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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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4 inches or more, huge amounts of snow here. these are computer estimates as far as we have seen. possibly seeing around an inch or so of snow across parts of virginia beach and on towards hudgins. very patchy through the area engines of the snowfall. 6:00, here is what our computer model has. we could see a stray flurry through the evening hours and then we are done with it. stick a fork in it. where these clouds are shaped and a little bit of snow there. very, very windy conditions and very, very cold. mid-20's tomorrow morning, low to mid 20's. wind chills drop on down. teens for most of the weekend. we will talk about what is ahead minutes.
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chris a lot has been on the roads using amounted camp. >> the don't look too bad from this vantage point. it could mean a slick commute in some areas. jenna lewis has our first check on timesaver traffic. jen: you are 100% right. this is 64 westbound. plenty of snow. the reason this came up, you sort of see it between the trees, that is where the crash is. traffic slows the four jefferson avenue. your commute getting from newport news towards the james city county area is in bad shape. these are also heavy from folks diverting. this is still clearing and causing problems. it has traffic to around northview avenue. see over to the right there, this is causing some big problems and i want to show you some traffic on the peninsula
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dr. tom and stephanie. -- back to tom and stephanie. tom: now to our live cruise around the region. this south side is expected to get the front of this. stephanie: live from virginia beach from he has been there all day long. andy, what is the city doing to prepare for the snow? andy: stay back from behind the sand trucks. i'm getting reports from public works that someonean ran into the backdy there. stay back from the same trucks. this is independence and virginia beach boulevard, and the snow has tapered off. the roads are fine. but since our last report at 4:00, let me show you what we found. virginia beach public works getting the job done.
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we found adam jones start in the middle of the intersection at virginia beach and independence boulevards. getting ready for a cold, cold weekend. >> maybe we will get that -- andy: what do you think about all this? >> oh, yes, well, it could be worse. andy: yes, it could be worse, and we are seeing other people traveling. once again, a reminder, when you see this and trucks, this is an behind them. now my colleague matt gregory. matt: down here in kitty hawk, this is where all week we are talking about the brunt of the storm. we will get about 2 inches it looks like here.
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you can see the snow laying on top of the/. this is become not such an easy commute. people should focus on getting indoors and not going out unless they absolutely have to tonight. the secondary roads from i've been told, are not nearly as crowded. one of the things we talked to folks about today is what they are expecting coming in today. they see this once a year in the outer banks. asking for the storm to stop in a couple hours -- they expect to see things that a lot worse especially if you are driver in the outer banks. >> so far i'm not seeing anybody have trouble. the bigger trucks, you stand a better chance this minute. as we get farther in, you will get nasty. matt: he was in the last 10
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standing here where the trucks are continuing to pound kitty hawk with a heavier amount of snow through most this -- most of the viewing area. liz, what are you seeing in norfolk? liz: hey, matt. well, snow has been falling consistently since 2:00 in the afternoon but it is getting lighter. it is a fine mist, find flurry coming down here. the snow has accumulated on the grass. definitely a bit of a coding here. not so much the case on sidewalks. you can look and see that they are pretty clear, staying with the roadways, the intersection of chesapeake boulevard and little creek road. roads are not looking too bad. we have not been seeing snow coating them at all today. certainly what and that can become a bit of a concern as the temperatures drop.
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they pretreated bridges in the main roads yesterday. a crew will be available into the night. monitoring conditions and making sure everything is ok today. city offices closed a bit early in norfolk as precaution. people are just wanting to make sure they are safe out here. traffic is moving and we are not seeing any problems. that is what we like to see. as temperatures drop, the roadways, while they are not snow cover, they are wet. just stay in and be safe. that is our recommendation. liz kilmer, 10 on your side. stephanie: many schools released early today or post in anticipation of the snow. tom: the snow is expected to stick around for a while.
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forecasting winter weather, keep track of delays on you can take us with you on the go. download our weather app for the latest forecast on your fingertips. turn the other notifications on so you get the updates sent darkly to you. tom: 2 students and a bus driver were hurt when a school bus was rear-ended. it happened before noon today. they were taking middle and high school students home at the time. the driver of the f250 crashed into the back of the bus. the bus driver and two students were hurt but they are expected to be ok. stephanie: viewers like you have been sending in pictures and video on keep sending them in, guys. we are continuously adding pictures. puppy wagging its tail, happy out there. we will keep adding to our
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tom: i wonder if the dog made the snowman. also on, winter safety tips to help you prepare. temperatures will get even colder tonight. this article on the website shows how to keep your pipes from freezing. stephanie: coming up at 5:30, this is a live look at conditions in elizabeth city. joe fisher will have a live against no preparations in the next half hour. >> i am erin kelly in chesapeake. i was the rush-hour commute here?
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the 17-year-old was a few weeks away from graduating from woodrow wilson high school. two other people survive the troubleshooting. charges in the case were originally withdrawn but the suspects were also indicted on first-degree murder charges. one turned himself in and the police are looking for for others. stephanie: virginia supreme court has ruled on the case of a norfolk man sentenced to six life terms plus 118 years. they say former governor bob mcdonnell's decision to reduce the sentence was constitutional. his attorney may seek a rehearing or an appeal. police say he took part in an armed robbery in 2006 when he was just 15 years old. he did not take a plea deal. tom: i james city county man is in jail accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl. police say the girl met the
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liquor on parent reported the crime on monday. officers arrested the man on wednesday and charged him with rape. stephanie: coming up, the snow is falling in chesapeake. erin kelly will have a live report in two minutes. tom: and the look at the super doppler 10 radar. most of the blue stuff is moving out. don slater is tracking this for you. updates on falling temperatures, i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever.
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stephanie: on your side with team weather coverage. north carolina is getting the brunt of the snow but hampton roads not to be forgotten. tom: up to two inches in some parts. erin kelly is live in chesapeake. erin: the snow has been coming
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we have a little accumulation on the grass but over on the road is the main concern. so far we have not seen anybody having any issues. public works crews have been out applying to the major roads and they have the crews ready to treat the problem spots. they have their salt and sand trucks going out and treating where needed. they have a crew coming in at 7:00 will be working through the night and the city is telling drivers to assume that every street could be slippery. even though the brine will help, the roads could still be slick. the city closed normal hours today. schools let out two hours early. we have not seen any problems on battlefield boulevard. with the conditions worsening through the night, you want to make sure you don't hit any of the slick spots. but the brine seems to be doing ok for now. erin kelly, 10 on your side. stephanie: thanks.
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with freezing temperatures and slick roads, but it can also be quite beautiful. a special snowflake slideshows posted on and it has 8 fax about snowflakes. you can learn things like why no 2 snowflakes are alike or have snowflakes form. tom: a lot of your sending us your photos. for you. we have a double-team here. don: and this is ending sooner than we expected. stephanie: that is great news. don: hanging out around 7:00 -- that is the problem. don: did his ending now. -- it is ending right now. drop a significant amount on us but inconvenient nonetheless. don: to let you know how much
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region, we don't have the totals yet and they're are not real big for most of the region. by 4:30, we're pretty much -- 4:00, 4:30, over close to the dinner hour through the area. the eastern shore, little bit of light snow, and some moderate snow. more moderate snow around the wildlife refuge, the northern end of things there. nothing real, real big. it is not going to last very long. the last 15 or so minutes. anywhere south of the interstate, seeing some snow. we move on in and a little bit moderate snow there. other parts, steadier snow. we sought an inch and a half and
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is not going to last much longer. this is just an estimate. computer estimates as to how much snow they have gotten. we did see half an edge. three quarters of an inch. all jumbled together. look at what is going on in virginia beach. a little bit heavier snow. we go to north carolina, around an inch. then the snow further to the south. tapering off the flurries. by the time the snow ends, here is what we end up with. half an inch to one inch, three to four inches further south in the viewing area. he gave us a little bit of snow. now comes the bad part. we could still see a flurry or two overnight but this is the northwest wind.
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we are likely to see the windchill during the day only in the teens. likely in the 26-, 47-, 28-degrees range on sunday. the week with ashley baylor. next parts of next week. here's what we are talking on the future cast. here comes the next troublemaker . middle of the day on monday we will be tracking the possibility for a snow-wintry mix. as the temperatures low into the 40's by monday evening, gradually we will see increasing temperatures overnight and that will allow the changeover to all rain. rain from monday night into tuesday morning and i expect rain for most of your tuesday and then as a get on the back edge of the system, temperatures.
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change over to a snow wintry mix before it goes to rain, back to a mix for the start of next week's things are looking a lot better out there. temperatures are in the 20's in the low 30's. 27 in hampton. 30 up in williamsburg. temperatures are expected to drop off into the mid-20's but it will feel much colder than that with the wind of their. despite the fact that we will see a decent amount of sunshine, the wind chills will be stuck in the upper teens to low 20's all day. it will be the coldest day of the week. keep a very close eye on that. you can find us on how are the roads looking, jen? jen: not so great. we have a new one on the traffic jam cam. 264 eastbound and it looks like it got muddy on the camera.
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bridge, in my be in the final stages of clearing but it is causing delays. the other one that looks like it is wrapping up is here. this one has really been causing problems today. traffic on 64 causing big problems for folks trying to get to the hampton roads which tunnel. it looks like traffic is cleared up and they had 2 openings. residual delays because of that. not as much color change on the map here. on the peninsula there's still a big issue. clearly the westbound over to your right back several for you to jefferson avenue. you still have heavy traffic. stephanie: coming up, an apartment fire displaces seven people. we now know what caused the fire. tom: we will look live at
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tom: all new at 5:00, chesapeake police say they have discovered
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-- meth lab near chesapeake square mall. they were serving a search warrant and it was in a shed behind the house. stephanie: the man behind bars in suffolk. no one was hurt and we will let you know as soon as we have new information. tom: several people cannot go home tonight after an apartment fire in hampton. firefighters took these pictures of the damage. no one was hurt. investigators ruled the cause accidental. they believe it began behind an electrical panel. the word from transportation secretary -- we told you about his plan to back to $155 million last year but now it is in writing. 10 on your side and the letter dated today that says in part if the city decides against the extension lane, once the money is put back into the state, high priority projects
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coming up on "wavy news 10," an update. a police officer raising money to help the homeless. stephanie: and we are bringing you a live look outside our studio in portsmouth. live team coverage of the winter weather across the region. at 5:30, a live but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%!
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tom: now one of the about the police officer going above and beyond to help the homeless. people without shelter in these frigid temperatures needed necessities we take for granted. we reported wednesday that the officer reached in his own wallet to help and he started a gofundme account for specific items he couldn't by himself. since our report, u.s. helped him raise more than's -- you have helped him raise more than $7,000. stay with us.
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>> now from the station on your side, this is "wavy news 10." stephanie: our coverage continues at 5:30. winter weather is sweeping across the region. we are tracking snow from north carolina to the peninsula. don slater is keeping an eye on this fast weather system and john lewis is watching the roadways -- jen lewis is watching the roadways on what is assigned the commute home. the snow started coming down early this afternoon. here is what it looks like in virginia beach. don slater is in the weather center right now to talk about that. don: what we have got going on is everything is ending a little earlier than we expected. we expected to see the bulk of the snow end buyer on 7:00. here is where we are at 5:30 and
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basically, we are done. stick a fork in it could move it on out to see. also south of our viewing area early in the day, we will show you that in just a second. snowfall remains for parts of virginia beach in the southeastern chesapeake. a little bit across accomack county in the eastern shore. you can see anywhere basically south of the interstate to sand bridge. this area getting a little bit of a steadier snowfall. in the northern parts of the outer banks we are seeing some. it is a little steadier. it has pretty much ended towards kill devil hills after seeing an inch and a half in there. 4-5 inches south of the viewing area. what do we expect for the overnight hours? 6:00 tonight, got a few flurries


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