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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  February 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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there'll be a light widespread as well, and showers -- wind as well, and showers developing. we had the warmest temperatures just after midnight. we'll hold steady in the 40s and low 50s. look at these clouds coming in very quickly ahead of the next system, which brings rain to the area tonight. there may be places up here in the hudson valley, northern counties, we're still holding onto sunshine. here come the clouds and by 2:00 or 3:00, we should be overcast. by five, we'll be tracking showers coming from the south. not everybody will get these showers. also, in the accuweather 7-day forecast, we are looking at a coastal system that's actually moving its track inland. this low pressure system looks like it may be more rain than snow. those details are still ahead, rob. amy, thank you. developing right now, a 45-year- old man is accused in a violent killing spree in western michigan.
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last night when police say that man jason dalton opened fire on a woman in an apartment complex parking lot leaving her critically hurt. well, then investigators say he went onto kill 6 people in two different locations. a 14-year-old girl left fighting for her life this morning. she is one of the victims. investigators say this violent rampage frighteningly appears to have been completely random. >> there is no connection that we're aware of between three different sets of victims to each other or any of the victims to mr. dalton. they appear to have been chosen available. >> police spotted dalton's car early this morning, and took him into custody without incident. car. developing right now over seas, at least 14 people have
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targeting a pro government neighborhood in syria. the blasts are the latest in a wave of violence to hit the city of hons. the britain based human rights says the death toll are higher, with two dozen dead. a small plane crashed in the long island sound. the coast guard is searching for one person still missing. kristin thorne is at university hospital with the latest on this. >> reporter: i just spoke exclusively with a man who identified himself as the brother of the pilot. he says he came here to stony brook university hospital to check on his brother. he says he's doing just fine. he is one of three people now recovering here. of course the coast guard is still searching for one missing person, and we are also hearing
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moments after the crash. >> i only have two survivors, one for each kayak, we have three kayaks looking for another. >> reporter: and right now, the coast guard is continuing its search over the long island sound. it was around 11:00 last night that a small plane carrying four men traveling from connecticut to mcarthur airport on long island lost its engine. the engine simply lost power. the plane landed in the long island sound less than a mile offshore in receive tuck et what are -- setauket harbor. >> officers arrived to the scene immediately made their way down to the shoreline, commandeered kayaks from local residences and went into the water to rescue victims.
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brother of the pilot tells me that his brother was in the water for about an hour so he along with at least one other of these passengers suffering from severe hypothermia, but thankfully they are expected to be okay. again, the search continues for the one missing passenger. kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. we are learning more this morning about the shooting that sent two nypd officers to the hospital. that suspect in this case, jamal funes is seriously hurt after being shot by responding officers. now, investigators say all the violence started with funes firing shots at an mta worker in the middle of the street. also, we're told funes had contact with people being monitored by the joint terrorism task force. however, this is a big however, investigators do not believe the suspect does have any terror leanings. also, police are now looking
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warn police, including the assault of an officer a few years ago. investigators say it is possible funes thought the mta bus driver we mentioned a second ago was a police officer because of the uniform he was wearing at the time, and that's why he could have fired a shot at him early yesterday morning. now, responding officers did open fire after police say that 34-year-old suspect drove his car head on into a police cruiser. overall, officers ended up firing at least 30 shots. >> i woke up almost in instantaneously to a bunch of gunshots. i immediately knew they were gunshots. it was so loud. >> two plain clothes anti-crime officers were injured in all this. officer william redden was hit with bullet fragments in his right hip. officer andrew yurkiw was hit in the chest but he was saved
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>> as officer redden continues to recover at the hospital, officer andrew yurkiw is at home surrounded by family. the 29-year-old was released from the hospital yesterday. he's recovering at his childhood home in elmont, where nassau county police officers stopped in to check in him. his father who is a retired nypd officer survived a shooting in 199. why after he was also wearing a bullet resistant vest. >> crazy how all of a sudden many years ago this happened and all of a sudden it happens again to the son. he's doing fine. thank god he had the vest on. he's home, and i think he's going to be okay. >> good to hear that. officer yurik has served on the force for three years. our coverage of the nypd officer shot story continues at abc7ny. get the latest updates and information on the investigation there. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, big wins in the 2016 presidential race.
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victory in south carolina. hillary clinton ekes out a win in nevada, and all of this coming as jeb bush did not have a good showing last night, and has bowed out of the race. amy. well, we're tracking some rain that's coming in to close out the weekend. coming up in just a few minutes, we'll talk about those showers, how quick do they get here, when do they leave, and there's also another storm making its way in our direction.
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with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. the race for president took center stage. and it ended with two big headlines. hillary clinton and donald trump have a pair of wins and one contender is dropping out. abc's megan hughes has more on the emerging stories from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: with two wins under their belt, hillary clinton and donald trump are
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>> we are going right to nevada, and i think we're going to do terrific there, and the sec is going to be very very exciting. we expect to do very very well. >> reporter: a nevada win reinvigorated clinton's campaign. clinton flew straight to texas where she held a late night rally at texas southern university. >> is this a great night or what. >> reporter: long lines to vote in both states reflecting a heavy turnout. ted cruz and marco rubio both with strong performances. >> thank you, south carolina. >> reporter: after another poor showing, an emotional jeb bush called it quits. >> tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> reporter: in nevada, sanders made it clear he's not dropping out but looking forward. >> i believe that when
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philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> reporter: the two parties now essentially switch places. republicans face off again in nevada on tuesday. democrats vote here in south carolina next saturday. megan hughes, abc news, columbia, south carolina. >> again, next for the democrats is south carolina. that primary is in one week, the nevada caucuses take place tuesday and all of that leads to super tuesday on march 1st. stay with eyewitness news and abc news throughout the campaign season. we'll have more on the big developments and a look ahead to the next big primaries. that's coming up at ten. rob? when we come back this morning, a town trapped under tons of debris after a massive landslide. but first, some lighter news. big dog sunday, amy what's going on.
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pies, whether it's big love on this big dog sunday, which we've got, or a big guy, 220 pounds. just big hair, don't care. scotty also sending this one in. we love to see your pics, hash
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welcome back everyone. in idaho, a massive landslide has left some 250 people trapped in their small town. >> holy, that whole rock is moving. holy, holy lord. >> the landslide on thursday left nearly 15 tons of debris on the only highway in and out of elk city. it could take days to clear the road. authorities say there are no reports of any injuries, and
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somehow managing just to take it all in stride. good luck elk city. also, more than two dozen people were hurt when a chair lift broke at a ski resort in west virginia. the lift at timber line resort in davis derailed and 25 people fell about 30 feet to the ground. two people were treated at the hospital for nonlife threatening injuries. no immediate word yet on what caused the derailment. that investigation is underway. >> wow. >> see, another reason to not like skying. >> stop it now. >> oh, please. fireside, french fries and cold beverages. >> that part is great. >> going down the slopes, 15, 20 miles per hour. >> love it. well, yesterday we had 61 degrees. we hit that high temperature bulls eye about 4:00, and then we have had temperatures really
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and 50s, so we woke up to mild conditions this morning. we're not going to return to the 60s today. in fact, things are different from here on out. we have more clouds this afternoon, and then we also are going to have a chance for rain, starting at 5:00 in the city, starting in central and southern new jersey, and long island, parts of coastal connecticut, if you're doing traveling, we're expecting rain tonight. in central park, looking at the live picture, the skies were blue, starting to see clouds, and a west wind at 10 miles per hour. those are official numbers coming out of central park right now. once we get into the afternoon, our temperatures still are holding steady where they are right now, which are upper 40s and low 50s. roslyn, you've got 51. take us all the way out to hampton bay where we've got 47. looking at the 24-hour temperature change across the whole map, there are some colder temperatures for northwest new jersey, especially with the clear skies last night, those numbers just
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freezing temperatures in places like morristown this morning. clouds are increasing already. we get this rain coming in at night, especially south but we're including the city, long island, coastal connecticut and that is quiet tomorrow, a nice weather day. temperatures mid-40s, above average, and tuesday is nice as well. we'll have clouds all day on tuesday, and then at night, a mix of rain and snow beginning north and west, but then everything quickly changes to rain, significant rain potentially on wednesday where we'll get some downpours and then just a drizzle on thursday. on the radar and satellite, clouds are creeping in quick, and that's how we'll spend the afternoon. here's the rain racing across the virginias and dc already has some flood warnings up, some alerts for the water coming with rain showers. so for us we get just a little bit coming through south jersey, and taps into the city as well. on the future cast, you can see pretty well, about 5:00, here comes the first wave of showers across the area.
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threat of rain lasts until 9:00 or 10:00, and everything eastward, monday and tuesday is fine. tuesday night we'll see a return to the next weather maker. in fact we'll take the bigger picture here to show you monday night, eastbound through the evening hours, everything is clear, and then it's tuesday morning where the clouds are back, and here are the showers. tuesday, by late midday, we could see some light drizzle coming through the afternoon and evening. here comes more rain. in the higher elevations it could be a rain snow mix but then it's all rain on wednesday and thursday. the temperatures are too warm. 46 above average tomorrow. tuesday is looking like another day that's fairly comfortable, despite the change in skies. we'll be rather cloudy on tuesday with temperatures expected there. so, you know, as far as the numbers go, heading into the middle of the week, staying above average will keep us in the upper 40s. that's bringing just rain, wednesday and thursday. that system comes in, we're not
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the showers come down. but just too warm for any snow. we settle right back into the upper 30s and low he or she as we head -- 40s as we head into next week, which is average this time of year. keeping track, yesterday's 61 reading is the average high for the 15th of april. but as promised, rob, we have at least one march snowstorm that makes it into the top seven big snowstorms of all time. >> every friday has a pooper. that's why we invited her. >> let it go. nobody wants that. >> it's not over yet. >> all we have is 5 minutes to enjoy this. >> right. you have to kill the dream. >> time's up. >> some people love the cold, man. they love it. >> absolutely. >> they should go to a doctor to get checked out. things are not looking crystal clear in crystal city, texas. people are turning on their taps and finding black sludge instead of water. the town says the color comes
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leaking into the water distribution lines after the local water tower was cleaned for the first time in decades. all of this comes weeks after all but one of the city's top officials were put in with bribery. so somebody's not looking out. just saying. >> that town has some problems. >> ample problems. >> 8000 people live there and
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welcome back everybody, 9:22. >> time for sports with laura behnke. >> with their playoff hopes dwindling, the knicks were hoping a visit to the last place timberwolves would help their cause as new york looked for their first win this month on february 20th. trying to snap a 7 game losing streak. robin lopez, 16 points in the first quarter, on his way to 26
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he also had 16 rebounds. to the battle of the rookies, carl anthony townsend, this points, while christoff not as efficient. carmelo anthony doing his part led the way with 30 points, 11 boards. the knicks do indeed snap their losing skid. on thursday, the nets announce shawn marsh as their general manager. 48 hours later, the gm has made his first move. yesterday evening, the nets net waived the veteran center after signing him to a two year deal in the off season. the former number one draft pick has been a disappointment in brooklyn, averaging 6 points. again hitting the field in port st. lucie yesterday, the goal, making it back to the world series.
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season, and that includes lucas duda who will not forget his errant throw in the world series. >> that's a throw i can make nine out of ten times and that happened to be the one i didn't. it's definitely something i can take, i can learn from it, grow from it, and it can fuel me. >> the yankees can vaccine they could be without their closer to start the season with chapman facing a suspension for his role in an off season domestic violence incident but now according to reports, the league could suspend him for part of spring training, all part of the gamble when they made the trade for the closer. when he is able to play, he will make one of the strongest bull pens in baseball. >> didn't think it could get any better. you can rest guys more, and it's fun to watch this unfold. >> anything that makes us
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a better chance to win, i'm on board for, and that's certainly going to help us. >> the rangers are back in action when they host the red wings, ryan mechanic donnan -- mcdonagh will not be with them. he does not have a concussion but will have a ct scan on his neck and is day-to-day. on the ice last night it was the devils visiting the capitals in washington. an active third period. the visit tornadoes would strike -- visitors would strike. the caps would answer twice. the second goal of the period for washington. it's the go ahead shot, 4-3. the capitals win. and that is your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke. we're back again with you later tonight at six. rapper 50-cent has to answer to a judge now after he posted pictures of himself on instagram flaunting cash. not a problem unless you just declared bankruptcy which he did. 50-cent whose real is
9:26 am
jackson posted pictures of himself. the pictures have since been removed, taken down, a judge told evacuation's attorney she is concerned -- jackson's attorney she's concerned about the nondoppler or lack of -- nondisclosure or lack of case. a generous offer this morning for the supposedly drowning in debt rapper kanye west. the offer does come with an interesting catch. a businessman from boston says he is in fact willing to invest the requested $53 million in to kanye's musical projects, but only if the rapper promises to start being frugal, an easy kardashian. jon lull is insisting kanye give up the $40,000 fur coats and sending your personal assistant to milan to do shopping for him.
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do a little bit of rescheduling after postponing the start of her upcoming tour. the singer was set to kick off her tour this friday out west in san diego, but her spokeswoman now says she has canceled the first eight stops because of some production delays. rihanna who just celebrating her 28th birthday, which inspired my next college education yesterday, will start her tour march 12th. the canceled shows will be rescheduled in may. the original tickets will be honored. so community calendar, you're inspired. >> i can't think of my favorite rihanna song. much more ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, including a live look at today's top stories. three men are recovering in the hospital. one is missing after a small plane crashes in the long island sound. i'm kristin thorne with details
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>> thank you, kristen. zika virus testing is starting in nassau county, where you can get screened this week. and amy freeze is screening the weather. she likes what she sees out there. a little milder today or a
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welcome back everybody. eyewitness news sunday morning. look at that shot there. >> there's some blue there. >> a good looking shot downtown. >> blue skies. >> a little bit. >> mild morning for this time of year. ain't too bad at all. hard to beat yesterday, but we'll give it a shot. good morning, i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm michelle charlesworth. welcome to eyewitness news sunday. >> flurries. we just wish spring would flirt back a little bit. >> it's hard to get. >> meteorologist amy freeze
9:31 am
>> temperatures overnight hardly fell. we're still in the 50s in a lot of spots, including central park. 51 degrees. 54 right after midnight. that's likely to go down in the history books for our highs today. the clouds are creeping in quick. we have rain showers that will end the weekend. we'll call it mild with light winds through the rest of the afternoon. we're not representing, though, the entire area. there are some spots that started below freezing. i mean, the boroughs are very nice. 4-9d up -- 49 up to white plains. northwest new jersey under clear skies got cold last night down below the freezing point. sussex is back up to 37 in the low 50s at the jersey shore. more sunshine thud hudson -- through the hudson vehicle. we're starting to see the clouds racing in quickly. we get mostly cloudy this afternoon, and we wait for the afternoon. after 5:00, these showers, coming over the virginias move into our area. central, southern new jersey getting wet.
9:32 am
parts of coastal connecticut. however, northern counties may escape the rain all together. the system has a track that is more southerly. here's the accuweather planner. temperatures still in the low 50s through the late afternoon. after sunset, that's when we get the rain coming in. temperatures will drop down into the mid-40s. we'll talk about the workweek ahead, which does include temperatures returning to near 50. but also a chance for significant rainfall. those details in a few minutes. michelle. >> thank you so much, amy. breaking news on long island, the search operation continues for one person plane overnight. three people were rescued and this morning, teams are still at port jefferson looking for the passenger from that plane who remains unaccounted for. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is live outside stony brook university hospital where the crash survivors are being treated. kristen. >> good morning, michelle, well, i just spoke exclusively with a man who identified himself as the brother of the pilot of that plane.
9:33 am
just fine here at stony brook university hospital. that brother one of three men now recovering here while the search continues for a fourth passenger. also appearing first responders moments after the crash. >> we have three people in the water. in the aircraft. it would appear that they have flotation gear now. >> this morning, a coast guard helicopter, with suffolk county police searching by air along with the missing passenger. it was 11:00 last night when a small plane carrying four people coming from connecticut to mcarthur airport on long island lost power, its engine lost power. crashing into the long island sound about a mile offshore in receive tuck et harbor -- setauket harbor.
9:34 am
identified himself as the pilot's brother says he's doing just fine, just a little shaken. >> you say the engine went off. >> he was in the water, they were stuck in the water. >> he was in the water for one hour before they rescued him. >> reporter: and we have heard from first responders that two of the men had suffered from severe hypothermia to the point officers got to them. they could barely even speak. fourth passenger. kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. centers. testing is being offered to anyone who traveled to latin break. the mosquito born virus has been linked to birth defects and miscarriages in latin america and the caribbeans. so far five people in new york have tested positive for zika.
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would return to the u.s. from russia if he could be guaranteed a fair trial. snowden told a skype audience he would be willing to be extradited if he could make a public interest defense and have jurors decide his case. the former nsa contractor leaked secrets of government surveillance in 2013 before leaving this country. he faces up to 30 years in prison if he were to be convicted. the acting head of new jersey transit is slamming a proposal, one that could possibly avert a strike next month. dennis martin says a recommendation by a federal labor panel that calls for a platinum level health benefits is unreasonable and excessive. union rail workers are threatening to strike after a cooling off period ends on moore 13th. a tentative negotiating session is reportedly set for next week. let's hope they come to an agreement before they get to work. >> and a few other people. i have heard a few other people
9:36 am
>> hard to think about that. coming up next on eyewitness news sunday morning, the stars are getting ready for the biggest night in hollywood. adds we all know by now, diversity or the lack thereof this year's oscars. we're going to talk to a screen writing professor about which actors should have made the cut this year, and about the critical art of screen writing. things got fishy at a college hockey game. we're going to look at how a fan had a little trouble stunt. we're having trouble
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yesterday, bu
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. welcome back, things got a little fishy, as one fan had his hands full. the first game is celebrated by
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that's how we want to party. unfortunately the person whose job it was to throw the fish last night had a little bit of trouble. eventually he got the fish over the glass and onto the ice. makes me want to get a ladder and hand sanitizer and some windows. >> i don't like it. >> of all the traditions, that's an interesting one. >> i don't like it at all. >> not so much. >> i feel for the fish. >> i do feel for the fish. >> eastbound though he feels nothing -- even though he feels nothing, i still feel for him. >> i feel like i could fry it up and have a nice little snack. >> and that would be more respectful than throwing him against something. >> he died for a purpose. >> anyway, let's move on. 51. we got to 61 yesterday. >> it felt good, didn't it. >> so good. life affirming. this morning, waking up to the 50s is pretty mild. not as sunny as yesterday. in fact, you know, some spots north, parts of the northern hudson valley are still holding onto a little bit of sunshine. the clouds are creeping in quick for all of us.
9:40 am
afternoon, temperatures in the low 50s. we'll hold these numbers steady. we're not going to get much warmer than this. we also won't have cold air coming in either. west winds are light, and really through the afternoon, besides the clouds, we're also tracking some showers coming in. those are live by about 5:00. highs today, have already been printed. they're in the books pretty much. well above average. 10 to 12 degrees compared to yesterday. and we have only shaved a few degrees off some of the temperatures to the west. everybody else pretty much where we began overnight. now, as the clouds come in, you can expect that the rain holds off until about 5:00. we're seeing the heaviest rain come in, especially south. but we're not going to rule out the city, long island, even coastal connecticut for getting rain. areas north of the city, it's going to be harder to get the moisture in that direction. quiet tomorrow, looks like a nice day. temperatures are above average. tuesday is looking pleasant. it's overcast but it will be a
9:41 am
rain snow mix coming in. significant rain is possible on wednesday into thursday. temperatures are just too warm at this point and the track is not favorable for snow. so it will be wet rather than white with the next system coming in. so here are the showers for this evening. that affects us through the end of the weekend. by monday, things are looking really good for us again. temperatures are up above the average, fairly seasonal. we'll get sun in here. this is tonight, by the way, notice how the sharp line sort of cults off once -- cuts off once we get through the lower hudson valley, kind of the cutoff point. right along the coast in connecticut, 95, doing traveling, once it clears out, though, we hold tight until we get into tuesday evening. there isn't major change coming until the clouds arrive, again, late tuesday afternoon to the evening and then that system looks like it's going to again, bring rain during the day on wednesday, and just a light
9:42 am
46 is how we start the week. temperatures remain pretty much above average all week. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. both monday and tuesday we're looking at numbers until the 40s fairly comfortable. then we're in the upper 50s for both wednesday and thursday, and that's the system that we're looking at. right now, the track is too far inland. we get all rain along the coast, so most of the major cities, just get wet, and we don't have to worry about a wintry mix. sometimes the slick spots, though, are just enough to slow everybody down. friday, 39 degrees, one day we slip below average, and right back to 42 heading into next week, and no major extremes. we're not soaring into the 60s, nor are we cutting our temperatures in half and staying below freezing for any good deal amount of time. right. >> most part, just the rain gear, middle of the week is what you have to pay attention to. >> remember that. >> thank you, amy. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, a lot of
9:43 am
really -- on the oscars, really issues. we're going sit down and talk to a screen writing professor about what the industry can do better to discuss the hot button issue of diversity. let's look at today's channel 7 community calendar this. >> it was rihanna's 28th 28th birthday yesterday as we mentioned earlier in the show, so your favorite rihanna song appears to be umbrella. i'm going to take a different route and go with a remix of we found love. roll it. : on trail of the month hike, lavender trail in high rock park in staten island enjoy the spectacular views and fine birds nests seen only this time of year. the salt marsh nature center in brooklyn hosts winter wildlife animal tracking where you'll be guided through the best viewing spots of the urban jungle.
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the harlem river, one act plays never professionally produced depicting african-american life in the 1920s. on long island, hosting having her say, queen bess coleman with a remarkable living history theater. the new rochelle public library, many artifacts celebrating the birth of the american jazz artist. for more information about the
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that could be [ male announcer ] eight hours after you quit smoking, your bloood oxygen level returns to normal. in 3 months your lung function improves up to 30%. and ten years after you quit your risk of dying from lung cancer is about half that of a smoker. but right now...'re one cigarette closer to cancer. every cigarette makes you sick. quit smoking today.
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most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount. welcome back, educator biggest night in holly -- the biggest night in hollywood is a night away. and this has led to calls for more diversity in the film industry in casting and writing. we are joined by william acres at belmont, university. thank you for being here.
9:47 am
this has become a hot button issue here. what is kind of yours take on this on why it bubbled up this year, and did you see null gregos in the nominations this -- egregious in nominationings this year. >> i like -- nominations this year. >> i liked creed a lot. if they get you in an emotional way. straight out of compton was marvelous. i was sorry creed didn't get nominated. >> stallone got the nomination, but not michael jordan, the primary actor, and tell people about straight out of compton. some folks may not know. >> those are white guys who wrote straight out of compton, and they did a heck of a job. >> and the writers got nominated but none of the actors from the film. >> no, unfortunately. >> what do you think is the root cause of that and can it change. >> i think it's the gate keepers.
9:48 am
keepers. they're all of one culture, and they know their culture really well, and i don't think they understand that there are other cultures out there that people want to see a movie about. they're happy to make a movie about slavery, but want to make a movie about regular people going about their daily lives, and they don't see that as interesting. when that changes, something is going to happen. >> and it is linked to the academy, the voting members because it is largely older white men who may not have flocked to the theater to see creed or straight out of compton, the way they wanted to see the revenant, so they're going to take steps to diversify. the academy president is a minority female. are we just kind of having a conversation and it goes to waste as chris rock's monologue's? >> because i'm a attacher, i think end roads can be made at the screen writing on up. you have to teach people that the world is big. there are all kind of stories,
9:49 am
telling no matter where you're from and who you are. the only way to do a good story is to tell a story you're the only person that can tell it. if you're coming out of your own culture, that's what you need to be doing and that's what teachers need to be teaching. >> and finding a unique voice. >> tell us about the book you have coming out. >> i wrote a novel about a bad teacher because i have had bad teachers and i've heard about bad teachers. i wrote this book about bad teachers, it's a war between the 4th grade boy, and his horrible home room teachers, the awfullest teacher in the world, if that's a word, and i had a great time doing it. >> based on anything particular in your life personally or something you wanted to explore. >> i had some awful teachers and i had great teachers and i remember the good ones and the bad ones and i felt like i need to write something that, again, like i said, about screen writing teachers, screen writing students that only i could write. >> and to an aspiring screen writer who may be watching this
9:50 am
advice as a professor of screen them. >> find a story that only you can tell that nobody else can tell as that. like my book, i'm the only person on earth who could have told that story. nobody else could have done it. if you want to write, you need to find the thing that you are going to be best at. don't write a bank robbery movie because there are 26 other people better than you. find the one thing nobody can do better than you, and you'll be in good shape. >> find a unique voice, and hope they bubble up in the increasingly diverse cannon we will get to one day maybe. >> if you expose yourself to the world around you more, you're going to get a better world. >> well said. thank you, professor. >> thank you very much. >> and a quick note, on saturday we have an oscar's preview show. the road to gold has stars giving you what you need to know before the big show. saturday night at 7:00, and
9:51 am
sunday, february 28th right here on channel 7. should be big night for multiple reasons. can't wait to hear what chris rock is going to say. michelle, over to you. thank you. we're coming back with a look at this morning's top stories, and first here's bill ritter with what's coming up on up close. >> apple is fighting a judge's order to help fbi investigators get into a terrorist's encrypted iphone. john miller, a former colleague at abc here joins us to talk about that, and also the big proposed cuts in terror funding for new york city. we also ask congressman gregory meeks from queens about the decision by the congressional black caucus to support hillary clinton in the democratic race for president over bernie sanders. and we remember this
9:52 am
of the (harold) looks like australia. (rob) i'm telling you, it's a western omelette. (jeremy) fellas! (harold) hey! what you got there? (jeremy) a new york lottery scratch-off game.
9:53 am
oh, look. it's carol. (harold) that is how you get to be senior associate supervisor. (avo) take a break from the excpected.
9:54 am
coming up in a few minutes is this week with george stephanopoulos. >> good morning, michelle and rob. we have a big show after the races in south carolina and nevada. the two front runners solidifying their lead as hillary clinton finds her fire wall out west, and slows bernie sanders' momentum, and donald trump pulls out a decisive first place finish in south carolina. marco rubio narrowly edging out ted cruz for second place. the three leading republicans are all here this morning to answer the big question, can donald trump be stopped. plus, the escalating battle between the fbi and apple. it's all coming up right here on have week. michelle and rob, back to you. thank you. we're following the latest on breaking news in long island.
9:55 am
a small plane crash. one person is still missing. >> eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is live at stony brook university hospital with the latest details. hi kristen. >> reporter: hi rob and michelle. while those three men continue to recover at stony brook university hospital, the search continues in the long island sound for this fourth missing passenger. suffolk county police spent most of the night searching for this man. it did not turn up anything, so the coast guard and suffolk police are back at it, flying around the long island sound, that's where the small plane went down around 11:00 last night. responding officers commandeered kayaks and paddled themselves out to the victims who by that point were suffering from severe hypothermia, so much so they could barely speak. in fact, i did speak exclusively with a man who identified himself as the pilot's brother. he says his brother was in the water for more than an hour. he is now recovering here at
9:56 am
again, while that search passenger. we're live in stony brook, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. a 45-year-old man is accused of a violent killing spree in western michigan. last night. police say jason dalton opened fire on a woman in an apartment complex parking lot critically hurting her. he went onto kill 6 people in two locations, a 14-year-old life. she was hit as well. there's no known connection between the shooter and victims, saying they were chosen at random. dalton will go before a judge tomorrow afternoon. the investigation continuing into the shooting that left two nypd officers injured. officer william redden remains in the hospital this morning recovering after being hit by bullet fragments in his right hip. meanwhile, officer and ewe yurkiw is now at home. the officers were hurt responding to calls of shots fired yesterday in bedside.
9:57 am
fire. jamal funes is still in critical condition this morning. thank god for bullet resistant vests. could have ended a lot worse. folks outside with light jackets on and smiles. >> yes. >> good. >> yesterday, 61 will not be repeated. however it's mild out there right now. we'll see clouds coming in, collecting, we spend rest of the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s, fairly comfortable the one world trade looks fantastic. you can see all the way to lady liberty. 51 degrees in the park, and we'll see rain moving in after 5:00. so the daylight hours are fine. it's after sunset where we'll see the cans for showers, and then tomorrow, a good looking day, a mix of sun and clouds and 46. rather cloudy on tuesday, 41. in fact, tuesday night we'll see an icy mix come in before it all changes to rain real quick on wednesday, and then rain and drizzle but temperatures wednesday and 48 both days.
9:58 am
jeff smith will be back tonight at five following the accuweather forecast. >> good stuff. have a good one. >> 6:00 tonight. >> 6:00 tonight. >> all good. >> thank you for being with us on this sunday morning. i'm mri -- michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm rob nelson. thank you for being with us on >> eyewitness news returns tonight at 6:00.
9:59 am
10:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump takes control. the brash billionaire dominates in conservative south carolina. >> when you win, it's beautiful. >> his second straight win. >> let's put this thing away. >> now, no doubt, the outsider is the republican front-runner. can anyone stop him? >> south carolina has given us another remarkable result. >> the son of a bartender and a maid from cuba tonight stands one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states of america. >> trump, rubio, cruz. all here live. and -- hillary squeaks by. >> the fight goes on! >> the democratic race tighter than ever. plus, apple goes to war. inside the tech giant's refusal


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