announced that a commission will look into a solution. the push for changes comes after reports of dozens of deaths at the site. the reports raising questions about supervision, medical care, and suicide prevention at rikers. a restaurant where patients were attacked by a man yielding a machete reopened. police shot and killed the man, when he walked into the crowded restaurant and attacked people. some of the victims remain in the hospital. yesterday the restaurant reopened. food is being served in carryout containers and donations are being accepted. the money is going toward business costs and the victims. a norovirus confirmed as the cause of a stomach virus that sickened 200 students at a college. classes resumed after they were canceled on thursday afternoon and friday.
4:34 pm
symptoms, including vomiting and stomach pain on tuesday night. the school says it has been aggressively sanitizing surfaces. the school's dining hall was closed but it reopened after an inspection. the mta is considering putting tablets such as ipads into the hands of stationed agents. the aim is to get them out of their booths and interacting face to face with passengers. the agency is reportedly planning a pilot program for four stations which have not been chosen yet. the tablets would provide information like things like navigating service disruption. we are going to find out tonight which dog came out head and paws ahead of 2700 others to be campground best in show. the top prize at the westminster will be announced shortly before 10:00 at madison square garden. lucy took home the top spot for the hound group. an belle for the nonsupport group and panda, come on panda,
4:35 pm
favorites what they like to refer to as the toy dogs and i think you can see why. a lot routeing for the different breed. >> love the bulldog and panda. love them all really. and still to come, we're going to tell you what pregnant women should avoid eating to reduce the risk of obesity later in life of their babies. what happened right before a man was punched in manhattan. i'm michelle charlesworth, the oprah magazine and dress for success are teaming up to help women get a leg up in the work world. how you can help. love this. coming up. and before we go to break, here's a live look at the george washington bridge. you can see the rain has kind of dissipated, not too bad, there is some traffic.
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we have more problems for the afternoon commute. because right now there is no number 7 service in both directions between queens plaza and 34th street in manhattan. as you can imagine, that impacted a lot of people. we're being told this is because of mechanic problems.
4:39 pm
we'll update you when we have new information on that. one country is now using music to help fight the zika virus. a regular gay beat with an -- reggae beat. a singing doctor, gives the risks of the zika virus. the doctor who is a gynecologist reminds pregnant women of the potential dangers. lots of people turn to fish as healthy alternatives to junk food. there's a new report that says eating lots of fish could lead to health issues for children. a new study from a university in greece suggests women who are pregnant and eat fish three times a week will have children with a higher risk of obesity. the study analyzed data from 26,000 women and found the
4:40 pm
greater in girls than boys. the scientists say more research is immediated. two companies are coming to go to help women in need. talbot's and o magazine are teaming up to help the organization dress for success. the goal to help women thrive at work and in life. michelle charlesworth has the story. >> reporter: these are part of the line, the shirt never needs ironing, the spring dress has pockets, the pants are called easy and the scarf is hombre. this is what happened when power house people teamed up with oprah magazine to raise money for dress for success. >> we see professional advice. >> karen went to dress for success to get gently used closed and a job. >> and not only learned more about employment, i also learned more about myself. >> this is reviewing your resume, sitting down in our career center, with career specialist, coaching,
4:41 pm
>> joy gordon explains 30% of the profits from the talbot's line go to dress for success, plus the bins will be in stores. customers can donate gently used professional outfits, plus whatever is not sold goes directly to our inventory. our women will have the opportunity to wear this collection for whatever is not sold. >> this floral pencil skirt is gorgeous. >> meredith runs pr forral bolts and calleds this -- for talbots and calls this a no brainer. >> meredith loves the skirt. karen loves the whole collection. >> the necklace, do you love it. this one is my favorite. >> i love the pencil skirt. everyone looks good in it and it's a fabric that has stretch in it. >> reporter: see the waist with the ribbon. that was adams idea. >> this is me. i think everything should be special. >> reporter: the line is at talbot stores february 22nd.
4:42 pm
and be sure to donate your nice work clothes. in midtown, michelle charlesworth channel 7 eyewitness news. >> looking good with the necklace on, isn't she. like that. to learn more about how you can get involved, go to our web site, abc7ny. scared during a basketball game. what happened after a young player took a tumble on the court. >> to the grammys, taylor swift
4:43 pm
we'll tell you in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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a freak accident on a basketball court, an 8th grade player was partially impaled by a splintered floor board. before we show you the video, we want to let you know that the person who was injured is going to be okay. it happened during a tournament in wisconsin. the 14-year-old girl fell and you saw that she slid on the court and put a board split in the middle and then stuck into the player. everyone was told to leave the gym, and then emergency crews took her to the hospital. thankfully the wood did not hurt any of her internal organs okay. >> it was 3 to 4 inches long, and in some parts of it, probably between a quarter and a half inch deep. i think sometimes strange things happen and there's no explanation for the phenomena. >> as we said, the young girl is expected to be just fine. doctors say she should be able to play basketball again very soon. meanwhile, the school is in the process of replacing part of the floor. >> glad i couldn't see it
4:46 pm
my imagination is too much to think about. >> great job by the responders there. >> the team kind of gathered around here. it is so nice to see it is not pouring and doing what it was doing earlier outside our windows. >> just looking at the 7-day, i remember midweek last week, tuesday evening, and everybody can catch their breath, and it's still impacting folks this evening. at least going to a quieter pattern. still standing water and gusty winds, we go outside right now where it's a pretty looking shot of new york harbor. even some brightening in the clouds off to the west. yes, so much different now. and that's what happens when you have a very involved system pass through. there's a lot of calmness right behind it, or substance we call it. 53 degrees right now. cloudy skies, south wind at 6 to 18. still breezy the first part of the night, and feeling cooler as the air dries out, and we drop to the 40s, the numbers, the wind anyway, will diminish overnight, still patchy
4:47 pm
the city on west ward, still limited in poughkeepsie, the rain leaving the area, bridgeport about 5 miles. ivy to the east, and vents are low. we are trying -- visibilities are low. we are trying to recover from the rain. half hour to hour delays at the area airports. tomorrow, a little patchy cloudiness. i think we're partly sunny on average. the breezes will be down, kicking up at times. mix of sun and clouds. low to middle 40ss and clear to partly cloudy skies tomorrow night. if you notice, we have pouring in montauk, and moving up towards southeastern new england. there are a few sprinkles from new york city south and west beginning to die out. this will shift offshore, and then cooler winds will come in overnight, and by let's say 9:00 or 10:00, we have dropped down to the mid-30s here, so we can see reicing over to the north and west and throughout the night. that can happen just about anywhere other than the urban areas as we get closer to the freezing mark.
4:48 pm
early risers and partly sunny skies overall and a nice afternoon. the sun will look nice. low and middle 40s. i wouldn't be surprised to see a late day snow shower, but that's the exception rather than the rule. 45 tomorrow. pretty chilly on thursday morning. our temperatures to start the day will be in the low and middle 20s. so that's the coldest day of the week. we only get to about 37. we'll rebound to 40 on friday. clouds will be increasing especially high clouds. there might be a late day shower. that's a warm front. look at what our numbers are on saturday. there might be a passing shower around, no big deal, clouds and sun, breezy, and milder, looking good on sunday as well. bump that number up a couple to 52. we'll cool off next week. about a week away from seeing any type of significant coastal action going on. that's in question, but that wouldn't be for a week, and we need the break at this point. dave and liz, back to you. >> we definitely need the break. >> thanks lee. here's what's trending on this tuesday and the hash tag
4:49 pm
up town funk won record of the year, taylor swift grabbed the album of the year for 1989 and added to her feud with kanye west with this comment. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame but if you just focus on the work and you let those people side track you, someday when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. >> all right. did you feel that zing. a clear shot at kanye west. taylor getting lots of support from people like academy award winning actor release witherspoon. loved your amazing words, encourage the young women to write their stories and sing
4:50 pm
meanwhile, west's new album, on the streaming service it was launched on to the top of the apple app store, twitter today is filled with complaints from consumers who claim they paid for the album but never received the download. the company looking to fix that problem. justin bieber won his first grammy last night but today people can't get enough of a bunch of celebrities who got together to do a dramatic reading from the lyric of his new song sorry. >> you have to go and get angry at all my honestly. >> you know i try but i don't do too well with apologies. >> i hope i don't run out of time. >> could someone call a referee because i just need one more >> i know. >> that's a new way of looking at that song. >> the snow transformer, lee, look at this, does not need words to wow social media. famous for his roller blade suit, this is his latest video
4:51 pm
how cool is this thing. he could ski and everything. >> oh, my gosh. i want one. i love it. finally, a guy spent over a year throwing fresh eggs to his unsuspecting mother to catch. kept throwing fresh eggs, i was very impressed with mom. by the end of the year, she was like, all right, i'm ready to play for the yankees and the mets, look at her. i'm going to get her this time. i'm going to get her this time. >> that was awesome. >> check out the trend online, abc7ny and send us your trend ideas using the hash tag. nobody in our staff get any ideas from this video.
4:52 pm
>> she was getting so skilled by the end. >> yeah, whatever i got it. that's my lady! coming up next on eyewitness news first at four, a tourist is attacked and the statue of liberty, the ferry terminal there. is this an isolated incident or part of a bigger problem. a quick check on the delays at the hudson river crossings, a live look at the george washington bridge. big problems there right now. it is very slow going.
4:53 pm
level and 25 minutes on [ male announcer ] eight hours after you quit smoking, your bloood oxygen level returns to normal. in 3 months your lung function improves up to 30%. and ten years after you quit your risk of dying from lung cancer is about half that of a smoker. but right now...'re one cigarette closer to cancer. every cigarette makes you sick. quit smoking today.
4:54 pm
a frightening attack involving a tourist outside the staten island terminal.
4:55 pm
someone trying to sell him fake statue of liberty tickets. that's when he was punched. >> sandra bookman has the details. >> we're hearing from police tonight that they do have a suspect in this assault. and they say it is someone who has tried to pull this scam before. >> reporter: the assault on that tourist from arkansas happened late yesterday afternoon right here in front of the staten island ferry terminal. police say the man was punched in the face and knocked unconscious after he refused to buy tickets to the statue of liberty. tickets now believed to have been fake. the suspect and his female accomplice fled but were reportedly captured by surveillance cameras. investigators believe they now know who they're looking for and the mayor is promising the incident is being taken seriously. >> if there's something aimed at tourists or aimed at the staten island ferry, we will get at it very, very aggressively. we obviously deeply appreciate
4:56 pm
we have the highest number of tourists we've ever had last year, 58 million plus and we want to keep it that way. >> police say they do have a suspect. they will not guv us his identity. we can tell you it's a 25-year-old man said to be from brooklyn. as for the tourist, he's still in the hospital at bellevue with a fractured skull said to be in stable condition. sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> another slashing. this time the victim is a cab driver whose face was sliced open by a knife wielding passenger and tonight that driver is talking for the first time about what happened. >> and a quiet suburb in
4:57 pm
police kill a crazed father who attacked his wife and three children. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. breaking news affecting mass transit during the evening ride home. there is no number 7 service between queens plaza and manhattan. service is impacted in both directions. >> this is all because of a mechanical problem. mta is on the scene right now. they say there's a loud noise they're investigating but no smoke, no fire. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you any updates. let's get to weather. today's storms left quite a mess behind. >> big mess. bronx river parkway living up to that river part of its name. it doesn't take much to flood this roadway. >> driving at times got a bit hairy as you can see from this video, crossing the rfk or triboro bridge. >> a tree crashed on to a car. we'll hear from the woman who was behind the wheel of that car in just a minute. >> tens of thousands of people are without power.
4:58 pm
jersey with more than 25,000 outages. >> take a look at what radar looked like during the height of this storm. boy, it was busy out there. we've got meteorologist lee goldberg tracking it all from outside our studios right now. >> today was the finale to the weather fireworks display that began late last week. snow, wind chill warnings. now temperatures skyrocketing in to the 50s and the atmosphere boiling over. look at this picture before and after in yonkers. this is when the snow hit yesterday and quickly coated the roads. icing overnight and today all washed away and the big winds and their tree limbs down and flooding across the area. a quick inch of rain in many parts of the area in about two hours. too much to take. we have flood advisories that still go within the hour. warnings. wind gusts 50 miles per hour. the hudson valley, even a
4:59 pm
new jersey and look at that. that serene picture of new york harbor. anything but about an hour ago. the showers will be moving away and the clearing will continue during the overnight. we had wind gusts at 50 miles per hour, 53 miles per hour in teterboro and the wind gusts ovthe last hour are down in the more 20 to 30-mile-per-hour range. they'll continue to diminish as we go through the evening. showers are exiting the area over the next hour. there is some street flooding that will persist through the evening commute. still be careful with your travel. and even tomorrow morning as the numbers get colder again we'll have patches of black ice that begin to return to the suburbs. right now mild, nice breeze, and finally tranquil in new york city. 7-day accuweather forecast coming up in a few minutes. the weather wreaking havoc on long island. a belmar woman driving down the road was suddenly trapped in a car when a tree came crashing down on top of her vehicle. stacey sager just talked to her about what happened and


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