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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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in the forecast for friday, but the afternoon should be dry with highs in the mid-40s. now at 5:30... plans for a new addition to the norfolk international airport are up in the air. officials want to build a new runway that would be parallel to the one most planes use now. but the faa has said no. 10 on your side's brandi cummings spoke to airport officials and passengers about the plans. anita, stephanie- support for the new runway seems to be overwhelming. but for some reason the faa is against it. the airport authority is doing all it can trying to get things off the ground. sot - ed everett, yorktown, va - clip 64 20:35:14 personally i would think that we need something like that. great idea. 20;32:52 passengers want it. the norfolk airport authority wants it, but the federal aviation administration has grounded the idea. sot robert bowen, deputy executive director, norfolk international airport - clip 3 20:06:04 first reaction. 20:06:06 this diagram shows the
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second parallel 65-hundred foot runway. but in this october letter, the faa said the new runway is not suported by current or anticipated needs. in otherwords - no. sot robert bowen, deputy executive director, norfolk international airport - clip 3 20:09:53 its been a challenge right from the beginning to get it restarted to get phase one completed and now to get phase 2 completed. 20:10:01 right now there are two runways at norfolk international. the longest is the one mainly used. the second - known as the crosswinds runway is rarely used because its too short for commerical planes. airport officials say the new runway would slow delays and cut down on air space conflicts invovling the naval bases nearby. sot robert bowen, deputy executive director, norfolk international airport - clip 3 20:10:08 we want to make the best case we can and with the support of our congressman and senators we hope to be able to pusuade them to let us finish the eis. 20:10:21 then we'll go from there. 20:10:22 after the first no, our congressional delegation got invovled, sending this letter asking the faa to
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later the faa responded saying more planning is needed. sot - ed everett, yorktown, va - clip 64 20:35:55 id honestly like to know why because i really think its needed 20:35:59 the airport has already done phase one of whats called an environmental impact study. now it just wants to complete phase 2. passengers want to see it happen. sot - valerie potter, eldorado, illinois - clip 60 20:33:51 people pay out all this money for a ticket and i just think that having an extra runway would speed up the process. 20:34:01 the airport authority is working to get another meeting with the faa to try and change their minds. we'll let you know what happens. you can read the letters we mentioned in the story on our website wavy. com. im brandi cummigs 10 on your side. new at 5-30 -- a group of citizens in norfolk -- is leading an effort to remove city treasurer anthony burfoot from office. we told you last month how burfoot was indicted on corruption charges -
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personal gain. investigative reporter chris horne has more on the campaign to recall burfoot - it sounds like these people are not waiting around for a trial or any resignation. clearly not - burfoot has denied the charges and said he has no plans to resign. the eight count federal indictment says he benefited in the amount of 475 thousand dollars, in exchange for official acts on behalf of those who paid him that money. recall burfoot before his federal court case plays out. the group initially filed its petition monday in circuit court. one of the group's members told me this afternoon that the petition drive is on temporary hold while some of the language in the petition is corrected. the petition lists the allegations from the indictment and says burfoot engaged in fraud, misused his office and neglected his duties as treasurer. the committee's john
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group plans to collect six thousand signatures - which is over and above the 45-hundred he says would be needed to move the petition forward. hill says the group is getting support throughout the city of norfolk to recall burfoot from office. here's the process - once the petition langugage is corrected, the committee will resume collecting signatures. once enough names are collected, they go to the circuit court clerk and a judge could then set a trial for burfoot's recall. again burfoot has denied the charges and entered a not guilty plea. we'll keep you posted on both the progress of the petition drive and burfoot's criminal case in federal court. chris horne 10 on your side a bail hearing for one of the virginia tech students -- charged in the death of a blacksburg teen was canceled this afternoon. natalie keepers' attorney had requested the hearing after the prosecutors office changed the charges against her on tuesday. keepers is now charged with accessory before the fact and illegally disposing of nicole
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virginia tech student - david eisenhauer has been charged with kidnapping and murder. both are being held without bail and are due back in court next month. in new york -- convicted killer david sweat is sentenced for his part in a prison escape that had an entire state on edge last summer. (s/david sweat - prisoner) 56-1:02 " i would like to apologize to the community and the people who felt the fear, sweat went on to tell the judge he was "sorry" for what happened. he and richard matt escaped from a maximum secuirty prison in june - sparking a massive manhunt that lasted for weeks. matt was eventually shot and killed. sweat was captured two days later. sweat was already serving a sentence of life without parole for the murder of a sheriff's deputy when he escaped. president obama made his first visit -- as president -- to a mosque in the u-s today. he went to the isalmic society of baltimore. it's nearly 50 years old with thousands of members.
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called for him to visit a mosque in the u-s -- as a public rejection of islamophobia. the first thing i want to say is thank you - for serving your community for lifting up the lives of your neighbor and for helping keep us strong and united as one american family. the president went on to call some of the recent rhetoric against mulim americans -- "inexcusable" -- saying it has no place in our country. former u-s president jimmy carter says his latest test results are "promising." carter says a scan last week found no signs of melanoma - but he is continuing treatment. last summer doctors discovered he had the serious form of cancer in his brain and liver. he announced back in december that his cancer was gone. carter is continuing to three-week immunotherapy treatment. coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - saving for a rainy day? most americans are not.
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you should get started sooner -- rather than later. another candidate calls it quits -- plus -- did ted cruz try to "steal" the iowa caucus? we'll have all the latest from the campaign trail. and -- we're keeping an eye on the weather. here's a live look from
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when it comes to saving for the future - it's safe to say - most people are not ready for that proverbial - rainy day. in fact - according to recent report in forbes -- more than half of all americans have less than one thousand dollars in savings. experts aren't really surprised by that - and say the reason is likely because people just don't know where to start. financial advisors recommend starting with a budget. andrew decker/financial advisor 55-1:09 a lot of us find that were just struggling to make ends meet on a
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i think a lot of people are doing that and when they do it they're not taking the tim to really look at that their expenses are and save for tomorrow." experts say - save early -- save often -- even as little as ten dollars a pay check can add up. one more thing: the same forbes report shows almost a quarter of americans have less than one hundred dollars in savings. amtrak is extending -- and expanding its pets program. amtrak says its pilot program was overwhelmingly successfuly. so it's making the pet program permanent on eastern and select mid-western corridor trains. it's also expanding the program to include its long distance trains - with exception of the auto train. if you plan to travel amtrak with your pet here's what you need to know: you can only take one cat or dog. on trips up to seven hours -- it has to be in an enclosed carrier and the combined weight can't be more than 20 pounds. advance reservations are required. and there is a fee of 25
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coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - we'll have all the latest from new hampshire -- including who's out -- who's still in - for now -- and who is accusing who of trying to steal votes? plus - when parents are depressed -- children's grades will suffer. how researchers were able to link the two. i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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in the race for the white house, gop presidential candidate rand paul -- calling it quits -- and tonight we're learning rick santorum is also expected to drop out. and that's not all! donald trump - now accusing ted cruz of fruad -- all while the other candidates vie for support in a state that's notorious for serious, demanding voters. nbc's steve handelsman has the latest from deerfield, new hampshire. (--- insert pkg ---) where democrat bernie sanders is so popular ted cruz is joking they agree about washington.
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presidential candidate :10-:15) 'gosh, ted, you sound exactly like bernie, saying it is all big money and lobbyists and corruption.' well, you know, that's right. cruz wants less government. think that solution is nuts." (super: pittsfield, nh :20-:25) in pittsfield. at a plant that makes firefighting coats, marco rubio touted his strong third in iowa republican nominee - we're going to win the election." many agreed (sot jon huntington / marco rubio event audience member :31-:36) "i think he has a good chance at beating hillary. and that's important to you? it's very important to me.. (sot jean whitehouse / marco rubio event audience member :37-:42) rick santorum canceled his events ================ take graphic full ====:47- :51==================== donald trump charged ted cruz didn't win iowa. he donald trump charged ted cruz didn't win iowa. he stole it." ================ graphic out ======================== telling iowans, trump charged, that ben carson had quit when he hadn't democrat bernie sanders ... who now will get secret service protections... claimed on today: he'd be a winner in november (sot sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate 1:02-1:09) "bernie sanders against republican candidates, we beat trump by a whole lot fight (sot hillary clinton /
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in staffers from new york to beef up her effort. (insert ends) (two second pause) audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news. tonight: rain with a few
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70, then falling into the upper-50s by 7 am. winds: s to w 10-20 mph. thursday: cloudy with intermittent showers. temps: starting in the upper-50s, then falling into the mid-40s by 3 pm. winds: n 5-15 mph. friday: chance of isolated morning showers, then drying out. highs: mid-40s. winds: n 10-20 mph. it's been a tough day to sit in a classroom or an office with temperatures in the 70s! clouds have been filling in through the afternoon and now we will see some rain developing through the evening hours. with a cold front swinging through, there could be bouts of heavy rain tonight with a few rumbles of thunder. this is a slow-moving front, so we'll be tracking periods of rain through tomorrow
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grab an umbrella tomorrow since we'll be tracking intermittent showers throughout the day. most of rain will fall across the metro, but we can't rule out some spotty showers farther north, across the middle peninsula, northern neck, and along the eastern shore. you'll notice a huge difference in temperatures - the mercury will start in the upper-50s and gradually fall into the mid-40s by 3 pm. we'll keep a few isolated morning showers in the forecast for friday, but the afternoon should be dry with highs in the
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and i'm tom schaad. next on wavy news 10 at 6-- charges dropped for a woman once accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death. ahead-- the change of heart-- and why some say she got away with murder. and full speed ahead for the light rail project in virginia beach. why is the city suddenly stepping on the gas with the project?
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parents suffering from depression can have a significant impact on their childrens education that's according to a new study released by drexel univeristy. after following more than one million children -- researchers found a link between parents' depression diagnoses and children's grades in school at age 16. depression in either parent at any time during
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to poorer school performance. girls whose mothers had been diagnosed with depression were affected the most. researchers suggest it could be due to parents and children sharing the same genes -- and the possibility of passing on a disposition for depression. the international red cross came up with a plan to harness skills worldwide -- giving entrepreneurs the chance to come up with affordable devices to help people with disabilities live a normal life. ideas ranged from wheelchairs adapted to work on bumpy rural roads, to prosthetic feet designed for rough terrain. it all came together at the 'make-a-thon" demo day -- where the inventions were examined and tested. three were selected to have their prototypes put into production. a wheelchair designed to help children with cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries received top honor. coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - a storm batters the u-k -- creating this weather phenomenon. we'll tell you more about it -- next.
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tv & phone for our best offer ever.
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>> now from the station on your side this is 10. >> sunny skies and warm temperatures but it is february. it doesn't last long. >> changes are starting to move then including lots of rain. 4 we have been watching the system moved across the area. >> on of that stuff is headed our way but the same front dumped rain on indiana causing flooding. tornadoes were reported to the south in alabama and mississippi. >> if you're not getting rain
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>> it is pretty much over suffix moving east into suffolk. it will show you what's going on. you mentioned the flooding. the snow right through here, that is still having an impact. the ground is still saturated. they have flood warnings in effect for that part of the world. we have pockets of heavy rainfall and most is with the initial arrival of that rainfall into the region intended to fall apart over the eastern shore but you can see toward lake smith and lynwood, farther westward you have had the initial shock with the rain moving in with wind. we are still sing scattered downpours but it is more ragged. thus it is more gentle through
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usually when we have a line we are looking at the possibility of stronger storms. there are a couple of lightning strikes. farther southward, we have seen some lightning and thunder into the franklin area. we are going to update live for you and show you what is going on. rain is moving in. right is the traffic gets here, what we can expect tonight into tomorrow. anchor: if you have the way the weather app loaded you can check out the latest radar and the hour-by-hour forecasts. now an update to breaking news for people out now.
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