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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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coming up on wach fox at 10. some possible changes in a midland school district has some parents very worried tonight. what could happen in the impact that it could have on schools. with the threat of severe storms on wednesday, the sky watch weather app will help. isis will take this law and say see here, they hate you.>> some say that a controversial measure in the white house is drawing a target. what it means to the local
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emanuel nine honored in columbia. one of the victim's daughter is sending a powerful message. news at 10 starts right now. this is wach fox news news at 10. warmer temps and clear skies, but it is going to change in the next 24 hours.>> not necessarily for the better. chief meteorologist henry ross umber -- henry rothenberg has your forecast. were watching for the threat of strong thunderstorms. it could bring strong winds to currentlat columbia metro, warmer than our average high. that is all great that when you get the powerful cold fronts that pushed through, cold air/warm air colliding, it is not a good mix. quiet right now through much of
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we do have light shower activity in parts of newberry county and into the upstate. just that. shower activity. overall tonight, we expect to see rain and severe weather remaining to our wes. it is been an active storm system. from blizzard conditions to carnatic activity. -- tornado activity. take a look at this video from a storm chaser moving through alice fill, alabama. at times this tornado was over a mile wide. this is why we are keeping a close eye on the storm. as the threat begins to shift into the east, heading into wednesday, the primary threat being damaging winds. you cannot rule out a threat of a tornado and flfoding in the midlands. may be possible.
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throughout the area. keep that in mind, third shift workers, we could have spotty showers. 7 am, the morning rush, it will be breezy and could become windy. that severe threat moves on in later in the day. we will point that later on. while it will get colder here, we will not see anything like this. snowowll in the midwest covering the roads and bringing headaches to drivers. most areas are under a blizzard warning until early tomorrow morning. remember, you can always get the up to minute weather updates by downloading the skywach app . you can have everything you need to know in the palm of your hands. making headlines tonight, there is concerns in kershaw county. school district officials are working on a proposal that would bring back hudson -- hundreds of students. for now, plans are on hold. the parents are not living up. melanie barden just got back from that meeting a short time ago.
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more. melanie?>> reporter: that is right. the board voted 9-02 table the discussions until the next board meeting. that will not stop the momentum of the parents and grandparents. destroying the schools would mean destroying the communities. >> we do not have the finest in technology appear, but we have the love of the community, and we have the love of the teachers.>> reporter: for people like nancy siegrist, merging mount pisgah and bethune elementary school at a new location will be devastating. >> my husband what here, my son went here, and now my grandchildren. >> reporter: is why she along with other parents and grandparents came out to the kershaw county school board hearing to speak against the proposal.>> reporter: -->> the school board is looking at ways to provide the most opportunities for they were all schools in a cost-effective way. >> reporter: the school board is looking for two possible locations for the elementary
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elementary -- north central metal. proponents believe there would children. the residents want them to use that money to fix the schools and not move them to a new one.>> many -- you can see many things that money has been sent -- spent on down there.>> reporter: they recall the same proposal being struck down in 2014. >> we seem to be beating a dead dog. it seems as if therere is some type of personal vendetta to make sure that mount pisgah elementary gets close.>> reporter: the board is expected to hold another forum to decide if there is any compromise. that will be february 16. live in the studio, melanie
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news new information in the death of tucker hipps. the family is seeking $25 million from three members of the sigma phi epsilon fraternity. he was found in lake hartwell in the fall of 2015 after an early-morning run but the fraternity. one of the lawsuits claimed hipps was forced to walk a narrow wall along the bridge with the fraternity members. the fraternity has denied connection with the death. friends, family, and coworkers gathered for a vigil to honor a girl after her boyfriend is facing murder charges in this case. the people are crushed by what happpped here. >> i know that she is happy to see everybody coming out for her.
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what happened is not okay. it is great to see so many faces here for her today.>> according to reports, andre heatley first face charges for shoplifting. he does have a criminal record. he was discharged -- he was charged with discharging a weapon, and the most recent is murder and armed robbery. columbia police are looking into a sexual assault near usc's campus. person of interest in the case. early saturday morning, someone sexually assaulted a woman near street. if you have any information on this incident or know the man who may have been involved in this, you are urged to call crimestoppers at one crimestoppers at 1888 crime sc. officials are also looking for a man who got away
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the anp food mart back in december. the man smashed a grip -- a glass door to get in and stole several bottles of liquor. he came back and took cash, lottery tickets, and cigarettes. these call crimestoppers if you know anything about that case. on the state house watch, a plan to pay for statehouse -- the roads. after trying to speed the proposal, they are breaking the -- they are putting the brakes on the proposal. they want to bring in the dot and state infrastructure bank to tell the panel what to do. the plans to restructure the dot will have to wait until the middle of them month. there is also a measure working its way through the state house that would ban the use of sharia law in south carolina courtrooms. >> this is also known as
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closely tied to islam.>> someone who stole would have their hand cut off. tara pettit has more. >> reporter: mohammed ali is the director of the center of columbia. he says sharia law is far more than punishment for criminal acts rather it is the general law on how mankind should live.>> we claim this is the work of god. the one who created us will >> reporter: is a measure passed by the house of would ban the use of sharia law as a defense in course. >> they could make a law that would work for mankind. >> reporter: we are against -- >> were against radical islamist who are out to get america.
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>> reporter: they call this an agent coat of all the places religion and the courtroom. >> if you know anything about sharia law, you know it is a very bad thing, particularly for women.>> bypassing this, they are making south carolina -- they are making the case for isis. they are doing what isis wants to happen is to create a religious war.>> reporter: representative james smith who opposes the measure says that the bill preys on people states, fears, and prejudices. >> sometimes we create what is happening. when we see a problem overseas, we can be the cause of it because we think in side.>> reporter: those who share the
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punishment could be fatal. the house bill now sits in the senate but with several other pressing issues on the calendar, it is not clear if or when the measure will be debated this legislative session. from the studio, tara pettit, wach f f news. there is concern about how the noise from a new baseball stadium will impact the residents in that area. the company that conducted the state -- study said the the stadium does comply with local noise ordinance. some say that it did not account for crowd noise, fireworks or music. they say it cannot be measured until the stadium is open for business. i guess we call that one to be continued. >> we will see what happens. >> baseball starts in april. i guess we will find out then. another gop candidate snags a south carolina endorsement.
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have an impact on who is selected in the primary. this election is going to be boiled down to one thing. we will look at what that is when we return. if you need inspiration to go to the gym, we have a story for you. we will introduce you to a grandmother who is preparing for a bodybuilding competition. all of that and more. good day columbia starts wednesday at five all of that
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wednesday at 5 am. i have to tell you, south carolina knows how to make a the winner of the iowa caucus rallying in the upstate senator. ted cruz talking to supporters
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crews had been running second behind donald trump in all of the polls, but he still scored an important victory in the first vote on the road to the white house. >> all across this country, people are waking up. there is an awakening and a spirit of revival. it is sweeping this country.>> crews also relative new hampshire earlier today. he wililbe there next tuesday. south carolina senator. tim scott announced his it is kiefer rubio as he tries to maintain support in the south carolina primary later this month. scott is theirst african- american elected to the senate from the south in the 19th century. he is hoping that rubio will bring his momentum from iowa to new hampshire and eventually south carolina.>> i'm thinking
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will lead this country in a foreign-policy perspective. from an economic perspective, and someone who understands that building in grading more jobs in the private sector is a responsibility we cannot take lightly.>> they believe he has sterling credentials and the ideals. >> trust in a candidate played a significant role in yesterday's vote.>> political's correspondent jeff barnes said the issue of trust will continue to be critical -- critical for some candidates more than other. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> as i stand here tonight braving a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa.>> reporter: pollsters say the issue of trust clearly played a major factor.
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for office, people want to feel people want to believe in. >> reporter: roughly half of the iowa voters are self- proclaimed evangelicals. they pututrusted values at the top. that in part helps explain senator. ted cruz's victory and it may y indicate why donald trump could have a bumpy ride ahead. for people like donald trump who is not necessarily lived a christian life and is something that christian values voters and -- in the republican party reporter: even though trump continues to attract large crowds because of his celebrity status, the gop has a very core religious element to it. trust is absolutely essential. on the democratic side, the most scandal continues to dog clinton's campaign. hudak says that in part could explain why bernie sanders came so close to winning iowa.
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forward, hillary clinton muss when the trust of a major part of the electorate, the independent voters. >> the way that the clinton campaign can explain it is going to be fundamental for how independents perceive clinton.>> reporter: hudak says that hillary clinton and donald trump while popular figures need to earn the trust. they need to under -- they need to win the nomination of their respective parties the summer. i'm jeff barnes reporting.>> all of that leads to the question of the day. will you change your vote based on the results of the iowa caucus? 63% say yes 13% say no, and the rest have not made up their mind yet. we want to know what your thoughts are. login and let us know. more information about the zika virus. confirmed in this country.
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rare source. honoring the emanuel nine. how they are turning tragedy into a teachable moment. some light shower activity moving into western parts of newberry county. it is tomorrow afternoon that i am concerned about. we will talk more about that plus sky watch -- skywach weather school out in the community.
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news continues. welcome back friends. i want to start with a light note.skywach was out and about in blythewood. got to speak with the fourth graders up there. these were smarts -- smart kids. some of these questions i had asked college students and the students answered when college students did not. wonderful knowledge. a want to thank them for having me out. some great signs too. aside from the weather at the bottom of the signature page, we have of course cam newton who is in the super bowl this
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and we have a nice email of one cool thing that i learned from the visit. this is what the students wrote down. i appreciate you all having me out there. anybody could have skywach weather school out there. shoot us an email and we will come your way. now, the same that we were talking with the kids adout severe weather, we need to talk about that. we're tracking changing weather headed this way. light showers in the upstate right now. were not too worried about this. moving into newberry as well. you can see the potential of a few of these passing through here and there overnight. take a look across the country, especially -- especially from the great lakes region all the way to the gulf coast. a line of strong and severe thunderstorms that is been hammering the southeast today. and take a look from parts of michigan stretching back to minnesota, all the way back down to parts of the dakotas and into nebraska. we're still dealing with winter storm warnings and blizzards out there. all of this tied in with the same sysysm that is heading this way. we have seen quite a bit in the way of snowfall throughout the
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the central plains and back. here is some or blizzard video. this is from northern iowa. while the blizzard is not as thick as it was earlier in the day, it is an awful lot of snow coming down. because of the wind, that is what adds the white tent and the sky, blowing all of that snow around. we have been tracking tornadoes in parts of mississippi and into alabama. ellisville alabama saw significant tornado. a wedge tornado, as we call it. this is over a mile wide. unfortunately, it doesn't -- it did do some damage out there. it all tight end with the same system that is heading this way. what i am worried about is the timing of this. i do want to show you, first, use all the other video. this is a time lapse to give you an idea of the blizzard. from cedar falls iowa, you cannot see anything in the camera. when the blizzard moves out,
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ground from the blizzard. he will see clouds like this tomorrow. while they did not see the torrent -- the tornado today, the warm air is in place and southerly wind flow. that is fueling some oyster that we have in the atmosphere. that is what we have a marginal risk for all of the midlands for severe weather tomorrow with our primary that -- threat being damaging when. future wach is keeping things quiet tonight. between two quiet tonight. between 2 pm and 7 pm, that is when i am concerned with seeing the chances highest for the storms. as you are picking the kids up from school, the afternoon commute, but the time that your heading to dinner and going to take to -- the kids to extracurricular activities, that is when the severe threat will be highest across the midlands.
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on thursday but severe threat is gone. we have quieter conditions as we head into the weekend. you definitely want to make sure that you not only keep tabs right here on wach fox 57, you have the skywach weather at. it is a free download and it is gps base. if you are in the path of a severe storm, it will alalt you. if not, you will not. we want to keep people safe and you want to be one step ahead. lady lillian dennis celebrating an impressive milestone tonight. the columbia woman is 100 three years young. she was born in 1913. family and friends gathering at heartland nursing center with
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>> i want to say to my cousin for -- i want to say to my cousin lily and how much i love you, and thank you for being so sweet to me. >> there is a lot of wisdom right there. what is the secret? that is what we want to know. >> being kind, it looks like.>> smiling. it makes you stop for just a minute and just be grateful. corey miller, you could sign up for 103 right now.>> i was trying to do the math. 56 years later, i will be 103. bring good gifts, will you? speaking of gifts, the gamecocks went to georgia oking for when.
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tough. have the highlights coming up as well as some high school basketball. all coming up next right here in sports. wach fox news news at 10 -- nah. -and you, uh, take karate? show him how intense you are. -yah! yah! ah! -(karate sounds) hey! now finish him. big flavor in a little package. new lil' chickies and lil' doggies.
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welcome to wach fox sports. you south carolina basketball just got back into the coaches poll. this week, they travel down to georgia. another secretary team. they are fired up. they -- in the first, you can see right there, gamecocks -- the gamecocks are right behind texas a&m. let's get into the action shall we? it seems like he's been a georgia forever. with the left, the basket was good. he was good all-night. michael career has been the mvp for the gamecocks. he is trying to make something happen. he dribble, drives, another punk --.they, the gamut -- the gamecocks down by 10 at the half.
10:28 pm
no good, time expired. gains, nothing stop and him now. he is trying to get his troops going. we will see what happens. did passing. duane millers three, airball. he will get a basket, but they will lose this basketball game 69-56. they have to try to bounce back. with high school basketball, then lipids, fate, drive to baseline. the basket good. tyler junior, folks. he is on the move. carmen newman n by three. been weapons -- been -- here
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more down in the half wiwi a corner jump by james reese. it is good. cutting the lead down to five. 15 feet off of the bank, good. another comeback as thomas hollis worth will get into the bank. that is good. james reese, are you ready for me to sing this song in concert? yes, it is good. they will go on and when this basketball game 57-51. over. atlantic coast, where always hearing some names. 12 and have points and a team- high, ole miss and it gives a&m
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atlantic coast has been a straight dollars and she is been hearing car -- since she has been here in carolina. we will talk about the carolina panthers later in sports. stay tuned to wach fox news attend. we will be right back. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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today, family, friends and survivors of the emanuel church shooting speaking to students of benedict college. >> their message, stressing the importance of moving on, forgiveness, and having a relationship with god. some also pushing equity in unity within the community. they told their emotional stories and said it was s message students needed to hear.>> tonight, we bring you the sights and sounds of a powerful day. >> reporter: the main focus was how are we moving forward? we cannot forget what happened. we have to take what happened and turn it around. think about ways that we can impact the community. >> we just wanted to show that time. we can change a bad situation
10:32 pm
knowing that what happened to those victims was really sad. it felt like i needed to be here. it felt like they were family to me. >> i feel like we need to talk to everyone, especially young children. the foundation needs to be laid. you're supposed to treat everyone the way that you want to be treated. >> one of the victim's granddaughters is producing a campaign. it honors the lives lost in helping victims of hate crimes.
10:33 pm
campaign. >> the emanuel church has officially been nominated for the priest -- peace prize -- the nobel peace prize. the papers are now heading to norway. illinois lawmakers were part of the ceremony. the nobel peace prize winners are announced in october. the first transmission of the zika virus has been confirmed health officials say this is a very rare case. we have the latest on what people are calling a global health crisis. a champion for cancer awareness accused of the unthinkable. why they susan g coleman foundation wants some answers tonight. this friday 11, we will be crap carolina -- we will recap carolinas season. hear from former players as
10:34 pm
don't mess watch -- wach fox
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11 pm. you are watching wach fox news attend with bright -- with wach fox, janet parker, and henry rothenberg and sports with corey miller. this is wach fox news at 10. health headlines tonight, a rare case of the zika virus has been confirmed in this country and it did not come from a mosquito bite. a patient in dallas texas has been infected through sexual contact. this is very uncommon, but the centers for disease control are confirming the case tonight. the person had not traveled to any areas impacted by the virus and the sexual partner had returned from venezuela. the zika viruses usually spread through mosquito bites and is
10:36 pm
babies being born with undeveloped brained. -- brains. they declared this virus a health emergency. a charity is now addressing concerns about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that she helped raise. michelle estevan has more. tracy dart with the champion of cancer awareness. she said it herself as a determine cancer patient and a fierce fundraiser. susan g coleman said she and her team raised more than $400,000 since 2006 and tracy herself donated $28,000. business in her wants home of west seattle not only know her but gave her money.>> all of the restaurants tipton.>> reporter: some call her the unofficial mayor of west seattle.
10:37 pm
-- she was a regular for a while.>> reporter: this all began last week when the susan g kolmar -- coleman foundation received a call that the family of tracy called and said her cancer was alive. team tracy that raised money together for coleman, members immediately dissolve the group. all money went to research and services and not tracy. what about other fundraisers? >> i had a fundraiser for her at all law salon. it was two years ago.>> reporter: this one seattle business member said she wrote a check to tracy for her cancer treatment. >> that is michelle as to bond reporting.
10:38 pm
this. not must -- not much information from them about this alleged case of fraud.>> it has not been determined if she did or did not have it. the susan g coleman foundation does want some answers.
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tumultuous forecast. amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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mmmm, yoplait. archaeologist working at fort jackson this morning to uncover historic sites damage by october's flood. one of them is a mill site dating back to the early 1800s. teams are reporting any damage to the sights and documenting exposed wood before repair work begins. >> people are attached to their history especially in south carolina. i think it is a good thing to
10:41 pm
these things while they are still here. they disappear so quick. shifting gears to the weather, we have been talking about all good things must come to an this peaceable -- this beautiful unseasonable weather has to come to an end. in parts of newberry county, the light rain. showers overnight. looking at the bigger picture, severe weather has been the story to our west today. all of this tight end with the same front that brought snowfall through the middle part of the country yesterday. take a look at this video that we have. we have seen everything from blizzards, which folks have had to dig out of, which you see here. this is from iowa. this is something that we could be grateful that we are not having to do here. dig out from the snow they have scene. tornadoes have been occurring throughout parts of the
10:42 pm
this is ellisville alabama. is a tornado the did quite a bit in the way of damage. the storm catchers catching some amazing footage of the storm. take a look at all of the reports we've seen from this one front that is heading this way. snow reports. hundreds of not thousands of them throughout the northern mississippi river valley into the central plains, back into the rocky mountain region as well. in advance -- flooding, tornado, winds -- this is a strong front. the only isolated action on here is a wildfire that has nothing to do with the system. it is heading this way and my concern is the arrival time of the strong line of storms that we are expecting.
10:43 pm
it is 61 in columbia. real-time conditions. 59 and ramberg right now. we have that southerly component to the wind. that is helping keep temperatures warm. that is bringing some moisture in the atmosphere. with this front approaching, this is why all of the wach fox 57 coverage area is under this risk for severe weather as we head into wednesday. the afternoon, especially. let's take a look at the timing of this for you because it is concerning as far as when we see this picking up. the latest model is pushing it into the western counties around lunchtime. were going to posit at 3 o'clock. right through the heart of the midlands. this is concerning because many of you are picking the kids up school at this time. you definitely want to make sure you keep a watchful eye to the sky. even toward the afternoon rush, the eastern counties still seeing some of the stronger storms while the western counties are starting to quiet down. temperatures on the mild side.
10:44 pm
lingering and some mild showers once we lose the energy for the severe threat going into tomorrow night and into thursday. as far as the threat index goes, wind is our primary concern followed by some flash flooding. 2 pm through 6 pm. just because you are not seeing anything in columbia does not mean it is not happening. it has to work from west to east. moving into this part of the woods, unfortunately, like i said, if you are picking the kids up from school and taking them to activities. you can pull out an isolated tornado with this fast moving storm moving through the area. where it 50 and sunshine on friday. drying out that much cooler following this front. we are following another system that will work up from the golf which may bring some rain chances on sunday. monday and tuesday, temperatures cooling off.
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threat, especially between two through six, stay tuned to watch -- wach fox 57 and download the skywach app. these lil' chickies and lil' doggies are small, -but they're intense. -oh, yeah. small but intense like my niece, hannah. oh, yeah. and you, uh, take karate? yeah she does. show him how intense you are, hannah.
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good evening. once again, thank you for joining our panthers watch on wach fox sports. day number three, getting ready for the denver broncos . players are practicing. they are getting ready. they know when it becomes media time. the question comes up again about cam newton in the black quarterback. he explains himself, why he said what he said.>> i do not even want to touch on the topic of lack quarterback. i think this game is bigger than black, white, or even green.
10:48 pm
we label ourselves. i wanted to bring awareness because of that. i do not think that i should be labeled just a black quarterback. sport that need to be accomplished. i am trilingual myself. i speak spanish, english, and i speak ebonics. i'm sure the ron rivera would love to answer questions about x's and o's and how to slow down the pass rush of denver. how carolinas going to protect the quarterback, but he is continuing to get questions about cam newton. he talks about cams work ethic and the man and the person that he is.>> i think that it is because not only does he talk
10:49 pm
he is one of those guys that is all in and he is truly committed. a lot of people do not see the things that he does behind the
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[ no audio ] a quick college basketball note to pass along. the clemson tigers -- you want to talk about the gamecocks pick the clemson tigers basketball team has been doing excellent. they scored 56 points in the second half. the tigers are 7-3 in the acc with several top 25 victories the tigers continue to roll on in the acc. that is going to wrap things up with sports.
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