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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> you are wasting my time, and i am ticked off about a. south carolina drivers may be as well as the bill for the state roads has hit another -- as hit the break. minutes matter and you have a very important role in that when you see emergency crews coming your way. at the rain and clouds are tapering out of here. we will see improving conditions for friday, but what about the weekend? i will let you know. >> there are a lot of roads across the state and a lot of bridges that need to be repaired. four weeks after the flood, the waiting game is over for one community, but there is so much work ahead. wach fox news starts right now. we begin with breaking news
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richard -- out of hopkin. someone was shot on auburn leaf road dr. it happened at 8 o'clock tonight. one person was shot in taken to the hospital. we do not know what condition that person is in or what led up to that shooting.>> we did hear from richland county a short time ago. they do have an active search going on. anyone should call crimestoppers immediately at -- immediately. we have a crew on the scene. an uproar in the state senate and the fight for south carolina's crumbling roads and bridges. they are still not any closer to fixing the state's infrastructure. >> state leaders have called it a stop priority but every time the plan appears to be on
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in to an issue again.>> reporter: with so many differences of opinion, a solid plan is far from complete.>> with all due respect, senator. , i think we have's -- we have heard enough.>> reporter: arvid -- harvey peeler said he is losing his patients. >> let's start fixing the roads.>> reporter: it has been nearly a month since this session started but the road plan has been set to be started, and 46 different senators and 46 different plans. governor nikki haley has laid out her own plan which includes raising the gas tax by $.10, reforming the department of transportation, and giving
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three of those elements. >> why are we putting three complicated bills into one. why cannot we take them separately. why can't we talking of -- why can't we talk about raising the gas tax and fixing roads. if we were here just to focus on fixing potholes, we would be done.>> reporter: if a roads plan gets to the governor's desk and she vetoes the measure, two thirds of the -- two thirds would have to be the majority to overturn her veto.>> we cannot get this in a majority to overturn a gas tax. >> reporter: lawmakers want to get a clear picture on how any money they would approve would be used for upgrades. at the state house, tara pettit, wach fox news. start -- >> last month, kristy hall gave her agency a poor grade for the upkeep of state roads and bridges.
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a d rating. right now, a third of the states intersect -- interstates is classified as being fair or poor, and 80% of the roads are rated poor.>> do you think a planned to upgrade south carolina's roads needs to include only a source of funding but also a tax relief and dot reform? 75% said yes. law enforcement agencies and the state would need a judge's approval to withhold dash-cam video under a measure that would stop police from blocking public access to officers. right now, if a public request is denied, a news organization or person can only sue to get access to those videos. senator. larry martin said approving this proposal would improve trust between the public and
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voting on the bill today. and the weather department, some parts of the midlands are picking up the pieces after the wild weather yesterday.>> the national weather service confirmed one tornado touchdown and west columbia near the state farmers market. the damage done here said it was not caused by a tornado. it was called a microburst. groups were taken off buildings, rooms were brought down, and tractor-trailers were flipped over. the good news is no one was injured. henry is in the sky watch weather center. that kind of damaged just not go over whale -- does not go overnight. you are talking about a microburst. people at home are saying what is it works if you were to hold a heavy object in the sky, when you think about these storm clouds going 50 50,000 feet in the air. when that energy collapses from
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push it out -- pushes out. it creates straight-line winds. the tornado that we did see yesterday which was confirmed, was an ef zero. wins between 65-85 zero. wins between 65-85 miles per hour. the time that it was on the ground, as they released their preliminary port today, it was 50-75 yards wide. it was only on the ground for one minute. sky watch doppler radar, a different story tonight. we do have, as you can see, showers along the coast that continue to push off. our cloud cover will continue to clear. the rain gauge, as the rain has finally stopped, close to 1 inch in orangeburg. close to 1/10 of an inch in the best and columbia with temperatures in the 50s. overnight, we will see the temperatures for the most part staying down into the 40s. we will start to seem them climbing tomorrow. as we head toward the weekend, temperature wise, i think we
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it is mother nature throwing us another curveball. i will explain coming up later on. new in richland tonight, counsel has removed washington from the board. he had been serving as the vice- chairman of the transit authority. last month, washington face charges for failing to pay his taxes. those issues were found during an investigation tied to the controversial richland county penny tax program. washington was arrested on those charges. the transit overseas penny tax money. there is with the county council is saying tonight. at the beginning of each year, the richland county chairman selects members of council to serve on 50 council committees and liaison positions. this takes place each year. as a chairman, it -- it is important to rotate chair positions, and joyce dickerson steps into washington's role on the transit authority.
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authorities have arrested a man in connection with the murder of adrian silva. vincent me was arrested. is bond is set at $20,000 and he must wear a gps monitor. silva was found dead on the side of the road on january 3 nearest motorcycle at long green parkway and george -- churchland drive. anyone with information, call crimestoppers at 1888, crime sc. columbia police say they have solved ibin patterson shot and killed timothy gentry in late july. several days after the murder, patterson shot a place with the same gun he used to kill the 32- year-old. favorable to match the bullets fired up police with the bullet that killed gentry. that fatal shooting happened on july 28 around one in the morning. investigators are trying to determine a motive.
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children and did missionary work overseas. since the shooting, police say they worked -- they work closely with people who live in the district to get answers. -- >> we indicated to them a number of times that we were following good positive leads and we did not believe there was someone who was living in their neighborhood that had perpetrated this crime to try to put them at ease.>> reporter: a second person is also charged in this crime. investigators say relet wilson bought the murder weapon at a columbia pond shop and illegally transfer the gun to ibin patterson. the community remembering a teenager shot and killed them blithely. funeral services for deandre roche was held in columbia. the 19-year-old was shot and killed on farrow road on friday night. investigators finding her body next to her car. roaches ex-boyfriend, andre
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he was arrested last saturday morning. a check into the background said the 22-year-old does have a criminal past before this incident happened. heatley was charged with shoplifting in 2012, and 2014. last july, he was charged with discharging a weapon into a dwelling. it has been exactly 4 months now since october's devastating floods across the state. the cost to fix the damage is will be more than $100 million just in this region.>> some good news coming from the loss creek area. the city of columbia has started taking steps to get the bridge back and opened. we talk today to -- we talk to people to see how they are feeling moving forward. >> reporter: the spanish lived in the irmo area for decades. this home is just around the corner from lost creek k road bridge. october's flooding did heavy damage to the bridge, shutting down access to hundreds of people.>> the biggest issue is inconvenience. it has added 10 minutes to my
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i still think that i am real lucky as opposed to a lot of other people. >> reporter: but there is good news for lamb and the rest of his neighbors. work is started on the bridge. the city of columbia considers loss creek bridge a top priority and plans to get it finished as soon as possible. >> i am happy that they are working on it and moving forward with the. there is still a lot of roads across the state and a lot of bridges that are needing to be repaired and are not being repaired yet.>> reporter: it is still a start on the long road ahead. and irmo, leopoldo, watch fox news. >> the bridge was originally supposed to be finished this month, however, they are hoping it will be done by the end of march. progress is in the works. still coming tonight, setting the limit eric while police are reining in the use
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we have some breaking news now that we told you about at the top of the show. it is happening in hopkins. lower richmond -- lower richland. we were told a shooting happened just before eight tonight. leah holloway is on the scene. what is the latest right now.
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now?>> reporter: there is no new incident on auburn leaf road. we tried to speak with deputies, they said they could not comment on the incident that happened here. although we know for sure is that the gentleman that was shot, he was shot right hind us here in this white vehicle. you can see it just behind the yellow crime tape. it happened around 8 o'clock tonight, and we still do not know the condition of the victim. he was transported to palmetto health hospital, and his condition is still unknown. watch fox, we will continue to -- wach fox, we will stay on the scene and we will keep you up-to-date on what is happening with this incident. life want -- live from richland, leah holloway. every day, first responders that their lives on the line to rush to a scene.
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took a ride to get a firsthand look to see how some of us could be standing in the way.>> reporter: they are the first ones on the scene. they are the last ones you want to miss a beat. every second counts.>> time is of in essence when you're having an emergency. for us to get there an appropriate time -->> reporter: without hesitation, south carolina first responders are on the mood. whether it is putting out flames are saving lives, there is no time to waste.>> number one priority, get there. and get there safely.>> reporter: according to state officials, standard repot -- response times dairy the agency. on average, they should take a department 5-6 minutes to get to a scene. but they experience challenges that can be avoided. >> we have to get and the head of the drivers and had of you
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watch fox -- wach fox news went along with the irmo fire crews and that a firsthand look at those obstacles that can delayed response times.>> the only thing that you can make up is the time between when we leave the station and when we get there. we are starting and stopping along the way, that is fair -- that is valuable time and we cannot make it up.>> as you can see, most people do not even know we are back. -- we are back your. >> reporter: some people may not know what to do. that is why you should follow these rules of the road.>> always to the right, and always safe if you can do so.>> reporter: emergency responders say to always be alert,
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never pass an emergency vehicle. >> you are already at 70 miles per hour. we do not expect you to stop. we expect to to slow down, give this emergency vehicle space until we go by you, and then you can resume behind us.>> reporter: and there may be areas where there is not a shoulder to pull over. >> we do not want you to panic. take your foot off of the accelerator. indicate with your directional that you're pulling to the right, even though we know that you can't. it gives us a heads up that you know that we are behind you and you were going to try to do the right thing.>> reporter: he said to always be alert. unlike this vehicle, who was on her cell phone and had no idea emergency vehicles were behind her.>> we want to g g there safely and in good time. the public needs to help us with that. >> reporter: opera cautioned
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-- all precaution that could save lives. shelli adamczyk , wach fox news. >> they do not have many seconds to waste they are. good advice. news on the spread of the zika virus. they want answers to my. they have some plans of their on to stop this. a new medical breakthrough. a new way to shed pounds without going under the knife. still not too bad out there. were 55 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. cold air moving in as we speak. a different story for your friday.
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news continues. welcome back friends. we have some great pictures of the clearing line of the cloud layers moving into the west columbia area. we always appreciate the pictures of mr. stowe sends us. a beautiful sunset. that's an reflects, and it has all to do with the gas and pollutants that go into the air throughout the day. that is how you get the orange tent to the sunset.
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nice way to end what was a cloudy and not overly cold day. still some of these clouds lingering. the rainfall, take a look. that is well off to the east now. the thunderstorms are out to save, clearing the coastline across myrtle beach. drier air is starting to punch in. that is something to look forward to there. expanding the view out, it looks relatively quiet. that we will start to see another disturbance developing in the atlantic over the weekend. it has the forecast models all over the place right now. not a lot of consistency as far as timing and help car -- how far we can see moisture patient over the weekend. we're still in the mid-50s in the metro area. future watch, we're pausing this at 2 am. this is what i mean by the models are all over the place. rain is to these, but this is showing some rainfall and snow
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it is very cold higher up in the atmosphere. we do not have anything to support that. through the day tomorrow, let's posit at lunchtime. that sunshine looks beautiful. if you eat lunch outdoors, bundle up. we are in the 40s. 50s when the kids get out of school. 5:00, maybe taking a weekend getaway heading to atlanta, charlotte. the weather here, okay. but it will be a little cool out there for that friday drive. at 11 o'clock tomorrow night, we're dropping into the 30s. let's take a look at what we can see over the next three days. we have 50 degrees for your friday. after 53 on saturday and 53 on sunday. of course, super bowl on sunday with the panthers playing at 6 o'clock hour time in levi's stadium and santa clara, california. let's take it -- take a look at
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the cold air, but what the forecast is having a hard time with is the precipitation. sports is next. wach fox news at 10 is brought to you by the
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firm. when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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good evening. thank you for joining us at wach fox sports. i'm corey miller. i want to recapping, -- the gamecock recruiting. they did pretty good. they went from 64th to 29th nationally. he was asking about the state. did he feel like he did a good job representing the state of south carolina trying to get back those recruits that clemson has been getting. here is what the head coat -- head coaches said about the recruiting. >> i think we made some good and roads with this class and will moving forward with future classes. i feel comfortable with where we are.
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concentration in north carolina, south carolina, georgia and florida. i consider north carolina and state. i consider atlanta in jacksonville and state. you can get there within a four hour radius to jacksonville. gamecock women's basketball, kentucky, the highlights. scary moments here. tiffany mitchell. the charge was called. she was laid down on the court. she was taken in and she would not return. we will find out more on her injury. adrian wilson will pick up the slack. miss with elena coats with the two points. watch this right here. turn around, kiss it. off the glass. elena coats, the basket is good. the score 18 points a game. that is the first points of the game. she would try to get them back,
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was a crazy game. 70 feet. good. at the end of the third quarter, kentucky was trying to get back in the game. they were down by one at that point. look at this in slow-motion. that is good. that would give them a four- point lead and they are trying to be a player. the gamecocks went 78-68 and get ready for the showdown. >> they come through for us time and time again if -- and if you look at the stat sheet, they came through for us. they are resilient. were going to let the chips fall where they may. when you come in here, you have to fight 18,000 people and us. hopefully, women's college basketball will get a great performance by both teams.>> --
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one and we will be there. these credentialed people, they ask any type of question. one guy asked why are you wearing those sandals and socks? here is what kim said. >> why are you wearing jeans with shoes? it is comfort. we are still at our team hotel, so i just give you guys something else to talk about. if icann article talk -- if i see an article talking about my sandals and socks, that will be new. everything is off the table for the super bowl. three days away before they kick it off. the winter will hoist the
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we will be back in a moment. we have some raking news out of hopkins to tell you about. is been a shooting there tonight in that lower richland community on auburn leafed drive. it happened around 8 o'clock. >> details her limited but leah holloway is on the scene. leah, what is the latest?
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for the suspect involved in the shooting. no arrests have been made so far. there was a lot heavier police presence here earlier. right now, it is starting to die down a little bit. as you can see, right behind me, the crime scene is still active. there are still officers out here who are working hard to figure out just what happened. we tried speaking to deputies. they would not comment. we do know the victim was shot in the white car that is right behind the crime seem tape. according to -- the person was shot in the upper body. he was transferred to palmetto health and the victim's condition is still unknown. watch -- wach fox will continue to keep you up-to-date . live in hopkins, leah holleran. police have started to rewire their stun gun policy.
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columbia police department.>> this is all due to the fourth circuit appeal ruling that stun gun should only be deployed when there is an immediate safety risk.>> reporter: to police, they are a tool. they're not meant to be used as a deadly force but to subdue a suspect.i asked mullins police captain. about the ruling. >> the biggest thing that they are saying is slow down that escalation, especially with this individual or anybody who is in his capacity, it would be to try to negotiate, talk, and expand that time. instead of jumping straight from a verbal noncompliance to an intermediate weapon type force.>> reporter: steve: is a
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it's had -- up its officers as bus -- is suspects that a higher level of injury.>> there is a dramatic reduction in injuries not just for the suspects before the officers. we disagree with this decision.>> reporter: tunnel says that no weapon is perfect. >> there is no such thing as a magic will it. this is about as close as it gets when you are talking about intermediate weapons. unless you start backward and go back to a barbaric caveman back in that time.>> it could be held before a supreme court and it could be heard in decided on. they're looking for more information on the zika virus. they're about to get it, but in the meantime, they have ideas on their i'm. a tiny balloon could be the answer to major healthwatch -- health
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the sound of the wind. the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor.
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of progresso soup. but since we can't bring you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables. make it progresso. is more cases of the zika virus are being reported around the country, the secretary. of health and human services are getting ready to brief congress on this next week. here what lawmakers are saying about the situation this week.>> i would hope there would be lessons learned from ebola and other similar issues, that we have to be proactive when these diseases and these viruses occur and not catch up.>> what
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continue to robustly find the cdc so they can respond to these kinds of crises. -->> dozens of cases have been seen in the us since 2015. it has been linked to microcephaly which is a birth defect of the head and brain and babies. also tonight, the newest breakthrough in weight loss without surgery. the fda has just approved a procedure that uses a pair of balloons that can help you watched -- that can help you drop dozens of pounds and quickly. one lady says it will help her and her weight loss struggles for life. in a world for the -->> reporter: in a world full of food, dieting seemed simply impossible. >> i have pretty much been on them all.>> reporter: as a firefighter and emt, her lifelong battle with weight was getting in the way.>> i have
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from 13 on. this is the heaviest i have been and i am very uncomfortable.>> reporter: she turned to dr. trace curry and is offering a drastic solution to weight loss without major surgery. it is called the reshape duo*11. as this graphic, courtesy of reshape shows, it is to balloons connected together. they are put into the stomach or a simple procedure which doesn't require any incisions. >> it basically occupies space and the patient's stomach so they get full earlier and they are less hungry after the procedure.>> reporter: kristin allowed us to go into the procedure room with her to show you how the reshape insertion works. after sedation, dr. curry simply uses a camera and a tiny insertion tube to put the lloons into our -- into her stomach. they are then filled with a blue saline or saltwater solution and if there is a
10:37 pm
the pals come off in the days to follow because -- >> the patient will fill fuller because of the space the balloon takes up in the stomach. they will lose weight because a portion sizes will be much smaller. >> so the balloons will stay in the stomach for about six months, but the total time for exercise and counseling should be about a year. we do not know yet how long the effectctof the procedure last but many people do have a pretty dramatic result when it comes to weight loss.>> -- >> reporter: that certainly has been true for chris ortman. he opted for the balloon after hitting an all-time weight high of 300 pounds berky's had the reshape now for 55 days and already -->> i have lost 30 pounds today. >> this is cristal. is about halfway to his goal of dropping at least 60 pounds. he said at first he did fill the side effects of nausea and a drop in energy because you eat less. but not anymore. >> i do not even realize at
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>> both chris and his wife vickie have made serious changes to their eating habits and their edie -- exercise routine. those changes along with the reshape already helping him to be one of his goals. >> i have been able to get myself off of some of the medications that i was taking. >> as for vicki, she has agreed to let us follow her journey, but a week after the procedure she had dropped 9 pounds. i'm liz bonus, reporting. while this features -- procedure is usually $6000- $9000, and it is not covered by insurance plans, the average patients lost 2 to 3 times more weight than those who just used diet and exercise alone. the risk includes rupture and issues with the balloons.>> definitely results. curious, talk to the doctor. >> were going to o talk to the e doctor of weather.
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in store for us overnight? butchers in the 50s. the rain gauges full from the rain that we have received for much of the day. the good news is, this will not be the case tomorrow. the temperature is a different stores. details when we return. wake up tomorrow with good day columbia starting at 5 am. yeah she does. show him how intense you are, hannah. -yah! yah! ah! -(karate sounds) oh, my... hey! yes! now finish him. -bow to her, peter. -i'm not gonna bow to a... bow to her, peter. (gong) big flavor in a little package. new lil' chickies and lil' doggies. and grab a burrito and drink for $3.00 delivered in two minutes--
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when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights,
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ushing ha and help hillary move us forward. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. the us -- uso is celebrating 75 years of serving soldiers. was created to give soldiers a home away from home while traveling across the nation and the world. 150 volunteers greet incoming soldiers 13 hours a day seven days a week. >> day today we get to work with our new recruits. they're coming into basic training for the first time. we get to see our service
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for the last time. they are the families of the you get to give the family just breathe. they can take a second to relax and everything is taken care of for them.>> the uso was founded in -- after they country went to battle in the second world war. it is comfortable outside and it is cooler and it feels damp, but it is comfortable. is mostly cloudy skies at this 10 o'clock hour. we have a westwind at seven miles per hour. it cold front continuing to work its way through. the clouds are going to continue to gradually break tonight. the rain is over for us. as far as where it is located right now, just off the coach of -- coast of myrtle beach, moving down off of the charleston coach. this is a nonissue for us.
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southeast, thank you high pressure. it is starting to build and. it will make for a beautiful friday across the area. however, if you look at the and very quiet out there. you cannot see that system that is going to start to fire up in parts of the golf and moving weekend. it could bring us some shower chances. the big question has been -- the models are all over the place. you will see what i'm talking about for tonight's forecast on future watch. showing the the six in columbia, 55 and winnsboro, 50 and newberry. colder air moving into saluted with 48. 45 and aiken. we have this green and then a very sharp change of the coloring here into that blew, indicating where the colder air is in the upstate. we will continue to slide through tonight.
10:44 pm
the rate we're going, we will see a midnight temperature between 52 and 55 degrees and only rebound to 50 tomorrow afternoon. posing this at 2 am, the models are all over the place. there showing some light showers, the we have nothing left for the. even trying to show some snow showers in saluted and parts of newberry county. we do not see that happening right now. we're having a difficult time for -- with these constant transitions in the weather pattern. this will be the pattern for the next seven days. down into the 30s in the morning, 40s by lunchtime, and kids getting home from school, around 50 degrees and upper 40s with the sunshine and a clear sky going into tomorrow evening. tonight -- tomorrow night as well, dropping into the 30s and eventually some areas down into the 20s. clouds will pick back up on saturday. rain chances by sunday. notice this low of 37 degrees.
10:45 pm
we have some very cold arctic air that is such a petition by the middle of next week. it is something we will keep a watchful eye on for you. we will be warming by thursday, but in the meantime, we will keep a watchful eye on next week for you. you need to enjoy friday, saturday, and super bowl sunday. stay with us, a check of sports is coming up on wach fox news attend. this friday at 11 pm, we will preview the big game with watch fox -- wach fox news bowl at the game -- bowl at the bay presented by united auto sales this friday at 11 pm.
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your credit here. bicyclic, is his moment as well as our moment. i think the thing about him being in the national championship games, it is helped them for the onslaught of the attention that we of god as a football team as he has got as an individual. i think that's important, because he could fall back on that experience.>> it --
10:47 pm
questions that the coach gets is about cam newton. i understand it is crucial to their went, but i. -- the very seldom have i heard about the matchup between the broncos, the panthers, the number one offense of the carolina panthers versus the number one defense about damn. -- carolina panthers versus the number one defense with the denver broncos. here is snoop asking kim a question and singing to em.>> camp, all km -- old km no -->> i want to be -- it is hard for
10:48 pm
without bringing both sides out. the professional side, you still have to go through media and come up with any type of edge because you're still preparing for a team. speaking a professional, my man, peyton manning. will this be peyton manning's last hurrah? can the broncos overpower the carolina panthers. he was asked the question this week, and he said he is having a good week and he is enjoying a.>> it makes you very april for the opportunity to have a chance to play in this game. super bowl 50, think that our players understand the significance of that. we are grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to finishing the week with a good -- with a couple of good practices and we can translate that into the field on sunday. it should be a very exciting
10:49 pm
offense versus defense, normally, the team that has the best defense -- and i'm not saying that because i was a defensive player -- but if you go back and look at it, the number one defense always beats the number one offense. so cam newton and the panthers are certainly going to try to change that. tomorrow, wach fox news attend will talk about this game on battle of the bay. apple happened right after wach fox news attend. stay with us and stay right there. you have nothing else to do but to watch us on a friday night.
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