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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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southern bistro in chesapeake. 10 on your side's liz palka started working the story after taking calls from unhappy employees, liz? and those employees showed up to work today and found the doors to the restaurant locked. this is just the chesapeake location. there's another restaurant in virginia beach that's still open. the owner telling me, the location is one of the problems. c8 17:43:21 - what about rent and stuff? about eight cotton southern bistro employees gathered outside the locked chesapeake restaurant friday afternoon. c5 17:37:30 - people showed up for work and weren't able to get it without any notice. the sign on the door reads closed for floor installation and employee training. but it caught them off guard - and last paychecks. and this isn't a new problem... c5 17:35:44 - they don't have checks or cash to give us. but this has been an ongoing thing for months. checks constantly bouncing. c11 17:48:48 - i have experienced working overtime and not getting paid for it. i have experienced my checks not being able to cash at the bank.
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had deposit slips that were returned saying "not sufficient funds." we called cotton southern bistro owner and chef jeff brown. he admitted the restaurant is having serious financial problems. and it's true, while some employees have been paid...several have not. but he's working to get them their money in the next week. brown said construction in the grassfield parkway area has taken a toll. and business is down 60 weeks. c11 17:51:55 - i would absolutely love to work here if i got paid. it's great the food is on the virginia courts facing misdemeanor charges the commissioner of revenue. and not having a business license. he claims that isn't true - that he does have a license. meanwhile, employees tell
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with the department of labor. brown says he's already met with an investigator and he's working with them. i'm liz palka, 10 on your side. all new tonight the owner of a virginia beach bakery and her husband face federal charges. court documents say-- they are accused of laundering money --- and the husband is accused of selling cocaine. 10 on your side's liz kilmer spoke with customers today. g's cake shop here on auburn drive is still open although court documents show owner and her husband are in trouble with the law. today, an employee working had no comment. we spoke with a customer - shocked to learn of the accusations - and frustrated by this policy -- cash only. from a bakery - to behind bars. the owner of this quaint cake shop - and her husband - are now facing criminal charges. according to federal court documents - 31- year-old cheron johnson, owner of g's cake shop - and her 42-year-old husband, vernon norvell,
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laundering. norvell --- is also charged with selling cocaine. c20 dylan johnson 17:15:00 "i thought it was kind of crazy actually." this complaint obtained by 10 on your side shows the couple was charged last month -- with most documents sealed on january 12th. when we went to the virginia beach bakery - it was open. an employee inside had no comment. but - not the case for a frustrated customer. c21 diane kimmel 17:16:25 "normally i can use my charge card and she said it's down and they don't know if they're getting it back at all." diane kimmel picks up her son's birthday cake at the bakery each year. this time around - the shop was "cash only" - she couldn't pay for the full amount, and has to go back. learning about the allegations -- was further troubling. c21 17:17:01 "i don't think i'll be shopping there anymore, it's pretty unnerving." 10 on your side went to the couple's lavish portsmouth home. as soon as we approached --- a woman parked in the driveway sped off. c22 17:18:42 "hey maam can we ask you a question --- can we ask you a question???!!!"
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door --- no one answered. documents show the government is seeking forfeiture of the estate -- along with the bakery -- a federal spokesperson could not comment on the ongoing investigation. according to a city official -- the bakery has been open since november of 2013. i reached out to norvell's attorney - he said he couldn't comment. i also called johnson's attorney -- a secretary told me he was out of town. live in virginia beach, liz kilmer, 10 on your side. and now, the ever changing whims of nature. we had it all, rain and sleet, then sun and cold. how about a break tomorrow -- but chief meteorologist don slater says something could be brewing sunday -- just in time for the big game. don? tonight: mainly clear. patchy ice on the roads. lows: low-30s. winds: n 5-15 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. not as windy, but chilly. highs: mid-40s. winds: light ne.
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with a chance of scattered showers in nc. highs: upper-40s. winds: n
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new tonight. if you had to abandon your food shopping in yorktown today -- it's because someone called in a bomb threat. deputies say someone called the food lion on hampton highway around six tonight-- and said "there's a bomb." the store was evacuated for about an hour, while crews checked it out. they declared the it safe, and they're could soon be a full-time security guard at all 16 elementary schools in portsmouth. the proposal comes after officers arrested two elementary school crimes in schools since october. right now, the district only has security officers placed at the high schools and middle schools. under the new plan, the district would spend more than 600-thousand dollars for extra security at the elementary level. ((c3 6:07-6:22)) "is school security say this year a higher priority than past years." "i would say it is. we have
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resources that we in the past used for security ... but we think we need additional resources for security." the superintendent will finalize his budget by the end of the month. the city council is slated to approve a final budget for next year in may. if your child has an overdrawn lunch account in virginia beach -- they may start getting bagged meals-- instead of plated meals. the change will apply to students with accounts that show 20-dollars-75-cents outstanding. it's because the school division says debt is growing on unpaid meals. the new rule goes into effect february 16th; school officials say cash it always welcome. could the city of virginia beach drop youth football from its association says it might -- a claim the city denies. here's how football works in virginia beach. the parks department provides the rules, regulations and fields. don marcari (ma-car-ee) heads up great neck's youth football program. in november he says the park's department proposed not being
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an issue he says is still unresolved. sot kevin bennington / va. beach sports management c0042 21:27:58 "football is currently in the budget for the fall of 2016, so that would be our fiscal year '17. so 21:28:8: bennington says the entire situation has been misunderstood. but there is a petition online to make sure virginia beach continues to sponsor the league. you can view it on wavy .com we're getting our first look at the nurse that sexually assaulted a patient at the hampton v-a medical center. a federal jury found 52-year-old juan lopez guilty today -- editor news gfx outside media juan lopez in 2014, court records say lopez administered morphine to a patient even though she didn't want it. then he sexually assaulted her. when federal agents asked him about what happened, he also lied. he could spend the rest of his life in prison when he's sentenced in may. police in chesapeake have confirmed-- they are investigating a series of car break- ins. neighbors told us
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weren't doing enough. officers now say someone broke into several cars in the las gaviotas neighborhood this week. they say one vehicle was stolen, and they're looking for at least three suspects. they say the break-ins may be connected to five others reported in the gale avenue area-- where a gun was reportedly stolen from a vehicle. portsmouth's police department will have a new chief by the end of the month. tonya chapman has been serving as the state's deputy secretary of public safety and homeland security. she began her career as an officer with the arlington police department in 19-89-- and was also deputy chief of richmond police. she replaces dennis mook, who was named interim chief after ed hargis retired in june. more help is on the way from hampton roads for the water crisis in flint, michigan. the newport news sheriff's office is joining other organizations to collect bottled water. employees gave 300 cases-- and residents dropped off 160. this supports a drive hosted by new beech grove baptist church. you can still drop off
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church on tabbs lane-- between 9 and 5, tomorrow. the water will be given to catholic charities in flint for distribution. rescuers are digging people out, after a six-point-four magnitude earthquake in taiwan. at least three people, including a newborn, have died. more than 150 others are in the hospital. we can show you some of the damage it did. firefighters and soldiers are going through two collapsed high rises. there were more than 200 people inside. it hit around 4 a-m local time -- we'll keep you posted on the rescue efforts as we get new information. a richmond police officer facing murder charges appeared in court today -- hear what his family had to say. twitter joins the fight against terrorism in its own way. hear how it's working to shut down their presence on the web. plus -- will a super bowl ad bring a business boost to a local attraction? see the spot that will
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all new. a richmond-area man has pleaded guilty to his role in an alleged race war plot. he's one of two men investigators say wanted to shoot and bomb synagogues and black churches 34-year-old robert doyle pleaded guilty to conspiracy and gun crimes today. prosecutors say doyle and the second suspect are white supremacists who bought guns and explosives from undercover agents. investigators also believe they planned to rob a business -- and use the money to sentencing is set for may. twitter is taking on the fight against terror -- the social media company
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125-thousand accounts, over the past seven months. twitter says it targeted accounts that either threatened or promoted terror attacks. it says most were associated with the islamic state, or other terror organizations. twitter says it has added staff to watch for signs of terrorist activity. we're following-up with a local delegate's bipartisan plan to protect troops. scott taylor's push to let members of the virginia national guard carry guns on duty passed the house thursday. he says it didn't take much to satisfy republicans and democrats after he proposed the bill in december. 35:42 afterwards they came to me and said a couple of them that they wanted to support this but they were a little concern we tweaked two words in it to address the concern 35:50 taylor created the bill in response to last year's shootings at military installations in chattanooga. four marines and one sailor died. taylor's bill allows some national guardsmen with concealed-carry permits to have their firearms on duty. the
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two different gun bills passed the virginia senate today. one-- expands access to background checks at gun shows in the commonwealth. the second-- takes guns away from domestic abusers, who are under a protective order. in a statement, governor terry mcauliffe says these are the first meaningful steps lawmakers have taken on guns, in the past 23 years. a judge has set bond for the richmond police officer accused of murder. local reporters say it's 25-thousand dollars. david cobb was off-duty when he shot and killed a teen in chesterfield last year. mark tenia has new information his court appearance today. with his girlfriend and family inside richmond police officer david cobb faced a judge for the first time since turning himself in yesterday...cobb is charged with second degree murder and use of a firearm in commission of a felony...the charges stemming from an altercation with an unarmed teen, paterson brown, jr., who got into the car cobb was driving at the car wash at this gas station in chesterfield... in court
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identified himself as an officer and told brown to get out of the car...they say brown was non compliant and responding in an unpredictable way prosecutors say cobb had his gun pointed at the teen for 3 to 4 minutes and that brown offered no the gas station as evidence to show that the only struggle between the two is when brown tried to shut the car door and cobb stepped in between the door and the car to prevent him from closing it... cobb was a school resource officer and worked with kids daily...outside his stepdaughter had a few things to say..... he's a great officer, you can look at his background. chelsea roane also calling cobb a great father... he was a was just trying to deescalate the situation... definitely, very unfortunate. cobb is a 10-year veteran of the police department. he turned himself in last night. new tonight. chesapeake police say
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drive-by shooting. they say it happened around 10 on emporia avenue near the intersection with sparrow road. someone inside a vehicle shot a man who was walking there. police say he went to the hospital and should recover. tonight: mainly clear. patchy ice on the roads. lows: low-30s. winds: n 5-15 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. not as windy, but chilly. highs: mid-40s. winds:
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sunday: ..mostly cloudy with a chance of scattered showers in nc. highs: upper-40s. winds: n 5-15 mph. tonight: mainly clear. patchy ice on the roads. lows: low-30s. winds: n 5-15 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. not as windy, but chilly. highs: mid-40s. winds: light ne. sunday: ..mostly cloudy with a
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scattered showers in nc. highs: upper-40s. winds: n 5-15 mph. tonight: mainly clear. patchy ice on the roads. lows: low-30s. winds: n 5-15 mph. saturday: mostly sunny. not as windy, but chilly. highs: mid-40s. winds: light ne. sunday: ..mostly cloudy with a chance of scattered showers in nc. highs: upper-40s. winds:
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a local attraction plans to advertise to millions of americans. see the super bowl spot
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new tonight. a local attraction is trying to get national attention. colonial williamsburg has bought a spot in the super bowl. editor 30 how is it possible any entire country came to believe anything is possible? if you recognize that voice -- it's nbc's tom brokaw colonial williamsburg will air the spot in new york, philadelphia and d-c. a quick look at some of the other ads people are already talking about. skittles will air a spot featuring steven tyler and a play off aerosmith's famous hit, "dream on". kia gives us a clever play off "walk-in" closet -- there are two types of people in the world --
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who wouldn't want a little life advice from christopher walken? and a start-up company will get its chance to impress a national audience. editor 18 row awaken and welcome death "death wish coffee" earned a five-million- dollar spot -- as part of a small business contest. wavy dot com has plenty special features of super bowl 50. there's information about what you can expect from some big name companies, and who may surprise you. super bowl weekend is underway, i'll have one final look at sunday's
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and tom, nicole don i the jets are flying in, the celebrity parties are in full swing. and ticket prices get higher every hour. it's super bowl weekend, time to break down america's biggest sporting event of the year. i'm bruce rader, are you ready for super bowl weekend? and the hoopla that surrounds it. super parties at your house, super expensive commercials, a super halftime show. and, let us not forget a football game with two high profile quarterbacks. the broncos peyton manning, who could be playing the final game of his storied career. he'll be 40 in march--and there is wide speculation this season could be his last. and while manning is the oldest quarterback to start in the big game, carolina's 26 year old cam newton provides the largest age gap in super bowl history between starting quarterbacks. different generations, different styles of play-- manning the classic drop-back passer while
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can pass and run--so cam what do you think about going up against the legend? "fortunately, i don't have to face peyton manning. i think my hands are pretty full of trying to slide the protection the right way to demarcus ware and von the manning last name. but i'm not getting prepared for him. no, as cam mentioned he's preparing for ware and prepared for him. no, as cam mentioned he's preparing for ware and miller and that very tough denver defense. two number one seeds--two former number one nfl draft picks--manning and newton. the super bowl kicks off sunday at 6:30--and we'll have our super bowl
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carolina 27-21. carolina 17-10
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