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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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rain is coming up, mixing with? snow. mixing with some ice. that's why there's a winter weather advisory. really central northern westchester. and central northern fairfield county. sussex, warren. this is until tomorrow morning. really, all the action is going to be this evening and tomorrow night. and there's snow already starting to fall right at the mark where we see higher elevation. to the bronx. to i-287, to right here around bergen county, passaic county and northern jersey. everybody else is in this rain. this this the pater through the -- pattern through the afternoon and evening. temperatures, notice, are above the freezing mark. it's a little colder aloft. but really, you get from lower levels of service to the midlevels of the atmosphere. it's pretty warm. until you get to these higher elevations. snow here. sussex, warren county. that's going to be the line.
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few hours, where you can slush up a bit. particularly maybe a coating to an inch or two here off to the north and west. what you see is we get to 8:00 tonight. long island. much of northern new jersey, into rain. and then we get this rain overnight. we could be looking at a coating to an inch or two. notice the rain tomorrow evening is going to be very heavy as we get into tomorrow night. we're going to talk about that next too, in the accuweather forecast. next system is going to be pretty tough. >> thank you, bill. and he will return with the seven-day accuweather forecast and remember, stay on top of the weather conditions on the app. it is free to download for iphone or android. a woman in custody, accused of stealing an mta bus. now, she got behind the wheel street. driving for three blocks before she was stopped. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett at the scene with details. >> that's right, dave.
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off. incident. came to an end. no, nobody was injured. but for three full blocks, nobody really knew how this whole thing was going to turn out. it happened aboard this mta bus, running the m101 route, dave, north on third avenue. the joy rider, identified only as a 34-year-old woman, has been taken into custody, charges not yet announced. it all began around 7:00 a.m., when the driver confronted the woman because she was apparently smoking in the back of the bus. but when she refused to stop smoking, the driver then evacuated the bus. and the woman somehow apparently slipped behind the wheel, as he was getting the passengers off the bus. well, she didn't get far. about three blocks, before the bus was cornered and stopped in the police -- and the police converged on the scene and took her into custody. to be clear, no marriages -- no
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except for the customer who commandeered the bus. according to police, she claimed she took off in the bus because she believed someone was will following her -- was following her. >> i see this normally down the street. and when i get to the stop right there. looks like cops, police cars. she is -- looked like she was dead. but when i asked being they said, she stole the bus. she was smoke cigarettes or something. >> i'm told she was taken to metropolitan hospital. charges have not yet been announced. but of course, the mta is investigating how it was that she was able to slip behind the wheel and drive the bus away. much more on this developing story coming up at 4:00. jay burkett, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> we're following breaking news. we just learned that a 2-year- old was killed in a fire in brooklyn. the child's body, discovered
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apartment building on monroe street in bedford stiveson. after the fire was extinguished, the body was found the the exact circumstances of the death are under investigation. police have investigated a teenager slashed in greenwich. police took the teen into custody this morning. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman is live at the restaurant with more. sandra? >> reporter: yeah, shirleen. that suspect right now in custody and being questioned at the sixth precinct. he is 16 years old. and we learned this afternoon that the arrest came as a result of tips that came through crimestoppers. as you said, the incident happened on february 17th here at the silver spurs diner in the village. they came into the restaurant, asking for donations from customers. a worker asked them to leave. the panhandler came back and
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treat. that worker, bobby bar doe, needed 137 stitches to close that wound. in the days that follow, police released video and pictures of the suspect and several other teenagers that were said to be with him. again, he was taken into custody this morning. customers here at the restaurant, they are happy to hear about that arrest. >> i'm relieved. because he might have done it to someone else. i'm happy. i hope bobby gets justice. >> well, i'm glad they caught the individual. and i hope they throw the book at him. >> again, that 16-year-old in custody, at the sixth precinct. we are being told that he will be charged as an adult. we're live this afternoon greenwich village. i'm sandra bookman, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, sandra. concerns over a gas leak, sending students and teachers at al hickman elementary school home. everyone left the building and police were called in. firefighters found gas leaking from the heating system on the roof.
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are investigating what exactly went wrong. fortunately, no students or faculty were hurt. several families are homeless, after fire gutted their apartments in the bronx overnight. the flames tore through the top floor of the building in morris firefighters needed to run several hoses before they could get it under control. they were able to keep the flames from spreading to a second wing of the building. >> it was pretty dramatic. you know, you had fire out the windows. you had fire -- we had a few units on the roof, cutting holes in the roof to allow the fire to escape. so it didn't spread laterally. >> reporter: five residents suffered smoke inhalation. and one firefighter hurt his leg. the nypd officer hit in the hip by bullet fragments during a shootout in brooklyn, will be released from the hospital this afternoon. officer william redit has been recovering at king's county hospital since saturday
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doctors did not remove some of the bullet fragments. so investigators may never know if he was shot by the suspect or hit by friendly fire. his officer, officer andrew was released friday, after being shot in his bulletproof vest. police questioning a suspect in a rape and robbery of a woman. he is identified as 25-year-old maurice scott. detectives say he attacked a woman at her home last friday night. police say scott also stole the woman's cash, jewelry and a cell phone. president obama is making one last attempt to close guantanamo bay prison before his term is up. the president announced his plans during a news conference this morning, saying the detention center undermines america's national security. there are fewer than 100 detainees being held at guantanamo bay. and the president says he does not want to pass the problems of this detention center onto
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if we don't do what's required now, i think future generations are going to look back and ask why we failed to act when the right course, the right side of history, and justice and our best american traditions was clear. >> the president's plan does not specify where detainees would be transferred. well, the nevada caucus tonight could be a turning point in the republican race for president. and the candidates will all be working to the last minute to win the support of the voters. senator marco rubio working to convince undecided workers. senator ted cruz had been decided -- divided. in fact, trump told a las vegas crowd, there's, quote, something wrong with ted cruz. cruz fighting back. he fired his communications director for spreading false statements against rubio. now, as for the democrats, they're getting ready for this weekend's south carolina
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bernie sanders is in virginia, vowing to fight on after losing nevada. i believe this is a live look at the rally. yesterday, he and hillary clinton were in super tuesday states. sanders pointed out to supporters that the nevada win only picks up four delicate -- delegates for clinton saying the road to a locked nomination is a long one. stay with eyewitness news and abc news throughout the campaign season. we'll alert you to the results in nevada as soon as we get them in. shirleen. >> all right, david. a family tragedy. a father and his young daughter, killed in a chain- reaction crash. on the new jersey turnpike. we have new details on the victim. plus, worldwide protest supporting apple. hear from the tech giant now weighing in on the company's battle with the fbi. and a dramatic rescue. a 10-year-old girl trapped in icy water as her father
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o governor andrew cuomo is rallying on the side of workers, to raise the minimum wage, saying the state needs to stand up for working families. >> we have lost the respect for the working families in this nation. and that's what this is about. paying a minimum wage that actually reports -- respects the dignity of work, allows them to take care of their family, is the first step. >> governor cuomo is touring the state today, pushing to up the minimum wage to $15 an hour. he says the second step in respecting the working family is paid family leave. and mayor de blasio, and commissioner william bratton will hold a joint news
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discuss the latest technology to the top brass and cops on the streets. it's called comp stats 2.0. it's a new data tracking system that will let all police officers see trend of every sector in their precincts. a demonstration supporting apple or around the world today. including some in the tri-state area. apple is refusing to unlock the san bernardino gunman's phone. apple says it would open the door to all apple users getting hacked. meanwhile, the cofounder of microsoft is weighing in. in an interview with the financial times, bill gates says the fbi is asking for something specific. not for general information. >> you shouldn't call it some special thing. it's no different than, should -- should anyone be able to get
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>> the heads of many other tech companies, including facebook, twitter and google, have sided with apple. authorities in arizona say five family members are dead, after a shooting and fire this morning. firefighters and police in phoenix responded to call from phoenix who said they were being shot. and when the firefighters arrived, they had to dodge bulleteds as they tried to rescue people from a burning home. shortly above 7:00 a.m., police reported the shooter apprehended, went down. one officer suffered smoke inhalation. quite a scene in japan, as people had to evacuate an airplane in a snowstorm in the northern city of hokkaido. more than 160 passengers and crew slid down emergency chutes today after an engine fire forced a japan airlines flight to take off. smoke reportedly got into the cabin. one woman sustained a minor hip injury. >> scary to see that. dramatic escape to an amazing crash-landing. watch as the pilot is forced to bring his plane down in the
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you do it. you do it. >> it's your job. >> you're the meteorologist. >> we don't want to talk about it. >> you talk to him. >> all right. i shall talk to you. here we go. let's take a look outside here at noontime. we've got a gloomy gus. if you want to check out evan's weather. someone commented that it was a good nail polish color. i don't know about that. but you know, i don't know. the jury is out right now. we'll keep an eye on that. bottom of the screen. kiddos at school. particularly if you're in the northern and western suburbs, they're going to close a bit earlier today. dismissal. the temperature now in the city, with this little light rain has been kind of hovering around 37 degrees, 38 degrees in parts of the area. 41 in the others. east wind, at 14 to 24. keeps this gloom in here. looks a little more london dairy. and we had a high yesterday of 52 degrees. normal is 43.
12:19 pm
than normal temperatures, which is why we're going to see most of this as rain. and a mix of rain and ice and snow kind of mixed around. here you go. you can expect this this afternoon. mix moving in, north of the city. going to be changing from light rain south to north. small accumulation. looking at a coating mostly i think on grassy areas. north and west, there might be as much as a couple of inches of wet snow. we've got a heavier rain and wind tomorrow night. and temperature at freezing. andover is 32. monticello below freezing. it's possible in this higher elevation. particularly, you get to 500, 800 feet. that's where you can see a lot of this wet snow accumulating on grassy service surfaces. the other thing is the wind has been kind of tough. 25 in the park. 23 around white plains. 26 around long island. and 28 down the shore. so winter weather advisory is posted off to the north and the northwest. but as for this kind of slushy
12:20 pm
a problem, from now into the evening commute. you see that line really is the bronx. 287 is right here. and this is i-80. route 80 here. and you go up to i-84. and there you see, that's where most of all of this kind of wet snow is going to accumulate. next system to affect us is tomorrow. this will cut right on through the ohio valley, into the great lakes. bringing us rain ask -- rain and wind. and you'll see that on the future cast. you can see as we get into tonight, a good portion of the area is in the rain. there will be the slush onto the north. overnight. and tomorrow, we need rain. then it gets heavy in spots during the day tomorrow. notice tomorrow evening. tomorrow night, late. midnight. winter mix. west. we're looking at 30s for cloudy with occasional rain tonight.
12:21 pm
and tomorrow is cloudy, windy. particularly tomorrow afternoon showing you. tomorrow night. there might be a leftover rain shower on thursday. then thursday is going to warm up to 56. then thursday night, the temperatures come crashing down friday. and sunshine on the weekend. >> look at the warm temperatures. >> all we can see is rain headed that way. >> get us to spring in one piece. that's all i'm asking. >> thanks, bill. >> trapped in icy water. the 10-year-old girl who fell into a hole in the snow. talks about the frightening minutes and what saved her life. and check this out. michael jordan.
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a plane lands in the middle of a street. a crane goes up in flames. and a girl's icy rescue. just some of the stories that were caught on camera, and caught our attention. bee begin with those frightening moment -- we begin with those frightening moments when a small plane drops out of the skies and lands in the street. it happened in the san fernando
12:25 pm
surveillance video captured the dramatic crash. a car went by, but it was too late. miraculously, no one on the ground was injured. as for the pilot, he didn't complain of any injuries either. from planes to cranes, a helicopter was over the scene when a crane burst into flames, and cameras caught the dramatic collapsed. it happened at a construction site in melbourne, australia. the plane sent flaming debris tumbling to the ground. fortunately, nobody was hurt. and another dramatic moment caught on camera. 10-year-old girl struggling in icy water. samantha white fell through the snow, while hiking at castle peak mountain in northern california. authorities say a bridge had collapsed, causing an opening in the snow, smaller than a manhole. her father tried to pull her out of the freezing water but couldn't get her out. i was out for help.
12:26 pm
>> i snuck out the snow pole for her to grab. and she wasn't strong enough to hold onto it. >> a search and rescue team just happened to be nearby, doing rescue training exercises. they were able to put their training to use, creating a system of ropes and pulleys to get samantha to safety. >> wow. so glad she's okay. coming up on eyewitness news. new information on a deadly crash in the new jersey turnpike. what we have learned about a teacher and his daughter who died in the collision. also, horrifying attack. a group of men beating a man, and then throwing boiling hot water on it. in an important get
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we continue to follow breaking news. a 2-year-old boy is found dead, after a fire ripped through an apartment building on monroe street. hours after the fire was extinguished, a woman returned to the scene and said she couldn't find her son. the fire department reentered the building and found the boy under a bed. >> police say a woman stole an nta bus in east harlem this morning. the driver of the m101 told her to stop smoking. and that escalated into a confrontation. the bus driver asked apparentlies to get off. and that's when police say she jumped behind the wheel and
12:30 pm
another bus blocked her. police arrested her a short time later. the teen accused of slashing a bus boy at a greenwich village restaurant is now in custody. police arrested the 16-year-old after a crimestoppers tip. the victim had to get more than 100 stitches after the stabbing. rain and snow already starting to fall in parts of the tri-state area. and some schools are dismissing early because of it. and we'll be scrolling at the bottom of the screen any of those closings. meteorologist bill evans will be back in a few minutes with an update on the accuweather forecast. >> good afternoon. i'm david novarro. >> we begin with heartbreaking new details on the deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. now, we have learned a teacher and his 6-year-old daughter died in the collision. >> a new jersey reporter toni yates live in new jersey city with more on this heartbreaking story. tony? >> yes, indeed, dave and
12:31 pm
tragedy like this simply takes your breath away. timothy o'donnell taught science here in hudson city new jersey. he died in the with bridget. just on the turnpike. state police say he was slowing down with traffic as he was approaching the toll booth. when todd hahn slammed into the back of o'donnell's chevy malibu, with such force that it pushed o'donnell's car through the tolls and into the opposite lanes of traffic, where o'donnell's car was then hit by another mercedes benz. this girl donald died at the scene. his daughter was taken to new jersey medical center, where she was pronounced. now, the driver of that first car that hit o'donnell's sister hahn is listed in stable condition. the other driver was treated and released. state police, of course, are still investigating at this point. no charges have been filed.
12:32 pm
fundraising sites, go fund me, and you, have set up pages from the friends and family of the o'donnells to raise money for the family he leaves behind, which is another young daughter and his wife. we will have much more on this coming up later on eyewitness news. for now, we are live here in jersey city. toni yates, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thanks, toni. an attack with hot water in the bronx is no longer being investigated as a hate crime. surveillance video shows a 50- year-old man panhandling at west kings bridge road at grand avenue saturday night. police say three men punched and kicked him and poured hot water on his face. the victim is in the hospital with second-degree burns. >> well, today, lawyers will try to win a new trial for a man who was convicted in a notorious home invasion. joshua comaslajeff ski. defense attorneys when introducing recordings of
12:33 pm
believed to be destroyed. they say those calls cast doubt on officer's testimony against the suspect. he and the codefendant are appealing the life sentences. epa found a hazardous chemical in new jersey. they report ford motor company engineers found the chemical at nearly 100 times the state's standard at the peter's mine area in ren wood. it's a site where the company once dumped toxic paint. no word yet if the chemical came from ford's industrial waste. they say the drinking water is not polluted. we are learning more this afternoon about the suspect in the deadly shooting spree in michigan. he is charged with killing six people. the uber driver admitting to the rampage. and now, we are finding out what the suspect may have done just hours before the shootings on the streets of kalamazoo. abc's elizabeth hur is in new york with the latest. charged with six murders and facing life in prison.
12:34 pm
>> yes, sir. >> uber driver jason dallason showed no emotion. >> i would prefer just to remain silent. >> and revealed no new details during his arraignment. but prosecutors say the 45-year- old admitted to investigators he took people's lives. dalton's friends say they are in disbelief. >> it was very quiet reserved. not afraid to speak his mind. but definitely not out to ever cause anybody trouble. >> according to the detroit free press, dalton once worked as an insurance adjustor, is married and is the father of a 10 and 15-year-old. we are also learning from a local gun shop owner, dolby stopped in about once a month and bought a tactical jacket there, just hours before the shooting. >> screeching like you would not believe. >> casey black said she called 911 to report the erratic driving that saturday afternoon. uber reports getting calls.
12:35 pm
first complaints about him. he stands accused of killing six and injuring two, including a 14-year-old girl in critical condition initially believed to be brain-dead. >> abigail is strong. everybody needs to get that straight. my daughter is not dead. >> reporter: as for the investigation, authorities say dalton is cooperating but still motive. he's due back in court next thursday. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. a search continues for three masked gunmen who terrorized a couple on fifth avenue and pellen. take a look at this video. the trio storm inside, pistol whipped the man and hit a woman this the home. then left without taking anything. police say the attack was not random. the suspects ran off after a second victim began screaming. the man is recovering after receiving stitches. turning now to the weather. rain and snow falling right
12:36 pm
be an issue later on. >> yeah. meteorologist bill evans, tracking it all. and has an update in the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> and that ice and snow particularly north of the city. we have rain. as we go through the afternoon. see the temperature, about 1:00. and we have this little rain, kind of snow mix with the city. but it will be really northern jersey. north of the city. from the bronx. north shore long island into connecticut. temperatures will be right around 37 through the afternoon. you see here in tuxedo, new york. 35 with a mixture of snow and rain. after school kiddos, be careful getting to the bus. they will have a little rain. mostly from the city west ask south. and just check the bottom of the screen. if you're watching now and you got the kids to pick up later, well, you can see across the bottom of the screen. you got early departures today. early dismissals around the area. slushy accumulation in the afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up, as well as heavy rain and wind for tomorrow.
12:37 pm
>> okay, bill. thank you. the defending national league championships am will be championing the lgbt community. today, the mets announced the first-ever pride night. san diego padres are in town. a portion of the ticket sales will go toward the lgbt network. and its safe schools initiative to stop bullying. students involved in the network spoke today. >> every day, i formed many forms of transphobia. the problem with the network and the mets and all the youth i know. let's go mets. >> the mets are the first local team in the four major professional sports to sponsor a pride event. coming up on eyewitness news. a big university on the defense in a rare news conference, coaches at the school opening up about sexual assault complaints against student
12:38 pm
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12:41 pm
the rig had been reported stolen last tuesday. detectives don't know what they were planning to do with all those spices. >> in a rare case, coaches at the university of tennessee are standing by the athletic program, after the school was accused of creating a hostile environment for women. a case with ties to peyton manning. male and female head coaches gather this morning in response to a title ix lawsuit. the suit brings up allegations of sexual assault against manning when he played for the school two decades ago. the coaches say it is an unfair athletes. and it's being painted by the suit. >> if we didn't feel comfortable. if we didn't have confidence in the mission of this athletic department of each other, in every individual sport, we wouldn't be sitting here. >> while some are now criticizing university, the coaches say they want the administration to know the school can count on their support.
12:42 pm
human -- human papilloma virus. researchers blame the virus for more than two-thirds of the case in the u.s. but in just six years, they saw the rate in teenage girls drop from 11% to just 4%. for women in their early 20s, the vaccine cut it from over 18% to 12%. new jersey residents get ready for life in the fast lane. testing its next big advance in wireless technology. the carrier testing out 5g service. verizon says 5g will be more than 300 times as fast as the 4g today. but don't expect to hold the new technology in your hand for at least four years. takes time, they say, to build out the network and the new generation of 5 any phones. i can't wait. >> me, too. >> coming up on eyewitness news.
12:43 pm
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sign of just how anxious the people are, can be found in a feature growing in popularity in many homes. safe rooms. >> yes. years after the movie panic room. real life safe rooms are starting to become a trend in new york city apartments. eyewitness news reporter stacy seger has the story. >> the heavy-duty door and the special lock. >> allen wilsic bought this townhouse in tribeca, around the same time this movie came out. and allen said he has good reason to install one. he has a lot of valuable stuff. and the neighborhood was different 14 years ago. >> it's mostly empty warehouses
12:47 pm
>> reporter: but seems allen's fascination is something that lately. not enough. the doorman is not enough. this is just an extra level of protection for them. >> tom gaffney built check- cashing businesses for years. are all kinds. >> when you open a closet, you have a panic room, actually behind the closet this. is a gun port for return fire. >> like a creepy scene from a movie. maybe. but not to gaffney's well- healed clients. >> is there enough right now? >> there is. there is. i'd say we're up 30% from last year. >> reporter: customers now asking for all kinds of upgrades, including rooms built to withstand dirty bombs. >> i think the isis threat has become a big deal.
12:48 pm
in the middle east anymore. >> here's something else. call it the go pro of all peepholes. instead of looking straight out at the person right behind the door. check this out. you can see about 178 degrees. bottom line, for some, seeing is believing you are secure. the new safe room trend, part security. but perhaps part status symbol as well. in tribeca, i'm stacy segar, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i think i want to come up with a safe suit. just a box. >> might as well. >> i'll be protected from everything. and i don't have to worry about anything. >> have little wheels on it. push me around. >> going to have to. [ laughter ] >> basically. >> protecting himself from whom? you? i don't know. maybe. >> that's all the protection we need for the afternoon is an
12:49 pm
cameras on the roof, wet from rain. you'll see particularly north of the city around rock land. parts of northern new jersey. here on manhattan's upper west side, we've got folks with umbrellas and rain coats as we've got this rain falling here. i don't think there's much in the way of wet snow or ice falling in this. you might experience some of the ice pellets, drople as it's called or maybe even a wet snowflake. both are kind of warm until you get to higher elevations and air. humidity east at 10 to 20 miles an hour. and normal is 43. we were at 52 yesterday. we are at about 37, threat degrees now. and we'll see the temperature at 40 on long island. from babylon to brook haven and up to the north shore. and temperatures at or below the freezing mark. winter weather advisory tomorrow morning.
12:50 pm
northwest new jersey, where there's snow falling now. passaic county, westchester county. this is getting started in rock land county. we were talking about this. the line is going to be i-80, 287. 95 here in connecticut. and you can have kind of a slot fest under heavy, wet snow that can accumulate. next system starts tomorrow in the morning or at night. and that's going to be a big old area of rain. lookath this rain and snow mixture tonight. showers tonight, showers in the morning this. moves out with heavy rain tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. we could get eight lot of -- get a lot of rain around it. we're talking about an inch or two here, well north and west. a coating to an inch of snow. with this low that is cutting up through the great lakes into canada that will bring soaking rain, particularly tomorrow evening into thursday, with some ponding waters on the roadways and highways. travel at area airports,
12:51 pm
breezy. slushy mix. looking at occasional rain tonight. we'll have some of that in the northern suburbs, kind of mixing with that and going over all rain tonight. everybody is in the rain tomorrow. windy with rain. some of that heavy. gusty winds tomorrow. we're talking about 1 to 2 inches of rain is going to be possible. we'll be looking the this, lasting into thursday morning. then we'll be seeing some blustery, colder weather for the end of the week. and then it's going to kind of warm back up this weekend to 51 on sunday. lee goldberg is going to have more first at 4:00 on this. snef smith is around. he'll probably be out and about on this, too. i think he's going to be in road camp 7. >> uh-huh. >> i hear you're out in it. >> oh, i'll be. eventually. unless we just stay here all day, right? >> i'm going to change myself to the water computer. not sending me out there. >> going to be the first person in my safety suit. >> exactly. you know, there is something about twins that is just twice as interesting as anything else. in the past five years, twin
12:52 pm
gave birth to twins. now, both women relied on invitro fertilization it do it. so then you can understand how it happens. but after that, both twins got pregnant again, and each with a second set of twins. can you imagine the stories in that house >> that's amazing. >> they are definitely outnumbered. that's for sure. we'll be right back. first, here's a look at what is coming up next on the chew. >> david and shirleen, today, we're making everything faster, better and cheaper. chewer challenge continues. and it is my turn on the hot seat.
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12:56 pm
breast milk depot opens on long island today. we'll tell you how women are donating milk in order to help babies and what process this milk goes through in order to make sure it stays safe. fascinating story. those stories and more, beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. >> it's time for the feed. and we're going to begin with high school students that honor the service soldiers make for this country. and people just love this. the indiana 17-year-old spray- painted more than 4,000 toy soldiers. red, white and blue. carefully glued them into the shape of the flag. the project going viral after jacob's mother posted on her facebook page. jacob saying, it's awesome that it means so much to others. >> fantastic job. a high school play ner illinois -- player in illinois, going viral. take a look at this picture posted on twitter.
12:57 pm
waiting for as he awaitas i rebound. got the nickname, float boy. the school's athletic picture says the picture is just at the right time. he says stillman is not a jedi. snapped at the right time. >> aplaying. -- amazing. >> good stuff. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro.
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