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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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marco rubio threw everything at trump. >> if he builds the wall like trump towers he'll be using illegal immigrant toss build it. attack came today. >> it's time off so people can see what we're dealing with here. what we're dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. >> reporter: trump hit back ridiculing marco rubio was reaching for water in an official republican response for president. >> >. it's rubio! >> reporter: trump also said he sweats, a lot. >> can you major sitting there waiting for a meeting and marco rubio walks in and he's totally drenched? i don't know what it is, but i've never seen a human being sweat like that. >> by the way, christie said before he and trump are friends, and no love lost between christie and marco rubio because christie blamed
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destroying his hopes in the new hampshire primary with a series of attack ads. surprisingly cruz quiet today, he needs to do well next week, especially in his home state of texas. back to you. okay, thank you. the democrats are getting ready for a primary election tomorrow in south carolina, but there are also keeping their eyes on bigger prizes for super tuesday. hillary clinton hitting stops all over georgia today, sanders is continuing his zig zag around the midwest, and stopped in flint to address the city's water crisis. unprovoked and out of nowhere, a woman sucker punched in a subway by a man walking right toward her. tonight, we're hearing her strike the frightening punch and -- describe the frightening punch, and learning about the suspect's long criminal history. darla miles is live at the courthouse in lower manhattan.
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arraigned this afternoon, and remanded for a psychiatric evaluation. luckily the victim had the presence of minds to ask a person to good samaritan did. >> >. in the back of my head i'm like what, i saw his arm go back, and am i about to get punched? >> reporter: ever. >> reporter: yep, that's -- >> reporter: yes, that's exactly what happened. she has a black eye and bruised node. >> >. it was just brute force. >> reporter: the red imprint is from the glasses she wears, and likely prevented damage to her eye sockets. the man punched her on the subway platform in times square. >> about to go up off the platform, and this man just came out at me as fast as i was walking, briskly, this man
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>> reporter: the man was headed home after hanging out tuesday evening, just after midnight when they crossed paths. >> >. i stepped to the left, and i literally had three second toss react. >> reporter: his criminal history? a familiar tune. more than three dozen arrests, and a history of mental illness. >> i believe there's something wrong with him, he was arrested 36 times and still able to harm people, and i want to make sure he doesn't harm others. >> reporter: so again this afternoon the man was remanded and taken for a psychiatric evaluation, but the this brings attention to the cycle of people hurt by the mentally ill, and hopes they can protect the passengers on the subway. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. another vicious attack on the
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being slashed right across his face in midtown on the end q morning. the victim burned into another rider -- bumped into another rider, they exchanged words, then the suspect took out a pocket knife and slashed the victim's face and thumb. he got off, the victim went to work and called the police. and a wild scene outside a night club in brooklyn, a man is stabbed and say is that right time later a -- short time later a woman was shot. the man was stabbed in his stomach during an argument over a woman, the woman was shot when someone opened fire as the crowd moved down the block. both are expected to be okay. the man that once led the suffolk county police department is going to jail, he pled guilty today to a courthouse beating and then
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here's more. >> reporter: that's right, he could get as much as four years in federal prison when he's sentenced. today the former chief admitted he beat a man in police custody and then orchestrated a conspiracy, but it was, by all account, a conspiracy to cover it up. his attorneys insist that james burke want toss but the entire episode to rest, but the guilty plea from the former chief is apparently just the beginning. >> there's other police officers that have pled guilty to this, other individuals as he said in the room with him, and those are the individuals he conspired with. >> reporter: it happened inside the 4th precinct station house where a man was questioned for stealing hand cuffs, ammunition, porn and sex toys from burke's car. >> if the police can beat me
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>> reporter: he admits he beat him while the man was chained to the floor. at the time i along with others willfully used unreasonable force and slapped and hit the individual causing bodily injury, and he knowingly and intentionally conspire and took affirmative steps to obstruct and not to cooperate with the investigation. this is the victim's attorney. >> after he beat chris he went back and bragged about it and felt like it was the good old days of being a cop. >> reporter: our investigation is on going said the us attorney, and we'll seek to hold accountable anyone that violates another's civil rights end quote. but the attorneys insist burke's plea deal is not a cooperation agreement. >> under no circumstances will he cooperate with the us attorney's office, or the
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>> reporter: no date so far from the sentencing, of course once burke is sentenced he could be subpoenaed to testify about virtually anything. no official comment from the us attorney's office, other than to say the investigation is on going. thank you. officials believe bomb threats called into at least five high schools in new jersey were just pranks. the calls were received just before 9:00 this morning at several schools, all of buildings were thoroughly searched by police, but nothing was found. students were allowed to return to class a short time later. crews repairing a huge sink hole in new jersey. it swallowed a truck last night as it opened up. fortunately the two people inside truck were not hurt. the street is a dead end, so it's stopping some people from actually leaving the neighborhood, and they're
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happen to their homes. >> >. i was worried about the house. is my house going to be okay? collapse in the hole? how far is it going to go? >> gas was turn offed at one home as a precaution, but affected. and the building commission will decide if a home on staten island is safe. there's an suv parked on beach street when an out of control container truck hit it and pushed the truck into the house. two people suffered minor injuries. today marks 23 years since the first attack on the world trade center. today victim's loved ones gathered at the memorial. six people were killed and more than a thousand injured when a truck bomb was debt -- detonated under the world trade center. at the time was one of the
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attacks in the us history. and in syria there's a cease fire aimed at stopping the bloodshed. the main opposition group in syria supports the deal brokered by the us and russia, burt it's not clear who else is on board. the white house says it's not able to judge the cease fire's success within the first few days or weeks. new information about the man that went on a work place shooting in kansas, plus a deer ends up inside a school in new jersey -- middle school in new jersey. how it got there and how it got out. and product popular at sports stadiums could be -- products racket, could be banned all -- rather, could be banned all to protect children. and oscar is still under wrap, but come sunday he'll be ready. coming up on eyewitness news i'll explain why this could be among the most exciting shows
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into new reaction to a ban to -- new tonight, reaction to a possible ban of chewing tobacco at yankees stadium.
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if passed would mean you could no longer pull out your tin of smokeless at that back calamity of errors and put a pinch -- tobacco and put a pinch between your cheek and gum at all sporting venues. like the crack of a bat at city field or yankee stadium, chewing tobacco is a tradition. >> it's a part of ball game. >> reporter: but una new law propose -- under a new law proposed, smokeless tobaccoable products would be banned at all players too. >> they're heroes, role models to young people, and to have them on the field and in the dug out chewing and spitting,
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weighs in on the idea from training camp. >> i'm kind of torn, i see the pros and cons. >> reporter: the mets organization supports it saying preventing children from being exposed to smokeless tobacco is an important initiative. the yankees also fully support the proposal. >> people that use tobacco are typically emulating people they look up to. >> reporter: but some like ronald that worked there say no. >> players will chew regardless, trust me, and i am too from time to time. >> reporter: but it gives others mixed feelings. >> i don't see it hurting foul? >> why banning the players? what's that going to do? >> reporter: they're already banned in los angeles, boston, and san francisco. thank you.
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dramatic rescue in the waters off queens from the coast guard perspective. watch them hoist the fisherman to safety. wow, what a view. another coast guard boat tried to help, but capsized. the crew members were able to swim to shore. the new president of fifa, the international soccer federation says he's convinced a new generation is starting. the lawyer was switzerland was elected this morning, getting more than half the votes in a stunk victory. he says -- stunning victory. he says he knows they have to regain the trust of people after being rocked by scandal last year. stocks falling again today after a dip in the price of
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points closing at 16,639. the nasdaq though climbed 8. talk act taking a dip, we took a dip in temperatures for sure. >> we did, but there's a nice recovery for the weekend. >> i left the house without a scarf, and i'm like oh my god i need it. >> i warned you! i try to give you the weather wardrobe. well, maybe get to retire some of the heavier coat, that camera still shivering up and down, that's centered in mid- town, past the empire state building to one world trade. the vizth is great, and -- vizzibility is get, and -- visibility is great and looking so pretty out there. the pressure on the rise, high pressure slowly building in, and 38 the high number on the day, so that's 6 below average, and that's the last time below average for awhile. no rain fall today, and there's the sun rise and sunset times.
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sunshine, some haze and 32. right now still flood warnings still from the recent rains in connecticut. cold on long island, mid-30s across much of new jersey, 31 in andover, only 21 in monticello, and still wind gusts, feeling like 11, so it's a very chilly night. we're going to start the recovery after tomorrow morning. cold early tomorrow morning. after the cold night with patchy clouds, the wind backs off, started at 26 tomorrow, high clouds and sun, and then a fair amount of sunshine and temperatures take off in the afternoon. low and mid-40s should feel really nice, exactly where we should be this time of year. patchy clouds over central and southern new jersey, but mainly clear now, and sandwiched in between the departing low from
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high over east texas, and the wind flows compliments each other, so we need the high to move a little closer, and that happens through the weekend. in the meantime some patchy clouds coming downwind of the great lake, clouds coming our way in the day tomorrow, so it's a mix and sun and clouds leaning towards mostly sunny in the midday, but you see the core of the cold air, really right here yesterday, shifted north and east, starting to retreat to the north with the cold air, and eventually all the 60-degree readings makes a run tennises through the upcoming weekend. -- to the niese through the upcoming weekend. upper teens and 20 #-s in the morning tomorrow, low and mid- 40s in the afternoon. tomorrow night not as cold, and clouds around. middled 30s, and look at how we spike in the afternoon on sunday. this computer model is depicting mid-50s, but i think we could actually approach 60 in many spots.
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partly cloudy skies, windy minutishing, 45 -- diminishing. 45 tomorrow, breezy in the afternoon, but seasonal and feeling better. 35 tomorrow night, brisk, and then warm up nicely on sunday. socoming up at 530 -- so coming up at 5:30 warming up, and can we stay above average, but maybe have a thunder threat mid- week? and would wet snow be coming? maybe a week away. we'll look forward to that in the next half hour. back to you for now. okay, wet snow doesn't bother me. >> no. >> i can deal with that. still ahead on eyewitness news, why if mother of a woman -- the mother of a woman accuse offed stealing an -- accused of stealing an mta bus says the charges should be thrown out. and a store that's been around for decades closing, and
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it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today. learn more at all eyes on hollywood ahead of sunday's oscars. here's a live look at the dolby theater where in just more than 48 hours now, the awards will
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and diversity expected to be a big topic in the show. >> the host chris rock sharing a cryptic tweet today. sandy kenyon is on the red carpet for us, and is here now with more. >> reporter: guy, cryptic is a great word. i talked to chris rock's representative recently, and she said he is turning down all interviewers, preferring to save what he has to say for sunday night. nothing says hollywood quite like oscar. the red carpet here is supposed to welcome the world and show case the best the industry has to offer. [ singing ] >> reporter: in 2008, jamal joseph led a group to appear on the oscar telecast. >> >. and standing on the stage
5:24 pm
what a moment for the kids, but also what a time for african americans and the oscars, and it seems like we've moved backwards from that moment. >> reporter: a second straight year all of nominees in the acting categories are white, and the reverend al sharpton plans to lead a protest near the theater sunday. >> we need to keep a presence there until change comes. >> reporter: at the academy the president vowed to increase the number of minorities voting, but it's not just the academy that must change. >> it's an industry-wide program. the academy is just a mirror to that. >> reporter: and women as a whole are underpresented, filling less than 30 perts of speaking roles. >> -- 30 percent of speaking roles. >> >. i'm so glad it's being brought to the forefront because i think film needs to
5:25 pm
>> reporter: three time nominee joan alen appears -- al lean appears in -- allen appears in one of the movies nominated for best picture this year, and she also appears on a new abc series debuting next thursday on abc 7. coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00, we don't know what chris rock is going to be saying during that monologue, but we'll give you somebody who's got a good guess. that's at 11:00. for now i'm sandy kenyon, reporting live from oscar's red carpet. >> can't wait to hear what he has to say. >> there's a lot of pressure building for chris rock. >> thank you sandy. by the way the special road to gold airs tomorrow night at 7:00 right here. >> >. and then sunday red carpet coverage at 5:00 and
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news and a special edition of jimmy kimmel live after the oscars. a search for answers after another mass shooting. coming up, new information about the gunman the possible motive behind the madness, and hero that risked everything to stop him. and new details about a fired mta driver that took a city bus for a quick joyride. why the suspect's mother says her daughter isn't malicious, but just needs help. and give her detention for
5:27 pm
5:28 pm
glow new at 5:00 -- new at 5:00, oh deer, it's getting a lot of comments on our facebook pages. >> it got into a middle school
5:29 pm
the question tonight is how. >> eyewitness news reporter carolina leid is at the school with some answers. >> reporter: well, that buck got in through an unlocked window, this one right here. you can still see some of the hairs from that animal here on that window as it shimmied into this office. as to why, well a lot of students and parents are speculating, wondering if he saw his shadow or reflection here and thought maybe i just found myself a girlfriend? this one-year-old buck caused quit a commotion friday afternoon squeezing into the school using an open window, then busted a wall and knocked over a water cooler trying to get back out. >> my teachers are just freaking out, so i come down and all i see is that window open with a deer or with a buck, so i was just like oh,
5:30 pm
>> reporter: students were in the middle of being dismissed from cool, and -- school, and parents and students alike snapped approximatic which you ares. >> >. a lot of -- snapped pictures. >> a lot of kids got scared, you can see a lot of hair on it and the hoof prints on the window, but right through window, scared the staff inside and our dean of students locked the door, closed the door when it ran into the office. >> reporter: and then animal control came here, tranquilized the animal and took it away, making sure it's not injured before releasing it back into the wild. carolina leid live in north arlington. a tuberculosis scare at a school in connecticut, while a possible case of tb is being investigated, there's a low
5:31 pm
because of privacy information ability the patient, the -- about the patient is information is not being released. they'll test people that have had close contact. meanwhile a fire at a school in manhattan forced the relocation of 3,000 high school student toss other buildings. it broke out last night in an electrical panel in a basement of a building in union square that houses six schools. no word on when classes can resume in the building. the family of a woman accused of stealing an mta bus is asking for the charges to be dropped because she suffers from mental illness. the woman jumped behind the wheel of an mta bus tuesday and drove it threes. the driver had just evacuated the bus because the woman refused to put out her cigarette.
5:32 pm
according to her family, but hasn't been diagnosed. >> i don't want her released until she's treated. >> reporter: she's actually a -- >> she's actually a former mta bus driver, fired for excessive absence, and is undergoing psychiatric care. mean while two men shot in a harlem parking garage, and one of them is a hip hop producer that's been shot before. it happened inside the pro park american garage last night. the shooter fled and the injuries. one of them is 26-year-old hip hop producer eric music. he was also shot in 2013. the nypd is remembering one of its own killed on the job nearly 30 years ago. thousands gathered overnight in jamaica for an officer to honor a rookie officers killed in february 1988 while guarding a witness in a drug case, he was just 22 years old.
5:33 pm
saying we want be numb to the mass shootings that seem to happen almost every week. 3 killed and 16 wounded yesterday when a man went on a kansas. today more about why he did it, and the officer that stopped him from doing more harp. here's more from hesston, kansas. >> reporter: so far the motive appears to be domestic, but it remains under investigation. we're told the fbi is here assisting, talking to some of the injured victims for answers. one day after the latest mass shooting in this country left 3 dead and 14 injured, the sheriff in harvey county kansas, says there's only one reason he didn't kill me. >> the officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: as many as 300 people were inside a factory
5:34 pm
began firing. >> the gun was strapped to him, and he was ready to go. >> reporter: ford had already shot and wounded three people before he entered the plant. the bloodshed ending with ford shot and killed in a gun battle with the first officer on the scene. the hesston police chief. >> that particular officer is a hero. >> reporter: ford's shooting rampage ranged six miles and three locations, believed to be motivated after ford was served with a restraining order at work, just 90 minutes before the first shooting. >> really quiet, didn't say happy. >> currently 11 of the 14 victim interviews have been conducted by the fbi. remaining victims are not able to be interviewed at this time. >> reporter: police say their investigation is continuing this as president obama weighs in saying enough is enough. >> these sort of mass shootings taking place, we can't become
5:35 pm
>> reporter: as for that restraining order, court document rescue veal it was ford's -- reveal it was ford's ex-girlfriend claiming he once choked her and adding he was alcoholic, violent, and depressed. live in kansas, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. emotions running high as a teen is sentenced for raping and killing his own teacher. phillip chisholm received a life sentence with possibility of parole. he was only 14 when he killed his teacher. friends and family of the victim say teaching was her passion. >> she simply loved taking care of others. that's who colleen was, and i can hear her hopeful little voice saying i want to be a teacher, and i was so looking forward to the big moments ahead of her. >> during the sentencing
5:36 pm
the crashing waves of this tragedy will never wane. was there bias as a popular new york electronics -- at a popular new york electronics store? and tenants in the bronx burning mad about a lack of heatingment and a possible strike by new jersey transit workers on track? what we just learned about negotiations that could impact thousands of commuters. >> isn't that a nice sunset? >> oh wow, that's awesome. >> love it. >> help me with this? >> yeah. >> it feels like 28, if you
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up with having no heat in their apartment building are raising their voices in anger. frustrated tenants and their supporters shouted when while rallying in front of the building saying they've been living this poor conditions for eight months without heat, hot water and cooking gas. just in the last week because of help from community leaders, the landlord just started making repairs. also in the bronx, police searching for the young people in this video caught on video attacking a subway rider. the 26-year-old victim followed them into a subway station after one of them snatched his cell phone on a train. the group attacked punching the victim in the face and trying to steal his wallet. new at 5:00, negotiations between new jersey transit and the rail workers union have stalled. the negotiations move to
5:41 pm
they've authorized a strike on the 13th of march, and they're demanding wage increases and the transit agency says workers went excessive health -- want excessive health ben nits negating aable wage increase. and the labor department says b and h discriminated against hispanic employees only hiring them for entry level jobs, and paying them less, and exposing them to racist comments. a spokesperson for b and h declined to comment. several members of nypd were promoted today, one of them was an officer shot in the knee july 14th, 2014, he went through physical therapy and he's back on active duty. he was promoted to detective
5:42 pm
still ahead, a storied book shops last chapter. >> >. loss after a land mark. the -- of a land mark, the legendary store about to close its doors for good. plus this: >> reporter: i'm lauren glassberg, and we're at a new restaurant serving up indian inspired comfort food, it's all coming up in neighborhood eats. breaking development, the deadly work place rampage, the motive, and the video now discovered.
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fight turning personal smoking causes 16 different types of cancer.
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the last chapter written for the legendary st. mark's boom shop in thest -- book shop
5:46 pm
it's closing it's doors for good sunday after almost 40 years in business. all the inventory is being sold at 50 percent off. the story's clearance sale will last through sunday. >> late to see that. >> difficult to compete. >> a sign of the times. >> >. i may have some competition. did you see her moves at the weather map? >> i did, quite nice. >> i have some time off next week, so maybe, actually i don't, but may be coming up the ranks. >> i don't know, no one can do it like you lee. >> all right, tonight we have what is a cold night, but at least it's clear. the sun seethe about 545 -- sunset about 5:43, and beautiful, but the biting wind cons for a -- cobs for a few -- continues for a few more hours well go below freezing tonight. sunset at 543 the imtim, daylight savings in two weeks with a sunset at 7:00 7:00 march 13th, days getting longer
5:47 pm
the winds dropping off, so good news, not as bitter through the overnight even though the numbers dropping to the teens and 20s. tomorrow morning 26 with a lighter wind, and temperatures take off into the low to mid- 40s in the afternoon. little breezy at times, with a mix of sun few patchy clouds, clear to partly cloudy overnight. tomorrow the cold start, and nice recovery in the afternoon hours. lower and middle 40s. more clouds roll in tomorrow night, down to about 35 or so actually, and sunday afternoon though, a taste of spring again, it will be near 60, and as you head inside, start watching the oscar coverage, the stars walking the red carpet at 76 in the west, they're getting a break in the rain, so 60 on sunday. monday looking pretty good, some rain drops there, but if you're planning on monday, it's not a
5:48 pm
especially off to the south. it's a fairly weak front, maybe clouds and passing shower early, after that it's in the upper 50s and pretty nice in the afternoon hours. tuesday is a great day, in the middle to upper 50, that's in advance of the next significant weather maker coming in wednesday, and that could be a period of heavy rain. i don't think it's a wash out, probably maybe a three to six hour period with decent rain fall, and rumble other of thunder at -- of thunder at 54, then the significant cool down. down to freezing at night, and thursday is only 40, if that, doesn't feel that warm because the gusty breezes, and then in a week's time a chance of maybe rain or wet snow. it's a system sliding to the south, and i'm a little concerned it's cold enough for wet snow, but just locating long rain, this is the one -- looking at the long range, this
5:49 pm
and so i'm not seeing that set up where we're looking at another big snowstorm in the next week or two, maybe three, so we'll see what happens. >> we're fine with that. >> okay with that? >> oh, yeah. >> let's eat! >> let's do it in today's neighborhood eat, the search for a perfect cup of tea leads to a new restaurant. >> the owner of this restaurant wasn't in the food world before this, but she's in it now, she serves chai, it's located at 274lennox avenue in harlem. >> i was seeking the perfect cup of chai. >> reporter: when she couldn't find it she opened her restaurant in an old brown stone with two floors devoted to her restaurant. >> we just followed our heart. it was really about making this
5:50 pm
and enjoy it. >> i like everything here. >> i love the ambience, the food the people, the hospitality. >> reporter: the food, indian inspired. flat breads, smoked egg plant, lack chop, oak rain forest fries -- okra flies, and a kale burger. >> it's healthy but sensual, you get layers of flavor. >> reporter: the potatoes are mixed with fresh kale and binded with a chick pea batter. the payties are deep -- patties are deep fried, and it's unlike anything burger around. >> it's brought a different favor to the neighborhood, and it's a very healthy alternative to the choices here.
5:51 pm
inspired by her own family. >> i think there's something very beautiful about that, designing a space about that nourishes your families. >> it's a very great group of people living here, and i've learned so much. >> the recipe for the kale burger is on our website, and it's open every day except mondays, and there's live music many night, there's live music there tonight and a really beautiful space. >> fabulous. >> i know you're a vegan. >> if you're a vegetarian check it out. just when you got used to your iphone, big changes are ahead. >> phones without ports, jacks or speaker holes? what you need to know about the mobile makeovers that could
5:52 pm
and i'm liz cho, new at 6:00, another slashing in new york city, this time a 60-year- old man is slashed at a subway station in midtown. plus unwanted guesses at a local store -- guests at a
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
th one of the rarest records ever is being auctioned off next month, and beatles fans are going to love it. the record is described as the holy braille, it was the band -- grail, it was the band's first to be pressed and helped them get a recording contract. the song hello little girl is one on, and til there was you on the other. it will be auctioned off next month, and is expected to sell for more than $14,000. well the internet is abuzz with rumors that apple plans to do away with the headphone jack. >> but that may not be such a
5:56 pm
>> reporter: right now this is how most of us listen to music on our phone, but consumer reports says soon we may see phones with no ports or jacks at all. >> without ports they can be slimmer, thinner, and better able to resist damage from moisture, dust and other debris. >> reporter: there's already a growing selection of affordable high quality blue tooth headphones that wirelessly connect, and there'sing the knowledge on a sharp, and several models from other brands. how is that even possible? the technology uses your face as a conductor? >> you don't need speakerphones, there's vibrations interpreted as sound. >> reporter: although it's not common yet, the technology works well, to eliminate the need for a charging point, there's -- port, there's
5:57 pm
phone on a mat when it needs juice. it's already available on the galaxy sx, and droid turbo 2. but without a charging port how do you connect it to your computer to update your music? >> you can do it over wi-fi, and there's a ton of streaming services. >> reporter: some are free, while others cost 8 dollars to $10 a month. david novarro. and still ahead, a starving and side of a road, who would do this. >> police are also askings that question -- requesting that question. eyewitness news news at 6:00 starts right now. this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter, and liz cho, rob powers with sport, and lee goldberg with the forecast. another slashing in new york city, this time a 60-year-
5:58 pm
subway station in midtown, the slasher is on the run tonight. but first: >> >. there is no one better prepared to provide america withable strong leadership -- with strong leadership than donald trump. >> new jersey governor christie endorses donald trump, good evening at 6:00 i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. governor christie making the decision to endorse after a secret meeting yesterday with trump at trump tower in new york. >> the surprise announcement in texas somewhere days before the super tuesday primaries in 12 state, and as marco rubio steps up his calling him a con artist. >> so is christie eyeing a spot in a possible trump organization? here's more on the lead story. >> governor christie swears he's not interesting at all in a position in a trump white
5:59 pm
wants to serve out his term until 2018, then go into private business. and there's a nasty fight that's been going on all day long between trump and marco rubio. >> reporter: it was a surprise endorsement. >> the best person to beat hillary clinton in november is undoubtedly donald trump. >> reporter: today's endorsement, an answer to last night's debate, and a newly aggressive marco rubio. >> if he builds the wall like trump towers he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. >> such a cute sound bite. >> reporter: and they continued today in dallas with marco rubio on the attack. >> it's time to pull his mask off, so that people can see what we are dealing with here. what we are dealing with here, my friends friends, is a con
6:00 pm
>> he's a nasty guy. >> reporter: trump retaliated poking fun at how marco rubio once drank water in a live republican response to the state of the union address. >> it's rubio! [ cheering ] >> reporter: and trump was brutal saying marco rubio has a problem with nerves and sweating a lot. >> can you imagine putin sitting there waiting for a meeting, and marco rubio is walking in totally drenched. >> reporter: a few weeks ago christie wasn't so nice about trump. >> show time is over, everybody. we're not electing an entertainer in chief. >> reporter: but today prize for trump, and hitting hard at marco rubio. >> i find it fascinating that someone that barely shows up for work in the circumstances years he's a senator is going to talk about somebody else being unprepared. >> and you might remember in the race it's governor christie that caught marco rubio


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