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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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here giving u secrets. and vanessa hu gins courage just one day after her father's death. also tonigh hollywood meets new. j-law starts to pose with jane fonda. who wears short shorts? brad wears short shorts, exclusive cuts of brad pitt 's morning jog and he looks a little bit like a ke doll and what his buddy george c thinks about photos. >> it's not easy to get them up that high. now in our 35th season, this "entertainment tonight." >> we are kicking off super bowl week at san francisco with kevin frazier and our special correspondent gifford, son of football frank gifford. we were all over the s.a.g. awards as leonardo dicaprio continues his winning streak towards the oscars. >> actors from film and television, the best of the best
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>> big stars, big stories, big styles, "e.t" goes big at the s.a.g. awards. >> you're sitting with leonardo dicaprio. >> so i hear we got off plane yesterday and there were quite a lot of paparazzi a tv crews and things at the and they were like kate, did you hear you're sitting with leo? and i said, i am? that's so great. >> leo h before accept accepting his very first s.a.g. award. and he picked up his own statuette. >> very cool. >> leo was clearly at ease, he palled around with 9-year- jacob trembley. and then by vapeing during t
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the actor hit the red carpet solo, but there were a lot of couple making the news. and joe got photo bombs by sophia's -- we're call. >> ten years for you guys, what's the secret? >> as much as we love each other, we really like each other. i'm speaking for myself, but that is a huge part of being married is i always, the person i want to share anything with is him. >> true. >> and has to be the sweetest couple. brie larson and alex greenawald. >> he's just my person, he's my best friend. >> i love you too. >> we love each other. >> this is my beautiful daughter, she's my date tate. she's 14.
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have been so proud,. the limited series luther. >> a welcome triumph in the wake of the oscars to life controversy. "orange is the new black." >> orange is the new black wo and kinder for the danish girl. seems like the acceptance is broad. >> at the actor party, come claire danes hit the dance floor, helen mirren and demi moore with marissatomei. and more fun. we just had to ask the s.a.g. award winner about the intense new traine >> that was -- that w idea that you pitch. is that accurate?
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because i have ideas. >> and another artist, carol brunette legend rocked the red carpet in her fuzzy slippers. >> carol is better than all of us, we're going to give her a prize it. >> i miss all my children so much. i miss you. >> can i just -- >> that's an honor,cameron. >> he's such a great actor. >> isn't he? wish i could do more acting. >> let's talk more about me tonight. come on. >> carol's like cameron. i think she has a crush on you. >> i will remember that moment for the rest of my life. it's a big deal for me. have much more from the s.a.g. awards. with the fashion deep dive. but we got to talk about "grease
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over 12 million tuning in. and vanessa hudgens. >> she stopped by to discuss the havoc and the heart break behind the scenes. >> let's hope it doesn't rain. >> it might be raining. >> we rehearsed for the last week with umbrellas and literally 30 minutes with before we went live, we did like plan b. >> plan b? >> yeah, because we're like we don't want a lawsuit. >> how to deal with crackling make. east coast viewers, you heard they seemed to edit around it for the west coast. >> i told her, i'm like, girl, nobody heard t
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>> vhudgens father passed away the day before. >>. my is saying fool forget him >> and julian's brother garrett. >> during the show, facebook and snap captured the two sound stages. but you guessed like the queen of the quick change award. >> i hn nestle owe that to my broadway performance cinderella. becathat's where i learned to do a quick change. one thing the real dress that i was going to wear in the frenchie scene, then the red dress on top of it. and then the dress i had underneath the red. he's all about being able to
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>> all that ebebehind the scenes did you see the original frenchie. dede actually ga carly one of her origin blouses from the 1978 film and a lockette. >> a little old hollywood met new hollywood. j-law and jane fonda. >> but if you open the fire "vanity fair" hollywood issue cover, there's total of 13 greats seated together. >> they all love each other, they have watched their careers, everybody was sort of excited to be around each other. >> all five leadi actors oscar nominees are here and everybody's wearinblack. >> because we really wanted to show their incredibl faces, sometimes the clothes can overtake all that. deborah lawrence brought her dog
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and they really bonded on the set. it was a great source of amusement for everyone. >> for one shot, jane wrapped her arm around j-law. the ladies also displayed some secret talents, viola's an artist, jennifer does a mouth marionette. and kate does the splits. who knew? >> you got that? >> flexible. >> you got that move? >> yeah, i used to. not anymore. coming up, brad pitt 's paris fashion, grabbing his short shorts. you just got to see these shots. frank and kathy lee's daughter kathy gifford. >> you know the stor with me and frank? >> and channing sings. >> that's a crying shame. >> but where do you learn the dance moves? >> they fashioned magic mike
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>> and big birthday plans. "e.t" is having to announce that kerrie washington introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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we'll be searching down with below, but it's a crying shame. >> channing tatum gets to show off his voice. and he impresses co-star george clooney. >> you said that everily cries when you were singing to her? >> she's like dad, stop, don't do that. >> did it make you stop singing? no. >> little everly may be a fan, but we think george's got some chops.
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lot of rehearsal. >> i think jenna you out with that a little bit? >> show's an amazing tap,she's been doing it since she was probably about 8:00. >> >> jenna london with the sailor >> josh brolin co-star a movie studio fixer trying to get to the bottom of his bigstar's kidnapping in this comedy set in the go of hollywood. but george has some fixing of his own to do. jahmahl's birthday is in just days. >> sho plan it all out and ruin it? i'm going to surprise her with this amazing thing. >> you could get channing out of a cake, that could be call. think that's dangerous, though, with all the icing. >> i don't know if she wants to see that. i would like to stay married. >> speaking of which, if magic mike 3 were to happen, where
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>> they fashioned magic mike after me. tech tequila and me and the next thing you know, dollars are flying, i'm putting them everywhere. >> we have a lot mo with george because we all had to get george's reaction to this shot. why is his pal brad pitt jogging in shortshorts? >> and which break down the s.a.g. awards best a words. >> i'm leer with the newest member of the "e.t" team. >> my super bowl 50 exclusive
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. brad pitt in short shorts, making fun faces and sporting ken doll style hair? this just has to be t weirdest thing you're going to see all stay. we can explain, though. brad and his really pale legs. his character is loosely based a 62-year-old army general who was famous for running nearly seven miles every day. but wha his pal clooney have to say? >> wo what is that? i grew up at a time when shorts were actually worn like that. it's not easy to get them up thathigh. >> it certainly can't be
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>> n joining me right now, editor-in-chief, and fab life co-host joseyessey breaking down the dos and the don'ts. >> brie larson, that versace dress was on the paris run way five days before the awards. >> and it was a last-minute pic by her. >> i didn't have a dress, i got in at 6:00 a.m. thismorning. >> did you have to get it altered? or did it fit you perfectly? >> i kind of wanted to close the boo berry a little bii. >> i also love sophia vergara, and i have to s the best thing about her in this custom dress is that she kn exactly what workses for her. and you want to know about a red carpet do? if it ain't broke don't fixit. i would have to say that matching clutch makes it a
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>> what did you think of eva longoria, i thought that was wow. >> i call that a hello goodbye dress. it's like hello, in the front, but when she turns arrange, it'slike goodbye. >> it has all these beads. i keep playing with the beads. >> you got to have fun with >> you have to have fun with fashion. i mean first of all, caylee, can i talk about a revenge barbie a divorce dress? and we have to the talk about demi moore, it was actually a dress from the back of her closet, 2002. >> i love that she recycles. >> nicole kidman is also getting some mixed reviews. >> for nicole, this is how i would have done nicole's dress is actually a lot of color and jewelry. i would somewhere made it more sophisticated by putting her hair up.
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whole look of the dress. i would have removed some of the ruffles in the front and keeping it really simple and sophisticated. and if we didn't like the sfrips, we can also hombre color and make it more soft. >> you could have made it a whole differentdress. >> a whole different dress and the big color of the eveni taking on a completely different look. >> you're just doing salad on the side. what would you say are some sovtof the take aways from the s.a.g. awards? >> i think the oscars are going to be game. >> i'm so excited that it's going to be with us all the way up to t academy awards. >> i am too. >> always great insight you give us. there's another huge event before w to the oscars. super bowl 50. the countdown is under way and i'm psyched. kevin frazier is at that skboel
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kathy gifford, daughter of kathy lee and franking give ford. >> i can't tell you how excited i am to be here in san francisco with kevin. >> here's the thing about cassidy, she really is a super bowl veteran, because her father is a hall of fame broadcaster but her mom sang the national anthem in 1995 at the super bowl. do you remember that? >> i was 2 years old in 1995. >> that is special and so is the fact that her broadcast the very first super bowl. so it was really a moment cassidy sat down with cbs and the guys who are broadcasting super bowl 50. >> like frank, transitioned from the field the broadcast booth. >> when he was pre back in the day, it was so different. he would say something like kind preparing for an ex
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>> i think that's a little bit of it. i love the fact that i'm prepared and knowing everything i can about the players, far as what they do on the field. analyst boomer. >> the last couple of years of my dad's live i remember sitting and watching the game and he said, i'm so glad those guys are up there >> everybody talking about the matchup between 39-year-old payton manning and 26-year-old cam newton. >> payton manning and frank sinatra. cameron -- >> and got the cbs sports chairman to break some news. >> we announced today that we are renewing thursday night
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>> peo may not know that shaun's father worked with fra gifford for decades. >> it's ironic that his offspring and frank's offspr get to sit here and do an interview. there's something very sir. >> speaking of surreal, we are heading to nfl mediaday, and there is nothing crazier than media day at th super bowl. >> it's pretty crazy. >> and by the way, i w to remind everybody starting tonight, you check out "e.t," check your local listings, all right cassidy. let's go. >> cameron and nancy, back to you. >> good luck to th two. thank you very much. kevin andcassidy, media day is a mad house. well stick around, because
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way, on etonline, kate middleton will give her first interview ever. and grace reveals how she battles an eating disorder. >> why she hopes her new book will change the-- will it happen? >> i would have to the grandfather. >> our exclusive interview with steve martin and nancy myers on the nominations were
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country musicawards. >> you can find nominations on etonline. dirks beenly is co-hosting with luke bryant. >> actually the opening mog log to have a few drinks will be fine. >> that dierks is going to be busy, because he also scored two nominations for vocalist of the year. >> i'll take male vocalist of the year.
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>> i'll be seeing i don't even know what happened. >> it grabbed you right at the top and made it impossible to turn away. so how did they do it so well? i'm billy bush, we're dealing with the secrets behind "grease live" and how the show went on for vanessa hudgens, despite her family tragedy. >> making a murder update, where steven earl shares what he knows for the very first time. >> did steven tell you why he
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