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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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10. >> i had no idea that i would find anything like that when i got home. picking up the pieces. berky -- people are looking to bounce back after severe weather in the region. it is quiet now tonight, but there is more headed on thursday. we may always -- we may not always agree with her, but she always shoots straight.>> bill clinton talking about the presidential candidate for the midlands. making an impact this signing day. news at 10 starts right now. stop -- live at 10. this is wach fox news news at 10.
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national weather service says a tornado touched down in the midlands. weather officials say it was an ef zero tornado that came through the midlands today -- >> that is the lowest tier tornado on the scope. this is the area that the national weather service says was touched by the tornado touchdown. it was quick. the system still left behind some significant damage.>> that is where tara pettit is tonight. what is the damage left behind this evening?>> reporter: janet, brian, there is still a handful of power outages and several people cleaning up tonight. were in west columbia just out of charleston where this road was partially blocked off today due to the tree behind me that was completely uprooted and collapsed on this street. it was likely due to the tornado that swept through this area earlier today.
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it was been seen -- it has been seen by more than 1000 -- 1060 times. we caught up with great and he says he was watching a radar on the app on his phone. when he saw that a tornado could be overhead any minute, sure enough, there was a funnel cloud right in front of him. >> it popped out of nowhere. i kept my camera on. it only lasted for a second. it spun up and moved that way. i saw some debris, and after a few minutes, i ran inside and showed everybody the video. after a few minutes, the storm passed.>> reporter: mark said he went in and showed his coworkers because he could not believe his eyes and he wasn't sure if it was a tornado. we did learn that was an ef
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the clean up discontinue. were live in west columbia. tara pettit. watch fox news. -- wach fox news. henry was tracking the storm all afternoon. >> he is in the newsroom with a perspective on all of this. as far as the severe threat goes, it is quieted down. we had the racing front earlier but we're left with shad -- showers that are cluttered, if you will. this is what it look like on 228 on skype -- 10 -- skywach this afternoon. at 212 -- skywach this afternoon. at 2:12 pm, it indicates wind is circulating into the storm. that indeed has been confirmed by more than just a radar indicated tornado -- tornado. we have video in we have confirmation that that ef zero tornado did touchdown.
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videos from you, the watchers. this one is from ashley koester, this is a quite impressive shot with the storm clouds moving through. it is hard to tell that this may be another view of the tornado. she is looking from the wedge field area. we have this lowering right here where you can somewhat see the base of the cloud extending to the ground. impressive video regardless. as far as the storm reports go, anything from went to flash flooding, and yes the tornado, but yes, it has quieted down out there. how do we rate tornadoes? what does that mean? on the enhanced scale, it is a -- it is an ef zero. that is 65-85 mile-per-hour winds. this is what we rate tornadoes with. you typically get tree branches down sometimes on weaker structures. you can see a lot of damage, and brooks coming down. that is indeed what we sell. we will show you more pictures and video throughout the
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with some light's -- light rainfall. be ruled out. those of you working the third chapter cleanup, temperatures in the 50s. toward manning and orangeburg, lightly some showers it we will see off and on taking you toward 7 am. that is right in the middle of good day columbia, that will commute. we will talk more on your forecast with more video and pictures coming up later on. we do not have any confirmation that a tornado went through the luis area. they will be serving that tomorrow morning. melanie barden shows you how a longtime family business they are is coping with that. >> reporter: debris, broken powerlines, and smashed cars. this is the site of tracy's logging in a small town of stedman.>> i was totally surprised. i had no idea that i would see
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home.>> reporter: when tracy gunter returned home, he found the roof of a shed and chicken houses completely gone. the debris flew onto his property and into the trees.>> lots of debris everywhere but in a very small area.>> reporter: tracy's daughter was home when it happened. she said she heard a loud noise and looked outside to see so much had been damaged. tracy's logging is a family business that has been around more than 50 years. tracy says the area is near and dear to their hearts. >> this is our lifeline. our logging business is a way of life force. >> all of our equipment, our house, everything operates out of this location, but no one was hurt. thank the lord. that is the best thing. >> -- >> reporter: that is what this
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melanie barden, wach fox news. >> authorities will be in that area to determine if a tornado went through. here is a look at some of the damage captured by viewer misty dyer near the stedman area. many of them taste -- taken near tracy's logging this afternoon. debris spread in a concentrated area of that particular community. weather was not only in the midlands. it was also an alabama. this is frightening video shot in nash -- ellisville, -- ellisville alabama. the family's car was destroyed in a bedroom wall was ripped away. the roof and the garage were also leveled. that tornado destroyed 13 homes. when severe weather effectual area, you can get the latest alerts by downloading
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everything you need to know up- to-the-minute right in the palm of your hands. a man suspected of assault turned himself in. these are the photos that the police used when trying to track him down. the 22-year-old sexually assaulted a woman on barnwell street near the campus early saturday morning. hernandez is being held on $300,000 bond. he is at the alvin s detention center. there are thousands and thousands of people who started school, who went further, and have better, richer lives today because she always make something good happen.>> bill clinton in the midlands today. we take a look at his message to younger voters. and other public -- political headlines, rand paul is on the sidelines for the republican
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is dropping his bid for the presidential race. he just turned 4 1/2% of the vote. rick santorum making it three to drop out. he dropped his presidential bid this evening joining rand paul and mike huckabee who dropped out immediately after the iowa caucus. santorum is now throwing his support behind one of his former opponents. he is endorsing marco rubio. still to come tonight, building a stronger south carolina. usc past and present students fighting for education. they take that message to their elected officials. signing on the dotted line. a midlands applet is making a memorable impact the signing date and inspiring stories coming up.
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a memorable impact this signing date. inspiring stories coming up. temperatures are finally returning to the 50s.
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sticks around. he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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also on fox tonight, the state supreme court has its new top judge. legislators elected john view today. he received 92 votes. bruce williams received 73 votes. also a judge in the court of appeals, he said he is excited and relieved by the vote.>> i described my philosophy of
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i'm not sure conservative is an active word. >> she was told it was mandatory that she resigned because she turned 72 last year. students and supporters getting a chance to meet with officials today. how the south carolina campus joined usc president to discuss education, the environment.>> cannot say there is nothing for higher education. the infrastructure just like those other things -- it is part of the infrastructure just like the other things that i mentioned. a very important
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they look ahead to their athletic future. signing day has become one of those must-see tv events. and all eyes were on signing day today.>> today was much more significant for one flight would stand out.>> reporter: while hundreds of high school students were signing the dotted line, pursuing their athletic futures. one life would senior was doing the same that he will be signing a much different way in the future. >> i am stress-free, and i'm excited to start this new program. >> -- >> reporter: he is now looking at a new beginning. he will be playing football at one of the only schools for deaf or hard of hearing students of the world. he says when he starts in the fall, he plans to learn sign language.>> he got the chance
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opportunities for academics there. he will be successful in school but also later in life. >> what i really want to be doing is sign language. the coaches, i had a great connection with the coaches as soon as i went up there. it was basically like family. you had a night with the players and they treated me like a little brother.>> with him going to gallaudet, it is exciting for us because it is going to open the doors for him to learn more about other students who are just like him.>> reporter: tim allen and -- said his hearing impairment on and off the field has never held him back. >> he fights through. with a lot of things that he is going through in life, he never let that determine his destiny. he over -- he always overcame.>> he never had to tell people. you never tried to make an excuse for.>> reporter: is there anything that you would
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going through similar situations?>> cannot be satisfied with where you are now. that is what they will see. they will not see the person who is hearing impaired. they will see you as a person who pushing when things got hard.>> reporter: that is what he will continue as he pushes forward. -- >> he says learning sign language and attending tell you that will help us -- will help him continue to reach his goal. stay with us. is much more a had tonight. including campaigning in the midlands. why bill clinton says his wife is ready for the overall -- is ready for the oval office. the first for president obama. commander-in-chief making a visit that some critics are calling controversial tonight. we will explain a little later. lots in the way of severe weather today.
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received of a tracker -- tractor trailer. it was turned on its side and steadman south carolina. national weather service sending a site survey team to determine if that was also a tornado. more pictures and more on this severe weather threat and if it
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break. (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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(tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back everyone. much quieter than it was this afternoon. want to begin by showing some of the pictures that you all shared with us at wach 57 -- wach fox 57. the famous one, from mark creighton, this of the funnel that was confirmed to be the tornado when it moved through west columbia earlier today. more pictures. this one of the trailer portion of a tractor-trailer that is on its side and steadman south carolina. the national weather service will send a site team and steadman to review the damage. you can see here the roof of a structure that is collapse. it will determine if this was caused by straight-line winds or a tornado. you can see the angle of the tornado where the roof is on the ground right here. very impressive photos sure -- shared by you, our watchers,
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another angle. things and fences in the area that have collapsed as well. in -- and another picture here. take a look at the tree. we have what appears to be some 10 that is in the roof from a roof. thank you for not only being able to safely take these pictures but to share them with us. you can send pics at #tran12.'s -- again, nothing severe out there now. that is going to be the story through the overnight hours. we will have heavier rainfall at times, but we're not expecting to see more of the straight-line when storms to report. even as i said, the tornado reports, that we had earlier today. speaking of that, if you missed earlier, the first -- first
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creighton junior sent us. we appreciate him getting this to us. it appears to be a funnel cloud. for the single, with the buildings and some of the trees blocking, the base of the final itself, it is hard to tell to indicate if the circulation is on the ground. that when the weather service went over to the site survey, they found damage that you would find indicative of a tornado and they rated it as an ef zero. this is the tornado as it moved through west columbia today. this is from the which filled area. there were reports of a funnel cloud, and i do believe that ashley managed to capture that. impressive view right here. the look in the distance. right in here, the lowering portion of it, that is what i'm concerned. it is possibly the funnel that was reported. we will wait to get confirmation on that. things have quieted down. just some of the lingering showers out there. let me slide out of the way.
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miles per hour 229 miles per hour in rembrandt, which was the tornado warning. range holders -- rain totals. in leesville, it is 63. 63 also an ramberg at this 10 o'clock hour. future watch -- future wach . you want to join lauren lasky because the roadways will be slick. set the alarm clock 30 minutes earlier so that you can make it to wherever they commute takes you at that time. clouds lingering. showers around the time you pick up the kids. temperatures still mild, and as far as the colder numbers, by friday, down to 50. then we are at 54 on saturday. warming just a touch before more rain chances. here we go.
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downward with the temperatures falling into the 30s with the highs during the middle of next week. >> roller coaster? i don't know if that is the best way to describe it.>> it is going to get called. we're seeing all four seasons in a week.>> yes. in a span of seven days. >> it is fortunate no one was hurt. the damage is done, but we will know tomorrow if there are any other tornadoes a touchdown.'s i -- over 60 guys signed to take their talent sex were. we will break it down for you. -- over 60 guys signed to take their talent elsewhere.
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coming up next in sports.
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thank you for joining us at wach fox sports. corey miller. a lot of kids, coaches, and fans are happy. some of them are even said. fans. the players are definitely happy. on national signing day 2016, a lot of high school in the midlands choosing their destination. joining me with lou. you were just telling me that over 60 kids signed from the midlands alone. football? >> just football. we had a lot of signees and happy people. a lot of kids getting ready to start their careers in college.>> -- the parents are often mad because the kids don't go where they want them to go.
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that lost in the state championship team will be taking their talents to different places. you have kickers, running backs, receivers, safeties, and a good group of kids. they talk about it after their signing day. >> it was exciting to be signing with sc state, a.d. one school. of louisville when a title and a championship and get a degree. i want to go through this program to help me become a better person, a better man, and a better athlete. hopefully going to college will make me better too. >> i am super excited about it. a fellow with the campus and everything that it stands for. i'm excited to get up there. a good group of kids. >> a talented group. grave is going to charleston southern. charleston southern cleaned up. they got carol and they spurred's leesburg and terrance wilson.
10:28 pm
chadwell in charleston. rj bacon going to pc to be a kicker. a good crowd on hand to witness the signing. the guys, they spoke after their signing today. >> the time is here to sign and find out where i'm going to go for the next four years and play ball.>> i get to live my dream of playing de-one -- d-1 football. riley is going on to play football. got a good group of guys out in spring valley. >> kim joe's going to army. you mentioned lee. the quarterback for spring valley will play quarterback for the sinclair team reggie
10:29 pm
program. the logan bailey -- logan bailey, has a great kid with a great career. he is headed down to the citadel. he is a quarterback player. what is going to happen there? >> they told him he is going to play quarterback, but i think that citadel is getting a great kid. he can play a variety of positions. i think that he will fit great and the bulldogs purple auction offense. let's see what they had to say after the signing. >> this is my opportunity. when i was a kid, i wanted to play in a division one level. academically and athletically, it was a no-brainer. brings a rich history and tradition. they've got a great program. they just lost the coach, but the guy coming in i am very confident in. i just felt right. not as
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players were signing at dreher high school. you can see the furman had. a lot of folks thought this might be a bigger signing out at dreher high school.>> they had three kids signing. and one of the big kids in the class is one of the underrated players in the area. he has a chance of having a really good college career. i think from and that's good and his style. no doubt about it. is a kid that did a lot of good things. he will do well. let's see what they had to say after the signing day. >> has been a long road. i am really blessed to have this happen to me. i news since i -- i knew cents my sophomore year. i went to the campus, and it felt like home. this is big
10:31 pm
starting about starting something new in south carolina. let's see what bronson talked about after his signing.>> he wants to win. that definitely made a mark for me and how seriously he thought of me and my athletic abilities. i think this guy will have a phenomenal career at south carolina.>> a tackling machine. will must chant made him a pride -- priority right after his press conference. where was bronson? he was at our any. i am -- i'm glad to see him stay home and play a good football player. we have some of the best high school coverage.
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evening. tonight, the national weather service is confirming that an ef zero tornado touchdown in the midlands today. >> it is a lowest tier tornado on the scale. this is the area that was affected by the brief touchdown. the area near dixie and a road and charleston highway. is still left behind some significant damage.>> tara pettit is right now getting a look at some of the damage that
10:33 pm
were been tracking the storm all day long. portly, the worst is over but a lot of places in this area to get hit with some damage. an example is right behind me where this tree was completely uprooted earlier today. it collapsed right here on this street just off of charleston highway. it had the road blocked off while crews were working on it for a few hours cleaning up the mess. this was taken just today. less than 1 mile of the street by west columbia resident mark creighton. while he was at work, he stepped outside and saw a funnel cloud. he got his phone out and took this year. this video his rdc more than 160,000 views just in the last few hours. we caught up with mark creighton, and this is what he had to say. >> if pop out of nowhere. i did not know what i was looking at. it was just raining, and then there was a tornado sitting in front of a. it only lasted for a second. it spun up and built that way.
10:34 pm
after a few minutes, i ran inside to show everybody. but after a few minutes, storm just passed. >> reporter: mark creighton and his coworkers had never seen a tornado before. they were not sure what was happening. fortunately, they were not hurt. we do not ever recommend going outside and taking a video if you see something like this, but fortunately no injuries were reported today. the clean up discontinue. were live in west columbia. tara pettit, wach fox news the race for the white house is today. no clinton rallying in the midlands with -- for his wife.>> more on the message that the message had for young >> reporter: bill clinton focused on several reasons as to why his wife hillary is the best person for the presidential spot in the race for the white house. he touched on issues like to fight climate change, and most importantly education.
10:35 pm
most qualified person he has ever had the chance to vote for.>> we do not always agree with her, that she always shoots straight. she is never put one political trick.>> reporter: while many are familiar with bill clinton and his time in office, many are filling the auditorium to hear why his wife should be the next president of the united states.>> were living in a world that is very obligated and dangerous, and it is changing all the time. we need a president who can handle those things that are going on.>> reporter: bill assures that hillary's past experience will help take on issues that are important to voters. >> all students are able to have affordable college -- our students able to have affordable college so that they may be able to rage their families -->> reporter: the main message the former president wants to send is for
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do not vote on what somebody has told you about hillary. don't just vote off of what you've heard about donald trump or whoever else. whoever else that may be out there that your liking. make sure that you do your homework and go from there. >> right now, there is a slim margin between hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the race for the white house. only time will tell who will be chosen and named the presidential nominee. live in the studio, leah holloway, wach fox news. tuesday, -- in new hampshire, still to come tonight, the zika virus is spreading tonight. tonight, health officials say that viruses getting much closer to south carolina. coming up, we look at the most recent confirmed case. is a president makes his
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major controversy. amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. these lil' chickies and lil' doggies are small, -but they're intense. -oh, yeah. small but intense like my niece, hannah. oh, yeah. and you, uh, take karate? yeah she does. show him how intense you are, hannah.
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have been to areas where the zika virus is reported. reports have been confirmed this week that zika can be sexually transmitted as in texas. during the first time this president's -- this presidency, president obama gave a speech in a mosque.>> speaking at a mosque came with some controversy.>> reporter: as president obama rolled into the mosque, residents watch. the islamic society baltimore. one of the largest in the country and one whose members listen today to the presidents message to religious tolerance for all face. >> a muslim communities in our
10:40 pm
conservatism -- and a time of some fear. like all americans, you are worried about the threat of terrorism. on top of that, as muslim americans, you also have another concern. that is your entire community so often is targeted or blamed for the violent acts of the very few.>> with the mosque was not without protest today. 10 years ago, it's former leader said he supported suicide.>> the muslim brotherhood is not the kind of company the president of the united states should be keeping. there are plenty of tolerant, law-abiding, peaceable muslims
10:41 pm
the president of the united states and president obama specifically never seem to be interested in reaching out to them. >> what we want everyone to understand as we are americans. with care about our immigration system, and we also care about security.>> reporter: after two hours at the mosque, the president returned to washington. many question why his visit took so long. >> certainly a busy day. is the worst behind us? the rain is lighter in the area. i will let you know if that is
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welcome back, -- welcome back friends. what an active afternoon we had. were just starting to see the aftereffects. the lingering showers a we have enjoyed, after what we experienced during a busy afternoon. not a whole lot in the way of dropping temperatures. just a calm rang as you get ready to go to bed tonight. nice to see that after what was a very active afternoon. one confirmed tornado that did touch -- that did touchdown today. the national weather service will be investigating to see of another tornado touchdown. here is a video from mark creighton. you can see here what appears to be a very well-defined funnel cloud in the video. in this video, i cannot see the actual final reaching the ground, and i do not see the debris cloud there. however, the national weather
10:43 pm
on whether a touchdown did -- whether a tornado ditch -- did touchdown, they did confirm that an e that an e0 tornado did touchdown at 2:28 pm this afternoon. this storm is brought everything from blizzard torn it -- blizzard conditions in iowa to the tornado in mississippi and alabama. and today, for us, a tornado and damaging winds. this photo was sent to us by a watcher in -- and the national weather service did receive reports of funnel clouds and the sumter area this afternoon. i just sent this off to them for them to view and put it on twitter as well. a siding that we want to have them take a look at this and
10:44 pm
were getting reports of or not. regardless, very impressive video for you, and i, and our ears that are outside in the community. we appreciate you getting this safely and passing it along for us to be able to share with everybody else throughout the midlands. again, some level -- some lingering showers. not too much to be concerned about. that is welcomed after the data we have had. i did say it was an ef zero tornado. you know how we rank the hurricanes on what we call that safyre simpson score, category one, through, all the way up to five. same thing with tornadoes. it is zero, 135. the wind speeds for any of zero 65-85 miles per hour. when guster now not what we saw earlier. we saw wind gust between 20-30 miles per hour and about. rain totals over 1 inch, but
10:45 pm
50s and 60s and will continue to drop us future wach show us. let's set the alarm clocks 30 minutes earlier when you get up in the morning so that you make it on time. possibly a few showers when you pick the kids up at school. as you had home from work as well into the afternoon hours. let's jump into the seven day now. first, look at the next three days. after tomorrow, dry, calm weather in the 50s. then we will watch quite a dip in temperatures into next week with 30s for the highs. that is it for the forecast. another check on sports when we come back. this friday at 11 11 pm, we will present bowl at the bay. here from players as they break down the big game.
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the bay this friday at 11 pm. good evening. welcome back to gamecocks sports here and wach fox on wach fox 57. the recruiting class . hausa
10:47 pm
coach boom got it done. if you believe the rankings, they were 64 the country. today, nationally, they finished 49th. we talk to the coach today. he said he is excited about this class. case -- >> i'm very please with where we are. i really am. i do not think that you are ever satisfied. that is the way i look at things. i just think this is a two or three your process that you are going to look back and reflect, that was a very good class for us. winning on signing day is not really important to me. it is about two new -- two years. how much did they contribute and how much did they play? how productive were they as players for south carolina. the top four guys right here. take a look at the full-screen. brandon michael one, brian edwards, a wide receiver.
10:48 pm
quarterback and you go. steven taylor, and they are ranked 10th with 29th ranking and the national -- 29th ranked nationally. even though they had some of the games late, they were "close the day. today was a when first program. >> we got better today. that is what we always try to do with the program. continue to improve. continue to get better, and i thought we did that today. the thing that always excites me and never gets old for me is when a young person chooses to come and be a part of our program. i love that. i do not think that there is anybody that is more transparent in the recruiting process then we are. we try to be very thorough. we try to lay everything out as far as who we are, the way that
10:49 pm
no surprises. let's take a look at some of their players. mullen. he was ranked behind fsu behind many of the top 10. eighth. still a good recruiting class for the tigers. we will get back tomorrow with our panthers while we talk more about the super bowl tomorrow. the recruiting was heavy today and we wanted to focus just on that. we are going to wrap things up with sports.
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