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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:26pm EST

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treated 2549 since 1987 -- janet aviles has worked for b-a-e systems ship repair. as early as 2006, the ship fitter specialist filed grievances for sexual harassment and retaliation. then three years ago -- she and eight other women -- filed a class action lawsuit against the company -- alleging sex discrimination. c0002 interview lawyer - joshua friedman - plaintiffs' lawyer 1503 they were being stereotyped. they were to a 50-page amended complaint, some employees made hostile comments and jokes, and held sexually explicit conversations. the paperworks says a supervisor told a woman, "you don't look like a pipefitter, you look like a secretary." c0008 interview janet - janet aviles - plaintiff 2520 i was the only female in the shop where all these men was told that men couldn't help me lift steel, you know, lifting steel, and i remember
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gentlemen and he was saying the guys were told not to help me 2535 under the terms of the settlement, b-a-e will pay more than $4 million, and most of that will go to about 170 women. and the company has to make changes -- c0002 interview lawyer - joshua written criteria, primarily an actual practical test 1709 can you weld? and also a written test. do you know the materials that you're supposed to use when you weld, as an example 1717 a spokesperson for bae told me the company company values all employees and is committed to treating them fairly and with respect. we have the full statement on our website. erin kelly, 10 on your side. b-a-e systems currently employs nearly 11-hundred people at the norfolk facility. as we said-- the company has gone through layoffs recently-- with some 530 more workers expected to be cut in march. 400 jobs were eliminated last year-- due to lower
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b-a-e operates seven full shipyards, in five states. you can see from b-a-e as you can see from b-a-e as well as the original story of this lawsuit on temperatures are taking a tumble! and another sign that winter is here-- a sprinkling of snow-- as they saw in williamsburg and on the eastern shore. schools in accomack county thought it wasn't safe-- and closed down for the day. now the next part of old man winter's visit-- some of the coldest air we've seen this season. i'm meteorologist
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officers arrested 24-year-old nathan horn on neglect and malicious wounding charges. he allegedly burned his girlfriend's three-year-old son in september 2014 and immediately moved to north dakota. horn claims the two second degree burns were an accident. after more than a year of investigating -- officers picked horn up last week and extradicted him back to hampton roads. now to the story a lot of
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social media. the outer banks animal hospital-- in the middle of a major drug bust. the owners face serious charges-- but court documents offered up other names-- in this investigation. 10 on your side's andy fox is following up-- with new information. andy? the probable cause for search warrants detailed, long, and incriminating. but the welches are innocent until proven guilty. they are accused of felony trafficking in opium or heroin-which is the actual law. i don't see heroin in here, but there are opiates which are drugs with morphine like effects, derived from opium.
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not charged in this case, but she is on federal probation for drug charges. she is taking down the name dr. logan botzman who is the number one witness against her parents. (42 24:29) ((can you tell me the atmosphere inside the office we are very happy can you tell me what you know about this heroin prescribed a controlled botzman i am andy fox and diverting controlled substances. the door important because although she is not charged conditions of her probation include she won't be in places "where controlled substances are illegally sold, used distributed, or administered" "associate with any persons engaged in criminal activity" i called investigators about this. capt. kevin duprey says: "she is there, and we will be looking at everyone who has access
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controlled substances. if for some reason she is involved, and i am not saying she is, then we will look at filing charges." botzman says taylor changed the ownership of her dog to a man named named russell taylor. why? according to the court document, dr. botzman said she did this because she did not want to be linked to the prescription medication fraud. i'm andy fox, 10 on your side. still to come at 6-- another area community will have an extra eye on police. we'll show you which city is getting body cameras this time. plus-- the major chill on the way-- and too many people out on the street. one local police officer does what he can-- but now he's asking for your help. in sports-- another big week for o-d-u's trey freeman. and you'll want to have all of the cold weather gear ready for don's forecast--
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>> you are watching wavy news 10 at 6:00 with tom schaad, nicole
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growing list of police have body cameras. >> if the person is in a noncriminal situation and ask for privacy the officer may turn off the camera. time lapses must be accounted for. police hope this makes things more transparent. >> this is with the officer could use and what the defense could use because it will be part of the discovery on a criminal case. >> the apartment -- department of the 40 officers equipped with cameras and 40 days. >> next, offering life-saving help. why he says now is an important time to lend a hand. >> plus don's chili forecast and you can get an update from last
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>> we are about to face some of the coldest air of the year. unfortunately there will be a lot of people with nowhere to go. >> to police officer has been doing all he can for years now -- a police officer has been doing all he can to help for years now. >> when you hear lieutenant jack
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helping people on his own it is like nothing. the he tries a cute quiet about his work, he is finally asking for help. -- though he tries to keep quiet about his work, he is finally asking for help. >> two bad decisions in my life or i some -- some things i chose to do i might be in that situation. >> he does what we all know that we should do. collection i see some asking for food or gloves or -- >> when i see someone asking for food or gloves, it's hard. >> he has been helping the homeless on and off the job for years.
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>> the list of needs is growing longer. >> a gentleman was wearing socks on his hands. i did not have gloves or boots to get him. >> he started making a list of each person and their specific needs, but they add up. >> when they asked for the stuff i wanted to help. wanted to go to the store and immediately by and handed out. i did not have the means to do that. >> he swallowed his own pride and asked for help himself. he is taking monetary donations of he can buy specific items. is hoping to raise enough to buy and hand out everything before the bitter cold weekend ahead. >> when a person comes up and says thank you and you give to someone with no means to give back, that is truly giving. x hopes to team up with local businesses who may want to donate gift cards that would
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reporting a link to that page on x now, your super doppler 10 forecast with don slater. >> it really is going to get cold over the next few days. we've a little bit of snow every now and then. another area of snow is possible friday afternoon but those are not the main events. the show you what's going on with the snowfall. you will be able to see some of
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>> here we go, virginia. all. the one place at acc basketball coaches do not want to go is
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virginia is 32-1 in acc home games over the past four years. they won their 17th home game in a row when they soundly beat virginia tech 67-49. uva is outstanding, holding its in three games. lately it is anthony brockton, -- last night isaiah wilkins joined in adding another dimension. >> he has made some of those shots before, but it is so important when you can get that kind of contribution. as i mentioned, malcolm has been scoring so well and if another guy gives us that kind of output, that really balances our team and makes us more potent on offense and harder to guard. >> closer to home, trey freeman is the first player in conference usa history to be
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the high school graduate scored at least 24 points in its last eight games. he eclipsed his career-high against charlotte. >> what trey is doing is pretty remarkable. >> the head coach says that he is starting to remind him of a certain former teammate who is now his assistant and still the all-time leading scorer. >> brian certainly came to remind -- came to mind. jeff lamb was the same kind of player. the difference for brian and jeff is that they had help. >> to come at such a timely -- they are all needed it has been unprecedented.
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compared in the same sentence as him. i look up to him a lot. when i first got here on my visit we would talk trash to each other -- he is a monster or he can still play today. >> it's fun to watch. next nathan epstein with the sportswrap. >> that is some pretty good company. he some nascar news, it's being reported that brian vickers will be driving the number 14 car during speed week and perhaps a few weeks after that while tony stewart recovers from his broken back. he was badly hurt after crashing in a freak accident driving do and buggies. vickers himself has some medical problems but has apparently passed all of his medical tests. i will see you guys back here at 11:00.
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>> a few flurries possible
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