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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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who were in the car, a passenger got out and saw exactly what had happened. and they got in the car, and sped away. so police are looking for this late model tahoe. and family members are here at the hospital, the little girl passed away, just a few moments ago, and i talked to ms. . osorio, a family friend, and she is known in -- she has known the family for 10 years. >> whoever did this, whatever you stole, the car, whatever you did, please, let us know. because the police are here. >> 15 minutes later -- >> we do have confirmation that this little girl did not make it. the family and friends are asking that -- who they are calling a coward, turn themselves in, or if somebody knows anything, about who was driving this car, in this hit- and-run, now a fatal hit-and- run, that they please contact police, this of course happened
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this morning as this little child, shaylif cachardo was on the way to school with her mother. live in edge water, new jersey, right now at the hospital, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. >> very sad. and turning to another crash. a 77-year-old woman hit and killed by a livery cab in manhattan. we have a picture of the car on its side. and eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer talked with the good samaritan who tried to help. he is live at the scene in mary hill. tim? >> reporter: that car that was involved in the fatal accident was totaled by police a few moments ago. it ended up as you saw in that picture on its side in the middle of madison avenue, where it came to rest, after striking this pedestrian. >> driving over there. >> reporter: rodney was right behind the accident when it happens. the car involved, he says, was making a left-hand turn. from east 36 -g9 street on to madison avenue. when he -- 36th street on to madison avenue when the car struck a pedestrian who was walking across madison avenue. >> i was surprised.
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going to keep on going. until somebody hit on his car, and told him to stop. >> there were a number of others who rushed to help the woman. >> shocked. i jumped back. immediately called 911. good samaritans ran by, helped lift the car up, i guess, to get her out. >> i mean that was the only way. to get her out. >> how many others? >> about like 10 of us. >> reporter: despite their valiant efforts though the 77- year-old victim, a woman, she died from her injuries, here at this intersection. reporting live, in murray hill, tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you. new jersey state police are investigating a hit-and-run that killed an off-duty nypd officer. investigators say 25-year-old vincent harrison got into an accident on the new jersey turnpike, in elizabeth, on sunday. and harrison pulled over, and got out of his car, when another driver hit him, and took off. investigators found the vehicle involved, but the has
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harrison worked in the 100th precinct in queens. crews are working to repair a sinkhole and side street in manhattan. part of 52nd street between 9th and 10th avenue, closed and officials are trying to figure out what is causing the depression. no injuries or damage have been reported. we are learning more about a death investigation in suffolk county. police say the victim, a 54- year-old woman was found dead last night inside her home in middle island. a 41-year-old man, believed to be her husband, was hospitalized, with stab wounds. investigators are still trying to determine the circumstances behind the violence. they are not leaving any case unturned in this case. now, to vote 2016, the candidates have just one last day, to campaign, ahead of super tuesday. tomorrow, millions of voters head to the polls, in 12 state, and one territory. hundreds of delegates will be up for grabs.
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from virginia. >> super tuesday is tomorrow. and this could be it. we are 595 delegates up for grabs for the republicans and 11015 for democrats in 12 states, including right -- 1015 for democrats in 12 states including here in virginia. when all is said, ballots checked, and closed, the front- runnerrers could be the nominees in both parties. or not. it will provide a strong argument for those who take the most delegates that they should be the nominee for their party. but the rhetoric has intensified. especially among republicans in recent days. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. [ cheering ] >> you can't trust them. >> after losing iowa, g.o.p. front-runner donald trump has seen his numbers in the polls keep growing, as he appears unbeatable. but a day before super tuesday, trump went on nbc, rushing to
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kkk, and its former grand wizard, david duke, who recently endorsed him. >> i don't mind disavowing everybody, and i disavow david duke, and i disavowed him the day before at a major news conference. >> trump's poll numbers still unfazed. in a new cnn/orc poll out today, trump banks a new high with the widest lead yet. 49% of republicans voters say they back him up. the candidates are now relentless. rallying in as many states as they can. three of the top candidates making stops in virginia. trump, rubio and hillary clinton. >> i need your help to go and vote tomorrow, to go and bring people to vote with you. >> right here in virginia. a super tuesday state. both donald trump and hillary clinton lead in the latest polls and that seems to be the case in many state, voting tomorrow. stephanie ramos, abc news, alexandria, virginia. and eyewitness news political reporter dave evans will be traveling with the candidates tomorrow, for super tuesday. you can see his live reports,
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follow him on twitter, at dave evans, abc 7. and make sure to tune in tomorrow night, at 10:00, for abc news, a special super tuesday coverage. >> happening today, lawyers for new jersey senator robert menendez will argue that the corruption case against him should be dropped. the lawyers will appear before a federal appeals panel in philadelphia this afternoon. menendez took gifts and contributions from an eye doctor, in exchange for political favors. menendez says he and the doctor are friends and he did nothing wrong. >> bill cosby's legal team is in court right now, trying to get a defamation lawsuit against him dropped. this case, involved model janice dickenson, cosby's lawyers say they want her case dropped, because over the years, she gave differing accounts about what happened with the entertainer. dickenson says cosby drugged and rairped her in the 80s. dozens of other women have made similar claims. you need your umbrella if you're headed outside for lunch.
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weather center. >> did i hear correctly, are you picking up lunch? [ laughter ] >> yes, that's it. >> yes, well, i will throw in the umbrellas, and we will all go to lunch and you need yours, too. you see on the radar, showers stretching really from hartford to the city, all the way down to cape may, new jersey. these showers are spreading, and they have become a little moderate to heavy, along i-95 and the parkway and sliding eastward as you can see. temperatures are warm in the 50s. and we will talk about some more rain for wednesday in the accu-weather forecast, coming up, next, don't go away. >> bill, thank you. also ahead, parents taking action, after a fire shuts down a school in manhattan. we will tell you what they are demanding. >> and a big night at the oscars. chris rock, taking on diversity backlash, head-on. plus, leonardo dicaprio, finally wins one. and there are even more surprises.
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navy seal to be awarded the medal of honor. the cruise ship battered by a storm in the atlantic earlier this month is cutting its current voyage short to avoid more bad weather. the seas is headed back to bayonne and expected to arrive wednesday. the crew and passengers are also dealing with a noro virus outbreak. this comes three weeks after the ship was caught in a severe storm on a trip to florida. well, hollywood still recovering from its biggest night of the year. the oscars were packed with glitz and glamour. also some touching moments and its share of surprises. >> oh, yes. host chris rock, you know he entertained the crowd and certainly didn't shy away from the diversity debate. here are some of the highlights from the night. >> spotlight. >> a thoughtful film about a newspaper investigating sex abuse by boston's catholic priests took oscar's top prize last night, winning best picture. >> they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job.
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who really owned the night. addressing the academy's diversity controversy. right out of the gate. >> danish girl. >> placing black actors and parodies of several nominated films. >> you should get me. >> don't worry, black astronaut, we will. >> even calling hollywood racist. >> hollywood is sorority racist. it is like, we like you, rhonda, but you're not a kappa. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> after five acting nominations. leonardo dicaprio's losing streak finally ended. his gritty performance as a wounded frontiersman seeking retribution, winning him gold for the rev nantz. his impassioned acceptance speech a dire warning. >> climate change is real. it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. >> best actress, as predicted, went to the room's brie larson. the biggest upset of the
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to bridge of spies, mark rylanc ex, in a category chockful of hollywood heavy hitters and supporting actress. the most awarded film, not the sensitive series that dominated road. >> definitely going to have to kelly and michael hit the road for the otion cars. they hosted the annual live after oscar show today. the show kicked off in style with a performance from the pro dearnses from "dancing with the stars," and kelly and michael, including brie larson, the best actress and several red carpet and backstage interviews. and you can head to our web site, to see video clips of the best red carpet fashions. huh? >> i am happy to announce that my son, the film school student, won the navarro
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categories. the short. >> the documentary. >> a film maker. he will be up there. >> the money is going at least la is good. coming up in the next half hour, spike lee talks about his decision to skip last night's awards. >> and also ahead, another set back for space x, what forced the company to scrub the latest launch. >> a couple on a caribbean bottle. four years later, wait until you see where it turned up. >> and taking a live look outside, we've got rain today, but we could be looking at snow later this week. meteorologist bill evans is up next, with your if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have.
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space x calls off the launch of one of its rockets for the third time in recent days. the company won't say why the falcon 9 rocket hasn't been launched. the web site says the rocket and payload are fine. the rocket is carrying a satellite with internet and phone to millions of people in asia. my people tell me, it is one of two problems with the rocket. >> you have people? >> oh, yes. i got people who know people, who know these things. >> it is either a fan belt, or broken, or a distributor cap that came off. one or the other. >> are you talking about my car? >> i brought it in for the same reason this week. [ laughter ] >> it is not right, with
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>> all right. so it is good, 47 i like, rain, not so much. moving through. they are heading eastward. and actually, we can look at our live pictures here and off to the west, we can see the sun is going to start breaking out soon, and you can see, the building tops way to the west, over new jersey and the sun is breaking out so the showers are pushing eastward and skies are brightening, and as we mentioned this is kind of over by 1:00. around the city. there are a few sprinkles that are still around. there's the new york water taxi right there, going to back on in, and pick out some nice commuters and tourists and head over to the brooklyn bridge and the east side. seeing some brightening skies to the west. and a few more showers headed across long island and coastal connecticut and hudson river valley and here at noontime, 47 degrees with the humidity moderate and winds out of the west at 5. and pressure steady at 29.65. that is unstable enough that there will be some wind around, also for the afternoon. so far, this of course, it is a leap day. it is a leap year.
12:19 pm
the leap day. we don't have many of these, because of the fact that it is leap day. but 69, the record high, in 1880, and of course, you see not far off that, the 4-degree temperature, the record low, back 184. around kingston and poughkeepsie, 50 degrees. caramel, 56. and belmar 54. the winds are warm out of the southwest wind that is coming out ahead of the front that is swinging the showers through. you can see to the back of that front, the winds are going to the west and it will be a little more northwest wind this evening. here is the rain we are talking about. stretching now with showers from fairfield county, connecticut, really nassau, suffolk county and a couple of showers are behind that. but here are the breaks of sunshine, that is off to the west, with that, too, and next front, that will affect us, is this little shot of cooler air, and it starts to come in tonight. that will kind of race in very fast this evening. so rainfall amounts about .010. and the temperature, toms
12:20 pm
and 55 in the park. and maybe closer to 60 in a lot of spots. we clear out tonight. and then comes that winter bit of a front that comes through. virtually dry, but the winds go northwest and you will notice tomorrow will be a little bit cooler, as it will be around 46 to 52 for the high. and then, by the time we get to tomorrow night, that is when we get some showers coming in, after midnight and very early tomorrow morning and then we will have wednesday morning, showers in the wednesday morning commute, and then we should clear out into the afternoon. and so this low that is going to track up through the ohio valley, really western new york state, it will bring some snow, and the western part of the state and buffalo, rochester, on the warm side of that and getting rain. and an early shower, breezy and mild and clearing this afternoon. and then we are looking at partly cloudy skies tonight. but 28, 29, in the suburbs north and west. tomorrow, the sunshine and rain comes in late at night around midnight. and the temperature tomorrow around 50. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, 51 on wednesday. with that rain. but then in the afternoon and evening, look at the temperature dropping like a rock.
12:21 pm
and then it is kind of brisk and colder on thursday. thursday night's low temperature is 28. sets us up with another cold air that the system comes on snow. and wet snow around. on friday. we will keep an eye on that. >> i bet you will. >> uh-huh. on that. >> i got my eye on you. >> thank you, bill. >> thanks, bill. a little boy's curiosity lands him in a tight spot. machine. see what it took to save him from this. >> and a plan spots an
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caught on camera. and a picture that will make you feel really bad for a young boy. he got his arm stuck for hours in a vending machine. the boy is from a rural area in astoria and his tbaghter likely says he had never seen a share like this before and didn't understand how it worked. the boy got his stuck stuck in an anti-theft mechanism and it wouldn't let go. in fact, it took crews six hours to safely free him. in fact, the boy became so nervous that they had to give himmance tesha three times to calm him down. he is said to be okay. >> you feel bad for that poor boy. and also caught on camera,
12:25 pm
the hills of malibu, california, and somebody's backyard. they are actually not uncommon there. the photographer used a zoom lens to safely get this video, shooting from the balcony of his home, which is only about 200 feet away. hello. the big cat wearing a collar, it turns out scientists put a gps device on him in 2013 and they have been tracking him. eventually headed up back into the hills. and back into the wild. you know, that part of the country, guys, we deal with bears here and they deal with mountain lions. there you go. >> he looks like he bought that land. >> yes, luxurious for him. >> yes, looking right into the camera, too. did you notice that. >> yes. >> with everybody watching. >> yoga cat. >> i love it. >> thank you, david. all right, snap chat is apologizing after some of their employees identities were compromised. the company says a scammer impersonating snap chat's chief executive officer, one of their payroll department employees fell for the scam giving out payroll information for kurn
12:26 pm
snap chat says no internal systems were breached. and no user information was affected. starbucks is set to open the first store in italy. the coffee chain says the first store will open in milan in 2017. and more are expected to pop up after. the move will likely be a challenge. italy is famous for its cappuccino and espresso shops. howard shultz, the ceo says he was inspired to create the chain after he visited milan in 1983. we have much more news ahead, in our next half hour, a charter school still closed, building. why are students and parents protesting? >> plus, why some broadway leaders are blaming times square characters for a drop in ticket sales, and an american student detained in north
12:27 pm
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attention parents: before school this september
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must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today. learn more at our top stories this afternoon, a 7-year-old girl hit and killed by an suv on her way to school in new jersey this morning. police say the girl and her mother were hit while they were walking on van buren avenue in west new york. >> the suv drove off. driver. >> a 77-year-old woman was hit and killed by a livery cab while walking across madison morning. side.
12:30 pm
super tuesday one day away. tomorrow. millions of voters head to the polls in 12 states and one territory. hundreds of delegates up for grabs. eyewitness news political reporter dave evans will be traveling with the candidates tomorrow. look for his live reports tomorrow on eyewitness news. >> hello, i'm dave navarro. >> we begin this half hour with parents taking action to get their students back in the classroom, after a fire shut down a charter school in manhattan. >> they rallied outside the building that houses the success academy charter school in union square. fire on thursday. and eyewitness news reporter kristen thorn spoke to parents and students about it. >> it is strange to see these kids at a protest on a school day. but see, they don't have week. >> this is an urgent situation. and the mayor and the such. >> it is last thursday, when there was a fiery explosion in an electrical panel in the basement of the 11 story
12:31 pm
which forced the evacuation of all 2,000 students. no one was hurt. since then, all students have been reassigned to other school buildings throughout the city. the department of education says it has offered success academy's face in several other school buildings for their k to third grade students. the department says success academy has turned down all its offers. >> ps-340 is a lovely school. it only has, at best, seven rooms. we have 350 children. we now occupy 21 rooms. >> the department of education says they have crews more than 30 workers, working around the clock to make the repairs. but they say the damage done to the electrical gears was so severe, that it is just going to take some time. >> four days after the fire, we still do not have answers. we do not have a plan for when we will get back in the
12:32 pm
>> i want to go back to school, because we get to learn. and we get to read fun books. >> chancellor, you represent all of these children who are enrolled in public schools. whether they are charter or district schools and you need to be accountable to all of us. >> in union square, channel 7 eyewitness news, kristen thorn. new at noon, a recent survey found everything from traffic jams in times square fot cos tume characters are blamed for a dramatic drop in theater sales among suburbanites. 21% of broadway ticket sales island. new jersey and westchester and rockland counties. that dropped to less than 16% last season. the timing of the drop in sales corresponds with the cracy of the pedestrian plazas -- creation of the pedestrian plazas in times square. during the same period, sales of tourists have increased. here is a story how you can
12:33 pm
a woman hoping to see the hottest show on broadway ended up instead helping police bust the ticket squall. danielle posner says she had purchased tickets to see hamilton and $350 later, the tickets she bought through thing. she was angry and couldn't see the musical but wanted to make sure justice was done. hopes up. i was so excited. we had been listening to the sound track all night. and i said this is not okay. if he is doing this to me, he is doing it to other people. i am going back up there and having him arrested. >> she set out to buy more tickets from the same seller but instead of going herself, she went to the 33rd precinct. and officers stepped in, and met the seller at the rendezvous point and arrested him once money exchanged hands. in north korea, a detained american student was put before the news media. he was sobbing when he spoke state. the 21-year-old admitted to
12:34 pm
in pyongyang. the north korean government has not said what kind of charges or punishment he faces. >> administration would never manipulate people, like myself, in the future to do crimes against foreign countries. >> he also begged the north koreans to send him home, for the sake of his family. five ku klux klan members arrested, following a vicious brawl in california, they have been released. police in anaheim say evidence shows they acted in self- defense. ku klux klan demonstrators clashed with counter protesters in a park on saturday. and seven people accused of attacking kkk demonstrators remain in custody. three people were hurt in that violence. we want to turn now to meteorologist bill evans, 47 degrees out there. the rain slowly clearing up, bill. >> yes, it. is it is clearing up from west
12:35 pm
breaks in the cloud cover in new jersey. and the rain is from eastern fairfield county to bridgeport to new haven and nassau and suffolk county and this will keep sliding eastward. so after school now, the sun will be out. and you will be able to pick up the kid, at the bus stop with nice weather. near 60 degrees. with breaks of sunshine. go talk some more about rain on the way and snow, too. in your accu-weather forecast. in just a moment. shirley and david, back to you. >> great. coming up on eyewitness news, canada and new york, joining forces, with governor cuomo and what he is doing to bring more tourists to the empire state. plus, looking for a cheaper way to fly? what airlines are starting to offer that will drop ticket prices. >> and back to to the oscars. we will look at the fashions on the red carpet, and what moment during the ceremony broke governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food.
12:36 pm
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two communities are remembering a virginia police officer shot and killed on a first day on patrol. the police department officer ashley gunden's hometown in new hampshire has a memorial for the officer who was killed hundreds of miles away. she was sworn into the prince william county police department on friday. the next night, the 28-year-old was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call. her high school principal says the quote is live for something, rather than die for nothing. >> the irony is a bit overwhelming. she gave her life to community service. it has her life taken away on
12:39 pm
it is just not right. >> the officer served with the marine corps and joined the force a year ago but took time off before being sworn in last week. the man accused of killing her is an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. police say he killed his wife and injured two other officers. a pastor in ohio is killed, inside his own church, and this afternoon, his brother is in custody. dayton police say 70-year-old william schuller was shot in his office at saint peters missionary baptist church yesterday. police arrested his brother, daniel schuller at the scene. they say they now expect to charge him with murder later today. new york is trying a new campaign to bring canadian tourists to the empire state. governor cuomo is helping new ads will bring canadians to new york's ski areas and other destinations. cuomo announced half a million dollars will be spent to create newspaper and radio ads, in
12:40 pm
the money will also be used on campaigns across upstate new york. more than 4 million canadians travel to new york every year. are you looking for an even cheaper way to fly? some of the larger airlines have created a new class, and they call it basic economy. according to the economist, passengers who use this service won't be able to reserve seat, upgrade them, or cancel reservations more than 24 hours after the booking. dental was first to introduce the service and united and american are expected to roll out their versions later this year. speaking of air travel, one lawmaker is looking to make sure you don't get packed like a sardine. senator charles schumer says he wants the faa to establish seat size standards for commercial airlines and the new york lawmaker says seats have gotten smaller over the years and no federal limit on how much tighter they can get. the faa officials say they plan to review the senator's proposal. coming up, on eyewitness news, diversity at the oscars,
12:41 pm
academy get the message? spike lee talks about why he did not show up. and the threat reverend al sharpton has made, we will find happen. >> a couple on a cruise, they drop a bottle, and four years later it washes ashore. and wait until you hear where it was found and how the person who found it was able the sun'll come out tomorrow... for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible.
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well, this afternoon, celebrities are waking up from a big night at the oscars and all of the lavish after- parties. and here is time lapse video, let's check this out, construction outside the theater in hollywood, overnight crews took down the bleachers, and removed that red carpet. >> it wasn't all fun. chris rock addressed the diversity controversy all night. and a few block, reverend al sharpton led a protest and asked for an improvement over
12:45 pm
spike lee was among the prominent black leaders of hollywood who chose not to attend. the film maker received an honorary oscar a few months ago but he and his wife made the decision right there, to stay home and watch last night's knicks game at madison square garden. they say their protest is more than just about people of color being acknowledged by the academy. >> if you get an oscar, and you're an actor, you money, and if you are a director, you get better projects sent to you. it means a lot. >> it is really not about the awards show. it is more about you know, what films are being made. >> good luck to all of the nominees. and they planned to watch highlights of last night's show. meanwhile, millions of americans had their eyes on the red carpet and those dresses. really, the colors, they are creating a buzz. brie larson, royal blue. gucci. and sworesha, green wild. with a nod to her home country
12:46 pm
let's not leave out the men. kevin hart proudly wore a sparkly dolce & gabbana tux. and we put a slide show of all of the celebrities on the read carpet on our web site and a red carpet recap on kimberly richardson sits down with the glam and the fashion and a closer look at oscar night. and see if you agree with their biggest hit and misses. facebook page. >> last night's show broke a new social media record with more than 440,000 tweets per minute. and in that moment, it came during leonardo dicaprio's big win. the actor himself, also took to twitter, thanking the academy and the cast and crew of the revenant. but he also used raise awareness of climate change. a topic he also brought up during his acceptance speech. whether you believe the climate change or not, the bottom line is, it was an elegant speech and he was very classy in the way he thanked the other people who were there. and it was very graceful.
12:47 pm
>> so much more than the awards and the fashions. it got a little political, too. >> very political. >> absolutely. >> i like when chris rock, when he said about men's fashions at the awards. >> yes. >> a suit. >> and blue is the hot color. >> i got the joke. it is funny. >> george clooney comes out here in a green tux. >> and people are going to be asking, you know, what are you wearing? >> that's right. who did that. >> here is what is going on. the blue skies, there are some more of the blue skies. as we are going to see some sunshine popping out here, now from west to east as we go on into the afternoon. the rain is pushed east, and most of it is heading on out, toward the eastern long island area, as a pumper goes right up the hudson river. and some home heating oil up the east river and 47 degrees, our temperature, and the humidity is 77%, and the winds continue southwest at 5. and so we are going to be looking at that barometer still unstable at 29.65. that is a little bit of wind
12:48 pm
and yesterday's high was 60. and normal is 45. and here are the records, for leap day. and 69 and 4, back in the 1880s. that's the records for this day. looking at a shower continuing for another hour. still very mild. it is wet on wednesday. with tumbling temperatures. and a period of snow, still possible, on friday. all right, it is 47 in murray hill. riverdale, 49. and 53 on staten island. that is going to be about 55 down the shore. some very nice numbers here and looking at a southwest wind. 10, 12 miles per hour and that will continue through the afternoon, and then some cooler air will start to come in out of the northwest. with the second front coming through. here are the showers we are talking about on the eastern long island ear. east of bridgeport to new haven across to riverhead, the twin forks, and shelter island, and hampton, montauk, with that line of showers. and clear out this afternoon with sunshine and the next front comes by with some colder air. so we will have an early shower, from the afternoon, and now that is going to be winding down.
12:49 pm
it will be a beautiful sunset. and the temperature around 59. and tonight, partly cloudy around 38. and then tomorrow, we have some sunshine. and it a nice day, and the rain comes in around midnight tomorrow night. and it lasts through the morning commute on wednesday. and then the temperatures drop on down to 26 for the low wednesday night. and we are looking at sunshine, chilly weather for thursday. and we have 28 on thursday night. right there. that will set us up for another little system coming by with some precipitation that will give us some snow and it doesn't look to be a lot. but it looks to be enough to be a nuisance. where that can louse up things for travel on friday if you're trying to get into or out of the city friday into friday night. and then we have some sunshine, and some cooler numbers coming up, for the weekend. so there you go. i like it. >> good looking. >> yes. >> i think the weekend looks fine. >> we just got a lot of up and down weather and march is like a lion, and heading toward that. >> and those people who still want snow, you may have a chance this friday. >> there you go. >> you will keep us posted. we know.
12:50 pm
this is leap year day, it is leap year day. and an extra day today, so why not make the most of it. >> and several companies are offering deals in honor of the leap day, in the leap year, expedia .com will offer 29% off select hotels. krispy kreme is selling a second order of a dozen glazed doughnuts for $2.29. >> yes! >> if you happen to be celebrating your birthday today, pizza hut is giving leap- lings a free one topping personal pizza. >> i always feel bad for all of the people who have the leap year, a birthday on this day. >> my niece. >> my brother-in-law. happy birthday to you guys. a little behind the rest of us. >> happy birthday rosiah. >> there you go. we'll be right back. but first a a look at what is coming up next on "the chew." >> ley, guys, today we are making delicious treats with a twist. a crazy twist on a classic burger and mario is showing us one of his favorite sweet spots in new york and i am cooking
12:51 pm
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hi, everybody. i'm diana williams in the newsroom and here is what is coming up on eyewitness news. as we head no march, the best items to buy this time of the year and what to avoid. your health and your future. the hits and misses on the oscars red carpet. we will look at the big fashion trends. that's a pretty dress. and on this leap day, the deals you can get and more on those who are celebrating birthdays, those stories and more, beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00, and then 5:00 and 6:00. i think you already mentioned this but you know what you call somebody who is born on leap year? >> other than a happy birthday person. >> a leaper. >> yes. >> lay for the leapers in our family. our family. >> it is not a leper. >> it is leapers. >> oh, thank you. >> yes. >> yes. >> i have a leaper. >> i, do. too. >> my brother-in-law. >> my niece.
12:55 pm
leap any more, i will tell you what. >> she is eight. >> and does that mean she is 28? >> is that months or years? >> if she misses a few? >> it doesn't work that way. >> it doesn't. >> thank you. >> you miss out on a lot. >> thank you. it is time for the basketball conference, bearing gifts, a brand new basketball court officer bobby white, helped to create it for nine lucky people, a basketball court and you might remember white responding to a noise complaint that turned to a pickup basketball game and got shaquille o'neal's attention. and with the help of the community, they built a new court and members of the harlem unveiling. so cool. officer white created a facebook page under basketball cop and you can help him out. he wants to do some good. >> good stuff. >> i love it. four years after tossing a message in a bottle in the ocean, a georgia couple gets a texas message saying their handwritten note washed up on
12:56 pm
>> back in 2012, ben and julie johnson were celebrating their engagement on a cruise and put a note in a wine bottle and tossed it overboard. and the bottle and the note were found on the southern shore of france. someone texted them and said would you please stop polluting the ocean? [ laughter ] >> if you come to france, we are polluting the shore. >> they did not get a ticket. >> shocked it made it all the way over there. >> it hasn'ts. >> their love made it all the way to france. >> how romantic. >> we will end with another shake of the internet. get ready. because you are going to feel the internet doing this. a year after the draft set the internet on fire, the dress set the internet on fire on what color it is. here, there is a new kid in town, and once again the fire storm is over the color you see. i ask you, what do you see when you see this adidas jacket? some believe it is black and brown.
12:57 pm
and others say green and brown. it belongs to a 16-year-old from california. who posted the picture on tumbler. one follower wrote that photo shop said it is teal and gold. however, we are still waiting to hear from adidas. i see green and tan. >> i will buy the teal and gold. i will buy it. >> and if george clooney were wearing that at the academy awards, they would say hey george, what are you wearing? [ laughter ] >> they will definitely ask. that's for sure. >> you are getting life out of that joke.
12:58 pm
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