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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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at 10 . were broken. our nation is in critical condition. dr. ben carson sits down with wach fox news with an exclusive conversation warmer today, but more arctic air. weather as we head into the weekend. your part -- your forecast coming up. flooding -- fighting for flood repairs. ken medlin community wants to know why their tax dollars cannot help rebuild the region. and midlands girl continuing to defy the odds and is living up to her nickname, miracle mila. the news at 10 starts right now. live from the wach fox studios. this is10. the democratic showdown. -- hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off live.
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the democratic primary in south carolina. sanders defeated clinton in new hampshire. a long road ahead before they get to south carolina and before they get to the november election. both candidates, just two of them come -- two of them, did not shy away from healthcare, healthcare, relations with the police and the community. and the cop -- in the gop race, they are now here in south carolina. in the south primary. one man who needs a strong tonight on -- tonight and columbia, on his 63rd birthday, finished fourth in new 16 years ago, it was his brother, george w. bush who
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he is still popular with republican party.>> as the commander in chief election, the people want to know that you're going to support the veterans, support the troops, rebuild the military, modernize the military and have a foreign policy that is not designed around being the world's policeman that being the world's leader.>> the bush campaign mr. anderson tomorrow morning. the gop candidates get ready for the debate in greenville. john kasich is looking to ride the wave of momentum to a when in south carolina. kasich is rallying with supporters in myrtle beach this afternoon. was one of several stops are -- along the grand stand. -- the grand strand. he needs a strong finish to
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spending all of his time being negative. all of his time is spent trashing beeper. even trump said today all the sky does is attack. he needs to start being more positive.>> kasich is heading to the midlands tomorrow. he is set to address the state chamber of commerce before an event in orangeburg.>> rubio finished a disappointing fifth in new hampshire. south carolina's do or die for the rubio campaign. florida republican and -- revealing a more aggressive campaign. he is calling out donald trump, jeb bush for lack of foreign policy experience. >> ted cruz at winthrop university as well as dr. ben carson for a value summit. carson was a dark horse
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white house but his hopes could be diminishing after new hampshire. >> it is make or break in south carolina for dr. carson. he told britt conway how he has the goods to win south carolina. >> were broken. were sick. our nation is in critical condition.>> -- >> reporter: language calling on his years as a surgeon, he is pulling on the platform of revival. it is a push that now focuses on south carolina. >> it is the most exceptional nation the world has ever known. we need to get back there again. a lot of healing has to occur because there has been so much divisiveness.>> -- >> reporter: is that the message that you want to get across to south carolina voters? that your messages we want to heal? >> yes. i think that a lot of people can learn a lot after what happened here in charleston after the shooting.
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moving on. that is the kind of revival that we need across this nation. we have to revive in america. the sense of camaraderie and strength and fortitude and faith. >> reporter: but after disappointing outcomes in both iowa and new hampshire, the question is, do thought -- do south carolina voters think he is the one to do that?>> reporter: are you changing anything as you move into south carolina?>> not really. what i have found is when i am able actually to get in front of people and actually talk about my message, they get it.>> reporter: and that is the plan as he moves into the gop primary. as it is with any candidate this point. a busy week of campaign stops
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things are going to go here?>> i think that iowa -- we came in fourth. that is a respectable showing. new hampshire, we did not spend a lot of time, effort, or money there. for the times that i've been here in south carolina, i feel that my values and my message will resonate to a much stronger degree here.>> reporter: but as it stands right now, most recent polls shows that donald trump's message is what is resonating with south carolinians. he is pulling a number one with more than a week to go.>> is boisterous and dramatic. that kind -- that is the kind of society that we are. we like boisterous and dramatic and, wow, look at that. i do not know in the long run weather we will start being a little more serious. if we are, i think that i can do very well. >> reporter: and if he doesn't? >> ice trying to save america and my future.
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political arena or private sector.>> reporter: a future that would be more clear come february 20. britt conway, watch fox -- wach fox news.>> he will go head- the other republican candidates. the gop debate set for 9 pm at the peace center in greenville. we will share the latest in the accused charleston shooter. there is -- we have the latest coming up next. why some residents are upset tonight about some note
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not happen. welcome back, everyone. we want to start with a shout out for our skywach weather school. we spoke to the first and second grade, everything from discussing whether to reading double trouble groundhog day. a sharp group of first and second graders in kershaw county. we enjoyed there. we want to think you all again for your support in allowing us to head back to speak to all of the students there. it was the first and second grade class. shoot me an email, skywach weather school. were always happy to come out and talk weather with you.
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shall -- shall we? that clear skies going to change over the next few hours. we expanded the view some and there is cloud cover to our west. the clouds will continue to increase as we make our way through the overnight because the clouds are increasing across the area, temperatures are not dropping aberrant -- unbearably cold tonight, but it is not going to rebound tomorrow. let's take a look at future wach. the atmospheric set up, what we have going on right now, we have a warm front to the south, when you get a warm front, everything develops ahead of it. this is at 7 am. set the alarm a little earlier so that you can turn in -- tune into lauren lsk tomorrow morning. we're seeing a lot of back and forth in the eastern midlands. between now and 2 pm, a little bit of a wintry mix moving through parts of the area.
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have a heads up if you see a sleet pellet hit the windshield throughout the eastern sections of the midlands. things will quiet down and our sky turns clear again going into tomorrow night.temperature- wise, midshipman 30s for everyone tomorrow morning at 7 am. the exception well to our north in rock hill. now we look at 11 am. i posit here because had we been talking three hours ago, they are trying to show spots of paint indicating that mixture on the future wach legend. route parts of sumter, lee county, and along i-95. again, worth noting. all of that to these, it is trying to clear the sky by 4:00 p.m. if you have trouble plans for the holiday weekend, we's know that overall, tomorrow, saturday, it should be okay. it is awfully chilly with the numbers in the 20s.
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three days, only 247 tomorrow. likely some spotty showers in the eastern half that could have that mixture blended in. sunshine and cold on saturday at 45. 40 for valentine's day. presidents' day, and tuesday as well, watching closely for the storm system that is right there on the french. if it goes a touched to the north, we will be talking about a winter weather scenario. just a touch to the south, a cold rain scenario. drying up in warming up by week. an active forecast that we're on. you can download it for free at the skywach weather app. we will check-in with corey
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look at sports. this hour, former usc running back has been cleared of any charges tied to allegations dating back to 2014. in september september 2014, harold green was charged with touching a female student. he was ultimately fired but the solicitor's office said there is a lack of evidence in this case. all charges are clear now.
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late 1980s before a nine-year nfl career. new developments about the accused charleston shooter, dylan group. he faces dozens of criminal charges including the shooting death of nine people at mother emanuel church. they are still waiting to find out if the federal government will seek the death penalty in this case. his defense team says he will plead guilty. the us attorney's office says that the justice department will make a decision about this in march or april. he also faces multiple murder charges at the state level. prosecutors are pursuing the death penalty in that case. a camden high schooled in has been arrested for taking a gun to school per camden police said they received a tip that a school had a weapon wednesday afternoon. that student has been identified as johnquevious johnston. they searched him and found it a silver loaded handgun.
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county detention center. on february 2, deputies were called to a fight at a taco bell and lugoff. drakeford claims one of the deputies pushed him and was using racial slurs toward him but body cam video from that incident shows that his claims are completely false. right now, drakeford is being held at the kershaw detention center. police say that a five- year-old was walking alone on jermaine street. john toole told investigators he was in columbia wednesday for a meeting downtown and left the child alone in a car. his bond was set at $20,000 and he has been ordered to have no contact with the child or her mother. whether it -- recovery watch now. it is performance is a history making floods in the state and things are still far from normal for so many out there. one area in the midlands that took a tremendous it was the gills creek watershed. about a half-dozen municipalities makeup that area. the dams breached.
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of those rushing waters cause damage from forest acres all the way down to the garners ferry road area and beyond. tonight, local leaders presented a plan for that area that was established well before the flood actually happen. -- >> that is being paid for from the richland county penny tax. people wonder if it is the right time for the project to get going. our reporter will share the very latest. >> reporter: so many emotions going through the room tonight is richland county government went over plans for what they are calling the gills creek greenway. these plans are not set in stone but it would include boardwalks, trails, and many other features. residents think that the county needs to put their focus elsewhere.>> things have moved slowly. people are still trying to figure out what they are going to do.>> reporter: this gentleman lives in the katherine community. he is helping his in-laws in
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still cleaning up after october's flood.>> we have high to get the house and are slowly trying to put it back together to get them back in here.>> reporter: like some of his neighbors, he is worried about the gills creek gateway that was addressing a public meeting on wednesday night. >> citizens tell us what they like, what they don't like, where they wanted, whether they want vincent. at this point, we have nothing designed.>> all of you who do not want the project at all, please raise your hand? in the midlands, it looks so -- like it is about half. >> reporter: it was voted on by people in the community.>> even the people understand that the penny tax money is not supposed to be for flood cleanup, i think that it is hard for a lot of them to be in favor of spending this much
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are trying to put their lives back together.>> reporter: while some fully support the plan, others disagree saying that now is not the time to put a new project in place while so many are still trying to rebuild.>> my initial thoughts would be that something like that needs to be put on the back burner until we get everything else back to normal.>> reporter: if richland county government and the residents in the gill creek area can come to an agreement on building the greenway, construction would start next spring. if the decision is not to bring the greenway, richland county government will move on to the next project in the penny tax program. live in the studio, leah holloway, wach fox news. >> so many things to do as people try to get back to their normal lives. you saw what that young man was working with there. coming up next, corey miller is talking about basketball. men's and women's doing well.>> they are riding the high right
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good evening. things for joining us with wach fox sports -- sports. let's talk said lopez, shall we? we're going to talk some baseball. greenville was there, but now it is going to be the big south the blowfish stadium. mr. shanahan spoke about that today.>> we are excited for the big south conference. we are excited for lexington county and the midlands. this is the type of event that we dreamed about when we first started playing in the stadium.>> -- i thought it was going to be mr. shanahan. my mistake. let's talk about the gamecocks.
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to the highlights ago. nice crowd at the cla for some thursday night basketball. they played tim players. they like to play the high low. we will start right here. there was a night pick of the high low basketball. we will pick it up in the second half. the gamecocks went on a big run the lead. may be, should i? she takes it. khadijah not known for her outside shooting, but it did happen. pick, role, and basket. they thought their way down to eight in this basketball came. gamecocks continued to come right back. asia wilson, elena coats, the size, and the height. you can see right here, elena
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there she goes. slam. she led up with a lefty off of the glass. the gamecocks extended the lead. this is like nfl, super bowl. the panthers needed some of this. gone yells out a timeout. a bomb. tiffany mitchell. 86-71. the gamecocks go on to when this basketball came. dawn staley after the game.>> we did not handle the ball as well as we have -- would've liked to have handled it. part of it is no one has ever played us full-court pressure. it is unfamiliar to us. but did not have quite enough opportunity to work it like we wanted to work it. because of the short week, we knew that we would turn it over some. we knew they would turn it over some. but when it got down to a, we knew that we would get fouled a lot. >> --
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to do to secure the victory. come february, it means gametime. the gamecocks headed to indianapolis for the combine. brandon wilds, some may be surprise. he is done well late in this season. brandon shell, he had a nice showing. the clemson tigers, headed that way as well. they have a big list abbreviated. you can see kevin dodd who played well against alabama. shack lawson. he is a wide receiver -- chevron feet, wide receiver. some thought that he should stay back in school because he struggled against alabama. we are headed to indianapolis. we will be back with the sports when we come back. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken.
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jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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on the healthwatch tonight, a decade-long study has showed that senior citizens may be developing dementia less often and later in life. they studied 5000 people and found an average of 20% and reductions in the risk of developing dementia. at the same time, the average age which dementia set went from 80 in the 1970s to 85 in the recent years. they still face this issue for
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of heart health, february is heart month. heart attacks -- heart disease is a leading cause of death for both men and women.>> congenital heart disease is the most impacting. >> we introduce you to a one- year-old facing the problem but is still defying the odds. watch fox tara pettit joins us with an update.>> reporter: little mila is now two years old. people with the genital -- congenital heart disease of people are born with did not live to be 30 and may not live to even be to. that she continues to beat the odds.>> mila dear troy is two years old. she has been through more than most people will ever have to experience. >> we found out about her car
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was five months. they found the abnormality when -- through a echocardiogram.>> reporter: they had decisions to make. by the age of two, little mila has artie had to open-heart surgeries and she is defying all odds. >> in many cases, this cases like our do not even get to see their first birthday. >> she can say all of her abcs. she can count to 10. she can color -- she knows her
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this was before she was to.>> reporter: every day, mila and her family say prayers for all of the babies parts in the world.>> dear jesus, blessed my little heart.>> reporter: and sent jeff last seen mila and her family, they have a new addition. this is dutch. >> god is our ultimate dr. and we leave it up to him and we believe that she will live a healthy life.>> we are going to have faith. and we're going to continue to support those who have it. those who you are supporting maybe even stronger than you,
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get by.>> reporter: she is an extraordinary child who is not letting anything hold her back. >> and he'll all of the -- and heal all of the sick hearts in the world.>> and heal all of the sick hearts in the world. >> amen. >> amen. >> reporter: mila has one more heart surgery when she turns three, and she will have to have continual treat -- treatments for her the -- for the rest of her life. if you would like to visit her go find me page, it is on the facebook page.>> an amazing family. we were able to spend some time with her with the heart as it -- at the heart association hardball.>> that is coming up next saturday. delete or return?
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clinton -- clinton campaign.
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the latest coming up next.
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development officials in the -- wash -- washington discussed residential development for students, new hotels, and retelling grocery store development. more people are moving into the vista and downtown columbia areas. the development needs to keep up to support all of that growth.>> we have truly created a new city center in columbia, and that focus is in the vista where we have 700 million and development going on right now.>> in the last 20 years, 20 new hotels have opened up shop in the vista. 's new hope -- as a presidential hopefuls rally at the statehouse today calling on candidates to update their plans. aarp says that no matter democratic or republican, voters would like to hear more from candidates on social security.
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generation but for the next as well. >> if something is not done by the time the kids today retire, there will not be's social security. there will be a program with no money.>> according to the aarp, social security impacts south carolina with a $13 billion on of annual basis. a federal judge criticized the release of clinton emails -- the delay of the release of the clinton emails. the server put national secrets at risk. the state department was supposed to release all of the most last week. they asked for next. 550 emails will be released on remain. the house powell -- passed
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the drinking water issue in flint, michigan. they were to notify state officials within 24 hours when water contamination is detected at a certain level. the state does not notify the public within 24 hours, after that, epa must do it. cosponsor of the bill, spend fred upton said i wish this bill is not us -- necessary but it is. they let the people down in flint and that is unacceptable. the cases of the zika virus have gone up all across the world tonight.>> steve and as reports. >> reporter: there are growing concerns as the zika epidemic continues to spread around the world. >> this is an unprecedented phenomenon. the evidence that zika is related to microcephaly get stronger.>> reporter: on thursday, the national
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testified on capitol hill where congress is considering congress's $1.8 billion request for emergency funds to fight the disease.>> is this enough? >> reporter: we think that will cover for the next one or two years, but there is a lot that we do not know. saying that they are most concerns -- concerned about the more truck of -- tropical parts to the us.>> we may see hundreds of thousands of zika cases and puerto rico. >> reporter: researchers are already working on a vexing. >> we will go into clinical trial for this vaccine sometime in late summer. i hope that after several months, we will know if it is safe.>> reporter: and they reiterated the warnings for pregnant women. >> the most important thing for americans to know, if you are pregnant, do not travel to a place where zika is spreading and if you are pregnant, do everything that you can to protect yourself against mosquito bites.>> reporter: there are more than 50 cases of
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it is spreading. a massive spread of zika in the us is most likely. it seems that every day, another cases found on that map. >> it is spreading. ask her family doctor about that and see what you have to do. switching to the weather department. henry rothenberg standing there with continuing cold. golden seeing some forms of precipitation across the palmetto state tomorrow. next week, there is a forecast
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fox news returns. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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we're looking at the skywach radar. a different story is what we can expect throughout the day tomorrow. we're going to see some clouds on the radar. we will be dealing with some patchy areas of some shower activity that could contain a little bit of sleet at times. maybe even a little snowfall. it will not amount to anything. timeframe is looking to be late morning or early afternoon. it will be over in sumter county, and clarington county as well. we want to keep a watchful eye and we will want to see what lauren lsk is seeing on radar live at 7 am. the bigger picture, showing you clouds to the west right now. that will all change. here we go on future wach. we get this disturbance to start lifting through the area. it is all about track in this case. if this were to go a little to the south, we could be talking about the potential of some winter weather. given the current track, and
10:47 pm
much in the way -- of too much concern going into the overnight hours and into tomorrow evening as well. let's take a look at what we can expect temperature-wise on future watch. we will but the clouds and numbers with it. the latest model runs are putting any type of moisture, as you can see, off now to these. earlier in the afternoon and into the evening hours, we had some spot showers throughout the eastern parts of the midlands. now, that is starting to shift. confidence not incredibly high, but it is still enough to make that mention so that you are not surprised and it will not be problematic. then we will see the clouds pushing off late tomorrow is the temperatures unfortunately get that reinforcing shot of cold air. by tomorrow evening, taking a live look outside where it is 46 degrees in the vista. -- 43 degrees and vista.
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my car to the restaurant. thankfully, the winter we had to deal with is gone. 39 in pine would. 31 and rembrandt. again, because we do not have the strong winds, we're not talking about drastic feels like temperatures or wind chill temperatures. from the 30s, we will unfortunately not see a lot of warmth. tomorrow, 47. with that minimal midday chance of showers. late day clearing. breezy on saturday. sunshine with this at 45 degrees. but the lowest 20. valentine's day, clouds are going to increase in the afternoon hours. despite the fact that you will have a good bit of sunshine, cold air will be in place at 40 degrees. down to 32 by sunday night. it is monday, tuesday, i am concerned with the front that is approaching. it is all about placement with this front. if we see this disparate --
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content -- we could be seeing freezing rain and the midlands monday night and tuesday morning. this is something we are watching closely for you. we have taken the high temperatures down some. a lot of variables have to play out. it could be a winter scenario for sorry cold rain scenario. stay tuned because a lot can happen between now through the weekend and into the start of next week. we start warming by wednesday and thursday of next week. drying out as well. your lows getting closer to normal with your highs also getting closer to normal. that is it for your forecast. stay with us.
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we call ourselves the greenwood runners. the open water paddlers. the hike life trail club. for us it's not about running faster. it's about being out here together. the feeling is hard to describe. you cant put put into words.
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and welcome back to wach fox sports. corey miller. the gamecocks guard, a
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a radio analyst. a star -- the radio star, a tv star. you have all of that going for you. >> thank you. let's get to why we had to hear. that is to talk some gamecock basketball for the men. last night, another big win for the gamecocks. then simmons will probably be the number one draft pick, but the gamecocks, undefeated at home, this team continues to get better. >> they are getting better prepare coming off of a big win. to get it done last week before great crowd, what a basketball atmosphere at the cla last night. we were watching this basketball team play with a lot of confidence. they have unbelievable chemistry going on right now. they are getting along with each other. we're seeing some of those things come to surface on the basketball court. for this team to be really
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to play the way he has been playing. 25 points. he is been really good. this basketball team is good. they score a lot of points. 94 points, which goes against coach frank martin's basketball team. they needed to get 94 points to disrupt what then simmons wanted to do. he is so effective when he is out in space. he is running with a basketball. he has the passing, shooting threes. south carolina did a good job of scoring and they slowed the pace down of lsu. it was enough for that basque about team to get it done last night. i think the coaching staff did a great job. he tried to slow down, but he had 20 points once again. he is a great basketball players. let's talk about darius stone well. his confidence was struggling. he could not find his shot, but frank martin told him to continue to shoot the basque about.
10:54 pm
said that frank was mad because he did not shoot the basketball but it seemed to spark that confidence for him by scoring the basketball.>> imagine frank martin being mad at one of his players.[ laughter ] . he has received so much criticism. he had too bad knees last year. as an athlete, you know what that is your game. it impacts everything when it comes to jumping. when you are playing basketball and cannot jump, everything is impacted. everything is effected. -- affected. he plays all three positions but he also plays and guards the toughest offense a player night and crucial moments of i like the flow that he is playing with. he is playing at a very good is a little bit older. you can tell that he understands now and his relationship with frank is off
10:55 pm
that confidence has become infectious amongst the rest of his teammates. a lot of guys are playing basketball right now. bj dozier, 10 points in the second half. he was taken the ball in the paints, he made his free throws. you got robie coming off the bench. he had some quality minutes. and then you have a guy like career of which -- who defensively -- i just love this guy and how he plays basketball. >> what i really enjoyed was frank put him in action that plays to his versatility. not only is he shooting the ball from the three, but he is flaring him out a month that three point -- along the three- point line so you get some wide- open threes. that is why this basketball team has had success. it is been fun watching frank. is a matchup guy, and it is been fun watching him put michael carrera and different matchups, they have benefited from his versatility.
10:56 pm
it is not get any easier. the number one team tied was -- the number one team tied with lsu is kentucky.
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we will be back in a moment. she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights
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