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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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----------------- and a plan to fight violent crime in one of our cities -- c31 chief 05:42:39 "we're not going to arrest our way out of these situations." the reason police say now is the best time to act. but we start with an unwelcome return of a february blast of winter. get that cold weather gear handy once again-- you're going to need it. chief meteorologist don slater is in the super doppler 10 weather center. don-- could we also see some snow? tonight: increasing clouds with a small chance for some light snow/flurries. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid 30s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: increasing clouds with a small chance for some light snow/flurries. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny
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30s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: increasing clouds with a small chance for some light snow/flurries. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid 30s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: increasing clouds with a small chance for some light snow/flurries. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid 30s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. the county flag is flying at half staff tonight in a maryland community-- that lost two deputies in the line of duty. the harford county deputies were shot and killed today at a (emotional pause). one of
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veteran of this agency... served with the court services division. the other deputy had served this agency for the last 16-years and was assigned to the community services division." the sheriff believes david evans targeted a deputy in uniform at the crowded restaurant. he says a second deputy and evans got into a shootout a few minutes later. evans also died. we now know -- he had warrants out in maryland and florida -- one was for assaulting an officer. the sheriff has not released the fallen deputies' names yet. harford county is outside baltimore. maybe you can help norfolk police find a man targeting local businesses. they sent us these pictures of him. police say he broke into at least four restaurants -- and tried a fifth with no luck. 10 on your side's liz palka is outside the police station. liz you've been speaking with frustrated business owners -- who want this guy off the streets. tom - some are frustrated. some extremely nervous because they don't know what this suspect is capable of. or when he could possibly strike
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the ole bay seafood owners on lafayette boulevard in norfolk don't want to worry about this man anymore. c12 9:56 - i worry all the time. so every time i get a call from my parents i try to come here as soon as possible. chang yon got one of those calls from his dad, who owns the restaurant, on january 28th. yon immediately checked surveillance. he found a suspect - wearing a hood and a purple back pack - climbing their back fence around 3 a-m. you see him here checking the door. he then walks away. but didn't stop there. c12 04:36 - he stepped back a few steps and he's trying to kick door, but it didn't work either. nats? yon showed us where he tried to get in. c14 14:12 - he did not open the door. fortunately. but he actually got this door open. but not this one. he said the suspect then took a hammer to their front door, which has since been fixed. fortunate again - the glass was thick. the suspect ran off. but thanks to cameras like this - the suspect has been identified in four
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since january 22nd. norfolk police say chen's hit. then the same night as old bay seafood, golden pizza was burgarlized. ten days later police say the suspect broke into t'san japanese seafood on e princess anne road. the owner showed us where he believes the suspect got in through a broken window. collected this clear images of the suspect's face. that night, police say the man also targeted paradise pizza. an employee sharing this picture of their cash register lying on the ground. she said their office was ransacked, too. police saying, all these small, locally owned businesses had cash stolen. except for ole bay seafood. c12 11:34 - i'm so happy that he couldn't get in. one restaurant owner pointing out to me, he's worried the list of businesses this man breaks into will continue to grow. that's why they want him off the streets. call police or the crimeline 1-888-lock-
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all. i'm liz palka, 10 on your side. all new tonight -- norfolk police plan to personally thank three men- they say- saved a teen. police say they got a call around 8:30 this morning -- for someone who jumped off of the campostella bridge. they say he climbed out due to the cold, and they found him standing on a pier -- stranded and soaked. they say he was going to jump back in, but three lyon shipyard workers got a tugboat and rescued him. he's under evaluation at the hospital, and officers do not plan to press charges. look for an update on air and online tomorrow. new tonight -- two virginia banks have announced a merger. the bank of hampton roads will join richmond's xenith bank. both boards of directors have approved the deal. the combined company will be known as xenith bankshares -- with headquarters in richmond. combined, the banks offer services reaching from hampton roads to the d-c area. we're learning more about a deadly fire in san
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connection. a hampton man was one of two people who died. arson investigators say the home was so badly damage they cannot pinpoint a cause. 19-year-old cody watts was visiting his girlfriend britnee gilmer when the fire started last october. gilmer and her stepfather escaped, but the mother, watts and the family dog all died. the medical examiner says both people died from smoke inhalation. watts grew up in buckroe beach and went to phoebus high. over the next couple months, elizabeth city police will start using body cameras. officers believe they will help with transparency -- and will be rolling during interactions with the public. the chief hopes it could help clear up any questions in court. "chief eddie buffaloe / elizabeth city police defense could use because it would go down as part of the discovery comes out in a criminal case." 8:40" the department says it's purchasing 40 cameras. the chief also says anyone who is in a
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can ask police to turn the camera off. new tonight -- virginia may pump the brakes on a speeding law. the senate has passed a bill to change the reckless driving code. right now, it says law enforcement can charge people for going 81 in a 70-mile- per-hour zone. that means drivers going only 11 over the speed limit may still get slammed. the bill would make the threshold for reckless driving 85-miles-per-hour. supporters say it helps balance an earlier bill that raised some speed limits to 70 in the commonwealth. prison officials in the commonwealth could soon turn to the electric chair for executions when they're out of deadly drugs. a bill passed the house of delegates today -- saying officials could have the option when the drugs are unavailable. virginia is one of at least eight states to give inmates a choice between lethal injection or electrocution. new tonight. a proposal to build a new field house in chesapeake is on hold. city council says it wants a committee to take a closer look at the
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says he'd like to see an indoor facility-- with turf fields and basketball courts somewhere in the chesapeake square area. he says it would be similar to a facility in virginia beach. less than 24-hours after the new hampshire primary -- two republican presidential candidates have decided to call it quits. new jersey governor chris christie and former tech executive, carly fiorina, both dropped out of the race today. christie got seven-percent of the vote last night -- and fiorina walked away with four. the navy has submitted its budget request to congress -- it comes to 165-billion dollars. it says that would mean a one-point-six- percent pay raise; investing in quality of life initiatives and job placement services; more aircraft; and seven ships -- including two destroyers; two submarines; two combat ships and one amphibious assault ship. a local shipyard will be paying more than 4-million-dollars in a sex discrimination lawsuit. female employees filed a class action suit against
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ago. a judge accepted it claims-- female employees suffered discrimination and didn't have equal opportunities for promotion. it also describes a hostile work unwanted sexual advances. original plaintiffs. c0008 interview janet - janet aviles - plaintiff 2541 i didn't want them think about the way i was treated 2549 a spokesperson for b-a-e says: the company denies the allegations, and is committed to treating employees fairly-- and with respect. we have the full statement on our wavy-dot-com. uber is responding to a newly minted deal with norfolk international airport -- the company says it still believes some fees are too high -- but at least drivers can work there again. the ride sharing service has been at odds with the airport for weeks -- over a contract negotiation. for a time -- drivers could not drop off or pickup passengers there at all. the airport finally announced
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new tonight -- some local farmers may be able to get emergency loans from the given suffolk, chesapeake, emporia, hampton, newport news and portsmouth disaster designations. that's because of heavy rain from last year. farmers have eight months to apply for assistance -- and the government will individually. local leaders are coming together in hopes of keeping young people out of trouble -- hear which members of the community they hope to influence the most. plus-- police tell city council where they're seeing more crime, and how they hope to stop the trend. a local police officer has been helping the homeless, now he needs help from
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violent crime is on the rise in hampton -- police presented their numbers to city council tonight -- and a plan to make sure it doesn't keep going in that direction. 10 on your side's liz
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crime rate? overall, violent crime rose 20 percent from 2014 to 2015 - in the city of hampton an alarming figure. tonight, police proposed solutions-- from continued community engagement to adding officers to the force. c31 chief 05:42:39 "we're rising crime levels in the city of hampton, that's according to police chief terry sult. during wednesday's city council meeting, chief sult presented statistics showing that from 2014 to 2015 - the number of murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries and vehicle thefts rose. c31 05:42:34 "the urgency of now, is an understatement." joining the chief -- were two federal prosecutor. together, outlining the state of crime in the city. officials touted the many police partnerships throughout the community -- from parents against bullying to the naacp to
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c31 05:42:55 "the hampton police division is aligning itself with neighborhoods, engaged in the neighborhoods." investigators also discussed partnerships with nearby police departments - and federal agencies. the city is specifically to the police division. c35 06:11:37 "so far we've already indicted, in under a year, 10 gun defendants, the numbers for the gang and drug defendants are actually higher" but still, with crime on the rise -- police are asking for help. chief sult says more resources are needed -- namely, more officers. 16 officers have retired since january of 2015. and 60 more are eligible police. same with longtime resident harold pittman says he feels safe in hampton c16 06:42:08 "overall i would say our hampton police department is pretty good." "and you feel safe?" "i feel safe" for perspective -- officers say hampton, historically falls in the middle when it
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the seven cities. in 2014, hampton ranked 2nd safest when it came to violent crime -- that stat for 2015 isn't yet available. in hampton, liz kilmer, 10 on your side. you are invited to a first of its kind event in hampton tomorrow. local, state and national leaders will come together for a symposium. it's to address crime involving african- american males. data shows young black males are involved in a significant number of violent crimes - both as victims and offenders. organizers say they want to change that. the symposium starts at 5:30 tomorrow night. you can find out com. tonight: increasing
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chance for some light snow/flurries. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid 30s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: increasing clouds with a small chance for some light snow/flurries. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid 30s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: increasing clouds with a small chance for some light snow/flurries. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid 30s. tonight: increasing clouds with a small
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the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid 30s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: increasing clouds with a small chance for some light snow/flurries. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid 30s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: increasing clouds with a small chance for some light snow/flurries. lows in the mid 20s. wind: sw 5-10mph. thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid 30s.
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thursday: mainly sunny with highs in the mid
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a local police officer has been helping the homless in winters past -- hear why he says he could use your assistance this
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breaking news -- the f-b-i says it has moved-in on the last few people occupying an oregon wildlife refuge. it says they have agents surrounding the place -- where occupiers have been camping. the four holdouts are the last of an armed group that seized the refuge last month. they were protesting federal land use policies. weeks ago, investigators arrested two militants near the ranch and another one died in a shootout with authorities. we are about to face some of the coldest air of the year -- and homeless people in
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nowhere to go. now a local police officer is asking for help -- so they're safe from the bitter blast. lt. jack munley with evms police says: has always stopped to help when he sees a homeless person in need. he usually brings them food and clothing, but he says their needs have outgrown what he can give. he is asking for donations to allow them gentleman was wearing socks on his hands and he was very very cold. i didn't have gloves to give him. i didn't have boots to give him. i thought, i don't have the means to go out they really stepped up and helped out. 1:15 runs 17 (but worth it!) when we first aired this report tonight -- a go fund me page had just than four-thousand dollars! if you'd like to help lt. munley's cause - we've put all the info on old dominion picks a good time to get on a little hot streak.
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christopher newport and virginia wesleyan's basketball games--next on
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they've already clinched their confrence regular season title--the christopher newport university basketball team now sets it's sights on an nc- double a division three tournament. i'm bruce rader, we have two outstanding division three college basketball teams in hampton roads--and we begin tonight with christopher newport, the captians
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11-game winning streak against mary washington. cnu wearing white, the captians are one of the best 3-point shooting teams in the conference--- here's why, justin hampton gets one from the corner---his only bucket of the night---captains are up 6--- a little later--- kevin regimbal----he had 10 points as he burries it from the baseline---and cnu is up 8--- and this team can really pass the ball---- look at this sequence---the ball almost never touches the ground---rayshard brown---from norfolk-- played at portsmouth christian---cans the 3-pointer--he had 8--- and here's one of the top scorers in the conference marcus carter----the williamsburg product right to the rack---he led the way with 15 points--- christopher newport an 11 point win over mary washingotn, cnu now 21 and 1---and a perfect 15 and 0 in conference. dave macedo's virginia wesleyan marlins at home tonight against hampden-sydney. the marlins led by 12 at halftime and came out firing in the second half. khory moore hits
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just getting warmed up. moore had 15 points. but nobody was any hotter than tim jones. he hit 6 three pointers and had a game high 20 points. when you're that deadly from outside, it opens things up inside. kaelin poe from kecoughtan high school all by himself....scores on the slam dunk. but the dunk of the night came from daveon brown who went to norview high school in norfolk. the one handed tomahawk jam. a huge second half by wesleyan, who connected on 15 of their 31 three point attempts. the marlins get the 80 to 52 conference win over hampden sydney. old dominion is looking to win it's 4th game in a row when the monarchs welcome north texas to the ted constant center tomorrow night. and everybody will be focused on the sensational trey freeman--the senior guard from virginia beach, the confrence player of the week three weeks in a row, old dominion is in 4th place now in the confrence standings, and
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says its time to make a charge. "we've got a small win streak going and we want to continue that, we're excited to back home thursday night but i think we've been playing well for a while, but it's always nicer when you are able to get the positive outcome. it certaintly feels better knowing that we played well and won the last three than it did when we lost three games at home so we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep grinding." old dominion at home against north texas
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