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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  February 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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. police have identified the
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have a description of the vehicle that the suspect was driving. kristen thorn will be here in just a few minutes. police are investigating two men were slashed outside a manhattan nightclub. two men had been kicked out of a nightclub, got into an argue many with another man oh, on the street. one of the men slashed the victim in the hand. another man who had been drinking with them they nightclub was also slashed trying to break up the fight. both victims are expected to recover. a new jersey community is mourning the death of a well known business owner as police continue to search for his killer. police closed irving street as friends and family held a candlelight vigil for jamal gains outside the sneaker store that he owns. he was shot and killed inside east coast boutique.
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business and the community. >> 21 years old. so ambitious. does so many things in the community. like, it's a shame. >> he would give a homeless person the shirt off his back. he would give a person the last it didn't matter. he was living and caring. >> gains opened his store when he was just 18. so young. after first starting a sneaker business out of had his home in high school. friends say they want to see that dream fulfilled and are going to do everything they can to keep that store open. it was a run away win in south carolina for hillary clinton, the former first lady got a big boost from black voters. abc news predicted her the winner minutes after the polls closed. marcie gonzalez is in columbia, south carolina. >> celebrating a crucial
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>> thank you so much, south carolina. >> in south carolina, hillary clinton gaining delegates and momentum. >> big win here in south carolina, likely means a big win in the southern states on super tuesday. bernie sanders can continue to win some states, but if he doesn't win decisively, it's up. >> conceding here, but insisting his campaign is far from over. >> tuesday over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to win many of them. >> going after gop front runner donald trump. >> a leading candidate for president spends half his time insulting them. >> we will defeat trump because the american people do not want a president who insults [ cheering and applause ]
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relentless attacks from marco rubio. >> con artist. friends don't let friends vote for con artists. >> the insults thrown right back by trump. >> lightweight rubio, total lightweight and little mouth on him, bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing. >> and his new hard hitting supporter. >>, chris christie, right next to him on the campaign trail. also, the candidates can focus now on the crucial super tuesday contests. a lot of stuff getting made or broken that day. this week we're going to get see voting results from 12 states. you can stay with eyewitness news through the campaign season. george has a big show this week. we'll have more on clinton's big win and also a look ahead to
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that's this morning at 10:00 right here on channel 7. let's get back to the top story as we learn more details about that deadly hit-and-run. killed a man in the bronx. police identified the victim, have a description of the vehicle the suspect was driving. kristen thorn joins us with what we know now. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. police have identified the victim at 63-year-old jose of the bronx. they say he was crossing right here, the entrance ramp had when he was hit and killed by a black suv. it happened around 1:30 this morning. apparently he was crossing the street along the entrance ramp. ems found him with severe trauma throughout his body. hospital. police continue to look for the
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if you know anything, you're asked to call nypd. i'm kristen thorn, channel 7, eyewitness news. the 88th annual academy awards happen later today. hollywood is ready for their biggest awards show. >> there is so much anticipation this year. a lot of suspense, no clearcut winners. a lot of excitement about what the stars will wear, as always. fashion is -- >> probably something nice. >> i'm guessing, eyewitness news reporter sandy canyon live in hollywood with more. good morning, sir. >>reporter: good morning, rob. i have to tell you, this is about the time that i really miss michelle. michelle really knows her way around fashion. now, i am not challenged when it comes to the red carpet, but when it comes to fashion, let's
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luckily, we have experts to take you through the latest trends. >> spring came early to hollywood this year, arriving in time for the golden globes last month. >> right after the holidays where it was freezing and frigid and it was really interesting to see that the red carpet felt like springtime. >> fashion expert joy an king calls these optimistic colors and in the case of jennifer lopez, that meant bold, primary colors. >> i think you have to be able to own it and i think she has the perfect skin tone to wear that beautiful sunshine yellow. >> jennifer lawrence rocked and she knows how to dress for success. >> and you're just seeing the sense of confidence come through when she hits the carpet now. >> my name is joy. >> she's up for an oscar as best
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but this time the favorite is bree larson in room. she's an emerging style icon. what's important, say designers, is for the star to feel comfortable in a dress that suits her. >> sometimes it's not the dress. it's the pairing. it can be a great dress on the wrong girl. >> that's okay says chapman. it happens. >> we've all walked out and and years later go what were we thinking? >> chapman and craig, who design for march case a, have -- marchesa. when sandra bullock won her oscar, she was wearing one of their dresses. we asked who is wearing your stuff this year? no one can tell you because the designers don't know until that star steps out of that limo with their dress.
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here, rob and michelle. reporting live from oscar's red carpet, sandy canyon, channel 7, eyewitness news. sandy. back to the films. any thoughts on best picture, the big one tonight? >>reporter: i think it's going to be the revenant, but spotlight won the independent spirit awards down by the beach in santa monica here yesterday afternoon. that's put the focus back on that movie. it's a three way race that we're going to talk about in the next half hour. now, in the meantime, i'm going to be on facebook live answering all of your questions. so if you have an oscar question, the debate over diversity or fashion, i'll do my best. log on to my facebook page and we'll be there as soon as we can get set up in the next few minutes. rob and michelle, i'll see you in the next half hour.
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i was going to ask who he's wearing, but that's all right. >> that's an oscars leather jacket he's wearing. >> exactly. >> don't forget channel 7 is your home for complete oscars coverage. it begins tonight at 5 with on the red carpet followed by eyewitness news at 6 and more of the red carpet as folks arrive before the big show. that starts at 8:30. stay tuned for eyewitness news and a special edition of jimmy kimmel live after the oscars. doesn't get better than that lineup. >> who are you wearing today? >> this? this is dress barn. >> this is target. yeah, baby. that's how we keep he it real on the weekend. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, learning more about the shooting death of a police officer. the tragic part additionally is
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spring preview now, but
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. welcome back. following the very latest developments in virginia. a police officer has been shot and killed. it was her very first day back with the force. video just in to the newsroom shows the fairfax police department and local firefighters at the hospital giving a final salute to the fallen officer. officer ashley guindon died last night responding to a domestic violence call. guindon was sworn in friday after previously serving for several years as a police officer there before taking a break. two other officers were injured when they arrived on scene. they found a woman dead inside the home. the suspect, gunman, is a military service man and is in custody. allegations this morning
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bronx was sexually assaulted by a classmate. she told investigators she was assaulted thursday in an overnight field trip. the students attend a south bronx prep school in mont haven. the school district confirmed the investigation, calling it a horrifying incident. also a police chase in new jersey ended when a driver lost control and crashed into a home. saddle brook police say the chase began yesterday when officers tried to pull a nissan over for running a red light. the driver fled, leading cops on a chase through lodi, michelle park and that's where he crashed into that house. the car caught on fire. after a foot chase, police did finally arrest of the driver, 25-year-old man from brooklyn. straight head on eyewitness news, after a flu scare and being rushed to the hospital, we have an up date on how artist
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. jeff smith comes bearing good news on a sunday morning. >> good news for a few days and we don't have to talk about the rest. approve. >> i do not approve. >> michelle takes it in stride, but you -- >> i'm just over winter. february is kind of like that -- as we get close to april and march, we kind of lose our patience with winter. >> winter fatigue has set in. we need some vitamin d. need to get a little happier. get out this afternoon. it's going to be beautiful. temperature getting up to about 60 by later today. what a difference a day makes. today is going to feel so much better. we head out and check out the shot over central park
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with people later this afternoon. temperature 41 now. so it hasn't gotten that warm yet, but it will, i promise. southwest wind gusting up to 60 miles per hour. that southwest wind helping to pump in the milder air. we're expecting a high of 60 today, full 15 degrees above average. 67 was your record in '76. today, to tomorrow and tuesday are nice, potential for locally heavy rain wednesday morning. maybe a shower or two tomorrow morning with a weak front, but this is our next bigger weather potential. it doesn't look like the severe weather that we had this past wednesday, but could be some heavy downpours for a time wednesday morning. we're still watching for snow late in the week. yes, it's going to get cold enough by thursday and then into friday as the storm tries to organize off the east coast.
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warm spot in the tri-state region. 43 in tom's river. going up to 60 in the city, tom's river going up to 58. now think about this. you have a southwest wind. it's a land breeze, warming breeze. over long island that same breeze is coming off the cooler waters of the atlantic ocean and keeping temperatures in the low 50s and upper 40s. lows tonight pretty mild, only about 45. that's pretty close to your average high for this time of year. future cast going like this. a little front moving by tomorrow morning. with that some clouds and a shower or two in spots. and then we clear out during the afternoon. next system comes in as a rainmaker late tuesday night into early wednesday. mostly sunny today, warmer. the high getting up to 60 . clear to partly cloudy and mild. down to 45 tonight. breezy and mild tomorrow, high
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cold front. 54 on tuesday, breezy during the afternoon. periods of rain move in for wednesday morning. we try to clear out late in the day. might have a hard time doing so. remains cloudy, 53. low 40s, big cool down late in the week. cool us down so much that if our next system reaches us on friday, it would be in the form of snow. the question is how far north up the east coast does that extend, does that shield of snow extend? hopefully we can shield it away. >> still too far out there, though, right? >> way too far to talk about. >> just enjoy today. >> yes. >> block it out. >> right. >> that's it. >> thank you, jeff. other news, singer yoko ono waking up at home this morning after spending a night in the hospital. friday night the 83-year-old went by ambulance from her famous up upper west side apartment to mount sinai west where she was treated for some advanced flu symptoms.
9:21 am
because early media reports suggested that she had suffered a stroke. the truth was much better than that. yesterday when central park opened, strawberry fields, the memorial to her husband, the late legend john lennon, fans recovery. >> that's terrible that she's sick. i hope she gets better soon. >> i wish her well. i love yoko. >> huge beatles fan and john lennon fan. one more person who we lost from that era would be pretty devastating to me. >> her son tweeted out thanks again for everyone's concern. she's home and running about as usual.
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. welcome back. it seems oprah is losing more
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partnership with weight watchers. the media mogul has lost $27 million. i hate when that happens. since taking a 10% stake in the company. of course she has become the public face. i'm sure you've seen the commercials by share. shares of weight watchers plunged almost 30% in the last quarter while the company reported a loss of $11 million. if you'd like to donate to the save oprah fund, just call us here at the station. we'll pass the word. >> wait and watch. i bet it goes back up. caitlyn jenner is working with mac to give back to the are transgender community. mac jenner represents fearlessness, courage, honesty and compassion. proceeds from her lipstick sale will go to programs supporting transgender men and women.
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days for the rangers and the rest of the nhl. the trade deadline is monday afternoon. among the current rumors, reports the blue shirts could be interested in bringing center eric stall to new york where he'd join his brother mark. ed. second period. converts on the power play. 1-0. the lead did not last. later in the period, the equalizer comes. ryan getting lucky. they'll take luck. the back hander from behind the net off the goalie and in. the stars would tie it again, forcing the rangers to take the lead back again. klein doing the honors with under three minutes to play. the rangers win. he and nets parted ways in a buyout and yesterday joe johnson had a new team. he signed with the heat. brooklyn keeping it close in the
9:26 am
throwing it down, hayward doing plenty of work to keep the jazz out front. he hit the three to regain the lead. utah trying to make a comeback late, but lopez had none of that. 34 second to go, 98-96. the nets get the win. the warriors had a chance to clinch a play off spot in oklahoma. warriors trailed the whole time. steph curry a freak of nature. he threw up the long-range feet over 38 feet away. 123 of the game for the warriors. the they're in the playoffs in february, improve to 53-5. last spring did not go as planned for wheeler, forced to have tommy johns surgery, missing the whole season.
9:27 am
wheeler threw from the front slope of the mound. he tossed ten pitches while the team takes a cautious approach with his rehab. so far, so good. >> it's a long process, but something like this, getting your feet dirty again, back on the mound, it's big for me personally. i don't know. it might be small, but it's big for me. >> the yankees have a couple of their own full squad workouts this spring. the actual games begin on wednesday. that leaves the first few days groove. and the pinstripes plan to see just where that groove takes them. >> you have an idea what you want to do, but you know, we came into spring training where we didn't map it all out. >> saying this is going to be our number one, this is our we didn't know exactly where guys would be at. >> and that is your morning look at sports. we're back again with you later tonight at 6. >> thank you, laura.
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curry, man, he's a beast this season. >> right. more coming up, including a live look at today's top stories. >> police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a man in the bronx. i have that story coming up. also the oscars are just hours away, about nine hours away. a lot of stars are hoping to bring home some gold. sandy is in hollywood on the red carpet for the show. he's going to give us a look at what we can expect tonight. we have gold medal weather this morning.
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. welcome back. eyewitness news, sunday morning. live look outside. everything good and sun ny on
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good time to get out and soak up unseasonal weather. >> channel your jack nicholson. think about the oscars, wear shades all day. it's going to be sunny. i'm michelle charlesworth. good to be with you. >> jack nicholson still may be the coolest person in hollywood. one of my fai ritz. >> and -- favorites. >> and my favorite meteorologist, jeff freeze -- >> i married you off erroneously. jeff smith filling in for amy freeze. >> you can call me my full first name. >> oh, i i said jeff freeze, as in amy's last name. >> i thought you said jeffrey. >> she's in hawaii. >> 41 right now. temperatures making a little bit of a move finally. 41 is as warm as we got yesterday afternoon. and we're already up to that
9:32 am
we're going up to 60 by later this afternoon. 44 already in newark. 43 at jfk. mid-30s towards monticello. 39 in sussex. tom's river mid-40s. it's going to be a spring like sunday. high pressure in a very good position to deliver us some warm winds coming in from the west and southwest. getting our temperatures at least into the 50s, if not 60-plus. the best chance of getting up to the 60-degree mark for new york city and points south and west. 41 right now, up to 53 by noontime. temperatures up to 60 by 4:00. wall to wall sunshine today, wind coming in at 6 miles an hour. we have snow flakes eventually
9:33 am
we'll detail that in few minutes. a man was hit and killed in the bronx by a hit-and-run driver. kristen thorn is live with details on what police now know about the vehicle that left the scene. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, rob. police have identified the victim as 63-year-old jose contreras of the bronx. they say he was crossing the roadway between the expressway when he was hit and killed by a black suv. just a short time ago, we saw detectives canvassing this area, obviously talking to people who may have been around earlier this morning and looking for surveillance footage. it happened around 1:30 this morning, again around webster along the entrance ramp to the cross bronx. when ems responded, they found him with severe trauma throughout his body. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police continue to look for the driver. again, operating under a very
9:34 am
vehicle, only being described as a black suv. we're live in the mount hope section of the bronx this morning, kristen thorn, eyewitness news. >> wording changes going on at the met. recommended admission will become suggested admission at the metropolitan museum of art. the museum agreed to the change in a settlement of a class action lawsuit that accused the met of misleading visitors. new signs will say the $25 admission price is simply suggested. they had said recommended. the signs also will say, quote, the amount you pay is up to you. you may have heard this once or twice this morning, but it is oscar sunday. hollywood is the epicenter of the entertainment world. >> a lot of buzz has formed around this year's ceremony from the nominees to the lack of diversity. and movie fans will wait for it all too you unfold when the ceremony connects off tonight. >> what's chris rock stay?
9:35 am
the doll bee theater where the stars. in just a few hours, it will be packed with the celebrities making their grand and fashion scrutinized entrances. >> of course. sandy is in hollywood right now, giving us a look at who may be the big winners of the night. >> sandy, great to see you. >>reporter: great to see you, michelle and rob. you and i both, what's chris rock gonna say sth in the meantime, oscar behind me, chill in the air. nothing cold like new york, but a little chill. in a few hours, shi red carpet is going to be -- this red carpet is going to be extremely busy. a few close races adding to the excitement. it's not like lord of the rings where everybody knew that final film was going to win. best picture is up for grabs.
9:36 am
leonardo dicaprio is the man with the mow joe -- mojo going into the big show. he's been gracious in defeat often enough, the fifth time will likely prove the charm. >> i ain't afraid to die anymore. i've done it already. >> as the revenant, a man who comes back from the dead, the star made us believe he was the leading man who could act well enough to make even his biggest fans forget how handsome he is. rewarded here. but for his sake, i hope voters didn't tire of him reminding them how hard he worked. >> this was definitely one of the most difficult ones i've ever done in my life. another oscar favorite is looking for his first win. the guy they call sly is hoping to be honored after showing he's capable of humility. >> the game has become very intensified. and there much great talent. >> rocky is his own creation.
9:37 am
so michael b jordan could star under the guidance of an african-american director. the film's only nomination came for him, which amped up the controversy over oscar's lack of diversity. but sly stallone will still go home a winner tonight. bree larson earned a golden globe. critics love her and she's a lock to win for room. for women in supporting parts, the race is closer. past winner kate winslet transformed herself for steve jobs, but elisia has the edge in the wife of the danish girl. >> i'm your wife. i know everything. >> a final thought. spotlight is one of the three movies for best picture, the other being big short, along with the revenant, that are the favorites in that category.
9:38 am
monica. these are for movies made outside the big system. i think my number one movie of last year was spotlight. it might prevail tonight. but i'm still going with the ith fearless. as to chris rock, a cryptic tweet on friday, that's all the indication we have of what he's going to say. expect it to be hard hitting, very honest, and we'll see how good these hollywood big shots are at laughing at themselves. michelle and rob. laughing to keep from crying, maybe. reporting live from oscars red carpet on oscar morning, back to you in new york, sandy, you look so good. a lot of people don't realize you have an oscar on your leather coat. i love that. where did you get that? >>reporter: they gave me this
9:39 am
allowed to buy these. i wear it oscar morning. we've been doing the oscars without problems, so i'm hoping again tonight. and we're going to be on facebook live at 7:00, so log on to my facebook page and you'll see me live from the this red carpet and of course on eyewitness news at 6 before that. >> you're in your no one does it better. have fun and we'll see you later on. don't forget, channel 7 is your home for complete oscar coverage. it kicks off at 5 with on the red carpet, followed by eyewitness news at 6. and then more of the red carpet before the show gets officially underway at 5:30. you can catch more eyewitness news after the show is over, about 3, 4 in the morning, and then a special edition of jimmy kimmel after the 11:00 broadcast
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full lineup, we've got you covered. >> yes. coming up next, a cruise to mexico turned into a rescue mission. how a ship filled with sports heroes picked up more than a dozen people on a raft. a new lawsuit has emerged are from the case of a teenager whose homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb. i'm sure you remember that story. details on the information a
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. can you tell it's the end of the show? >> i know. i just want to watch the oscars tonight. i think we're going to go down to the shore and get some brunch. want to come? >> i've got to take a little nap.
9:43 am
shore. i'll sacrifice sleep for that. >> i can't stay awake. >> you're addicted to the shore no matter the season, michelle is on the shore. >> what's to discuss? >> there are going to be a hot of people out today -- lot of people out today. temperatures are about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. a little less wind too. we head out right now. temperatures still a little chilly sitting at the 41 degree mark. been looking at clear skies off to the south past the empire state building. 41 now, southwest wind coming in at 7, gusting to sim teen. the south -- 16. the southwesterly wind will help pump in the milder air today and we're expecting a high of around 60, a full 15 degrees above normal for this time of year. got up to 67 back in 1976. so much milder today. today is our best shot at hitting 60. we're still mild, still well above average tomorrow and tuesday as well. potential for locally heavy
9:44 am
our next significant weather maker moving on in. then we're still watching late in the week, particularly on friday for the possibility of some snowfall. this time of year you can never rule out winter weather, even when you have a few days of a spring preview like we're getting the next few days. 39 right now sussex. 43 in tom's river. 46 down the shore where michelle is heading down toward the bell march area. 59 in morris town. up to 60 in the park and at tom's river. over the island because the wind will be coming in from the southwest, it's coming in off the cooler waters of the atlantic and in keeps temperatures in the low 50s. upper 40s on the east end at mon toch. jersey shore probably a better choice than the island the if you want to head down and see the ocean. 45 tonight in and around new york city. it stays mild overnight tonight
9:45 am
speaking of tomorrow morning, there will be a front moving by. with that front, clouds will increase and can be a spotty shower or two. doesn't look like a big deal and then we clear out in the afternoon. behind that cold front, so to speak, it still stays mild with temperatures in the upper 50s. next storm tuesday night into wednesday. we're on the warm side of things, guaranteeing a rain event around here. forecast for today, mostly sunny, warmer. the high getting up to 60. enjoy. clear to partly cloudy and mild tonight. down to about 45. a shower in spots tomorrow morning, with a mix of clouds and sun. the high getting all the way up to 59. we stay pretty mild into the day on tuesday. 54. there are periods of morning rain on wednesday. 53 degrees. during the afternoon that tapers off to a few showers, mostly cloudy colder at night, down to 29 wednesday night. only getting up to the low 40s
9:46 am
we'll have to watch a storm system which had tries to get organized along the east coast on friday. if it comes far enough north, we could be talking snow around here with highs in the middle 30s. and then we're clearing out by next saturday, a high of 41. a lot of big changes in that forecast. 60 today and then the possibility of snow on friday. >> right. >> but that is march for you, as we head into the -- >> happy march. >> transition, right? we're transitioning. >> yes. a cruise ship carrying sports heroes came to the rescue of more than a dozen migrants stranded in the gulf of mexico. these pictures were posted on steelers linebacker james harrison's instagram page showing the rescue. he's one of several pittsburgh athletes on the carnival cruise ship that was sailing to mexico. the crew found the 16 migrants board. the 15 men and one woman will be
9:47 am
officials when the ship stops in cozumel, mexico. >> well done, fellows. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, you may need more money for a day at disney world. the ticket hikes taking effect today and when you can avoid paying more. it's oscar sunday. we've done best original song academy winners through the years. take my breath away from top gun, 86, time of my life, '87. 2005 -- >> this is not going to play. >> let's go back 11 years. do you remember what song won from the movie hustle and flow? >> i can't get any of these today. i'm brain dead. no. what is it? >> jeff, no guess? >> it's not going to play anyway. >> james got it upstairs.
9:48 am
>> they got it up stairs. the poet ically titled it's hard out there for a pim p. >> part of the park, walkthrough and enjoy the sculpture elements. in brooklyn, cultural performances, line dancing, arts and crafts and more. shy animals leave behind clues, lith it's a great way to learn about mysteries. join in in a discussion about the impacts of living with white tailed deer in an urban environment. jazz lovers treated at the norwalk public library.
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. a student brought a homemade clock to school, you probably remember this. he was suspended from school for bringing in the digital clock which he created. it was mistaken by a bomb.
9:52 am
justice was sent to his school about disciplining students. the district sued after the texas attorney ordered the school to release that letter to the public. a dean at the university of texas is stepping down after the state passed a new law allowing guns on college campus. >> he's now resigned as the dean of the school of architecture at ut austin. he says staying on campus would have put him in a position of trying to enforce a law that he simply does not believe in. he has accepted a position at upen as the dean of the school of design. it may cost us a little more if we're planning to go see mickey, depending upon when we plan our trip. it all depends on the calendar. disney is raising prices for single day tickets to disneyland and disney world. it affects peak days as the parks hope to spread demand on parks. disney says it's a new approach to handle crowds during holidays
9:53 am
disney is the parent company of wabc tv. and instead of $110 ticket, those high peak tickets will run more like $124. we'll be back with a look at this morning's top stories. first, here is bill ritter with a look on what's coming up on up close. >> good morning. coming up on up close, the always outspoken republican from long island, peter king joins us this morning. we're going to talk to him about the presidential race that has donald trump the front runner by a big margin. we'll tell you what they're trying to do to slow down the trump bandwagon. also the apple encryption controversy over unlocking the iphone of a san bernardino killer terrorist. later, a pediatrician refused to
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because smoking causes 16 different types of cancer.
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we are following breaking news in the bronx. police say a driver took off after hitting and killing a man. ishg kristin thorne is live with the very latest. >>reporter: police have identified the victim here as 63-year-old jose contrares of the bronx. he was crossing webster avenue when he was hit and killed by a black suv. detectives are canvassing the area, trying to talk to anyone who may have seen anything or looking through surveillance footage from the area to see if they can see what this suv was involved in and what the license plate of that vehicle is. it happened around 1:30 this morning around webster avenue along the entrance ramp to the cross bronx. when ems responded, they found the victim with severe trauma through his body. he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. this incident, one of four hit and runs in this city just last night. we're live in the mount hope section of the bronx this morning.
9:57 am
police are investigating the murder of a beloved business owner in new jersey. friends and family held a candlelight vigil for jamal gains outside the sneaker store that he owned in raw way. the 21-year-old was shot and coast boutique. he opened the store when he was just 18 after starting his sneaker business out of his home during high school. friends say they want to see that dream fulfilled, even now. they're going to go everything they can to keep that store open. >> i think you're right, jeff. it's going to be crowded today. >> it's going to be a break out day where you see a lot of people out and about during the afternoon. temperature gaining momentum now, up to about 45 in central park as we head out to check out that view. we're going up to 60 by later on
9:58 am
yesterday. 59 tomorrow. 54 on tuesday. periods of morning rain on wednesday and much, much colder late in the week. so cold that our next storm system or potential storm that form of snow. that's a big if at this point, so enjoy today and the next couple days. >> big if. >> yep. >> stop ignoring it. life raft. >> good to have you in, jeff.
9:59 am
>> that's going to do it for us [car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
10:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump takes command. just two days till super tuesday. the billionaire front-runner rewriting the campaign playbook. >> we have a really good chance of winning. >> a former foe now joining his side. >> i'm proud and happy to be part of this team. >> while his rivals hit back harder than ever. >> worst spray tan in america. this is a scam. donald trump will never be the republican nominee. >> we're covering all the week's stunning surprises. and looking ahead to super tuesday. with chris christie and ted cruz here live. plus, hillary's landslide victory. >> tomorrow, this campaign goes national. [ cheers and applause ] >> is this the start of her big


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