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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 9, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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we'll celebrate food and fun. >> and il divo's coming. >> when is that? >> tomorrow! >> and it's boozeday tuesday, people find out what men really think where our guys tell all. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to coach and teach you how to handle the market. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. when you're lost at sea you're always searching for a piece of land to rest your weary head. we can't find much. that's why on a day where the dow plunged 178 points, s&p 1.42% and the nasdaq nose dived 1.82% although those are up
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we have to go back to the checklist. the one i created last month told us to be careful and not be aggressive. be a seller rather than a buyer into strength. to refresh we have been using a checklist. what could put an end to the pain. one, the fed has to give clarity about where it stands with raising interest rates. the real market has slowed since december but employment hasn't as we saw friday. that's a big reason the averages have been slammed. fed is in a bind. we have low unemployment. they are worried about the economy over heating. janet yellen traces the congress on wednesday. secondly, we need resolutions of political uncertainty. on the eve of the new hampshire primary is situation is deteriorated from when we created the checklist. we have no idea who the candidates will be and the
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hardened against business. anyone listening to hillary clinton realizeses she wants to outdo bernie sanders in contempt for wall street which means contempt for your portfolio. bad. check's a real no show. third, we need china to get ready. the stock market is closed for the new year. no check. just a respite. fourth, a commodity bottom. all i can say is they are trying hard. maybe related to a weaker dollar. too early to decide at this point. oil needs to stabilize. crude has been trying to make a stand at $30. i don't know why it should hold here. oil has been acting -- it acts better. but it's not stable. the cle delaware cline in crude continues to amass the limited partnerships. no bottom in sight. the hedge funds and port foalle owe managers like to show they
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improvement in the geopolitical scene. this was a problem when north korea exploded what people thought was a hydrogen bomb. the north koreaen i can'ts were at it with a rocket launch. no check for that box. we need the zombie companies put to death. in chesapeake, it plunges 33 on concerns it could strug toll pay a maturity that comes due next month. chesapeake will have a ripple effect on many companies and banks if it can't raise capital. we have to watch because it is a proximate cause of the weakness you saw in the oil patch and in finance. we were hoping to get releaf from the super freaking strong dollar. here is a surprise. because of the decline in the dollar versus the euro the exchange rate is back. that's positive. even if the dollar means strong versus other currencies.
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it would be a fabulous change for international companies in the pharmaceutical industry. it makes me bullish toward the consumer packaged goods. i like those stocks. i wish the dollar would get weaker so the currencies know about the pe so but i won't sniff when it's unchanged year over year. i want to check it off almost. nine, we want to see more m & a. sorry. major negative. none. ten, a return to the healthy ipo market. forget it. there are no ipos. this is one of the worst we have seen. bad for the unicorns. 11, we are afraid of peaks in the economy. we have been looking at stocks of cell phone makers, awesome and home builders for the sign of a bottom maybe. no. not at all. stocks keep falling. we have to wonder if the aircraft cycle is taking a break. can't afford to lose that one. we can't take a break. 12, we need sentiment to get negative. sure, stocks are down.
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hasn't taken out the january lows. we don't know if we are sold yet. it seems negative but not enough to save on the important market bottom which wouldle acquire negative oscillator figure. now it's hanging in. unbelievably. 13, we want sector leadership to expand beyond f.a.n.g., facebook, amazon, net flick and google now alpha bit. the stocks are at the apex. there is no leadership now except goldle which isn't what we want to see. gold is on fire. a reminder of why we want to have some in the port foalle owes. finally want to see some of the favorite mostly domestic companies doing better because of oil. we have gone through a huge part of earnings season and other than clorox no companies have experienced a break in cheaper gasoline or fuel. my daughter and i paid 1.82 for regular gasoline.
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bros, two thumbs up. maybe we're the only two beneficiaries of the decline of fuel prices. it put it together, i feel compelled to add a new box. number 15, credit issues need to be resolved. we are hearing from company that is creditors become harder to come by. at the same time, there is total fear about the european banks and credit issues they may have. look at the stock prices. they went through the 2009 lows. the issue is front and center. could overwhelm oh item ifs they aren't careful. bottom line. we haven't foun our footing because we haven't been able to check off boxes. we added a toxic one. i say you can nibble at the stocks of companies youle really like but if we rally, you need to sell something, raise cash.
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there are not enough check marks to make me confident we have a real bottom although we could get a training bounce after the middle of today because we are certainly due after the hideous action of the last few days. i want to check that dollar box. maybe a post check. let's go to neil in colorado. neil. >> jim, chipotle shares are seemingly selling for half of what they were five to six months ago. is this a good time to buy some? >> they had a big meeting today. le i'm putting a half check up there, not a full check. i feel confident chipotle is on the comeback. i was trying to make it so you could get it at 400. i'm being greedy. i think you can buy chipotle because the bad news is out. i think the good news isn't. let's go to ben in texas. >> caller: boo-yah. >> boo-yah.
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gillead. good price to earn ings ratio compared to the industry. >> right. >> caller: high margins and return on investment. considering the political head winds is this a good time to buy? >> i was going to say if it weren't for the political head winds it would be. they are just nightmarish. i'm talking nightmaish for pharmaceuticals. i'm struggling over the strong -- good to have something positive to say. the euro year over year is almost unchanged. the checklist still reigns. until we raise cash, just be careful. maybe nibble at stocks you like. no hurry. looking to sell if it goes higher. things look grim. i'm cutting open the cadaver to get a sense of what went wrong. it was a rough day on the averages. don't miss why the west coast is the best coast for buying opportunities. i could use california dreaming.
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interviews in perspective focusing on stocks to watch. stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a
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this market is a blood bath. as bad as today was for averages don't forget friday was terrible. nearly every high growth stock obliterated. the reason, we have two horrific forecasts from tech stocks, linkedin and tabo software. both reported in line results but the call commentary was negative enough to crush the stocks like tin cans. linkedin lose ing 44 and 49% for tableau .
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cohort went into a tail spin. the pin action was alarming and it's important for us to understand what went wrong here. that's why tonight we are going full bore, all right? full bore csi style doing an autopsy of what went wrong at linkedin and tableau. helping recruiters find job openings. linkedin was a high flying stock the cause of death, only looked at the headline numbers in the past quarter the results were kind of solid. when you check out the guidance,
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street was expecting. the company lost $11 million billion of market capitalization in a single session. it's like finding ligature marks on a body to extend the metaphor. linkedin got hit with cuts with half the wall street terms turning against the network in the blink of an eye. unusual as analysts excuse it from earn ings misses before. not this time. let's cut open the cadaver for a sense of what went wrong here. linkedin gave a bleak outlook for 2016. management came out and said they are seeing serious weakness in the middle east, africa which is a depar temperature from what other cloud plays said about the regions. linkedin predicted continued weakness. worry they are pointing out the
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macro economic weakness. that changed the way people view the stock. it become cyclical overnight. before friday these companies were seen as secular growth plays that don't need a strong global economy to do well. linked in told you different as the worldwide weakness causes a deceleration in hiring revenue growth from the low 30s last year to low 20s going forward. major: out of the blue linkedin plans to phase out a stand alone marketing tool to help businesses deliver leads to sales teams out of mo where. management was positive about it a quarter ago. there are signs of life at linkedin. it is cyclical but businesses are getting killed. grew by 85% year to year. management is looking strong among the regular subscribers. they had a story to tell. the question is how do we value linkedin now that the stock lost
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suggesting you can pay 40 times next year's earning downs from 50 before linkedin reported giving you a $1555 price target. -- $155. even though the expectations have been reset, we need the same thing to happen with the shareholder base as the overly optimistic we can't get wiped out. don't be surprised to see forced hedge fund selling. the firm's credibility is shot until we see a better quarter. they just reported so not for another three months. how about tableau software. the company is next to nothing in common with linked in. it is not a mobile social play at all. it is data analytics. what's the cause of death here. the headline numbers from the quarter looked okay.
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2016 fiscal year. as analysts fell all over themselves to downgrade the stock it closed at the lowest level ever and it continued today down nearly 10%. on the conference call management acknowledged the availability of cheap low end products was planning on slower growth with the ceo saying the dynamic is crowded and difficult and they will certainly grab some market and have some success. beyond that tableau saw a desell radiation. just doesn't seem right. it is down from 57% in the previous quarter. the existing customers would be more cautious with customers and they are still giving them more business. not as quickly as they used to. while tableau's international business was strong the bulk of sales come from the u.s. and canada which grew at 35%. i know, measly but down from from the previous quart. tableau's growth is decelerating and that's the opposite of what wall street wants.
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accelerating revenue growth but don't know what to do with decelerating so they sell it. tableau is a viable, well run company not growing like it used to and growth is the reason to own it. that's why the high growth performance managers own it. once growth decelerates we are unclear. after the huge selloff friday continuing to climb today and it was down tableau trades now at 53 times next year's earn ings down from 90 before the quarter. pricy. there are low price competitors coming in. perhaps it should be cheaper. a better run company with expo sure to cloud is selling at 55 times earns. that seems wrong to me. the older companies like microsoft sell for 16 times earn ings.
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two so there is more down side. the pin action from linkedin and tableau was merciless. consider splunk. they help companies clean data in real time. they released no data on friday and the stock plunged 25%. slammed again today 12%. cause of death for splunk, guilt by association. tableau software is hurting everyone in the space as investorings worry the industry is in trouble. linked in and tableau are in trouble. the weakness created a sell off in the whole high growth cohort for social, cloud and analytics. the other companies may be doing fine. but yelp issued numbers midday. not giving me comfort. you have to trade lightly. there will be a time when the selling is over done and it could be soon given the carnage.
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but not yet. much more mad money ahead. i'm giving you the post game wrap up. don't miss my take on what might be worth owning. then i will reveal what could be the single most important factor for wall street going forward. your callses rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round. why don't you stick with cramer. i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. stress sweat. it can happen anytime to anyone. stress sweat is different than ordinary sweat, it smells worse. get 4 times the protection against stress sweat.
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welcome to cnbc one market in the heart of san francisco. >> we are not just transforming the world of creative. we are moving every business to online. >> in a fragmented market people turn to brands they could trust. these devices are saving lives. >> every year we have delivered three new versions of sales force. no enterprise software delivered that rate of innovation. we are a technology company. change ing the way athletes dress to changing the way they live. >> say "boo-yah," please. >> boo-yah. >> it's time to put the past week's interviews in perspective. granted comments from ceos of individual companies may not be that relevant in an environment where the bear runs freely. when we don't pay attention we miss opportunities as all the team that is matter is the heft iest of cash positions.
3:22 am
give you insight into what i heard because it wasn't as grim as today's terrible action would indicate. in fact some of the stocks are moving nicely. i am going to group them in terms of opportunity because you can consider stocks worth buying on the way down. none of the stocks should be bought if they are flying up. the way to buy weakness or you will get hurt. when i say buy you should understand me as presuming weakness, not strength. the first stock you can buy is verizon. this is a company in the sweet spot of technology with capital preservation so important now and capital appreciation. two streams. no wonder it hit a high in the middle of friday's con florida immigration. lowell mcadam is in the cat bird seat for technology. verizon, the network with the strongest signals and best record on dropped calls that defines success in a world where other companies in the sector are struggling. he said the claims of others like t-mobile. even though sprint didn't have much.
3:23 am
appointed. verizon works closely with apple. it will feature the iphone 7 quite prom lently and it is a significant upgrade. given the slow valuation and the coming upgrade that could exceed a billion devices with revenue rolling in. apple is one of the ownable pure techs now. verizon over the top disrupter interested in the nfl and as we learned in a news worthy item friday, yahoo! which let's say he dropped this bomb. >> we said we would look at it. i think the board has been responsible in how they are doing this. very deliberately, logically. we have to understand the trends we are seeing and the results now. at the right price i think marrying up some of the assets under tim armstrong's leadership would be a good thing to invest
3:24 am
>> sounds like a green light to me. with this cash flow in the critical technology verizon is a monster go to name in the market. dividend, huge. support, terrific. it sounds odd oh. it's all about cutting edge tech, beating the competition. next would be yum brands. in my opinion with the stock at $67 the impending break up isn't reflected correctly. greg creed made it clear, with the colossal buyback in here now. one of the most intense on the new york stock exchange at yum prepares for the spin off. i like the prospects in china and the rest of the world. you could hear creed when i called it plodding. it is growing faster than many realize allowing for a good income scream. it could be in offing. i was taken with the taco bell
3:25 am
thought they were aided by chipotle's weakness but the two have different ethos. kfc is on a solid footing, too. you will end up rouning the rest of the business at a sizable discount. china is less clear. kfc's annual, some of the bad problem quarters because pizza hut is so muddled. i didn't hear anything good about the recent numbers which are suboptimal. with the china business you are making a change here and now. kfc's growth could obscure the weakness until pizza hut is fixed and that could be the case. otherwise you are hoping it's kfc. yum is the story that works in this environment. if i'm right that pizza hut will improve you can buy it. i like these levels. clorox had a strong quarter with growth that's accelerated as the month went on. there is a larger share in part
3:26 am
media. clorox is known for innovation. so much as line extensions. i question it when i look at burt's bees. the health and wellness. wow, i like the stuff. the natural organic issue of lipstick will resonate. also most people believe personal endorsements aren't that important. consumer packaged good sector. the deployment of ste fen curry to promote the lagging brita water brand could resonate. the warm weather helped kingsford charcoal. finally what clorox did in brazil to crush the profits of companies out there. no wonder the stock rallied. next, i would have to consider paypal an option. portfolio managers want financials. they wnt financial lite companies like this one or other
3:27 am
the sector is awful. dan sculman is doing so much right. after today pay pal's valuation it's cheaper than visa or master card given the faster growth and appeal to millennials. venmo will be the verb for transferring money. the consumer business operations are on track. plus, paypal had a huge cash generation with a $2 billion buy back to give the stock protection but you didn't see it today. follow along at action owners let me give you ale can he recall -- controversialle one, ford motor. we could get fed rate hikes and housing and employment slow down. i'm shocked at gm or ford to move higher at all. these stocks define the recession thesis. i don't think there is a way out but to sit there, connect dividends and for people who no longer believe the economy is
3:28 am
ford stock opened up so maybe somebody listened to the interview. finally wells fargo which is a big hedge that allows you to have a chit in the higher interest game. that wealth will soar. i would buy this one closer to 3.5% yield around 42, 43 versus the current yield. i adore the conviction of the 350 million share buyback and the stock hit a 52-week low. probably closer to a bottom than maybe most think. here is the bottom line. yes, this is a difficult moment. there are high quality stocks you can buy into weakness. verizon, yum, paypal, ford and wells fargo. i would endorse it. fozzy in colorado. >> caller: hey, jimmy. boo-yah from colorado here! >> boo-yah. >> caller: i want to talk yahoo! >> okay. >> caller: looks like after the
3:29 am
deal. what do you think the chances are? >> i don't know. one of the things i thought was lowell mcadam broke well on the show. thank you to lowell. at the right price he's there and the right price is here because operations are valued with the spin off you mentioned at ze ro. zero is a good price to pay and a couple billion more than that is still good for verizon. bud in ohio. bud. >> hey, jim. boo-yah! >> boo-yah. >> caller: thank you for everything you do for us. currently i'm thinking i might need to make a change. i have owned boeing as my allocation to the manufacturing sector for a couple of years. if oil is going to be lower for longer, i'm afraid the fuel efficiency of the dreamliner loses some appeal. especially when airbus has the -- >> right.
3:30 am
solid dividend. if i swap out of boeing what do you recommend? >> general electric, ge. boeing ice got a 3.65% yield. ge is a 3.72% yield. i'm concerned about the aerospace cycle. although if boeing had a not great quarter and ge had a good one. i'm not going to fight about it. it's a good stock. short-term there are issues after the last quarter. it is a difficult market with opportunity out there. check out the high quality stock that are go tos. much more "mad money" ahead. do you know what's worth owning? ahead i have the stocks to keep an eye on in this hideous market when it comes to coming off the sidelines. trying to find your footing in the market? easier said than done and it's the monday after the big game, but i'm not calling it in. i'm taking on a storm of your
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the whole cohort is in the grips of the bear. hard to assess whether anything is worth buying until the market comes down. i heard from enough high quality growth companies in san francisco last week. they have to make projections. the most obvious growth stocks to keep an eye on is under armor. it just reported a terrific quarter when it wasn't supposed to. because of the warm weather didn't impact it negatively at all and footwear is doing well. the company is getting little to no credit for the huge investment connecting fitness devices and it represents a fabulous annuity stream. i have said no one makes money long term betting against kevin plank. i feel no different after spend ing time in the last week. you could argue this stock shouldn't trade below where it was when we anticipated the shortfall, $4 from where it is
3:35 am
it did close down 6%. under armour is one of my favorite broken stocks. i used to throw the monopoly board at my sister when she beat me. maybe it is acceptable, albeit from an 3467 and not just a sore loser like i was. then there are tech names that frankly seem indistinguishable here. adobe and sales both stocks in the cloud mobile social and analytic companies are in freefall because of linked in's guidance and tableau's miss. two hideous situations. i think and adobe are doing well. that's what the ceos told me. i have no reason not to believe them. right up there. you're really out there if you buy them. i wonder how much take over premium sales had in the 70s.
3:36 am
we heard chatter about how microsoft may buy them. where did the rumor go? i do know from my years of studying salesforce the lost customer thesis that made the rounds and caused the stock to go down doesn't hold you are with a. to me tableau software isn't analagous. but there is a play on social and cloud as well as china. no tech could be spared. the one thing the stocks have going for them is they have cratered. at my old hedge fund i would listen but most of you aren't that nimble. i don't want to be bullish. especially given that adobe and salesforce closed up from the lows although they finished down about 5% and 7% respectively. i love to say that intelle should be bought because of the
3:37 am
still there is the deal in its pocket now. that's a higher growth business than the current emphasis. maybe numbers are low. i'm drawn to the stock and the ceo because it sells at 12 times earn ings with a 3.6% yield. s that's a terrific stat and intelle owns the pc business which is saying something and generates a lot of cash. i would buy this closer to the 52-week low around 25. the appeal of almost the entire noninternet tech move we have from last summer. that may be a chicken way to play but if you aren't a tad bit of a checken here in this environment i think you're crazy. while the social, mobile and cloud stocks, few have more going for them than palo alto networks. the collapse made it cheaper than sales
3:38 am
but the group had outperformed for so long the stock is at more than 70% from two years ago. a lot of stocks are cutting through low. it is the best soup to nuts security offering out there. i'm confident there is no pause in spending for this board level issue. mark mclaughlin didn't give us a reason to think otherwise. it is one of the wear where she stops nobody knows situations. today alone, palo alto has what i regard ises as a reasonable market cap versus total adjustable market. does anybody care now? as absurd as it is, sales force can be taken over. i have no idea how tole value fitbit as witnessed by the fact that i have liked it since it became public. i said to ring the register in the high 40s and pounded the table in the 20 ths.
3:39 am
got it wrong. i think fitbit's ceo is doing a markablele job transforming it into a health and wellness company that sales devices which should give it a decrept price. instead it is being valued like fossil or something. if you study the price point meaning there is stuff inside it that's worth something. if you look at what a lot of people think they think it is like the apple watch. it's a different universe. plus the latest quarter we'lle hear about in two weeks was terrific and the insiders aren't dumping down. it doesn't matter. no one wants fitbit. this isn't the same price. this is a lot more expensive. it's not a health and wellness device. it's a cool thing. although fitbit has some level of, look, this is a fit bit. okay? it's a different thing. there. that's show and tell. fitbit is caught up in the vortex of the unicorns but sells for less than 15 times earn
3:40 am
people think any company that became public in the recent year must be over valued. fitbit is so cheap and is software so proprietary you should own it. i like it higher. next on the watch list, if yahoo! were interested in growing it should look at the company that owns the ticket and concert market live nation. the company is growing by taking over concerts, venues and festivals and artists want to play at live nation venues because that's where the money is as lars ulrich said in the old days they made their money from albums and used the concerts to promote. now they make the money on concerts. live nation's lack of earnings despite the cash flow it's hard to make a case using traditional metrics. flex can be bought for eight times earns. 5.4 billion dollar market cap.
3:41 am
nobody wants to own stocks of manufacturers. except for the company itself. it had 777 million shares. now just 454 million. the ceo, if you want to know they are different look at nike's conference call where the company talked about relying on flex as a partner to manufacture shoes past faster and better than everybody else. including automotive, health care and the internet of things devices makes this a play on the hottest trends but no one seems to care at all. here's the bottom line. the stocks suffer from a lack of faith. a total lack of faith that the future can be as good as the past. i find it so damning and negative but it is the market's mind driving stocks lower going into recession.
3:42 am
that's the market's agenda until proven otherwise. one oh winner to point out, congratulations to brett favre for being inducted into the nfl hall of fame. boo-yah! you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara a ginormous lash boosts lashes to 50 times the volume and lifts lashes new plumpify mascara from easy breezy beautiful covergirl ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch!
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." let's start with joyce in florida. joyce. >> caller: hi, this is joyce from florida. >> how are you?
3:45 am
excited to talk to you. alle rge n. >> we know a lot of stocks are under pressure and this one, too. it's a mistake. >> caller: buy, sell or hold a.o. smith. >> i'm going to back to g.e.le, helen in pennsylvania. >> caller: gratings from the sunny pocono mountains. >> i love the poconos. >> caller: i want your opinion on intercontinue nen tall exchange. >> i like the stock. it's come down and it's a buy. that's a company that's
3:46 am
the world. it's worth owning. rick in new york. >> caller: boo-yah. thanks for taking my call. >> absolutely. >> caller: my question is on celgene. i'm long the name but i'm think about averaging down but du to market volatility. >> i have looked at them on the out years. you would be a buyer. sammy in louisiana. >> caller: i'm not going to let your birthday slip by. >> coming up. >> caller: what are your thoughts on dollar tree. >> i like dollar tree. it niece the sweet spot. i like walmart, dollar tree and dollar general. they are all correct in this environment. it sounds weird to say i like a stock in a horrible mashlgt, but i do. alan in new york. >> caller: wanted your thoughts
3:47 am
>> carlisle group, blackstone. all these companies with ipo ohs haven't been able to. you know what? i don't mind long term but short term there is a lot of pain to happen. let's go to anthony in new york. anthony. >> caller: hey, jim. i was wondering if joy global is a good buy now. >> no. if i want to own a cyclical i won't sugar coat it. i'm going back to g.e. i need yield protection and good growth. dan in wisconsin, dan. >> caller: yes, dan in richmond, wisconsin. thanks for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: valero energy. >> that's a squeeze in the refiners. i don't want to touch them. a 4% yield isn't enough to protect you. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable being flake free isn't. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years.
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as long as we can't take the fed off the -- it will be difficult. there is stress in the oil patch. when you drill down the cause of the problems comes back to the fed reserve. when janet yellen speaks wednesday you will find out how important the fed is to the mashlgt. it analyzes the economy not through the lens of anyone under 30 looking for a job or over 50 who was thrown out of a job but looks at the company from the unemployment rate, phillips curve and the fed feels naked not taking up rates big time given that unemployment is under 5%. some of that's a magic number.
3:51 am
work force because they have given up. the endless fixation by considering so many cities raised the minimum wage because it is a digitized economy is ridiculous. it's too easy for the shared economy. listen to my interview with lyft to see how workers in a brutal economy like uber can't make the living because the unlimited cab. in a world where amazon can wipe out retailers, pretty much every classic entry level job and jobs that aren't service oriented can't be done with efficiency. ford intends to double mexican production. ford doesn't need to give them health care. there is no protection for american workers. who care ifs union pacific train comes from detroit or monterrey. is the fed considering them at all? the fixation with stopping the meager wages of the american
3:52 am
or the huge amount of emerge ing market debt calculated in dollars or the collapse of european financials to levels te be low the great recession. i'm not counting turmoil in russia, china or brazil. canada is hurting. dollar has come down because of the recognition the fed can't move in march. we haven't heard that until it happens fear will be widespread. the fed shouldn't be stock market century trick. it recognizes the fed might act precipitously. the stocks of auto, airlines, housing and aerospace now are saying something is awful and something bad is about to occur. it is possible they are wrong. that's usually not the case. there is so much that needs to go right to get a serious bottom. it starts with the fed. we have another week of earn ings ahead. maybe things can be turned around. it's still not over sold.
3:53 am
tape. that's too many enemies to think we can go out and just conquer this thing. let alone find our footing and what everyone acknowledges are perilous levels. if janet yellen says we'll stay data dependent you could catch the rally people have been waiting for. yes, either way, janet yellen is that important to this market's next move. stick with cramer. laundry can wreak havoc on our clothes, ruining them forever. sweaters stretch into muumuus. and pilled cardigans become pets. but it's not you, it's the laundry. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...with downy fabric conditioner... it not only softens and freshens, it helps protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes.
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i know the charts are ugly other than gold. carlin broden is saying we could get a boubs in the bank stocks. while everything is negative we could get the bounce. i would rather be a seller into the bounce so we are ready to get to the next downdraft which i think won't be long. remember, the fed speaks wednesday. that's going to control a lot of what happens. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you on
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