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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EST

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night, sunday at 7:00 eastern captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: developing at 4:30, strong storms bear through the tri- state and tens of thousands are without power right now. good morning. >> today is thursday, february 25. we have team coverage and go to bill and heather in a moment. >> first, let's get right to "eyewitness news" reporter bob nelson who is live in the bronx where a building collapsed during the storm. rob snow. >> reporter: let me step out of the way because really the picture tells the whole story here.
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damaged by fire, but no, this is just more evidence of the strong storm system that blew through the high winds, literally causing this building to collapse. luckily, this building was vacant at the time, so there are no injuries to report. however, a building next door had to be evacuated as a precaution, and that has left ten people homeless. meantime, along shakespeare avenue in the hybrid section of the bronx, bricks, because of the high winds, fell off of an apartment building during the storms and ended up hitting a man in the head who was walking home from work at the time. he suffered severe head trauma. he is in critical but stable condition. back here live at east 183rd street, we understand com ed
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this building so that, of course, there's no more damage. think about the intensity of the storm that wind collapsed this building that was in bad shape to begin with. rob it is mild now, but get ready for a big change. >> good morning, everybody. not only is there a big change in temperature but still there is a rain threat today and you'll want to grab your umbrella. the rest of the day the temperature will be falling. look at montclair, 60. honover 57. you see 52 to 54 down the jersey shore. look at that southerly wind coming in here. boo-yaa! this will be the other part of
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the wind, however, has gusted to 37 and 30 around teeter borrow. we are going to see the temperature falling all day long, dropping like a rock down to 34 tonight. it will be blustery and cold. i'll talk about that next. weather and heather every 30 minutes. what do you have going on? >> reporter: metro-north is okay but long island railroad delays are possible. long island railroad is saying anticipate delays and possible cancellations. as far as the status 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 trains no service between 42nd and utica avenue, we have this big avenue at connecticut because of a tractor-trailer. 9w both ways we have downed
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street cleaning rules are in effect today. lori, over to you. a fallen tree shut down 97 near omaha road and north brunswick. because high winds have been a problem, they have been close until early this morning. it's recommended that commuters plan an alternate route. a number of homes are left without power. right now, about 5,000 customers in west chester have n electricity. the wild weather is blamed for flipping over an 18 wheeler that was in the eastbound lanes and blown over into the westbound lane as 9:30 last night. the upper level had to be closed in both directions until
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reopened. remember, you can track weather any time from your phone or tablet with the accutrack weather alert app. download it for free by searching in the app store or google play store. a close call for a rite aid worker who tried to stop two thieves. the thieves were stuffing shaving razors into their pants and a book back in the bronx. when a store clerk confronted him, they threatened to shoot him, so he backed off. police hope someone can help identify the men. the fbi has a plan to back up ems service in response to transcare going bankrupt. they participate in the 911ems system and has filed for bankruptcy.
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ambulances in the bronx and manhattan. additional units are on stand by to make sure there is no gap in ems service. a volunteer wrestling coach is accused of having sex with underage boys. police say the child met the alleged victim through a wrestling program and lured him through social media. you are never more than and traffic. here. around midtown looking south here, we've got a morning where visibility. there is fog on the south- facing shores. you look all the way down toward 1 world trade and you see the top of 1 world trade is covered a bit.
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around brooklyn toward the eastern end. there are a couple of showers that creep in. a couple of showers to our west could slide in today. this big low is cutting up into the great lakes. that will keep moving northward and usher in colder air tonight, which we will talk about next. weather and traffic every seven minutes. looks like you are busy. >> reporter: very busy. this is on the l.i. e. we had a downed tree but the traffic looks like it's okay. we'll go to our maps near new jersey. you have some flooding. right near king georges road, we have more flooding there. 78 going eastbound, east of exit 45, you have flooding blocking two lanes. i hit this, this morning, and
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i was in my suv, thankfully, but if i were in my little sedan, i don't think would i have made it here. -- don't think i would have made it here. 9w both ways has downed wires. use a lot of caution. we have street cleaning rules in effect for today. the storms that tore through our area are also being blamed for several deaths along the east coast. we'll take a look at the damage to our south. >> plus, a new twist in the partisan fight to fill the vacant seat on the supreme court. hear how the president may have in his sights. >> there are calls to change the drinking age in new jersey. why people under 21 are being asked to get access to alcohol.
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so your love for dark clothes will never fade.
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4:41, and six deaths are being blamed on the powerful weather system that's moving north. three people died yesterday in a smalltown outside of richmond, virginia, including a 2-year-old. a state of emergency is in effect after wind gusts of 60 miles per hour brought down power lines and dashed a number of buildings. in florida, this is a drone's eye view of what was left behind after a tornado right through the gulf coast. this is an aerial look where at least 70 homes and 24 apartments were damaged. at least three people were hurt, and they are expected to be okay. the tornado was the second to
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past week alone. in pennsylvania, it's believed a tornado may have hit near lancaster. a storm survey team heads through that area to determine exactly what type of storm system ripped roofs off of homes and caused a number of buildings to collapse. the red cross is on the scene helping people who need shelter. the time is 4:42. the severe weather system possibly played a role in the number of manhole explosions in new jersey. two manholes shot up to 25 feet in the air in elizabeth. crews were called in to make sure the streets with are safe. power had to be shut off. pse and g said salt from snow removal seeped underground and sparked the fires. nobody was hurt. that weather was crazy yesterday. as we were talking about this time yesterday, now things are calm a bit. lights are on at fifth avenue
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59th street south, and we're looking at good visibility this morning. parts of the area, see as we look down the beach and the lights have a glow about them? that's fog with a southerly wind coming right at you right into the camera here. so we'll be looking at that southerly wind keeping it moist and humid. the wind will switch around later today. the wind is comboing to go northwest. so we're looking at 56. our high temperature is 60 after midnight last night. the temperature will be falling during the day today. a southerly wind 8 to 16 per hour. check out this pressure. 29.28. that is really unstable air mass. now it's 62 at poughkeepsie at this hour of the day.
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you see warm profiles there? i want to show you the wind speeds. this is the sustained winds that are blowing right now. 52 mile-per-hour wind gusts here at islip. some mean wind out here. there are only three-tints of a mile white plains. heather is right on top of that. >> i've been checking. >> she always does. so checking to see if there are any delays at the airport. me, however, i didn't check until now. so i know you are on top. >> he's checking with me. >> we have a flood warning that is in effect along the river here. the warning areas will be around the rivers like the connecticut river. someplaces have had a problem like what you saw that heather was talking about. then there's the flood advisory
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now the rain is gone. there's showers left over the low. it's right here and could spin a shower to us today. that would come in during midday as the low moves north and spins a shower in to us. that will slide eastward. on the futurecast, watch the numbers. they go down noontime today looking at about 50 degrees at 10:00. it's 50 degrees and a couple of showers and dropping into the 40s tonight. look at tomorrow morning to start the day. 34 in the park to 24 north and west. all right? your accuweather seven-day forecast will have a cold day tomorrow. it will be a cold day, ken and lori, when it's a cold day. >> yes. >> you got that? it will be a darn cold day when it is a cold day. look at 42 on saturday. look at how we warm back up to 56 on sunday and 60 on monday. >> wow. >> 60s? get the sun dallass.
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above normal next week. no snow in the forecast. >> thank you, bill. let's check in with heather and the rails and roads. >> reporter: yes. the long island railroad says everything is running on or close to schedule but expect possible service changes pause of the weather. so they are anticipating some cancellations, some delays. so give yourself a lot of extra time. pack a lot of patience this morning. new jersey transit, metro-north are running on or close to schedule. contact your carrier if you are going to la guardia. , jfk, or newark airport. la guardia. already has flights canceled, delays reported. la guardia. is the worst of the bunch. again at king george's road. you have more flooding up here on 78 eastbound right near exit 45. as you approach 45, you will find flooding blocking at least
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then we have this problem as we go through englewood clips. in the bronx river parkway this is the typical spot. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. it's 4:47. there are reports this morning that president obama is considering republican governor brian sandoval of nevada as a possible nominee to the supreme court. sand val is a former federal judge who supports abortion rights. he met with senate democratic leader harry reid on monday. nominating a republican could be an attempt by the president to reach out led by mitch mcconnell. a driver charged with manslaughter in a crash on the new jersey turnpike made a shocking confession in the courtroom. scott hahn pleaded not guilty but revealed to the judge he was high on adderall and had
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hours. his mercedes rear ended a car and triggered a chain reaction killing two people. a man waving a machete was shot and killed in texas. the terrifying encounter was caught on camera. you can see him swinging the machete wildly at a bus station officer. the man ignored repeated orders to drop the weapon. one officer was hit by the machete but was not seriously hurt. one lawmaker in new jersey wants to lower the legal drinking age. under a new proposal, assemblyman carroll says it should be age 18. he says if an 18-year-old american can serve his or her country in the military, they should be able to buy alcohol legally. federal law cuts highway funding for any state with a drinking age under 21. he argues young people have fewer temptations to drink and
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get around and ride-sharing. low pay and long hours. that's a lawsuit filed by parking production assistants dependence a major company. the assistants set up a street parking for a movie shoot. they say they sit in their cars for hours at a time keeping an eye on film vehicles and using buckets as bathrooms. the common fee for the work is a flat $150. the pay is sporadic and some weeks they work more than 100 hoursp. 4:49. coming up on "eyewitness news," caught on camera, a man's pocket explodes during a gas station stop. hear what caused his pants to ignite. >> storms thrash the tri-state.
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welcome back. it's 4:52. road cam 7 is patrolling the streets to show us the conditions you will find in your morning commute. this is a live look at route 9 in for the lee. it is 4:52.
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meteorologist bill evans. >> we do have some issues today where you are probably going to see a shot at some rain at some point. there's a little fog on the jersey shore and around the area airports. heather's going to talk about that. we have cameras looking southward. so we'll be looking at a shot at some showers today. the next seven hours, we'll be looking at temperatures dropping. it's going down when we hit our high temperature this morning. midnight. temperatures dropping. by the time we get to the afternoon, there may be sunny breaks mixed in, but temperatures start falling into tonight. 20s tomorrow. i'll explain in just a moment. heather's looking at the airports for you right now. how's it going? >> i was checking with la guardia. la guardia. has the most flights canceled this morning and the most delays as well.
4:54 am
or jfk, you want to get in touch with your individual carriers. 4, 5 and 6 trains as f.a.s.t. track repairs. long island railroad is anticipating possible service changes. cancellations, delays, nothing as of yet, but this is something you'll want to keep in mind if you normally use long island railroad. metro-north and new jersey transit are running on or close to schedule. it's closed both ways near palisades avenue. as you come inbound at the george washington bridge, you have a minor delay. the lincoln has some construction. the holland has a delay. the lincoln will get that cleared away shortly. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, over to a mother from brooklyn entered a not guilty plea on charges of that she left her
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she was home alone when a fire swept through her apartment on she was found unresponsive underneath a dead and pronounced dead at the scene. the girl's mother, 20-year-old lela akino arrived home hours later and was arrested. her bail is set at $10,000. mexico's drug kingpin known as el chapo will likely face trial in brooklyn. if mexico agrees to extradite him, he will new york is one of the cities where new york is facing indictment. the cartel he led is believend to be the largest supplier of cocaine to our area for years. new data is showing how effective the flu vaccine has been this season. according to preliminary reports in the cdc, the flu
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it covers flu rates from early november through mid-february. the cdc underscores the importance and benefits of vaccination efforts. you won't have to worry about this until holiday shopping rolls around. >> how much it would cost to buy one of everything offered on amazon. if you guessed $12.8 billion, congratulations. if everything is pretty much everything you would every need to buy and plenty that you don't. if you do plan to go on a megashopping spree, you'd better have free shipping. amazon stocks 488 million items. wow. caught on camera. a bizarre scene when an e- cigarette explodes in a man's pocket in kentucky.
4:57 am
gas pump but he was inside when suddenly his pants catch fire. he runs outside in pain and horror. he's okay at the end, though. one of the clerks grabbed the fire extinguisher. he ended up getting burns on his leg, though. >> of course. >> look at this. that is a warning about the e- cigarettes. that's why they don't let you pack them in the suitcase on planes for that very reason. >> wow. >> it's closing in on 5:00. just ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, tens of thousands of customers are without power right now after strong storms toppled trees and power lines. we'll take you live to one of long island. >> we're live in the bronx down. bricks. get ready for rain, wind, temperatures.
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: developing at 5:00 a.m. tens of thousands of customers are in the dark this morning area. wicked winds and power lines crashing down setting several cars on fire. >> we're also live at the scene of a building that collapsed during a storm, plus details of a man hit by falling debris outside of his home. >> realtime 7 just arrived on englewood cliff where route 9a is closed in both directions due to downed power lines.
5:01 am
stokes. >> thank you for joining us. i'm ken rosato. the wind in west vester county is so strong -- west chester county is so strong it toppled trees and caused fires in the street. >> we'll start with meteorologist bill evans. >> let's look at what has happened and what we expect for to you have today. you still need your rain gear. we've got showers around and really warm temperatures. it's 53 degrees. it was 60 overnight. look at this 52 in long branch. palms river 53. eastern end of long island, 61 poughkeepsie. here's the wind gust that caused all of the damage. 52 at islip. 35 down on the jersey shore and a lot of wind today. we've got visibilities at our low. this is going to come and go during the day. we'll drop the temperature
5:02 am
50 by launch time, 47 by the evening commute and down into the 30s tonight. it will feel like the 20s tomorrow. we'll talk about that next. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. heather is very busy. what have you got going on? >> reporter: we have palisade avenue with downed wires. we just came up on the scene of this. so 9w closed. bronx river parkway south you have flooding. this was originally both directions. contact your carrier if you are flying out today or if you are going to pick somebody up at the airport. f.a.s.t. track service is just about completed between 42nd street and utica avenue. long island railroad is saying to anticipate possible delays and possible cancellations pause of the weather. you have new jersey transit metro-north running on or close
5:03 am
[no audio ] then 22 also has flooding westbound side scotch plains and again toward king georges road. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken? major storm damage left a huge building collapse in the bronx. this is a look at the mangled mess after a multi--family multi-family home came crashing down. >> reporter: we looked at the building and you can see why this man asked if this was a fire. the high winds blew through and caused this building to collapse. the strong winds seen throughout the tri-state area this morning. luckily, the building here was vacant.
5:04 am
searchers did not find any victims in this builting they ewhack waited as a precaution. ten people have been left homeless. meantime, bricks came off of an apartment building in part of the bronx and sent them flying and hit a man in the head who was walking home no from work. he -- walking home from work. he suffered severe trauma to the head and is in critical but stable condition. back here live along the street, you can see there's still one police car live here at the scene. also, the area has been taped off to prevent people from getting too close. that same neighbor who was walking home perfect work in
5:05 am
work in the last 30 minutes says it was abandoned for a decade. so it probably didn't take much to bring it down but a heavy wind took it down. reporting live from the bronx, rob nelson, "eyewitness news." >> we continue our coverage with the destruction on long island. >> "eyewitness news" reporter mallory hoff is live in massapequa, nassau county. >> reporter: good morning. that storm came through last night, and clearly this tree behind me was no match for these gusts of wind. this is chicago avenue in massapequa. damage can be spotted all over the area. we're told the folks here are okay. it looks like they are inside right now actually watching tv. take a look at this video. this is some of the worst damage that we've noted. a power line crashed down on two cars, setting them on fire. no one was injured in the fire on new hampshire avenue. the flames, we're told, grew
5:06 am
downed wires and trees are a problem in parts of suffolk county. damage took different forms across the area. we're told 4300 customers lost fire on long island. again, back out here live on chicago avenue, you can see there is a lot of cleanup here that will take place in the 24 hours ahead, we're told. again, no one in this home was hurt. clearly, things could have been much worse. now that you've taken a look at damage to the areas, eave seen trash cans thrown in the street. live in massapequa, mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. it is 5:06. metro-north says the problems last night on the harlem line have now been resolved. the metro north plane hit a train that had fallen in the tracks in ardsley.
5:07 am
able to get to irvington street train. a baby-sitter on staten island accused of murdering a toddler is being held without bail this morning. prosecutors say 3 -year-old gloria fields tortured 16-month-old anthony delgado after his mother left him with her. the abuse included repeatedly slamming his head into the ground and sex assault. fields pleaded not guilty. in brooklyn, five teens charged in the rape that made national news are no longer suspects. prosecutors say the young men did not sexually assault an 18- year-old woman who had been in a brownsville park with her father. investigators also say there was sexual contact between the father and daughter. the attorney for one of the teens says her client is relieved. >> we can finally go back to normalcy in his life.
5:08 am
the trauma and embarrassment he received. when this news story first broke, it went nationwide. the family is glad this will be behind them. >> prosecutors say the case began to fall apart when both the father and daughter provided inconsistent statements about what took place. it's 5:08, and you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> woo take you toward staten island. there is a little fog that come and goes. the temperature is warm. temperature at this hour is 53 degrees and will be dropping slowly told. we've still got showers popping up to our west. the lows will be north and as it does, it will swing a shower through here. this was a terrible storm system out of texas that brought tornadic activity to the south to around the
5:09 am
some of my brothers telling me it was really nasty last night because they live in pensacola. it will be warm to start the day. as we go through the day, 50 by lunchtime. 40 with a sprinkle or passing shower. temperatures will be dropping like a rock as we go through tonight. at the bus stop today, the kids should still have the rain gear because there is a possible shower very mild. trying to get it to channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> yeah, work on that. >> i'm sorry, was that a derogatory slur? >> ice skating later. >> that's what i thought he said. >> this is the l.i.e. right near route 10 in suffolk county. no ice skating on the l.i.e., put nothing too terrible. let's go to our maps. we'll talk to you what is going on, over in nassau county.
5:10 am
then we have bronx river park flooding there. and route 9w clipped both ways between palisades avenue. we have those downed wires going on there. if you normally take 9w to get to the george washington bridge, that will be an issue for you. contact your carrier if you have a flight or picking someone up. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken, lori, over to you. ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, willing to take his case all the way to the supreme court. hear from apple ceo tim cook in an abc news exclusive and his refusal to unlock an encrypted iphone used by terrorists. >> a couple of hours are gone. the church is gone. a lot of people are hurt.
5:11 am
left behind from the storm that moved through virginia killing attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today.
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we have an abc exclusive interview with apple's ceo tim cook with the encryption battle making national headlines. he spoke with world news tonight anchors about why his company is resisting the court order to unlock the san bernardino shooter's iphone. officials say apple's push to have congress decide whether apple should be forced to unlock the iphones of terrorists would take too much time. >> if we knew a way to get the
5:14 am
would not expose hundreds of millions of other people's issues we would honestly do it. >> apple is expected to file another appeal to the court order. state police say four people are dead as a result of this system. late yesterday, they found the body of a man who'd been missing since a funnel cloud destroyed his home. here is a look at the severe damage in richmond. that area was hit by tornado yesterday. 25 injuries have been reportd. 30 structures have been damaged, half totally destroyed. 5:14. let's check in with the weather king. >> you can see down the east river, we are looking at 20- mile visibility in essence.
5:15 am
the fdr right there. and so this is getting a little better. humidity, however,way up there with the southerly wind at 8 to 18 miles per hour. look at this pressure. this is the kind of pressure you see around, you know, like a low pressure system like a tropical low. it's way down low. the high number in 60 is low. the temperatures will be dropping today as we go into today. 52 nor walk, 52 and 52 towards monmouth and ocean county. looking at the temperature today with the winds. looking at a morning fog and mild day of spotty showers with 54 and partly cloudy tonight. we're going to be looking at what will be plenty of sunshine tomorrow, 38 degrees. so we'll be looking at a cold day tomorrow, but it will warm back up this weekend when weep
5:16 am
saturday, 56 on sunday. >> nice. >> there you go. >> thank you, bill. heather, how's that commute looking? >> i have to say i was driving along 78 this morning going eastbound and i hit this huge puddle of water, huge, where your car feels like you hit a wall. you don't see it happening. it was right over here. >> ooh. >> i know this spot. >> once i got past it, i did see a car off on the side of the road and it was a smaller car, so i wander if there was an electrical issue once the car went through the puddle. it was more like a lake. so eastbound at birklee heights, there is an accident. slow down on 78 eastbound. the flooding is in the right and center lane but the left lane is clear. 107 on long island, we have
5:17 am
then we have this ongoing flooding bronx river parkway south exit 22 to 21. this was completely closed down both ways. 9w both ways near palisades avenue, that's with downed wires. if you take 9w, you want to think about that one. contact your carrier if you are going to the airport. la guardia. is reporting most cancellations and delays at this point. nothing terrible but you definitely want to get in touch with your carrier before you head out the door. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, ken, over to you. take your time after the big storms move loud last night. >> it is -- moved through last night. >> it is a live look showing the conditions on the highways and streets this morning. this is englewood cliff that heather was talking about. route 9w remains closed in both directions. >> you can track severe weather
5:18 am
5:19 am
5:20 am
back now live showing us the conditions out there for your morning commute. this is a live look at sage road in englewood cliffs where route 9w is closed in both directions due to downed power lines. it's 5:21.
5:21 am
minutes away from weather and traffic. here's meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accutrack. >> running right up the thruway is a thunderstorm. so we've got showers around this morning you see over here near scranton/wilkes-barre and east eastward. 58, elizabeth and staten island. it it will keep it warm but eventually the wins will turn around and go to the northwest. so if you are taking the ferry from staten island, the southernly wind will push through. brooklyn, you are looking fine. you'll be fine back and forth across the long island sound. weather and traffic together. a bag full of issues this morning.
5:22 am
talk about mass transit buzz that's very important this -- because that's very important this morning. we have possible cancellations. pack your patience. give yourself extra time. new jersey transit, metro-north running on or close to schedule. fir take 78 eastbound, you will find an accident and flooding going on with that. farther east on 70 near exit 57, of that flooding going on there. so again, use a lot of caution as you travel because you may experience this huge puddle in the middle of the roadway. 107 both between glenn head road, we have downed wires. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. ken, lori, over to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, a bad omen for the market or an indicator that now is the time to invest. the huge increase in stocks
5:23 am
a man is in critical
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the markets are mixed. on wall street, the dow stayed up 63 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 begin higher. futures pointing to a lower open. united states has lost its status as the bel air capital. >> reena ninan and kendis gibson have this morning's business headlines. an alarming sign about stocks. >> the number of companies with shares trading for under a dollar is at its highest point in 20 years. >> 360 stocks opened today for trading this morning at less than a buck. >> and a survey of customer satisfaction gives low marks. >> >> finally, the u.s. is no
5:27 am
billionaires in the world. >> the list goes to china. it's 33 more than the u.s. beijing is the city with the most millionaires. >> that's america's money. brooklyn brewery may relocate its williams plant to the brook d -- williamsburg plant to brooklyn city. it's made in utica. so the williamsburg facility offers a tasting room and retail shop. the company wants its new location to serve a similar service. i guess utica brewery doesn't have the same roll off the tongue ring. >> no it doesn't. coming up, major damage left behind.
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developing overnight, surveying the power of the storms. >> wicked winds tearing down trees and power lines with tens of thousands of customers without power right now. we've also activated roadside cameras. englewood cliff has downed power lines at 9w are closing the road in both directions along sage road. >> good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. it's thursday, february 25th. the storms ripped down trees
5:30 am
>> we'll get to meteorologist bill evans in a moment, but we begin with "eyewitness news" reporter mallory hoff live in massapequa, nassau county with major damage there. mallory? >> reporter: good morning. i want to show you what we're seeing as some of the worst of it. we're told this tree came down around midnight, and boy did it do damage here. we're told the homeowners are here and must have been incredibly startled this morning. look at this video. this is a power line that crashed down on two cars setting them on fire. no one was injured, but the flames grew very, very quickly. up on the north shore, downed wires and trees air problem in suffolk county. the damage took different forms across the area.
5:31 am
the largest outages are along huntington and oyster bay. we spoke with a man who described what sounded like when the winds ripped through. >> it truthfully sounded like they say a freight train. it started thundering and lightning. it woke me up about 12:04. >> reporter: back out here live this morning, the homeowner inside right now watching tv. again, that tree just sitting on top of this home. you can imagine as neighbors are telling us now this could have been so much worse. now a lot of cleanup ahead not just in this area but as you saw across the area that will take place in the days ahead. mallory hoff, reporting. bill everybodiens has the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> good morning, everybody. it's very warm to start the day.
5:32 am
wind is out of the south pumping up more moisture. 50 smithtown, 53 easthampton. monmouth ocean county, 61 poughkeepsie. flood warnings in parts of the area, flood advisories right in that area as well. heather's going to talk about that and the effects. we have a couple of showers to our west. this low that brought us all of this nasty weather is right into cleveland. so it could throw a shower over us at some point but the temperature is going to be dropping. bitter cold tomorrow. we'll talk about that next in your accuweather seven-day forecast. the long island railroad has some issues. >> well, not yet. >> no. >> they are not saying they have issues right now so what they are saying is that customers delays. could anticipate cancellations. new jersey transit, metro-north running on or close to schedule. subway service is running on or
5:33 am
contact your carrier if you are going to the airport. cancellations and delays could be there. at this point, it's not horrific but something to think about. farther east on 78 as you go through newark near exit 57, that's more flooding. if you are going to newark airport, that's another thing you want to think about. we have this problem on the bronx river parkway. in englewood cliff, 9w both ways, we have downed wires. so road cam 7 has been cruising around bergen county area. this is where that closure is. you can see the cones set up. so again, fur travel together george washington bridge, this is something you want to think about with 9w closed both ways.
5:34 am
discuss 22 west at tear row road in scotch plains. then on chimney rock road, we have downed wires. lincoln tunnel, they have construction. the holland tunnel, a very minor delay there. alternate side of the street parking rules for today. ken, over to you. it's 5:34 right now. in queens a coast guard vessel overturns while trying to make aures kai off of rockaway beach. right now it's not known what caused that fishing stress toll run aground -- vessel to run aground. five crew members are being treated at the scene. five crew members on the coast guard vessel were able to get to shore safely. "eyewitness news" has a crew headed to the scene. we'll have an update for you at 6:00. department, they will try to
5:35 am
partial collapse of a home in belmont. the building was vacant and no one was hurt. surrounding buildings with are evacuated as a precaution. ten people were forced out of their homes. a couple of miles away in hybridch, a man is in the hospital after bricks blowing off of a building hit him had the head apes he was on his way home -- head as he was on his way home from work. he was hit by about 12 bricks. and a tractor-trailer flipped over on the george washington bridge. the 18 wheeler was in the eastbound lanes and literally was blown into the westbound lanes. the upper level was closed until just causing a major backup. all lanes have since been reopened. about 20 minutes thunderstorm of the bridge, this is what --
5:36 am
this is what it looked like. firefighters had to close that road off to deal with the situation. right now, there's still about 4500 customers without power throughout west chester. >> the trucks can only use the upper level, right? so no trucks could get over bridge for hours. >> it was quite a backup. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> our camera is bouncing around with a southerly wind coming right into the lens. we have great visibility here from our camera in astoria right here at roosevelt island. looking good but there will be wind today.
5:37 am
to start the day, so we're 20 degrees warmer. it always floods in this spot. streams, creeks, rivers and things are shallow with light rain. we've had the rain and flooding, which is far worse than snow. we're looking at 52 by 9:00. into the upper 40s for the evening commute. it gets bitter cold tonight with the wind going to the north and west. this morning, kiddos, you might have a shower with the light rain and jacket. 53 today and the 40s after school. weather then heather. she's got all of the issues on the roads, too. >> reporter: yeah, it's hard to keep up. the bqe where it merges is a mess money we have speeds reduced at the outer bridge crossing and the goethals
5:38 am
we're looking it he george washington bridge, the lincoln and holland. 28 in bridge water. chimney rock, you have downed wires as you go through that spot. route 107 both ways between chicken valley road. long island railroad is on or close to schedule, but they are just warning passengers and customers that they could anticipate some cancellations and delays throughout the morning. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken, lori, over to you. we're following a breaking story of a fishing boat that ran aground in queens. we just got new video. it's coming up next. >> plus, new video police want to you see as they work to bronx. the specific item they got away with and it wasn't cash. >> the heart warming motivation behind a basketball game and
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
many parts of new jersey were under a tornado watch until late last night. shore communities like neptune did have sear crouse problems. these are new pictures we received on social media. now a big tree fell onto a home. >> now we go to road cam 7 with a live look right now. this is wood cliff where the road is closed in both directions due to downed power lines. in fact, police are on the scene. they've set up cones and rerouteing cars down sage road. we'll keep you updated on the stretch. 9w throughout the morning.
5:42 am
new this morning, a rite aid pharmacy worker tried to stop thieves from stuffing shaving razors into their pants and book bag. when the store clerk confronted them they threatened to shoot him, so he backed off. hundreds gangerred in union city to battle for bella. she's a 5-year-old who's undergoing chemotherapy to treat leukemia. shes what diagnosed last summer. even though the family has costs are enormous. neighbors touched by the story organized this coaches versus cops basketball. >> she's spunky. she has a great soul.
5:43 am
she's always happy. that's inspiring. >> you want to dance for everyone? >> yeah. >> wow. >> so pretty. little bella suffered a stroke during her first chemotherapy session last year. that forced her to miss the start of pre-k in september. sheep has at least three more years of treatmentsp. >> just like her name, she's beautiful. let's neck in with bill. >> we look at times square looking at a morning where you have this hazy look. southerly winds coming right up through the building here. temperatures and humidities are high. a little earlier, we're seeing this fog here the southerly wind coming up right up the shore here at asbury park and pushing the clouds and fog northward, too.
5:44 am
to 16 miles per hour. normal is 44. look at the rainfall in the park. right in line with our forecast. we're seeing an inch and a half to 2 inches. inch and a half of rain in the park. 50 hauppauge. look at poughkeepsie, 61. here is that southerly wind pumping up the air. the winds shift around to the northwest. look at these wind gusts la guardia. between those winds there, that's the quishing crew. also at jfkable the rockaways, you have .3 of a mile visibility so they probably
5:45 am
traveling. we war faulking about the flooding on route 9. still there is a threat of a shower as this low still moves up into the great lakes. yes, if this low were situated way out here and the cold air was with that, yes what a snowstorm we would be having. we got the eastern participate of it, so we got the warm temperatures and the rain. tonight, we're into the 30s and then the wind goes northwest. so it's 31 now in poughkeepsie. we have a wind out of the northwest tomorrow. so it will feel 40 degrees colder tomorrow morning. we have this and mild. tomorrow is blustery and cold. high 28, but it will feel like
5:46 am
we are looking at sunshine on saturday with temperatures rebounding nicely to 42. look at this warm-up to 56. >> i like that tie. >> sharp tie. >> very proud to wear this tie. >> it looks nice on you. >> let's get to heather. >> reporter: w is still closed down. this is both directions because of downed wires. road cam 7 is on the scene of this situation. we are looking at the cones that are set up, and that closier here. this is the real deal. if you are going on to 9w and you normally take that route to get to the george washington bridge, you will find lane closures there as a result. let's get to the maps and talk to you about the other side of
5:47 am
this is route 9 right near croton point avenue. that is some flooding. so you'll find lane closures there as well. lirr is saying to expect possible service changes, delays, cancellations. new jersey transit, metro-north subways are doing just fine. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you. we have much more now on that breaking news in queens we were telling you about. we're getting our first look at a fishing vessel that ran aground. moments later, a coast guard vessel overturned in the water while conducting a rescue mission. five of the south carolina queens crew members are being treated at the scene. five coast gourd crew members were able to get to shore safely. rob nelson is heading to the scene. we'll have a live report for you as soon as we can. it's 5:48.
5:48 am
news" this morning, the generous scholarship program
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checking out the streets and highways before you hit the roads this morning. there are closures in both directions due to downed power lines from all of the heavy storms last night money we'll continue to update you on route 9w throughout the morning. the former ceo of merck is giving another massive donation
5:51 am
high school attend rutgers for free. he has contributed millions for graduating high school seniors. his newest donation toward rutgers totals almost $2 million. >> it sews to the world that we have the right stuff for kids in our school district, and if you do your job as a student, you'll have the opportunity to have a free education. >> applications for the rutgers six-year futures scholarship program opens next week. the eligible applicants are seventh graders. >> you might not be surprised to learn that a city with an average daily temperature of 75 degrees is considered the happiest in america. according to the index, naples, florida ranks number one in the u.s. in terms of happy and healthy residents.
5:52 am
nation's lowest level of stress and depression. following naples on the list at number 2 is salinas, california. rounding out the top five are sarasota, florida, fort collins, colorado and barnstable, massachusetts. >> napeles is pretty. we continue to survey the major damage left behind across the tri-state. this is a live picture looking at a tree that fell onto ape house.
5:53 am
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5:54 am
. >> you are never northern seven minutes away from weather and traffic. we have south winds coming to
5:55 am
it's going to be an issue this morning. there's a couple of showers coming from the southwest. 52 bridgeport. 53 in elizabeth and new worth. the temperature is dropping, yes, but the winds are still south-southwest. 29 miles per hour here and shifting to the northwest later. next seven hours we'll be looking at futures dropping into the 40s this afternoon and dropping down to what's going to feel like the 20s tomorrow. we'll talk about that next. heather will be talking about inglewood, new jersey. >> you said 20s and i said ew. >> towards me. >> no, come on. here's another ew right here. this is 9w. thank you road cam 7 for showing us these pictures.
5:56 am
you exactly where the closures are. downed wires, and they are trying to repair that. hudson, more flooding there. long island railroad says you could experience delays and cancellations this morning because of the weather. bqe southwest, that is an accident being cleared. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. lori, over to you. one lawmaker in new jersey wants to lower the legal drinking age under the new proposal, assemblyman mike patrick carole says it should be 18. he says if an 18-year-old american can serve his or her country in the military, they should be able to buy alcohol.
5:57 am
federal funding gets cut for any state that has a drinking age under 21. he says there are increasing ride-sharing services and other ways to get around so it decreases drunken driving. we're working to bring you a live report from the cleanup of the storm. >> meteorologist bill evans has your forecast. remarkable things are happening at your local acme. we're making changes,
5:58 am
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 we do have breaking news at 6:00. a major operation under way right now after a fishing boat runs aground off rockaway beach queens. the coast guard ship trying to help overturned.
6:00 am
severe storms causing damage all across the tri-state area in the bronx. one man is in the hospital after being struck by falling bricks. >> pounding rain and high winds toppled trees on a home that ripped down four lines. good morning, i'm lore ray stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. >> taking a look at this new video from overnight in west chester county, those wires sparking on the wet pavement, and this is happening in tarrytown. >> n no audio ] >> about 10,000 right now and 5,000 february new york city and withest chester without power. >> we have team coverage live in massapequa with mallory hoff. >> reporter: good morning. a neighbor told me when the storm came through, it was so loud it woke him up. based on what we've seen here,


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