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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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a local woman is dead tonight and police have a man in jail role in all this. a weekend of cool temperatures and a coastal storm has folks talking snow. i'll let you know if that'll be true or not coming up. the big game days away now. the panthers versus the broncos. 50. it has been exactly one year since the midlands was rocked by a horrifying shooting on the ufc campus. a beloved professor killed by his ex-wife. we've learned what has happened. >> there were a lot of questions to answer. tara petitt is live with more. >> reporter: ufc officials are
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safer than one year ago. after one of their own was killed in a classroom, they requested an internal review of the security procedures. the review was reviewed several months ago and changes have been made. february 5, 2015, panic spread across the university of south carolina campus after text and e-mail alerts were sent to students saying shots had been fired at the school. ufc professor was shot and killed by his ex-wife. the woman then shot herself. what actually happened was unclear for several hours. on. there was no detail given. >> the fire alarm went off and everyone left and we thought it was a drill. >> they threw it out there, shots fire and had what do we do now? >> reporter: some questioned
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handled appropriately. university president requested an internal review of the incident. the review was released in late august and university officials say changes have been made. the review found the school's actions were appropriate but several recommendations were given. since the murder suicide school officials say many university buildings have gotten security upgrades, more emergency staff has been hired to operate alert systems and ufc got rid of the number of e-mails it could send over an hour. these are a few of the changes that have been made since the shooting. officials are constantly upgrading and evaluating safety plans. the school believes they're better equipped to handle the situation. tara petitte, watch fox news. >> this was an example of domestic violence very few people talk about. records indicate there was a
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of a troubling situation in this state. the governor is doing what she can. haley issued three executive orders on this in january. one of them continues the work of a domestic violence task force for another year. haley is directing state agencies on more guidance for employees. she's ordering state agencies that screen people for assistance to look for signs of domestic abuse. >> here's the ugly truth about domestic violence. according to the most recent report south carolina ranks first among states for women murdered by men and that is more than twice the national average. 68% of those women are killed by a husband, ex-husband or boyfriend. here's a look at some national statistics. according to the national coalition against domestic violence, every nine seconds in the u.s. a woman is beaten. 19% of domestic violence cases
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violent crimes are from an intimate partner violence. we turn our attention to the weather department where there's been dangerous situations this week. we had spring like temperatures and then a tornado and now we have the return of cold weather >> yes, old man winter is coming back. chief meteorologist henry, there's a bit of a chill in the air. >> there definitely is. as we go through the rest of the weekend that will remain. we've got temperatures around freezing or below freezing. take a look at the feels like temperatures true to the actual air temperatures. we're not dealing with a windchill. feeling colder than it really is. regardless, still cold and as far as any type of moisture out there, things are quiet on sky watch doppler radar. as we roll through the overnight hours our numbers will continue to fall down into the lower to mid-30s and upper 20s as far as our official observation sights. keep that in mind.
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work overnight. as we go into tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. you early risers wanting to get the run in, we'll have temperatures chilly around 30 degrees. by 9:00 a.m. many hoping to get outside and kids have a soccer game or baseball practice we have temperatures in the upper 30s with clouds out there. it's quiet tomorrow but could that s word be coming into the forecast as we head deeper into the weekend? we're talking about snow sxil let you know coming up and of course you can keep tabs on the forecast by down loading the weather app. it's a free app. >> as you heard henry say, the temperature is about to drop. the american red cross has tips about how to stay safe when you're heating your home. officials say to check your smoke alarms and practice fire drills at home any time of year. install alarms and another tip we're told is to develop a fire escape plan. blow out candles and put out
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lastly be careful with the space heaters. keep them clear and turn them off when you leave the room. a man is being held on $100,000 bail after an early morning crash. 21-year-old darius sutton is facing a felony dui charge. it happened around 4:40 on charleston highway near lexington industrial park. he was pronounced dead at the scene. sutton is being held at a lexington county detention center. the person who shot a man last night is on the loose. the victim is in critical condition at a columbia hospital. it happened on auburn leaf drive. the victim was shot while sit inning his car. call crime stoppers at 1-800-crime-sc. making political headlines
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henry mcmaster joining him for the rally tonight. a packed house there. trump slamming washington politicians for what he says making poor deals on the economy, illegal immigration, national security and foreign relations and also put his own spin on his second place finish earlier this week in the iowa caucus. >> you see, i don't think i did come in second. i think i came in first, i'll be honest. but honestly, it doesn't matter. i got a lot of delegates and my total focus now is on new hampshire and next week my total focus will be right here in south carolina. >> the next vote happening tuesday at the new hampshire primary and then the focus shifts to south carolina on february 20th. the first in the south primary. trump has a lead in the poll over ted cruz heading into the primary. with the democratic field
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secretary of state hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off thursday night at a new hampshire town hall. both candidates tackled issues from health care to wall street. they didn't shy away from hillary's e-mail scandal. should hillary clinton and all presidential candidates release the transcripts on their paid speeches? a controversial adult store in columbia has closed its doors after going head to head with city officials for years. taboo adult super store closed up shop today. they had to close their doors or pay a $500 fine every day they stayed open. city officials said the store would bring crime to the area and said the store didn't meet zoning requirements. ownership arguments that never happened and pointing out there were never police reports filed since they opened.
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they say the request to move the store violates the first amendment. store management saying in part that the owner and its employees are now begging the city to please continue the status quo until the u.s. court of appeals for the fourth circuit reviews the case. the owner applied to the court of appeals and appealed the decision to the board of zoning appeals. if you need something to do until the super bowl on sunday, how about some engines and plenty of ethanol? monster jam will be in the midlands for the weekend. the first show was tonight around 7:00. you can see trucks like carolina crusher and of course the famous grave digger. >> i know that i'm going to go out there and drive that thing as hard as i can for them. they'll see stuff they've never seen before. they buy a seat but they only need the edge.
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two more on saturday and tickets are still available. want to get behind the wheel, janet? >> no, thank you. that's an exciting time for a lot of families. still to come, going red. how the city of columbia took a national campaign a step further today. super sunday is just about here and that means super cheating will happen to the diet. you can still have a good time and not add inches to the waste
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america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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in the health watch today is national go red day. men and women decking out in red and filling up columbia city hall to raise awareness of the number one killer of women. talking about heart disease. congenital heart defect is the most common birth defect and infant death. this is the first national go red day for jones. >> i want to bring awareness. i don't want anyone to go through what i'm dealing with. if there's anything i can say or anything i can do to keep someone from dealing with what i'm dealing with i'm all for it. >> that's a wonderful cause. steve benjamin officially proclaiming it go red day in the city of columbia. >> also tonight eating right is a great way to avoid heart disease. the second biggest eating day of
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super bowl sunday can disrupt any diet and there's shocking stats when it comes to what we eat. >> we talk to nutrition experts on how to enjoy the game. >> reporter: blat it on the popcorn or whatever snack foods you choose. we eat enough popcorn to fill 14 million movie theater buckets and eat pizza from ohio to florida and enough wings to give everyone in the world three to eat. enough avocados they would average 400 offensive linemen. add that up and it means --. >> on average an american who watches super bowl consumes about 2400 calories and 120 grams of fat during just watching the game.
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she says that amount of fat and calories. >> it's more than what we should eat in a whole day. >> reporter: she points out there are land minds this day with things like the pizza, wings, chips and dips and there are lots of lower fat alternatives. all good choices or just eat less of the regular kind. if you want to do that, here's what's really important. you may want to reduce your alcohol intake. you see it's not just calories from alcohol that can add up. it's when you drink alcohol it lowers your inha bigses and lowers your inhibitions of eating food. we drink enough beer that if you let it flow for 7 minutes it would barely equal the gallons of water that flow over niagra falls. >> you can alternate lower calories with your beer. >> reporter: you can use the
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>>ing you can make your own zucchini. >> reporter: most of us start eating the foods before noon. another popular game day food, peanuts. million jars of peanut butter. >> we know how this goes. moderation. >> it's like christmas and thanksgiving. it's one of the days people are going to pack it in. extra time in the gym. more ahead tonight including the price of maintaining your health. the cost of drugs getting higher and higher every day. some people have to choose between the light bill and life
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we wanted to put it on there because we wanted to honor them. >> how a 6-year-old is paying his respects to the state's bravest. he's gaining a lot of attention. >> a wonderful story coming up. sky watch doppler radar is quiet. that's going to be a different story for part of the weekend. i'll let you know who will see
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welcome back, friends. i want to start with a happy note. sky watch weather school making two stops today. we got to talk about things like ground hog's day and read ground hog double day. i want to wish my man jet a birth. these right here because they're talking about letters like i, these are their igloos made of marshmallows. then sky watch weather school had the pleasure to travel over to casey and we went to the hope bright adult day care.
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out there, they put on a wonderful performance to celebrate national weather person's day and held the beautiful signs up for us as well. mr. harvey reading a great weather related poem and lauren out. shoot an e-mail our way and we're happy to come out. temperatures right now. we're cold and in the 30s for many locations. things are dry. we expand the view out and it's quiet. you may be thinking it looks like out there. what's going to happen over the weekend? we'll see a disturbance developing over the florida coast and that eventually will work its way up the east coast and bring the chance of some moisture. tomorrow morning we're looking at a model, cold. tomorrow night and sunday morning it's trying to indicate a wintery mix by the time you're getting up for church.
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this right in pink and as far as the afternoon hours, it's gone. we now jump to another model we have that we call the 4 k rpm model. this is showing me rain. no snowfall. so what does this mean for you? it means the models are all over the place now. i do think we'll see shower activities. no accumulation overnight saturday into sunday. highs in the 50s, lows in the 30s. it's the middle of the week i'm keeping a watchful eye on with another system bringing a blast of arctic air that could bring the chance of unfortunately some winter weather. we'll have to keep a watchful eye there. i think as far as what we'll see on this forecast the chance for maybe snow showers mix inning
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i want to show these real fast, too. these are from hope bright. some thank you cards and it looks like they traced their hands to make these. trying to get all that in. what a wonderful group of people. lauren and i had a great time and you all say i never share. >> oh and on your day? national weather person's day? >> we've got cookies here. i'll hide the rest. >> i know what we're doing during the break. >> i have some delicious cookies. >> they've survived this long? >> i was walking in in such a hur sxri i set the bag down and i forgot that i set it down there. >> mark this down on your calendar. henry forgot about food. >> that's how hard i've been working to see about the winter weather chances. >> corey miller will not mention
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myem cuddles better than my husband mattress firm,get zero percent apr financing. visit mattress fir friday night. thanks for joining us here, i'm corey miller. on last night the second ranked gamecocks women's basketball team taking on kentucky.y. the game got physical and tough. tiffany mitchell goes down early in the basketball game and would not return. the question was who would step up? who would come back and play big basketball? they had several players to really step up and they player role. several guys had to play more and you know the twin towers, they were big in this game. they win by ten as they get ready for the big showdown against uconn. >> they knew she was cleared when she came on the bench she said she could go and she was
10:22 pm
i just decided that the people that were out there were doing a really good job. you don't want to mess with it. i just think that we're in a good place. tiffany could probably use the rest more than anything. it was a confidence booster for our entire team. >> she's going to beble to play against uconn. in the paint on the inside, they were phenomenal. elena coats talked about how physical this game was and how they had to step up after the game last night. >> honestly, the things that i saw from kentucky's defense it was like split second things and in that split second you either run with it or you don't. a lot of times i didn't. fortunately i had my partner out there and we were able to finish a lot of it.
10:23 pm
lot of aggressiveness and everything and they tried to really bring the hammer down on us. we were able to find ways to get through that. >> the men's basketball team traveled to texas a&m to take on a rank team that lost to vanderbilt by 17. the gamecocks comingff a bad loss on the road to georgia. they're hoping to bounce back. >> everyone started sluggish in that game. we watched film again and had wednesday off and everyone came into the office to watch film and saw what we did bad and what we neeee to improve. i think we're ready to go. >> well, obviously they started a lot of tall guys and tall players. we got a rebound, you know. obviously they had good 3 point shooting team and big point guards. it's going to be a challenge.
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are you ready for college baseball? north greenville university versus landon university tomorrow at 1:00. several gamecocks will be back in town. scott wingo and the gang. several players will be playing in this baseball game. if you don't have anything to do tomorrow, it's the appetizer before the super bowl. go out to blow fish stadium and watch good college baseball. now to the nfl the panthers are loose and dabbing and jamming and doing their thing. they're ready. super bowl 50 is on the docket and they don't look like they're too tense or worried. they're having fun. they got weird stretches but they're ready to take on the broncos sunday in super bowl 50. kentucky coming to town and this is a sell out crowd and you can't get a ticket. it's sold out. they did their thing. gamecock nation against alabama
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normally that's kentucky fans all blue. now gamecock nation rising up. that game is a sellout. coming up later in sports we have a treat for you. steven davis former carolina panther. he sits down at the desk and we talk about the super bowl 50. that'll set us up for bowl at the bay. stay tuned.
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everyone has a favorite super hero, whether it is superman or batman. for one local first grader it's the local heros he wants to give some recognition. >> and the real life heros. law enforcement officers who have made the ultime sacrifice in the line of duty. this little boy is making a unique piece of clothing trending right now on social media. >> i really just care about them. >> reporter: 6-year-old jackson showing how much he cares with this super hero cape created with the help of his father. >> we were trying to figure out a hundred items of the same to put on and couldn't come up with anything.
10:27 pm
super hero cape and let's do the heros and that's what ended up being on the cape. >> reporter: the real heros 100 law enforcement officers and k-9 deputies who lost their lives while serving across south carolina. >> um, we wanted to put it on there because we wanted to honor them. >> just like him, they have families, too. i'm pretty sure their families have and maybe even still struggle. >> reporter: jackson's father is happy his son understands the role law enforcement plays by protecting the community daily. >> all his classmates have seen it and i hope it can be passed around. i know it's gotten a lot of attention over media sites. we couldn't be prouder. >> reporter: remembering and never forgetting those who serve and protect. in lexington leah holloway, watch fox news. >> the question you have to ask
10:28 pm
>> right. >> not paying tribute. i sure wasn't. a thoughtful little man right there. they deserve every bit of the credit. the cost of prescription drugs skyrocketing but there are ways to cut costs and still get the medicine you need.
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the consumer watch tonight
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it's the decision that more and more people have to make as prices double. >> prescription costs have shot up more than any other care. jennifer emmert is cracking the shell game showing you what's behind the steep increases and what you can do to get the lowest price available. >> reporter: it's a routine denise mock would gladly trade. >> all right, this is every morning. some you have to choke down. i've asked my doctors do i absolutely have to have these and based on the things wrong with me they say well, unless you want to be dead. >> reporter: for the diabetic. >> one of theesz pens will last three and a half day. >> reporter: the bill for the insulin is the hardest part to swallow. >> it went from $45 a month to $178 one month and $182 the next month. >> reporter: denise fall through
10:31 pm
when her basic benefits max out she's left paying 45% of the cost and even higher on generic drugs. rising prescription prices are forcing more into the gap. with no price controls for prescriptions in the u.s., finding the real cost isn't easy. >> this is amanda k i help you? >> there's a lot of loopholes. >> reporter: using cmbalt -- among the same retail chain i uncovered different prices. crestor can swing $94. the difference between cymbalta is $209. >> they'll give you the price of the generic they have on their shelf.
10:32 pm
information, it may just not be the same generic the cvs has on their shelf. >> reporter: pharmrmies sign exclusive agreements locking in rebates for volume. >> whatever contract we sign with them will automatically determine what would be paid. what the co-pay, pharmacy is set in stone by that contract. >> reporter:r: large insurers including blue cross and blue shield wouldn't give up what they pay. i did find insurers moving some drugs out of lower priced tiers or dropping them all together to force manufacturers to lower prices. >> by moving a drug product into a higher tier it makes consumers think twice is this the medication i would choose to be on which makes them often go back to their provider and request a different agent. >> reporter: they claimed they aim to strike the right balance. maximizing patient access while
10:33 pm
medicines. where are the best prices? at discount retailersrs like costco and local pharmacies. good rx and one rx can help you compare online. >> you can put in the medication name or the specific id number if you know what it is and it'll give you a list of pricing within a certain mileage distance. >> reporter: also you can negotiate. ask your doctor for a coupon. some pharmacies will have a discount plan or will price match. form a relationship with your pharmacist. >> pharmacists go to school for six years and manyf them go on and do residencies and fellowships and so they are your medication experts on your team. >> $400 a month, that's wrong. >> reporter: pharmacists call for moreransparency to expose how prices are set. >> we've got to find a level playing field.
10:34 pm
on the burden of the growth in pricing we're seeing. >> you can get a new prescription ask if there's a generic option. they're really the same product just produced by a different manufacturer because the parent has been released. $400, two medications. >> for just a month. >> it adds up. >> yeah, the generic option is what doctors have told me. they will give it to you and save money. if only we had a prescription to make the cold weather to go away. >> henry wants it. >> write us something. >> i love all seasons. i don't discriminate against the four seasons. spring, fall, winter, summer. we have quiet weather right now. we could be talking about old man winter heading into the weekend.
10:35 pm
temperatures outside on the winter side, if you will. of course it is officially winter. 37 in columbia. lexington 35 degrees. 36 in winds burro. freezing in manning and aiken and newbury. 31 in saluta and 30 in camden. cold temperatures are out there. as far as any type of precipitation we don't have that out there to talk about right now. we expand the view of sky watch and it looks quiet and what's this talk of seeing activity, i don't see anything. just a few clouds. as we roll through the weekend we are going to see along the southeastern coast of florida an area of low pressure develop and it'll skirt its way on up the atlantic. what does that mean for us? well, it means we're going to see some moisture that will fall from the sky along the coastline
10:36 pm
i believe taking you into sumter and lee county and maybe as far inland of calhoun and orangeburg county. the big question has been what type of precipitation. will it be frozen or liquid? i'll show you two model runs we have here. this first one showing you temperatures in the 40s and 30s by 8:00 tomorrow night. we go through the overnight hours, though, and within the last hour the model has changed. these models are all over the place. they're all having a difficult time. this one tries to show along 95 frozen precipitation. that wintery mix going from the florida georgia line all the way or excuse me the florida south carolina line all the way into the state around 9:00 when you're getting up and heading to church and out by the afternoon
10:37 pm
super bowl sunday. let's take a look at another in house model we call the rpm. this one by early tomorrow morning showing showers along the coast. we jump to sunday morning and it's keeping everything in the form of rain for south carolina with some clouds. the temperatures will be chilly. a cold rain with the 30s and 40s and all of it gone by sunday night. given everything we've been seeing we'll say we have overnight showers on the eastern edge after a high of 53. we'll likely see snow showers mixed in. be careful on bridges and overpasses and the docks and decks you have in the backyard. 51 monday and an arctic blast by
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keep an eye on the weather. stay with us. more to come after the break. these lil' chickies and lil' doggies are small, -but they're intense. -oh, yeah.
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good evening once again. thanks for joining us on wach fox sports. i'm joined by a special guest, steven davis, former carolina panther. last time the panthers went to the super bowl he was a part of that team. thanks for stopping by. it's late and it's friday and you're doing a lot of different stuff. as we get ready to go into our special bowl in the bay, your team back in the big show. >> they've been doing some wonderful things offensively wise with cam and defensive wise with luke and the guys have been looking good. they've made a lot of people in the carolinas proud. i just left spartanburg and everybody up there is proud of
10:42 pm
you can see the guys having fun and they're excited. they got the crowd into it. they got everybody doing the dance and stuff like that. people asking me what's the difference between the 2003 team and this team? they got social media now. they're doing great things. >> they're doing great things. when you play you had a great football team as well. one thing you did well is run the football. when you look at the running game with cam and stewart and tolbert in the mix that's a big part of the offense. the run sets up the passing game. >> exactly. a couple weeks ago before the nfc championship game i sat in a meeting with the runningbacks and some of the things they did was similar to what we did and that was to spread it out. stewart is running the ball very well and tolbert is running well and cam, he's the head of that snake and he's doing everything he can to have that team win.
10:43 pm
he's the mvp this year. >> no doubt about it. we'll hear that announced tomorrow. when you look at this team from afar you know inside and out you still go up there. how do they turn it around? a lot of folks said ron rivera needs to go. in your opinion how did they turn this thing around so fast? >> the thing about it, they always had a good defense and when benjamin got hurt everybody had to step up in the receiving core. those guys are doing that. running the ball. they had guys making the plays down the field with glenn and those guys and cam what he's doing is amazing. >> what advice would you give this team and a young guy like cam? a lot of guys have the experience. it looked like the nerves got you in the beginning of the game.
10:44 pm
what advice did you give this team? they're expected to win. what would you tell these guys? >> don't believe the hype. go out there and keep doing what you're doing and, you know, what i say about don't believe the hype. you've been running the ball and playing good defense and you're playing good team ball. that's what they have to keep doing. lili i say, it's so hard to get there and enjoy the moment. i mean, really enjoy it. you never know when you'll get back there. >> it's tough. guys like me, i've never even had a sniff of the super bowl. are you going to watch at your house? what's your plan? s >> watching at some friends' house in spar tanburg and enjoy it with some guys up there and hopefully the panthers will win. i have a lot of confidence they will.
10:45 pm
they should have an opportunity to get the w. steve, thank you. sports.
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