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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> flurries are falling in norfolk. are they thinking? chris: i will let you know how ready the city is when treating secondary roads. >> as the snow falls in hampton, i will have your update in the peninsula. joe and love the: city, the snow is sticking to the ground, impacting visibility. details coming up. >> snow is sticking to the grass in chesapeake. i will explain what crews are out do. >> virginie beach is getting ready. it will eventually be mixed with salt. virginia beach getting ready for this storm that is moving in. >> we are tracking winter
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>> video from the outer banks, when the snow started coming down and kill doubles health. -- devils hill. >> in virginia beach you can see cars getting out pretty well. we have a crew of reporters across hampton roads. >> we crews in north carolina. we will begin live coverage in the super doppler center. don: good news and bad news. ashley: this will move out in the next few hours. don: it is snowing. on with the snowfall. you will note on this wide view the snow is starting to let up as we moved to the west toward the franklin area.
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by 6:30, the bulk of this will be gone. we will see moderate snowfall over the peninsula, and that is where we have gotten hit in the past hour. the darker color to hear. -- color here. you have seen around half and it just of all, but franklin, thought has led up. suffolk, it has let up. you can see moderate snow in richmond and over the southern half of virginia each. you can see from oceana and southward, points farther south, and you can see the crossed eastern north carolina. ashley: with the satellite radar, this storm is starting to kick out of here. we will only be dealing with it
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we will be completely done by 9:00, but likely earlier. the storm is pulling away. we have lowered our totals. if you want to let us know how much snow has fallen in your yard, feel free to post them to facebook or twitter or e-mail us. only a dusting across the peninsula towards gloucester and matthews. one to two inches across most of north carolina. this system will be out of here by 8:00 or 9:00. as we continue to the overnight, the clouds will push out of here. tomorrow morning will wake up to mainly sunny skies, but a chilly, start of day with temperatures in the mid-'20s.
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we will track some of the coldest air this weekend. >> we will be checking in with the meteorologists. but we need to start with the cruise in the field. -- crew ins the field. andy fox is at virginia beach. anita:dy: cars are coming along here just fine. do not see much ice now. this is the bottom line. you can see cars over there. they are already covered. public works said they put 12 trucks from 8:00 until 6:00. the frost patrol is in charge of clearing bridges. snow started falling at 2:00 this afternoon. we caught up with some folks
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>> i just moved here. andy: is this your first snow? >> no, but i just moved here. andy: you have snowflakes on your eyelashes. are you excited? >> very excited. >> got to get that figured out. : andy what are you doing? >> i am enjoying myself. >> i love it. andy: have you tried catching snowflakes in your mouth? arts a good? >> yes. andy: a good day out here. this is what we are dealing with here. it is not sticking to the street, but sticking to the grass.
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public works making sure it is not sticking to the rights. >> did not see a lot of snow there, but i see a lot of snow in the outer banks. >> a lot of folks were already seeing snow in north carolina. matt gregory is live in nice head. matt: the outer banks was scheduled to see the worst of the storm. you can see the snowflakes are falling fast, and the chunkier flakes make great snow balls. the road is already covered here on 158. most of it is along the sidewalks as well. earlier today we were at the manteo shop when they were getting ready for the storm. they started getting ready yesterday, putting down the
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8000 gallons, and compare that to more inland counties, that is 23,000 gallons of brine they used there. the reason is because the salt water in the air already creates a melting effect on a law of the snow as it lays across the roadway. a little bit ago we saw that plows getting out because the snow accumulation has reached an inch. we will move up the outer banks to kitty hawk to give you conditions there. that will be at 5:00. >> matt will be moving around and we have a lot of moving pieces today. we called in a lot of resources to give you a perspective on how things are looking. >> and busy time of the evening for traffic. chris is on the road with the
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we understand he is outside the city limits of portsmouth had it toward suffolk. >> we cannot talk to him while he is driving. to give you an idea of what is like to be driving. right now it looks pretty clear. >> he is on 64. that's check how things on the overall with jim. 64, 264, how are things looking? >> chris is not 64 westbound. check out the live traffic cam. 64 westbound, if i-64 area, between tidewater hsb boulevard. 64 eastbound around settlers landing. it backs up to king street.
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see the color change. when you see the orange durant, that means serious delays. downtown tunnel's, particularly eastbound, and then using 64 in the bowers hill area, and then a heavy spot at the interchange, 264 approaching 64. a crash out of the way, 64 westbound, around the providence road overpass. in the middle of this, two openings scheduled, and one should be at 5:00. allow plenty of time and use caution. you see how bad traffic is now. >> schools in the area dismissed earlier because of the weather. from smithfield middle high school, a truck ran into the
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>> we told you about that at wavy 10 news today. a spokesperson said the driver and two students have injuries. the bus has demonstrated the truck has damaged on the front. >> we are crossed hampton roads right now with the traffic backup. and live picture from norfolk. >> we will check in with liz. you can see the photographer getting ready for the live shot. >> we will look at the sky is out there. >> we will see the update from
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center with a look >> we are continuing this follow
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right now we are on the south side. liz is live in norfolk. liz: we started to see light flurries about 2:00, and with an hour, flurries started picking up. we are not seeing heavy snow, but it is coming down consistently. you can see this snow is sticking to ground. that is not the case if you look at sidewalks, if you look at roadways. those are looking clear, just a little wet. right now you look at the intersection of chesapeake boulevard. traffic is moving ok, busy. city crews were pretreating bridges yesterday and this morning with brine. keeping a careful look on conditions. city offices closed early today
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schools let out about two hours early. if you have developed, be careful, but what we are seeing on the main roads, not too bad. sticking only to grass, bushes, trees limbs, but main roads not looking too bad right now. >> we have not seen too many accidents today, that the congestion has certainly been there all day. >> taking it slowly. jen is checking the traffic. jen: if you have to get home, take your time. you can see all the congestion. reduce the orange or red, that is indicative of super heavy traffic. 64 westbound starts to slip around tidewater drive. folks heading toward the hampton
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and the congestion to 64 west bodund. 264, military highway. heavy going to 64 north country look at the downtown tunnel eight. busy on the actual bridge, on the portsmouth side is backed up eastbound. this is the peninsula slide of the hampton roads bridge tu nnel. place. heavy sponsor further up north where you can see 64 westbound around jefferson avenue, 64 east boulevard. back to you. >> we have a team of meteorologists working to guide
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>> then we will get the real cool-down. >> it will be called. wear a coat. >> you make it sound like rudolph, guarding the sleigh. don: snow started a little late, but it will and earlier. the thing about this is it is not likely to have quite as big an impact as we thought because it is ending around 7:00. it is likely to end around 5:00, so it will not have a lot of time to dump snowfall in the area. eastern shore is starting to get it. living into the hampton roads area, we just saw a good sized rush of snow that is tapering off now. covering the peninsula except for fort eustis, farther northward. light snow into some of these areas.
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smithfield area through isle of wight county into southampton county. southside hampton roads cities, more moderate snowfall toward the air port in norfolk, and southward toward indian river park, and eastward to the ocean front, moderately heavy snow toward bay island, lake smith. and then lets up further southward toward dam neck. it is southwestern corner of virginia beach, into these areas. you will see a pocket of heavy snow and through virginia beach and northeast north carolina and you can see moderate snow in virginia beach, and we have seen moderate snow to elizabeth city.
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is as it moves eastward at about 35 miles per hour. i will show you what is going on because it will and in currituck by 5:00. toward the ocean front at 5:18, elizabeth city, it will taper off by 4:37, and to the ocean front in virginia beach, it will be 5:23. it will not be long as this will end for parts of the region. very heavy snow farther south of the albemarle sound, up to five inches of snow. here's the heaviest oh. snowfall totals estimated by the computer. one little thing i notice cannot possibly an inch into this area. ending up with a lighter snowfall. totals, a dusting to half an
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inch, and three or four inches farther southward. we dodged a bullet. we got a lot more weather to come. here's ashley. ashley: behind this system we will talk about some of the coldest air of the season. thus outta here, the canadian air will pull right in. current temperatures, and we have only been contending with snow. 27 at wallops island, 26 at newport news, 32 income doubles phil. -- 32 at kill devil's hill. the wind will pick up overnight and we will be dealing with blustery conditions tomorrow. tonight temperatures will dip into the mid-20's, but it will feel more like the midteens. tomorrow, highs in the 30's. temperatures will dip into the midteens, that will feel like it is the low single digits.
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sunday, wind-chills will kick it into the teens. each track forecast, the system will kick out of here overnight. as the clouds clear out, temperatures will drop your tomorrow, sunshine, if you clouds in the afternoon, and despite the sunshine, it will not help us in the temperature department, and even sunday it will not help us out. for tonight, textures will get down into the 20's.mix of sun and clouds. temperatures into the upper 20's to low 30's. sunday, a little colder. temperatures will warm up on monday and tuesday. monday we are contending with a wintry mix going to the afternoon. as temperatures warm off, we will transition of the rain monday evening through most of tuesday and tuesday night we may
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keeping a close eye on. you can find us at continues. for a list of closings and delays, photos, >> a snow slide show. you can read our weather blogs and how to protect your pipes. snap. right outside our studio.
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>> we have been checking in with crews throughout our studios. we will now check in with chris. now. not too heavy, not sticking, but we will show you where. rest areas and parked cars. if you have not gone home yet, allow yourself some extra time to clean it off. he talked with the director of public works in portsmouth who assured us the city is ready for anything when it comes to treating secondary roads. the trucks were at the city yard run today.
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the first of all before we start treating the bridges and overpasses. here is what the first snowfall looks like at 2:00 in portsmouth. this is what was on frederick boulevard, a little tricky, but not impassable. 264 was treated last night by vdot. we saw several plows on the recordroad. the city has enough for 1500 tons of sand-self makes. -- sand-salt mix. guys will be ready for whatever comes the next couple days. other important information involving portsmouth. portsmouth has a shelter set up for the homeless. it will be open through sunday. first, you must register at the
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beginning at 7:00 tonight, the shelter will be at a catholic church, 4100 block at portsmouth boulevard. live in portsmouth. >> good to know there is a place for folks to spend the night. now we will show you a live picture in elizabeth city, north carolina. >> he will check back in with joe fisher coming in just a bit. let's take a look at super doppler 10. we have a team of meteorologists. don slater and ashley baylor tracking the snow to make sure
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>> we have been to portsmouth and virginia beach and the outer banks. now this is from chesapeake, a live report from erin kelly. >> we have 18 of meteorologists working on this forecast. ashley baylor well tell us how things are looking right now and will tell us how things will be. ashley: the next few hours, we will see the system out of here,
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let's get to the radar, are hitting on the back edge of this system. tracking light to pocket the moderate snow across the viewing area. to the south and toward rodant rodanthe, we saw a next. kitty hawk up to curtain, we are tracking light snowfall across from chesapeake to norfolk it a virginia beach. light snow in portsmouth. it is starting to wind down. light snow from congo down into false cape landing. to the north we have some flurries flying across her williamsburg to newport news and hampton. across northampton county, in the eastern shore, furious with occasional light snow all the way from cape charles all the
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not doing too bad here. people are trying to get home. this will make your commute slow. this continues to push offshore. we will see things wind down by 700 the future trak forecasts, by 9:00, it will be out here, and we will see the clouds . as the storm pulls away, clouds policy, overnight we will see decreasing clouds. 7:00 tomorrow morning, will wake-up to a decent amount of sunshine. even we will track a mix of sun and customer, the biting northwest wind will keep temperatures and wind-chills on the chilly side. the snow ending bicyclic or 7:00. tomorrow, drive but cold. 'temperatures only in the 30s, and colder on sunday, and
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a lot of talk about in the full forecast. >> we will check in with the team of reporters in the field. elizabeth city. joe: hi. since about 1:45. more than two hours of pretty consistent snowfall. you can see on the grass behind me it is sticking. we estimate a little more than an inch, but as you head over here, nc 344, no effect on the snow. the snow is making the ro and little wet. ads as we get to the interstate, we are over highway 17. a main thoroughfare.
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tonight it could get much worse. >> i did not think it was going to come this soon. >> that best part was classes canceled. the worst part is we might need to stay in the room for a long time. >> if we get up to an inch on the road we will do snow plow operations. >> we talk with folks earlier today down in hurt heard. they said they will have a crew working overnight. elizabeth city, crews will work overnight as well.
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matt gregory is tonight, south of us. more than two inches on around now. we will continue to watch the snow in elizabeth city. we will have another update from you coming up for you at 5:30. >> in chesapeake, so far the roads look pretty good. we are seeing a truck come by here behind us. thus no is sticking to the grass, and no drivers are having problems.
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brine on the roads. coming in at 7:00. telling drivers to suit every street is slippery because the ground will be cold. there will still be slick spots. the files are ready to go, and they cannot tell anything unless there is an opportunity latest. they will fall in sand. i wish to you be careful. schools let out two hours early. still doing ok. said it back to you. >> we are trying to give you different views of what is happening out there. one of the ways we do that is having a camera mounted safely on the dashboards.
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>> we have a lot more bad spots. the best way to give you an idea what is going on around hampton roads. the crashes causing the biggest delays. 64 westbound around tidewater drive. the other one causing the problems is to 64 westbound around 64. you have heavy traffic on 264 heading downtown. this is the crash i was talking about. tidewater drive, causing problems, and this is in the distance. 264-64, causing big delays as well.
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caps on westbound, but super bad. >> visibility not too bad. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow.
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>> seven public works says it is monitoring this secretion. . suffolk public works will continue to treat rates. there are overnight shelters in virginia beach for this homeless. >> you want to make sure everyone has a good place this evening. part of the winter shelter program, you need to be at the lighthouse shelter at 18th street i 7:00. other places are providing places where you can stay warm. >> in hampton, the rotating program is at community presbyterian church. a picture now from hampton. will check in with liz.
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you have been setting in your pitches. always like to thank you for doing that. look at the dog. . some more snow. >> we have a snow slide show now online. >> he will ask you to keep sending the pictures and we will
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>>l liz is live in hampton, usually at an area where we see a lot of people. liz: we are not far from hampton coliseum. look at this, we have three files coming to the intersection. police following behind them. last year when we were in hampton, the list -- police made sure cars stay away from plows so they had room to do their job. there is some salt pieces
4:46 pm
let's show you video, as these files were starting to head up. this is at the public works department. crews were already heading out. the public works staff started treating the roads on thursday, but now about snow and putting down the salt and sand mixture. part of that means setting up in the right place. we found trucks staging at hampton coliseum earlier, and that way they were ready to clear the snow. i would not be surprised if some of the plows are the ones traveling on west mercury boulevard. in newport news, crews are working 12-hour shifts, and they will continue to deny.
4:47 pm
>> thank you so much. have been keeping track of the photojournalist. >> chris is in virginia beach. we know there are traffic tieups going on right now. jen: chris is finding good spots. we will start in newport news. a crash clearing on 64 west, the backup beyond jefferson avenue.. you will want to use your secondaries. volume is picking up. can see the backup, and eastbound traffic is affected from people coming james city into newport news. 64 westbound around tidewater
4:48 pm
another big problem. often the distance now, 264 westbound around 64. below the bridge, you can see toward the bottom of the map. that is because of an early opening. the other is set for 5:00 p.m. 264 west is heavy around brambleton avenue. to get to the south side using the hampton roads bridge traffic, icy conditions reported to the monitor merrimac. 664 not too bad. here is stephanie and a. -- i need a.
4:49 pm
>> the snow is coming on how much longer? ashley: between 6:00 and 7:00 to is when this will taper off. this storm just came at an inconvenient time for kids going to school. here is a look at the super doppler 10 radar. we are on the edge of this system. farther southward, heavier snow. you can see from hatteras through rodanthe, rain right now. we are tracking light to moderate snow from southern shores into kurt talk and elizabeth city. we sell some flurries stretching from parts of suffolk to portsmouth. you have some might snow in chesapeake and along virginia
4:50 pm
false cape randy. north across the peninsula, mostly dry right now. individual flurries, but most of it is done. we are checking from cape charles. dissent things into motion, this is the system that had been pushing farther offshore. it is taking all this mess in, and it will take the clouds as well. we will see decreasing clouds in the overnight hours. cold air through the weekend. 27 in norfolk, 28 just become a 28 in elizabeth city. sustained wind speeds up to 10 miles per hour, the wind will pick up tonight into saturday. tonight temperatures expected drop into the low 20's. wind-chills will be in the teens.
4:51 pm
winds up to 15 and 25 miles per hour. sunday, coldest day of the week, the high of 27. here's our future track forecast as we continue this evening. this will kick out of here by 9:00. it is all done. we may see some clouds break apart. by 7:00 tomorrow morning, a cold start. we will start with sunshine. a mix of sun and clouds going into the afternoon, but despite the sunshine, it will stay called through the afternoon. bitterly cold saturday to sunday. keep your pets indoors and on sunday during the day high pressure will have control. a look at the forecast tonight. snow will be out of here by 7:00.
4:52 pm
tomorrow wind-chills in the upper teens. monday, a snow and wintry the afternoon. it will make the change over to all rain. we will track rain on tuesday highs in the low 50's. back into snow and imagery makes tuesday evening and possibly into wednesday morning. we will keep an eye on those two days and keep you updated at >> a live picture from norfolk. we will check in with liz lik atnow er havfutys itrnur e,it ur's oua annprl estsiden y h whics mean'sit t he pe t rfectime to re cate e thecperfmet ho. thnow h rouguafebr 1ry5th, ytever ihingoun r e storn is , pluswe'rfee of ring tythirix-s m,onth inontt eresncfinaing.
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>> a live picture from virginia beach. the snow is coming down. should be tempering off soon. news at 5:00 continues in a few moments with what is happening on this system. local news headlines. breaking news, jim gilmore has suspended his campaign for the white house. the candidate watched his campaign in july.
4:56 pm
voters was never higher than 0%/. virginia supreme court has ruled on a norfolk man sentenced to life terms 11 plus8 years. former governor bob mcdonnell's decision to reduce that to 40 years was unconstitutional. defense attorneys were trying to argue the reduction was unconstitutional, so he could seek an appeal. on to newport news. police are searching for suspects robbed a 15-year-old after he got off the school bus rate 2:30 yesterday afternoon at logan place, the teen said high school student walked up to him, starting fights with him, and stole his shoes and cell phone. a 15-year-old was not hurt.
4:57 pm
considering -- accused of sexually assaulting a girl. the girl met the man using the kik app. wavy news 10 at 5:00 can use right now. -- continues right now. >> this is wavy news 10. >> we are on your side tracking the snowfall. the weather center. jen has her eyes on the road. >> matt gregory is monitoring
4:58 pm
>> right now we need a check on that latest forecast. >> don slater is in the super doppler weather center. don: temperatures are going to cool throughout the area. we are loading in the latest forecast. it is lightening up. we will see scattered flurries the rest of the evening hours. we will see temperatures drop below freezing, so the wet roads will create some problems. it is ending earlier than we expected. the snowfall amounts are not as big. i want to show you what is going on. we saw a brief heavy snowfall in the peninsula. one little area moved through the eastern shore as well with moderate snowfall.
4:59 pm
very light snowfall going on across the eastern shore, wraps a little bit heavier toward the county line toward accomack, camden county line, north hampton county. light snow for the most part. one little patch more moderate snow going on right now from lake terrace and southward, but nothing too terribly big. a little bit weaker, more widespread from dam neck southward across virginia beach. a little bit of snowfall towards the mohawk area as low. further south, nothing real, real good. towards the outer banks, moderate snow, letters no farther still -- lighter snow farther south. kind of mixture farther south.
5:00 pm
4 inches or more, huge amounts of snow here. these are computer estimates as far as we have seen. possibly seeing around an inch or so of snow across parts of virginia beach and on towards hudgins. very patchy through the area engines of the snowfall. 6:00, here is what our computer model has. we could see a stray flurry through the evening hours and then we are done with it. stick a fork in it. where these clouds are shaped and a little bit of snow there. very, very windy conditions and very, very cold. mid-20's tomorrow morning, low to mid 20's. wind chills drop on down. teens for most of the weekend. we will talk about what is ahead minutes.


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