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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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black chevy tahoe, either a 2015 or '16, that hit the first grader and her mother while they were in the crosswalk at 62nd and van buren in west new york. the driver sped off. >> he could run but he cannot hide. we have the resources, the personnel, the technology. we will find him. >> we know somebody out there probably knows this vehicle and knows the person involved. there may be some underlying reason. we want to talk to this person and find out how this accident happened so we can give the family some closure. >> reporter: sheyla was pronounced dead after suffering severe head trauma. her mother was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. a memorial with flowers and candles now sits at the scene of this deadly accident. family friends are pleading to the driver, please turn yourself in. >> if you're there watching, please, show yourself. don't be -- if you have a heart,
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your body, show yourself. it's not fair. you just took a life of an angel. >> and you're taking a live look at a vigil at the scene where this accident happened. the story of course not only touching family and friends who knew this girl so well, people in this neighborhood, people in west new york cannot believe that this has happened, cannot believe that this girl, the driver didn't stop and just try to help out. of course so many people talking about this on social media on our facebook and so forth. another note, police did mention that they have the plate, they can see the plate on surveillance video, but because of the angles, they cannot make out the plate number. but there are so many different surveillance videos in this area that they are checking each one of them, scrolling through them, to see if they can make out a plate and hopefully catch up with this driver. reporting live in west new york, eyewitness news.
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police have identified the driver in another hit-and-run accident. this one killed an off duty nypd officer. they say 25-year-old vincent harrison pulled over, got out of his car when another driver hit him and then just took off. vehicle involved. they've not made any arrests yet. we're going to turn now to a tragic string of hit-and-run accidents in new york student. during a five-hour period, as many pedestrians were hit. three were killed. there's growing concern about safety on the streets. darla miles is at the scene of one of those accidents. she's in the tremont section of the bronx. >> mayor de blasio says anyone who can drive their car in to a person's body and drive off like it's nothing is, quote, disgusting, and he says anyone who thinks they can get away with it, that's not going to happen.
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record of finding these people. >> reporter: mayor de blasio says it's only a matter of time for the driver of this nissan altima. people running red lights. >> i think the general issue is people don't slow down. they're too much in a rush and fast as i can. >> reporter: the nypd actively searching for the person who blew through the intersection of 9th street and 5th avenue as well as the drivers in four other weekend hit-and-runs. bronx. >> it's very, very sad what's happened the last few days. my heart goes out to the families. it's disgusting that anyone would kill another human being or hurt another human being and drive off. >> reporter: a total of three people have died. not just the 41-year-old brooklyn but also a 48-year-old uber driver and 63-year-old jose contrares of the bronx.
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know who did this, why, why they left. and if it was an accident, then just face it, you know? >> we're going to do everything we can to keep strengthening vision zero. vision zero has brought us a lower speed limit. it's brought us a lot more enforcement by the nypd of speeding and failing to yield to pedestrians. >> reporter: vision zero, the mayor says, has done what it was intended to do. that's reduce pedestrian deaths by lowering the speed limits across the city. and he says enforcement of vision zero is only going to get harsher. >> i met just in the last week or so commissioner bratton and chief o'neal and we all agreed you're going to see even more nypd enforcement. >> mayor de blasio says while they were continuing to strengthen vision zero and also pump up bad enforcement, he's also going to lobby for harsher penalties for hit-and-run drivers.
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hit-and-run accident victims from queens and manhattan, they're still listed in critical condition. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. calls tonight to reopen a deadly new york police shooting case from 22 years ago when no charges were filed against the cop. 13-year-old nicholas hayward was killed by a housing officer in brooklyn in 1994. his father says the circumstances surrounding his son's death nearly identical to the death of akai gurley. peter liang was recently convicted of manslaughter. hayward's dad is asking the da to reopen the case. >> in both cases it was a rookie officer who shot they claimed the stairwell lighting was dimly lit and that second. >> brooklyn da's office says it's in the process of looking in to the original investigation. new at 6:00, a judge in
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victory over its encryption battle with the government. the judge says the u.s. justice department cannot force apple to provide the fbi with access to a locked iphone in a routine drug case in brooklyn. this follows a ruling by a judge in california ordering apple to create software to help the u.s. hack in to the iphone of the gunman of the san bernardino terror attacks. apple is now appealing that ruling. a lawyer for new jersey senator robert menendez is trying to get the corruption case against him dropped. today a panel of appeals court judge grilled that lawyer at a hearing on the case. prosecutors say menendez took gifts and contributions from an eye doctor in exchange for political favors. menendez maintains the meetings he had with the government officials were about policy and not to help that doctor. the surviving in this presidential race of 2016. tomorrow could be the biggest day yet. the group of primaries that collectively are called super
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states and american samoa. 595 republican delegates at stake. that's nearly half the number needed to clinch the nomination. new national poll today shows republican donald trump with his biggest national lead yet. trump has 49%. this is in the cnn orc poll. basically a statistical tie. tonight mr. trump facing his largest group of protesters yet, representing the black lives matter movement. >> black lives matter. black lives matter. continued inside the rally in virginia. the uproar following trump, not immediately disavowing any endorsement by the kkk during a weekend interview. trump said he misunderstood the question and touting other opponents. >> we have so many great endorsements. i've never thought of endorsements as so much. >> we're not going to allow a con artist to take control of
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>> not just the candidates under scrutiny. secret service under scrutiny. this shows a man identified as an active duty secret service agent apparently assaulting a photographer during a rally for trump. secret service says it's investigating this incident. the democrats also gearing up for super tuesday. hillary clinton hoping to maintain her lead of delegates. bernie sanders hoping to catch up and overtake clinton. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america hole. >> we can win the democratic nomination. >> a new cnn poll says 70% of voters think clinton will win the nomination. political reporter dave evans will be travelling with the candidates tomorrow for super tuesday. follow him on twitter. and make sure to tune in tomorrow night, 10:00 for an abc news special. super tuesday coverage followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. supreme court justice clarence thomas today broke a
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a conservative judge asked a lawyer questions during an oral argument for the first time in 10 years. the court is considering placing new limits on a law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. in the past, thomas has said he doesn't need to ask questions because he relies on written briefs. a temporary restraining order now in place blocking new york city from enforcing sodium warnings in restaurants. until further notice the city's department of health is prohibited from enforcing the law that was supposed to go in to effect tomorrow. it requires restaurants to post salt icons on menu next to foods that exceed the daily recommended amount of sodium. dow losing 123 points. nasdaq down 32. s&p 500 down about 15, almost 16 points. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 this monday night, strangers to the rescue.
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try to help a pedestrian trapped underneath. >> dancing with the stars host and sports reporter, an emotional erin andrews takes the stands in the civil trial against the man who secretly videotaped her in her hotel room. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. february ends with more spring warmth as temperatures made a run at 60 degrees. even after the rain this morning. pretty final sun set of february. maybe thunderstorms down the road and the sun'll come out tomorrow... for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible.
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another pedestrian was killed today even though good samaritans rushed in to help her out. a livery cab was turning when the driver hit 77-year-old carol dauplaise. she later died at the hospital. >> good samaritans ran by, helped with the car. >> that was the only way to get her out. >> how many others? >> about like 10 of us. >> the driver did stay at the scene. at this point no charges have been filed. erin andrews breaking down in tears this afternoon as she testified in her civil lawsuit. the reporter and dancing with the stars host described the horrifying moment she discovered she had been secretly recorded without any clothes on and the
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internet. she's now suing the man convicted for stalking her as well as the marriott hotel for putting him in the room next to her. >> i felt so ashamed. i was so embarrassed. i come up here and i sit here and i start talking about my job and how much i love sports, then this happens every day of my life. either i get a tweet or somebody makes a comment in the paper or somebody sends me a still of the video to my twitter or somebody screams it at me at the stands and i'm right back to this. i feel so embarrassed and i'm so ashamed. >> david barrett admitting in court he shot the video because he needed the money. just ahead on eyewitness news, meet a leap year baby. she only has an actual birthday every four years. >> not really. but it will seem like that.
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>> lee goldberg says enjoy the warm dry weather because
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this newborn baby now a member of a very exclusive club known as leaplings, little lillian born this morning on leap day at mount sinai hospital. she was growing fast so a c-section was recommended a full week before the date. might be a birthday some parents might wish to avoid but not this family. >> i think it will mean making birthdays that much more special and intentional rather than something you take for granted. an extra day, extra name. so her full name will be lillian fraya joan. >> only about 200,000 americans with a leap day birthday. >> it's almost equal to the chances of two anchors wearing
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>> we talked about this before. >> twins. >> who wore it better? >> we're going to bartend later tonight. [ laughter ] between 11:00 and 6:00. february ends on a great note. you brought warm air back home. >> yay. >> outside we go. we have this beautiful time lapse of the final february sunset. and there it is coming over new york harbor. how pretty is that? we had the rain early in the morning. the sun has set now with temperatures that made it up in to the low 60s and tonight will be a little cooler. here's a current look right now with all the reds and oranges on the horizon. we're at 55 right now. west wind is starting to back off a little bit. it's a bit of a chilly breeze now that the humidity has gotten lower. 60 degrees the high number on the day. that's 15 degrees above average. february comes in 2 degrees above average and a little below normal in terms of precipitation. today we only got about .05 of an inch of rainfall. in terms of snowfall, we had 4 inches.
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had the big january blizzard late in the month. manhasset at 56. look at west hampton at 42. clouds really took their time leaving the east end during the afternoon hours after the 45 in monticello. it's 52 in belmar. you see also more of a wind off the water and the twin forks kept temperatures down. we're seeing these gusts which will be around 20 miles per hour. night. never totally go away. see how our winds are a little more northwesterly here? through here. the arctic air, that bypasses us to the north. there's a bit of a cool shot that comes in later tonight and tomorrow. that's why our highs are a good 10, 12 degrees lower. a few patchy clouds overnight. a little less wind. 44 at midnight. 38 at 7:00 in the morning. low 30s, upper 20s well north and west. mostly sunny skies during the day and a high of 46 to 48. skies clearing out right now. there's that cold front i talked
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actually snow and rain showers. going to come through our area. it weakens overnight. but a little cool shot. then we see this pacific parade of storms coming in. not arctic. this one in particular in the plains now will join with gulf moisture later tuesday night in to wednesday morning and the timing is just wrong. as we go in to wednesday morning, i think we're going to get a couple downpours, gusty winds. there's an area of snow. we'll get rain from it but maybe thundershowers. chilly tomorrow morning. sunshine during the afternoon hours. mid and upper 40s. temperatures rise overnight in to the 50s wednesday morning. look at this. potentially a skinny squall line coming through around daybreak with gusty winds and downpours then dropping temperatures in the afternoon hours. 38, partly a chilly breeze. partly sunny, seasonable. after 11:00 at night, rain moves in. might be a thunder shower early on wednesday. temperatures early around 50.
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afternoon. thursday's cold. i think a storm is a close call. saturday night in to sunday a chance of wet snow or rain. march can be a bumpy ride but no major storms yet. >> i'm watching your time lapse photography of the sunset. rob is up next with sports. >> the games just around the corner. hard work in baseball. spring training continues. straight ahead, both the yankees and mets about to wrap up their preparations. spring games days ahead. we'll hear from cc about yankee doings in tampa. plus the rangers get ready for the final 20 games of the nhl regular season. governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise
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don't they usually take a
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>> let's get this going. spring training ends in florida. they host the tigers in tampa to start the spring schedule. today plenty of work. still some of the pitchers worked the mound. aroldis chapman took his turn. cc sabathia there as well. by most accounts sabathia is looking good with one major goal. >> just to stay healthy. i feel like i can play a healthy season and be productive for this team. lighter. it's nothing to worry about. go out and play baseball and let the rest take care of itself. mets think they've improved a team that went to the world series last season. broke through the big leagues late in the summer. but this year conforto comes in to camp penciled in as the everyday left fielder from day one. >> i came in to spring training last year hungry and wanting to see how far i could take things. i think that's the same exact mentality i've got to bring in this year.
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the jets place the franchise tag on mohammed wilkerson. he'll likely be tagged, earn $15.7 million this season. can still work toward a longer tract. he had 12 sacks last year. but he's expected to be ready for the season. espn reporting tom brady has agreed to a two-year contract extension with the patriots, one that could keep him in new england through the 2019 season. old deal had a couple years left on it. brady turns 39 this summer. he would be playing well in to his 40s if this all works out. nhl trade deadline came and went this afternoon. 3:00, devils with stef pelley. islanders get shane prince from ottawa. the rangers made their big move yesterday. they traded for eric stahl. laura behnke was there. >> two stahls are better than one. at least that's what they're
6:28 pm
>> this is where i wanted to be. i was excited to get started and get the opportunity to be here. >> he's a true competitor. a guy who has played in many tournaments. >> reporter: it will be the first time as eric and mark ever played together. eric now adjusts to new york. >> everywhere he's gone he's won and he's a competitor. i don't need to give him any advice. he's going to be giving me advice. >> reporter: rangers came close to their ultimate goal of a stanley cup title over the last few years but a move like this this season says this team believes it could be their year. >> this is a strong belief from our part to them that we think we're a good team and we're trying to do everything we can to have the best shot possible. >> we believe in our team. we believe we have another shot to go all the way this year and it's a big part of it.
6:29 pm
eyewitness news. six months from today, the start of the u.s. open at the national tennis center. the complex is undergoing a transformation right now. workers have been busy installing the retractable roof. they're building the new grandstand, transforming just about everything in the complex. other areas, there's a lot of work going on. we should start seeing everything coming up in august. >> so cool. thank you and welcome back. nice tie. [ laughter ] >> pocket square. let's take a look at the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. >> great taste for you both. >> tonight an urgent warning about a popular birth control that could cause miscarriages down the road. also, more problems for anthem of seas. it's cutting another voyage short and heading back to new jersey. we're talking with people onboard. we'll have those stories and much more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> more trouble for that cruise ship. that's it for us for now. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news tonight is coming up next.
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several breaking stories hours away now until super tuesday. the showdown and, tonight, donald trump and the staggering new poll. and the trump rally turning ugly today. the photographer thrown to the ground. plus, the new numbers tonight on hillary clinton. is there a path for bernie sanders? also shooting inside a cafeteria. the 14-year-old opening fire, then running from the scene. breaking down on the stand. erin andrews late today, testifying in the case of her stalker, and a famous hotel. making a statement. chris rock at the oscars. and leonardo dicaprio finally winning. what he quietly said backstage.


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