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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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one of the residents -- who said -- at first, he didn't notice anything was wrong. derrick williams - resident trt - 20 in the beginning, we didn't smell anything. we didn't know what was going on, because, like i yet. so, you know the store, right here, is open. thank you that the store is open, somebody ran across the street. they just ran upstairs, told to us to come outside. we come outside and we look up and it's a fire. sure enough. he and his family are staying with relatives. another person is working with the red cross to find a place to stay. it's not clear what chesapeake, erin kelly, side. we start in the super doppler 10 weather center tonight. meteorologist don slater. don -- you say you've stopped tracking snow,
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to freezing temperatures. what are you expecting for the
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team coverage of the winter weather takes us to an area that saw some of the most snow today. 10 on your side's liz kilmer is live in elizabeth city. liz -- how have things changed since this afternoon? not a whole lot - most of the snow began tapering off by 5 tonight. there was concern over wet roads turning icy - but we haven't seen too many problems here. take a look, this is north road street. traffic is ..... as you can see, the pavement is clear elizabeth city earlier this afternoon. 10 on your side's joe fisher was out here when the flurries began shortly before 2. several plow trucks were spotted but plows really weren't needed, as snow didn't stick to pavement. n-c-d-o-t started preparing for this storm in advance -- they put brine out yesterday and this morning. this is video from nearby hertford, you efforts on bridges and overpasses. and their efforts really seemed to pay off. we're told crews will continue to monitor roads into the overnight hours in elizabeth city. roads into the overnight
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we drove down here from norfolk around 7 tonight certainly accumulations on grassy areas, but major roadways heading down here looked ok at that hour. route 17 wasn't iced over from what we observed. tom, back to you. of course -- one of our biggest concerns tonight is what's happening with the roads. 10 on your side's liz palka is live in virginia beach. liz, what are the roads looking like where you are? tom - we have driven from the southside - to the peninsula - and now back again. we have not had any problems driving around. so we wanted to give you another angle. show you the roads from the perspective of someone who is working to keep them clear. virginia beach public
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parkway. c41 17:33:10 - i started this shift early this morning. but ive been out here virginia beach and much of hampton roads saw friday. instead, kirby and other crews are focused on preventing black ice. c41 17:33:47 - we're trying to keep the roads from icing over we're trying to treat the wet spots that could possible freeze up. and even get black ice. as kirby is out on the road - another equipment operator is back mixing sand and salt. the mixture is then loaded into the spreaders that will be out on the streets through the night. more than a dozen trucks will work clear through until six saturday morning. treating the primary roads and looking for ice on bridges and overpasses. c43 17:36:33 we're going to pretty much have a shift all around the clock until the morning. :36 temperatures we're having
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here's something interesting. kirby told us we would be surprised to know how many drivers try to pass plows. depending on the conditions, that is often dangerous. they ask that you give them room, let them do their job, which is only to make these roads safer. live in vb liz palka, 10 on your side. now we want to let you know how crews are handling highway safety -- v-dot's jennifer gwaltney joins us now. v-dot's jennifer gwaltney
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now we want to let you know how crews are handling highway safety -- v-dot's jennifer gwaltney
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10 on your side's matt gregory sent in this video from jennette's pier in nags head when the snow first started coming down. you helped augment the presence of our reporters. thank you for aiding us in providing images to your fellow viewers. at the height of the snow -- we got this video from nelene gibbs in south nag's head. she says the flakes were heavy, and it piled up quickly. terry rose sent us images of snow covered trees in duck -- as part of her so-called winter wonderland. and in kill devil hills that wonder included a small version of old man winter. thank you to harold cutrell who sent us this photo. and winter shot of bodie
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head. this one comes courtesy of erin zel. finally, from mary vail, who says the clouds parted just in time to catch a little sunset over the bayville golf course in virginia beach. anytime it's safe for you to do so -- send pictures and videos of weather conditions in your neighborhood to report it at our weather coverage continues in few minutes, first chesapeake police say they found a meth lab while serving a warrant. 28 year old earnest brock faces a list of charges including identity theft and credit card fraud. police tell us he could face more - because of what they found behind his home. isle of wight county deputies served a search warrant in chesapeake this morning, that's when they reported the lab in a shed behind this home on meadows landing. the virginia state police were called to help control the lab. brock is in jail. a verdict in a case we've
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death. last march, police say ashley white and her husband left their five-year-old son, noah, and baby daughter home alone. noah vanished. and he was found dead in a septic tank nearly a week later. the judge says white didn't kill her son, but her lack of supervision lead to his death. she will be sentenced in may. the man who once ran virginia -- has ended his run for the presidency. a look back at the campaign of a little known candidate. it's nearly valentine's day -- and you may be see a lot more flowers for sale. see what it takes to get
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breaking news from portsmouth -- officers are investigating an armed robbery. it happened at the b-p gas station on twin pines road. officers say they got the call around 10:45. they say a suspect with a gun took money, but they couldn't tell us whether anyone was hurt. more breaking news from police dispatchers say they're investigating a shooting. they say it happened around 10 on holland road and rosemont -- that's in the parking lot of the chimney hill shopping center. they say that person should recover former virginia governor jim gilmore has suspended his campaign for the white house.
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jumped into the crowded race in july. he received 133 votes in the new hampshire primary -- and just 12 in the iowa caucuses. gilmore says he will support whoever the republican party chooses as a candidate for november. in a tweet, he says he will do all he can to make sure that person will keep us safe. gilmore was the only contender with military experience. this was his second bid for the presidency, he ran briefly in 2007. with gilmore dropping out, six republicans they are businessman donald trump, florida senator marco rubio, texas senator ted cruz, retired neurosurgeon ben carson, former florida governor jeb bush, and ohio governor john kasich. they'll debate tomorrow night in carolina. virginia's senate has approved a bill some say protects businesses and people opposing same-sex marriage. supporters say it prevents the government from denying grants and contracts over religious
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it gives people and businesses a license to discriminate against the l-g-b-t community. governor terry mcauliffe has promised to veto the bill. winter left its footprint on other parts of the country as well. students stayed home and businesses kept their doors closed in knoxville, tennessee. they expected about an inch of snow there -- this is the real stuff. lake effect snow blanketed neighborhoods near buffalo new york. they're expecting three to five inches on top of what you see here. and while we deal with cold air through the weekend, in this part of new york state, temperatures are expected to reach 20 below. in michigan, two accidents caused major problems. police say one invovled nine cars and four tractor trailers -- one which dumped thousands of gallons of oil. the second pileup: 14 vehciles. at least four people were hurt -- one with serious injuries.
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in on floridia this time of year, albiet a milder version. here you see nearly 500 manatees huddled together for warmth. waters along the gulf coast dropped below 50 degrees which is not good for manatees. but not bad for tourists who come to see them. think a lot of people don't think about them. you see your deer and your fish and things like that, but to see these, it's just awesome." vincente says: "when they're here, there here to conserve energy, they lower their metabolism, so they're basically chilling in the springs, sleeping, spending the vast majority of the time resting and conserving energy." the sea cows can suffer hypothermia and cold stress. they could eventually die if they stay in water
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tonight: snow ending by 9 pm, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-20s. winds: nw 10-15 mph. wind chills: mid teens. saturday: mix of sun and
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nw 15-25 mph. wind chills: upper teens. sunday: mostly sunny. not as windy, but still cold. highs: mid-20s. winds: n 10-15 mph. wind chills: mid teens. tonight: snow ending by 9 pm, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-20s. winds: nw 10-15 mph. wind chills: mid teens. saturday: mix of sun and clouds. cold and windy. highs: low-30s. winds: nw 15-25 mph. wind chills: upper teens. sunday: mostly sunny. not as windy, but still cold. highs: mid-20s. winds: n 10-15 mph. wind chills: mid teens. tonight: snow ending by 9 pm, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-20s. winds: nw 10-15 mph. wind chills: mid teens.
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clouds. cold and windy. highs: low-30s. winds: nw 15-25 mph. wind chills: upper teens. sunday: mostly sunny. not as windy, but still cold. highs: mid-20s. winds: n 10-15 mph. wind chills: mid teens. tonight: snow ending by 9 pm, then decreasing clouds. lows: mid-20s. winds: nw 10-15 mph. wind chills: mid teens. saturday: mix of sun and clouds. cold and windy. highs: low-30s. winds: nw 15-25 mph. wind chills: upper teens. sunday: mostly sunny. not as windy, but still cold. highs: mid-20s. winds: n 10-15 mph. wind
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and as crews from hampton roads and north carolina
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your side as you get door. watch wavy news 10 today fresh forecast from
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getting those valentine's flowers to the store is quite the process -- one that involves
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(peter sessler/mayesh director of purchasing :23-:27) "everything from south america comes to miami. it's really the biggest flower port of entry in the united states." before they end up on the shelves, many flowers pass through the miami international airport. u-p-s will fly more than 100-million flowers here for love birds across the u-s this valentine's day. that's 560-thousand boxes. nine million pounds. or more than eight million bouquets. then customs inspectors keep any unwanted visitors from ruining the romance. from here - they're off to a store near you. two local basketball greats are finalists for the basketball hall of fame. and and all kinds of good college games on tap for tomorrow--the
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wi ther havfutys urrnitoue, y rme ho b canrfe wevenlihen snfe i't. r ouprenesidayts de salis ap hpe nningow. cfromiclassco to pontemryra,
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14 finalists, two from hampton roads, are one step away from reaching basketball immortality. as the basketball hall of fame announces it's finalists for the class of 2-thousand 16. i'm bruce rader, former all-star guard and 76ers legend allen iverson from hampton and former maryland coach lefty driesell from norfolk are among the 14 finalists for the naismith memorial basketball hall of fame's class coming up. they must receive 18 votes for enshrinement, but iverson appears to be a shoo. the 14 year veteran, now 40 years old was
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the all-star game mvp twice, and was the nba's most valuable player 15 years ago. allen was a football and basketball star at bethel high school, he was named the virginia player of the year in both sports, and led bethel to state championships in both sports. meanwhile, one of my favorite sports figures of all time, 84 year old lefty driesell, is back in the running for the third time. he coached college basketball for 41 years, 17 at maryland-- he won 786 games, turned little davidson into a national power before coming to maryland in 1969 and later took both james madison and georgia state to the nc-double a tournament. lefty was born in norfolk, was an all state player at granby high school, was a center at duke, returned to coach at granby and newport news high school before moving on to davidson. the old dominion basketball team is looking to win it's fifth
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afternoon when they host rice for alumni day. the star of this old dominion team is trey freeman averaging over 21 points a game, he has been the confrence usa player of the week for the past three weeks. but a great sign last night as odu beat north texas by 20 points, was the play of brandan stith, who had a career and game high 17 points to go along with his team high 11 rebounds. it will be alumni day, and spartan fan fest tomorrow at norfolk state where the spartans will take on morgan state for a 6 o'clock game at joseph echols hall. the fan fest starts at three and the first 750 fans wearing nsu apparel will recieve a bobblehead--as the men's team will look to maintain pace with south carolina state and meac standings. and a big acc matchup tomorrow, as duke welcomes red hot virginia to cameron indoor arena.
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at duke since 1995--but are riding a seven game winning streak since overcoming its own mid-season struggles to move into second place in the acc behind north carolina, both teams are 20 and 4 on the season. after suffering an exhausting loss at home against hofstra last night, the william and mary basketball team had plenty of time to think about it today, on their trip up to baltimore where the tribe will take on towson tomorrow afternoon. william and mary sure has plenty of offense, scoring 80 points or more almost every game reciently. and scored 80
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nigh [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ray romano, lucy hale, musical guest, brandi carlile, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 401, rhode island. >> steve: and now, here he is,


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