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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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on facebook and via textbooks that read, quote, she'll feel it soon and you'll all regret what you did. pay for security. and another message, somebody's going to die. thankfully no blood was shed. the actress is fine. joaquina kalukango posted this tweet before opening day, that purple is love. >> it just kind of goes to show too it could really happen to anyone. and i'm glad nothing happened to her and that she stayed safe. >> again, the actress is safe. her 31-year-old ex-boyfriend is being charged with aggravated harassment and criminal possession of a weapon. the theater is dark tonight as it always is on mondays but the curtain will rise again tomorrow night. we're live in times square, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got breaking news
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an accident involving multiple vehicles. shannon sohn is above it all. >> what a mess this is. it all happened about 3:30 this afternoon. we're looking down at the toll plaza at 14 c. you can see that one car there right out of the toll plaza on the westbound side of the roadway. if you look behind it, you can see the skid marks where he tried to stop but you can also see the severe front end damage after he rear ended a vehicle. a fuel spill there as well. what it appears is that that vehicle that he rear ended finally ending up in the eastbound lanes where he had a head on collision with a accident here. we know that two adults and one child all taken to jersey city condition. if you travel through this area, you need to know this is going investigation. the cars coming at you from your left, that's the eastbound side of the roadway. traffic not too bad there. but if you're coming out of the holland tunnel, this is what you have in store for you.
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if you can take it to 109 it's certainly going to treat you better because this is only going to get worse. reporting live over jersey city, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. turning now to weather, it's mild today but tomorrow, get ready. snow and rain are on the way. this time tomorrow it will look quite different out there. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking the change from outside our studios on the upper west side. what can we expect and when? >> we can expect our spring preview to come to an end. it was definitely in the air the past few days, 60s and 50s over the past couple days. 24 hours or less we'll have wet snow moving in to the picture. it's still really comfortable out here. hats, gloves, scarves, and boots as well. let's look at new york harbor where the sun is going to be setting after 5:30. really pretty out there but clouds are starting to move in. 51 degrees. there's our storm in the gulf coast. moving through mississippi and alabama. rain is actually reaching up in to parts of virginia. this will make a move to the coast tomorrow morning.
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your morning commute, no problem. dry commute. then rain moving in from the south during the midday, even some wet snow over parts of northwest new jersey. things are changing during the midafternoon. precipitation getting steadier. just enough cold air, got wet snow in northern new jersey, hudson valley, connecticut, new york city and parts of western long island. it will be rain south of i-78. that will unfortunately continue in to the evening commute. mostly accumulating on wet surfaces. we're in the middle 30s. it will all taper off during the evening hours. at that point the damage is already done because we've had some snow and rainfall. that's part one. there's another storm coming in wednesday in to thursday. here's what you need to know. this mix is going to move in around midday tomorrow. evening. look for a slushy coating to an inch or two. it could get sloppy or messy in to the evening commute. then round two is heavy rain and strong winds that comes in later wednesday and that could lead to some flooding and even damaging winds as we go in to wednesday.
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maker as we go through that time period. maybe a couple inches of rainfall. we'll have more in the timing, a rainfall map for the wednesday-thursday time period. all coming up in a complicated accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. a memorial grows and an investigation is underway tonight in the death of a 16-month-old little boy. anthony delgado was with a babysitter and her boyfriend for two days in the park hill section of staten island before he died. two people police say had expensive police records. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer live for us. >> word of this tragic baby's death is spreading through this apartment complex here on staten island. as you point out at this hour police are questioning a babysitter and her boyfriend at this hour. also the neighbors who know the baby and the family here are quite shocked. >> she was a very loving mother toward her son. i can't say anything bad about
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i really can. >> 16-month-old anthony delgado seen here in an earlier picture on facebook died after being sunday night. ems first responders found the baby here at this apartment section. he was rushed to staten island university hospital where he died. eyewitness news is learning hospital doctors observed body. neighbors in the building are trying to learn what happened. >> i've seen the baby yesterday with somebody, one of the neighbors yesterday. and i never -- they never leave that baby with nobody. >> reporter: police are questioning a 31-year-old babysitter who had been caring for the child. they're also talking to her boyfriend. the baby's grandmother found the baby unconscious and unresponsive in his crib. >> they are a very good family. we just can't understand.
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and he was all running around and everything. >> the medical examiner is expected to conclude his autopsy tomorrow. reporting live in park hill, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. one of the two nypd officers shot in brooklyn over the weekend remains in the hospital tonight. the suspect, funez, is in critical condition and will face attempted murder charges. eight officers converged on his vehicle saturday morning after officers. we've learned funez has 15 prior arrests in new york city and 11 meanwhile, shocking allegations against a teacher surfacing tonight accused of abusing a student and apparently this isn't the first charge levied against him. the latest incident, a 7-year-old boy allegedly thrown across the hallway. the teacher now suspended but the boy's mom wants him arrested. shirleen allicot spoke to the mom tonight and reveals the teacher's troubled past.
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>> it is unbelievable. this is the fifth time this teacher has been accused of something like this, all of it behind me. ps194. while the department of education says they plan to fire this teacher, osmund kui, the mother of this little boy says that's not enough. >> i like math, reading, science, social studies. >> reporter: he went through a dark time here at ps194. >> he wakes up in the middle of the night. he talks in his sleep because he's scared. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: his mother chaun -- crantell -- his mother chantell had to request an emergency transfer. >> they waited a month to tell me. they didn't care what was going on with my son. they kept it from me. so i don't trust them no more
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>> reporter: the teacher has been at the school since 1993 and has a history of incidents involving children. there have been four previous record. substantiated. that's perhaps due to video surveillance that captured what he did to kayveon. >> he threw him to the floor. >> reporter: parents are disgusted. >> they like to keep a lot of things under wrapped. it's very frustrating because i'm concerned about my child. it's not going to help these other kids who have to go through what my son went through. since nobody will stand up for them and take the precautions of going through this, then i am. >> she is getting support by the national action network. she has a lawyer and they're planning to take legal action.
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happens. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. a deadly accident in central park. police say a man was killed when he was pinned underneath his work van. it happened near 24th and east drive this morning. police say the 56-year-old went out to look under his van when it suddenly rolled over on to him in a wooded area. investigators say it was a private construction company van. police are investigating the death of a man in nassau county killed while crossing the street. it happened at around noon on merrick road and valley stream. newscopter7 was overhead as investigators got to the scene. you can see a car in the middle of the road with a broken windshield. no charges have been filed against the driver at this time. a search continues for a plane crash victim. he was in a small plane that
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the other three men onboard the plane survived. they were rescued by suffolk county police and firefighters. in the race for the white house tonight, the republican candidates are gearing up for nevada's presidential caucuses. the critical caucus will be held tomorrow and the remaining gop candidates have been crisscrossing the state, stomping for last minute votes. bill de blasio speculated on trump's possible appeal. >> could he win? yes, we should take very seriously the fact that he could and i would say to anyone, we should prepare to defeat him. >> reporter: dave evans will have more with mayor de blasio about the presidential race coming up in a live report at 6:00. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are preparing for south carolina's democratic primary later this week. both candidates continue to court the critical black vote. clinton remains far ahead of sanders, heading in to south carolina's primary on saturday. the u.s. and russia have agreed on a new cease fire for
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saturday. the announcement comes after president obama and russian president vladimir putin spoke over the phone today. there were major questions about how a truce would be enforced. president bashar's groups need to accept the deal. a woman raped in her office on staten island. what the suspect said to get in the building and who police are now looking for tonight. >> also, an outpouring of support after the man injured by knockout getting punched talks to eyewitness news. hear about the efforts to help him and to reunite him with his family.
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a connecticut judge will decide whether or not to dismiss a lawsuit against gun manufacturers holding them to blame for the sandy hook massacre. the suit filed by the families of the victims. gun makers argue federal law protects gun manufacturers from facing charges over criminal use of their products but the victim's family members say the company that manufacturers the ar15 rifle should be held responsible. >> this is an instrument of war designed for the battlefield that's sold and marketed to the general public. and as we know, this is what happened in sandy hook elementary when the general public gets their hands on this kind of firepower. >> attorneys say this is the first lawsuit of its kind to claim exception to the federal law. police recovered guns from the home of the uber driver who went on a deadly shooting rampage in michigan over the weekend.
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afternoon, now charged with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. but the motive behind the shootings, that remains a mystery. abc's elizabeth hur has the new developments. >> reporter: jason dalton, a 45-year-old man with no previous criminal record is now charged with six murders. >> are you jason brian dalton? >> yes. >> reporter: the uber driver turned accused killer appeared before a judge on video. >> is there anything you wish to tell the silent. >> there was a search warrant executed at his house. recovered there. >> reporter: for the victim's families, condolences from president obama. >> you've got families who are shattered today. >> reporter: uber confirming check. what set him off? police don't know. >> shots fired. >> reporter: in all, dalton stands accused of shooting eight people at three different
5:16 pm
on saturday, killing six and injuring two. dalton reportedly picking up passengers in between the shootings. >> they're kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along, and then finally once he came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: matt melon says he called 911 after that frightening ride with dalton. the first shooting. and this man who asked that we don't identify him says he was one of dalton's customers during the rampage. >> i half heartedly joked at him and said you're not the shooter are you? and he said no. >> this afternoon dalton's family released a statement saying they are deeply sorry. according to prosecutors dalton is cooperating but he's not remorseful. this after investigators say he admitted he took people's lives. elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. bill cosby's wife has spent hours answering questions under oath today.
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massachusetts where she's giving a deposition about her husband's defamation lawsuit. that suit was brought by seven women who claimed the comedian sexually assaulted them. bill cosby's lawyer tried to delay today's deposition but last night a judge denied the motion. another rise in oil prices. the price of crude has risen 20% since february 11th. energy stocks benefiting from the increase. the dow rose 228, closing at 16,620. nasdaq added 66 points. s&p 500 climbed 27 points. up, up, up. and a change is coming. >> more snow and rain. >> open your calendar book and write down from tuesday midday to early thursday morning. that's when the weather is going to slow you down a little bit. and a lot to go through too. combination of wet snow and rain and wind. outside we go right now where it's nothing but beautiful. sunset is in about 20 minutes. it's gorgeous because of the high clouds that are starting to move in in advance of the next storm.
5:18 pm
send your sunset pictures to abc7ny. we'll time lapse the sunset, hopefully have it by early evening. 51 degrees and the air is very dry. northwest wind is gentle and 52 our high number on the day. running 9 degrees above average and sunset just before 5:40. last year on this day we actually had four inches of snow from the 21st to 22nd. then we cleared out and went to 43 degrees. speaking of mid 40s, that's where we are in cold spring and armock. with the light wind, clear sky, our numbers will drop in to the 30s. it will be just cold enough for snow and slippery spots tomorrow afternoon. it's hard to believe coming off of 60s and 50s that we're talking about snow in less than 24 hours. clouds are working in to tonight. your morning commute is just finally -- is just fine. a little bit chilly. right now skies are generally clear, just the high clouds
5:19 pm
that's going to slide to our south. with that type of track, a little cold air involved so a mix goes to rain tomorrow evening. storm number two coming outs of the rockies and out of northern mexico, west texas. that's going to our west. we're on the warm side of that one. that's about a lot of rain and a lot of wind, the worst of which is late wednesday in to early thursday. here's the way it plays out this evening. first thing i want you to notice is by early starting to see temperatures drop in to the 30s in many suburbs. then clouds will start to come in. that's the problem. the numbers are allowed to drop before this all comes in. initially we're getting rain city and south by midday. north and west of i-287, north of the merit. then as the precipitation gets steadier it probably goes to wet snow from the city north. that includes connecticut and long island and south of i-78 remaining rainfall. numbers are above freezing by a hair north and west. most roadways are wet but maybe
5:20 pm
most of the sun, colder surfaces. slushy. we drop to 35. 39 tomorrow. clouding up. snow, sleet, rain moving in by middle of the day. then tapering to rain and drizzle during the evening hours. it will be a light mix to the north and west. coming up at 5:30 let's talk about round two. will we have snow and rain tomorrow? could that sneak in by late morning? we'll address the timing. 50-mile-per-hour winds possible weekend night. could the rain be long gone by thursday morning? hopefully it will move out. more in our next half hour. coming up, the city in new york where a mayor wants to the drug. >> an 11-year-old hit by a bullet intended for someone else. tonight her family is speaking out as police search for the shooter. >> a first of its kind ban on those single serve coffee pods.
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some products made by lumber liquidators. today the cdc reported that people exposed to certain types of the company's laminate flooring were three times more likely to get cancer than previously estimated. last year the company stopped selling chinese-made laminate flooring after it was reported those floors contained high levels of the carcinogen formaldehyde. a fight over an insurance company paying up after a landscaper allegedly rammed in to a former client's car. he apparently left something very important behind. nina pineda is here now with the story. >> the clients say they didn't even know the landscaper had a beef. they recall paying him a thousand dollars two years ago then say he never showed up to finish the sprinkler job and collect the final $100. then this hit-and-run that left a rather large clue behind, but that only left part of the problem solved. >> reporter: they're enjoying a quiet saturday at home when their oldest daughter heard a
5:25 pm
>> oh, my god, a car hit a tree. >> i think i was in just shock. just shock. tree. it was a car that smashed right in to her mom's suv. >> it was driving down the street and as he was driving he threw a pipe, hit the back of the truck, smashed the glass, and then drove right in to my wife's truck. >> reporter: police say this man bashed then bolted. because of this. he left it at the scene. right behind my wife's truck. >> reporter: the suffolk county police report states the suspect even confessed. >> that he crashed in to parked vehicle one then took off because he knew he was at fault. >> reporter: he was charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and leaving the scene countrywide sent out an adjuster. the repair bill was close to $10,000. countrywide only offered a settlement. >> $2,665.
5:26 pm
>> i called them over 40 times. they never returned my phone calls. they never called us back. >> reporter: then they made one more phone call. >> call 7 on your side, you know? >> reporter: we contacted countrywide. >> i have a check for $10,000. once 7 got involved, one hour. the phones wouldn't stop ringing with apologies, excuses and a settlement. one hour. >> reporter: the repair shop got paid. >> we're thankful for channel 7. >> reporter: and mom finally got her suburban back. >> thanks, 7 on your side. >> countrywide insurance claims it sent out two additional settlement offers for additional money but the argiers say they never got anything else. their saving grace was keeping the documentation, including repair estimation. mr. crouth pleaded not guilty. he's scheduled to be in court next month. a woman raped and robbed in
5:27 pm
police tonight know who they want to find. inside the building. >> growing concerns over the rash of recent slashings. how the city plans to stop them. >> an outpouring of support for the victim of a knockout punch that the help he is now
5:28 pm
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today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. we're back and we continue to follow breaking news affecting traffic on the new jersey turnpike. a serious action involving an accident. >> two adults and one child in serious condition now at jersey city medical center following this crash that happened just outside of the 14 c toll plaza here in jersey city. top corner of your screen, that's the eastbound traffic you can see right now. they have all lanes shut down.
5:30 pm
delays building there. if you're traveling the other way out of the holland tunnel you're only down to two lanes getting through the toll plaza here. this is a bumper to bumper delay taking you back in to the holland tunnel. 1 and 9 gets you around this at least with less of a delay. reporting live over jersey city, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. so have you seen this man? a search is underway for him right now on staten island. police say maurice scott raped then robbed a woman inside an office building. >> he's often seen in the mariners harbor neighborhood and police want to get him off the streets. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman is there with the story. >> this suspect is well known, not only here in mariners harbor, but in several other staten island neighborhoods as well. he is said to be homeless. he has been arrested nine times before this reportedly for robbery and assault.
5:31 pm
accused of rape. very scary. >> reporter: a similar reaction up and down forest avenue today as word spread about a recent rape here. a 44-year-old woman working alone in a second floor office friday night was sexually assaulted and robbed. this is the man police believe is responsible. identified as 28-year-old maurice scott. and described by some as the neighborhood homeless man. in fact, several local residents at a nearby bus stop told us they recognized him from photos released by police. >> but you see him in other neighbors? >> yeah. right around forest avenue. >> i don't know his name but he looks familiar. >> reporter: at the building where the assault happened, the front door was propped open today, a frequent accordance according to others -- a
5:32 pm
occurrence according to others who work there. he forced her in to a restroom and raped her. this surveillance picture was taken at a nearby deli just before the attack. the suspect last seen wearing a green camouflage hat and jacket and black pants. he also has a distinctive five-point star on his left chic. scott had been told to stay away from the store. >> he never had money. he always made problems with me like kept asking me for credits. he always asked people outside the store for money. i told him don't come to here. >> those who call this neighborhood home say they won't feel safe until he's behind bars. >> you put your guard down. you've got to watch behind you, in front of you. >> police say the suspect also stole from the victim cash, a cell phone and jewelry. investigators say they recovered the suspect's dna. tonight they're actively
5:33 pm
we're live this evening in the mariner's harbor section of staten island, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. new york's mayor tonight saying more police will hit the streets and target areas where the city has sign an increase in random slashings. that's in response after a weekend of more slashings including one involving a police officer. the mayor says these slashings are a concern but he still insists it's not a pattern. eyewitness news reporter darla miles live in the williamsbridge section of the bronx. slashings are now up 20% this year as opposed to this time last year. the mayor and police commissioner saying this is not a pattern but more so the box cutters and knives are easily accessible and a weapon of choice. one of those weekend slashings in the bronx happened behind me. the 26-year-old woman who was injured in this incident, she actually broke her foot trying to escape. >> just pulled up, jumped out the car. we sitting there.
5:34 pm
asking us what's up. everybody looked because we don't know who it is. >> reporter: looks pretty gangster. a black car pulls up. two men jump out. one with a knife. both going after a group of people standing outside on holland avenue in the williamsbridge section of the bronx. you can even see the knife in the hand of the man in the red pants. >> we seen the guy with his hands in his pocket and we the other guy with his knife. that's when we started backing up. i was the first one on the videotape. i left. >> said she was here with her friends. she turned around and seen everybody. some people ran. she tried to run this way. they came after her. >> a 26-year-old mother of two slashed saturday around dusk. here's a closer look at the car and the two men police are looking for. >> slashings of course worry all of us but there's not a pattern here. >> reporter: add to that two more slashings in the predawn hours on estimate 123rd street
5:35 pm
on sunday a female nypd officer was slashed in the face while trying to make an arrest. here's surveillance video from a week ago. a 24-year-old man slashed during an argument in a food truck. >> in the course of this year there will be 2,000 more cops on the beat in this city. nothing is going to contribute to greater safety than that. that's the number one thing. we're adding the ability to patrol our streets even better. >> in the incident of that nypd officer who was slashed in brooklyn, the suspect has been arrested and taken in to custody. 27-year-old velez. but in those other four incidents the suspects are still at large. if you want to look at those mug shots or photographs of surveillance video, you can check those out on our website, reporting live in the williamsbridge section of the bronx, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. support is building tonight
5:36 pm
over the san bernardino gunman's iphone. a new pew research center study finds 51% of americans think apple should help hack in to the phone. 38% say apple should not. some victims of the mass shooting plan to file documents to support the fbi's request. the fbi director said today that syed farook's phone may hold critical clues in the investigation but critics say creating an override to the phone's pass code puts all apple customers at risk. >> there's no limit to what the government could require apple to do if it succeeds this way. >> ceo tim cook sent a letter to employees today thanking them for their support. he also said he will not back off his position to protect the customers. family and friends are remembering a former miss new jersey winner today who died. cara mccollum crashed her car in pittsgrove township last week.
5:37 pm
she worked said she died early this morning at a hospital in camden. she won the 2013 miss new jersey pageant and once competed for the miss america crown. she was 24 years old. friends and family and fans gathering in brooklyn for a final goodbye to reality tv show angela raiola. a funeral was held in dyker heights for the woman known as big ang. raiola, who was from staten island, starred on the reality show mob wives. she died last week at the age of 55 after a battle with cancer. fans say raiola's ability to bring peace to chaos on the show will be missed. a mayor in new york pushing for a place where people can inject illegal drugs. we'll tell you what's behind all this. plus an 11-year-old girl shot while getting out of a cab. tonight her family speaks out shooter. >> the city becomes the first
5:38 pm
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we've got new video tonight and we're getting a first look at the person police are looking for. a fatal stabbing of an 81-year-old woman. police say she was stabbed to death inside her jersey city home on february 7th. the hudson county prosecutor's office just released this surveillance video of a person of interest. the prosecutor's office is asking anyone who recognized this person or who has any information to contact them. a new york state mayor wants heroin addicts to be able to shoot up under the care of a nurse. if it passed, the proposal would make ithaca the first city in the country to offer that kind of care. the idea is if a user overdoses they can be treated immediately by medical professionals. there will be many legal and political challenges to this proposed plan. a bill to raise new jersey smoking age from 19 to 21 has advanced in the legislature once again. an assembly committee approved the legislation. governor chris christie pocket
5:42 pm
they would fine retailers $1,000 if they sell to people under the age of 21. smokers. environmentalists say those single-use coffee pods create unnecessary waste and pollution. pods. the little cups are made from a mixture of plastic and aluminum that aren't easily recyclable. keurig has vowed to create a fully recyclable version of the cup by 2020. he was the victim of a knockout punch and tonight we're going to hear the overwhelming response and offer some help after he shared his story here on eyewitness news. >> plus a scathing report on
5:43 pm
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a study looking to the diversity in hollywood finds the problems run from the top to the bottom throughout the film and television industry. the study by the university of southern california says 28% of speaking characters are non-white. 29% of speaking characters are women. and behind the scenes, 85% of directors are men and 87% are white. 71% of writers are men. >> we see a predominant pattern where the power is. that's where you find men. and on screen it's typically white men. >> researchers say hollywood does not want to risk losing money but ultimately inclusive films do well in the box office. a topic of diversity is sure to come up at the oscars this weekend. you can see how host chris rock handles it this year on channel 7.
5:47 pm
what he has to say. we've had a blue moon, we've had a blood moon. what kind of moon do we have tonight? >> we have the full snow moon. a ring around that snow moon. typically a ring around the within 24 hours. the reason is the high clouds make the ring around the moon. the high clouds are in advances of an approaching storm. meteorologist, lee. evening. [ laughter ] outside we go. we're talking about snowfall. four weeks from yesterday is spring. >> wow, here before we know it. >> and three weeks before yesterday, daylight saving time. 52 degrees. dropping to the low 50s. but it's pretty nice out there. we've been in a weather pattern as we've gone from early december, 2 inches above average in terms of rainfall. another couple of inches of rain
5:48 pm
could use a little bit of snow pack. we have clouds increasing tonight and it's comfortable in new york city, upper 30s. we'll drop close to freezing in many suburbs. you're fine through your morning commute tomorrow. have your umbrella and heavier coat tomorrow and the scarf, gloves, hat. maybe even the rain boots as we go through the afternoon. could be a little slipperier. there are the high clouds moving in. there's the storm system, already throwing raindrops through virginia but with the dry air in place we should hold off till late morning or did day tomorrow. notice what happens to temperatures during the evening hours. we drop below freezing north of i-84. 41 in central park. clouds thicken overnight. fine for the morning commute but by midday rain is moving in. i think by midafternoon as the precipitation gets steadier we've got heavy bands of wet snow that will be around the area. yes, we'll be snowing in the mid and upper 30s. but as the numbers drop during
5:49 pm
north and west of i-287 we could get a little slush on the roads. could make things slippery. then we're dropping in to the mid 30s tomorrow evening with all this tapering to rain and drizzle and a light mix well to the north. look for a coating to a slushy inch or two mainly on nonpaved surfaces as we go through tomorrow evening and a few slippery spots north and west. looking at the 7-day accuweather forecast, you've got your messy day tomorrow. a lull wednesday through late afternoon. there's rounds of rain but not all that bad. steadiest heaviest rain at night. 50-mile-per-hour, maybe some damaging winds. by thursday the rain has really departed. there can be a lingering shower around but i think we're in the mid 50s. there's a possibility that from now till thursday morning we get 1 to 3 inches of rain across the area. there could be a lot of standing water for the thursday morning commute and rough travel wednesday night in to thursday. friday things calm down.
5:50 pm
looking at new information, i'll probably bump up those forecast highs for the weekend well in to the 40s. won't be the 60s of this past weekend but much more comfortable. it's a rough midweek and then things will be quieter. >> i feel like we're coasting in to spring. an incredible outpouring from the community tonight to help a man who was the victim of a knockout punch. caesar nejeh, -- nejerho now lives in fear. eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth has more. >> 37-year-old cesar dental work. he showed me how the violent punch made him miss work for a week and gave him awful headaches. >> you have a lot of pain in your head. >> reporter: the good news is a
5:51 pm
eyewitness news and five different dentists reached out and said they'd love to help him with his thousands of dollars of dental work for free. dr. schwartz is a dentist who practices in nutly, new jersey. >> i'm happy to help him out. this is someone who works very hard, contributes to society. he's very far from his family. >> reporter: mr. najara issues no ill will. it was all for, quote, fun but laughing. neither is the guatemalan quaunslet. they're both trying to help him with a visa not only for his wife and five children who still live in guatemala. >> of course, it's definitely important. this is the first thing. to feel safe, to work for his family in guatemala it's what he wants. >> reporter: dentists guess given the loose teeth and damaged dentures it will take at least four visits to fix the problem.
5:52 pm
try to help with transportation. >> what was your reaction when you saw on television what happened? >> i was shocked just like everybody else. i couldn't really trend that type of viciousness. >> reporter: outpouring of compassion. in patterson, new jersey, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> so glad that doctor stepped forward to help out. a young girl shot by a bullet meant for someone else. >> tonight her family speaks out about the terrifying ordeal as police look for the gunman. >> some surprising and candid comments from mayor de blasio about the possibility of donald trump not only winning the republican presidential nomination but also becoming the next president. why is de blasio doing this now? and a warning from a local prosecutor about using plastic to pay for your gas at the pump.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
a young girl in orange county is recovering tonight
5:56 pm
bullet outside her home. >> she had just gotten out of a cab with her mother when the gunfire erupted. those bullets meant for someone else. but one struck the 11-year-old girl. >> eyewitness news reporter joe torres talked to her family. he's in newburg tonight for us. >> newburg police working so hard to try and track down whoever it was who opened fire on a city street friday night. that stray bullet hitting an 11-year-old girl. we're told she's going to be okay. it was her brother who today told us his sister's actions probably saved her mom from serious injury. >> reporter: the 11-year-old victim and her mother walked in to their newburg home this afternoon anxious to put the shooting behind them. they opened the same front door that bears the hole of a bullet that grazed the young victim's hip. >> for me it makes me angry but for my mom it's very terrifying. >> for your sister? >> honestly she was acting like
5:57 pm
>> reporter: police and the victim's brother told us his mom and sister were exiting a cab after a trip to the grocery store and that's when the gunfire started. in the rush to get safely inside, mom went down. but her daughter came to the rescue. >> my mom had fell and my sister was in the house. my sister came back out. then my mom, when she got up the stairs, she grabbed my sister and tried to push her to the door. that's when she got hit. >> i was in the house watching tv with me and my girlfriend. it was like about 10 or 11 shots. it was ridiculous. >> reporter: police tonight are still looking for who fired the shots up the street, shots that pierced the front windshield of this minivan before shattering the rear window. across the street from the victim's house, we also saw this sedan with a bullet hole in the rear bumper. >> it's messed up. you can't walk through your own neighborhood without getting
5:58 pm
house, that's messed up. really. >> newburg police tonight anxious to hear from anyone who might have information that will help their investigation. meantime, congressman sean patrick maloney, his district office is only blocks away from where the shooting took place. he like so many others calling for an end to the gun violence. joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. a lot of us use plastic to pay for gas at the pump. >> now a warning. there's one type of card you should not be using. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. we have to assume he has a
5:59 pm
>> new at 6:00, candid and perhaps startling comments tonight from mayor de blasio about donald trump's chances of winning the white house. >> an all day search from a missing passenger from a plane that crash landed in the long island sound. three others were rescued over the weekend. but where is that missing man? >> good evening to you at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. more on those stories in a moment. we begin with a developing story, a tragic story. the death of a 16-month-old boy. how did this happen and who's responsible? >> investigators say the child died while in the care of a babysitter. right now that sitter and her boyfriend are being questioned by police. >> the child died in the park hill section of staten island. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is there tonight with our lead story. >> the residents and the neighbors who live here also know this young boy and his family can't understand what's happened. >> we can't understand. i've seen the baby just the other day. and he was all running around and everything. >> 16-month-old anthony delgado seen here in an earlier picture
6:00 pm
found in cardiac arrest late sunday night. ems first responders found the baby here at this apartment building on stuban street in the park hill section. he was rushed to staten island university hospital where he died. eyewitness news is learning hospital doctors observed possible signs of trauma on the body. neighbors in the building are still trying to learn what happened. >> i've seen the baby yesterday with somebody, one of the neighbors yesterday and i never usually -- they never leave that baby with nobody. >> reporter: police are now questioning a 31-year-old babysitter who had been carrying for the child. boyfriend. the baby's grandmother, eyewitness news is learning, found the baby unconscious and unresponsive in his crib. >> very unfortunate to hear of. >> they're expected to finish the autopsy tomorrow. reporting live in park hill, tim news. this just in.


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