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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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crews arrived and notified the victim's brother. he says the building has been repointed. >> you see the pointing. >> reporter: it was redone a couple of years ago? >> yes. >> reporter: and that sidewalk shed is still being built. the department of buildings issued a violation and ordered a shed be put up to protect the residents and civilians. the family said they hadn't heard from the building's owner yet. a message to the owner hasn't been returned this afternoon. the victim we want to tell you is expected to go home from the hospital, that's good news, in three to four days. live in the bronx, lauren glassberg, eyewitness news. thank you. another building in the bronx was heavily damaged in the nasty weather, and could be torn down as soon as tonight. an emergency demolition order
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it was already in bad shape because of a previous fire. for precaution the building next door was evacuate. the aftermath of the storms has left thousands without power right now, nearly 20,000 customers effected in our area. long island was the hardest hit, but psag said moments ago that 92 percent of its customers are back online again. and trees crashing down all night led to crews working on the power lines all day, and a horrifying experience for a family, a teen girl studying in her room when a tree came crashing through the roof and barely missed hitting her head. >> the branch came right through the top and right above her. we're just glad she's okay. everything else can be fix.
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bedford and schools were canceled. and a coast guard boat responding to a stranded vessel had to be rescued. >> reporter: after a rough morning at sea, these fisherman are doing well here at jamaica center, but the question is what went wrong. they wrapped up the meeting with the coast guard to figure out what happened. >> it could have been a number of things that went wrong that led us to a series of events where we are now. >> reporter: the coast guard meeting with the seven rescued fisherman trying to figure out how this happened. >> it's a fishing boat [ inaudible ] >> reporter: it was around 2:00 this morning when the 74-foot vessel was virginia, the
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officials not ruling out the rough surf tossing the boat through the the dramatic rescue. by sunrise a coast guard helicopter hovering above the beach, rescuing them from a basket one by one. >> the us coast guard rescue swimmer went in the water and couldn't hand it will conditions. >> reporter: as they made it to land they were quickly wrapped in blankets after spending hours on the cold choppy waters. >> >. doing okay? >> reporter: the water so rough a 25-foot coast guard vessel capsized after hitting a sand bar making its way to the fishing boat. all members swam safely back to shore despite battling 12-foot waves testimony carolina queen
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it took less than an hour to get them back to safe ground, and as to whether she should have been out there they have minimal regulations. >> the fisherman boats have a lot more leeway to do things. >> reporter: at this point there's no reason to believe negligence was a factor. thelive at jamaica medical center, eyewitness news. thank you. a sign of just how strong the winds were overnight on our facebook page, it was taken by one of our reporters. the wind causing problems all over the area. lee goldberg is outside the studios with more. >> reporter: that takes a 60- mile an hour wind to do something like that. look at the storm reports across the northeast, dozens of
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trees down, even a report of a tornado west of scranton, well now the warm winds that took us up to 60 and caused the severe weather, they're turning colder. 73-mile per hour gusts in some areas they'd three inches of rain in parts of new jersey. still have some flood warnings for creeks and streams like the still river in connecticut, this is going until tomorrow morning with minor flooding. meanwhile rain showers steady over yonkers, the bronx, and even some snow flakes off to the west, so have the umbrella this evening. this is actually sort of the backlash of the storm in eastern canada, we're now on the cold side, and it's giving us the cold canadian air into
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drop 5 degrees the last hour, and now down to 55. dress for 30s overnight. teens and 20s tomorrow morning, that's where the wind chills will be. sunshine, but also gusty winds, and it will feel like 15 to 25 out the door in the morning. a blast of winter and then another quick climb into really mild spring temperatures. more in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. back to you for now. thank you. now to the latest on terrifying chain reaction pile up in new jersey, ten vehicles involved in the crash. adriver of a bus that slammed into the car says his brakes failed, but the police say the brakes did work. toni yates is live at the police station. >> reporter: yes, that driver of the bus is identified at 30- year-old jamal penton.
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already, but want to talk to him again, finding out what was going on in the bus that caused the multicar crash. an unbelievable scene at route 130, cars mangled, police attending to victims and nine crushed cars after this bus slammed into and then barreled through the two lanes of cars. >> the bus failed the stop, striking ten vehicles, two of the people were extricated from vehicles by the fire department. >> reporter: you can see the driver of the bus in blue holding a briefcase as the police examined the bus owned by a suburban transit. police questioned him, and say he claimed the brakes failed but so far investigators founds no problems with the brakes. what are you possible cause? >> they're looking at all possibilities, rain now it's
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>> reporter: coach usa released a statement saying in part safety is our top priority and suburban transit is fully cooperating with authorities with their investigation into the incident. seven people were injured. the most serious injuries, one man has a broken back, a woman has a broken pellet vision. police -- pelvis. some of the cars were slammed so hard they were pushed into a wooded area. >> normally the bus drivers are careful, they come from new york city all the time, but i never saw this happening. this looks very scary. >> reporter: well, this morning they were no passengers on the bus at the time. it was a charter bus, police say it was headed to monroe to pick up a group of senior citizens.
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driver of look driver. thank you, one of the passengers on a storm battered caribbean cruise ship is suing the company. the passenger claims he was flung 18 feet in his hit the door so hard he was knocked unconscious. it's the first lawsuit filed after the captain of the boat tried to outrun a winter storm in the atlantic. politics now, and the republican presidential candidates face off in a debate in texas tonight, and this debate is important with super tuesday looming next week. super tuesday with its 594 republican delegates, often a turning point in presidential campaign, and here's the developments from the campaign trail today. >> reporter: in the last debate before super tuesday donald sides. rubio and cruz both questioning trump's conservative
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>> who the heck knows what he would do at president. >> we're not letting the republicans be defined by someone who's not a conservative. >> reporter: he's ahead of rubio in his home state of florida, pushing rubio to possibly get tougher on trump, despite trump's threat to get back harder. >> every attempt to take on trump has failed spectacularly, and rubio and cruz are each other's enemies as well. >> reporter: but the billion dollar question could be about trump's unreleased tax returns after romney accused trump of hiding something about them. >> we have a good reason to believe there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> reporter: trump's angry reaction on twitter, romney is playing the tough guy. the democrats just two guys away from their next contest in south carolina. >> before there was obamacare,
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>> reporter: sanders is moving ahead to other states attracting thousands to a rally today in cleveland. >> and together we're going to transform america. >> for kasich and carson, tonight is an important opportunity to silence calling for them to drop out of the case. new video of a shooting at a castle, why the video is released now, and will it help solve the famous case.
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new video tonight of the shooting at oheka castle, that shooting happened two years ago in huntington, a case that's still unsolved, and now the fbi is getting involved, hoping to find the person that shot the evener of oheka castle. we have a reporter there at the castle with more. >> reporter: the question is, why is the pedestrian releasing this -- police department releasing this video now two years later? well the new police commissioner says he's doing a stop to bottom -- top to bottom assessment of cases unsolved left in the department, and he says this case is significant because someone was shot in the face, and the person who did it
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surveillance video from february 2014 shows gary melius walking to his car in the employee parking lot of oheka castle. >> as he gets in his car, the perpetrator exits his car. >> reporter: fires at least one shot through the driver side window. the bullet hits gary melius in his face. the suspect runs away. gary melius survived attack, he's put $100,000 of his own money toward a reward to find the person that did this to him. the police announced today they decided to bring the fbi on board to help with the investigation. >> we look forward to bringing this coys kasich to a close. >> reporter: gary melius -- case to a close. >> reporter: gary melius told us in a statement i'm glad the police decided to release the video to the up public. hopefully it will prompt someone with information to
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on the investigation. >> we don't have someone in hand cuff, so it's not acceptable. we're doing that here, and that includes bringing the fbi on and releasing this video. >> reporter: the police did try to enhance the video to get a better look on the license plate of the suspect's car, but weren't able to get a good look, but the car is described as a 2006 jeep grand cherokee, color khaki metal. if you know anything call crime stoppers. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. apple now officially fighting the court order to help the fbi unlock the iphone of the
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a filing today asking the judge to deny the order. the request raises serious issue. >> >. i think conversation and negotiation is the key to resolving this. this is the hardest question i've seen in government, and it's going to require negotiation and conversation. >> he said the questions the case raises should be decided by congress eventually, not the courts. right now parts of virginia are under storm warnings after severe weather turned deadly there. over the past two days violent storms have ripped through the south, at buildings in pennsylvania, destroyed. amazingly no one hurt, but i tornado? >> yes, several tornadoes. over 20 to 30 tornado reports. >> which is unusual in that
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>> yes, in that area, very like a march system, and the problem with the power outage, we have the cold air coming in tonight, and a lot people searching for heat and don't have power. that's a concern into some very chilly air over the next 36 hours. this camera is shivering with rain drops on it. rain drops and snow flakes across the area. at 40 now. west wind still gusty. up to 30 miles per hour in the first half of the night. a wind tomorrow gusting over 30. 61 was the high earlier in the morning, and struggled to stay around 50 much of the afternoon, and now we're dropping. close to an inch and a half of rain at central park. there are the sunset and sunrise times, and montgomery's at 42, closing in on the freezing mark in monticello right now, snow flakes in the cat skills.
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it's raw gun, and the gusty wind is cold. 41 miles per hour gusts at jfk and newark, so probably more delays at the airports right now. see what's coming in with the cold winds, upper 30s across central pennsylvania, near freezing in pittsburgh, and that's coming our way overnight. so we may bounce back a degree or two over the next few hours. have the umbrella handy in the early evening. closer to freezing tomorrow. 20s in the suburbs. gusty wind making it feel like the 20s. raining in long island, light rain over the hudson valley, snow flakes mixing in over to sparta, new jersey. this is actually the back side from this storm, and now the
5:20 pm
wake of the storm. this will be with us through tomorrow and saturday morning. once the high is eastward, and we can get on the back side of it it's warming up nicely and we'll get pacific air in here over the weekend to really spike the temperatures, so look at what's happening in the evening hour, the showers wind town a little bit, your evening hours in the upper 30s and low 40s. tomorrow morning back with the winter chill. 20s and lower 30s, climbing into the upper 30s in the afternoon despite late february sunshine, actually being a little stronger, so 32 tonight. tomorrow a high of 38, but feeling like 20s, so a lot of layers, and 26 with deminutishing wind -- diminishing wind overnight. over the weekend start in the 20s and end in the 60s. no major storms in sight, and does that mean no significant snow in sight? definitely interesting weather pattern into march. mothers living in countries
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encouraged tonight to continue breast feeding their babies. >> the world health organization says the zika virus is detected in the breast milk of two mothers in the virus, but there's no -- with the virus, but there's no research saying it spreads through the milk. $12,000 in donations to a cancer fund gone. coming up see the theft in action. >> sea world admitting to planting employees inside peta. what it says happened next that has sea world changing its policy. and a look inside the brooklyn connection to this year's oscars statues, and
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it was an emotional day in court for sports reporter erin andrews who's suing her stalkers and the owners of tennessee marriott hotel after she was video taped through a peephole. a psychotherapist testified she was anxious and depressed after the man was let out of prison. andrews claimed the hotel allowed the stalker to book a room next door to hers. and yankees spring train
5:25 pm
practice. fans in tampa, all there to cheer on the team, also there is sports anchor rob powers, year? >> reporter: well, so far, at a one, so good, a new season means new hope. yankees fans hopes this is their year, again. they want their team to answer the bell starting today. >> let's go yankees! >> reporter: and they did. the full squad taking their first steps on the field. the yankees ready from day one. so much hope and so much promise when it all starts up again. >> we have a really good clubhouse in there, and we have some unfinished business going into this year, but we want to build on what we started last year. >> we feel good. this team has a lot of talent, and we're excited about the season. >> the excitement, looks like everybody worked hard, you know, came and spring training in shape, and everybody is excited looking forward to the season.
5:26 pm
yankees fans came from near and far to see their team right from the start, a family affair for so many, a family tradition in the making. >> >. we love the yankees, i mean, baseball is family, you know, and when he turns two he gets a baseball glove. we love it. >> i'm a die hard yankees fan, so i get to miss school. >> reporter: you get to or just missed school? >> just missed school [ laughter ] >> reporter: and so it begins, at 6:00 we'll have more with alex rodriguez. live at spring training, rob powers. ladies, it all starts today. >> fun times. well a heartless crime in new jersey, the donations being collected for kids with serious medical condition, and the thieves that stole owl of the money.
5:27 pm
and uber driver melt down, more information about the bizarre behavior of the driver leading up to the deadly shooting. and new york city cops go
5:28 pm
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all new at 5:00, money that was being collected for children with cancer and other ailments ripped off. >> the money was kept in just a giant water jug, but when burglars struck they stole all of the cash inside. shirleen allicot is live with more. >> reporter: you know, it's really sad, mark said he had
5:30 pm
owner of benny burgers here and said that's why he was so passionate about giving back, and he say it's really unfortunate someone took from children. back on february 10th you can see a mask man walking in through the back door, through the kitchen to the register, to the right of him is the collection jar, and the money allows kids with cancer to go to camp for free. it had $1,200 inside. the suspect not only swiped the jar, he also grabbed approximately $400 from this money wall hung up high. mark says this is one of three of his businesses that have been robbed, and he thinks who did this is from the neighborhood. >> this was all donation money for kids, for camp happy times. this was well wishers donating.
5:31 pm
somebody violating this. >> reporter: now all the bills were marked, and looked like this. mark tells me some of the bills were actually found in a nearby bar, so he thinks it's somebody in the neighborhood. as police continue to investigate, these people are so resilient. they have a jar in will and have started over the fund raising process, and the whole community is helping. shirleen allicot, eyewitness news. >> hopefully even more now will contribute. thank you. hundreds of patients at a hospital in new jersey have been notified tonight that they may have been exposed to hiv or hepatitises c. the frightens announcement came after officials say about 213 patients who received intravenous morphine from june 2013 to september 2014 may have come into contact with an employee's blood as a result of drug tampering.
5:32 pm
urged to tested immediately. a group of albany students saying therm victims of a -- they were victims of a racially targeted attack could be facing charges now. a new video disproves their claim, and even shows an alleged victim throwing the first punch. and we're learning new details ability uber -- about the uber driver accused in a deadly shooting spree. dalton has been acting erratically and seemed depressed in the days leading up to the shootings. six people were killed, and the attorney expressed sympathy for his family, just baffled by the tree. >> jason by all accounts was a good father, well known in the community, well liked, and
5:33 pm
that something like this would occur. >> he was a married father of two and began driving for uber just two weeks before the shooting. he's in jail now facing six could wants of murder -- could wants of murder. and -- counts of murder. and the white house is stepping up support for port orchard toe rio spending money for roads and public works project, hoping to spur economic development as the island struggles with a $72 billion public debt, the debt the government says is unpayable. new at 5:00, sea world is admitting to planting a spy inside the animal rights group peta. they say the company will no longer use such practices to monitor opponents. last year peta fired a worker they discovered was a sea world employee.
5:34 pm
him shows their condoning corporate spying. and today several roads were named after police officers that died. one died last year, another in 1996. the world's largest ferris wheel was used today as a training site for new york city officers practicing rescuing drills. this eileened how to save passengers from the high roller ferris wheel in las vegas that can hold more than a thousand people at a time, and they need to know how to handle things if someone gets stuck. >> we don't have that hands on training back in new york. we don't have a wheel. >> there is a wheel scheduled to open on staten island in 2071. the wheel in -- 2017. the wheel in las vegas has a zip line pullly system to reach
5:35 pm
the naughty nurse accused of taking part in a surgery while drunk. also kesha claimed her long time manager abused her, but there's questions about that. and a semi truck sideswipes a patrol car and nearly takes it out. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg, no umbrellas on east side right now, but we're bundled up as the winds come in. the temperature in new york city, 40, cooler air is coming into the evening, so don't be surprised to see a few snow flakes in the air.
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new jersey trap is it and rail unit -- transit and rail unit officials will start up
5:39 pm
a federal labor board recommending transition workers get a raise of 2. 6 percent a year for the next six scabble a half years, but transit says they can't afford the coast of the wage and proposals. a new twist in singer kesha's fight to get out of her recording contract. a new video shows her in a deposition, and she wares under oath -- swears under oath she was not intimately involved with him, and her mother denied it to. >> dr. luke never made sexual advances at me. >> her attorney say she was threatened by dr. luke and could only come forward about the issues after she went to rehab and therapy. police say on an on cal
5:40 pm
showed up drunk to assist with surge have i. he was called for -- surgery. he was called for an emergency appendectomy. he told investigators he had four or five beers before he was called in. he was responsible for preparing the patient and monitoring vital signs. a routine traffic stop turned into a close call for a trooper in missouri. you can see a tractor trailer sideswipe the trooper's car. he was inside the vehicle at the time, and look at this, luckily no one was hurt, but the car is likely totaled. a young boy from afghanistan that gained global attention for what he was wearing now has some new gear. the boy was given two autophotographs shirts and a player. he drew messi's name and number
5:41 pm
a student makes his first high school dance a family affair for a very good reason. >> coming up, making meaningful memory, the teen who decided to make sure his cancer stricken sister enjoyed a spent rite of passage. oscars are given out in hollywood, but finished right here in brooklyn. we'll show you how coming up on eyewitness news. good to see you as always, and coming up more on the deadly outbreak. more than 30 tornadoes. new details about a jet crash, and a student creating a fake
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right now it's all about the oscar, and from white house to hollywood, vice president joe biden will make a special presentation at the awards, he'll introduce lady gaga
5:45 pm
it happens to you, it's part of a documentary, the hunting ground, about sexual assault. the vice president says he'll use the introduction to urge americans to speak out against sexual assaults. >> like that, good idea. >> jennifer lawrence by the way nominee. she earned $52 million. >> what? >> that's somewhere between june 2014 and june 2015. she's just 25 years old and the younger person ever with four nominations. she won in 2012 for silver linings play book. this year the cover eted oscar statue is getting a makeover with the finishing touches done right in brooklyn. sandy kenyon shows us the making of oscar. >> reporter: oscar is going back to the future this year in orange county. the location of a new manufacturer chosen by the
5:46 pm
>> they wanted to keep the original style of the sculpture, but wanted the figure to be more contemporary. >> reporter: dick's foundering has long been the favorite of artists that rely on him to cast their sculptures, but oscar travels to brooklyn to be finished. >> three separate layers of gold. >> reporter: and that final layer is a special kind of cold. >> this gold is three times harder than normal 24-carat gold. >> reporter: it's gold developed for nasa. >> a few weeks ago we were planning components for the james webb space telescope. the same gold was put on to a figure to make us famous [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is a sweet moment for these two old friends that have a century's worth of experience between
5:47 pm
>> everybody here stands as a little straighter and walks a little taller. >> we've had similar reaction in the shop. >> reporter: what does this mean to you? >> a lot. >> reporter: sandy kenyon, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> >. that's really cool. and this is a live look at the dolby theater this hollywood where preparations for the oscars are underway right now. they're busy at work. sandy kenyon will be in hollywood for all of the oscar excitement, his live reports will be in tomorrow. >> you can chat with him live on facebook tonight at 7:00, and catch him saturday night on channel 8 on his show route to gold, and watch the oscars here sunday night. >> and you can ask sandy about anything and anyone, and he has a story to tell you. >> >. he really does. he has the best story.
5:48 pm
few years rain threats with the red carpet, figure el nino year we'll be wet, mostly sunny, 76, looking good on oscar sunday. a lot of clouds outside here though right now. great shot, manhattan skyline right now, and for now rain drops have stopped, but it's biting all of the sudden. it's 40. warm and muggy overnight last night, 60, to 40 with gusts and 30 miles per hour, and we'll drop to the 30s after the midnight hour. we'll have the rain threat the next few hour, and is suburbs drop to the 30s by the evening hours. tomorrow morning near freezing. sunshine, fair amount of sun throughout the day, but feeling like teens and 20s. few showers over duchess county, across into suffolk county, then snow flakes in western morris and huntington
5:49 pm
to tend to dry out coming out mountain, so evening is just about the cold winds. tomorrow morning sunshine is back. that's night. looking great out the window, but doesn't feel great. upper 20s and lower 30s to start the day, and the wind feeling like 20s. the seven-day forecast, through friday during the day, the wind chill, stat in the teens and low 20, even single digits to the north and west, in the afternoon hours the wind chills basically in the 20s. through the weekend now, saturday's going to get off to a cold start. the weekend is chilly, even though we're walking agent a -- talking about a nice weekend recovery, saturday below average, then mid-40s in the afternoon. sunday, that's a great day. sunshine, breeze around, gets us close to 60 some areas,
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
school, so i just thought why not ask her to formal. her laugh is pretty good. it's really fun to just be around her. >> that's so sweet. ultimately rebecca was just a little too nervous to go to the dance, so they had dinner with family and friends, but her parents say the most special part of the evening was seeing their teen son, and all of his friends, not even batting an eye at the idea of spending a special night with his 10-year- old sister, and that is really special. >> yeah, what a great bond. so cute. >> good kid. a new look into a very risky assignment. >> coming up, exclusive video as we go with the nypd into some of the city's most dangerous housing developments. and sexting scandal that could have cost a man his job and freedom turned out to be a
5:52 pm
did some frame him? and disturbing ages about the two-year-old girl that died in a fire after being left overnight. did the child welfare agency that girl?
5:53 pm
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>> >. the deadly shooting of gurley and the subsequent trial of a police officer put attention on the risky and dangerous job of pa paroling the city's -- patrolling the city's dangerous housing projects. >> we went with officers on what's known as a vertical patrol. >> the surprise is the hardest part. >> reporter: at time it's pure pandemonium, a gunman roams a hallway, here a suspect pulls out a weapon and fires. all of this went down inside public housing. police say the only way to combat this type of crime is with the department's controversial tactic, vertical patrols. >> i believe if we were to stop doing them it would be a free for all.
5:56 pm
just how dangerous the buildings can be, he grew up here at the albany house, and we i shadowed -- we shadowed officer here. a top to bottom check of the build, and they rely heavily on military-type training. >> we have to see around the corners just on top of people. >> reporter: this type of patrol under a microscope after a jury convicted nypd officer officer. >> usually i wouldn't have my gun out if the lights are on. >> reporter: but that day the lights were out. >> that's a personal thing. >> reporter: critics ranging from police unions to some community leaders want to do away with this type of patrol,
5:57 pm
officers and people living here. john chain, a law enforcement expert say there's room for improvement. >> it may have elements of risk, but we have to train for them, and find out what the risk is and how to eliminate it the best we can. >> reporter: a work in progress. >> i think they have to know that there's a chance that cops will be coming up and down the staircases. >> fascinating. still ahead, did new york city child protect erin services fail to -- protective services fail to protect a 2- year-old left home alone that died in a fire. eyewitness news news at 6:00 starts right now. this is new york city's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. with bill ritter and liz cho. rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive forecast.
5:58 pm
a dramatic rescue. a chopper sweeping in to save a fishing boat in distress off the coast of queen, but the helicopter called in after a coast guard rescue boat flipped over. but first a bombshell development in a political sexing scandal in long island involving a nassau county executive, but it turns out it was all a hoax. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. call it the sexing scandal that wasn't. the allegations embarrassed ed mangano, and could have threatened his political. >> reporter: police now say the whole thing was made up. by whom, that remains a mystery. >> stacey sager is live with the story. >> reporter: who did it and why? these are important questions, but today the nassau county police made it clear it was an honest investigation, a detailed investigation, and it turned up nothing.
5:59 pm
this was a fabrication made of materials cut and pasted from the internet. >> as far as i'm concerned the sexing case is closed. >> reporter: closed because there were simply -- there was simply no evidence that ed mangano was ever sending explicit techs to a pr exec ty. >> it doesn't -- executive. >> it doesn't exist. >> reporter: and the nassau county police did an exhaustive search of her files and deleted texts, tweets, calendars, and did the same with ed mangano, and grilled both of them. >> it's not a comfortable conversation, and he looked me in the eye and swore to me and said i'm not involved with the woman or these messages. >> reporter: they even put up
6:00 pm
today, the phrases cut and pasted from various internet sites, even from quotes regarding celebrity break ups not from them. >> every search we ran through can't find it was sent. >> reporter: after the news conference both of them responded, the woman simply tweeted thank you, and ed mangano with this. as i stated the moment this matter was brought to my attention, my family and i are the victims of a hoax. and the woman received two big contracts when ed mangano was under scrutiny for how the contracts were doled out. and ed mangano has been under a lot of scrutiny late lyams


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