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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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both girls were dead at the scene. lewis-white's mother talked to us during the original court case. she said her daughter was sorry about what happened and that she was knot running from police. otherwise. lewis-white was charged with eluding police, child ge neglect week. >> the attorney's office says it will take as long as necessary to completely re-examine this case, so it could end up with a new murder charge later down the line. >> and you can see all the previous coverage of this story right now on >> also, a chilis weekend ahead
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the area. it is a reminder that winter is still here and i'm here with chief meteorologist don slater to talk about a much better forecast, for at least part of the weekend. don: we were looking good once the sun came out and it melted on contact for the most part. we're looking good right now. here's a beautiful shot of what's going on with the sunset, just went below the horizon here about 20 minutes ago. we'll see temperatures drop down close to freezing again overnight so all of that water that's oozing out of the lawns and every -- everywhere else, that could refreeze during the overnight hours. highs in the mid 40's for the afternoon today. it was around 45 a for the day today. for today, 45 this morning, 45
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morning. a high of around 45 degrees tomorrow. that's not much of an improvement in temperatures. it will be a quiet, sunshiney day but a chilly day for tomorrow. cold for virginia. north carolina is going to get it. i'll show you coming up in a few minutes. >> we got away easy compared to the big cities in the northeast. new york city and boston got a good dose. meantime, the wavy weather app has everything you need to track current conditions and any precipitation headed our way. >> what's going on at a business in norfolk? that's what the federal government wants to know. east princess anne road, the a.t.f. were executing search warrants in a federal investigation.
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scene, the authorities were searching for drubs -- drugs. a nurse at the hampton v.a. has been convicted of sexually assaulting a patient. 52-year-old juan lopez assaulted the victim several times while she was under his care in december 2014. she faces life in prison. >> police have video of a bank robbery they want you to see. this is surveillance video from the suntrust on kenltsville road. the man walked in on january 8, handed the teller a note and left with cash. nobody dot -- got hurt. and robbery at a frozen yogurt score in virginia beach. police think the superintendent went in the store and first asked for change, when the cashier opened the register, he demanded money and ran out.
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lawrence and janine marshall for committing crimets inside two schools in october and now, straitors are working to add a security guard at each of their elementary schools by next year. joe fisher is in ports smith -- ports smooth now. >> 16 security guards and five portsmouth police officers are protecting the district's high schools and elementary schools right now. the middle schools, however, are unprotected. it's a problem the district said they're committed to fixing. the two poster women for a campaign in portsmouth to beef up security at their elementary schools. less than two weeks ago police arrested lawrence for allegedly knocking out the assistant principal in lakeview elementary.
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into a classroom at james herself elementary and forced her son to fight other students. >> is security at a higher priority? >> i would say it is. >> there are eyes on you from the moment you walk up the front door here at brighten elementary. but district officials sail in addition to all this great technologies -- technology, they want a security guard at all after their schools. >> having a school security officer who have mitigated or presented what happened. >> the school system says they spent -- spend more than $600,000 right now for the middle and high school buildings. they hope to double that number next year to provide security at all 16 elementary schools. >> we have to make decisions on priorities but right now that's on the top of the list, school security. >> in a recent budget planning meeting, 100% of votes agreed
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importance. that means the push is on for the city to fund the security upgrades. >> it's good to see that the citizens also consider that a high priority so as we're developing a budget and deciding where we're going to propose additional resources, that's one of the areas we're looking at certainly. >> and the district said they were recently awarded a grant that will put 16 security guards in the middle and high schools by the end of this school year. as whether the budget will go through putting a security guard at all of the district's schools, a final decision will be made in may. >> some changes to lunchtime at virginia beach schools. specifically for accounts that get overdrawn. starting later there minnesota, students will be given a bagged breakfast or lunch instead of a plated one.
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by leaps and bounds. the new rule goes into effect on february 16th. school officials say cash is always welcome. tom: ports moth has a new police chief. and the hire is from within virginia. tanya chapman. she began her career as an officer with the arlington police department in 19le -- 19 9 and was also deputy chief of the rich monddmb richmond police department. . still to come, the victim of a near-fatal stabbing speaks out about the ordeal. here why making an arrest has been difficult. >> 2016 might be the last year that sports is played here at the princess ann sports complex. that's what football supporters say they're trying to fight that.
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>> in forments, -- sports, 48 hours until super bowl 50. bruce has a preview. >> and winter temperatures are back in full force. don's weekend forecast. what a sunset. he watches for the potential for
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>> attacked in her own home, tonight a woman nearly stabbed to death is speaking out. >> she was stabbed almost a dozen times in august. it happened at the village of western branch on churchland bld. she walked to her front door and someone was standing there holding a knife. she broke free and got help. she spent 13 days in the hospital and wonders if the person responsible will ever be arrested. >> it's scary knowing that he's still out on the streets and it's been six months and they don't have any real idea whether they can charge him because he is a minor. >> we asked police about the case. investigators are looking for suspects but the victim wasn't able to pick him out of a photo last time 6. they are waiting for forensic evidence. >> next, matt gregory looks into a funding fight and worries that
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elsewhere for their kids to play. >> first, there's plenty for
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(tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> back now with a top of the line topic. with the super bowl this weekend, football, in this case, a funding fight in virginia beach. tom: concerns that the city's rec department may be getting ready to drop tackle football for kids age 10 to 14. matt gregory has a petition drive and the city's side of the story. matt: are across the street is where the wood stock football
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one of 11 teams in virginia's rec league program. in 2017, youth coaches say they may not see a league in virginia beach and the city says it's a big misunderstanding. look on the wall of the office. youth football runs deep for don mccari. >> i've been a coach for six years for the great neck athletic association and a football commissioner for the last five years. matt: last fall he and other coaches received some unpleasant news. >> in november, there was some talk about doing away with football starting in 2017. matt: the city's parks department overseas the entire program and supply the fields on saturdays in the fall for them to play football and without that oversight, he says that can be a problem. >> we started a petition online.
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we have almost 800 signatures already. matt: is it true these fields will be empty in 2017? we talked kevin benington. >> it's still in the budget there. matt: what about 2017? >> we haven't created that bunt yet. matt: he says it's all a misunderstanding. so does that mean football will kick off when the 2017 season rolls around? >> that's yet to be decided. matt: it's a future that don mccari wants to make sure the city covers. he says the issue is that those 11 teams would have to come up to some understanding of rules and regulations and safety procedures and they would have no general oversight from one
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if you'd like to sign the petition, go to the website. don: this part is kind of interesting. i wanted to show you where sunday is coming from. it's in texas right now but it's going to get here. here's a look at our satellite picture, but this cold water vapor imagery tells you within the cloud cover where the dry air and moist air is and this is what we're looking at that's growing to drop on down into the gulf of mexico and work its way up toward the east coast of the united states. it should stay far on and off offshore so it's not a big problem for us. but it will give the outer banks some wind and rain. there's where it is now. it drops down to the gulf, picks up moisture and then it becomes a storm by sunday and provides
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provides wind, too, by sunday night at 11:00 and then moves well offshore. that's where our weekend is coming from. the thing is that this thing is going to be close enough to virginia to perhaps give you a little bit of rain, especially for the south side and into most of the hampton roads cities. it will be a touch and go situation from a storm that has yet it's not affecting us right now but it will be sunday before we start seeing it hit the outer banks with some rain and wind, but the bulk of it should be offshore. some snowfall from in morning, little to no effect once we got blast a -- past 7:00 this morning. the window we had today is dropping pretty rapidly. tomorrow night at 7:00, west wind at five to 10. 45 degrees during the middle of
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for tomorrow. lots of sunshine, cool, high pressure over the top of it. by tomorrow evening, starting to see some cloud cover move in and we could see a -- a stray shower over the south side by sunday morning. certainly for the outer banks, rainfall. by noon, 10 to 15-mile-an-hour winds, likely 20 to 25 at the outer banks. 49 degrees at 3:00. 15 to 20-mile-an-hour winds, reaching a little bit to the south side. some forecasts visit all the way to the peninsula with a little rain. i'm not concerned with any kind of snow at this time. might be a little bit of moisture well inland. beautiful sunset, beautiful day once we got past in morning. chilly, temperatures around 44, 45, 46.
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45 right now in chesapeake. it's been a cool day. we'll see a cool weekend coming up and from is that chance of some rain, definitely for the outer banks. a little bit more iffy coming up from the south side of the hampton roads area in rainfall for saturday. temperatures remain into the 40's into next week. we'll have updates for super bowl sunday coming up at 11:00. >> and when we come up, bad news for a nationally ranked ncaa basketball team.
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and one more look >> two good defenses, two high-profile but totally different quarterbacks. who knows? sunday's super bowl might be a close game after all. i'm bruce rader. super bowl weekend is upon us, as is the hoopla that surrounds it. super parties at your house, super expensive commercials, a super halftime show and let us not forget a football game with two high-profile quarterbacks. the broncos' peyton manning, who could be playing the final game of his storied career and there is wide speculation this season could be his last. and while manning, who turns 40 next month, is the old --
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have to face peyton manning -- i think my hands are pretty full frying to slide the protection the right way to demarcus ware and von miller. so everyone knows i respect, you know, not only peyton manning but every single person that shares the manning last name but i'm not getting prepared for him. bruce: cam is preparing for ware and miller and that very tough denver defense. two number one seeds, two former number one draft picks, manning and newton. i'll get into that much more tonight on the sports wrap. held out to the hampton coliseum this weekend for something totally different, the monster truck jam.
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on the coliseum floor, heir in the middle of their national tour. led by top seed medusa but keep an eye on lindsay reevement how can you tell if you have a good run or not? >> you can hear it from the fans. that is what fuels me to do really good. when i hit a wheelie and you hear the fans screaming i -- it wants us to you drive harder and faster and get better. >> you can hear the fans over the motor and the truck and when they get loud, i know i did a good run. bruce: two shows tomorrow. they expect this to sell out as well. one ncaa basketball team that will not be in the ncaa tournament this year is 19th ranked louisville. coach rick pitino announced a self-imposed postseason ban as
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investigate awoman's claims that she and other escorts were paid thousands of dollars for dancing and having sex with louisville players over a four-year period. obviously, serious accusations there in louisville. and coming up tonight at 11:00, i'm expecting some super bowl predictions from you three. i'll see you all then. nicole: got 'em. tony: i'm going to hit mine. >> it will be a good day for the super bowl on sunday. we could see rain by the end of the day.
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test test developing news tonight, a powerful quake, a race to rescue hundreds reportedly trapped after a city is rocked by an earthquake strong enough to cause
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deadly collapse.
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