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man. 10 on your side's liz palka is outside sentara norfolk general hospital where once of the victims is being treated. deanna - police tell us, at this time, all three victims are expected to be ok. which is fortunate considering they say a man drove by...firing several shots at a packed basketball court. crime scene tape stretched from corner to corner of widgeon road and partridge street. neighbors tell us they heard eight to ten shots around 3:30 in the afternoon. alicia talbert was sitting in her home with her young nephew. c23 5:14 - i was trying to hide my nephew. cause we were right there by the window. talbert's home looks out over the coronado basketball court. c23 5:34 - my first instinct was like to see if my brother was out there because i knew he was going to play basketball. she and others say it was packed. there was a pick up game...and kids playing nearby. another neighbor didn't want to
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identified... c25 10:43 - after the shooting stopped, we came out and then we looked on the court and everybody was flying off. people was hopping in their cars and leaving. c23 8:12 - i see little kids jumping the fence and that hurt me because i love kids. people scattered. but intersection..placing evidence markers next to have fun, don't come out no place in the norview area or anywhere where children are trying to play on a sunday afternoon. c23 7:13 - you don't want to see it happen in the neighborhood. because i grew up here so i don't want to see no body that i know got hurt, get hurt. but luckily it wasn't my friends that got hurt that i know. police say the suspect vehicle is a blue suv. they tell us it was a man firing the shots at that crowded basketball court. the vehicle sped away before police arrived on scene. they say they're still conducting interviews but asking witnesses to come forward with information.
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palka, 10 on your side. we're learning new details tonight about the norfolk man accused of killing his mother. police say 22-year-old shawn hunter shot and killed sonya hunter saturday morning. it happened outside their home on westcliff drive, off east little creek road. 10 on your side's joe fisher talked with family members and has details you'll see only on 10. deanna -- there's anger and reget tonight among sonya hunter's family. anger -- that her son ended her life. regret -- because they say her son needed help for a mental illnes --- and he still needs help now. karen cuffee/victim's daughter-in-law ((c208 7:54)) "sonya was a woman who loved the lord and loved her children very much so." it's how 43-year-old sonya hunter lived her life. karen cuffee/victim's daughter-in-law ((c208 11:19)) "sonya was
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cooking and cleaning." that makes her death so difficult for family and friends to comprehend. todd parker/friend ((c204 4:36)) "she was loved by everybody. i can tell you that right now. nobody disliked her at all, nobody, nobody." yet saturday morning -- her life allegedly taken at the hands of her own son -- 22- year-old shawn hunter. officers found sonya on the ground outside her home on westcliff road --- shot multiple times. family members say the two had a nine years. karen cuffee/victim's daughter-in-law ((c208 8:25)) "he had issues. end." karen cuffee is the shawn's grandmother --- now filled with regret after an encounter with him just last week. karen cuffee/victim's daughter-in-law ((c208 8:48)) "i said to him, "you are looking a little small there. we might need to go get you some help.' he said 'god is my help." officers say they took hunter into custody at the scene. door and has known the family for about a year. todd parker/friend ((c204 00:20)) "i've known for him to have a gun, and i've known to be cautious around him. i'd give don't believe shawn was ever stable enough to own a weapon. and while they want him to be punished --- they hope he'll receive treatment. the help -- now too late to save a life.
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4:19)) "to take your moms life and to take anybody's life that;s wrong. that's absolutely wrong." karen cuffee/victim's daughter-in-law ((c208 14:42)) "my heart goes out to louisse, sonya's mother, his brothers and sisters, i love them all, i wish godspeed for them." police say the three children inside the home at the time of the shooting are relatives -- and are back with their parents. so far -- no motive in this case hunter faces second-degree murder and weapons charges. i'm joe fisher, 10 on your side. police continue to investigate a deadly shooting in virginia beach. around 1 this morning - medics found a man shot in the chest. it happened along newtown arch. the man went to the hospital where he later died. new tonight - officers in norfolk are investigating a shooting from earlier this evening. around 7:45 - police found a person shot on east olney road. we've learned the person is expected to survive. if you have any information call the
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we continue to follow developing news from blacksburg. a second person is in jail for the death of lovell. this is a picture of the two people. police charged 18-year-old david eisenhauer with abduction and murder. keepers faces lesser both suspects are students at virginia tech. nicole lovell's body was found along the north carolina - virginia border saturday afternoon. talk about a beautiful sunday... it has been the day to get out and enjoy those temperatures -- but don't let the warm weather fool you -- we're in store for a temperature rollercoaster through-out the rest of the week. meteorologist ashley baylor is in the super doppler weather center to let us know when those temperatures will drop. overnight: high, thin clouds. mild. lows: upper-40s. winds: s 5-10 mph. monday: morning sunshine, then increasing clouds. isolated evening showers. warm! highs: near 70. winds: sw 10-15 mph. tuesday: mix of sun and clouds.
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low-50s. winds: ne 5-15 mph. you couldn't ask for a better end to the weekend - it was gorgeous outside today with temperatures topping out in the upper-60s and low-70s. overnight, the high clouds will stay locked in place. with a little bit of cloud cover and a light southerly breeze, temperatures will only bottom out in the upper-40s, so it'll actually be a mild start to your monday. it's going to be tough to sit in a classroom or office tomorrow - expect plenty of sunshine through the morning, then increasing clouds through the afternoon. it'll be another warm will give us a chance of isolated showers, but it's not going to be a soaker. in the wake of that front, cool down will be short-lived since temperatures will be back in the low-70s on wednesday. but showers developing through the afternoon. in the wake of that front, it'll be noticeably cooler on tracking mostly cloudy skies on wednesday with showers developing through the afternoon. on your side's chris horne looks into the challenges ex-convicts face as they try to assimilate back into society. plus - caucus countdown - we're in the final hours
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the first picks for our
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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a police officer is recovering after being shot early this morning. we know the accused shooter - 23-year-old keith smith, junior - is now in jail. he's facing several felony charges including: aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm
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the officer is a 5-year-veteran of the force was shot in the leg after a brief foot chase. the injured cop was taken to vcu medical center with non-life threatening injuries. still ahead - the next president - were just hours away until people in one state decide who they want to run the country. we're on your side with the latest news, weather, and traffic as you get ready for work every morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and we're on the air until nine a-m on fox-
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difficult it is for ex-prisoners to find work once they get out of prison. investigative reporter chris horne has a preview of his special report on the support and the roadblocks facing inmates who want to leave their past behind. human resources manager defintely by all means we
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second chance but to give a convicted felon a second chance, you need to be willing to take a chance. we found a factory in hampton roads that has turned former inmates into part of a productive workforce. 1:40 adrienne person human resources manager we ask if they've ever been convicted of a - programs are in place prisoner reentry program because we know that's it's important for them to come back to the community, to find employment, to contribute to their families and be productive members within the community and sometimes the face of a fedderal prison. c 1 14:56 linda rowland released felon i made a mistake, but my mistake what he needed to begin to think seriously of a life without crime. c 1 15:08 geoffrey beckelic released felon fortunately in this area we have plenty of resources for people that it, you've got to use your resources standup close even the best system of community services and willing employers is far from fool proof. we found out how tough it is for a former offender to remain just that - a former offender. and that's when this
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abrupt turn. chris horne, 10 on your side see chris's investigation "life after release" on wavy news 10 monday at 6, with coverage beginning at 4 pm. covering decision 20-16 this evening -- candidates on both sides of the political aisle are making their closing arguments to voters in first in the nation caucuses. 10 on your side's chief national correspondent jim osman is on the campaign trail in des moines. much like in a trial, presidential candidates are making their closing arguments to voters in iowa who are the first in the nation to have their say. nats hillary sanders
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has secretary clinton slightly ahead but digging deeper into the numbers her supporters are less likely to change their minds than sanders which surprised some political analysts. nats trump cruz donald trump as well is voters in iowa which dominate the iowa caucuses. trump has gained traction as of late with evangelicals. another surprise as trump's presbyterian background wouldn't typically be a great fit with that sector of voters nats the nominees for each party won't be determined just in iowa... tho the fate of lagging candidates polls may be headed to the exit if things but former maryland demoratic governor martin omalley who is trailing clinton and sanders vows to head to new hampshire after iowa. sot as folks in new that bluster... iowa does go first. overnight: high, thin clouds. mild. lows: upper-40s. winds: s 5-10 mph. monday: morning sunshine, then increasing clouds. isolated evening showers. warm! highs: much like in a trial, are less likely to change iowa which dominate the trump's presbyterian background wouldn't
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iowa... tho the fate of maryland demoratic governor martin omalley who is trailing clinton and sanders vows to head iowa picks corn new hampshire picks presidents but with all that bluster... iowa does
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overnight: high, thin clouds. mild. lows: upper-40s. winds: s 5-10 mph. monday: morning sunshine, then increasing of sun and clouds. cooler. highs: low-50s. winds: ne 5-15 mph. you couldn't ask for weekend - it was gorgeous outside today with temperatures topping out in the upper-60s and low-70s. overnight, the high clouds will stay locked in place. with a little bit of cloud cover and a upper-40s, so it'll actually be a mild start to your monday. it's going to be classroom or
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plenty of sunshine increasing clouds through the afternoon. it'll be another warm afternoon with highs near 70. a cold front will swing through the region monday evening, so it'll be noticeably cooler on tuesday with highs back in the low-50s. the cool down will be we'll be tracking mostly cloudy skies on wednesday with showers developing
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virginia tech tries to snap a losing streak at pittsburgh--- one of the nfl's best players may be retiring--- and in williamsburg----willia m and mary and james
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title-----earlier this afternoon---the denver broncos---champions of the afc----led by quarterback peyton manning---likely the last game he'll ever play before retiriing----arriving in san jose---- and here come the carolina panthers-----champions of the nfc----led by the likely mvp of the league---quarterback cam newton-----has been making statements with his play and his dance moves all year---now making a fashion statement with zebra printed pants-----about 20 miinutes away------santa clara---the sight of super bowl 50-----we're now less than a week away from kickoff---- i'm nathan epstein---welcome to the sportswrap--- big college basketball rivalry in williamsburg----the college of william and mary against james madison--- both teams
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the regular season conference title---- tribe have only lost 3 home games over the past two seasons----the dukes are unbeaten---7 and 0 on the road this season--- and first half----jmu looked in pretty good shape--- three pointer from goes----jmu is up by 18----they led by 12 at the half--- second half--- tribe tryin to make something of it---- terry tarpey with the slam---- what a day for the senior--- 12---41 left---- tarpey---flips it up--- william and mary are up by 3--- ten minutes left----the dukes answer with ron currey-----from long range---- team-high 19 points----jmu back up 2--- 7 minutes left----what'ya do----go back to tarpey---and one--- tarpey with 11 points---- 2 minutes left----to deal---daniel dixon---for three----team-high 17 points for dixon--- tribe come all the way back and steal one from jmu--- 68-62 the final--- tribe now tied for second in the
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northeastern on tuesday. virginia tech trying to snap a 3-game losing streak on the road at pittsburgh-----great game for seth allen----28 points to lead all scorers------a perfect 5 for 5 on three point attempts---but the hokies wilson---three pointer--pittsburgh up 18 in the second half----later----james robinson ally oop to jamel artis----panthers straight losses for tech--they fall to 4 and 5 in the acc---with a trip to syracuse coming up on tuesday--- big news from the nfl-----calvin johnson has been one of the best receivers in football over the past decade----espn is reporting 2015 was his final season-----and that johnson will retire----- adam shefter with espn reports johnson told his family before the season he would retire, and that he told his head coach---jim caldwell---after the lions last game---- on tuesday---johnson's agent bus cook said the receiver was still weighing his
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megatron----johnson is a 6-time pro bowler that set the nfl single season record for receiving yards in 2012---and is the lions alltime leader in receptions, yards and receiving touchdowns--- over to beautiful honolulu, hawaii---the game for which players are snubbed, yet never want to play in-------the pro bowl----good showing from the guy who's played in the last two super bowls----russell wilson---touchdown to julion jones of the falcons---third touchdown of th day to todd gurly of the soon to be los angelas rams----threw three touchdowns on the afternoono----number three to dustin hopkins of the houston texans-----164 yards passing for the richmond product---jamious winston---the tampa bay rookie quarterback threw two touchdowns------and in a game that featured no tackling----team irvin---as in michael irvin---beat team rice---as in jerry rice---49-27----also the last game for veteran cornerback charles woodson---hi 9th pro bowl. men's final of seaon's first tennis major----the australian
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year's final and it wasn't close----world number one novak djokovic---powered past world number two andy murray in straight sets------6-1, 7-5, and 7-6----the djoker continues to dominate the sport-----this was his 11th grand slam title---his third straight at the aussie open, which he's also won five of the past six years----
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wavy news ten at 11. [ guitar playing softly ] kaye lynn: well, i know they say all good things must come to some kind of ending we were so damn good i guess we never stood a chance go on and find what you've been missin' when that highway's tired of listenin' -- [ thud ] you can't just barge in here like -- oh! oh! what did i tell you two about talking to lawyers? i-i -- no, we didn't! we didn't!
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when i tell you not to do something --
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