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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EST

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have a great tuesday. . now, eyewitness news this morning. breaking at 4:30, firefighters battle big apartment fire. we're live with details with injuries. grief on heartbreak on staten island after a 1-year- old child dies, we are live as police question the child's babysitter and boyfriend. don't forget your umbrella! you don't need it right now, we are tracking wet weather headed our way on this accuweather alert day. good morning i'm lori stokes. i'm ken. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. good morning everybody, we
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the reason being, we have messy, sloppy weather on the way for today. 63 degrees to start your day, 23, and hannover, 32. montclair, these numbers are warm for the over night hours. 36 around the park, 37 belmar, tom's river. 36 long island, 30 in the city, 20 to the north and west. winter weather advisory until 6 a.m. tomorrow for morris, sussex, warren county. that's because of this, this rain, this all that slippery stuff headed your way, a little ice, west virginia, maryland. that's going to be coming our way today gets here about midday, it will be a mixture of rain and snow and very heavy wet snow for the afternoon, that could create a couple of inches of heavy wet snow on car tops and grassy surfaces and slippery for the afternoon and evening weather and heather every 7 minutes.
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b and the d trains there was a rail condition, the four five and six trains and new jersey transit doing okay, metro north is fine the bx40 bus is detoured because of a fire, we'll have more information that fire. george washington bridge, lincoln construction, holland construction as well. going across the bridge going out bound that lower level closed until 5 a.m. and the inbound side is closed down and then you can see how it looks as you move across the span, not a bad ride as you come into the city, but then out bound upper level underneath the apartments you are going to find two lanes closed down that should be cleared away by 5 a.m. we also have looks like just the fdr drive with construction, street cleaning rules are in effect, lori, over to you. 4:32. we'll start with breaking news in a huge fire right now in the bronx, flames tore through an apartment building on andrews avenue south.
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the morris heights section with what we know right now. this is the 1800 block of andrews avenue south still a significant fdny presence here. we got an update from the fire department a short time ago, told four injuries are involved two are minor and the other two are considered serious but not life threatening. meanwhile the focal point for the fire department has been the roof of this building here for quite some time this morning they surrounded the building with ladder hoses to make sure the flames were out and they were able to get that fire under control a short time ago. now this is how it looked earlier when we arrived with flaming shooting through the roof, it was first reported and eventually and quickly grew to four alarms. this is a 6 story building with a store front on the street level and apartments on the five floors above. many were able to get out of
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others needed the help. the fire department which you can imagine how frightening it was to be woken up in the middle of the night. >> my grandma woke me up. it was like, fire, fire, fire! >> i thought it was like a dream, i saw mom moving around and screaming then it hit me. now because of the size of the building, the fire department wanted to make sure they had enough manpower here on hand to get the upper hand on the fire and they have done that placing again the fear under control a short time but they are still in the process of putting out hot spots and going through the building so again, 4 injuries two considered serious not life threatening some are in the process of standing down which is another indication that this fire is under control but in terms of what sparked its blaze that remains under investigation.
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morrisheights section of the bronx, channel 7. 4:35. we learned over night that police do have a suspect in custody for the rape and robbery of a woman on staten island, identifying him at maury scott, police say he attacked a woman in her office last friday night. detectives say scott stole the woman's cash jewelry and cell phone. and after the death of a one-year-old child, that boy in the care of a babysitter and boyfriend when he died police are questioning that couple. our eyewitness news reporter is live in the park hills section with the latest, mallory. >> reporter: investigators are working around the clock trying this child's death. if you take a look here you can see a growing memorial outside of the apartment complex on
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lived the grandmother made the discovery inside the home, 16 month old anthony died at the hospital police are questioning his 31-year-old babysitter and 53-year-old boyfriend both long arrest records, the babysitter has nine prior arrests, 53-year- old boyfriend, 25 prior arrests. neighbors who attended a vigil outside of the home said the death left his mother, as you can imagine, shattered. >> he meant everything to her. kayden meant everything to martha. her life revolved around that baby. eyewitness news learned there are possible signs of trauma on the body of the 16 month old, we're told an autopsy will likely be performed today. live on staten island, channel 7 eyewitness news. mallory, thank you. the families of firefighters killed or hurt in
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as the black sunday tragedy, have been awardedded $183 million in the largest verdicts ever against the city, a jury held new york city and a landlord in the bronx liable for the death of three firefighters and injures to three more back in january of 2005. all were forced to jump from a burning fifth floor apartment, primarily because that fire escape was blocked by subdivided apartments as a result of the suit. the fdny gave all firefighter personal safety ropes to escape building fires. 4:37. your defending national champions will be in the lgbt, set to take place the 13th. a portion of the sales will go to the lgbt network and safe schools initiative to stop
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first to sponsor a pride event. 4:38 here is with your accuweather forecast. we have cloudy skies, we have a good visibility and there is a moon out there with a big 'ol haze around it, which means going to be some precipitation in here later on today. we have cloudy skies over the area, now i'm talking about central sections of northern jersey, southern jersey, long island, the precipitation we're talking about is now around the d.c. area in the form of rain, chesapeake bay, we'll be getting that coming in today. the next batch comes in tomorrow. this is this storm down in texas that will cut down to the great lakes, that will bring us heavy rain tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. it is cloudier, chillier than yesterday, we'll be seeing that. you need to dress warmer. you need the gear to keep you
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there will be rain , mixed with wet snow, change over to rain tomorrow afternoon we'll talk about that too. a big slop fest is on the way. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes, heather is the best around! what's going on! this is the fdr drive, doing pretty well i guess you could kind of call this the best around, this is actually some construction on the fdr drive. let's go to our maps, fdr from the 100's to the 90's and the 70s to the 60s. the four, five and six trains, no service between 42nd and eudika avenue. the george washington inbound, lower level closed until 5 a.m., as we take a look at this camera and take a look at the george washington bridge traffic is doing just fine as you come across the upper level but the lower level, no traffic there just yet. if you are going outbound at the george washington bridge,
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lanes closed down you may lanes closed down you may backup as you are going outbound. but the inbound side is minor. bx40 buses being diverted because of that fire, street cleaning rules are in effect. still ahead this morning a community comes together to remember the victims killed in a random shooting rampage, we have details on the uber drive accused of the horrific crimes. two teens running from car to car bashing in windows causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, all caught on camera. a mess on the missouri highway after an 18 wheeler
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. mourners turned out the remember the victims of the latest gun massacre, people gathered in a park in kalamazoo michigan to remember the six people gunned down on saturday. the accused killer jason dalton an uber drive was denied bond. a prosecutor admitted to the attack, investigators believe they choose the victim at random. the search continues for three masked gunman who terrorized a man and woman. take a look from an apartment. the tri yo trio then, left without taking anything. police say the attack was not random. we believe this particular person was selected. the parking lot apartment is known to us but
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are very curious about it. the suspects ran off after the second victim began to scream, the man is recovering after receiving stitches. in missouri, two people remain in the hospital after a charter bus accident blamed on a stick of gum. a total of 10 people were injured when a big rig truck hit a charter bus. the driver told put the gum in his mouth and started to choke on it. he reached forsome water and that's when he hit the bus. 4:44. bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. it is going to need a day where you need your rain gear to keep your warm or dry. we have cloudy skies across midtown here, this 59th street, fifth avenue at the corner where it meets as the plaza hotel. temperatures are 36 degrees,
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skies kind of a dry to moderate humidity, east wind at 12, that will keep kind of pushing in damp moisture from off the atlantic and in. we're looking at barometer falling yesterday, 52, normal. we're going to be warm, that's why it is going to be a slop fest today with this rain and snow mix coming your way. mix moves in around midday lasts into the evening a slushy coating from the city northward, mostly wet roads, might get slushy in the northern suburbs rain is going to be heavy from late wednesday into early thursday, flooding and very windy weather damaging winds will be possible. 35 north port, across 34, 38 around east hampton. around these numbers are warm, for over night hours and here is that east-northeast wind coming in here and down to the south, is the storm itself so you get this easterly wind
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coming out from the south which keeps us cloudy. winter weather advisory, sussex, warren, duchess county, looks like west chester, rockland and fair field county as well. advisory means like a couple of inches of heavy wet snow. the moisture, the rain is to our south here around delaware to cape may. this creeps on northward today and that's the first system. that it creeps into the cold air so we get some of this wet snow the second system is down here in texas, nasty thunderstorms, tornados all kinds of problems in south texas, then you'll see this system creeping on into the ohio valleyly and into the great lakes. that will bring us a batch of rain tomorrow. your future cast shows warm temperatures, not going to be a whole lot of snow, going to be
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get to midday, 11:00, that will be i-287 and i-95 and connecticuit that will mean the line of the cold air and the rain. you see that last through the afternoon but look at the warm temperatures. even 40 this afternoon, the park, so this will be a mix i don't think it sticks to roadways car tops grassy surfaces, it will be northern jersey and connecticuit here, later tonight everybody is all over to the rain. we're looking at a cloudier, chillier day, snow, sleet and rain changing to all rain in the city. the snow and sleet hangs on to the north, everybody goes over to all rain, the temperatures will be rising over night to 50 tomorrow. tomorrow is windy and milder. but rain at times in the morning goes heavy tomorrow even tomorrow night and that's when we could get some flooding, the winds really pick up and we could have tree limbs and power lines down, that kind of thing tomorrow evening tomorrow night. we warm up nicely on thursday. we've got some nice sunny
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it will be a little colder but it will dry out. today would have been my dad's 91st birthday. this is one of his ties. >> we miss your dad. >> he is always in our thoughts and prayers. he is always with absolutely. saying to me, i wore it better. he was the best dressed man around. let's check in on the morning commute with heather. that's a lovely tribute. let's go here to a mass transit. we have new jersey transit, the bx40 buses being detoured because of a fire, el we'll have more information. four, five and six trains, no service between 46 and eudika avenue and we have a traffic hold until 5:00 a.m. street cleaning rules are in effect.
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dramatic scene played out on broadway. the exboyfriend of an actress is waking up behind bars accused of making death threats jakana plays the color purple, 28-year-old christopher was arrested over the weekend saying he had a knife in his pocket also posted messages, quote, somebody is going to die. >> time is 4:49 out of that plane crash on long island, recovery efforts to find the body of a 23-year-old passenger from queens will resume this morning. search crews are still looking for a recent college graduate from elmherst he was one who crashed, the three others did survive. a connecticuit man who was killed by police after trying to attack his own family is beingdefendby his wife.
4:50 am
his drive way by fair field. ms. andrews released a statement describing her husband as beloved and an adored father. this next story is one with you keep asking yourself, what the heck were they thinking? check out this video from just outside chattanooga tennessee. those are teenagers taking a bat to cars in an auto dealership. police say when they were done they caused an estimated quarter million dollars in damage. the owner of the lot got there just minutes after the teens left. >> it is destroyed, totaled you can look at it the sunroof busted out of it, poured all over the car. >> six dozen cars were vandalized it lasts 75 minnesotas the teens were arrested charges as adulted, for what? what were think thinking? >> they weren't. it is 4:50 coming up on eyewitness news this morning,
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fewer teens are getting infected with a cancer-causing virus, find out why, next. new details on the local father charged with strangling
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. want to drive around with morgan freeman in your car? there's an app for that, the voice is now an option on the waze, featured in character with his roll as the vice president in the new film, london has fallen, phrases include the world awaits your command, as you get set to turn, and the american people are counting on you to drive. he is so cool! i love his voice, and shawshank redemption. >> that's my favorite film of all time. >> man. let's check in, you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. he is playing god. >> yes! >> and nelson mandela. >> i just want you to know, god is from mississippi just to let you know.
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for those of you wondering where god is from, northern passic county, sussex, warren, you have a winter weather advisory posted around duchess, orange, putnam, northern fair field, we're looking at a coating or less from the city south then a coating to a couple inches on grassy surfaces and car tops all down to our south creeping northward gets here around lunchtime that day. heather is looking at the mass transit this morning. new jersey transit long island railroad, metro north is okay, buses you have the bx40 bus on the fire going on in the bronx. we have george washington bridge with lower level construction clearing the lincoln and holland, the inbound lower level is reopening as we take a look at the george washington bridge traffic is doing just fine with
4:56 am
the upper level at this point until they open up that lower, looks like they have some cars going by, so street cleaning rules are in effect for today, lori, over to you. all right heather thank you. the vaccine to fight the humanpapilloma virus is proving its worse, they blame the virus for two-thirds of cervical cancer cases in the u.s., but in just six years the cdc saw the rate of infection among teenage girls drop from 11.5% to just over 4%. for women in their early 20s the vaccine cut the rate of infection from over 18% to 12%. 4:56. fixing the toxic water system in flint michigan could be a bigger job than expected the water is so toxic it may have forced some led to leak out of its led pipes, researchers say the city has more than 8,000 led pipes in the system that makes this a big job with the
4:57 am
the mayor has no choice, going to have to dig up and replace all those pipes. i am renewing my request for the state legislature to move quickly on governor snyder's recommendation for 25 million to be allocated for led service lines and for the state to move forward with additional funds to allow us to complete this important process. >> the mayor says it is always a problem with the pipe removal plan, get this governor rick snyder signed a half million dollars project, the problem is he picked one of the companies that switched the city over to using the water from the flint river. that's the switch that led to the contamination crisis that led to this whole problem to begin with. it is 4:57, we are closing in at 5:00 following breaking news in the bronx, 4 people are
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. this is new york's news. now eyewitness news this morning. breaking news at 5 a.m. a rude awakening after a fast moving fire rips through apartments we are live with reaction from people who escape tornado flames. developing story right now a possible hate time on the hunt for vicious attackers, with scolding hot water. this is a look at the acutrack radar more into the region. this is tuesday, february 23rd, you are never
5:01 am
weather and traffic this is bill evans with the accuweather forecast. you get your acutrack app, you can see the radar outside 36 degrees, cloudy skies, get that you'll know where the rain and snow is for later on today, get that at the app store, you'll have that today, keep you updated when all of this is happening. 37 long branch, tom's river, sailorville, 36, bridge port, 36. numbers are warm, winter weather advisory in effect until 9 a.m. tomorrow up the hudson river valley. that's where this heavy wet snow that is possible, going to be this batch right here creeping up from the south gets here until midday afternoon, makes for a mess later on maybe a couple inches around grassy surfaces car tops could slip
5:02 am
heather is over there in the traffic center looking at the subways what's going on with the 4, 5, and 6. we have had work but everything is taken care of everything is complete and four, five, and six training are running without major problems new jersey transit, we have the big fire that clark is on the scene, the bx40 is being diverted around that fire. minor delays lincoln and holland all look just fine the lower level of the george washington bridge we saw that reopen a couple minutes ago as we take a look at the span traffic is doing just fine out bound sign no major problems we have our street cleaning rules in effect. lori, over to you. 5:02. several people have been hurt in a fire that tore through a bronx apartment building early this morning, our eyewitness news reporter is live with more reaction.
5:03 am
this is the 1800 block of andrews avenue in the section of the bronx, the fireplaced under control more than an hour ago, we see another update from the fire department telling us that 5 people were injuredded including a firefighter who suffered a leg injury but all of those injuries are not considered serious. this was a fire that consumed the roof and the top floor of the building the fireplaced under control about an hour ago, firefighters are still inside the building making sure those hot spots are extinguished. take a look how the fire looked with flames shooting through the roof here that fire was first reported at around 2:15 quickly grew to four alarms this is a six story building with a street level and then apartments on the above floors. many of the people who live here were able to get out on their own while the fire department escorted others out of the building. we talked to one man, his family lives on the fifth
5:04 am
in the path of the flames he is concerned his family may have lost everything in the fire. >> there was smoke in my house, in my apartments woke me up. we all got out of there as soon as possible. started to get cloudy and as he went down the stairs, he was like looking for my little sister, she ended up being downstairs. >> honestly, it was a hectic time as anybody would expect. >> just a hectic and chaotic moment for many people who were sleeping and woken up and told to get out of the building right away because there was a large fire. now because of the size of the building the fire department wanted to make sure they had enough manpower to get the upper hand on the fire and they did that after 4:00 this morning when they place the fire under control.
5:05 am
morris heights section of the bronx, with a very large fdny response. they've been able to get the fire under control not without five people suffering from minor injuries. channel 7 eyewitness news. we have a developing story in the bronx with a man is recovering after a vicious beating that left him bloody andburns after scolding water on his face he was attacked by three men on grand avenue sunday night. the assault is being investigated as a hate crime. the three men reportedly yelled racial slurs before pouring the hot water onto his face. if you know anything about the attackers, you are asked to call police. lawyers tried to win a new trial for a man who killed a connecticuit woman and two daughters there is a hearing in new haven for joshua, the defense attorneys want to
5:06 am
phone calls initially to have believed to be destroyed, they cast down on the officer's testimony and he and his co- defendant are appealing the life sentence in the 2007 triple murder. in the bronx, a father is charged with killing his pregnant daughter is due in court this morning william karuth faces murder and manslaughter charges. she was found strangled and partially buried in the basement of the home they share. today is caucus day for republican presidential hopefuls in nevada front runner donald trump has two big wins under his belt hoping for a third one week before super tuesday. and it is a town hall for the primary. kenneth joins us live from washington with the break down.
5:07 am
odds of winning nevada are good but the gop endorsements are pouring in for his rival, marco rube you. it is caucus time in nevada. we are going to make america great again, and we'll keep winning winning winning. donald trump rallied his biggest crowd yet in las vegas, banking on a hot streak that will carry him through super tuesday in the nomination as he continue attacking his rival. this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. ted cruz fired his communications director that marco rubio -- leading in nevada by 26 points, his rise has the republican establishment rallying around rubio. >> donald has a base of support
5:08 am
him as nominees. bernie sanders again hit hillary clinton on her wall street connection. we don't represent corporate america, we don't want their money. >> speaking of money, clinton spent the day fund raising l.a. she was in the middle of scandal, the set, with tony goldwin who plays the hit on the show. she has a lead in sanders in south carolina the vote in the state actor morgan freeman's voice is being used on a clinton tv add, sanders answered with speak lee who will be featured in radio spots today. channel 7 eyewitness news. kenneth, thank you. you are never more than 7 minutes away. we have cloudy skies, looking south and we are looking to what's going to be a really kind of calm, quiet day
5:09 am
yesterday starting out you see 36 here at 5:08. and we look at our camera on the george washington bridge, heather is going to talk about that 369 degrees and cloudy skies. we have rain across the del mar peninsula. i just checked to see if were awake. nobody caught that. we are going to be looking at cloudy skies, 36 degrees by 8:00 and by10:00, 37. the snow and ice goes midday into the afternoon, heavy wet snow, not likely to really coat roadways in the city but maybe north and west as it goes into tonight you can have those travel issues we're looking at a couple inches of heavy wet snow. at the bus stop kiddos dress warmly.
5:10 am
but then we'll be looking at the wet snow and rain mix for after school rain to the south. talk about that in just a moment. she was endorsed by denny hanland that was a nice endorsement. >> do you see this behind me? this is 59th street bridge here is the elevated tracks of the 7 and the qtrains as we go to our maps i can tell you the subways on or close to schedule. no major problems as far as the subways go, energy transit the bx40 bus, and street cleaning rules are in effect. still ahead on eyewitness news the battle between apple and the fbi to hack into a locked iphone heats up with dozens of protests as a new poll reveals where the majority
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a show of solidarity by head coaches following a (mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music. (security guard) she has a gift. (receptionist) i'll bust out some sample beats for you. (mailman) why don't you try a new york lottery scratch-off game instead? it's fun. (receptionist) i'm incredible at this. (avo) take a break from the expected.
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. the teenager injured in a site scene helicopter crash caught on camera in hawaii has died. two of the boy's family members are still recovering in the hospital. the canadian family was vacationing in hawaii. the cause of the crash is still being investigated. 5:13. bill cosby's wife agreed to a second day of questions in a deposition for a lawsuit filed by 7 of the accusers. camille cosby and her lawyers spent seven hours in a hotel with lawyers for the women suing her husband for defamation.
5:14 am
the deposition, a lawyer for the accusers says cosby was reserved and did not really want to be there. happening today, there is a show of solidarity on the campus on the university of tennessee, the head coaches at the schools are holding a news conference there is world they'll be responding to a title 9 lawsuit against the university. both male and female coaches are expected to attend the suit filed earlier this month claims that the university creates a hostile environment for women. 5:14. bill evans joining us with a forecast. and we have kind of calm down the east river, looking good here. chrysler building all the way up to 432 park, and roseville towards the east side, temperatures 36, east wind at 12, pressure falling, falling pressure means the storm is
5:15 am
that's picked up a lot in just an hour here with the crowds across the area yesterday's high was 52 degrees, normal 43. 38 yesterday morning, 36 to start the day today, so we're below normal with that temperature. 34 around yonkers, kinston and 36 coastal connecticuit and long island. looking at a winter weather advisory, rockland, sussex and warren county. rain is to the south as it gets into the colder air and higher elevation, that's when it will change to heavy wet snow. this is the next storm that comes in for tomorrow morning and tomorrow night there will be a windy strong storm
5:16 am
lake texas south of austin on down there and this will continue to move right on into the great lakes we'll be on the eastern side with heavy rain but that's tomorrow. today we're dealing with this rain and wet snow mixed here at lunchtime. so that will be from the city northward and northern new jersey up above i-80, 287 here in connecticuit. you notice the temperatures are warm, 38, 40. 39 at the wet storm and the snow is going to be heavy and wet we'll be looking at the temperatures still hanging around 38, 40 tonight. eventually everybody goes over to rain tonight. tomorrow that's when that system starts coming up we'll have showers rain in the morning tomorrow afternoon then watch it gets very heavy tomorrow evening tomorrow night and that's when you see the temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll have rumbles of thunder and heavy downpours creating flooding. here you go again we'll show you the future cast there goes the first system here comes the next system it will be taking up much of the country today
5:17 am
off to the north, sam champion will be talking about that in good morning america. we are looking at a coating to a little less as far as snow goes, maybe the grassy surfaces, car tops off to our north and west. just enough to slippery up the roads. we'll have rain and sleet and snow kind of mixed and thrown in there for later on. cloudy and chillier this morning, rain/snow sleet mixed around lunchtime all rain late this evening and the city still slowing sleet to the north goes to all rain everybody is in the rain tonight with temperatures rising over night to 50 tomorrow it is windy and milder, it gets heavy tomorrow and tomorrow night with flooding that will be possible your accuweather 7 day forecast sunshine returns thursday afternoon but it is very mild and going to be kind of cooler as we go into thursday and friday, saturday and starts to cool down thursday night. there you see some chilly
5:18 am
originally thought we thought it will be in the 30s, the sun will be out, 52 by monday. listen as we go over to heather with the traffic just want to mention for those of you with facebook page i'm going to be on facebook live and we'll talk more about the weather and implications of this too. you are not allowed to talk about that without me. that's what i said. that's coming to you, bill. that's what it is all about. i know nothing about that. the only thing i'm going to talk about is mass transit all doing just fine expect for the bx40 bus being detoured because of the fire going on in the bronx and drake clark will be more come up subway service on or close to schedule. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning the service on your cell phone is about to get a lot faster you think 4g is fast we'll tell you where
5:19 am
being tested right here in our area. new cancer concerns over chemical used in lami the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars.
5:20 am
america in philadelphia. slash eastern. i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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. 5. 21. welcome back, the tense stand off between fbi andapple, but supporting apple with the
5:22 am
research centers 51% of americans think apple should help the fbi hack into the phone, only 38% say apple should not. it is 5:22. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. to our south this is the rain we're talking about coming into the washington d.c. area up towards the chesapeake bay, delaware bay, headedded towards cape may. this will keep creeping northward, bridge port, around the 5 buroughs, 35 newark. this is a rain/snow mix we have a northeast wind out there. have all your rain gear keeping it with you throughout the day and into tonight we'll talk more and wind and rain that could create flooding and damaging wind. heather is looking at your commute how is it going out here. we have a problem right here as you travel northeast at the bridge that's an accident
5:23 am
you may encounter rubber necking delays, and the bx40 bus is being detoured because of that fire that clark has been telling us about we have alternate side of the rules in effect for today, over to you. still ahead on eyewitness news, information could lead to a major expansion of an air bag recall the problem is already
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. an asian stock fell over night. both closed down on wall street the dow starts up 228 points at 16,620, nasdaq and s and p started the week higher. new government safety warnings could impact millions of consumers. >> we have this morning's business headlines. good morning topping america's money, shares of lumber liquidators could be under pressure after new warnings. saying the cancer risk from certain types of laminate flooring is actually three times greater than original estimates the company believes
5:27 am
potential health risks. there may be another 70 to 90 million recalls of takata air bags, saying that would nearly quadruple the number. >> that it could explode sending shrapnel to people in the car. and being a millionaire boosts your chance audited. a significant increase from the year before also 10 times more than the average for all returns. >> i'm willing to take my chances. >> yes, we are. that's america's money, have a great day.. 5:27, verizon testing its next big advance in technology, its 5g service offering a massive speed boost as americans ask for more from their cell phones, it is one of three new jersey towns where verizon is testing this
5:28 am
times as fast as your 4g phone you use today. can you remember it went from 3g to 4g? at&t is looking on the expansion but don't expect to hold the new technology in your hand for at least four years. coming up we are live in the bronx the big apartment fire we're also learning that a firefighter is among six people injuredded. and it is an accuweather alert day, bill evans tracking rain and wet snow in the forecast, don't at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor.
5:29 am
. new york's number one news. breaking news in the bronx, 6 people have been hurt in a fast-moving apartment fire including one firefighter.
5:30 am
month old boy found dead on staten island. accuweather alert day with rain and snow arriving hours from now. good morning. thanks for starting your morning it is tuesday, february 23rd, you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. this morning we are looking at cloudy skies, it is an okay start to your day, you just need the warm coat, take your warm gear with you for the day, we are going to be looking at temperatures on the cool side, 36 and cloudy with a northeast wind at 12. 40 brookhaven, east hampton, and we are looking at a winter weather advisory for heavy wet snow this advisory through 9:00 up to the north you'll see it is mostly northern suburbs north of new jersey, fair field county, litchfield county, connecticuit. our moisture source that rain that's over washington d.c., west virginia, virginia and maryland that's coming
5:31 am
cloudy skies rain and snow mix starts around lunchtime into the afternoon changing over to rain tonight going to be very sloppy. weather and every 7 minutes when it is leak this heather says take mass transit. i do. save yourself from a terrible afternoon right? everybody stay safe and i'll learn how to speak. bqe, we have this accident, long island railroad metro north they are doing just fine the bx40 bus being diverted around the fire going on in the bronx, subway service on or close to schedule. right in front of la guardia airport, traffic is doing just fine as you travel on the grand central park way. going 100's down to the 90s into the 60s. i'm not seeing any delays on
5:32 am
have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. a firefighter among six people hurt in an early morning apartment fear. the flames reported on andrews avenue south. we are live at the scene good morning to you. this was quite a fire for firefighters to get under control, 6 people injured all of those injuries considered minor, one firefighter suffering a leg injury you can see the building here behind me on the 1800 block of andrew avenue south, fireplaced under control after 5:00, firefighters had to use seven lines to make sure they got the upper land on the fire. this is how it looked, first reported around 2:10 and grew to four alarms this is a six story building it was full of people when the fire broke out
5:33 am
ushered out of the building you can imagine how frightening that was. we spoke with the fire chief about some of the difficulties they were up against in fighting the fire. it was pretty dramatic, you had fire out the windows, we had a few units on the roof cuttingholes to let the fire escape so it didn't spread laterally. i can't explain enough how hard yeah. the firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading to another wing of the building they were successful in that endeavor and we're told the top floor of this building sustained the most significant damage but not a total loss. we talked to one man concerned about his family may have lost everything in the fire, the cause of the fire remains under investigation.
5:34 am
heights section of the bronx. channel 7 eyewitness news. we learned that the homeless man wanted for a rape and robbery, 28-year-old scott pretended to be looking for a job before he attacked a woman in her office last friday night. also say that scott then stole the woman's cash, jewelry and cell phone, charges are expected later today. it is 5:34. a family is heartbroken and a babysitter and her boyfriend are answering questions over the death of a 16 month old on staten island. our eyewitness news is live in park hill. good morning. at this hour no charges have been filed in this child's death right now investigators have been working trying to did he recall happened, you can
5:35 am
this child lived, his grandmother found him unconscious on sunday night, she made the discovery inside his family's home in park hill 16 month old anthony died at the hospital. police are questioning his 31- year-old babysitter and her 53- year-old boyfriend both have long arrest records the babysitter has 9 prior arrests her 53-year-old boyfriend has 25 prior arrests. neighbors who attended a vigil outside the home say his death has left his mother as you can imagine, shattered. he meant everything to her. he meant everything to martha, everything. her life revolved around that bay py. the child had signs what appeared to be trauma on his young body ultimately an autopsy will did determine the cause of death. thank you. it is 5:36 the families of
5:36 am
the blaze that came to be known as the black sunday tragedy have been awarded $183 million in one of the largest verdicts ever against the city. a jury held the landlord liable and injuries to three more back in january of 2005. all were forced to jump from a burning fifth floor apartment because the fire escape was blocked by subdivided apartments as a result of this suit the fdny gave the firefighters personal safety ropes to escape building fires. and recovery efforts resumeon long island after a man is missing after a weekend plane crash. the 23-year-old a recent college graduate was in the plane that went down on saturday night, three others survived the crash in the waters off of long island sound. >> high drama off the broadway
5:37 am
actress is behind bars accused of making death threats, playing in the color purple. arrested outside the theater over the weekend, police say that he had a knife in his pocket and posted threatening messages saying quote somebody is going to die. 5:37 you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic with bill evans. we take a look from our camera looking south and we just have cloudy skies that's the way our commute for the morning is going to go, going to go pretty well we'll be looking at pretty good weather we'll be looking at rain and sleet and snow mixed coming together here around 10 to 11:00. cloudy and 36 degrees right now with northeast wind at 12 miles per hour. as you are going outside going to the bus stop making the commute headed to the subway you'll see the full moon with this big haze around it that's the clouds beating precipitation is on the way to our south that's the first
5:38 am
next batch for tomorrow. two systems coming our way the second could be windy with very heavy rain and damaging winds tomorrow. we'll talk about that too. wet snow, rain mixed comes in midday afternoon changing over to rain in the city about 5 to 7:00 it will hang on longer to the north. the bus stop, it will be a chilly start to your day. 36 degrees kind of cold, dress warmly but you'll need your rain gear. raincoat, umbrella the boots, huckleberries will be here standing in the wet snow and rain. they have boots on, right? never graduate, ever, ever. i love how we are all the same height. >> that doesn't happen in my world. >> every time we have a promo shoot i'm standing on some kind
5:39 am
here is the bqe. we have these delays as we go on to the south side of the bqe in addition to the northbound side or eastbound side because of an accident on the bridge. the accident is northeast, that accident is being cleared away new jersey transit on or close to schedule and the bx40 buses are being detoured around this fire on the bronx. our street cleaning rules are in effect. new this morning we have learned about a strange theft in new jersey involving thousands of pounds of spices. >> the suspects behind a frightening home invasion caught on camera, hear from a victim who has no idea why they were targeted. this new video just into the newsroom, police say these men may be involved in a bias crime.
5:40 am
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attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today. learn more at (avo) take a break from the expected. play jackpot party or any of the new scratch-off games
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. the search continues for three masked gunman who terrorized a man and a woman in west chester county. it is our top story happened inside an apartment building on fifth avenue. take a look at the video, they pistol whipped and hit a woman police say attack was not random. we believe they were selected the apartment is not known to have any illegal activity. to us we are very curious about this. police say the suspects ran off after the second victim began screaming and recovering after receiving stitches. two men appear to have taken the spice of life a little bit too far.
5:43 am
by police in new jersey investigators were driving a stolen tractor trailer. you know what they had, $70,000 worth of spices, the rig was reported stolen last tuesday, they don't know what they were planning to do with all those spices. a little too spicy. cooking. maybe its a restaurant. >> check in with bill. >> we need a lot of salt! here is what's going on, we take a look across the east river look all the way over across roosevelt island towards la guardia airport, looking at a good visibility here, chrysler building brought to you by dodge chrysler looking right here a little bit on what's clear to partly cloudy skies temperatures this morning winds starting out around 36 degrees a little warmer than normal, should be around 30 humidity 70% picked up from
5:44 am
east and the pressure has been falling so a falling barometer lets us know a storm is coming, 43, above that yesterday and on the low of 30 we're above that too. temperatures are warm that's why it is going to be a mix of snow ice and rain starting around midday lasting into the evening a slushy coating to a couple inches north of i-80. we'll have rain tomorrow with damaging gusty wind. 39. 33 white plains north of i-80, 287, north of the merit park way around connecticuit, and the wet snow coming in this evening and tonight. here in the clouds the rain down in the south, from d.c., baltimore, delaware coming across the bay, and cape may. that's the first system, second system down to our south and
5:45 am
all gets going around 10:00, 11:00, it changes over to ice and snow above i-80, 287, look at the temperatures above frozing here so it is rain and wet snow mix over night tonight the rain over takes that and we'll have a rainy day tomorrow. tomorrow evening with temperatures not upper 50s that will be around. we'll be looking at a coating or less from central jersey and long island south. north shore, higher elevation there, you get above i-80 in pasic. and the next system down to our south and west the ohio valleyly bringing us more rain and a lot of wind, this will be a damaging storm from the eastern two-thirds of the country as that moves northward up into canada.
5:46 am
west, a mix in pennsylvania. cloudy, sleet going midday, snow and sleet hangs on to the north and everybody goes over to all rain the temperatures rise over night, so windy, mild, rain at times at night, the temperatures going to be 50 degrees. your accuweather seven day forecast, we are looking at this heavy rain as we go into tomorrow. that rain could be quite heavy we could be looking at all this big batch of rain on the future cast coming up through the day tomorrow, lasting all day long and into the evening hours left over shower on thursday morning we are looking at very heavy rain fall totals here, heavy. some of the totals could be an inch or two as we go into thursday, the rainfall expected here, an inch, inch and a half a couple inches of rain could create flooding. friday colder 40 degrees, feel like the 30s we have a warm up as we get into the weekend. 52 by monday.
5:47 am
seven days. straight over to heather with a look at the commute. i have a camera and this camera is showing the bqe on the bridge and this is an accident in the process of being cleared away. that's the bqe on the southbound, northbound side right over here, as we go over here to my maps i can tell you the bqe east where we have an accident, closed off a result of that. new jersey transit, metro north is doing okay, but the buses the bx40 bus is being detoured on the fire in the bronx. street cleaning rules are in effect. 5:47, big waves and surfing part of the soul of hawaii but they have the power of the gods it crashed with incredible strength the waves picked up
5:48 am
them along the highway, it was the biggest swell they had seen in at least a decade. wow. it is 5:58 still ahead the war on drugs in up state new york the controversy sparked to allow heroin users a safe place to openly get high. thank the lord i'm in here! i love her. up next, meet the 106-year-old now known across the country
5:49 am
5:50 am
. from up state new york
5:51 am
shoot up under the care of a nurse without being arrested by police, it would make ithica to offer that kind of care, the idea is if a user over doses they can be treated by medical professionals canada, europe australia are working to reduce over dose deaths with these facilities in the united states even the idea of creating a supervised injection seat faces challenges the story is getting a lot of buzz tell us how you feel on our facebook page. we are hearing more from a very special woman who is meeting with the president has gone viral. you've no doubt seen that 106-year-old washington d.c. resident, virginia mclauren had the thrill of her lifetime. dance moves. says the whole experience
5:52 am
>> i said, i'm here, i said this is black history month and i'm here for relevant black history. >> ms. mclauren turned 107 on march 12th. the obama administration is the 18th presidency of her lifetime. said the trip to the white house was humbling. >> she is precious. that's incredible! she has got it going on! she is amazing. yes! we should all have lunch with her, the history. still ahead, a first for major league baseball when the mets plan to host pride night. it is an day with rain and snow headed our way, bill evans will time it out with a look at our
5:53 am
away. "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence
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. you are never more than 7 minutes away on eyewitness news this morning, we have cloudy skies as we look from our camera, rain is to our south, that's creeping around 10:00, 11:00 changes over to ice and rain over the next seven hours here is what's going to happen today, we see the temperatures 36, 38 getting to 41, going to be warm we'll be seeing wet snow and rain mixed here and then we'll be seeing that lasting through the afternoon and into the evening hours most likely this will continue right on into tonight, it will be a slippery go this afternoon and evening coating to inches on the city on northward. we'll talk about this with heavy rain and wind tomorrow could be damaging heather is looking at your commute, what do you have going on over there? i have a bit of a delay, the inbound where it connects with the prospect turns as you go northeast, we have this delay because of an accident.
5:56 am
tell you where the accident is, northeast, on the bridge two lanes are closed down southbounders dealing with rubber necking delays new jersey transit, metro north doing just fine. the bx40 bus is on the scene of that, subway services also running on our close the schedule and street cleaning rules are in effect. 5:56 your national league champions will defending the lgbt community, the mets are providing details on citi field set to take place the 13th. proceeds will go to the lgbt network and stop bullying. they will be the first to sponsor a pride event. 6 people hurt when flames ripped through a apartment
5:57 am
as investigators try to figure out a cause. a decision for the slimming field of republican candidates even with a solid lead in the polls, donald trump isn't taking his foot off the gas. also new video of a plane coming in for a hard landing in the middle of traffic. and the news and accuweather alert day get ready
5:58 am
5:59 am
. this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. now eyewitness news this morning. breaking news at 6:00 and the top floor of an apartment building gutted by flames we
6:00 am
the bronx forced out by the flames. within the past hour we received this video, the two men are responsible for a heinous act that could be considered a bias crime. you'll need your umbrella this afternoon maybe even your snow gear. another round of wintery weather is on the way. good morning i'm lori stokes. i'm ken, thank you for joining us today is tuesday, february 23rd. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. good morning everyone, grab your snow, rain gear. you need the rain jacket to repel wet snow and rain, here is a look outside temperatures around 36 degrees warmer this hour now we have low clouds cutting across right there, lights are on right there, that's 432 park. we'll be looking at a cloud cover coming up in the south, 37 degrees, it is warm for this


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