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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 15, 2016 2:00am-2:30am EST

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she asked for prayer saying she needed surgery, saying doctors found a growth on her vocal chords. number four, barry manilow's health scare. shortly after performing in memphis wednesday, the 72-year-old fell ill and was rushed to l.a. after having complications from two prior emergency oral surgeries. he is recovering after another surgery friday. he is instructed not to sing, talk or rap for 48 hours. gwyneth testifies in court. >> she feared for her family's safety after receiving 66 messages from the defendant. the messages range the from religious to graphic to porn graphic. >> number two, janice versus
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marty singer was dismissed this week from dickinson's suit. she claims he branded her a liar. she's due in court february 29th.29th 29th. and the number 2001 storeone story this week, lamar odum's miracle. he was seen back on his feet ahead of kanye's fashion show and album debut. >> kanye was very instrumental. in part of his recovery, kanye would go to the hospital and play him music, and that's what he really, really responded to. on october 13th, the ex-nba star was found unconscious in a brothel. >> khloe is just amazing. she really nursed him right back. >> go to e.t. for the latest. a lot of headlines coming out of super bowl 50.
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sunday, delivering the second highest overnight ratings ever in super bowl history. we will people all over levi's stadium. and kevin frasier was the only journalist fortunate enough to talk with queen bey after her bold halftime performance. let's put it this way, beyonce dropped the mic on super bowl 50. and we were all in the middle of it. i want it i work hard i own it >> how did it feel tonight? >> it felt great. the best part was seeing coldplay. >> yeah? >> for me, because i was able to watch from t back and really enjoy it. >> and enjoy it. >> yeah. >> the singer kept it humble. >> there's a lot of folks who feel beyonce won halftime. first, that super bowl style, a michael jackson throwback in a
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and a new song live debut. "formation" video dropped the day before. >> what's next for "formation squgs"formation"? people are going crazy over that video? >> in a commercial after the pepsi super bowl 50 halftime show, we learned tickets for a surprise world tour go on sale next week. after her performance, beyonce watched the game with usher and husband jay z who signed autographs for young fans. >> are you riding right now on emotional highs? >> yeah. yeah. >> how do you top this feeling? >> i don't think it's possible. >> gwyneth posted this adorable photo of apple and blue last weekend. jennifer pairles covered the
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>> she said we're tired. do you mind not shooting her and all the camera crews said okay and backed up. even though her mom performed at the super bowl, she just wanted to go to bed. >> are you nervous? >> i'm so excited. >> super sunday's other knockout moment came from lady gaga who sang the national anthem. oh, say can you see >> gaga shared her journey to the 50 yard line with her fans. she hit snapchat all day with the diary of her morning exercise, gucci shoes, pregame glam. star-spangled nails and last-minute warmup. on the field, it all came together perfectly. brave [cheers and applause] >> gaga, how was it? >> you tell me. i don't know. i can't wait to watch the game. >> it was spectacular.
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>> another interview making news. henson clearing up her coldplay confusion. during halftime, the empire star tweeted coldplay and wrote, yeah, #maroon 5 is like to me. >> i don't know if you know how it goes. a lot of strength in there, kool-aid, lemonade, iced tea. i mix it aumt you're arell. they go that's maroon 5. and i go, you sure in and i sent mary j. blige, my cousin, my mother, my grandmother, everybody texting me, saying change your post, change your post! and i realized it was coldplay, and i'm like, i'm human. i made a mistake. come on, i drank the kool-aid! >> i also talked to a star on
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it's the oscars of football, and i was one of the red carpet hosts. this is my entertainment, you know, when i have time off, i'm looking to the nfl for those guys to entertain me. >> there was also the legendary super bowl party scene, the red hot chili peppers rocked the party when julianne hough arrived. she got some love from her former flame. >> she found that out, went down and knocked on the door to say hi. >> also at the party, kate hudson showing off her bronco spirit. >> how awesome is this? they made a whole blue and orange without knowing. >> i'm go being to cry. >> kate snapchated her way through the game hanging with brother oliver, and she was seen
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cool about rumors he's dating lily collins. >> can you comment on the lily rumors? >> i can't, at all. >> on the way, we are sitting down with lionel richie. his big grammy honors this weekend. there's john legend. demi lovato, luke brien and meghan trainor. >> why he was surprised at who
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hello is it me you're looking for >> that is such a good song and such a great artist, who's getting a big honor for monday's grammys, lionel richie. he's being celebrated as the 2016 music person of the year. we sat down with the icon to talk about his incredible career. >> getting the music person of the year. you've had a lot of honors in your career, but what does an honor like this mean? >> you have to know that i was a little paranoid when i first got the call, because when you get honored like this, there's always that question does this mean they're saying good-bye? >> an all-star tribute is also planned for cbs. and we kind of played the spoiler. >> in that tribute, there's john
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demi lovato, luke bryan and meghan trainor. >> i didn't know you were giving me an inside. >> do you have any say on who getting to perform for you? >> no. in this case, i like the surprise. >> and could a mashup with this lady be in the cards? hello hello >> if i were a betting woman, i would say maybe lionel richie would show up with her. >> now i wouldn't put your bet on too hard. >> no? >> no. this is going to be her evening to shine. i can pretty much think that she would not want to share the stage too much with -- >> i don't know about that. >> that would be great, but we'll see. when we finally get to meet for the first time, because we have not seen each other to this day. >> you've never met her. >> never met. i'm going to sit down and enjoy this and prove to my kids, see,
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they missed the commodores and the '80s. they know me, okay? you are the sun >> he will receive his honor at a big celebration on saturday. the grammy charity provides money to artists who have fallen on hardship or addiction. >> what would lionel richie say is his legacy? >> you know, i think that love is the entire thing. it never goes out of style. >> lionel goes back on tour at the end of this month throughout south america and south africa before returning to the states to play a string of shows at planet hollywood in las vegas. coming up, can the stars of this year's grammys create moments like these? >> i think he's cute, and i think he thinks i'm cute too. this is my big award for tonight. >> our award throwback to the couples and memories e.t. has seen in 45 years at music's biggest night.
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plus size models, once rejected for being too big. first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which talk show host is born in london? is it jimmy fallon, jerry springer or red carpet season is all about rewarding great taste. we'll raise a cup to that. dunkin' donuts coffee. cheers to greatness inside and out. america runs on dunkin'. happy anniversary dinner, darlin' can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand.
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which lucky model is the cover girl for their swimsuit issue. we talked to one woman who's making more news inside the pages of the magazine. plus size model ashley graham. she is now an official s.i. model and part of a new ad campaign that is proving bikini bodies come in all shapes and sizes. >> i'm really excited to know that sports illustrated is wanting to include women like us. there is no perfect body, and we shouldn't be striving for perfection anymore. 5'9" and a size 14-16. she's modeling swimsuits for all among models redefining beauty. >> this is my, they say wear a bikini bikini, i was like, me?
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it's like a new era, we're embracing different races, different sizes as being beautiful. >> they're also taking on ageism. she is a sexy 56 years old. >> i've never worn a bikini before. i never thought i would look good or sexy in one. but i was wrong. >> i'd love to know in your modeling careers if you ever received feedback that you didn't have the right body type? >> i had an agent wave in front of my face and said if you lost a few l.b.stbs, you'd be making this. >> i was like, oh, yeah. i'd be more like i'd cry. >> we got to give beau her first peek at her photo. >> it's really good. oh, my gosh.
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>> beau, 23, is from serbia and is a guess jeans model. and this model is from hungary and has modeled before. that brings us back to ashley graham and her first s.i. photo spread. >> this is huge. this is phenomenal. this has broken down a huge barrier. >> you're going to make me cry again! >> a lot of people talking about this issue. this kind of exposure really is a dream come true for them. last year, the swimsuit issue was viewed by 70 million people alone. >> and millions will be tuning in to the grammy awards. e.t. has been covering the show for over 30 years, so we have a bit of our own history to share. here's a look at some of our favorite moments from grammys past.
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walking the carpet pregnant or not? >> bond, james bond. >> bieber, justin bieber. >> man, the headlines that come out of music's biggest night. remember when michael jackson brought brooke shields? and how about a throwback to when mariah looked like this in '93. >> did you eat yet today? >> no, i'm star offing. >> when i was a teenager, i was miserable and i was contemplating. just think of it, if i wasn't here, i would have missed out on all of this stuff. >> there are grammy couples that have lasted. others that didn't and some we forgot were ever even an item. >> we have a very special bond. i don't know what it's called. but it's fun. >> we definitely have a chemistry together. i think he's cute. and i've heard through the
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>> hey, come on in! >> from shania to mark anthony, we've gotten ready with nervous nominees. we were even with a 22-year-old whitney houston and her parents in 1986. >> i'm doing okay. holding up pretty good. >> but it's the backstage moments with the winners that really stand out. >> you ever get to be back stage, seeing people getting ready to perform. >> you hear your name and it registers. that's just the ultimate. that's musical orgasm. >> and when the windsentinners touch that gold, things happen. in fact, beyonce dropped hers. >> i just met madonna. she thinks i'm weird. >> you're amazing. >> over 35 years, we got so much
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like that time in 2005 when john mayer did an impromptu american idol impression for john ever low -- jennifer lopez. >> and then this one. she's our girl crush now, but back then she had eyes for two musicians. >> i think they were like peter and paul. the little one, nick, i think he's 16. 16 is legal in the u.k. i like justin timberlake. i was so nervous. and he stopped me in the hallway, like congratulations. >> we'll have a full wrapup of everything grammys tuesday on "e.t." but make sure you tune in to cbs on monday before the awards. the network is going live for the first time ahead of the big
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consideration provided by look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. stockard channing is 72. and take a final look at your choices. which talk show host was born in london? that's my buddy from dancing with the stars, jerry springer, who is 72 this weekend. tuesday -- >> witness greatness at the grammys with "e.t.." >> the grammys are very close to my heart. >> adele, gaga, bieber. >> biggest stars going for gold. >> i cannot understand why you cannot fan girl about that. >> our star guru breaks down the best and worst looks. >> the best grammy coverage in the world. >> you got to watch the grammys. >> only on "e.t." tuesday.
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this weekend, but of course for all the late breaking hollywood news, go to before we go, check out the new video from zayn malik, the song off his upcoming solo album which debuted at number one on the hot 100 charts, and it features his girlfriend, gigi hadid. enjoy your weekend, everyone, bye.
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