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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tell us a six-year-old girl almost drowned her this afternoon. >> her hair got caught in the vent and she just, the next thing we knew she was floating. >> she put on goggles and went under the water, and that's what i see, but i understand that her parent was sitting right in front of her, but she didn't realize that her daughter got drowned. >> reporter: daniel is the owner of spa castle, and he insists the drains have special protective covers. he said he was watching a security cram as the entirely calm -- camera as the incident happened, but this woman got to her first. >> i did chest compressions until she started breathing on her own. >> reporter: what did she look like when you found her if. >> she was blue, everything was blue.
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laid out on the floor. >> reporter: today's incident eerily family. a little over a year ago, an 83- year-old was found submerged in a pool at the spa by other customers, not staff, prompting a city health inspection revealing dirty and unsafe conditions, conditions the owner insists have been fixed. now here's something else daniel insists, he says they followed all the rules, that they had three cpr certified staff members on the third floor, but there are five pool, and the staff members were not at the pool where it happened, once again the good samaritan just happened to be there, and it was a last minute decision for her to even come to the spa, she did revive the little girl that was transported to
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to be okay. stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks goodness she came. ty. now to the cab driver that thought he was going to die, shot in the face and left for dead, he didn't even have time to react when suddenly two masked men jumped in his car in roosevelt and started pummeling him. >> reporter: this cab driver says he could tell right away something was wrong, then he was shot in the frays and thought this was -- face, and thought this was it, and never imagined he'd survive. >> he feels great that he's alive, he has a few more days to live. >> reporter: this 42-year-old cab driver too afraid to reveal his identity, gut grateful for a second -- but grateful for a second chance at life despite losing his eye after a robbery attempt. thinking through a translator he said it was 9:15 in the evening when he was called to
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fare. when he got there two men came out of nowhere and jumped into the backseat. >> he turned around and saw them with black face masks on. right then and there he suspected oh gosh something is going to happen to me, and then asked where they were going, and they responded, then the guy behind him hit him in the head. >> reporter: he put the car in reverse, eventually crashing into the med methodoneal gate. he got -- metal gate, he got out and started being attacked by one suspect. the other came up, pulled the triller and that was it -- trigger and that was it. the only description of suspects is they were wearing dabbing colored clothes and -- dark colored clothes masks. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you who the driver credits with saving his life. thank you.
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for a mother and her two young daughters murdered in a staten island hotel. family members console second degree each other as the -- consoled each other as the caskets for jessica, and her two daughters left the church. her boyfriend stabbed them to death. the two-year-old daughter survived. and an apology today who hit and killed someone while fleeing from the police. tim fleischer was in court today and is live in lower manhattan lou. >> reporter: very moving and emotional as the family read if victim impact statement, but they also challenged franklin to turn his life around. >> ariel died a violent death
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behavior and you haven't apologized. >> reporter: she remembered the won doorful moments with the 4- year-old who was run down in a deadly crash and had her life cut short. >> if there is someone that you would give your life for, then you would know how i feel. >> reporter: and she aimed her criticism at 18-year-old franklin who killed her daughter and seriously injured her mother as they were walking to skill three years ago. >> you brought harm, violence, and death to my daughter when they should have been safe. >> reporter: reyes got a plea deal sending him to jail for a maximum of nine years, but could come up for parole after a year of time served. >> i am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering i have caused. i will suffer for the my life knowing i took the life of an innocent child. >> reporter: but he was challenged to turn his life around. >> you can tell them what it
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for the death of a child due to carelessness, impulsiveness and fear. >> reporter: and when he does love prison the family has one more rich. >> you owe to it ariel, who lost her precious life because of your choices, to make a difference and use this tragedy to save lives. >> reporter: the family would also like to see him serve the maximum sentence of nine years. tim fleischer. and we have breaking news to tell you about right now. we just learned that a suspect in yesterday's stabbing on the upper west side is now in police custody. tops say the man in in -- cops say the man in this surveillance video stabbed a man in the back last night about 5:00 near 88th and columbus avenue. he stole the victim's kindle and headphones.
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former new york city mayor dinkins is in the hospital being treated for a lung infection. he was admitted last night after concern over a cough. they're testing now to see if he has pneumonia. his partner says he's up and walking around. a final push tonight from the candidates running for president ahead of tomorrow's big votes. in republicans hold their primary and in nevada, the democrats hold their caucuses. dave evans is following new developments. >> the big question right now for democrats, is sanders win in a state like nevada, and on the republican side the campaign deeply personal and religious today and getting nasty between donald trump and his closest competition. >> reporter: in south carolina
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back, so today they were on the attack. >> it's easy to say let's make america great. you could even print it on a baseball cap. but the question to ask is do you understand that made america great in the first place. >> reporter: last night trump blasted cruz as a liar. >> he tolds up the bible and then he lies. inappropriate. >> reporter: and jeb bush desperate for a good showing in south carolina tomorrow campaigned today with his mom. >> i swear to god when we were on the bus, we were walking down, and she whispered in my ear you really are my favorite. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton and sanders face the vote next saturday in south carolina. tomorrow it's the nevada caucus, and the latest polling showing it's very tight, and last night clinton was hitting sanders hard.
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until he decided to run for president. well, it's true. >> reporter: sanders is going off the black and latin vote in both nevada and south carolina. >> i was arrested when i was 22 years old. you know what for? fighting segregation. >> reporter: but clinton did get an endorsement from the highest ranking african american in congress. >> i learned a long time ago that hillary clinton is a fighter, and that's what we need in the next president. >> again, the next couple of votes are confusing. only republicans vote tomorrow in south carolina, democrats next weekend on the 27th. in nevada only the democrats caucusing, the republican night. also again most polls show donald trump way ahead in south carolina, as for nevada and the democrats, too lowes to call. thank you.
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in washington lined up to -- washington to pay respects to supreme court justice scalia. a stead did i stream of -- steady stream of mournsers still passing by. one of scalia's sons who is a priest offered a prayer. >> in your wisdom you have called her servant out of this world. >> mourners can view the casket until 8:00 tonight. the vice president and his wife will attend scalia's funeral mass tomorrow in washington. her iconic novel to kill a mocking bird influenced generations of readers, to want the literary world is mourning the passing of writer harper lee. she died peacefully overnight
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since the release in 1960, to kill a mocking bird has sold over 40 million copies. still ahead, he was slashed across the face by a stranger at work. >> i'm just happy i'm alive, you know, and glad to be back on my feet. >> hear from the restaurant worker left disfigured with more than 130 stitches. plus a teenage cancer patient dealt another devastating blow when a donation jar for him was swiped. who's stepping up to make things right tonight. and the olympic gold medallest that says she got the zika virus in brazil. tonight we're forecasting 57 degrees to kick off the weekend, the last time we were that warm in central park was
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police have arrested a homeless man for shoving a woman toward an oncoming subway train in brooklyn in downtown just before 8:00 last night. the victim says she was on the north bound four and five platform when the suspect pushed her towards the tracks and held on to a pillar to avoid falling. the man was arrested not far from the station. the justice department firing back at apple overrule its refusal -- over its refusal to help up lock in a phone in the california terrorist attack.
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the law. apple now has until friday to respond to a judge's order to create software to help the fbi hack into the phone. here in new york, the nypd has complain that had hundreds of inaccessible hindering investigations. >> the people at apple are not evil, they're not criminals. this is a bid model, it's a marketing decision, it's a lot of things. i don't think they're doing it with ill intent. i don't think they're thinking much about how to balance that against the other needs of society in the post-9/11 world. >> >. meanwhile the apple ceo says the government's demand is dangerous and an overreach of its power. and you can hear more from john miller this sunday morning on up close at 11:00 right on channel 7. music to the ears of baseball fans, first day of practice at spring training,
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yankees and met, and we begin with rob powers and the mets. >> reporter: here in port st. lucy the time for looking back is done, it's time to look ahead at a brand new season on day one for pitchers, catchers and fans. >> great support, and someone said thanks for taking our picture, and they said listen it's all about you guys. >> reporter: it's for the player, but made for the fans. the mets say this was the biggest crowd ever for the first day of pitchers and catchers. >> the next step is win the world series, and they look very strong out there. >> reporter: seth is originally from connecticut, lives in florida now. a former track star battling huntington's disease. he met some players today. >> it's a day that will live with me forever. >> reporter: as for the baseball day one, pitchers and catchers in official work out. camp is open, and it all starts over again.
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smile and just honored to be here. >> reporter: all right, let's get to the yankees now, our live team coverage of spring training continues in tampa, laura behnke is standing by with the yankees. >> reporter: hey rob, the work has now officially begun here for the yankees in tampa who are quietly eyeing their 28th world series title. this time is more than happy to fly under the radar this spring. they'll let all the other teams take the headlines right now. the entire team won't be here until next week, but the first official work out for pitchers and catchers is all you need to know baseball is back. >> it's always good coming back into spring training, seeing the guys and what they did in the off season. >> you work out all off season, then see all the guys and it's an exciting time. >> reporter: it's a quiet spring training with no major drama. the pinstripes are just playing baseball. >> we know we have the pieces of accomplish accomplishing our
5:18 pm
>> reporter: no one is happier to be back than sabbathia. >> this is the most opening spring in a long time, looking forward to being down here, getting with the buys and just down -- guy, and just doing baseball work. >> reporter: he said the amount of support he received from the baseball world has been unbelievable, but did say he's ready to stop talk agent rehab and start -- about rehab and start playing actual baseball. live with the yankees in tampa, laura behnke. >> it's 74 degrees where laura is? >> 74. >> looks good. >> nice. >> eventually we'll get that weather, but certainly not any time soon. >> all right, but we have mid- 30s right now, we're above freezing, and we could add 20 degrees by tomorrow afternoon, maybe more. >> 20? awesome. >> we could underestimate the temperature.
5:19 pm
terror thermometer readings could hit the 60s. upper west side overcast awaiting a front that's coming through. i mentioned the high and low. 37 the high, 24 the low, and the affirming high for april -- average high for april 5th is 57, so we're ahead of schedule. this isn't the first time we hit the 50s of course by tomorrow we'll be just matching a number january 10th, so we've had fairly mild numbers come and go over the winter, but we're getting a stretch of them monday. these areas in yellow, orange, and red, these are 10 to 20 degrees warmer temperatures than 24 hours ago, so that's what's sliding into the east coast. temperatures in the 50s and 60, chicago right now 62. louisville kentucky at 67. this is the warmth coming down direction, and so you compare that to what we normally have in late february, and the normals are really in the low
5:20 pm
we're looking at temperatures right now in the low 30s, another below average day going down in the books, but we'll makeup for it big time, and that's how the averages happen in the climate books. spotty shower tonight with a weak front coming through. most areas see temperatures rise, so even if snow falls the surface areas above freezing. both saturday and sunday mid- 50s. holding on to the 50s maybe even for monday. some areas upper 40s, low 50s, then tracking a storm next week of rain and snow, and as it comes our direction it could potentially start as snow, burt quickly move over the rain. here's the disturbance moving through tonight. maybe a quick-moving shower to the north. temperatures here on the futurecast, certainly are above average for this time of year, especially going into the evening hours, seeing our temperatures rising into the upper 30s, so maybe some slick roads, but really nothing that will ice over.
5:21 pm
reading in central park, but i wouldn't be surprised to see the 60s showing up in some place, so here's your seven-day forecast. low 40s through tuesday and wednesday, this is another reason the coastal storm may not get the footing of accumulating snow, likely a winter mix causing a mess. back to you. all right, thank you. the man that murdered jennifer hudson's family speaking out for the first time. >> i didn't have nothing to do with the case. >> coming up, who he blames for the crime. plus the legal set back inparent for singer -- manhattan for singer kesha and what she'll have to continue doing. today for neighborhood heat your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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william balfore speaking out from behind bars for the first time about the brutal murders of jennifer hudson's family. it's the top story today at abc 7ny. he was convicted seven years ago, he was the entertainer's brother-in-law at the time, and just spoke exclusively with wls, our sister station in chicago. >> i didn't have nothing to do with the case. i don't know who did the case. >> reporter: that case that william is talking agent is the
5:25 pm
triple murder of jennifer hudson's mother, brother, and nephew. two of the murders happened in the home, but the little boy was found shot in the head in the back of a stolen suv. balfore blames everyone from police to his lawyers for his incarceration. >> >. my team wasn't ready for trial. >> reporter: he offered no answers, like why were the key to the stolen suv found in his pocket. >> there was a lot of stuff that was done that i can't remember right off the bat that was wrong. >> reporter: at one point he even accuses his ex-wife of the murders. >> the thing that got me is when my ex-wife got up in the on the and she knew, she knew for a fact that i never made a threat to her.
5:26 pm
didn't get a order of believe me. i mean i assume she had off that fact. >> reporter: your ex-wife? >> yeah, but i'm not going to do that. >> reporter: you just did. >> reporter: he's serving life without parole, and now his appeals in illinois and at the us supreme court have been rejected. believe what you're saying now? >> >. i mean, it's up to them to make sense out of it because if you make a statement and a statement don't add up to the way that the murders happen, then it's a problem. that's reasonable doubt. >> reporter: what would you say to jennifer hudson if she was sitting across from you? >> i didn't have nothing to do with her family being killed. period. >> in an interview with oprah in 2012 hudson said she'd forgiven him, and didn't blame him for the murders. she did not say though that he
5:27 pm
he tried to make a clean get a way in a sleeper, brand new video and information ability the strange pursuit. >> -- about the strange pursuit. also the busboy that got cut in a diner in the village telling us his side of the
5:28 pm
and smoke out. hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents
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they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. new at 5:00, a sweet stripier couldn't make a -- is -- street sweeper couldn't make a clean get away. >> now he's facing serious charges for the chase, and also for what he did before he put the pedal to the metal. a.j. ross has more.
5:30 pm
for him the sweep this incident underthe rug with new surveillance video showing the city sanitation worker taking aim and throwing trash at this cross as well as another statue here outside saint francis. not once, but twice in one day. in the video you can clearly see him and his sanitation uniform approach the church just before 9:00 a.m. thursday, then looks around finance trash on the ground and then begins hurling items at a crucifixion cross. then doubles back later in a street sweeping truck and violently opening the gate around a statue of the pope ripping and tearing flowers and other mementoes before taking offer, then led police on a short slow speed chase in the sweeper before he was apprehended. while in custody he said quote
5:31 pm
could face hate crime charges including wreckless endangerer -- reckless endangerment. he had bipolar ms on the him at the time of the that belonged to someone escalated, and a gun in the -- else, and a gun in the trunk of his vehicle, and eight prior arrests. now at 5:00, the waiter slashed in an attack in the village is speaking out. the shaken busboy says he wants detectives to catch the suspect quickly. darla miles has new details. >> reporter: yes, we actually moved up to the bronx, this is where the victim has been recovering since that wednesday evening slashing, and in his own words he says he really went through it, but now finally feels likes he's on the upside and he's going to be okay. >> whatever the cops do, i hope they find him and arrest him.
5:32 pm
they have to catch him and i hope they do. >> reporter: creating fear and intimidation is what police say this teen did when he took a box cutter to the face of a 25- year-old busboy. >> he just told me he was fighting back. >> reporter: the nwpd put out now pictures of suspect and his buddies sought in the slashing at silver spur diner. like recent slashings it was motivated by retribution not robbery. >> it was an intimidation issue that the individual, the young man was looking for, we think he's only 15 or 16 years old, took offense that he was being evicted from the premise and came back and slashed an employee. >> reporter: the employee, now temporarily out of work and recovering with 131 stitches from his cheek to chin, so bad he even has stitches inside of his mouth.
5:33 pm
two females and one man. if you want to look at the video again you can at our website, and if you recognize anyone in these pictures, call crime stoppers. live in the bronx, darla miles, eyewitness news. thank you. new information, a long island man convicted today of manslaughter in a deadly machete attack. he was acquitted of the most serious charge, second-degree murder.
5:34 pm
cut in the neck with a machete during a dispute in 2014. in nassau county, a contractor remodeling homes were also burglarizing him with his wife selling some of the stolen goods. the couple were arrested yesterday. police say as owner of platinum touch contracting, nicholas stole items, including a computer, jewelry and a shot gun from three homes. also an important clue in the search for a driver in a hit and run in new jersey. a quick thinking by stander snapped a photo of the car that struck and injured a cyclist this morning at the corner of the route 35 in neptune. this is the car driven by a woman that fled black ford taurus with a temporary new jersey license plate. encouraging news about the
5:35 pm
the city before during and after pregnancy. according to the health department, women that smoked in the months before coming pregnant dropped 3 percent before 2004 and 2011. in the same time period the number of women smoking during pregnancy dropped down from 6 percent to 2 percent, and smoke after pregnancy fell 24 percent. all good news. hover boards were a hot commodity in christmas and customs officers at jfk have quite a collection right now. they seized more than 1300 hover boards at the airport last december, the toys they took had counterfeit and potentially dangerous batteries in them. they were made in china. if genuine they would have had a total estimated retail value of $447,000. federal authorities have
5:36 pm
board manufacturers and retailers. the commission says they'll seize or recall hover boards that fail to meet federal safety standards. some are prone to catching fire and exploding. the new york city has banned them all together. still ahead, on track for a come back, why the mta is pulling the w train off the shelf. and kesha in court inman.
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the latest now on the cbs south break, a spanish olympic -- zika outbreak. a spanish olympic athlete says she contracted the virus in brazil, but she's still going
5:40 pm
in nassau county testing will begin text neck, doctors say -- next week. doctors say a lot of residents may have traveled to their native counties during their school break. >> it's like a regular sickness, when you look at the totality of exposure and traveling we put together the possibility you might have it. >> testing will be able at primary care centers. a big setted back for kesha in her lawsuit against her record label and manager. inside the judge denied her request for a preliminary injunction, leafing her under contract with sony records and with dr. luke. she accused him of sexual
5:41 pm
the w train is back on track, the mta says the it will start serving once the q starts serving 2nd avenue. a public hearing is expected in the spring, and service is fall. the w was pulled in 2010 all because of mta funding cuts. and coming up on eyewitness news, volunteers wanted, why adoption agencies are in desperate need of cuddlers, also how a dog ended up in the hudson river, and how he got rescued. it's shrimp and grits with a little bit of kale and mushroom, we're serving that up
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and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit a happy reunion for a dog and his owner in new jersey. north hudson fire and rescue says the dog was playing in edge water and started chasing geese.
5:45 pm
german shepherd ended up in the hudson and was struck tolling swim about a mile can be struggling to swim, about a mile from where he fell in he was rescued. he's expected to be okay. >> wow, glad he's all right. take a look at this, video out of australia, a man climbs down into train track, attempting to cross from one platform to the other, yes, but he doesn't see the oncoming express train and comes within inches of being struck and killed. fortunately he turned around just in time and ran back to the other platform. look at that. >> oh! so close. >> note to all, don't do that! >> i know, never. >> why? >> foolish. >> yeah! well, it might as well be april around here because the temperatures tomorrow will be so warm, it's the same average high we'd have on april 5th. >> really? wow! >> it hasn't been this warm
5:46 pm
that wasn't that long ago was it? [ laughter ] >> i wish i should say it's been months and month, but part of the winter has been so mild. we've had 50s, but the difference here is we'll get a little stretch of it. 34 currently in central park. numbers going up from here, so even though we had another below average high we'll makeup for it over the weekend. that's what makes for the averages is the extremes, the lower numbers and higher numbers all balances out. the weekend outlook is going into the 50s, so that will makeup this week, and a -- makeup for this week, and we'll show you what's up with the temperatures, first of all the 24-hour temperature change, the warm up already underway. 7 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. the yellows and oranges indicating the warmth is rushing in quite quickly and it's going to feel pretty good. right now already seeing the numbers pushing 30, so what's going to happen overnight tonight is our
5:47 pm
degree or two within the next hour, but then it's on the rise from there on out. look at the number, going right into the 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, we're approaching the 40-degree mark very quickly, so we'll call it temperature rising, but the overnight low of 34, which is happening right now, and then just going up from there. we have this disturbance moving through producing light snow showers to monroe, and then really fell apart for the mid- hudson valley. just some sleet and ice and that's about it. another quick moving shower possible tonight, but again we have this temperature change underway blowing these warming temperature in our direction, so -- temperatures in our direction s winds drag this air 10 to 20 degrees warmer right in our direction for the weekend, so really the east coast looking great as far as the temperatures go as far as comfort.
5:48 pm
we push the mid-50s, hopefully we didn't underdo it, i wouldn't be surprised to some spots at 60s, but 50s both saturday and sunday afternoon. both nights, tonight and tomorrow, the weak fronts coming through to the north, so it's a possibility that we could get a hit or miss shower. tonight we'll call it cloudy with a shower north, temperatures on the rise, we get to 57, breezy and mild, and then sunday is very comfortable too with the mid-50s, and even less of a wind. monday if you know, 48 -- partly sunny, 48, tuesday, partly cloudy, wintry mix of rain and snow, and the snow should be on the short side, so at this point you could call it more wet than white, we couldn't rule out the potential of some snow, and temperatures go down to the freezing point, so we'll wait and see the exact track, and we might end up for a little bit of snow for some spots with that storm. we'll see. >> all i can think about right now are shrimp and grits.
5:49 pm
neighborhood eats, a brooklyn restaurant with inspiration from the south. >> yes, lauren glassberg, bring it on. >> the three men that own the restaurant, all three are chefs, and one of them have a relative named marietta, his wife's grandmother, and she taught him all about southern hospitality, and she's the name sake. it's in clinton hill brooklyn. >> i was born and raised in brooklyn, my wife is from the south, and when i went down to visit her family i felt this incredibly warm sense of hospitality. >> reporter: craig samuels and his partners hope to recreate that sense at marietaan in clinton toll hill. exposed brick, light streaming in, and fried green tomatoes,
5:50 pm
ball of greens and rice, and grilled broccoli and shrimp with bonito flakes. >> it's a southern feel, but it's not like traditional, so it's very good. >> reporter: and if you want your grits you'll find them here as well. >> they're milled to order for us, so they're very coarse and intense confrere. we start with whine and butter and thicken the sauce, and it's got a much sweeter version of garlic than the raw garlic bite. >> reporter: a traditional southern dish served city- style. >> the food, the food is excellent, i just absolutely lover it. i come hire -- love it. i come here all the time. it's my spot. >> the food of course and great drinks j a really -- drinks, just a really nice neighborhood spot. >> it's been really rewarding to come back to brooklyn and do
5:51 pm
the upper east side and west side, paris, and do it where we're from. >> and the recipe for the shrimp with grits, which also has mushrooms and kale in it will be at our website. >> and a few peppers in n there too? >> yes, some kick in there, and the risotto. i didn't know you wanted some grits. >> >. well that's okay, i'll come check out that restaurant. >> and i'm a southerner. >> so you know grits. >> that's right! >> we all know our grits up here. >> >. all right, thank you. an upper east side adoption agency is looking for volunteers to take care of newborns for weeks who's parents need time to weigh options before they decide to give up babies for adoption. care takers would give lover and affection and change diapers and go to doctors appointments up to eight weeks. a donation with
5:52 pm
with a local bakery. coming up, the video of the cold hearted act and how police tracked down a culprit. and i'm bill ritter, for the first time we hear from a cab driver shot in the face and left for dead. he tells us about the horrifying experience, and who he credits for his life saved. and a woman desperate to find her dog left inside her stolen car.
5:53 pm
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>. a community in new jersey in shock tonight after a donation jar filled with money for a teen battling cancer was ripped off. >> that jar was on the counter of the bakery in elizabeth. the theft captured on surveillance camera, but as rob nelson shows us, the suspect didn't get away for long. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured the moment
5:56 pm
elizabeth back ricky blake sneaks a donation -- bakery sneaks a donation jar in her coat, and calmly making her way across the street. it was about 350 bucks, but that money was being raised by the bakery for 16-year-old kevin blanco who's battling cancer, and creating a mountain of bills for his family. >> it's hard for me as a mom because not only i have to take care of him, but i also have my 6-year-old son. >> reporter: thanks to the surveillance video the police were able to arrest the suspect, and it's appreciated in the tight knit neighborhood, but who's better is kevin's uncommon grace. >> i would forgive her because we all do something in life for a reason. >> reporter: money is being raised several places around town, and kevin still in the middle of chemotherapy admits
5:57 pm
support. >> all the support i've had is amazing, and the love that's being shown is so bizarre that i hope, i honestly hope that someone can experience what i'm going through sometimes. >> reporter: at the end of the day money is easy to take. someone's spirit is not. >> just waking up every day and thinking that life goes on, that i'm going to get over there, and the support of all the here really shows that there's people that care about you, and there's a reason to keep you motivated and keep going in life. >> reporter: the 27-year-old that lives near the bakery was arrested and charged with theft. the money was gone, but a local police union is stepping up to give the family a check for $500. rob nelson, eyewitness news. >> glad they did that. speaking of thief, a car chief -- thieves, a car reef
5:58 pm
>> a local woman pleading for her dog's return. this is channel 7 eyewitness news, now eyewitness news at 6:00. a busy night ahead for the seven men and one woman that want to be the next president of the united states. the results could prove crucial for both parties, but first tonight a cab driver for the first time telling his terrifying story about getting shot in the face by robbers. good evening, it's 6:00, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. the driver lost on eye, but not his life, and for that he say he's lucky. >> the gunman still on the loose, and the victim spoke to us. >> here's the lead story tonight. >> reporter: liz and bill, this cab driver thought for sure his
5:59 pm
face, and left to day. he says she's still terrified -- he's still terrified, but is speaking out in hopes it helps catch his attackers. >> >. he thought that was it and he wasn't going to make it. >> reporter: that's what's ever what was going through his -- that's what was going through his head wednesday night, the cab driver afraid to identify his identity, but he's happy to be alife despite losing his left eye. aleve. aleve. he has a few more days to live. >> reporter: he says it happened so fast he didn't have time to react. it was 9:15 in the evening when he was called to jefferson avenue to pick up a fare. when he got here he could sense something terrible was about to go down. he honked the horn a few time, then suddenly two men came out of nowhere, and jumped into his backseat. >> he turned around and saw them with masks on, the black
6:00 pm
then and there he suspected something was going to happen. then asked them where he was going, then the guy from right behind him started hitting him on the head. >> reporter: as he's being punched and beaten he put the car in reverse trying to escape his attackers. the assailants continued to hit him as the car is moving, and eventually crashed into this metal gate, then he rolled out of the cab, and one of the attackers kept pounding at him as he was laying on the ground. the other suspect walked up, without saying a word, pulled the trigger, then they both fled. badly wounded he managed to call 911, afraid the suspects could come back to finish the job. >> he thinks if the police didn't come as fast as they did the guys would have come back to make sure he was dead. >> reporter: now the only description of the suspect social security that they were wearing dark colored clothes and masks, the cab driver says they appeared to be young men. he'd only been driving a cab for less than a year, now too


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