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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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then was invited to his home. the amazing story coming up) i'm erin kelly in virginia beach, where nearly two years later, a man's murder remains unsolved. you'll hear the plea from his mother. i'm chris horne. what if someone could walk up to your windshield, look inside, figure out who you are, where you live, and what your phone number is. the weather is first at 4. we woke up this morning to a blanket of snow. but in most places --- it's just a memory. rain in the afternoon melted it all away. we begin our coverage of the winter weather, the rain and what's next with meteorologist deitra tate in the super doppler 10 weather center. tonight: mostly cloudy with scattered rain showers. temps will hold steady or rise from the mid 40s. winds sw 5-15mph. tuesday:
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highs will be near 60. winds south/west 10- 20mph. warm/moist air is running overtop of the colder air at the surface this morning. this is creating snow showers in the region. we will see snow for a few more hours this morning. it will mix with sleet at times. then it will change over to a mix of sleet, freezing rain, and some snow before changing to rain around midday. expect 1-2" accumulations in hampton roads with more north of the metro. then a thin layer of ice will form on top of that. improve later today as warmer air moves in from the southeast. the precip will turn into all rain by the early afternoon. then melting will occur. a warm front will lift into the region and warm things up. so we'll see rain tonight into tomorrow. a cold front will move through tomorrow night. then we'll be cooler and dry for wednesday. we will have quieter/milder weather for the rest fo
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our team coverage of this winter weather continues now with a look at the conditions on the peninsula. this is what newport news looked like this morning. 10 on your side's brandi cummings has a look at the conditions now. stephaie, anita- we have seen a rain falling all day. there is still some snow covering the side walks and probably some yards, but much of it has melted. on the roads, what was slush has turned to water. we have seen some pudling so drivers are asked to be careful.
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this morning. our crews captured this video of snow falling pretty steady here in newport news. it covered the side walks and ground. we saw snow plows moving the snow off the roads. we spoke to some drivers out today about how they feel about this winter weather. sot - veronica bernal, thomas nelson college student - clip 60 30:01 i think its horible because its cold and i personally i prefer the summer months. im glad it came and the rain has taken it away and hopefully the kids wont be out of school pick up the kids take care of the family. there's not that much snow. the roads are clear. its not slowing anything down for me. even though city offices and schools here in newport news are closed we've seen a steady stream of traffic all day. folks we talked to say the weather hasn't stopped them. we'll be
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report on conditions coming up on wavy news 10 at 5. live in newport news im have sent in a lot of pictures of the snow where they live to report-it. we put together a slideshow on wavy dot com. and don't forget to download our wavy- weather app for the latest hour-by-hour forecasts. and remember to turn the alerts on so the latest information pops up right on your smartphone or tablet. 10 on your side is following up on devastating fires in norfolk over the weekend. the department responded to four major, destructive fires in the past 72 hours chopper 10 flew over the worst of those. this was the view sunday morning in ocean view...after a fire raged for hours saturday night. today we learned that fire damaged 14 buildings. eight are destroyed. 10 on your side's lex gray has been at the scene all afternoon
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lex -- it looks like it's still very busy. right, anita when we got here, one of these buildings was still standing, and within less than an was gone. i also heard from the fire chief earlier today. he got emotional about this weekend, especially when he talked about this fire. you can see how scary it must have been for the people who live around here...and for the firefighters. this is video our crews shot saturday night. embers flew all around, and officials say because of the wind, the fire ripped quickly from building to building. on top of that -- temperatures were well below freezing, and they had problems with water pressure. by the least 30 people lost their homes. still, everyone survived, and no one was seriously hurt. that i know felt bad like we didn't do a good enough job. working with them, for them to understand, and i've been there, but
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it a few times, and sometimes the best we can do is stop the spread of the fire and in ocean view that's what we had to do. coming up on wavy news 10 at'll hear what a neighbor wants firefighters to know about the work they did here. live in norfolk, lex gray, 10 on your side. we have extended coverage on wavy dot com. we posted today's entire news conference, photos, viewer video and aerials from chopper 10. investigators are looking into what started a fire at an apartment complex in virginia beach this morning. this was breaking news on wavy news 10 this morning. the fire affected 10 people in six units at the linkhorn bay apartments on treetop drive. that's off of birdneck road. one person went to the hospital for smoke inhalation but everyone else is ok. one resident smelled the smoke around 3:30, called for help and went to wake his neighbors. danny longoria/fire victim its the people that matters the most we're a pretty tight knit group here we're all friends, pretty much family so all
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gets out safe danny longoria told 10 on your side his military training helped him react quickly to the situaiton. he also said that everyone living in those apartments is required to have renters insurance. the norfolk fire department is investigating what sparked a fire this morning in the larchmont neighborhood. it happened around 7-30 ] on cambridge crescent off hampton boulevard. when crews arrived smoke and flames were coming from the back of the two story home. the resident and his dog were outside. a home next door also has outside damage. the currituck sheriff's office is investigating what sparked the fire that destroyed a moyock home. 10 on your side viewers sent us these pictures from moyock. this is on northwest backwoods road. six people were home yesterday morning when the fire started. one person is recovering from minor burns. it took firefighters an hour to control the flames. freezing temperatures and a lack of fire hydrants nearby caused problems. the chesapeake fire department is investigating what sparked a house fire in deep creek. it happened around 11-30
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johnson road. when crews arrived --- smoke and flames were coming from the home. firefighters had the fire under contol in about 20 minutes. no one was hurt. the house is undergoing renovations. the newport news fire department reports a busy 24 hours this weekend. crews responded to 102 calls. they include a call about a possible home invasion on middlesex road that turned into a hazardous materials incident. these are pictures from the fire department of the scene in the hidenwood area. police found items they say appeared to be used to manufacture meth. the hazardous materials team, newport news police, and state and federal agencies spent nearly nine hours investigating, collecting evidence, and rendering the materials safe. here's a breakdown of those 102 calls for service: 19 crashes, 6 fire alarms, 9 public assist calls, 64 medical emergencies, 3 house fires, 3 apartment fires and the hazardous materials call. investigators say an unattended candle fell over and started a fire
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of a home on chestnut avenue. virginia beach police are asking for your help identifying a robbery suspect. these are surveillance photos from a hold up february 9th on diamond springs road. detectives say a man came in with a double barreled shotgun, approached the clerk and demanded money. then the suspect ran out with the stolen cash. if you recognize him --- call the crime line. two years after her son was killed --- a mother is still searching for justice. hear what she told 10 on your side's erin kelly. we're on your side with a warning from the i-r-s. find out what you can do to try and protect your tax refund. the fight for light rail. the state has an ultimatium for virginia beach. a live look right now through towercam 10. meteorologist deitra tate
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hey candidates. enough talk.
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bring light rail to virginia beach or give up the money. 10 on your side told you last week about a leter fromthe governor's office to delegate ron villanueva. part of it says if the city decides against the light rail extension transportation secretary aubrey layne wants the money back for other state projects. 10 on your side's jason marks is working on this latest development in the light rail fight. the state set aside 155 million dollars for virginia beach's light rail project. the state now wants to see some commitment from the city or. that money will be used for other projects here in the commonwealth. virginia beach council would love to extend the light rail to town center-- but there has been some backlash
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ideally city officials say they would love to keep hold of this 155 million dollars in state funding and at the same time have the voters decide in november if they want light rail or not.. and if they don't then the money could be returned. transportation secretary aubrey lane says that's not the case. he sent a letter last week to delegate ron villaneuva saying if virginia beach continues to drag its feet the money could be gone. 17=3:09:12 "if they are not ready to go forward which is their prerogative i want to make that clear then the consequences then we have limited resources in the commonwealth and we put that money to work else where but when they are ready if they decide to go forward we will be just as supportive as we were before." if virginia beach were to lose the money and then decide they still want the project could reapply for money but ofcourse there is no guarantee. so what is city council saying about this.. you'll hear from
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the newtown station.. jason marks 10 on your side. a series of u.s. coast guard hearings are trying to get answers about why the 790-foot freighter el faro sank last fall. the cargo ship went down in the atlantic during a hurricane in october. the ship's captain attempted to outrun the storm, but lost engine power and control of the ship. all 33 crew members died --- including a man from virginia beach. hearings start tomorrow in jacksonville, florida. authorities plan to ask a lot of questions --- including whether misconduct, negligence or poor-quality safety inspections contributed to the maritime disaster. crews found the wreckage in about 15-thousand feet of water near the coast guard crews lifted him from a tanker. an mh-60 jayhawk helicopter crew and a c-130 hercules aircraft crew out of elizabeth city responded to the call yesterday
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to bermuda. a 38-year-old crew member singapore tanker nordic army was having abdominal pain. the jayhawk crew lifted the man to the helicopter hospital. condition. a tractor-trailer driver driving after his livestock truck overturned on a virginia interstate. virginia state police say it happened this morning on interstate 81 near the interstate 66 interchange in frederick county. six of the 33 cattle on board died. another six cows escaped the damaged trailer. state police sent out this picture of a vet examining the livestock. the driver received minor injuries. virginia state police say one person is dead after an suv hit a snow plow in fauquier county. it happened around 7 a-m. state police say the suv hit the snow plow head on. meteorologist deitra tate tonight: periodic rain showers. warmer... lows
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wind:sse 10-20mph tuesday: warm with rain before 2pm. heavy downpours possible in the am. highs around 60 degrees. wind: ssw 15-25mph. wednesday: isolated am showers possible. otherwise, cooler with highs in the upper 40s. wind: ne, light. this morning's snow continues to melt under warmer temps and pockets of rain. a warm front will continue to lift northward thru tonight...allowing the temps to hover around 50 degrees around midnight. therefore, no icy roads expected tonight. periodic showers are possible; so, have an umbrella if you're heading out. an area of
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rain for tuesday morning...heaviest between 8am and noon. then the rain tapers off by tuesday
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here's what's coming up in our next ninety minutes of news here is a look behind the scenes as a dedicated staff on your side continues to work in the newsroom. i'm tom schaad in the wavy live center just a peak inside your car may reveal a lot
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horne with a special 10 on your side investigation about an unlikely treasure trove of personal information. at 5:30, researchers have a possible link between medications that treat heartburn -- and dementia. and why bribing employees to exercise may not work. but there's another to encourage a healthy workforce. see these stories when nicole livas joins me beginning at 5. but first --- remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia. a local priest shared his remarkable memories with 10 on your side's andy fox . tax trouble. thieves could get a hold of your refund. we're on your side with a warning from the i-r-s and information on how
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every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and
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we're on your side with a warning from the i-r-s. something could be wrong with your tax return. taxpayers across the country are getting letters from the i-r-s about fraudulent tax returns. experts trace the troubles back to last year's data security breaches. millions of social security numbers ended up in the hands of i-d thieves. the thieves are using the numbers to file fake returns and get other people's tax refunds. kelli grant / cnbc "in most cases, we're hearing returns and they know a lot of these are going to get rejected, they're going to be caught by the irs" the i-r-s is catching many of the fake returns. there are more security
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year to detect a real return from a fake one. you can't do much to prevent fraud --- except to file before a thief does. kelli grant / cnbc: "try to get all of that done so that as soon as you have all of your w-2's, 1099's..all of that in can file right away" experts say that means trying to file your return by the end of this week. a fire roars through a stage as dancers perform on it. what makes this an embarassment for one government. an unsolved murder. two years later --- the victim's family is still waiting for answers. erin kelly has the search for justice --- next. meteorologist deitra tate is working on your forecast live in the super doppler 10 weather center. also straight ahead --- you'll find out what chief meteorologist don
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our state capitol also got snow today. some spots in richmond had a trace --- other areas as much as two inches. there's also warmer weather in the forecast there tomorrow. in our nation's capitol --- a president's day storm coated president barack obama's house with snow today. this is what the white house looked like early this morning.
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washington. this is the view at the washington monument. this is what north carolina looked like this morning. snow fell overnight into the morning. this is video from mount airy. schools are closed today because of icy roads. the north carolina state highway patrol blames snow and freezing rain for hundreds of crashes in the area of raleigh, durham and chapel hill. there were more than three-hundred between midnight and 10-30 this morning. police say most did not involve injuries. meteorologist deitra tate tonight: periodic rain showers. warmer... lows in the upper 40s. wind:sse 10-20mph tuesday: warm with rain before 2pm. heavy downpours possible in the am. highs around 60 degrees. wind: ssw 15-25mph. wednesday: isolated am showers possible. otherwise, cooler with
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wind: ne, light. this morning's snow continues to melt under warmer temps and pockets of rain. a warm front will continue to lift northward thru expected tonight. periodic showers are possible; so, have an umbrella if you're heading out. an area of low pressure brings more then the rain tapers off
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next month will mark two years since the murder of a virginia beach man in the lake edward community. and for his family -- each day that passes without new information -- is unbearable. tonight - only on 10 - erin kelly talked to the mother of cyle (kyle) strahl. she contacted 10 on your side to ask for help -- putting her son's story back out there. i reported on strahl's murder in 2014 -- and since then, police have not been able
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police say someone killed 29-year-old cyle strahl at his home on red horse lane in march of 2014. neighbors reported hearing gunshots. police still have not said how strahl died -- but his family says he was shot in the head. strahl worked in construction and had a young daughter. we talked to his mother, via skype, from pennsylvania. she's desperate for answers. 3459 what i would say to the people of virginia, if there's an anonymous way that you can give a tip, somebody's got to know something. 3506 police say this an open case. if you know something about this -- call the crime line. neighbors -- remember about that day. erin kelly, 10 on your side. the american flag near the u-s capitol is flying at half-staff as a mark for respect for supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama made the order for the white house, supreme court and other public buildings and
4:33 pm
country. the 79-year-old scalia was found dead of natural causes in his room at a west texas resort ranch saturday morning. flags will fly at half-staff until sunset on the day of scalia's interment. here in hampton roads, a local priest remembers his bold introduction to justice antonin scalia. father joe metzger sat down with andy fox to tell his story of dinner, and the an invitation to be an overnight guest in the scalia home. father metzger heads blessed sacrament catholic church in norfolk. he met justice antonin scalia when scalia visited metzger's seminary in rome. father joe metzger/stayed with justice scalia ( 6 23:02) ((i said welcome my name is i am from and i was wondering if you and your wife would like to and he said yes.")) runs:07 father joe metzger has a picture from that night. metzger on scalia's left (24:04 6) ((justice scalia pulls me aside and says i know you dont have any money he
4:34 pm
wallet and he had a lot of m oney i said no justice we will take care of it.")) runs: 07 years later paying for that dinner paid off for joe metzger (24:27 6) ((i know where i can stay so i called scalia and said you remember me can i stay with you. i have no where to stay can i stay with you and he said sure)) runs:12 the scalias when to a reception and left father metzger in their home (25:51 6) ((he must see my light on and i hear this scruffing sound with shoes i look and see this shadow and i hear are you awake put your clothes on and come upstairs and have a night cap with me)) 11 the night cap came and went metzger would spend had dinner at the home again, and then there was that field trip with his students (28:27 6) ((i have an idea you want to see if we can get in a supreme court justices office?i called him up and he said come on we went in his office )) runs:11
4:35 pm
scalia's faith was very important to him. he had nine children, and one of his sons went to the same rome seminary that father metzger attended. tonight at 5:30. former governor bob mcdonnell thought justice scalia would be positive for him in his appeal on corruption charges. how does justice scalia's death impact bob mcdonnell's appeal. that at 5:30. the white house says president obama will choose a nominee to replace scalia after the senate returns from recess, february 22nd. washington is divided over how to appoint a successor. republicans insist the next president should decide. however democrats believe it is president obama's decision --- and to wait would ignore the constitution. here's a look at some of the potential nominees washington, dc court of
4:36 pm
patricia millett is also a possibility. she is also on the d-c court of appeals. and paul watford is an african-american on the ninth circuit court of appeals in california. the university of mary washington has named a new president. the fredericksburg, virginia school announced in a statement today that troy d. paino will be the school's 10th president. he's currently president of the public truman state university in missouri. mary washington says paino will become president effective july 1. a philanthropist has donated 18-and-a-half million dollars to restore the lincoln memorial. david rubenstein's gift will be used to fix the memorial's roof, clean the marble and improve accessibility by adding a second elevator. 15-thousand square feet of visitor space will also be created in the memorial's basement that features graffiti from the early twentieth century. rubenstein's says his admiration for lincoln moved him to donate. he believes the country's 16-th president deserves to have his memorial in tip-top shape. rubenstein has already donated tens
4:37 pm
refurbish other national treasures in the nation's capital. ahead at five -- sometimes money talks. how the fear of losing cash may inspire employees to get active. stranded skiers. how they ended up stuck in the sky for hours in the bitter cold. a busy morning for the fire department of new york. we'll show you flames shooting from a home and an apartment building. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count.
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investigators are working to find out what sparked an apartment fire in new york. flames twenty feet high shot from the three story building in the bronx. the fire started just before 6 a-m. there's a deli on the ground floor and apartments on the two upper floors. no injuries are reported. the fire department is also investigating what sparked this fire at a brooklyn home. flames engulfed the building last night. no one was hurt. investigators are working to pinpoint what sparked a fire on a railroad bridge in louisiana. it took crews nearly ten hours to put out the flames this weekend. firefighters used helicopters and airboats to fight the fire. still ahead here at 4: a water rescue caught on tape. a swimmer in rough waters. how lifeguards got him out of this situation. we're on your side with a warning for car owners. your vehicle could reveal information you don't
4:41 pm
10 on your side's chris horne has a 10 on your side investigation into the privacy breakdown. tonight: periodic rain showers. warmer... lows in the upper 40s.
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4:43 pm
when you post on twitter, facebook and other social media - you decide what information you want to
4:44 pm
we found a website that you probably never heard of that uses your vehicle to reveal information about you. 10 on your side investigative reporter chris horne showed drivers in hampton roads how it works. they were none too pleased about it either. it's a free website that anyone can access. some websites like carfax will tell you about the car. this one tells you about the owner. what does it reveal, and how accurate is it? we've run it on about 40 vehicles. about half the time it comes back with nothing. the other half it returns a name and address, and in some cases a mobile phone number or email adress. we showed it to drivers where there were results, and they were very surprised that this information is out there and it's readily available. we tried it on a variety of vehicles - cars, in virginia as well as out
4:45 pm
how are they able to do this? we asked the website where it gets your information -- didn't get very far -- and then we took it to the next level. that result will just add to people's frustration about how their information is getting out there. we have the full report "privacy breakdown" and how you can opt out coming up on wavy news 10 at 6. chris horne 10 on your side. at least seven people are dead after the medical charity doctors without borders says airstrikes hit one of its hospitals in northern syria. doctors without borders says four missiles hit the makeshift hospital in at least two attacks minutes apart. more than thirty people are hurt. an earthquake rattled new zealand this weekend. home security cameras recorded the shaking near the city of christchurch. it was measured at a magnitude of five point eight. there are no reports of
4:46 pm
this is amateur video of the moment a cliff collapsed into the sea after the earthquake. cliffs collapsed in several places along the new zealand coast. large clouds of dust spread across the sea and hills. a fire at an event in india is viewed as an embarassment for the government. a stage caught fire as dancers performed at a cultural extravaganza . the event was intended to promote india as an attractive destination for billions of investment dollars. the flames then spread to the scaffolding. everyone safely got off the stage. police in the richmond area credit a good samaritan with saving a man's life. he risked his own life to save a complete stranger. meredith conyers pulled a driver from a car just before it exploded. henrico county police say the driver ran off the road and slammed into a sign pole. conyers says he was driving by, saw a lot of smoke and heard the driver screaming for him through the driver's side window and got him out
4:47 pm
him maybe ten feet from the car and by that time, the car was engulfed in flames and he was just moaning and groaning...basically, he was in pain." firefighters showed up seconds later and got the flames under control. paramedics say the driver has serious injuries --- but conyers likely saved of hours stuck 40-feet above the ground in sub-zero temperatures. a service brake issue stopped two tram cars at a new hampshire ski resort sunday afternoon. people on the trams say they felt a "jolt" before they stopped. rescue workers later repelled 48- passengers to the ground one-by-one. no one was hurt. crews do not believe the cold temperature was a along the california coast. a wave swept the 19-year-old off the reef yesterday afternoon. he ended up stuck in a cove. lifeguards used a crane to rescue him.
4:48 pm
scary situation. christian romo/ rescued by lifeguards "oh god, i thought i was gonna drown, like honestly, there was a point where i was hanging on the rock over there, i thought i was gonna drown, so definitely a very scary experience." he only suffered minor injuries. federal authorities now say the suspicious device found on a rental car near the albuquerque airport was a hoax. we first reported this story midday a mechanic at an avis car rental near the albuquerque, discovered the device attached to the car sunday morning and called police. an a-t-f spokesperson says the device that looked like a pipe bomb did not contain any explosive elements and posed "no threat" to the public. the investigation closed down the car rental company for several hours, and delayed travelers from picking up any cars. no flights were affected. the f-b-i and a-t-f are working to determine who constructed the hoax device. four people face charges after a huge liquid meth bust in australia. authorities siezed nearly a billion dollars worth of the drug brought in
4:49 pm
hong kong. investigators first busted part of the shipment in december. that led them to a storage facility where they found more meth. the drugs were hidden in boxes of art supplies. meteorologist deitra tate tonight: periodic rain showers. warmer... lows in the upper 40s. wind:sse 10-20mph tuesday: warm with rain before 2pm. heavy downpours possible in the am. highs around 60 degrees. wind: ssw 15-25mph. wednesday: isolated am showers possible. otherwise, cooler with highs in the upper 40s. wind: ne, light. this morning's snow continues to melt under warmer temps and pockets of rain. a warm front will continue to lift
4:50 pm
temps to hover around 50 degrees around midnight. therefore, no icy roads expected tonight. periodic showers are possible; so, have an umbrella if you're heading out. an area of low pressure brings more rain for tuesday morning...heaviest between 8am and noon. then the rain tapers off
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
early afternoon straight ahead on wavy news 10 at 5 the clock is ticking for the city of virginia beach to make a decision on the future of light rail. our jason marks will have a live report on reaction to a letter that warns funding could be lost. then at five-thirty - millions of americans are helping take care of an aging loved one. so - what happens when this "invisible" work takes its toll on the caregiver? then at 6-- how one really long number can tell so much about you-- and you probably didn't even know it. chris horne with more on what you can do to distance your private information from your car's vin number- at 6. but first ahead here at 4 --- a midair scare. why a plane headed to new
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
went back to london. police are investigating a laser beamed into the cockpit of a new york bound flight. the pilot reported feeling sick. the virgin-atlantic flight from heathrow airport returned to
4:56 pm
crossing. passengers are relieved the plane landed safely. bethany mchutchinson / passenger "i think it's just really scary, whether it was by accident or on purpose, if anything had have happened, if it had been really serious it could have put everyone on the plane's lives in danger, so its just nice to know that we are safe now, we are back on the ground." police haven't made any arrests. it's the safest time to fly in five years. airline accidents dropped significantly last year. the international air transport association reports four accidental airline crashes in 2015 with 136-deaths. that's a huge drop from the year before. in 2014 --- 641 people died in airline accidents. the 2015 tally did not include two major plane crashes that were caused deliberately. the crash of germanwings-9525 in the french alps was blamed on pilot suicide. 150 people were killed. the crash of metrojet 9268 in egypt was blamed on terrorism.
4:57 pm
are non- fatal. wavy news 10 at 5 starts right now. several devastating fires across our region from hampton roads to north carolina. today-- families are dealing with their loss, while investigators search for a cause. brandi 5p whip the rain has slowed up a bit and newport news with a look at conditions. tick-tock -- the future of light rail in virginia beach hangs in the balance -- and so does project funding. we'll get to our top news headlines in just minutes. but first at five -- a wet and soggy day. first a blanket of white. then a wintry mix and rain that created a lot of slush. the good news is-- the rain helped melt some of that snow. but now we are tracking a risk of severe weather tomorrow morning. chief meteorologist don slater is in the super doppler 10 weather center with our first forecast. don, you're watching something else
4:58 pm
tonight: periodic rain showers. warmer... lows in the upper 40s. wind:sse 10-20mph tuesday: warm with rain before 2pm. heavy downpours possible in the am. highs around 60 degrees. wind: ssw 15-25mph. wednesday: isolated am showers possible. otherwise, cooler with highs in the upper 40s. wind: ne, light. this morning's snow continues to melt under warmer temps and pockets of rain. a warm front will continue to lift northward thru tonight...allowing the temps to hover around 50 degrees around midnight. therefore, no icy roads expected tonight. periodic showers are possible; so, have an umbrella if you're heading out. an area of low pressure brings more rain for tuesday morning...heaviest between 8am and noon. then the rain tapers off by tuesday
4:59 pm
north carolina governor pat mccrory is encouraging residents to stay off the roads. troopers have responded to more
5:00 pm
across the state between midnight and 10:30 this morning. much of the same in virginia. v-dot is also warning drivers to stay off the roads. the wintry mix that turned to rain created a messy commute this morning. between midnight through two this afternoon, state police were on the scene of 538 crashes statewide -- including a deadly crash in fauquier county. the peninsula was one of the hardest hit areas. 10 on your side's brandi cummings is live with how it looks in newport news. brandi? tom, nicole- we have seen quite a difference in the weather here in newport news throughout the day. here's what it looks like right now... the roads are wet and there are some puddles. the side walks still have some snow on them but parking lots have snow mixed with main that has caused a slush. this is what it looked like here this morning. steady snow fall layered the


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