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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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nicole: there were plenty of drivers out and about and crews trying to clear the way. state police say they responded to more than 120 crashes across hampton roads between midnight and 3:00 a.m. by midday, most of the snow had changed to rain which was good news. tom: what was left, though, a sloppy situation across most of the area. randy cummings continues our coverage from newport news. brandi: you can look at the roads behind me and they are wet. traffic moving along pretty steady, jefferson and main street in newport news. we're seeing fog but the mix of snow, ice and rain, coupled with the holiday, may have kept some folks off the road today. we talked to drivers but everyone has a different opinion about the winter weather. this is what people on the peninsula woke up to, steady snowfall covering everything, snow plow drivers at work making sure main roads were clear.
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>> i enjoy the snow, slows everything down. brandi: others, not so much. >> i think it's horrible because it's cold and i don't want to be cold. >> i'm over the snow, personally. i prefer summer months but i'm glad it came, the rain has taken it away. brandi: as daylight came, snow turned to rain, causing slush on the roads. although a holiday for some, this contractor said the weather had no impact on him. >> same as any day, really. go to work, go home, pick up the kids, take care of the family. the roads are clear. it's not slowing anything down for me. brandi: the rain eventually stopped, some of the snow melted and the roads were just wet. throughout the day that we have been here, we have seen fire trucks and ambulances pass by us. we are working to learn the number of wrecks newport news and hampton roads police worked today.
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i'm brandi cummings,en to your side. tom: we alerted you to the growing list of traffic closures this morning. click the notifications on the app to on to get that important information. nicole: a long process to clean up and figure out what caused a huge fire that left dozens in the cold in oceanview. you can't grasp the scope of saturday's fire unless you see the view from chopper 10. 14 buildings burned, 40 residents displaced. norfolk firefighters say they did all they could against the wind and cold. we have an update from the scene. lex: things just started to slow down within the last hour or so but all afternoon crews were working to tear down another building destroyed by that fire. today, norfolk's fire chief got emotional talking about his
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devastating fires in norfolk over this weekend. >> i'm extremely proud of our firefighters for the job that they did. lex: saturday night, more than 60 firefighters battled more than flames -- ripping wind, freezing temperatures and low water pressure worked against them. >> the firefighters, they put their heart on the line. they put their -- sometimes their lives on the line and in oceanview, some of them did. lex: chopper 10 flew over the damage sunday morning. six buildings are damaged, eight are destroyed. >> i will tell you that when i got on scene, i got on scene pretty early and i really thought that the devastation would be worse than it was. lex: marianne mcgovern lives a few doors down and still has her home but is hurting for friends and neighbors. >> they've lost their homes, all their personal belongings, memories, treasures, besides having no place to go home to, it's gone. it's all gone. lex: she's grateful, though, that everyone made it and not a
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still, the chief says some of his firefighters feel like they didn't do enough. here's what mcgovern had to say about that. >> to anyone, to any of the firefighters, please believe me, we are so proud of you and i thank every single one from every engine company that responded to stand out here in the freezing rain, to be covered with ice. they're heroes. what can we say about thank you. we appreciate you. lex: chief wise extended thanks to all of the agencies who helped that night. we're still working to find out today whether the properties will be rebuilt and when that might happen. as soon as we learn more, we'll let you know. live in norfolk, lex gray, 10 on your side. nicole: what a tough job first responders have. we have two photo galleries of the fire from saturday night as well as pictures from the aftermath posted on
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wasn't the only one keeping crews busy. firefighters found smoke and flames coming from the back of this house in larchmont around 7:30 this morning. the resident and his dog were able to escape. the fire also damaged a house next door. investigators are looking into this one, an apartment in virginia beach. this was breaking news during wavy news 10 today. this fire affected 10 people in the link horn bay apartments on tree top drive off bird neck road. one person went to the hospital for smoke inhalation and firefighters say it began on the third floor balcony and appears to be accidental. nicole: the effort to bring the tide to virginia beach could hit a wall. state leaders are threatening to take away money if city council can't decide what to do. the state set aside $155 million for light rail in the resort city. transportation secretary lane
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but if it can't be done quickly, the money could go elsewhere. >> if they're not ready to go forward, which is their prerogative, then obviously the consequence is we have limited resource in the commonwealth, we'll put the money to work elsewhere but when they are ready, if they decide to go for it, we'll be just as supportive as we were before. it's incumbent upon the virginia beach council to do what is eventually right and practical and i don't think we should be backed into making a decision prematurely. nicole: if virginia beach loses state funding, the city could reapply. tom: still to come, nearly two years and no answers.
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nicole: it's been nearly two years since someone killed a virginia beach man and tonight his mother is asking for help. tom: police say someone killed kyle strool at his home. neighbors reported hearing gunshots.
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but his family says he was shot in the head. his mother is asking anyone with information to come forward. erin kelly talked to her via skype. >> every day that goes by, every minute of every day, it's like it just happened again. you know what i mean? tom: police say it's an open case. if you know something about it, call the crime line. nicole: next at 6:00, an open window to information. why the most important number on your car could tell more than you want about everything else in your life. and how you can stop it. tom: don's forecast. the same weather information don shows you is available on
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mlk tom: your car could be telling the world who you are, where you live, your email address, even your phone number. and not by the type of car you drive. nicole: we found a website that takes the vehicle identification number, or v.i.n., on your driver's windshield, and returns all of that information. startled drivers feel it's an invasion of privacy. >> we've run dozens of cars through this website and we will reveal the name because we want you to know and be able to opt out. the good news is that about half the time it comes back with nothing and the driver is reveevd. the bad news, the other half of the time it divulges private information and those drivers are understandably outraged. >> zero, five, samuel.
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gilliam and i finding out who people are by looking through their windshields. >> andrew holloway? >> yes. >> the site is called that's them, it's not like car fax where you enter a v.i.n. number and it tells you about the maintenance history. this tells you about the owner. >> we came up with your name and address by looking through your windshield. what do you think of that? >> i don't like that because people could do that. >> we just did. >> and it gets worse. in some cases, the results show phone numbers. we found not only the name and address of the person who owns this mercedes, that's them revealed her current cell number and we verified it. the owner didn't want to go on camera but others are speaking out. >> you could typically tell where someone lives if you get their address, the type of economic stature they have.
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>> we asked that's them where they get their information. here's the website's email response. the site currently has about 15,000 unique visitors per day. "we do not disclose the specific sources for our data but i i can tell you the data is sourced from public and commercially available sources." but who exactly is "i" in that sentence? no one put their name on the bottom of the email. the website's owner is shielded by a company called domains by proxy and how's this for irony, it's a service that believes you should be able to keep your personal contact information private when you register a domain name. but what about your personal info? >> makes me feel insecure. >> most people wouldn't even think twice that you were able to do something like that but that's scary. reporter: that's them does, however, offer an opt-out option.
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>> do you think you'll be opting out? >> yes, yes. not that they don't have me on everything else, ok. shame everything doesn't an opt-out option. >> will you opt out? >> i will be opting out. reporter: we discussed whether to give the name of the website. it's free, open to anyone, so we wanted you to know what criminals can know. we also wanted to show you where to opt out if you choose. we contacted industry groups involving car dealers and auto insurance. they deny giving your private info to that's them although you should always ask your insurance company if they sell your personal information. we also checked with virginia state police. it is illegal to cover your v.i.n. number. it's a felony, class six. we have more on this story including a link to the opt out on chris horne, 10 on your side. >> now your super doppler 10
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don: we all woke up with snowfall throughout the area and it is mostly gone right now. rainfall. we have been rain-free for a while. north-northeast, across northern north carolina toward the sun area north of elizabeth city, west of franklin. it's not storming out of any of this but there's one little band, skinny band of rain that will move toward the airport in norfolk around 7:07, toward the municipal center, at about 6:42 so in about half an hour it will move through there. toward franklin there is rainfall, as well. most is west of town, moving towards williamsburg at about 7:20 but a wired -- wider area
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southern shawan county toward edenton, moving towards downtown norfolk, portsmouth. 744, another area southward moving out towards virginia beach at about 7:57 towards the ocean front area and to the north, more rainfall. but again, no snowfall in the region so looking pretty good. rain returns in a bigger way coming up tomorrow morning. i want to show you what's going on. future trak, 9:00, yeah weely -- weekends see showers in the area -- we could see showers in the area. we'll warm up into the 50's overnight, becoming windy tomorrow morning. at 7:00, rainfall moving on in. this will be the main area of rain and it could have rumbles of thunder by 9:00. 15, 25 mile-an-hour winds likely gusting to 35 at that point but
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hour coming up for tomorrow. 15, 20 mile-an-hour winds at 3:00. still 60 degrees until the cool front moves through a little later in the afternoon. 10, 20 mile-an-hour winds, skies clear for a time but then they see another shot at rain. other forecast models have a little bit more rainfall and continue into 7:00 on wednesday morning so we'll go with that. very, very light rain and many of us not getting a thing. noon hour coming up wednesday and by 3:00 p.m. so 60 degrees tomorrow, 47 degrees coming up on wednesday. and where do we go from there? it's mainly a temperature forecast that will dry, stay cool thursday and friday and start warming on up into the weekend. a look at the current forecast. 34 in newport news, 39 in norfolk. 48 degrees into virginia beach and farther out, showing you temperatures there. you can see some of the visibilities are really, really getting low.
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mile, that's getting lower. so watch out driving around during the evening hours but after that, temperatures are going to start warming up and the wind will pick up. look at this, 48, 51, 53. now warmer air will lift northward overnight, warming into the low 50's by 4:00 a.m. 59, 59. jeremy will be on at 10:00 in the morning to let you know of the possibility of strong thunderstorms in the area. 60 degrees, breezy during the day. 47 on wednesday. we'll update everything for you coming up on wavy news 10 at 11:00. >> can you believe it, speed
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virginia looks to rebound. >> got to get the shot off. he drives it. it's in at the buzzer! he hit it. >> are you serious! wow! can't believe it. >> a gut wrenching loss for the virginia cavaliers saturday but no time to dwell on the past. they're back on the court tonight to face one of the top players in the country, n.c. state's cat barber. if that name sounds familiar, it
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n.c. state cat barber led the team to a state championship. he is the a.c.c.'s leading scorer and sixth best scorer in the nation. he is considered unstoppable. duke coach mike krzyzewski calls him one of the best players in america, stopping barber will be virginia's top objective tonight as they look to rebound from the duke loss at home against n.c. state. >> he's elite in terms of quickness and speed. he's added shooting to his game and he's having a heck of a year. >> they have other guys but he's pretty complete. >> i'd say. the 6'2" barber is coming off a 38-point performance in the wolfpack's win over wake forest on saturday. he has to be considered in the conversation for a.c.c. player of the year and state coach mark
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>> whether it's him taking it to the basket or finding somebody else, he's the catalyst. he's the guy making it happen for us. he just -- then i get to the end of the game, i look at the stat sheet, sometimes i go, wow. reporter: last week, cat and coach gottfried traveled to hampton high school where they retired his high school jersey. tonight, cat will try to beat his state's university while they look to put the duke winside win aside and start a new winning streak. wasn't it just yesterday that jeff gordon retired? nascar's short off-season is over. speed week has gurnee as we await sunday's daytona 500 on fox 43. rookie chase elliott who will now be driving gordon's 24 chevy won the poles yesterday. matt kenseth will share the front row. we will begin our season long nascar coverage on monday
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10:45 and every monday on the fox sports wrap. i'll see you at 11:00. nicole: when will it feel like spring? don: later tonight and tomorrow. warming up hugely with a chance of thunderstorm. cools off after that but warms up again. tom: see you at (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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tonight, supreme war. the death of justice scalia prompting a high-stakes showdown. the president vows to nominate a successor. republicans refuse to even consider it. major issues left hanging in the balance. facing trump's fury. the front-runner again threatening to sue ted cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11. trump's risky attack as the former presidt hits the trail. hospital bombing.
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medical facilities and schools are hit. children are killed. a massive storm from louisiana to maine. snow and ice in the north. a tornado outbreak hit the south. and heartburn alert. new concerns about prescription meds millions take to treat it linked to kidney disease, now linked to an increase risk of dementia. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this the "nbc nightly news" with good evening. in an election year already fraught with improbable plot twists and drama now this. the ideological balance of the u.s. supreme court suddenly in limbo. tonight there's late word on who president obama might be considering to replace the late justice scalia as lines are drawn for an epic battle between democrats and senate republicans who are determined to leave the choice up to the next president. tonight the current


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