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tv   WAVY News 10  WAVY  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you can see headlights back open following a crash. the driver of the van was taken to the hospital with injuries. tonight charges dropped. anchor: a major ruling in the case of a boyfriend stabbed to death. the manslaughter charge against her was dropped. not everyone agrees with that decision. >> now this major development. reporter: today's hearing lasted five minutes. this has been an emotionally charged case. emotions are higher because the woman at the center was cut loose. quite she got away with murder. completely away with murder. quite strong words in an emotionally charged case.
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her boyfriend to dad is set free self-defense. >> he was a big man. how did you have time to reach for a knife if they man was on you? reporter: friends and family have many questions. virginia beach police found his body at his home. he was killed during an argument she was charged with manslaughter. >> i thought the law was supposed to protect us. they didn't protect us. it is not fair. >> his family was told last week prosecutors plan to drop charges. the evidence showed she was defending herself. quite she had every right in that courtroom to stand up and look at us and say she was sorry. she was not woman enough to do that. >> she did not say anything as she left the courtroom.
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they say sing her walk free was a slap in the face. >> that woman got away scott free with this. reporter: a tough pill for the family to swallow. they say it is hard enough to have him gone but harder because he had three children who now have to go out without a father. anchor: all of our coverage since the incident is attached to today's story on beach. police believe they have a man responsible in this case. christopher mitchell is charged in the shooting of robert atwood. mitchell is charged with second-degree murder. anchor: a suspicious package at a police store -- at a store. several nearby businesses had to evacuate.
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police have not said what was in the box. anchor: more than 700 more people at the unemployment tonight. they knew it was coming but it doesn't make the date easier. why it had to happen and what one family said about tough times ahead. reporter: when jonathan logan got notice he was losing his job he said for so did for others. jonathan logan thought his years of experience and reputation as a hard worker would keep him in his job. >> i didn't expect it. >> he is one of 738 people the reduction in workload.
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>> that is part of our family. we wanted them to go out on their own terms. >> they gave us notice in the morning and put us back to work. they are thinking about the kids . how are we going to feed them? reporter: logan hasn't found a new job yet. stuff everywhere just to get something. planning. they could support themselves and family. now they have to depend on can. took advantage of those. he has a job interview and is
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newport news, aaron kelly, 10 on your side. reporter: there are several job fairs and openings coming to the area. home depot is hiring in norfolk. the city of norfolk at the workforce development on march 24. we have this information for you on 6 still to come, plans are grounded for a new runway norfolk international. what can be done to expand? we have a look. reporter: the city of virginia beach continues to check along with plans to turn this into light rail. as they move forward so does the opposition. what happens next? anchor: i will explain. local athletes make college dreams come true.
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anchor: in the latest changes
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anchor: a pennsylvania judge says the sexual assault case
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he's with decide a claim that cosby had an immunity deal. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a former employee in 2004. his lawyers were trying to get the case tossed out. dozens of women have accused him of sexually assaulting them over the last four decades. plans for a new runway have been grounded by the faa. anchor: the new runway would help prevent delays and make the air traffic safer on the ground. a new runway is unnecessary. the plan was to create a new second runway that would run parallel to the one mostly used now. congressional delegation got involved asking to reconsider the decision. the answer was the same. airport officials want another meeting. >> they want to make the best case we can.
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congressmen and senators, we hope to be able to persuade them to let us finish. anchor: they support the idea. anchor: stepping up to pitch for expanding the tide. what residents will see and how the pitch against light rail is picking up steam. anchor: and more information on
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>> from the station on your side you are watching wavy news 10 at 6:00. anchor: a live look outside. super doppler 10 radar, the major change behind the rain and a couple of minutes. and you will hear more about the pitch to get the tide rolling into virginia beach. >> that is coming in the city manager's office. matt gregory is live with the pitch. and the growing opposition. >> this area here is where the city of virginia beach envisions growth between living and businesses over the next few years thanks to light rail. in the next few months opposition plans to get enough momentum to stop light rail.
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old southern line solve the last train cars passover years ago but this straight line may have a future in light rail. >> to have an additional option to diversify choices is critical . to connect the two largest is necessary. >> this week with this presentation each of the city council how it has provided jobs. >> it is critical. >> even more crucial because in the coming months the city has to by the light rail cars. >> from the point you order them to the point they go into systems testing is a 30 month time difference because there are special order vehicles. reporter: city treasurer john at can send -- >> i'm supporting the no light
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the lack of need. the cost. reporter: he says his support has grown. >> we have 17,000 signatures on petitions. i want 34,000. we half way to the point i want to be. the city manager's office will continue to read the city council on benefits of light rail. in virginia beach, matt gregory. >> now your forecast with don slater. don: it's raining heavily across the south side. it did rain heavily an hour ago. now it is across the south side. here is what is going on.
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all the way southward into something, and into gates county , action along the state line. here is what is going on in the hampton roads cities. you can see pockets of heavy rain reaching up even into downtown new for news. the star correct l or show up and indicate heavier rainfall. it hasn't rained that heavily yet. i tend to think this will continue moving eastward but it has slowed down. you can see again this rainfall. widespread rain across everywhere else. we are focusing on the trouble spots.
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this is moving east, northeastward. this is likely to continue moving eastward. it is headed to a horseshoe. this looks like more lightning in the past. we will move on southward. farther south, northern per clemens county.
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it looks really should. here is the longer forecast model. we had cloud cover. what is this? a mixture of rain, sleet and snow. this is indeterminate.
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a little bit of rain for a passing storm out at sea. it moves on through and then moves out to sea. here is the rainfall approaching our area. that rainfall is likely to continue to plague us into the evening hours. tomorrow we see scattered light rain. fortier in the middle of the day. temperature stay cool into next week. join us with an update on the rain and when temperatures cool down. stay tuned for that. >> one of the busiest days of the year. national signing day. i will touch on the highlights and another one of the area's top high school coaches is moving on.
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anchor: it's national signing day for athletes that play in the fall but it is football players that steal the headlines tonight. once again a banner crop is delivered from hampton roads. there is never enough time to talk about all the players who signed scholarship offers today but eight young men from one of the top division for teams in the state are going to college. burton is going to temple. palmer is headed to bfi and wayne davis is going to the ohio
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>> i had a great opportunity. you can pass it up. it is a great opportunity. >> 17 students signed it ocean lakes. cody cunningham will walk on and hold the minion. anthony womack, justin smith. and taylor will play for florida state. >> there is a lot of relief. even though i was committed i was still trying to get it alabama and florida. they were coming at me hard. but i listen to my gut. that is why i signed with florida state. >> and nothing short of dynamic for mike smith but he is going
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norfolk state coach latrell scott snagged wattenberg. old dominion gets a local star, elijah blue who will play defense for the big blue. cynthia is going to radford. she will try to play soccer. -- he will play soccer. he is going to fit nicely into the spread offense. here is a big high school football story. richard morgan is leaving chesapeake and will be the new coach at marietta high school in georgia. morgan led the tigers two wins over the last 14 years, two state championships and they lost this year in triple overtime. morgan will replace scott burton
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what about old dominion? william & mary? tonight we have 15 minutes to share local signing news here. also go to and click on sports. jesse has done a great job putting everything together. i will see you back at 11:00. anchor: jesse is the man. anchor: and don is the man for rain. don: this is the movement of the rain eastward over the past hour. from virginia beach it is moving into your part of the world within the next hour. watch out for that. light rainfall tomorrow and early friday morning.
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tonight, fighting words. donald trump says ted cruz stole iowa, accusing him of voter fraud. cruz now hitting back, while hillary clinton and bernie sanders unleash their harshest attacks yet oneach other six days until new hampshire. mid-air explosion. did a bomb cause the blast that ripped a gaping hole in the side of a passenger plane? new details in that mystery tonight. without warning. tornadoes tear across the south. dozens of homes destroyed and a church torn apart as people inside prayed for their lives. wiping out zika. the race to combat the virus at its source. days before millions of tourists attend one of the world's biggest celebrations. and the hidden war being fought in communities amid an epidemic that's risen to the number one concern for voters in the nation owes first primary. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world
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