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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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through early afternoon. falling temps with 50s in the morning, but cooling thru the pm. wind: nnw 10-15mph. tonight: mild with lows in the upper 40s. wind ne 5-15mph. wednesday: increasing clouds and rain moves in by late afternoon and early evening. warm with highs in the low-mid 70s. wind: s 15-25mph. thursday: rain lingers through early afternoon. falling temps with 50s in the morning, but cooling thru the pm. wind: nnw 10-15mph. tonight: mild with lows in the upper 40s. wind ne 5-15mph. wednesday: increasing clouds and rain moves in thursday: rain lingers through early afternoon.
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stay on top of the changing conditions with the free wavy weather app. it gives you access to the hour by hour forecast and updated radar images. breaking news -- police are investigating a shooting in newport news. they say an officer heard several shots, while on patrol near 36th and chestnut. minutes later, officers say they found a man shot and suffering near 31st and oak. they say the 25-year-old was very badly hurt, but made it to a home nearby. medics took him to the hospital. we'll let you know, when get more information. tests have proven-- water at fentress field is full of chemicals. experts are only beginning to understand the effects. the navy has been giving bottled water to people working there. military officials told us, that was just a precaution-- because the water is safe based on federal and state standards. but neighbors told us, it doesn't make them feel better. tonight, the navy held a meeting for residents to
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happening near their homes. 10 on your side's brandi cummings was there. brandi, what were the big takeaways? tom and nicole- it's complicated.. people at the meeting tonight just wanted to know - is the well water around fentress field safe to drink? a health expert says yes. sot - holly meeks, chesapeake resident - clip 40 1:50:01 obviously i want to make sure that my kids aren't drinking anything they shouldn't be and that we're all going to be healthy concerned mom and horse owner holly meeks joined her neighbors who packed a school gym to get answers. they want to know what's in the well me a little nervous but they're obviously doing what they can to be proactive about it. 1:49:22 the open house comes after recent news that water on high with a chemical known as cfcs. as a precaution, the navy gave bottled water to the 50 people at fentress and with the city of this free water station for people near the base. sot - dr. is dont panic.1:41:40
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department was one of several officials on hand to answer questions. sot - evidence that indicates on a confirmed basis that drinking the water is associated with specific problems. 1:40:00 dr. welch says cfcs are not a regulated chemical and everything done up to now has been a precaution. she says studies on the chemical are inconsistent. sot - dr. nancy welch, show an association with say a low birth weight other studies that show no association. right now we simply need to gather more information and to err on the side of caution. 1:38:06 concerned residents signed up for free water testing and until they know something for sure families have to wait and see. sot - holly meeks, chesapeake resident - clip 40 1:50:42 we'll just cross our fingers and hope for the best i guess. 1:50:45 only the water on fentress field has been tested so far. beginnng tomorrow, well water at homes a half mile around fentress will be tested. testing ends on the 13th. results come back in
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following this story and let you know what the results show. im brandi cummings 10 on your side. while neighbors in flint, michigan are struggling with a supply of poisoned tap water -- many of you are reaching out to show they are not alone. c8 19:36:50 we thought we'd get a couple cases here and there we got truckloads of water ;54 since our report last week, a chesapeake realty team says they have stopped counting donations of bottled water. motorcycle clubs -- even churches have gotten involved. now there's just one problem: they have collected so much water, they need help getting it to flint! c8 claudine ellis /organizer 19:37:37 tractor trailers where ya at (laughs ) :00 they're hoping someone with a big heart and even bigger rig helps them get the donations out by february 22nd. if you would like to donate a truck or water to the effort -- look for this story on wavy dot com. tomorrow, we expect more than 700 workers to be laid off from newport news shipbuilding. two months ago, we told
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workers notice about the cuts. we have learned: the virginia employment commission plans to come work with local unions- in hopes of getting the workers employed again. shipyard officials tell us-- they had to cut jobs due to a decreasing workload. virginia beach city hall may be getting a new address: town center. this is only in the planning phase. the current compound sits on princess anne road, away from major highways and bigger parts of the city. the director of public works says, the building is 50 years old and needs to be updated. so do you renovate city hall or build a new one at town center and repurpose the current building? the next step would be for the city to approve money in next year's budget for a feasibility study. the virginia beach school board has not voted on a new school calendar -- school officials tell us, some board members want more time to discuss the options. the board was supposed to decide whether to enact an 183-day schedule, or remove a few teaching days. school officials
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calendar could help them be more efficient. they plan to hold a special meeting about it next scandal at a local high school. search warrants say a teacher at ocean lakes discovered it. they say a 17-year-old student admitted to having an app that stored nude photos of at least eight female students. he also admitted to distributing those photos -- without their permission. police haven't filed any charges yet. investigators are trying to figure out who called in a bomb threat to northampton county schools today. school officials dismissed all schools in the division before noon today-- while they investigated. the sheriff says-- deputies searched the buildings, and called in bomb- sniffing dogs, to double check. they didn't find anything to support the threat. that wasn't the only bomb threat on the eastern shore today -- investigators looked into another threat at chinocteague elementary school in accomack county. today was a teacher work day-- so no students were in school. first responders say they didn't find anything.
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trying to figure out what caused a deadly car crash. investigators say there's evidence the nine-year-old boy who died-- was wearing a seatbelt. these are pictures of lucas ballard-- who didn't make it. he was a cub scout from north carolina. family members say they're holding on to the memories. c0002 - amanda joy hernandez - you. i miss you,' and now i can't even hear that. it hurts so bad though. 4828 police say a truck and minivan crashed at the intersection of west 27th and llewellyn last night. the force threw lucas and 7-year-old keion mcclenny from the van. a sister shared this picture of mcclenny in the hospital. if you got caught in traffic on i-664 tonight, we can show you why. police dispatchers in chesapeake say someone flipped his vehicle near the portsmouth boulevard exit. first responders blocked part of the highway while they cleared the wreck. they say two vehicles were involved and people were hurt. they could not tell us how
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all new tonight. a navy charges he's already served time for. austin greening of manslaughter. he spent six months in jail after taking a plea deal -- in 20-13, prosecutors say greening killed 22-year-old kristopher klubert over a video game gambling debt. greening now faces a military court martial. we expect that to take place, friday. a suffolk family is begging for your help tonight. they're reaching out to anyone who may know where to find quantez russell. police say he vanished under suspicious circumstances. (emotional) c1 2:25 - the first few weeks to a month was really, really hard. c1 2:29 - and all i can do is just continue to pray on it. c1 2:34 it's just been really tough not knowing where my son is right now. :38 the lead investigator told us, someone found seen him since he left suffolk that same night. the
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believes someone left russell's car in newport news. if you can help find him -- call police. all new tonight. the zika virus has been shared through sex -- according to the centers for disease control. in texas, health officials confirmed one patient caught zika, after having sexual contact with a traveler. the virus has mosquito bites, with reports coming from latin american countries. looking into reports it causes birth defects. a seafood haven is going by the wayside-- after 70 years in virginia beach. hear when you can get your last bowl of she crab soup. this is not what comes to mind when we say "birdie" in golf. hear the story behind this scene at a popular virginia beach sports
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police are investigating an armed robbery in portsmouth. investigators sent us this video of the suspect -- you can see him with a gun, ordering people around the citgo on george washington highway. 10 on your side's liz would target this business in particular. we spoke with some regular customers who say they're taking this crime personally. they say the citgo mart - formerly a getty - is a business loved within the community. bursting in, gun drawn. surveillance cameras capture tense moments as this man rounds the counter and demands cash. wearing a dark-colored hoodie and gloves, the
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the managers' - and throws him. he then pushes an employee before grabbing the money, and bolting away from the business. c29 18:37:55 "it definitely makes me a little bit more protective than i was." asking to remain anonymous - this man tells 10 on your side he believes he saw the suspect moments after the robbery. the witness lives near the citgo - and shortly after 10 monday night, his dog began barking at a stranger in his yard. c28 creeping behind the c28 18:36:23 "she started raising hell you know, i come out and see what's going on, there's a guy creeping behind the apartments, you know, black hoodie, design on the back, somebody i've never seen before." the witness - warned the stranger to leave - the man ran off. c28 18:36:52 "next thing i know, here comes portsmouth police department pulling up and getting in the mart parking lot and roping it off." 10 on your side spoke with customers at the mart - who say the robbery - hurts. they say the citgo - formerly a getty - is beloved in the community. c1 17:30:24 "it really
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it happened - i don't want it to happen to anyone, but this one particular store is really helpful to their customers." c6 17:39:17 "they'd give you a dollar if you're short and say 'hey come back tomorrow and pay me' so you just kind of take it personal when somebody comes and just wants to rob these guys." a store manager didn't want to talk on camera - but off-camera, he told me this is the first time the store has been robbed in at least six years. he says the robber got away with about 500 dollars. but the good news is - no one was hurt. nicole, back to you. portsmouth police tell us, they're trying to figure out if the citgo robbery is linked to another one. the other robbery happened thursday night, one block away. a manager at the metro pcs on george washington highway say-- the robber demanded cash and fired a gun at the wall. no one was hurt. as always, police say a tip from you could help them make an arrest. call the crime line if you have any information.
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your name, and you may even get a reward. after 70 years, a virginia beach seafood shack is shutting its doors. charlie's seafood on shore drive shared the news with customers on facebook. it's well-known for its seafood-- especially the she-crab soup which gets shipped across the u-s. they thanked everyone for their business, friendships and memories. the restaurant says you can still catch a meal there up until valentine's day. new tonight. topgolf in virginia beach says it's going to add bird deterrents -- because a duck got caught in one of the nets today. the s-p-c-a finally helped get it out. but they say it spent all day tangled in the net! someone called the wildlife program around three this afternoon. animal control and fire officials couldn't get their trucks on the grass, so they called nuckols tree care. crews used their bucket to get it down. they say the duck seems
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wings and feet are fine. tonight: mild with lows in the upper 40s. wind ne 5-15mph. wednesday: increasing clouds and rain moves in by late afternoon and early evening. warm with highs in the low-mid 70s. wind: s 15-25mph. thursday: rain lingers through early afternoon. falling temps with 50s in the morning, but cooling thru the pm. wind: nnw 10-15mph. tonight: mild with lows in the upper 40s. wind ne 5-15mph. wednesday: increasing clouds and rain moves in by late afternoon and early evening. warm with highs in the low-mid 70s. wind: s 15-25mph. thursday: rain lingers through early afternoon. falling temps with 50s in the morning, but cooling thru the pm. wind: nnw 10-15mph. tonight: mild with lows in the upper 40s. wind ne 5-15mph. wednesday: increasing clouds and rain moves in by late afternoon and early evening. warm with highs in the low-mid 70s. wind: s 15-25mph. thursday: rain lingers through early afternoon. falling temps with 50s in the morning, but cooling thru the pm. wind: nnw
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women may have to sign up military officials say women may have to sign up for the draft. the push some leaders are calling for tonight. we're on your side with the latest news, weather, and traffic as you get ready to head out the door every and we're on the air until nine a-m on fox- 43 it's about time the taco...came out of its shell.
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give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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all new tonight. some top military officers say women should register for the draft -- just like men. lawmakers say it deserves discussion since the military opened all combat jobs to women. today, the army and marine corps leaders said they supported the change. right now, only men legally living in the u-s between 18 and 25 years old have to register. the military opened combat jobs to women last year, shortly after the first female soldiers graduated from army ranger school. cam newton is the super bowl favorite in oh so many ways. a local college football coach gives us his opinion on peyton manning. and a couple of terrific high school basketball games tonight, next on the sportswrap. i've been a turkey farmer my whole life...
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we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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parties, celebrities--and hype. super bowl week is here, the panthers stage sunday night--and until then we will celebrate the final week of the nfl season like we always do. endless cliches, odd ball features--and now and then a look at the game itself. i'm bruce rader, peyton manning and the broncos against can newton and the panthers. it's always about the quarterbacks, and this week newton is not only dominating
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coversation in vegas. while the panthers are a six point favorite to beat denver, everybody is betting on cam to be named the game's most valuable player as well as the favorite to score the first touchdown. we all know peyton manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but does he have enough in the tank to win the super bowl? nathan epstein went to william and mary and asked long time offensive coordinator kevin rogers. for over 30 years he's coached college and nfl quarterbacks, including brett farve and donovan mcnabb. "you always measure a quarterback by two things; third down and two-minute, and i'm not sure there's ever been a better quarterback ever that's done a better job in those situations. he's not the same player now as he was several years ago with the colts, but when he was playing well, there was none better. none better. we have a lot more with
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us his scouting report on peyton go to wavy-dot com and click on sports for that story. two 6a state title contenders meeting in chesapeake, as oscar smith welcomes peninsula power woodside. woodside's super fans made the trip from western newport news for this one. woodside led in part by senior devante carter, he drives baseline and gets the up and under to go, a team high 25 points for carter, but oscar smith going to push it right back up court dez devane, 2 of his 18 points. oscar smith down 6 at the break. tigers come back in the second. lashawn rodgers with the lay up, rodgers had 14 points. and then it's donald hicks who will play his college ball at radford picks up 26 points. tigers rally for the 72 to 65 win over woodside. green run, having its best season in 28 years at indian river tonight---the team that ended green run's perfect season in 1988. deshaun wade with the steal----the contact---the bucket and
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on---another steal---look at the hustle by nay-jon nobles----up ahead to damon showers for the one-handed slam---- the stallions with a huge lead in the first half, they never looked back, green run 18 and 0 with a 66-32 win over indian river. and the upset of the night. cape henry, the defending division 1 private school state champions, lose at home to walsingham 74-56. the loss snaps cape henry's 54 home game
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- danny devito, khloe kardashian, musical guest colin hay, and featuring the legendary
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