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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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severe storms causing damage all across the tri-state area in the bronx. one man is in the hospital after being struck by falling bricks. >> pounding rain and high winds toppled trees on a home that ripped down four lines. good morning, i'm lore ray stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. >> taking a look at this new video from overnight in west chester county, those wires sparking on the wet pavement, and this is happening in tarrytown. >> n no audio ] >> about 10,000 right now and 5,000 february new york city and withest chester without power. >> we have team coverage live in massapequa with mallory hoff. >> reporter: good morning. a neighbor told me when the storm came through, it was so loud it woke him up. based on what we've seen here,
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this is on chicago avenue in massapequa. the damage can be spotted and it appears the homeowners were home when this happened and we're told they are okay. take a look at this video of the other damage we spotted. power lines crashed down on two cars setting them on fire. no one was injured at the fire, but the flames, we're told, grew quickly. up on the north shore, downed wires and trees are a problem county. you are seeing one of the biggest problems, though. initially 43,000 customers lost power on long island. 37,000 still don't have power this morning. the largest areas are in hempstead and oyster bay. i spoke with a man who lives in massapequa and says he's still taking on the situation. >> it's kind of sad, you know?
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it's one less tree. it is a very shady block. it's beautiful to come down this block. >> reporter: have you spoken with your neighbors who lived here? >> no, i just woke up. >> reporter: tell me about your yard. >> i have to go look. have i to go look at my tree -- i have to go look at my trees. >> reporter: back out here live, it's unclear when the thousands of customers will regain power. it will be a day of cleanup on this property. mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> the weather will be changing fast today. >> yeah, you are never more than seven minutes abay from weather and traffic with bill evans. >> it's 53 degrees right now. temperatures will be dropping during the day. 59 kingston in poughkeepsie. that's down 2 degrees from last hour. look at these wind gusts from the overnight.
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trees and power lines. look at islip. we're talking tropical storm force winds here. brid port and la guardia. announce the winds on the respond of our planner here. southwest at 25 going northwest. that's what will upper in cold irair that will power in here. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. heather what's going on, on the subway? >> earlier signal problems on the 6 train have been taken care of. long island railroad possible service changes. as you go over to the grand central parkway eastbound, the ramp to the l.i.e., you have an
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then we have this ongoing problem in inglewood cliff. it does look like one lane is getting by past the cones that we're looking at here. again, you are going to find closures on 9w. the crews are out there trying to take care of this to get this open. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. lori, over to you. now to breaking news we've been telling you about. you are looking at the crew of a coast guard stressle that overturn -- vessel that overturned in queens. the fishing vessel ran aground. all of this happened around 4:00 this morning off rockaway beach. we still don't know what caused the fishing boat named the carolina queen to run aground. five crew members are being treated at the scene by crew members on the coast guard vessel and were able to get to shore safely.
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shower of bricks blown off the building on shakespeare avenue. the man was on his way home from work when he was hit by 12 bricks and suffered severe head trauma. a couple of miles north, a partial collapse of a multi- family home is being investigated. surrounding buildings were evacuated as a precaution. in all, ten people have been forced from their homes. a fallen tree delayed trains in west chester county. engineers were able to proud to the station where passengers transferred to another train. no one was hurt. if you have photos or video of storm damage, we want to see it. share with us on facebook or
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7ny. five teens charged in a rape that made agencial news are no longer suspects. prosecutors now say the young men did not sexually assault a young woman who was in a brownsville park with her father. the woman recanted her claim of being raped at gunpoint. investigators also say there was sexual contact between the father and daughter. the attorney for one of the teens says her client is relieved. >> he can finally go back to normalcy in his life. you can only imagine, he's 15, the trauma he experienced and embarrassment. this story first broke and went in addition wide and was horrendous. >> the case began to fall apart when both the father and daughter provided inconsistent statements about what took place. a baby-sitter on staten island is being held without bail for the horrifying abuse
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guilty. guilty. -- gloria fields pleaded not guilty yesterday. the medical examiner determined anthony was sexually and physically abused for days. fields admitted to using heroin and smoking pot while looking after the boy. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans has the forecast. >> we take a look outside. sunrise looking good here this morning as we get going. we're going to be looking at temperatures dropping today. we're going to be looking at sunny breaks and the threat of a shower, too, apes we look to the east from our roof camera nor sunrise. we look back to the west. you can see we have clouds here this morning. we could have a shower swing up and through the area. the temperatures 53 degrees and will be dropping today. it's dropped a couple of degrees but normally, the temperature will be 27 to 20 up around poughkeepsie. we're looking for a shower or two up to our west and could spin off and toward pennsylvania. as the low goes northward, the temperature drops through the day right around 50 by lunchtime today. 49 at 2:00 and then tonight it's going to be rather chilly and windy. tomorrow, the real feels will be in the 20s. after school today, kiddos, we'll be looking at clouds 48, maybe a spritz after school. it's going to be really cold. heather's looking at your commute. we've got trouble on the roads out there. >> this is the inbound side we have something north of the area where the earlier accident has been cleared away. six train signal problems have been taken care of.
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changes because of the weather. the ramp to the l.i.e., you have an accident being cleared away. then you have an accident 9w both ways. you will find downed wires and closures as a result of that. and hudson nine 9 some flooding. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken, lori. over to you. we are staying on top of breaking news in queens. this is a live picture from rockaway beach where several coast guard members are wet but alive after their boat overturned. >> they were on their way to help a fishing vessel that ran aground. rob nelson just arrived on the scene. we'll get you a live report on the scene. >> also, new video of the damage left behind from a line
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while on its way to save a fishing boat that capsized. >> reporter: let me give you a glimpse of dramatic scene unfolding behind me. the fishing boat that you see ran aground off rockaway beach here in queens. [no audio ] >> what we know is that the five coast guard members were on that boat are okay. meantime, though, out there in the water, there are seven crew members aboard the fishing vessel that still have to be rescued. they are in shallow water and don't appear to be in imminent danger. the name of the boat is carolina and the seven crew members on board need to be rescued.
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on top of that the 25 foot coast guard vessel sent to get them out overturned for reasons that are unclear. the rough winds and waves may have played a role. the rescue is under way. about two dozen personnel are headed to the beach in their diving gear. obviously, they will take part in the rescue to get the crew members off that fishing vessel that ran aground shortly after 4:00 a.m. here off rockaway beach in queens. the rescue is just getting started. the coast guard vessel that tried to rescue them overturned as well.
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follow this live and get this to you live. the chopper is helping out as well. some rough waves and windy conditions out here. again, the rescue is about to get started behind me. rob nelson, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> it's incredible to watch this unfold behind me, rob. have you had a chance to speak with those involved in the operation at all? >> reporter: we literally just got out here five minutes ago and haven't had a chance to talk with anyone. this is an incredibly active scene in the block behind us. ambulances are lined up, stretchers are already lined up here. so it's a full army of emergency personnel who are here to take part in the rescue operation but no i have not had a chance to talk to anyone directly as you can imagine as as you can see from the dramatic pictures, they are
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>> can you estimate how far out from the shore that boat is, rob? >> reporter: it's a little hard to see from our vantage point, but any to take an educated guess, i would say they may be 20, 30 feet from the shoreline. again, i want to point out as dramatic as the picture is, they are in shallow water. they aren't adrift. i think that's the part that's probably tough. the rescue crews are dealing with the high winds. there's pretty choppy waves so the boat is being tossed a little bit bath and forth. so it's about navigating the boat and getting the waters. the choppy waves are making things difficult.
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meteorologist bill evans to get our forecast. >> that boat is going to sit there for a while. you have to get another boat and kind of tow the back off of the sand there. it's getting the southerly wind pushing that boat and the wind is at 25, 30 miles per hour. last night, the winds were at 50 miles per hour. so no surprises they've got problems out in terrible weather. now as the boats are out there, it will keep the knows on the beach until high tide or get a larger vessel to pull that off. even with the winds out like that and rough surf of the waves, that will be very dangerous to do. you know, you seep those waves and it's dangerous to get those folks off to use the helicopter
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they don't look to be in any danger by staying on the ship unless there's flooding on the bottom of it. you'll see the waves crashing and generally in that situation, the engines are not working, the engine is disabled and it takes on water. we have skies that are partly cloudy with a few rain showers. looking from new jersey back east, there is a good looking sunrise here. clouds come back and increase again for a time here. the humidities are high, winds out of the south at 5 to 15. look at the pressure still falling at 29.26. the park wind is generally
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wind by the building. so you don't get an accurate reading like the rockaways. i'll show you the wind profiles. temperature after midnight, 60 degrees. we've got standing water, debris on roads, power lines down, trees are down. temperatures are falling with the wind shift going northwest. combedder tomorrow. it will feel like the 20s and warm up for the weekend. 48, 49 babylon. here's the temperatures 53, 51 for the park. 49 around jfk and the rockaways. it's nice before that got going. 37 mile-per-hour wind gusts at jfk to a 52 mile-per-hour wind gust at islip. the wind is still out of the southwest and wind shift is not until after lunchtime today. so flooding issues here on the
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we could get a shower or two out of this low. this is through the great lakes northward coming our way. it's very mild, but the temperatures continue to fall down to a low of 34 tonight. 24 and then it's blustery and colder tomorrow. despite a lot of sunshine, that 38 tomorrow is going to feel like 28. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. we'll have sunshine on saturday. we'll warm right back up, 42 saturday and will warm up to 56 on sunday. near 60 by the time you get to monday. look at our nice weekend coming up through today and tomorrow. >> nice. >> mm-hmm. >> yeah, the weekend will be good. >> i'm sorry. >> no, let's check in with heather. >> reporter: okay. let's talk about possible service changes meaning delays and possible cancellations. at this point, we're doing okay. a couple of trains here and
6:21 am
new jersey transit on or close to schedule. metro north 10 to 15-minute delays. la guardia. , jfk, newark, contact your carrier. la guardia. has the most canceled flights and most delays as well. if you are going under the grand central east, an accident is still being cleared. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken, lori, over to you. we are staying on top of breaking news. in queens, the rescue on the ground, at sea, and also by the area at rockaway beach. >> we're watching this dramatic scene literally unfolding right
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'racing last week's rally. there is a key financial meeting with world leaders tomorrow. >> japan's nikkei average managed to finish up. wall street futures are pointing to a lower open. the dow jones starts the day at 16,484. virginia state police announcing four people are dead as a result of a tornado. three people died yesterday in a small town outside of richmond, including a 2-year- old later in the day. police found the body of a man who had been missing since a funnel cloud destroyed his home. state of emergency is in effect after wind gusts of 60 miles per hour brought down power lines and damaged a number of buildings. coming up in our next half hour, coast guard crews working fast to rescue several sailors
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a coast guard vessel is trying to rescue trapped sailors is overturned. >> this is unfolding right now. "eyewitness news" reporter rob nelson is live on the scene. rob? >> reporter: well, good morning again, lori. i want to separate out of the picture because really this is a bird's eye view of the rescue operation that is under way right now. this fishing boat ran aground about 4:00 this morning right off of rockaway beach. what you are watching right now are crews there, probably a dozen or two or three dozen out there right now trying to get about seven members of that fishing boat off that vessel, which is anywhere from 15 to 30 feet off the shore in shallow weather but dealing with gusty winds and rough waves. this should be kay okay as we got unofficial word from an official at the scene. they hope to have a safe ending
6:30 am
operation was just under way. a few minutes ago, we saw a diver go into the watter from the coast guard helicopter. also another twist in the story was that a coast guard vessel, that was on the way to rescue the fishing crew, itself overturned in the water. the five crew members on that vessel are okay. they had protective gear on and made it back to shore safely. again, the fishing boat sailors are awaiting rescue. you can see the coast guard representatives out there and it is a very active scene with fdny, police, and the coast guard out here. so right now as the rough waves continue to rock that boat back and forth, we're waiting to get some sign that the crew members are going to be taken to safety here. there are stretchers here right off the boardwalk waiting to
6:31 am
water and heavy wind. again, i will give you another live picture of here. this coast guard helicopter effort right here. again, the coast guard boat overturned itself. those guys are okay. several members of the fishing crew are in their boats waiting to be rescued. that's partly as you see in the live picture here, the coast guard helicopter lifting this person into the air here. operation. so all seven still waiting to be rescued. one by one, we expect them to get plucked out of that boat. so about 20 feet off the shore and shallow, rough water with gusty winds and potentially dangerous waves and unofficial word as we expect those guys to get off the boat. lori, ken?
6:32 am
guard does that we don't get to see, especially live. this is unfolding live before our eyes. give us an idea of how strong the winds are blowing where you are right now. >> reporter: i heard bill evans a few minutes ago, and i think he said 15 to 16 miles per hour. clearly doesn't sound like a lot, but when you are right by the water, it feels a little stronger than that. certainly it is chilly as it always is by the water. i think the telltale signs of how the winds are. just look at the waves. you can see how choppy the water is and the effect the waves are having on that boat. we've been here a number of times watching that fishing boat get rocked back and forth as it is right now going side to side. so you can imagine the crews getting tossed around pretty good. again, they under shallow water here, maybe 20 feet from the shore. so they are, you know, as fay as can be -- as safe as can be
6:33 am
you can see two dozen emergency personnel to orchestrate the rescue and help get the members off the boat and bring them to safety. a minute ago, we see several behind us off the boardwalk there. several stretchers are lined up with a whole row of ambulances and emergency vehicles waiting to treat these guys for whatever they may need once they get off the boat. so i think a rescue here with a few pictures with this boat obviously running aground and tossed about by the waves. >> and you mentioned that it was remarkable when you think of the various branches there and how it seemed so well synchronized and the right handoff and being prepared for the rescue. >> reporter: absolutely. i have a good friend in the coast gart and i've been communicating with him unofficially. he reminded me about how they
6:34 am
this and how a quick effort is still critical to making sure these situations end well. according to him, the helicopter you are seeing live on the scene is out of atlantic city. so they came right up here for this rescue here. things seem to be going well. there is a strong response but not a panicked response by any stretch. the expectation is that this will go well. it's taking a little bit of time because of the gusty winds and waves that continue to toss the boat. this, again, should end well. it is a good thing that they are 20, 30 feet away from the shore. we'll continue to keep an eye on this. as soon as we see the guys begin to get rescued, we'll let you guys know. >> all right, rob. nice job. time now, 6:34. onto the cleanup from last night's severe thunderstorms. >> take a look at new photos from another dangerous scene.
6:35 am
have blown a section of a building's facade onto a residential street. avenue. hurt. several cars below were damaged by debris. >> we take a live picture from route 9w from englewood clips, new jersey. tape road. forecast? meteorologist bill evans? >> we can expect a little wind today and expect the temperatures to fall today. you might see a shower or two run into one anyway. cloudy skies and the southerly wind at 8 to 18. that really, you know, is a problem down at the rockaways because it keeps pushing that fishing vessel onto the rockaway beaches. down onto the lower right-hand side of the screen, that's jfk.
6:36 am
the fishing boat is running aground. so you don't have to wait this will high tide that's making it drag off. the 37 mile-per-hour winds at the jfk and 52 mile-per-hour winds in islip could combine to create the problem that the fishing vessel has. we'll be looking at the temperature falling all afternoon and we'll see much colder air pouring in tonight. take the umbrella. it will feel like the 20s tomorrow. we'll talk about that next in the accuweather forecast. problems this morning. this is why we do it. >> we'll talk about what's happening here with route 9w both ways between palisades avenue and clinton avenue. we have the downed wires as a result. george washington bridge is 5. there's a large pothole
6:37 am
you cause caution because of that. route 9 south near croton point avenue, you have flooding plus an accident money alternate side of the street park rules are in effect. lori, back to you. >> thank you. tens of thousands of people are without power because of downed trees and power lines. mallory hoff has a big scare for at least one family there. mallory? >> reporter: lori, good morning, yeah. it certainly was. now the sun is coming up. you can get a good idea of what the storm left behind here. you can see this tree just came crashing down. this is chicago avenue and massapequa. it's some of perhaps the worst damage we've seen. we're told the homeowners are okay this morning. take a look at this video of other damage we've spotted. a power line crashed down on two cars, setting them on fire there.
6:38 am
and the flames grew very quickly. there are downed wires and trees on the roof of a home. they are a problem all over. damage took different forms across the area as you are seeing one. biggest problems, initially 43,000 customers lost power on long island. 37,000 still don't have power this morning. the largest outages are in north hempstead, huntington, and oyster bay. back here live, we've seen ape lot of folks biking by, walking by, driving by to get an why the of what this storm looks like. the homeowners are trying to figure white's next for them. mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, mallory. the wild weather is also to blame for flipping over a truck on the upper level of the george washington bridge. looking at a live -- well, we were, but this is from last
6:39 am
the 18 wheeler was literally blown across the lanes. it was closed until just after midnight, causing a huge backup. all lanes have since been reopened. there is a man detectives say preys on children. it happened just this past monday. the schoolhouses both a middle and charter school. the man ran off when the children yelled for help. a not guilty plea from a mother who left her 2-year-old. >> she was home alone when the fire broke out. the girl's mother, 20-year-old
6:40 am
they was rested and charged with child endangerment. there are reports that president obama is considering a possible nominee to the supreme court. sandoval is a republican and could be an attempt to reach out to senate republicans. breaking news we've been following all morning, eight people were rescued off rockaway beach and here is a live picture of the rescue effort. we're updating the story on
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moments ago, the carolina queen crew was being rescued by the coast guard. we'll continue to monitor this story. we have new clues coming out later today as the fbi
6:44 am
the shooting two years ago on long island. a masked gunman shot castle owner in the head nearly killing him. the fbi and police will release surveillance video from the shooting which has been held until now. nassau county police will report today on their investigation into the sexting scandal involving a county executive and businesswoman who won no-bid contracts. the two insist they were hacked. you can hear the conclusions. three pregnant women in florida have tested positive for the zika virus. health officials believe all of the cases are travel related. zika has been linked to a rare condition that causes babies to be born with poorly developed heads.
6:45 am
reported in florida, none are connected to a mosquito bite. george stephanopoulos joins us live. >> good morning. sam champion is here with the latest on the deadly storms that hit the north eventern states. now cold and snow are moving in as well. we'll have super tuesday is just five days away. this is the last chance to chick shanes is up. the fight is gins the fbi and why he's refusing the government's about to unlock the sap bernardino's iphone. >> we'll be watching. let's take a look now with bill evans. >> kind of a nice start to the day. you see we have sunny breaks
6:46 am
there could be a shower that spins up as well. here's our camera on the roof across fifth avenue. a few clouds, high humidity with 53 degrees. windy winds out of the south gusting up to 25, 30 miles per hour. it's certainly going to be quieter. still got debris on the roads. temperatures will be falling and much colder tomorrow. it's going to feel like the 20s and it'll warm up through the weekend. 54 long branch. 53 at sayerville at somerset county. there at rockaway where the fishing stressle is on the ground, getting pushed into the shore.
6:47 am
so big wind in the sails last night with the thunderstorms. so flooding issues. passaic and around aramapo. amounts. there's a couple of inches of rain in the area. there is a shower that could slow you. 2 inches of rain at dan inch and a half at the park. 2.6 inches of rain. 2 1/2 inches of rain at poughkeepsie. so there could be a shower that spins up today midday. then watch the wind flow here come out of the northwest. temperatures keep dropping into the upper 30s by midnight. tomorrow morning we start the day in the 20s to the north.
6:48 am
like the teens. here you gop your accuweather forecast is wind why you and mild. >> 24? . >> we warm back up on friday into saturday. we'll be 42 on saturday and looking at 56 by sunday. checking in now with heather again. >> if you have to grab a train, keep in mind, the long island railroad says there could be possible service delays. nothing terrible has happened. new jersey transit is oning on
6:49 am
a trains, you have actual of signal plans. -- you have some signal problems. 20 minutes inbound george washington bridge. the lincoln is 30. as you come down the harlem river drive, it is a very large pothole. so you want to use caution. going over here onto the staten island express way heading westbound, that is another pothole that you can see the eastbound side is backed up as a result of that. then an accident guarden state parkway north at 128. street cleaning rules are in effect. even without a twister touching down hartley. neptune had power lines and branches down all over town. another check on breaking news.
6:50 am
at the coast guard rescue off rockaway beach. one. very painful men on the fishing boat. the coast guard helicopter is being used to reach the crew members inside of the fishing vessel that ran aground about three hours ago.
6:51 am
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more now on breaking news.
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bringing the customers off the boat. another crew member is walking up the beach. a coast guard crew on a small boat overturned earlier while trying to rescue them. this is new video of the boat upside down in the water. we'll have a live report when we come back. meantime, we'll be back with ano i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn.
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and we have an update on
6:56 am
telling you about in queens. a rescue operation under way to save a group of fishermen. >> rob nelson is in rockaway beach with the latest. >> reporter: ken and lori, one by one, they are plucking this fishing crew off the boat. this is the fourth guy we've seen rescued off the boat. coming from the beach wrapped in a white blanket being brought up to the beach to an army of ambulances and fire trucks and stretchers. they all do appear to be okay. many are walking from the beach up here in socks or even bare feet. obviously cold and rattled by what happened today. this boat ran aground about 4:00 for reasons that are still unclear. the good news is the coast guard helicopter based out of atlantic city has been plucking these dies one by one in the basket-like device bringing them to the beach. rescue crews are bringing them as you can see this gentleman
6:57 am
officials and being brought for treatment and manies here on the other side -- pardon me, of the boardwalk here. there were several members of that crew. at least four or five were now out. one by one, the situation is beginning to slowly come to an end. they were on that fishing boat this morning and some high winds and heavy waves out there. again, they appear to be okay at that hour one by one getting plucked off the boat and being put on the beach. they appear to be okay but some of you will continue to follow the rest of you throughout the morning. ken, lori, back to you. >> rob, thank you. news chopper 7 has just arrived over the rescue scene. >> john? >> reporter: ken, it looks like this is the last crew member being plucked off of the carolina queen. this is beached only 50 yards off shore. you can see the coast guard crew member placing it into a stokes basket. we've seen this where the
6:58 am
raised all the way up into the coast guard helicopter overing above. they've been able to make a quick evacuation because instead of bringing it into the helicopter, you can see the helicopter swinging about 50 yards to the beach into the waiting arms of local coast guard and fire department. they'll make one more trip and again the coast guard member safe. john del giorno, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you so much. let's talk about mass transit. >> we've had a couple of issues this morning. long island railroad was anticipating delays and cancellations. i did not see anything major but something to think about. new jersey transit is closed metro-north. a train, 2 train, both have signal problems. coming off palisades and clinton avenue, we have the downed wires. the lincoln is 30. the holland is 20 minutes. as you come often of the george
6:59 am
just off of the bridge, a large pat hole, so you'll want to use caution there. we have a pretty sunrise as you see. the storm has pushed off to the east, however, a shower could spin up today. 53 is going to be our 7:00 temperature. cambria heights 46. these temperatures will be dropping. poughkeepsie is down another two degrees to 57. all day long, the temperatures dropped slowly on down tonight. 32. tomorrow is 38 and will feel like the 20s. we have chilly sunshine and it warms back up and we hit 56 by sunday. >> thank you. that is the news for now. we'll leave with you a parting shot from a news copter 7 off of rockaway beach right now. the coast guard got all of the fishermen off. that's the news for now.
7:00 am
"good morning am good morning, america. state of emergency. 53 tornadoes touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the outbreak rips apart homes. winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after trump hinting a bombshell may be coming. abc news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answers questions for the won't help the fbi break into the san bernardino shooter's phone. >> this case is not about the phone. this case is about the future. >> his message for victims' families and this morning, new


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