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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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by three men who were also at the party earlier. here at the williamsbridge section, police are looking for two men in this attack. the people who are running for their lives of saturday afternoon say they have no idea who those men were and why they were targeted. >> she says she is one of the women scene trying to avoid this attack. saturday, she says friends were out enjoying the warmth outside on holland avenue when this black car pulls up. two men jumped out and head toward them. >> they were like, what's up? we don't know who it is. we did not know who they were or what they wanted. his pocket. we started backing up. men -- when they turned to her 26- year-old friend, a mother of two -- one man stabbed her in the stomach and the other slashes her right ear.
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>> she says she is fine. just traumatized about what and she broke her foot trying to get away. trying to run away. >> police are searching for the suspect who flashed a 32- year-old man across the face as he was walking near 920 east 178th street at about 3:20 a.m. saturday morning. he is expected to recover. and in this holland avenue for two men. 160 pounds. last wearing a greece with -- green sweater. the other, five, 11. wearing a black jacket and gray pants. the victim's friends say she is already healing emotionally. >> whatever he tried to do he will not knock her down. >> so far, no one has been arrested in this. it police are asking if anyone has information or if you recognize the people in the surveillance video, to give them a call.
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section of the bronx, channel 7, eyewitness news. police on staten island homeless man wanted for frightening -- , rape and robbery. old maurice scott. investigators say he attacked a woman in her office in mariners harbor last friday evening. in addition to raping the woman, detectives say maurice scott took her money, jewelry and cell phone. the man accused of opening fire on two new york city police officers will face attempted murder charges. this as one officer remains in the hospital after the shootout. county hospital with more. >> reporter: officer william reddin is still at the hospital. his recovery is going well and we're told he is in good spirits. the two officers who were shot had a close, dangerous and potentially deadly encounter with a suspect who was already proven in the past that he is not afraid to take on the police. >> when the shooting stopped
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least 50 rounds had been fired. two police officers were hurt. and the suspect was down, police say 34-year-old jamal funes was shooting to kill with this 357 magnum, when he opened brooklyn. jamal funes is a career criminal with 15 prior arrests in new york city. and 11 in chicago. one of the arrest happened in 2007 when jamal funes assaulted a police officer and tried to take his gun. now jamal funes faces a first- degree attempted murder charge for his role in a shootout that left the officers injured. mayor bill de blasio spoke about the officers at a church service sunday. >> two of our police officers, fire that and both came out of their ordeal. one, walking around the hospital. the other will be out soon. fully recovered. >> eyewitness news has learned ballistic tests show
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jamal funes -- abc7 six, was not friendly fire. it came from the gun found with jamal funes after he was shot multiple times. officer -- bullet fragments that hit william reddin and the head, are being analyzed. the other officer was andrew yurkiw. jamal funes is muslim. police say he has had contact with people being monitored by the joint terrorism task force. >> the suspect jamal funes is listed in critical condition at the hospital where he is recovering with multiple gunshot wounds. reddin will leave the hospital, officials. live this afternoon, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> speaking of those flashings, we're learning this afternoon that and nypd officer was slashed while responding to a fight in brooklyn yesterday. the female officer was slashed in the face and neck. she was taken to methodist
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and did not require any a 27-year-old was charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. a box cutter was recovered at the scene. a man was killed when he became trapped under his work man in central park this morning. it happened in the wooded area near east 74 street just before 7:00 a.m. police say the 56-year-old victim may have gotten out to look under the vehicle when it rolled on top of him. investigators say it was a private construction company van and he died at the scene. recovery efforts resume this morning for a man missing after a small plane went down at long island south. the aircraft went down saturday with four people on board. and crews raised it from the water yesterday. a 23-year-old from queens is still missing. the three men rescued have been treated at the hospital. a grand jury is expected to vote today on whether to indict the man accused of killing his girlfriend and two of her daughters.
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for today's hearing. he pleaded not guilty in the month. investigators say he killed his her two young daughters, -month-old. a third daughter survived and is in critical condition. the man accused of kidnapping and killing -- a 6- year-old nearly 40 years ago will be in court today. pedro hernandes is facing a retrial after his first trial ended in a hung jury last year. he confessed to killing the 6- year-old saying he lured him into where he works. defense attorneys say the confession was coerced. bill cosby's wife is answering questions under oath today and her husband's defamation lawsuit. this is video of the attorneys of camille cosby arriving at the hotel in springfield, massachusetts where she is giving the deposition. she is answering questions about the lawsuit brought up by seven women that claimed the comedian sexually assaulted them. bill cosby's lawyers tried to commit -- try to prevent
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but the motion was denied. turning to the race for president. democrats focus on south carolina while the republicans look for votes in nevada. bernie sanders held a rally this morning where he was glover. hillary clinton is favored to win the south after coming out ahead in the nevada caucus. today, bernie sanders issued a call to action, to his supporters. >> today we are the actors. we are the actresses. we are the movers of history. >> tomorrow night, the in south carolina. on the republican side, donald trump is turning his focus on the nevada caucuses after delegates. >> i did not know i was going to win by that much. that is record-setting stuff. >> senators marco rubio and ted cruz are both trailing
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nevada. marco rubio finished with 1000 more votes than ted cruz in south carolina. the nta, deciding whether to resurrect the w train. there is talk of reviving the w because of changes planned for the 2 avenue subway going into service. w would resume its old run to whitehall street. coming up, tragedy strikes a former ms. new jersey. families of victims from the sandy hook massacre in court today. could a lawsuit against gun manufacturers be dropped. and the strongest cyclone ever recorded hits a popular vacation destination. here in the weather center, check out these temperatures at noon. a nice day outside.
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we ate across long island. forty-eight in newark and elizabeth.
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state of emergency in fiji this afternoon after the strongest storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere slammed into the country. the death toll, has risen up to 18. more than 6000 people have been forced into emergency shelters. wind from cyclone winston reached nearly 180 miles per hour. authorities say they are having trouble communicating with some of fiji's outer islands. many today are mourning
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jersey winner who died this morning, a week after a car crash. cara mccollum crashed her car in pittsburgh township, new jersey. her family and the tv station where she worked -- says cara mccollum died early this morning. she won the 2013 ms. new jersey pageant and went -- once competed for ms. america crown. she was 24 years old. the supreme court was back in session this morning with only eight justices on the bench. chief justice john roberts addressed of to the passing of antonin scalia before any oral arguments. roberts said antonin scalia was "our man for all seasons and we will miss him beyond measure" antonin scalia was the longest- serving justice on the high court. he died suddenly last week at the age of 79. thousands paid respects this past weekend at his wake and funeral. a 16 member team from the cdc will begin a zika fire a study in brazil. the team along with brazilian health officials are looking to officially connect the virus to
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meanwhile in cuba, the president says he is assigning 9000 personnel to keep the virus out of the country. many retailers are taking steps after federal safety officials issued new guidelines for hoverboards. the consumer product safety commission says no hover board is considered safe. some bursting into flames and others injuring writers. in other cases, people just falling off the board. manufacturers are told to meet safety standards or recall the product all together. >> it is a responsible for a company to continue to sell hoverboards that they know to not comply with standards. >> toys "r" us is not waiting for any recall. it is pulling the hoverboards off the website immediately. the move comes over two months after amazon did the same and offered full refunds to customers who purchased them early. a month -- a nightmare for parents. a photo announcing their baby's
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with a fake story. surfers caught in strong currents. how the coast guard came to their rescue.
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it is going to take a bit more than just a cup of coffee to get freebies at starbucks. sorry, david.
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loyalty program for reward customers based on how much they spent. >> starting in april, customers will need to spend more than $62 to get the 125 stars needed for a free item. >> that is compared to the 12 stars under the current program. the coffee chain says the vast majority of customers will have an even better rate with that change. >> i'm so happy all the time to offer to buy starbucks for everyone. then i look at the bill and i go, what? this is expensive. >> they have me right where they want me. i need to 125 stars and i can the icing. >> that is the best. >> sounds really good right we have bright sunshine. as i put up on my twitter page, bill evans whether -- you can
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-- and hardly a cloud in the sky. >> there you have the that nice wonderful tourist boats. making a turn in the east river underneath the brooklyn bridge. you at noon, we have a great afternoon in progress. the temperature has been warming up above normal. the average is 43. we are at 47 right now. so around 3:00, peaking. the committee is dry. the wind is calm. the pressure has been following. the humidity is dry. the sun sets today at 5:38 p.m. a really beautiful sunset. we have a light wintry mix of weather that will arrive late tomorrow. that means a little bit of rain, snow and ice. wednesday, later in the day, could lead to flooding. then we will have a colder wind by the time we get to the weekend. temperatures -- having a cold
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it is 48 around newark. these numbers are warm. and 48 down the jersey shore. a calm to light wind. the wind has mostly been out of the north. as the high pressure goes east, you can see we have barely a cloud in the sky. the system to the south is what we're watching. two pieces coming. the first is tomorrow. later in the day. upper 40s tomorrow morning. here comes the rain showers for central southern new jersey by noon or 1:00. as the moisture comes north -- comes into cooler air. so after school, a little mixture of wet snow, rain and -- mostly that will be for the northern suburbs. and i have have on it -- i-95 in new jersey. you can see the temperatures are warm. does not get below freezing until you get to monticello. not likely to stick to the ground. it could make the roads and
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by. about is right here. that is what will bring us day wednesday. wednesday afternoon. forty-nine. around 55. cloudy tonight at 35. tomorrow, cloudy and chilly. school, the rain mixed. the temperature is warm. you can see my seven-day rain thursday morning. thursday, we get up to 56 degrees. thursday night, the wheels come off of the weather wagon. it is cold. check out the temperatures over the weekend. thirty-nine on sunday. forty-two on sunday -- 39 on saturday. forty-two on sunday. >> 56 looks nice. >> yes.
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across the world to mark the end of the lunar new year. crowds gathered at the annual lantern festival in shanghai with thousands of lanterns lighting up the night sky. this is held on the 15th day of the lunar calendar. this year, by the way, is the had in shanghai. >> looks like fun. highway. aa mega- bus erupts into flames. what passengers say they heard before the bus was forced to pull over. the white house gets a
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goes up in flames. rescue. snowmobile. just some of the stories caught on camera that caught our attention. we will begin with the dramatic video of a megabus catching fire on a set of a highway. passengers say the driver pulled over. as they were being forced to flames. fortunately nobody was hurt. some of the passengers said early on. new york times travel columnist lucas peterson was on board occurred. >> the driver kept pulling so it seems clear there was
12:25 pm
>> does not sound like the bus will get a great review from the new york times writer. an investigation underway into what caused the bus to catch fire. watch as the coast guard rescues surfers who got caught in some strong currents off the coast of washington state. a helicopter crew spring into action after getting a call the two surfers were in trouble. a third person who tried to help the surfers also got caught in the strong current. the coast guard hoisted the three people out of the water and safely took them to waiting paramedics. they are all said to be in good condition. finally, spring baseball is just around the corner. a group and wisconsin is not waiting. look at this snowmobile softball tournament. bill evans is loving this. the game combines what is best about winter and summer as players round the bases on snowmobiles. i'm a little worried about safety. >> nobody blocks the base. >> you want to steal second,
12:26 pm
[ laughter ] a massive project in kentucky is working to convince people how noaa managed to the two of each animal onto his art. a 500-foot long and 51-foot tall ark is under construction. when it is done, it will feature exhibits of every animal in wooden cages. the man behind the encounter, says the exhibit may have a but what he really once is it thinks is possible. this was built using $100 million of donations. it is set to open july 7. much more news ahead and our next half-hour. an update on the uber driver accused of a shooting spree that left half a dozen people dead. new development in the battle between the fbi and
12:27 pm
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our top story this afternoon, police investigating two slashings in the bronx. detectives are looking for two men who jumped out of a vehicle in the williamsbridge section and attacked a 26-year-old woman. she was stabbed and slashed but has been released from the hospital. a man was also slashed walking down the street early sunday morning. a man accused of opening
12:30 pm
police officers is facing one of the officers in the hospital at this hour. the suspect, jamal funes, is in critical condition. hello again. the uber driver accused in the deadly shooting spree in michigan going before a judge today. >> investigators won't talk about a motive. but we are hearing from the passengers he picked out between this. elizabeth. >> reporter: we just got word 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. the suspect won't be physically in court, but he will be arraigned via video. this as police say -- they are still trying to figure out why this happened. >> six people are dead. two others injured. one suspect in custody. so far, no motive. according to police, the mayhem in michigan started shortly before 6:00 saturday evening.
12:31 pm
a woman was shot several times. she survived. and about four hours later, at this car dealership parking lot, a father and son were shot and killed. minutes later, outside this cracker barrel restaurant, five people were shot. four died including a retired teacher. selected at random. nightmare. >> hours later, the suspect, uber driver, jason dalton, was taken into custody without incident. police are looking into reports that jason dalton was working between shootings. this man, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was one of jason dalton's customers during the rampage. >> i halfheartedly joked and said, you are not the shooter, are you? he said, no. i said, are you sure? he said, no. i'm just really tired. >> he says he was with him about one hour before the first shooting. >> we were kind of driving through mediums -- speeding along -- and finally, when he came to a stop, i jumped out of
12:32 pm
>> there was nothing in his background to indicate that he was a problem. >> again, the arraignment in this case is set for just about one hour from now. and also, we're learning from police that they have new hope for the youngest victim in this case. the 14-year-old girl who was initially believed to be brain- dead -- we're learning she managed to give doctors two thumbs-up when asked if she could hear them. channel 7, eyewitness news. right now, family members of the victims killed at sandy hook elementary school are awaiting a judge's decision in the lawsuit against gun manufacturers. the wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the makers of ar- 15 rifle sick the victim's families say manufacturers should have known the gun was not suitable for civilians. a federal law prevents gun manufacturers and dealers from liability after mass shooting. a new jersey street cleaner eking out about the punch that left him unconscious on the street corner. cesar nejara is still
12:33 pm
becoming a victim of of the so called, "knockout game" in paterson. the disturbing video of the december attack showed up on the internet this month. the hit broke the victim's tooth. he was not able to meet solid food for more than one week. three translator, he said he can't understand how or why someone would do this. >> he said, i'm just human. if i was to hit anybody, it would hurt me more then them. >> 18-year-old kristian gonzalez surrendered to police. his attorney claims that the teenager is adhd and that may have been a contracting factor. cesar nejara says he is a religious man but he does not forget his attacker. a new jersey woman has been robbed of her entire life savings. south brunswick police say two men, knocked on the 90-year-old victim's door. they told the woman they were construction workers and needed to remove the trees in her backyard. the victim went inside to get $500. they said it would cost that
12:34 pm
they say that is when one suspect distracted her and the other took more than $10,000 in cash from her. city's notorious rikers island hanging in the balance as it is the focus of a town hall meeting tonight. some lawmakers have discussed closing the city's primary jail. it has been a target of a number of investigations. in 2014, the manhattan u.s. attorney's office cited them for the use of excessive force against inmates. we want to turn to bill evans for a nice monday forecast forecast. >> very nice. we have sunshine. hardly any clouds. forty-seven, 48 degrees. forty-eight down the shore. these numbers are warmer than we had a calm wind. looking at some really the next several hours, temperatures in the upper 40s. maybe some spots hitting 50. looking at what is going to be a lot of sunshine after school. so the kids can be outside. and enjoy 49 degrees.
12:35 pm
we will talk about some rain, sleet and snow. coming up in the accuweather forecast in a moment. don't go away. now to a nightmare hoax that has a lot of parents paying attention. a mom from connecticut is speaking out after a photo announcing her baby's birth was stolen and plastered online with a fake story leading to brutal harassment. abc's linzi has the story. >> a photo capturing the joy the day your first child is born, a moment you will share forever. but that very same photograph, creating a living nightmare for this mother. >> it is something that i just don't believe at times that it happen. >> the photograph, originally posted with an article on the milford mirror in january, 2015, about her son being the first baby born in the new year at the milford hospital in connecticut. the same photograph resurfacing wednesday with a very different story. >> had led raining "detroit
12:36 pm
child from 14 different fathers" the story going viral when bennett was tagged on facebook by a former co-worker. >> i thought it was a joke to be honest. the article tying bennett and her family's image to the fabricated story of a woman named anita sullivan -- as the day went on and the story spread, it began to take an emotional toll on bennett. >> i started getting more and more notifications on my facebook. people are really starting to make, -- make comments. comments that hurt me a lot. that is when i started to break down. i was receiving comments from 30,000 people. >> according to experts, all photos posted on public sites are at risk. how can you protect yourself? experts say to mark your pages as private. or watermark your photos. >> if it wasn't watermarked or copyright -- anyone can
12:37 pm
unfortunately, the law has not caught up with technology. erin andrews in court. why the former espn reporter is suing marriott hotels for millions of dollars. the battle between the fbi and apple.
12:38 pm
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former espn reporter erin andrews is in court today
12:40 pm
lawsuit. the lawsuit was filed against marriott hotels. erin andrews claims the hotel and others allowed her soccer, to book rooms -- to allow her stauker to book a room next to her and filmed her three people. jury selection begins in nashville this mine. fans and family saying goodbye to tv star angela raiola, better known as "big ang". she was the star of 'mob wives'. she died last week at the age of 55 after a battle with cancer. funeral services were held in brooklyn. the fbi again, talking about the ongoing battle of security versus privacy. the director says, apple needs to help them open the phone of the san bernardino shooter. they say the fbi does not want to break anyone's encryption or
12:41 pm
but a former justice official says unlocking the phone could put the privacy and security of apple customers at risk. >> this is a pandora's box. we cannot surrender our civil liberties and give the terrorist victory. >> some of the victims of the attack plan to support the fbi. the attorneys say they will likely file a legal brief with the court for people in support of the apple company. there will be people rallying in more than 30 cities. a car fire so intense it destroyed everything in sight -- inside of it -- everything but a vital. a car burst into flames after pole. momentarily but was carried to safety by good samaritans. they tell us -- there it is. his bible made it out in tax. you want over something like that. >> amazing. the countdown to oscars sunday.
12:42 pm
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pop star taylor swift lending a helping hand to a fellow pop star in need. she donated $250,000 to kesha -- in a show of support for legal battles. kesha is suing to dissolve her contract with a record producer who she say -- who she says sexually assaulted her. last week, a court denied her request. but a final judgment has not been made. six days and counting on talks -- oscar sunday. we want to take a closer look at the nominees, specifically the men up for best actor. nearly all have won an oscar or
12:46 pm
>> many eyes are on leonardo dicaprio. wondering whether the five-time acting nominee will finally, finally take home the little gold guy. they are hollywood's leading men. competing for oscar gold. this year's best actor nominees include bryan cranston, matt damon, leonardo dicaprio, and two others. >> i am a lucky man. >> matt damon, starring in "the martian" is also an oscar winner taking home 1998's best original screenplay, alongside his friend, ben affleck. >> everybody back in boston watching us tonight -- this is great. >> i will smell the roses. >> >> misses the second
12:47 pm
playing the role as -- this is the second nomination for fassbender playing the role as steve jobs. >> i'm really happy about it. but this year's favorite is leonardo dicaprio in the drama "the revenant". >> it is very rewarding. >> leo is one of those stars that seems to be nominated every year and has never won. >> that is leonardo dicaprio in 1994 nominated for "what's eating gilbert grape". >> and then "blood diamond" and "the wolf of wall street" -- but no win. >> that will end this year. this is his year. >> i think it is. leonardo dicaprio has won five major awards already including a golden globe, and the screen actors guild. on saturday, join me for an oscar preview show. the road to gulf -- to the road tube gold has stars like
12:48 pm
then tune in to see the winners on oscar sunday. all right here on channel 7. i have to tell you, that it is time for leonardo the copper ale -- for leonardo dicaprio. >> do you see this problem -- if he does not win -- it is going to be ugly. but you know what, he is going to win. >> everybody has said he has won an academy award already for his reaction of acting cool about not winning. i'm sure he will be fine. whatever happens -- i think he deserves it. i was on a boat this past weekend. with the same kind of waves like on "the wolf of wall street" -- he goes in and says, a little chop!
12:49 pm
looking at the afternoon, we will see a little bit of chopped across central park. hardly anything at all. looking at the pictures. very little wind. the wind is calm. it is a quiet day. looking from the camera here at times square -- looking southward -- just some high clouds. way down to the south. those will be coming up -- and that will be about it as far as clouds go. for folks on the upper west side. we have coats and jackets. it is a great day. a lot of folks out here at lunch time. the temperature at 47 degrees. the humidity is dry. the wind is calm. yesterday's high was 55. saturday, 61. normal is 43 and 30. we will be about that today. tomorrow, until we get to the weekend as well -- 46 around belmar. warmer than normal. average high, around 43. we have clear skies. and a little bit of clouds to the south. the system to the south --
12:50 pm
ice. that starting around 3:00 tomorrow. the second system down here -- this is the futurecast -- looking to the west -- that will bring us a big batch of rain as the slow cuts through a batch of rain wednesday afternoon. sunny and cool this afternoon. forty-nine with clear skies. tonight, a few clouds. partly cloudy. and 35. tomorrow, cloudy and chilly. we have 42. late in the day -- right after school, getting the slow count --, -- the snow, sleet mac -- sleet and rain. a rainy day wednesday. by afternoon, the big batch of rain comes up. rainy and windy in the afternoon. the temperature rises overnight. fifty is the average high. we will be looking at 49. and a shower thursday morning.
12:51 pm
look at thursday night. a big batch of cold air coming right back in. that will make it cold as we go to the end of the week. really, saturday will be the coldest day -- going into the weekend. so you can catch up on all of those leonardo dicaprio movies. "titanic" -- >> he has a couple. >> he has a lot to watch. a navy veteran things that veteran thinks that art therapy he shares with fellow veterans and san francisco may offer the same benefits for young syrian refugees in turkey. he says his art project in istanbul is brightening the lives of children who have lost their homes and in some cases, their parents, because of the syrian civil war. >> i wanted to bring this artwork to syrian children. i asked all the children if they had a balloon -- and they went to release it from their hand -- and the balloon traveled all over the world, what would be the message they would put on that balloon so at -- so
12:52 pm
>> he has been training some of the refugees to take over the art program for him. and this is such a healing thing. >> amazing what he is doing. we will be right back. first, here is a look at what is coming up next. >> today we are celebrating our favorites. carla is kicking off the challenge with an easy meatloaf.
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12:56 pm
coming up. >> do you like my new >> it suggests that something is coming up. >> very good. time for the feed. the stories on social media and now getting share. this is a good one. celebration of black history month. 106 years in the making. >> how are you? >> let me introduce you to virginia mclaurin. her dream came true when she experienced as something she never imagined she would do. she went to the white house. she that the president. she cannot help but dance. she still cannot believe that america elected a black president. and the president and the first lady were equally charmed by her visit. they were all dancing and
12:57 pm
the clip instantly went viral. not 27 million views on facebook. >> i'm sure she never thought in her lifetime that she would actually meet the first couple. look at that. >> i love that story. another one you will love. a social media post is single- handedly restoring everyone's faith in true love, thanks to this picture. first to share on facebook, it shows an elderly couple at the makeup aisle, a man helping his beloved wife select the foundation that would go best with her skin tone. a short post describes how the wife was having a girl moment
12:58 pm
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if you think some dishes deserve a standing ovation, then join us because we're about to induct our favorites into "the chew's" hall of fame. it's "chewer challenge week," and today i'm being put to the test. clinton is joined by one of our favorite viewers to create a fame-worthy cheesy creation. plus, michael's in the kitchen anthony anderson and they're stirring things up with a hearty soup that'll keep you warm all winter long. now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome to "the chew."


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