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tv   On Point  FOX  February 21, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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every week, and this week on the tv show, onpoint! on wach fox, what can we do to make it count? ground zero, and we have seen a steady stream of candidates coming through the state, and making their personal appearances. many of the candidates have deployed lots of star power to the state, hollywood celebrities, and sports icons, and the national media has many here for the gop in the primary, but what does south carolina have to gain from this national attention? and we asked what can we do to make it count.
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and thank you for being here. >> we will continue to be here for the months to come, but not skating is fast as we have been. it is a good question, what do you make of all this, it is great when everybody is here, but when everybody leaves, he does not seem so important anymore. but they leave behind a lot of dollars, a lot of exposure, and it is difficult to put a price tag on it, but it is big. >> yes, it is big. we have taught at water with us today, -- todd at water . what do we get? >> they have gone through the caucus and the primary, and this is one that they have time
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and the people in south carolina have led the nation time and again, and i think this sets the tone we know that south carolina is known to pick the president's on the gop side. the interesting thing about south carolina, we look like the united states of america. the demographics, the voter participation, and that is why south carolina is important for the gop and democratic primary. >> as i top, i had the opportunity to drill down on some of the issues, and go past past the talking notes. >> you get to sit right in
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some of these candidates. and you have talked to the go- betweens on the phone or email, and now you know who is who. you learn something more about a person when you see them face- to-face, and you see their eyes. both of you have made of good point about south carolina picking presidents. another thing, is we have to pick the fights. >> it is like the gloves come off.. >> it gets serious. >> we call this a blood sport, politics is a blood sport in south carolina. nobody really enjoys it, but at the same time it is necessary. i believe it is because we are a passionate people, and the stakes are high. we will pick for the next generation the direction of the company. whether you are republican or democrat, those are two very different scenarios.
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like is when the candidates just give me general answers. south carolina has some specific problems. as i watch the people line up for donald trump, and i see this town hall, and you still don't know how they got away with just one candidate in the town hall for president. but we answer to the answers that donald trump gave, and they are mostly general. i wonder if my observation is a point of frustration for the party. >> i think it is a frustration for everybody. it is a product of the politics that we have to deal with. we are in a 10 second environment. they are speaking to an outside audience, and you
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audience. he is great at marketing, and he knows what he is doing, even when he says something that is over the top. people are used to it, and it makes the persona even larger. >> we live in a gop soundbite society. no disrespect, but the donald trump, the leader of the pack, and he tends to say -- >> they don't like it when you say that. >> but he is. he is the leader of their party, and what we hear from him is talking points. we have serious issues in this state and country, and we need a leader that can talk about the things that matter to every day voters. we have seen what soundbite
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need real leadership in this country. we will go to a break, but we have seen a tremendous strong all that donald trump appears to have across the country, not only in this state. we will talk about what this means beyond south carolina. and we would talk about what this business of south carolina
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means, so stay tuned. welcome back to onpoint! . we are talking about the 2016 race for the white house, and south carolina being ground zero for the parties. it will be an exciting week
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stay that way for the next few weeks, and they will not completely forget about us, but it does mean something to the voters in this state and in the south. >> it does, and that is the distinction that south carolina carries, and we are proud of this. as the race roles through south carolina, they cause and stay here for a while, unlike some other states. after south carolina, he goes quickly. super tuesday is coming, and there is a lot at stake.>> you have to make your mark while you are year. we are talking issues, and i know that you support hillary clinton, and you support marco rubio.
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haley endorsement. the governor coming in after several others in the house, you are seeing the next generation of republicans getting in the field and supporting marco rubio. as we move away from south carolina, we are like a hurricane that sits over us for a while and then it moves on. it will continue to do that, and the fight will continue. where we land will be a long way away. and donald trump may be the basis of the republican party, but that is a long way away. it may end up being ted cruz or marco rubio, but we will see, and we need south carolina leading the effort, putting us forward. i think that governor haley is seen on the national stage brings a positive message, and
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rubio and continue to help. and hillary clinton has her work cut out for her. >> politics is a contact sport. primaries are like scrimmages, they are good for the team in the long term. i think that senator sanders has brought some reasonable items to the table, but we need to quarterback that cannot just get the first down, but can drive the ball down the field and win the game. in my opinion hillary clinton is the only one that can win the game for us and make this country what it needs to be. enough about the candidates, we have a few more seconds. >> my only response would be that that is a republican response. the secretary of state has had her time in the sunshine, and
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think america is time for a change.>> and the residents of south carolina think it is criminal how weak treat the children on the corner, and lock people up for minor offenses, and it is awful the way we do it. and it is criminal the way people are uninsured and cannot get access to the health care. we need to tell these candidates these are the issues, and find out what they would do about it. we don't get the respect -- specific responses because that is not what sells the tickets in most cases. it is what gets people fired up, and that is the type of speech that gets people riled up to go and vote for someone. it is a vote for personality. >> what i know about the issues we face, they are all bread-and- butter issues. they impact the overall quality of life.
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class, and how do we move the middle class forward. equal pay for equal work, whether college tuition being affordable, reasonable gun control in the country to prevent the charleston shooting, or in south carolina and how 200,000 working people, we need a leader to step up to the plate and address these issues head on. >> i agree with that. and to the extent that the national issues impact the south carolina issues, the gop candidate needs to resonate on these things. i want our viewers and radio listeners to recognize that they have a responsibility to be an informed citizen with an informed that both. -- vote. >> the difference is, the accusation that nobody is paying attention is off track.
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approaches. healthcare becomes an issue only when those that do not take advantage of it, because insurance and access are two different things. that is the soundbite you hear.>> i know what you are talking about, and a lot of people are in poor health because they will not go to the dock. >> having access, if with the stroke of a pen, governor haley can make sure that 200,000 people have the access to the healthcare, and thanks to president obama that extended medicare across the country, and the medicaid budget in this state is already growing. >> the president can take all of the credit he wants for obamacare. it is not just up to the governor, it is also up to the general assembly. in other states, the results
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the latest is alabama, the governor announced dipping into the education. and i would post the question, do you want education to suffer in its funding to expand the medicaid? that is the two largest items, and that is where it is going. if we do not get a handle on these, then the corridor of shame will be even worse. education is primary, healthcare is primary, and we are trying to solve these get it. >> i want to remind my friend that his party's been in control in this state for a long time. i feel like michael jackson, the man in the bearer. -- in the mirror. we always enjoy you, and
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matthews, and we will talk about
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tuned welcome back. we are having a conversation about the significance of south carolina being on the national stage, and what it means for our future. back so much gets talked about why we are here, particular issues that are important to us, and do they move forward. that remains to be seen. we have senator margie matthews with us, a relatively new senator, and we have michael pila, and we focus on the issues that we were talking
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, and you took the place of the late senator pinckney, and i imagine that brings a lot of attention to you, but these issues have been around for a while. yes, it is difficult. a lot of people have asked me if i intend to walk in his shoes, and my answer is no because there's no way anyone can do that. the only thing that i can do is to do my job to the best of my ability, considering all of the concerns. i had to chart my own course. one of the issues, mike, that we should be talking about that the candidates are skimming over? >> i don't know that they are's dimming over, -- skimming over, we talk about minimum wage, childcare, healthcare reform,
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this state, you go to jail for beating your dog. it is ridiculous in this state that after 13 years of doing everything that the conservatives have told us two, one out of three jobs is making under $25,000 a year, and you cannot support a family on that. those are the issues, and this has to be something. and does the narrative continue to be discussed after the candidates are gone. you will talk about them, but will the average person? it is on the top of everyone's mind right now, but we need to continue to hold people accountable. i represent six counties, from jasper all the way to charleston. in the last two years, we have
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that brings to the forefront one of the issues that is thrust on the national stage. they need to look at this now that they are in south carolina, and we need medicaid expansion. south carolina has to do something about this. there's no way we can consider education without making sure that the people are healthy enough to go to school. that goes to the employment. it is impossible for us to continue to concentrate on one issue without looking at the fact that the medicaid expansion, and providing healthcare to the low income people in my district and throughout the state, there is no way for us to look at any of these issues without first considering that. >> i know you support hillary clinton, and you are also hoping that all of the
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their issues. >> i do, and these are important issues. i have heard from the gop that they intend on rolling back obamacare, or affordable healthcare, but i can they do that when they look at the numbers, and when they look at the fact that all of america needs healthcare. we are one of the few countries that are lagging behind on that issue. i believe that hopefully the contest that is going on between the democratic candidates, i believe that they will put the gop to the test when it comes to the issue of healthcare. i know that senator clinton has been there for that issue, and she will continue to be there. i hope that the education also continues to be an issue, and that we make sure we have access to education for all persons in the u. s. in the u. s.>> the
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and education, 58% of the south carolina residents supported citizenship for the undocumented residents. 80% of the residents of south carolina support the mandatory background checks. back after all of this moves on, you will still be making this the conversation at the top of the mind. >> absolutely. thank you so much. when we come back, we will switch gears from politics to celebration. we will talk about what is new
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stay tuned.
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we will talk to kim hunter at the benedict college about the runway celebration. and we will ask her what she thought about the political discussion before moving on. >> i thought it was outstanding. we need to talk about how these things affect south carolina. we have road issues, serious education issues, there are so many things to talk about that we need to bring home and asked those national candidates what they can do to help us here in south carolina. all politics are local. >> as they walked through, and we have a lot of attention going. they can cast their vote and come celebrate. we have been around for 27 years, and we have had a great time just bringing the community onto the
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it is about the town and down its -- gown experience, and you can check your help, and it is all free. we have partnered with a local hospital to make this happen, and they also checked for prostate cancer, and they do an outstanding job. a lot of people wait until this happens to come in, and we have all day entertainment. we just found out that terrance young is going to be performing. where looking forward to having him for the first time. and the graduates had that hometown sound and sing every song with harmony. we also have the community choir that will have a performance on sunday, and they
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teaser. >> it is so good, all the music. >> and we have the doctor of music, he brings everybody together, and they will have different performers. and we will have the nightingale singers on sunday, singing with the choir, and by themselves, and that is the sunday activity, and we have turned this into a whole weekend activity. >> we've seen this grow through the years, and this brings the celebration of the african- american culture to the benedict college. >> we want to encourage everyone, and they are curious, or maybe new to the area, learn something. >> absolutely. it is always been like this, like the greek vegetable,
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the opportunity to buy the books with the afro-american office, and the jewelry. and we also have a -- american authors, and the jewelry. we also have wonderful jewelry.>> and the food. >> absolutely. you know how popular the food trucks are these days, and that is the way to go with this nice weather. it is a perfect opportunity to come out. and we cannot forget about the children's village. the students work with the kids and teach them science. there's always a snake, and some really great animals for them to learn about. and the biology majors like to scare us all. they also have the face painting, and the bouncy houses.
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>> it is wonderful. the event is free, but this gives us the opportunity to allow everyone to come in for free, and we do make a few dollars from the bending and we turned that -- from the vendors, and we turned that into a scholarship. and you can go to and we have all of the information. >> thank you for being here with us, and thank you for the wonderful job that you do over at the benedict college. we got a lot in today, and we want to thank each of you for continuing to support this and our radio show, and we know it is true that when you are informed, you are empowered,
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are onpoint! i'm chris wallace. donald trump wins big in south carolina. where does the republican race go from here? we'll talk with the two top finishers and get the latest from the campaign trail. >> when you win, it's beautiful. we're going to start winning for our country.
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become a three-person race, and we will win the nomination. [ applause ] >> first, donald trump on the francis. >> he actually said that maybe i'm not a good christian or something. it's unbelievable. teflon don. then, senator marco rubio on what's next for his campaign. >> the state of south carolina will always be the place of new [ applause ] >> we'll ask rubio about his effort become the establishment alternative to trump. plus, hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle in nevada. a sunday poonl where -- panel on where the race stands. sanders' campaign. are you surprised sanders is doing this well. >> yes.


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