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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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coming up on wach fox news at 10. i think it is unfortunate when a candidate comes into south carolina and is not know south carolina's issues. governor nikki haley taking aim at donald trump. what she is saying and why she is doing it.>> we are the future of this country. we need to be involved in the politics. the campaign hits campus. the students make sure they are armed before they hit the ballot box. dutiful and warmer today but showers overnight possible. i will let you know how that will impact your wednesday. coming up. remembering the mother emanuel nine. state lawmakers are making sure that the victims are never forgotten. the news at 10 starts right now.
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this is wach fox news at 10. four days until the first primary in the south. there are g -- six gop candidates. she -- governor nikki haley tale -- governor nikki haley has been paying attention but still is not due endorsing -- but is still not endorsing anyone by name.>> catching heat from the president, mr. obama saying this. commander-in-chief is a serious job. not a reality show.>> trump says if he would have ran four years ago he would've obama. trump says that haley -- governor haley did not do
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years ago.>> reporter: janet, brian, this is not the first time that donald trump's ruffled someone's feathers during the campaign season. today, governor haley given it right baba to the government -- republican front-runner. she said his statements were quite obama like. i asked her about trump's confidence -- comments today, she said it was not good for a candidate to come to south carolina not know the issues. she and her cohorts fought hard against having refugees and prisoners from guantnamo -- guantnamo bay from coming here. she said trump is not making a solid case to be the next president. >> when you have candidates that come in that go against governors, it is everything that a governor does not want in a president. we do not want a president that is going to come in and bash
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we want a president it's going to help us explain why we don't want syrian refugees. why wonton depoe bay prisoners don't need to come to south carolina.>> reporter: and while governor nikki haley has yet to endorse a presidential candidate, it is safe to say she will not be endorsing donald trump. live in the studio, tara pettit, wach fox news ted cruz speaking to a group at the armory. he is joined by congress it -- congressman rick perry. his plan is to revamp the -- the va. cruz is looking to get better in support.>> every soldier, every sailor, everyone -- every era men and -- every era man and marine, once again, you have a commander in chief who
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cruises next up is seneca and tomorrow spartanburg. marco rubio has been the recent back of the recent polls. implored -- on saturday, the florida to -- the florida senator. focusing on his campaign. hundreds spending their lunch hour at the bow club waiting to hear from the senator today talking about tax cuts, increasing military spending, and reforming the va.>> -- jeb bush stopped at a midlands gun manufacturer where he talked to employees about the things that he says are important to south carolina voters. melanie barden was there and has more. >> reporter: jeb bush campaigning at fn america coat -- and columbia tuesday as the republican primary gets closer. >> we have low crime rates
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our state.>> reporter: bush says he chose that location because it symbolizes two of his top priorities. strengthening the military and defending the second amendment.>> the second amendment is but one of the things that is at stake right now. >> reporter: the former florida governor to questions of employees at the plant who said they are looking for a candidate who addresses these issues. >> it also promotes what we make. we make a good weapon, and we make a good product.>> reporter: although bush focused on policy issues, he took a shot at gop frontrunner, donald trump. >> the leading candidate says that we do not increase spending for the military. i guess that he thinks that he can use his real estate skills to magically bring to light the apon systems necessary to keep our war fighters safe. >> reporter: bush and the rest of the republican hopefuls will continue to crisscrossed the state leading up to the first and the south primary.
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tomorrow, then cardinal -- ben carson will be at the veterans roundtable. and marco rubio will be taking -- will have a -- will be at the town hall in chapin.>> if you are planning to vote absentee and saturdays primary, had to be in by 5 pm today. you can still vote in person by 5 pm on friday if you cannot make it to the polls this weekend. as a republican candidates continue to sweep the state, the candidates on the other side are also campaigning in the state. >> reporter: caroline jed and hundreds of other students waited outside south carolina's russell house to speak to a presidential hopeful.
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really what i do say was not valid.>> reporter: on tuesday, she had a chance to see bernie sanders on the campaign trail. sanders addressing issues like criminal justice reform, workforce equity, and a critical -- and the critical role of voters.>> if you do not get involved in exercise your right to vote, what do you think happens to the issues that you are concerned about? no one is going to pay attentioioto those issues if you do not forcibly stand up and fight for them. >> reporter: according to south carolina election commission, nearly a percent of registered voters in the state are ages 18 through 24. >> we need to b binvolved in this country andndhe election. we need to be involved in our local elections.>> reporter: these young students also encourage other young people to vote and learn about all of the candidates.>> bernie sanders, hillary clinton, or donald trump or anybody else from the
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it matters that we all get out and vote and make an informed decision.>> i think it is great to be informed on both sides not to be one-sided so that you can make a better decision when it comes to voting.>> stand together. think big, and create the nation that we all know that we can be.>> reporter: that is something these and people will carry with them to the ballot box. in columbia, shelli adamczyk, wach fox news is hard to believe we saw sleet yesterday. warmer air has moved in and we are now at 50 degrees at the sin o'clock hour with a calm went right now. just a few passing clouds that will continue to increase as we head into the overnight timeframe. a few reasons for that. while we're not reporting, right now, i do expect to see some fog making its way through the overnight timeline.
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could have some patching -- patchy fog in the morning. a give yourself a few extra minutes for the morning commute. as we look outside, we will see light showers as you work your way up through the county. we will see some showers sweep through the area tonight. very light in nature. mainly in the northern midlands. the conditions will improve. future watch showing that as we go through early tomorrow morning, when -- at 5 am, we will be in the lower 40s across the area. not quite as one tomorrow but still a very mild day. we will talk about that. plus, weather school made a stop today, and the same system that moved through here yesterday's dropping tornado in miami -- tornadoes in miami florida today. some images you do not want to miss.>> help is on the way. the state and dealing a multimillion dollar program
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we will show you how it works. a day to remember and honor the emanuel nine is a step closer to reality. the latest coming up. a quick fix allows men to turn back the clock to their younger days.>> grab your towel. get to know ashley ferguson. gamecocks winter. that is really water we will see in the midlands on wednesday.
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around. tonight, leaders in the city of columbia or putting it into things -- something has been chris -- something that has been criticized for years. borrowing money from the water
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ending this practice will not cut into public safety budgets. the state supreme court question columbia's methods and warned other cities that similar spending packed -- practices. the columbia chamber of commerce applauds the project. state lawmakers may have all of the information they need to have a meaningful debate on the city of south carolina. acidified -- the senate finance committee hearing another all was fielding questions on how money is spent on road projects and how the projects are chosen. infrastructure upgrades is getting the most attention at the state house right now. if -- if they were -- they may raise the gas tax 12 since over a three year.. there trying to figure out how the price tag on certain
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can be so different.>> the trouble we are having is trying to find an apples to apples comparison. any of the programs may do a different level of repair than the state dot would.>> the stain it -- the senate's extensive debate on road funding is expected to start tomorrow morning. the house is taking a week off while the senate deals with this issue. we will be getting -- governor haley is announcing a multimillion dollar pay for success project this afternoon. the $30 million program is a public/private partnership aiming to cut down on premature births and child hospitalizizions. more than 1200 first-time mothers on medicaid and the state are paired up with nurses. is registered nurses make home visits throughout the pregnancy up until the child's second birthday. today's announcement means 3200 additional mothers will get help over the next four
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to be the best moms that they can be. but they need guidance, and they need help. going to come in. these are not just caseworkers. these are nurses that are going the sexual nurses are going to partner with a mom to say, quote you can do this and get them all the practices on how they can do it.>> there a number of people living in the poverty -- under the poverty level. michael slater, a judge has give -- has agreed to give the defense more time to review possible evidence. slickers attorney ask for more time after they found information on a taser. irresolution declaring mother emanuel nine day. it honors victims gunned down in theheharleston church last
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the house approved the resolution -- of the resolution three weeks ago. dylan roof wanted to start a race war, and the community responded with an outpouring of love. there is much re ahead tonight on following the money. a new report shows millions of your federal tax dollars could be going to waste. the future of the supreme court after the death of a longtime justice. there are some critical cases facing the high court right now, and it could be impacted by that vacant seat. what a transition 24 hours makes. we were not only -- not even making it out of 30 degrees yesterday. were at 50 degrees tonight. warmer air is looking to stick around for a while, and some amazing footage of a tornado in
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returns. she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us.
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welcome back everyone.skywach traveling -- weather school traveling up to blytheville today. we went, and a nice small group made it enjoyable to answer the questions. it is a wonderful class at the center for achievement.
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questions which transpired into answering about five or seven it -- questions a piece. many of you have always asked about the horrible shoes that i were. janet, and brian, the teacher took this and sent it to me. the kids were asking me how can i read radar. since i had the nike whether men shoes on, i explained the radar and they came into good use. if you want skywach weather shoot me an email. were always have to come out let's do that right now. we do have a few showers out there. in the northern midlands, we will see a few of those my. severe or whether related. -- winter related. this is a disturbance on the
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low pressure. we will widen this you out a little more. that same system brought a lot of activity. -- a lot of activity down to south florida today, like tornadoes. this individual right here is incredibly lucky that he is still alive. he is driving into what is a tornado at this point. wondering why all of the cars are stopping, it is because a tornado is occurring right there. these are trees that are being blown over from a security camera that captured this potential tornado is a move through the miami area. you see this vehicle pullout, and you can see the shift and they went. you notice some of the tree leaves and even trees sliding down the road right here in that rain -- and the rain beginning to move in a horizontal direction. veryry impressive day in florida from the same system. things are quieting down for everyone last week -- after we
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move through the area. 50s out there with a few floor -- 40s blending and. temperatures are mild but they will drop down to about 40 degrees early tomorrow morning. think the rain and any -- the rain will potentially be out of fog. of yourself a few extra minutes for the morning commute. clouds. we will have a partly cloudy sky and temperatures topping out at 60 degrees before they night. they will fall back into the 50s and down into the 40s with that clear sky. the next three days, 60, 57, and a nice jump. 66 degrees. take a look at what we're expecting as we go through the weekend. how about right around 70 degrees. rain chances back next weekend. week, we will see those again.
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with the center for achievement schark i told him i would share this stuff. janet, i am going to have to hide this from you. you can never have too many of these when you work to crazy top on. >> working on tv, we can never have too many pens or notepads. i have even got an extra pen, and, of course, we have to look at the nice thank you card. this is a nice thank you card signed by all of the students write their too. i wanted to be able to share all of those students from the center for achievement. >> what did you learn, henry? >> we had a great time today. it was a smaller class. it allowed for a much more intimate setting. it allowed them to be able to ask tons of questions. i love talking and teaching weather, but it was great to be
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questions from east -- each student. today, we ran out of time, and i'm sure that i will get emailed questions. thank you for having us out there.>> you just spilled the water that she has out here.>> sometimes, henry does individual nightly weather for corey miller. tonight, corey miller is talking basketball and there may be some lessons in order they are as well on the gamecock hardwood. while some candidates suck up to trump...or run away from him in fear... jeb bush isn't afraid. jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions. calls out trump for insulting women, attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush. the better man. the real conservative.
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right to rise usa
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good evening to you. thank you for joining us on wach fox sports. corey miller with you. we will start with some football news for you with spring around the corner. the date is set for the must gamecock football. a lot of folks will be excited to go out on march 15. that is not a long time away.
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football team and check out what coach must champ in the gamecocks have to offer. we will doshi will be excited about what he is doing built -- what he is doing. march 15, spring practice will begin. last night, they girls gamecock team got a when. they clinched a share of the secretary championship. they will host george on thursday. that means the gamecocks will whenent out right. that is three in a row. regardless, they have three in a row. last night was a tough challenge. you talk about chaining -- playing a lot more zone to contain the athleticism of tennessee. >> we played a fair share of zen. we played 70% zone tonight. we had to do that, especially at the beginning of the third quarter when we had a lot of
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we felt like we had to protect our players a little bit more. we came in thinking that we would play a lot more zone than we did all year long. we were scouting them and seeing how zone slows them down a little bit and it makes them think a little bit rather than play off of what they do naturally.>> great coaching by dawn staley and her staff. the man, not so good. they had a tough loss against kentucky. to the highlights we go. pj dozier on the move. nice move but not happening. airball. they were singing in the stands. pj dozier to kevin. just outstretched hands. it was that type of night for the gamecocks but then comes missouri. watch this pass. the basket good for mizzou. frank martin had that look on
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to be a good night. mizzou, nice, dribble, drive, and the lane. nice basket. mizzou coming back. mr. wright. it is good. the gamecocks trailed 23-25 at the half. talking to the preacher. it worked for a moment, and three, good. the gamecocks will get back in the basketball game. watch this. off of the miss. they wrestle, they still it, on the brakes of darius stone well, he is going to stop. pop it back. michael career, the game cox take the lead by one. mizzou will hang on to when this basketball game 72-67. it is that time of the year to talk some baseball. it is just right around the corner. the clemson tigers money league.
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new era for clemson baseball. he announced his starting lineup for the weekend. >> i think the barnes is a tremendous competitor. nobody fate -- likes facing a left-hander. barnes is one of those guys that has a lot of pitch ability. we know that he is going to pound strikes and compete as hard as he can. he is one of those guys who gives us a great chance to get a quality start in game one. >> it is not going to be a tough job for the tigers. roper has been one of the leaders. he talked about getting ready for boston college. we will get that later on in sports. we will come back after the
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that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. columbia, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $28.80 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and seewhat you
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you are watching wach fox news it and with brian mcconchie, janet parker, skywach with chief meteorologist, henry rothenberg, and sports with corey miller. this is wach fox news attend. tonight, former treasury secretary said there should not be a $100 bill anymore. they say the $100 bill should be scrapped to make it more difficult for tax cheats -- tax cheats and other criminals. a new study says that eliminating larger denomination bills would have little downside for the chamber of commerce. life will be far more difficult for people who are breaking the law. $75 billion. that is the amount of wasteful
10:35 pm
report found today by congressman steve russell's office. our national correspondent, christine frizzell breaks it down for us. >> reporter: when it comes to all the interesting places our tax dollars go, how about government-funded moonshine. a distillery and virginia got $250,000 from the us department of agriculture to process and market its extra potent whiskey. that is one of many findings outlined in this year's waste watch report put out by oklahoma congress in -- congressman steve russell. >> it is said. it borderlines on criminal -- criminality. >> reporter: $16 billion worth of excess ammunition and explosives stated to be destroyed by the department of defense and $60 million for a military space lunch program many say is failing.>> taxpayers were participating
10:36 pm
it would be three, two, one, ripoff.>> reporter: this is not congressman. why his this wasteful spending not been stopped?>> reporter: -- >> there is a lot of talking about government away spent very little action being taken. they are the ones in charge. they should be able to deliver on it. yes, there is a veto pen in the white house, but the white house does not have an interest in wasting tax dollars. no one does.>> reporter: while some call it ways, other say a boost the economy work like the $35,000 solar power that debbie stoller now says will help support jobs in a clean environment. still, congress -- congressman russell says it is about priorities. >> there are things that are nice to have but then there are crazy things that get funded.>> reporter: live in washington, i
10:37 pm
reporting. death of longtime justice could have major impact on some significant issues facing the high court.
10:38 pm
coming up. here is a question for you. does the cold weather make you
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we will have the answer. the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. supreme court, the president of
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nominate someone. who will replace the late justice antonin scalia. that was the top of conversation during president obama's news commenting california. he says that he will nominate someone in due time and he expects the candidate to receive a fair hearing from the senate committee.>> sclera's decision -- sclera's death could impact the decisions upheld by lower courts.>> one tough case could -- one expert explains what could happen next. >> reporter: the case fisher versus the -- versus the university of texas challenge the affirmative-action -- affirmative action of that enrollment. -- admissions committee. with -- liberal justice arty recused from this case, that leads -- leave seven supreme court judges. all eyes are on justice anthony
10:42 pm
protectable decisions in the past. >> is likely to vote for the majority which would be a 4-3 majority to do something to affirmative action. the question of what that would be is the big question.>> -- >> reporter: beres said it could only impact the university of texas and impact other affirmative action or band affirmative-action is unconstitutional. >> that is most likely going to happen because it would be a pretty big change. it could happen.>> reporter: with a written decision on affirmative action expected in this term, beres says it is back to the drawing board for the remaining seven.>> very few leaks come out of the supreme court, but this changes everything about what they are doing. >> reporter: and washington, i am jeff barn. plenty more ahead including the latest in the weather department from henry rothenberg.
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we hope that sticks around, henry. it really should. were at 50 degrees and some of us will see if you like showers overnight but then it is gone and sunshine is around for a couple of days. we will talk about that in more detail when wach fox news it and returns. these lil' chickies and lil' doggies are small, -but they're intense. -oh, yeah. small but intense like my niece, hannah. oh, yeah. and you, uh, take karate? yeah she does. show him how intense you are, hannah. -yah! yah! ah! -(karate sounds) oh, my... hey! yes! now finish him.
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welcome back everyone. some showers in parts of the upstate. we will see a few light showers especially in the northern midlands. all and all, this is going to be it. it will occur when many of you are sleeping. ship -- third shift workers, keep that in mind if y y have to be outdoors. much warmer tonight. lows bottoming out and -- of 40 degrees. as we look across the southeast, things are quieting
10:47 pm
what brought us the threat of winter weather yesterday was wreaking havoc in south florida today. we have a number of videos of tornadoes that were occurring. this individual, not really paying attention to what he is looking at as he is sitting at this traffic light. in the distance, there is a tornado which he eventually drives not only next to but right through. he is very lucky that he is okay. it is something that if you would look this up online, i recommend doing it when the kids are not around. there is some language in this. very impressive video from a very lucky individual. this is a securities -- a security camera. trees are going outward. this is indications of the tornado moving through. you saw some of the branches coming through and then everything started to go out. the shift in wind direction was caught in miramar florida near miami of a potential tornado earlier today. very active weather down there, incredible video that came out
10:48 pm
down for everyone, especially once we get the showers to move through the region. we are in the 40s and 50s right now as we go through the overnight hours. you will see the temperatures in the upper 40s in some places. the fog will expect to live. partly cloudy sky by lunchtime and then sunshine was seasonal temperatures around 60 degrees. clear and in the low 50s by dinner. by -- it should be a relatively nice night at this time morrow night. the next three days, 60 tomorrow, 57 on thursday, and then we welcome the above average on friday at 66 degrees. from the 30s and into the 40s for the lows. how about this for a we can forecast. despitthe minimal chance of rain on sunday, 70 degrees. and then going into early next
10:49 pm
it looks like another cold front slaps us in the face and reminds us that it is still winter. that is going to be what will happen going towards the middle and end of next week.>> that is all right. there is a nice stretch in the middle. >> i have a feeling that if you have not made a teatime or reserved eight court for tennis, you have the ballpark that will be packed. no excuse not to go to the polls and do early voting. >> you mentioned baseball. alba some basketball coming up next. it is playoff time and the high school -- and high schools. corey miller up next. -- catch to glaze over time with corey miller.
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the latest in basketball
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fil-a's overtime. wach fox news it and. -- i would like to welcome you back to the wach fox sports with corey miller.
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school basketball playoff time already? time flies when you're having fun. let's go out to ac flora. the falcons were all over emerald. early in this basketball game, -- basketball game, they pick it up. what a jam, what a jam. christian brown. he lays it in for two. the falcons keeping the pressure on davis with another steel. this time, people get the finish. ain't no stopping him now. he is on the move. 65-44 falcons. let's go to richmond. back come the diamond hornets. lower richmond -- lower richland versus eastside. le bon knocks it down. then the diamond horns are going to pick things up on the
10:54 pm
he gets the still, 53 -- 52-43. how about seal johnson posting hundred. with pick up action in the second half. they have tyler rivers. makes an open shot. it is good. todd greenwell finish the play with a thunderous jam. big man. it was not done. greenwood will come out. green, who finished with 12 points -- i'm sorry. 22 points. they are going to get something going. watch darius how. 66-46 to advance to the second round. airport eagles hosting the first game in the 3a playoffs. that is kobe perry.
10:55 pm
by finding alphonso tucker and the easy bucket. airport guard josh williamson, he is going to avoid a defender and gets a break for an easy layup. kaplan will get a rebound, and put it back. that is good with a big layup. nice inside game there. off the glass. good. 57-47. how about the ladies? they are playing some basketball action. this one, all lady blue devils. later on in the first, women pines murray inside again for the do's. and then the blue devils dominance is going to continue later in the half. this time it is lemon. this will take us 102-32.
10:56 pm
i am done with sports for this stay tuned.
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10:59 pm
a moment. your top story tonight, governor mcgirt -- nikki haley firing back at front runner donald trump.
11:00 pm
yesterday, trump said haley did not stop syrian refugees from coming into the state or address the guantnamo bay refugees. governor haley said it is not good for a candidate to come to the state on not know the issues. she and her -- she worked hard to prevent prisoners from guantnamo bay from coming to the state.>> when you have candidates who come in that go against governors, it is everything that a governor does not want any president. we do not want a president that does not -- that will just bash and tell us what we're not doing right. we wanted president that is going to help us and explain why guantnamo bay prisoners do not need to come to south carolina. >> governor haley did not address a candidate, and she


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